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Happy 420 2015 From The Weed Blog!


origins of 420 how did 420 startThis is the sixth April 20th since Jay Smoker and I created this blog in January 2010. This 4/20 is particularly special for me because it’s the first 4/20 after my home state, Oregon, voted to end marijuana prohibition. The third owner of this site, Travis, was vital to Oregon’s marijuana legalization effort, and I want to give him a big thank you for making this April 20th better than any other one I’ve ever celebrated, along with a thank you to the rest of the Measure 91 team.

I hope all of our readers have a great day, and consume responsibly. Chances are you have already been celebrating all weekend, which is the benefit of April 20th falling on a Monday. The downside of April 20th falling on a Monday is that many people have to go to work, myself included. So here’s a shout out to everyone that is stuck in a cubicle today or behind a counter, or in front of a grill, or whatever type of job you have. May your vape pens be full, your breaks be abundant, and your discreet (or not-so-discreet) celebrations be fantastic.

Please remember to support reform on 4/20. Sign up to gather signatures for a campaign, or volunteer with a reform organization, or if you are able, make a donation to a worthy cause. Some of my favorite causes are Students for Sensible Drug Policy, the Drug Policy Alliance, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, StopTheDrugWar.Org, Marijuana Majority and the Show-Me Cannabis campaign. If I missed someone, my apologies, I’m not all the way awake right now, and may have waked and baked a bit before I turned my computer on! If you have seen an organization or campaign plugged on this blog, donate to them!

Happy 420, from The Weed Blog team!!!!


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  1. Golden Buddha on

    Just back from nine mile in Saint Anne, Some Rasta cake and smoke at Mt. Zion. RIP Bob Marley, thanks from all for all. Got there 4/21 Island time : )

  2. kali mist: that’s how I used to feel , what a horrible coincidence. But now I think it’s ok, our 4/20 stands for peace, it’s an antidote to Hitler’s 4/20. And it’s worth noting that Hitler’s father was an abusive alcohol. And Stalin’s too.

  3. No problem. We just took the date from that old monster. A thousand times more people know 4.20 is Marijuana Day, than know it’s Shitler’s B-day.

  4. Lawrence Goodwin on

    IMHO, Kali Mist, it’s a very fitting coincidence because “Marihuana” prohibition (that’s exactly how it’s spelled in federal and state laws) has always equaled Fascism at work in the United States. Minus the gas chambers and systematic starvation, of course, the aggressive spying, arrests, prosecutions and imprisoning of MILLIONS of Americans for nonviolent cannabis ‘crimes’–in the last 80 years–constitutes the same demonization of ‘undesirables.’ Marihuana prohibition must also be seen as another horrible crime against humanity. Peace out, sister! :)

  5. Yes. Oregon has MUCH to celebrate, which is why I was surprised to be visiting Portland and could not find any 420 events. Perhaps everyone is still too stunned by the victory.

    So, I celebrated 420 by going across the river into Vancouver, Washington and buying my FIRST legal, recreational marijuana! (with a 420 special discount 8^)

    Perhaps Oregonians will be ready to celebrate three days after marijuana becomes officially legal – on the Fourth of July! – Independence Day.

    That’s some serious freedom. – Jefferson would be proud.

  6. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Muchas gracias, Johnny, Jay and Travis! I should offer High Praise to the creator of “Green Crack” for making this such a nice holiday. :)

  7. Kevin Dougherty on

    The 420 phrase originated on April 20, 1957 when I was born! Thank you very much and party on my minions!

  8. Happy 4/20 to all, enjoy your celebrations, which I’m sure will be peaceful, (they always are). Hopefully these idiotic lawmakers will start to see peaceful celebrations like 4/20 and the medicinal and tax benefits of Marijuana and finally legalize.

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