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Growing Legal Marijuana Is Not Always A Profitable Idea


marijuana garden plants growing cannabisI know many, many, many people that have plans to grow marijuana for profit. I can virtually guarantee that if I made two lists, the first of which was a list of how many people I know that want to grow marijuana for profit, and the other being a list of people I know that just want to buy marijuana at stores, the list of growers would be longer. Admittedly, I’m very deep into the fish bowl and I know a lot of people in the industry. However, it still is a great example of the grower-to-consumer ratio that is going on in the marijuana industry right now.

Everyone and their grandma wants to grow marijuana for profit right now, but what they don’t realize is that there aren’t enough consumers in a lot of areas to support that level of supply. Washington State is seeing that scenario play out right now. There is literally too much marijuana for consumers to smoke (or vape!). While some outside observers blame it on the fact that there are 270 growers for 85 stores, which is definitely a contributing factor, the real reason is that there aren’t as many consumers as people think. There are 270 licensed commercial growers, and an almost never ending supply of medical growers and closet growers. All of that supply has flooded the state, which has resulted in plummeting prices as growers and store owners scramble to try to drum up business.

I have seen this play out in Oregon for the last decade or so. In the 90’s, there were far less growers in my home state. Then in the 2000’s, I started seeing more and more people start growing, whether it be for medical or recreational purposes. Whereas an ounce of top shelf marijuana used to go for $300 in the 90’s, that same ounce is lucky to fetch $200 now, but often even less. Most of the people I know don’t buy marijuana at all – they either grow it themselves, or have a friend or family member that does. And those that do buy marijuana buy far less than they used to.

Can growing marijuana be profitable? Of course. If you grow the best of the best, and have a way to outlet it consistently, than you will obviously succeed. However, the time of simply having a garden and having your crop fly out the door with minimal effort is gone. You can still carve out a niche in the market, and if growing marijuana is your dream, than you will be happy regardless of how much money you make. But if you are trying to get into the marijuana industry, and have never grown on a large scale before and think you will be rich after a couple of harvests, I strongly urge you to consider taking a different path, one that is less traveled. Otherwise you could lose all of your money, and be left with a huge pile of marijuana that you can’t do anything with like many people in Washington and Oregon right now.

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  3. otsolutions on

    Hi Dave,

    You should check out prop215docprep.com. amazing staff there! they can answer all your question as well. I was in the same scenario minus the 10.5 acres in northern cali( lucky guy you) the staff at prop215docprep got me situated with everything. give them a ring. I am working on despensary/delivery service myself.

  4. Chris Surfcrab on

    Absolutely.. Sad thing is the people best equipped at producing the best will be big pharma

  5. Paul J Smith JR on

    Lol that’s a load of shit it’s a 3 billion dollar industry in Colorado alone this year they received over 100 million in taxes off marijuana.. half you people here are shit head puffers only with not one fucking clue as to what your talking about

  6. Dave kauschinger on

    I live in Northern California on 10.5 acres that I own, I am currently a caretaker/grower and grow the kinda hard to groom sticky sticky weed. My neighbor sez they can smell it down below and they live 20 acres away, so I have the growing part dialed in. So my question is how do I become a supplier to retail stores when weed becomes legal in California? I contacted norml and they said I need to get my dispencier license. I don’t want to do that just become a grower for retail stores. Any suggestions?

  7. Maine doesn’t need more growers, The market price has bottomed out, I hope, Never seen so many growers.Got top shelf guys holding onto the pot 10 times longer then any other time in history. Don’t know where you grow, but it must be magic. land instead of Maine.

  8. If you don’t think you can make a ton of profit on a $200 an oz. You don’t know what you are doing. Sell quality product consistently at $200 an oz and if you know what you are doing in keeping costs down it will make you a nice bundle. having a consistent quality and a good distribution method is the key.

  9. Your going to need to be in a legal city/state where people are growing and apply or meet a friend who can show teach you maybe fill out apps and start as a trimmer or budtender to get your foot in the door and meet more like minded people. Gonna have to gain trust to be around peoples greenhouse or warehouses.

  10. Good information, I agree with other posters that is too early to predict. I live in Texas and while we are making progress, it is a slow uphill walk to where Colorado or Oregon policies stand.

