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How Is Smoking Marijuana Different Than Eating Marijuana?


eating marijuanaI know a lot of people these days that have only smoked marijuana but are curious to see how eating marijuana would help them. I always advise people to be careful eating marijuana, because you can get way too high if you eat too much. Eating marijuana takes longer to feel the effects than it does when you smoke marijuana, and when you combine that with the fact that people like tasty treats already, it can be a recipe for an interesting day to say the least.

It always reminds me of a wedding I was DJ’ing during which people were eating some of my extra strength brownies. Most of the people that ate them had eaten them before, and knew to limit their consumption. But one of my friends gave them to a mutual friend who hadn’t consumed marijuana since 2000, but figured it would be fun to try it for some reason 12 years later. He loved the brownies his wife made, and figured having a couple of brownies during the wedding would be the right amount.

Wrong. After 45 minutes he was talking to me about how he wasn’t feeling anything and that he should have eaten more, then WHAM. You could see it in his eyes. He went from feeling completely sober to so high he could barely talk. The last time I saw him he was walking down the road and talking gibberish. I guess some people can’t handle those brownies lol. Compare that to my uncle who can eat an entire tray of brownies and feel ‘ok’. Different strokes for different folks I suppose.

Eating marijuana affects you differently than smoking it, so walk before you run is the moral of this story. When you eat marijuana, it goes into your blood stream, compared to when you smoke marijuana and it goes into your nervous system. When you eat it, the high lasts longer, and takes longer to take effect. When you smoke marijuana, the high is almost instant, but doesn’t last as long as when you eat marijuana.

Do you eat marijuana often? Do you prefer it to smoking cannabis? How does it affect you differently? Any tips you would offer people? Help others benefit from you knowledge. Below is a video made by Americans for Safe Access talking about the differences between eating marijuana and smoking marijuana:


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  1. Why are you so aggressive? What is wrong with you? Don’t you know how to talk without offending people? You definitely are on the wrong blog, you should be on the cocaine or alcohol one.

  2. What about eating in a food or drinking it as tea for pain, I am thinking it would be a lot better than the pain pills I have to take every day and maybe the effect for pain would last longer. When one has to take pills 3 to 4 times a day for sever pain I think that pot may be better.

  3. marc zimmerman on

    funny….when this SAME logic is used by Jehovahs witnesses to not want transfusions because the bible says “refrain from blood”, and eating it….Everyone all of the sudden knows nothing about science, and the fact that eating, and sticking it in your veins is no different. Isnt that just Odd? People seem to be really smart when they want to push their view. But grow retarded when others use it for things they dont like. For example, the atheists love science.And evolution. Yet the LGBT people love to hook with them when it comes to bashing religion, yet there is no possible way being gay could be natural as well as positive. It HAS to be a defect. for evolution would make it so we would not over produce, having typically one child at a time. More than 2 is a very rare thing, naturally speaking. Yet the Evolutionists stand in step with a man is a skirt claiming to be born a tranny? born gay? born a lesbian? born a bisexual? if indeed you are born that way, it is an error like a low sperm count would be. Making one unable to reproduce naturally without intervention from mankind. Funny…the atheists will all of the sudden grow dumb and not see the obvious logic that they would use anywhere else, when it comes to LGBT people

  4. The tea is very great and taste like Lipton, but the potency depends on the cannibis, it take about 45 minutes to an hour for you to feel the high and trust me, you get way higher than smoking it plus the high last longer, what I also noticed is, if I want to feel the high early than an hour or 45 minutes I eat oily food right after taking my tea and I feel it within 30 minutes.

  5. Eating WILL make you high. It’s a different high from smoking. For me, it’s impossible to get too high from smoking, as I am highly tolerant to the stuff already. Eating on the other hand can take my high to a new league (although too much is not fun at all). If you have no experience at all, you can be sure that if made well, 1g of potent weed made into cannabutter and then 3 brownies from it, trust me 1 brownie will probably glue you to the couch, and might even be too much. The potency of your brownie will mostly depend on the potency of your bud and how much you screwed up the thc while decarbing, making cannabutter and baking it. The complicated variables here are time and temperature, but if you do your research you’ll do just fine. – google search each of those > “weed decarboxylation” , “cannabutter recipe”, “brownie recipe”

  6. Hey guys… I don’t know anything about pot… But I’ve been out with my friends for a while and I just love smoking it, but my doctor says that I got minor asthma so I shouldn’t smoke anything and should stay away from pollution… I just wanna know would it be okay if I ate these brownies instead? And would these get me as high as smoke? Also could you tell me how can I grow marijuana?

