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Five Things You May Not Want To Do While Stoned


marijuana bongAs a stoner, you have to recognize that there are some situations where it’s definitely not a good idea to be high in. Even some seasoned stoners get flustered easily if they’re baked and put in to an uncomfortable situation. Weed may calm nerves and chill you out but there are days where it’s a good plan to avoid smoking just for a bit in order to get some important stuff done. Let’s face it, taking a break from smoking can also be good for you and it reminds you of how much you love marijuana.

– Say that you have a new significant other. Things are going really well until they want you to meet their parents… Right? Even if you’re a clean cut person, meeting parents of someone you like can be tough. In a situation like this, you need to be on your best behavior. Definitely not a good idea to be showing up super baked or smelling like skunk!

– If you smoke weed, you should have a job. That’s all there is to it. You need to be at least making some kind of money somehow. Job interviews can be awful and extremely nerve wracking but be careful if you choose to smoke beforehand! The weed can slow your reaction time and dull your focus, possibly making you seem unenthusiastic. Unless you’re a seasoned stoner, stay away from the bong on interview day.

– Every so often, one seems to find themselves in a situation where they’re forced to public speak. This may be in a class in college or in some sort of group. Since public speaking is one of the top fears among US citizens, sometimes the effects of marijuana can make a situation like this way worse. Although this all depends on the user, just be sure that you have your notecards in order!

– When people get tattoos, a lot of the time, they automatically assume that smoking weed before they go under the needle will dull their pain. Unfortunately for some stoners, smoking weed before getting tattooed can actually cause more pain then normal! It doesn’t happen with everyone but be careful when getting tattooed while high! You don’t want to go through more pain then you have to.

– Stoners like to be high in public because being stoned makes people a little more bearable. Even though taking bong hits before leaving the house is normal for most smokers, it’s not a good idea to go to crowded places when overly stoned. This means stay away from Walmart on a Saturday afternoon and don’t go to Market Basket on the first of the month (I believe that’s when my state distributes EBT Food Stamps and the grocery stores are packed!!).

Being stoned is a positive thing! But part of being a responsible stoner is knowing when you should be high and when you shouldn’t be! Of course you can probably do most of these things while high! I’ve done all of them while stoned at least once. This is merely a guideline, some suggestions on how to be a successful and awesome stoner!

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  1. Some of you people out there need to lighten up and laugh a little more. Stop taking yourselves so seriously and stop looking for the negative in everything. Wag more, bark less. You’ll feel better. This is a funny article – and if you can’t find the humor in the pot culture, you need to smoke a little more.

  2. Im a healthy stoner, full time work and college student, it’s not impossible. and as for EBT, personally have a love/hate situation with it because I see so many people who have it waste money away on junk food. EBT dependency has grown to be a real issue, it should be limited.

  3. The article said nothing bad about EBT, just that the grocery stores are crowded on the first sat. of the month. For the sick and disabled, the article stated that if your getting stoned you need a job or money coming in. No one is saying if your to sick to work, you can’t smoke. That would be stupid. People don’t be so touchy.

  4. He said the market is full because of the date the stamps are handed out, and to avoid overly crowded places when stoned, can’t see the prejudice to food stamps or the people that use it

  5. Avoid late night trips to 24-hour supermarkets with their cheap fluorescent lighting. The high pitched 60-cycle buzz from the lights will almost ALWAYS kill YOUR buzz…. Plus it makes you look TWICE as stoned as you actually are ! Despite some critical reviews below… I thought this article was FUNNY (and I’m not even STONED yet !).

  6. Yes. Definitely one of those “guilty stoners” who feel like they always have to defend why they smoke.

  7. And not everything has equal positives and equal negatives. Meth and heroin have infinitely more negatives than marijuana and water. In the case of marijuana, the positives greatly outweigh any negatives, and the negatives are almost always disputed.

  8. Unfortunately getting a job for some stoners isn’t all that easy when nearly every good paying job requires a urinalysis to prove they are not drug users. If you happen to live in one of the uber Puritanical states, that means you will be relegated to flipping burgers or collecting garbage. And while you’re at it, lay off the EBT users in this country. With no jobs, sky-high inflation and dwindling resources, food stamps are the last hope for the 45 million or so people who depend on them today. How can you be all up in arms over prejudice against marijuana users and then turn around and use it against another minority demographic?

  9. This is a terrible article, and a terrible representation of the cannabis community; it seems as if it was written by a prohibitionist.

    “Unfortunately for some stoners, smoking weed before getting tattooed can actually cause more pain then normal!”

    This, as with most of what is written here, makes no sense, and has absolutely nothing backing it.

    This article has “reefer-madness” written all over it.

  10. I like to visit my local 24 hour Wal-Mart at 1 AM while super stoned & observe the local tweakers in their natural habitat.

  11. “If you smoke weed, you should have a job. That’s all there is to it.”

    Yes, have fun telling that to all the MS and cancer patients.

  12. It is good to see this article. We often overlook the negatives that it can produce. I am really glad there is some intelligence here and not a lack of acknowledgment. In order to have credibility you need to know both sides of the spectrum. I think everything has a possible negative to it. We need water to survive right? Well drink too much and you can die, or a tsunami.

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