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Florida Cops Sell Man Drugs In Sting, Then Kill Him


cops law enforcement floridaBy Phillip Smith

Police conducting an undercover, street-level, reverse drug sting in Putnam County, Florida, shot and killed one of their targets Friday night as he attempted to drive away from the scene. Andrew Anthony Williams, a 48-year-old black man, becomes the 11th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year.

According to local press accounts, all relying on law enforcement sources, deputies and detectives from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office were conducting a “reverse sting” where they posed as drug dealers, sold unwary customers small amounts of drugs, and then arrested them.

Deputies had successfully sold drugs to and arrested 10 people, but when they identified themselves and tried to arrest Williams, who was number 11, he declined. “[H]e drove away quickly and hit a tree,” the St. Augustine Record reported.  ”The man next backed up toward the deputies, then put the vehicle into drive and turned toward some of them, the Sheriff’s Office said. Four deputies fired at the oncoming vehicle almost simultaneously, the Sheriff’s Office said.”

News 4 Jax had it this way: “…when they tried to arrest Williams, he took off in a blue SUV and, swerving to avoid deputies, ran into a tree. Williams then backed up and tried to take off again toward deputies causing four of them to open fire on Williams SUV, hitting him an unknown number of times.”

Williams was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. One deputy was wounded in the gunfire, but that bullet came from another deputy’s gun, according to the Sheriff’s Office. (In the headline for its story about the incident, News 4 Jax neglected to mention that anyone had been killed, going with “Putnam County deputy hit by bullet fired at suspect.”)

The Sheriff’s Office did not identify the four deputies involved in the shooting, but was quick to make available Williams’ criminal history, which including charges for drugs, fleeing, eluding, resisting arrest, and battery on a law enforcement officer.

The four deputies are on paid administrative leave.

This killing should raise a few questions, both about the nature of the operation itself and about what actually occurred.

Reverse drug stings are a controversial tactic, sometimes arguably justifiable at the higher echelons of the drug trade, where selling sizeable quantities of drugs to a player to see where they go help crack a drug ring, but that logic isn’t at work here, where the only result is to round up some street drug buyers and drag them into the criminal justice system. Is having deputies pretend to be drug dealers to bust small-time users really the county’s best use of its law enforcement resources?

And then there’s the no-witness “he was going to run me over” defense used by the police to justify the killing. It happens not infrequently. Williams may have decided that getting busted on a minor dope charge was worth trying to murder a group of police officers with his vehicle. But could it have been that he was just trying to get away?

It’ll be up to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which investigates officer-involved killings, to get to the bottom of it.

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  1. Lastrealindian on

    “IF” Andy was the pos the arrest record says he is and was…I do not blame police officer for firing the very “first” shot; which should have been over his head. When he began shooting him after the first shot is where “I” see a murder conviction. Maybe. These damn black racists are wanting to get away with and damn thing “they” choose. “I” will shoot to kill if I am ever truly messed with by ANY color person! I am not a ‘racist’. I do not give any color exception when it comes to character. “Nigger”. Wow! That’s a bad word for “WHITES” to use to describe a black pos. I hear niggers call themselves nigger all the time and if they do not like it…too damn bad. I know “NIGGERS” of “all” colors!!! So, you fing blacks need to stop bitchin and whinning like bitches you are and suck it up!!! Nigger is a “CHARACTER” TRAIT! GET IT RIGHT! COLOR DON’T MATTER!!!!

  2. Lastrealindian on

    cont. as it should be instead of remaining as is, we wouldn’t be talking all this stuff which really does not have one thing to do with our cause.