  7. Take your cannabis in any form buds/ dry leaves / stems/ Seeds or everything together .., say 200 grammes .., clean it properly for like 10-15 mins in crystal clear cold water , boil it further with some water more the better .., more like brewing for 25 mins at 100-80 degree Celsius.., take it out drain the remaining water .., get the grinder make sure its[the boiled weed] does not get cold .., sprinkle a bit of butter , black pepper , some dry fruits grind it make sure its a green paste.., take 1 tablespoon of the paste .., save the rest .., in refrigerator , put some 250 ml of milk , sugar[2-3 tablespoon is fine usually] according to taste , and add 1 tablespoon of cannabis paste to it mix it in your mixer add some ice to it .., enjoy .., you are going to be really happy in another 2 hours .., WORD OF CAUTION :- don’t do it on empty stomach .., make sure you ve 500 calories in your stomach before you Guzzle the smoothie and be hydrated.., keep sipping some cold water or whatever u prefer .., please do try this in ur home only and don’t go outside for the first time .., you can start with even half a table spoon .., and have patience sometimes it can get you after 2 hours.., and Keep repeating .., u can create your own recipe too .., the high after having your own smoothie is something else…,

  8. Actually, it absolutely changes. Look up decarboxylation. And try not being a “know-it-all”, because when you are wrong, you look like a big asshole.

  9. Your reply isn't needed on

    One last rant retards. Look up THC extraction. Don’t throw nasty buds into a brownie mix and call yourself a chef genius

  10. Your reply isn't needed on

    Strength never changes. Just onset times. Did everyone here fail out in middle school?

  11. Your reply isn't needed on

    I started reading and realized. This pot head is dumb as hell!!
    1. when you smoke weed upon inhalation the particulates and or gases make contact with the clumps of alveoli that are (in simple terms) a door between the lungs and the bloodstream. The THC is then absorbed into the blood stream.
    2. Blood is pumped through the brain by the heart.
    3. The brain is exposed to the elements
    4. Chemical and hormones are then disturbed
    5. The nervous system is then effected by stimuli.
    Example. You “act” high AF
    When you eat it. It takes a similar pathway to brain just slower.
    Ingestion is ingestion. Everything is through the blood.
    Needles Into the muscle = bloodstream.
    Asprin = bloodstream through stomach wall
    Coated pills = bloodstream through intestines
    Inhaling = bloodstream through alveoli.
    Blah blah blah

    Mic drop pot head assholes

  12. Calling you a bellend doesn’t mean he/she is pissed off. It’s a lot harder to piss off pot heads than it is to piss off anally retentive people like you. ha ha. I’m just curious as to what someone like you is doing on a page like this. Couldn’t you find people who are easier to piss off? Like some American Christian group?

  13. Marijuana does not cure cancer and it is definitely not natural, although it is a plant there are chemicals added to it. Marijuana cures cancer lol if anything, it will help you forget you have cancer lol but seriously it doesn’t cure cancer, but it has been used as a part of cancer treatment. I’ve read that in a National Geographic Book.

  14. I smoked tobacco for twenty years and quit three years ago. Lungs still screwed up and bonging it was making it worse until i started vaping. Its harsh on the throat but wow lungs feel great, i can breath again. If you dont believe me try it for yourself. I even did the napkin test and blew a full vaped inhale through the napkin and not one bit of tar, napkin white as can be.

  15. I have awful lungs and just smoking it a few times has really done a number on me. I’m going to switch to eating it instead of smoking it. People forget (myself included) that marijuana isn’t really harmful, but the smoke still effects your lungs.

  16. No it can cure it actually it’s a naturally thing which grew freely on this planet not like the medicines that are man made which are worse and before you start I don’t smoke it and never would I don’t like it but your just a knob that follows everyone else and I have an open mind!

  17. Lilarose Davis on

    I live in Oregon where using marijuana is now legal (no edibles available yet). I would like to know how one brews tea using marijuana. Maybe that can’t be answered here, but at least tell me if it is possible and if it is, how strong it would end up being compared to brownies or smoking it. I am a former smoker from 30 years ago (2 packs a day) and I wish I could smoke marijuana but I will not smoke because I will end up back on cigs again.

  18. any body curious to if the bodys is having health problems would eating it be more effective than smoking it because I see that if your smoking it it hits the nervoius system which from as much research Ive done over the years stills finding more effects that are great for the health but since being sober I feel crappier than I was before any ideas if it helps better eating than smoking it?

  19. If you are talking drug test, then it depends on the volume and frequency of intake. From days to over a month.

  20. Lol I know right I just realized that since you said something.. Probably because I was plowed when I wrote that.. You know testing out my theory and all.. LMFAO

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