  11. Johnny Enright on

    I have water at my faucet, but bottled water companies make a lot of money…
    There’s always a way to make money off someone with a need.

  12. Hey, Im also a college student in North Carolina finishing up business school. I am also especially interested in getting into the cannabis industry, particulary the growing process. If we can connect please email me at iamvictorgarza@gmail.com. Thanks bro.

  13. Think, we tend to write on subjects we have either some personal background with (like Cerebral Palsy of Ohio), or on topics we have taken time to investigate, research and find proper funding sources, etc. Finding a good grant writer isn’t easy, because (especially if your United Way program as it is in Eugene, OR, rather ‘hands off’, meaning they don’t write their own grants and they have a professional team they hire to do it; leaving no education to the public on grant writing). if you want to talk more about this, please feel free to email us at: ctctarot@gmail.com. It’s better than here on Disqus where messages get lost. We can brainstorm on what can be done, and if we don’t have the answer, we’d be happy to refer you to someone who can help you.

  14. When I wrote this post I didn’t know what route I wanted to take. Now I am an horticulture major with an emphasis in greenhouse and garden management. My goal is to be a grower and eventually move into management as my career progresses. I want to learn the business through in through from every angle. As of now I don’t have a lot of experience. If anyone has any leads to a grower that is in need of an assistant grower/intern or apprentice, please let me know. I’m looking for any way to get involved in the legal cannabis industry, specifically in growing but am open to other positions to start. Thanks

  15. First I do not smoke , seriously I dont. I have not in over 14 yr..what I want out of legalization is a choice without fear. I want arrests and incarceration to stop. I want people to realize that they have been lied to all of these years.

  16. You mean to say you are only interested in legalization to the extent that it makes getting high cheaper and easier?

  17. You mean hemp..

    Or are we going to ban all pollen producing cannabis plants so you can have your dream?

  18. Nonsense. A loving chimp will accomplish nothing.

    My profit grows out did the most loving hippy stuff I’ve seen…I could care less about not profiting really…if things go much further, I will grow petunias instead. Growing good pot is worth 10x a standard horticulturalists position. I didn’t go to college so slacker stoners can get cheap drugs, and I didn’t go to college so some rich douche could have better profits off my back.

  19. If you can match profits for 1990 black market wholesale ($3k untaxed, unregged), then you will get the better growers.

    But you wont. You expect them to work for $1500/lb taxed and regged in 2015 dollars.

    Understand…$3,000 in 1990 is $5200 now..Add a retail mark up, income taxes, cannabis taxes, and regulatory costs and you have your proper compensation rate for a good grower.


    Or you can go back in time and tell all the consumers back then how its not worth it so they won’t buy it at those prices. You can grow award winning stuff and accept compensation at the same rate as a common farmer.

    Tell the commoners to be born as farmers. Thats the mids and lows market. Actual farms with pesticides

  20. Your you can’t compare a BX to the “original” like its a clone. You cannot select for anything but phenotype and I would bet your BX is actually more different than you think even if the phenotype appears “identical”

  21. Unskilled growers don’t cause genetic degradation. And it takes years for enough mutations to accumulate for an actual change to occur…and an elite grower will still have the same mutation rate as any other grower..mutations are governed by radiation, not grow style.

    Well virus do it, but you shouldn’t grow anything with virus at all…and those technically are not mutations most of the time

  22. 100 gallons of beer=~1,000 doses of ethanol.

    1lb of pot=~9,000 doses

    1lb of pot is easier to grow than 100 gallons of beer is to brew as far as space goes.

    Can you brew 100gallons of beer in a 4×4 in 4 months?

    I wouldn’t know. I always though ethanol was retarded and refuse to be involved in it anymore than I am with other moderately rewarding foods- I’d never grow my own pizza for example as its not rewarding enough to even do at all.

    Now, I do far far more difficult things though and would still do it even if it were cheaper and more available. Like refining Gold or extracting alkaloids

  23. And yet 9/10 patients I meet are not qualified as severely disabled and yet they want me to give them 2 free oz a month the same as I give a guy with no working legs in a wheelchair with osteoarthritis.


  24. Hmmm. I got my college degree in horticulture for Cannabis legalization 5 years ago. I started that plan 10 years ago.

    Then, +1oz was a 10 year felony.