  3. Lastrealindian on

    Jar Stead, maybe ‘you’ need to call the 911 for the police and that is sad. I never call the police unless their is an auto accident and someone is hurt, or, fire. I am pro gun and I come prepared every time. All the talk you have about running the police down to just pieces of shit, is just plain wrong. If we are doing our best to have marijuana “RE-LEGALIZED”

  4. Lastrealindian on

    Jams, I know you have an excellent point about how truly bad the truly bad cops are in fact. Thugs with fing badges!!! Dude, I agree with what you are saying. I just know that there really are some good cops out there and not everyone of them are bad. There already is enough bad in this world without bad pigs… Your point is made.

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  6. LEARNtheTRUTH on

    This is actually kind of amusing. I believe I may have called it both. Semantics aside, even if I did call it marijuana, is that REALLY the point of this issue? Is that really all you have gotten out of this? That’s pretty sad if so.

    And cannabis is not equatable to video games. Cannabis induces changes in the brain by modification of the reward pathways (nucleus accumbens and ventromedial tegmental area) that video games do not. Video games produce the majority of neurological alterations in the amygdala. These regions are not equivalent. One alters the fundamental reward mechanisms in the brain, the other induces changes in the fear processing, and one of the emotional processing regions. They are not equal. Cannabis is about as addictive as coffee. That is a much better example, still gets the point across that cannabis isn’t very addictive, and is actually factually correct as evidenced by scientific study and statistical variation significance. Regardless, withdrawal only occurs because of the modifications to these reward pathways.

    Do you even know the neurological mechanism of action behind cannabis?
    It actually induces its rewarding effects by stimulating mu opioid receptors in the nucleus accumbens. This is the exact same set of receptors that heroin and all opiates work on. It does not occupy as many receptors, nor does it have the same activity as heroin because it is only a partial agonist for CB1 receptors, thus the binding affinity is low, and so the effects will be lessened, not to mention it works through a G-protein coupled receptor which means its mechanism is not direct, so much of the activity will result in increased or reduced firing in other neuronal regions. But they do actually work, in the end, on the same receptors to cause increased release of dopamine in the nucleus accumbens and alteration in the VTA to reduce the concentration of dopaminergic presynaptic and postsynaptic neurons. To the same magnitude? Of course not. But the fact of the matter is they are both addictive.

    And there is no “back-pedalling”. Cannabis is undeniably habit forming and has withdrawal symptoms. And so does heroin. There was no statement in either response to say the addictions were equal in any way but if really you want to debate the fact that they are both addictive, then you clearly do not accept factual, irrefutable information, and there is no point to continuing this conversation until you are are willing to do so. If one were to follow your logic, then my statement would be saying all of the drugs I listed were equal, which is clearly not correct and is not something I have ever said. Each drug needs to be evaluated based on its own potential. You are clearly missing the point of all of this information, which is too bad. You have taken one statement, which clearly wasn’t specific enough for you to understand, and made it into the end all, be all, which is pointless at best.

    As I said, you should read. Then you might have some clue. Better yourself through learning. Arbitrary and otherwise uninformed statements, coupled with the pointless arguments you are trying to continue is not only useless, but detracts from the legitimacy of your responses. Instead of learning and using actual science, you seem to rely on natural logic and widely perpetuated misinformation. Read some real scientific literature, as I suggested. The books I listed are very informative and rely on scientific and mathematical proof. I doubt you will read them based on the responses you have posted, but you should if you actually want to have any idea of what you are talking about.

  7. You called it marijuana. Not cannabis. Addictive potential closer to video games than heroin. Nice backpedal attempt, though.

  8. Just saying, he put a comma in there for a reason. “…doughnut, cop” is a lot different that “doughnut cop”

  9. WMC – you’ve pretty much summed up the entire story and futility of this LE tactic.

  10. “Righteous” are you kidding me? Nobody deserves to die righteously. Yes he had a criminal record but thats does not mean he deserves to die. The cops could have shot out a fire or something, but not him. Ignorant people.

  11. Well done my new friend. Unfortunately, the mind you seek to educate has an even larger disorder than any mentioned in your diatribe above. This person has the worst disorder any human can suffer; a “closed mind.”

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