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First Honest Marijuana Public Service Announcement


I saw the following video come across the Drug Policy Alliance’s Twitter feed and figured I’d pass it along. Some of the footage is perpetuating stereotypes about marijuana users that aren’t always accurate, but for the most part it’s spot on!

“A Public Service Announcement about Marijuana Laws. Even though the recreational use of Marijuana seems quite harmless, it is still considered a criminal offense in most states. It is time for sensible Marijuana reform. Legalize it!”



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  • Johnny oneye

    EFunny till someone gets hurt!
    In the real video they shoot the dog, and it was the wrong house.
    The only dangerous thing about cannabis is the prohibition money making racket they created.

  • MaryJane Morales

    That was so on it 4 some of us! :-) I thought it was funnyTrue and the message is clear. Mj must b decriminalized once & 4 all!!!!