    Now its legal. And guess what, most of my competition is just now getting to college. Shows their skills, talent, and foresight. ;)

  25. You need a degree in horticultural production..your degree is for a CEO and they don’t “operate” anything

    And guess what, as a guy with a degree in IHP, I won’t need a CEO to tell me what is good for the business.

  26. Right…suggest that they tell you how to lower their income by becoming their competition

    Thats “reasonable..”

    Or you could use your own brain, figure it out your self, and actually deserve your earnings.

  27. To the extent that they think they will save money or make it (meaning market prices go down or they get your sales contracts) at your expense over the long run.

    If they don’t gain, they don’t want help

  28. If you are concerned about your industry “collapsing” why are you promoting free “medicine” and giving away production secrets and sharing cuts?

    You can’t make a living if they are undermining you with your own gifting. If you give them the genetics and tell them how to do it, they will either expect you to work for less.

  29. You got it…most drug dealers aren’t going to bother paying taxes, testing product, or even make accurate claims at all. Shit, they won’t bother with having stores either.

    A pot store isn’t like a “drug dealer” and 95% of the drug dealers you refer to have no chance of running a legitimate business

  30. You can’t legalize export for one state…thats a federal policy which applies to all states.

    And god knows why you think Texas can do ag competitively. Thats cattle ground.

    You ain’t gonna get anywhere doing anything but top shelf chrons and “med” (I won’t call it real medicine unless it can’t provide a high)

  31. “Whereas an ounce of top shelf marijuana used to go for $300 in the 90’s,
    that same ounce is lucky to fetch $200 now, but often even less.”

    Your talkin street retail from skeezers.

    Put a store front, pay taxes, and submit to far higher production standards, and then lets talk about prices….just because some douche can buy black market $200oz chron doesn’t mean an actual store can do it and make the same kind of returns.

  32. I think it’s too early to call how the industry is going. I’m in Texas, and though it is not legal here yet, I have already begun to carve off 20 acres out of my 100 for marijuana production. My thing is industrial hemp, bio fuel research, and medical strains. There is a huge group here trying to make Texas the first state to legalize hemp export through Houston and the Gulf of Mexico to the rest of the hemp trading nations. Recreational consumption will always be a niche market compared to the rest of the industry. There are just too many ways to make money from this single plant! To quote a Texas lawmaker, “It’s like a tomato, we should treat it and regulate it as such.”

  33. Kang_James007 on

    Until they allow you to expand and deliver to another state, which they should it seems you will have to just keep trying new and better strains. Maine is in need of more growers.They need it like ASAP!! Vermont Rhode Island Michigan though the populations are smaller the demand is off the charts. I do not know the regulations prohibiting you but Relocation although a big move could be very profitable!!

  34. ThinkandThinkAgain on

    Do you or your husband have contact information regarding the work you do writing grants for non-profit organizations? I achieved some tremendous improvement in maternal-child health from funds provided to our clinic after a professional grant writer submitted a one for us. Do you write on topics where you have no background, interviewing those with needed skills? How does one find a good grant writer? As with many programs serving low income persons, the clinic closed almost 20 years ago. The need is still there, and I would love to know how I go about findings a writer.

  35. This article is bullshit there is WAY more smoker than growers not everybody will take the time to to learn the knowledge to grow good grade A weed. Most drug dealers would rather buy a oz, qp, or pound and break it up and sell it than grow

  36. It’s called genetic degradation and for unskilled grower’s it is is a real problem.

  37. I really appreciated this blog. As part of a medical collective in California, I am terrified at the prospect of this industry, which I have worked so hard to carve a niche out for myself in, may be collapsing.

    Does the author of this blog or anyone else have any ideas on how a mid level commercial grower might evolve in this changing industry?

    All comments welcome whether you are in the industry or not!

  38. bryan holland on

    Bro those are my exact dreams but I’m live in Chicago, and the weed laws here are crazy

  39. Use a low dosage of thc oil and drop it into her mouth. It has been used on many children with the same disorder, I just don’t know about a 3 month old. yet, I can garantee thc would be much better then any pill/drug the doctors have to prescribe.

  40. I have heard that people have seen remarkable results using cannabis high in CBD’s and low in THC content. You should check into this with a medical marijuana professional. When I went to my appointment to be evaluated for my med marijuana card there was a young couple there with a baby approximately 6 months old for that specific reason.

