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Five Places To Hide Your Marijuana Stash


hide your marijuana stashIn a world where marijuana is far more accepted, a lot of smokers don’t have to worry about hiding their stashes. But for those who still live at home or need to keep their green usage on the down low, there are some clever places to stuff your stash. Even if you don’t need to hide your weed at home, traveling with bud can prove to be stressful and any one of these methods will prove to be an efficient way to transport your bud and keep it hidden from the cops, in case you get pulled over for some silly reason like a light out or perhaps you didn’t completely stop at a stop sign. Regardless of hiding your bud from cops, parents, bothersome roommates, or fellow stoners who steal your stash, at least one of these methods should work for you.

If you’ve ever ventured in to a candle store where scented candles are sold, you’ll notice that most of them contain a little jar of coffee beans nestled among the candles. The coffee beans clear your head of the numerous scents of the candles and allow you to sample more smells without giving yourself too much of a headache. If you bag up your weed (bag it up well, for real, or perhaps stick it in a small jar) and place it inside of a jug of coffee like Maxwell House, people won’t be able to smell your weed or find it. Just make sure that no one else is drinking the coffee.

People always ask why I wear combat boots with high socks a lot. It’s true, I wear combat boots every single day. One reason is that they’re just dope boots. Doc Martin doesn’t mess around. Another reason is that they are a great spot to tuck weed in to if you’re going to be transporting it for a short time. No one should be getting close enough to your feet to smell weed and the boots will keep it safe from outside assailants. Not to mention that boots always make a great fashion statement for both males and females.

Car Stash Spots
If you’ve ever messed around with a car in your spare time, you’ll probably know that most vehicles are equipped with odd little pieces that pop out, revealing ample space behind the piece. Cars such as the Volkswagen contain many pieces like this, especially in the dashboard. From dummy lights to places to stick switches, these stash spots are great for a quick trip with your bud.

Your Hair
Long hair is a perfect hiding spot for cannabis. Seal it up tightly in a baggy, whether you’re a male or female, and tuck it in there somewhere. For girls, a messy bun is a good place to stick weed for a while. For a guy with longer hair (Or dreads!), pretty much do the same thing. Just be aware that you may end up leaving a trail of skunk smell wherever you go. Hopefully your shampoo can overpower the smell of that bag of dank you have nestled in your locks!

Pet Food
Being a pet parent, I know that their food legitimately smells like shit. So if you need a place to hide your weed and you have a cat or dog, putting your buds in a tightly wrapped package and hiding it at the bottom of the pet food bag will surely keep it hidden. And if anyone finds it, say you bought the cat some catnip. Just make sure you don’t actually smoke said catnip if you really did buy a bag of it.

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  1. Okay so I had a small amp. For my bass but it broke and I stopped playing, it was one of those small trainers ones. What I did was unscrew the back(super easy to do) and I unscrews and ripped out all the electronic shit in there and now have the PERFECT spot to hide my shit

  2. I use a small M&M’s minis bottle. I can stuff a bag and a lighter down in there and the top seals. Just keep the label on and you can literally carry it in your pocket.

  3. if you get a bottle of chewing gum (the small plastic container ones and place it at the bottm of it, its covered by the gum pieces and the smell is masked by the minty gum :))

  4. Dude fuck yes, I have beemn telling my friends this so often and they just call me an idiot because it has small holes and such, well i quadruple bag my weed, get a deodorant stick, remove the deodorant from the top, stuff it down at the very bottom, put it back in the case, and unscrew the slide door to the pc tower, then stick the dodorant can under the hanging wires and close the sliding door. By far the best spot besides triple bagging your weed, finding a wall socket, unscrew it, pull it off, and stuff your weed to the side and put it back on with only one screw.

  5. Best place to stash it is in a computer. a computer? yep 90% of desktop computer (computer tower) have a side panel that slides on and off. It might need a screw or two to come off but its very easy to find and dose not harm the computer at all, in fact you can still run your computer with it inside.Either tightly wrap it in a smell proof baggie or stuff your weed into a old prescription bottle from the pharmacy wall-greens and rite aid have some of the best smell proof bottles. After that making sure your computer is turned off slide the panel off and set it inside preferably away from the fan. after that you just slide the panel back on no need to put the screws back unless you really want to. Perfect place if needing to hide from parents.

  6. You can get a thing of deodrant and take the deoderant out and put your weed in. What ever space is left fill it up with the deoderant you took out to cover the scent.

  7. For my female friends: Get a tampon with the stick plastic wrap that can be opened and stuck back down, then remove the actual tampon and you can hid a few blunts in there or a small stash :)

  8. We grind it up and stick it in vitamin capsules, then mix them in with our vitamins, mainly ginger root. No one can smell anything especially if you break open a ginger capsule in the bottle. We’ve taken it out of the country and on two cruises this way.

  9. Be careful where you try that. I live in Mexico and I suspect many of the perverted cops here (and elsewhere?) would be likely to handle, even steal girlie undies. On the other hand, los machos would hesitate to handle men’s undies because that might question their sexual orientation.

  10. If you open a suitcase with girlie undies they get embarrassed and don’t want to touch. Catholics.

  11. Educated Ahole on

    Dank: adjective
    disagreeably damp, musty, and typically cold.

    The beauty of language is that we can take words that used to mean one thing, and take the smallest aspect of the definition and spin it to mean something new. “On the down low” now means EXACTLY what he thinks it means.

  12. Now for a more depraved perspective. I’ve been told (though don’t guarantee it) that cops in Mexico won’t check your crotch when giving a pat down. Then there’s the wrap the stash inside a condom, apply grease and stick it up your —.

  13. ‘on the downlow’ doesn’t mean what you think it means…
    slang; an expression for a BISEXUAL black man (who “thinks” he’s straight – hah!), married or with a girlfriend, having sexual relations with another man.
    Lennie pretends he’s not bisexual, but he’s on the down low

  14. For God Sake, Johnny! If your pet’s food smells like shit, you had better get those babies some better food!

    BTW – coffee is a great idea. As an aromatherapist this is the method I have used for years to “clean the palate” so to speak. It is a great mask for odors.

  15. I crossed the Canadian/US border with a bag of weed in the bottom of a full box of Bugles. Open it up, take out bag of Bugles, place weed in bottom, replace Bugles and re-glue the flaps as if the box was never opened. Worked like a charm and made the Pearl Jam concert all that much better! lol

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