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High Times Interview With Oliver Stone


Oliver Stone Interviews With High Times Magazine (Video)

Legendary Director Oliver Stone talks about marijuana, the War on Drugs, ‘Savages’ and ‘The Untold History of the United States’ with High Times Magazine.


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  • Hear, Hear, Mr Oliver Stone! I couldn’t agree with You more…Thank You for this :) Hugs

  • MDS

    Screw that lying propaganda peddling toolbag. The factually inaccuracies present in his films are almost as bad as Michael Moore.

    • Guest

      They are entertainment. No one said they were facts. But most are your an idiot go suck bill o reillys fat one

  • MDS

    Autocorrect fail.

  • P.S. My latest article in Highwitness News section of HIGH TIMES is in this issue as well.