  41. superbike122@gmail.com on

    I have a terminally epileptic child. She’s 3 months and the doctors are telling me she will die amd there is nothing they can do. Tenporary anti siezure meds which are more grim than her prognosis. I need direction and knowledge. Someone please contact me If they can help with some professional advice. Thank you and God bless.

    A caring Father


  42. The only degradation upon successive clones can be attributed to disease, deficiencies and inexperience on the part of the grower. I’ve run dozens of generations deep and have back-crossed strains 9X in order to compare to the original genetic matter.

  43. This is from someone other than me, who’s seen this, sure it might be 100% crap, but Mendelian genetics is considered a rule, not a theory. And keeping the mother plant will solve that problem, obviously. I am talking about plants cloned off 2nd, 3rd generation have issues, or not, based on factors for certain, but genetics are still genetics:

    “A clone is an exact genetic replica. It is a genetically impossible for the quality/potency of the plant to degrade”

    Not entirely true. Cloning is a method of analog reproduction, and as the strain continues it’s possible that a mutation occurs. This gets exaggerated heavily as you keep cloning down the line. It can lead to a decrease of potency or plant vigor, or it can lead to an increase. Mutations are unpredictable and can occur at any time without warning.

    This happens in strains that haven’t been stabilized.

    Keeping your mother plant well groomed and maintained will certainly answer this problem. I am only talking about folks using 3rd generation can equal plant degradation and we could be talking any plant, not just cannabis.

  44. there will always be a need for good growers. We can legally make up to 100 gallons of beer in our homes but not many do and for the same reasons.

  45. Jake Casper, I would suggest for starters, getting a mentor in a legal state or at least a state that allows for cultivation who actually has a large (or reasonably large farm) who is growing variant strains of cannabis, so they can advice you and walk you through the process of growing, plant issues, as well as other suggestions that are specific to cannabis cultivation and distribution.

    If I were you (just me speaking), I would also certainly take courses in entrepreneurial that will assist you. You need to know about computers, e-commerence (including bit money), web development (regardless if you use a drag and drop website, you’ll still need to know how to make a high quality website, seo management, and certainly how best to market yourself in a highly competitive field, because it sure will be very soon).

    Getting into a cousin business (non cannabis related) either in flowers or landscaping (something that propagates plants, cloning, growing from seed, espalier tree grafting (and plant manipulation, you may need this for manipulating how cannabis is grown, maximize fruiting method for buds (the Stanley brothers found this helpful), as well having experience with tropical plants such as Orchids may be beneficial as well, as manual Flower fertilization), etc.

    I would also suggest taking a few courses, (if it were me, I would), in genetics and plant propagation, as well as getting some serious time learning about non profit 501 C3 or incorporation, board set up, and paperwork, as well as grant writing.

    Now, I am certain someone will flame me for saying anything, but i have owned several businesses, and regardless of whether it is a service, a store front or a product, having background in business set up, grant writing, and learning how to establish yourself will be necessary, even in horticulture.

    I would contact NORML, Marijuana Policy Project, Americans For Safe Access, to get current state standings, what laws are in the books or going to be submitted this year to your state, as well as asking questions regarding growers. That would be my suggestion.

    We have found in Oregon that the banking system is ONE of the largest hurdles in the industry (non uniform application of FDIC as well as issues with cannabis legality nationwide causing problems with various companies getting a bank that will work with them, knowing that there person is in the cannabis industry). I have found that having a strong working knowledge of Paypal is very advisable, because you can use them as a bank interface (you still have to have a bank, but it will help you in regards to holding funds, transferring funds, allowing for POS purchasing as well as now they are allowing small business loans). I would suggest that whatever name you use for your business, will allow the bank to accept you as a business (but that’s just me, i had to learn that some creative naming can help you get a bank to work with you, rather than using a cannabis title) or you may need a 501C3 shelter to assist you in protecting against bank seizures, etc.

    Cannabis is NOT my industry, but both my husband and myself have worked with non profit services, writing grants since 1996, that we have also spent a great deal doing research into the cannabis business, advocacy as well as strain understanding, etc.

    It seems to be a complicated question, because business regardless of what it is now, requires understanding in various fronts.

