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Federal Representatives Tell Attorney General To Stop Prosecuting Medical Marijuana Cases


Eric Holder drug policy reform marijuanaReps. Sam Farr, D-Calif., and Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder today insisting that he stop the federal prosecution of medical marijuana patients and providers in states that have legalized some form of medical marijuana. The letter was sent in response to recent statements by the DOJ that it would proceed with medical marijuana cases despite legislation passed by Congress that strictly prohibits federal funds from being used for medical marijuana prosecutions.

“No reasonable person would agree with the Department’s interpretation of the amendment,” said Farr. “The DOJ can try to parse its wording but Congress was perfectly clear: Stop wasting limited funds attacking medical marijuana patients.”

Congress passed the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment to the FY 2015 CJS Appropriations to prohibit the use of federal funds to prosecute medical marijuana patients or providers that are operating legally under state laws. The bipartisan amendment passed the House last May and was included in the larger omnibus spending bill that passed Congress in December.

“The continuing prosecution of these cases,” said Rohrabacher, “represents a clear defiance of the will of the people, as represented by the United States Congress. Good people, as a result, are victimized by their own government.”

Despite Congress’s clear intent, the DOJ has moved forward on several medical marijuana cases including the Kettle Falls Five case in Washington and cases involving several dispensaries in the San Francisco Bay area. In a recent statement, DOJ spokesman Patrick Rodenbush said the amendment doesn’t apply to cases against individuals or organizations, but merely stops the Department from “impeding the ability of states to carry out their medical marijuana laws.”

In response, the letter stated, “As the authors of the provision in question, we write to inform you that this interpretation of our amendment is emphatically wrong.”

A copy of the letter can be viewed here:  http://1.usa.gov/1y5GaaE

The Rohrabacher-Farr amendment was cosponsored by Reps. Don Young, R-Alaska, Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., Tom McClintock, R-Calif., Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., Paul Broun, R-Ga., Jared Polis, D-Colo., Steve Stockman, R-Texas, Barbara Lee, D-Calif., Justin Amash, R-Mich., Dina Titus, D- Nev.

Source: Representative Dana Rohrabacher


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  1. If half he people around ICT ever heard him speak on the floor they would too. His biggest enemy does a great job of stopping his voice any where around 37th street North!

  2. They want to get reelected, so they can’t go too far on a limb, or they’d get primaried and tea bagged. So, they can vote for mushily worded bills, but if the bills get too specific, they’ll be seen as dirty F’ing hippies by their voters, and lose their jobs.

  3. Anyone thinks he’d continue this position as President just doesn’t know what a bullshitter he is.

    Someone should ask him straight up if he’d reschedule. Hillary has said we should consider it.

  4. Bernie Sanders is who I’ll be voting for in the primary, but Hillary will be the nominee and the next President. So, it’s good to see her softening her stance.

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