  46. During prohibition, I always considered my “lies” about my habit to be “the truth.” I never felt guilty about them. I merely did what was necessary. I have always been angry that I had to live in the shadows to protect my own security. I guess I have one thing to be grateful for. I am now at least fully aware of the true nature of terror, and of the police. As a lifelong outlaw (without ever having hurt anyone), my perspective is certainly affected… but in a right way. What I know about the police (and the gov’t in gen’l) is the truth. I do have that to be thankful for.

  47. I agree, except that taxes are unreasonable in some cases. In the state of Massachusetts, the proposed referendum currently permits taxing $10/%THC/OZ. That would create a tax of $210/OZ for the pot I acquired recently. The retail price of that pot, $320, plus $210=$530, for which there is ZERO justification. Not only that, but this tax discourages using high THC strains, which are (theoretically AND according to evidence) SAFER to use than low THC strains. What is EVEN worse is that this tax is independent of the retail price of the pot, so that even if that drops to $50/OZ, the tax will still be $210! Which is outrageous! Why is the government picking on pot smokers? We are in fact about the least harmful group there is! We don’t make any trouble for anybody! How about a little justice?

  48. We profit every single day, just by smoking (or eating or vaping) it. Marijuana is not about one guy making profits off another, it’s about everyone reaping huge personal benefits (profit) at ZERO cost to anyone else.

  49. I am a wisconsin college student currently majoring in Agribuisness with a horticulture minor( might make it a second major). After I graduate in the next two to three years, I am looking to operate a cannabis farm. I have very little experience in growing however, hope that my education will prepare me for my career in cannabis. I am wondering if anyone could share some insight on if it is a good career choice/path, if my major/minor are best for if I want to grow, and what other things I should be doing to prepare myself. (ie. Networking, getting involved with legalization efforts, moving to a legal state for my summers to work in the industry, etc) Thanks

  50. I see plants that look 3rd generation cloned plants, meaning they may
    not be viable (it’s a genetic thing, you can only clone so far down,
    it’s like a xerox problem, the further you xerox off a xerox down, the
    weaker the print, same problem) 100% BullCrap!

  51. thank you, we need more folks who have very specific application of cannabis to talk about why we need better care and services when it comes to this product, and why it matters what you take, what gets sold to us, and a check and balance system of what we are receiving.

  52. No. Taxes are not a new phenomena. If they are not exorbitant, people will take them in stride like they do taxes on everything else they buy.

    Neither are the hazards of agriculture anything unusual. You don’t have to take out a loan to eat from the produce aisle.

    So many people want to build a “magical exception” for marijuana. – It’s just a plant.

  53. I still have to stand by this point: people that are life disabled (meaning condition is considered a life disability), are often the very folks who can’t grow, not because they wouldn’t like to, but often are not only health restricted (can’t handle soil due to mold problems, airborne issues plants growing in the house such as asthma or autoimmune problems), energy restricted (maintenance on a plant that requires round the clock care, isn’t our strong suit) plus also, finances to afford the equipment, never mind the cost of the seeds (esp since there seems to be a big discrepancy in: quality, gender proofing (selling male plants as females), plus often I see plants that look 3rd generation cloned plants, meaning they may not be viable (it’s a genetic thing, you can only clone so far down, it’s like a xerox problem, the further you xerox off a xerox down, the weaker the print, same problem). Now, not everyone has family or ‘friends’ to grow for them, and that becomes a family divide between those who support, versus those who don’t. It’s still complex, and still can tear family’s apart. Or in the case of families with a child with Dravet’s or serious cancer, being extremely specific about the plant they need, the level of care needed to provide for finicky plants that can be a make or break for their children’s lives, need outside growers, and producers of HIGH quality material they themselves, might not be able to grow: and being life or death, don’t want to chance it on how ‘green their thumbs are’ and this population is the most vulnerable in cannabis world for fraud. We need good growers, we need people who are also in this industry because life’s are still at risk (taking it outside of those who want to ‘unwind’ at the end of a day (not that there is anything wrong with that, but the situation is extremely different, as are the agendas. Those who are seriously ill, need serious growers who are honest to give the strain they know will help their client (not the fastest budding plants), that are mold/bug free, and that my friend, is true dedication and support. It’s not always easy to find.

  54. Johnny,
    As a patient in Washington this attitude has been problematic for some time. As an operations manager for a Seattle not for profit access point; the list of growers who show up at my door, hoping to charge top dollar and have virtually no understanding of how the legal system is set up are NUMEROUS to say the least. I am bombared frequently with quasi social climbing finance folk, who want to know the quickest, most profitable way to sell sub par cannabis. The injury to the patient as being propagated as a consumer is plain and simple verkakte….

  55. You are assuming these people don’t pay income taxes, won’t be paying “cannabis taxes,” and will be able to sell products without regulatory demands increasing cost….Just like average home growers who don’t earn their primary incomes from growing.

    You are also assuming lots of losses from pests, weather, and cross pollination with hemp will not happen at all.

  56. The only reason consumers buy lower tierd goods is their income status doesn’t support it. People don’t want that stuff, they just don’t have much alternatives.

  57. Go ask an outdoor grower. I bet they will say different. Your an indoor grower aren’t you?

    Why pay for trash service when you could just recycle your nutes (for your example the payment for trash service is lost revenue from potential consumers who received unearned free stuff)?

    Concentrates will be more than decent. More failed grows= cheaper concentrates and edibles

  58. I suspect there will be a lot of us gardeners in bloom soon. – That’s another reason prices will come back down to earth for this hardy plant.

  59. I agree with you. I think that the biggest reason why cost is so high it 4 things.
    1.gov taxes
    2. The need to recoup all cost invested in growing As fast as possible.
    3. The need to be able to fight any reversals and federal assholes.
    4. Greed.

  60. How true ! The 1 ingredient it takes to grow great cannabis is LOVE
    bad vibes don’t go well in a garden.
    Profits drive people
    You can tell the difference between
    profit grows vs personal
    air space!
    I Met the cats who pull 2per.
    full time job no breaks
    And gardens are not forgiving
    If you dont put in the time it shows on the product
    #prohibition keeps prices up
    I have seen too many people with money lose shirt
    Beginners luck will get you a good yield, after that you gotta step your game up
    Here comes da bugs!
    Gnats, mites,trips moths mold
    power for profit grow? Overridden meter
    you can’t run 20 lights with out drawing attention
    how’s that for a Carbon footprint
    Here in California , no shortage of good kush!
    Clubs selling retail lbs at 10/gr
    Compassion less” donation”

  61. If you put more of your love (including developing good growing skills) the product might well be better than the “skilled growers” who don’t feel the love, only see dollar signs. You’re right: “Satisfaction from growing your own is Priceless.”

  62. I’ve started making kief and mixing it with immaculately clean flowers, from plants grown outdoors and from good seed. With a little savvy I could probably market it for connaseurs (sic) and charge mucho dinero. But I’m not interested; just want it for myself.

  63. Eventually I for see weed going the way bread did with mass production. It will be cheaper to buy it than produce it for yourself.

  64. Prices can vary widely in California. Currently, you can regularly find $100 – $125 ounce specials of good quality herb in the Bay area.

  65. Right. At first, it will vary from state to state. So far, three states allow growing and one not. California and some other states will join the free states next November and most will likely include home growing.

    National uniformity will emerge as best practices are observed and adopted. – Join NORML in your state to help shape things.

  66. There is the fact that as Marijuana becomes legal nationwide that will change some things. Think of cell phones there used about 1500 cell companies during the late 80s. These companies kept getting bought by another. The thing I would be more interested in is can I grow my own? Or do I have to by from a store. Will selling evolve into party stores and you by a pack of joints like cigarettes? In Michigan you can by liquor in most grocery stores and a lot of party stores . Fore the most part we do not have stores that you can only buy alcohol. There us an infinite possibilities in legalization.

  67. Except for most of the consumers who are tired of the lying and living in the shadows.

    Of course, Washington’s recreational system will adjust and soon operate just as smoothly as that of any other state.

  68. The sunlight north of the 45th parallel is weak compared to the south. That’s why current indoor bred strains that expect more light don’t finish well in Washington. Good outdoor breeding could change that. Everyone should have the chance to grow this magnificent plant.

  69. That will be a niche market, similar to the difference between fine tobacco shops and Marlboros.

    The product of flowers will certainly be on sale next to the cigarette shelf. – And prices will be reasonable – $50 an ounce or less.

  70. Relative economies? Just curious how much you are paying for an ounce? Seems counter intuitive to have buds cheaper in a place that is not nearly as pot friendly.

  71. This is just sound advice. The only guys/gals that are going to be making a reasonable living farming are indoor growers, with the know how, with particular emphasis on growing a couple interesting strains, likely having to produce many of their own concentrates, probably having to open their own retail shop, and creatively marketing their product as different. Basically it is going to require a real investment, with a functional business plan in place.
    Additionally, those businesses that find outlets for the rest of the plant materials will add another layer of financial stability. Even if there is nothing more than a free plant pick up program, it will be better for most producers to hand over the raw materials than spend money having the hemp hauled away.
    The real question will be, how many legitimate entrepreneurs will attempt to enter the market?

    I foresee nice prices on flower and decent prices on concentrates.

  72. This crisis of expectations is due to the mistaken plans of many based on black-market prices. The major portion of the black-market price is composed of the “risk premium” – that amount which compensates the grower/seller for the risk of going to jail.

    Of course, with legal marijuana, there is no risk, and hence, no risk premium. That’s why all players need to start their price thinking from scratch.

    Marijuana is just a plant. Though it is different in effect and harms, in cultivating and distribution, it is similar to tobacco. That is the logical point to start from.

    Everyone needs to get over this “instant millionaire” phenomena of the legalization twilight zone. It could never last.

    After the dust settles on re-legalization, average quality marijuana will probably sell for around $50 an ounce – or less. – Further, since marijuana is so near harmless, there is no reason to think the end game will not be marijuana sold wherever beer and wine are.

  73. After legalization, if taxes remain reasonable, supply and demand will get into balance and prices will stabilize at a level that most would rather just buy.

  74. Lawrence Goodwin on

    The big money (and new jobs nationwide) may be in cannabis hemp, anyway. I think that, as a political force to be reckoned with, cannabis advocates must learn how to promote all of the raw materials these plants offer–not solely the cut-and-dried flower for medicine and recreation. That’s precisely how federal, state and local governments have succeeded for almost 80 years in smothering the whole cannabis industry–by lying to the public about only the flowers. Cannabis stalks yield very useful pulp for paper, as well as incredibly strong fibers. The seeds are also loaded with ingredients that are essential to good health.

  75. Washington is teaching other states how NOT to be profitable growing marijuana.
    A) Grow really LOUSY marijuana.
    B) Price that marijuana at 3-4 times what you can get it for anywhere else
    C) Tax it to the point where even when you do sell it, you lose money on every gram you sell
    D) Try to pass legislation in an attempt to FORCE patient to buy if from you by outlawing their normal sources of supply. This just makes your potential customer base VERY ANGRY…and they will NEVER buy from you.

  76. An ounce of what we call top grade goes for £220 but people getting even greedier now selling .8 of a gram for tenners so at .8 your making £350 an ounce. Big profits over here that’s why I grew but got caught so have to lay off it for time being. The UK really need to look at the law like the states, legalise it and stop putting people in prisons for possession. There’s far worse happening on our streets than just a bit of weed. If it was legalized and sold properly and controlled life in the UK would be great :-)

  77. Good advice and a good article Mr. Green, I am able to get top shelf cheaper here in GA than in CA.

  78. Why does it have to be about profit? Just like with other vegetables, it is the process of growing your own and knowing what chemicals (if any) and hard work and love that grew your plant. Tomatoes can be profitable on a large scale but it doesn’t stop anyone from growing their own and nor should it. This is one of the massive problems I still in the cannabis industry. Everyone is rushing out to make their millions and in doing so they are overcharging the fuck of their end product. You would get a lot more consumers if the costs weren’t so damn high. The reason people don’t grow their own vegetables is because they can buy it cheaper and not have to use their labor to do so. Cannabis should be the same way. But it won’t increase its user base at the outrageous costs currently.

    And when you stop to realize that the people getting in the cannabis industry right now are just business types looking to profit and not those who believe in the plant itself, its easy to see why everyone is worried about profit. Fuck that. It might suck for the Washington growers but if it lowers the cost big time for the consumers, then so be it. It comes with the territory.

    I would simply be happy being able to grow my own and never having to buy bud from anyone ever again. May not be as great as the more skilled growers but I guarantee they wouldn’t put as much of their love into their product for me as I would for myself. Profits will rise and fall. Satisfaction from growing your own plants is priceless.

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