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How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System? [Infographic]


“How Long Does Marijuana Stay in your System?” is the most frequently asked question that we receive at HomeHealthTesting.com. While there is no definitive answer, we have presented some guidelines.

The data used to create this infographic is gathered from research on drug testing methods and the information presented by drug screen manufacturers. Some resources include Redwood ToxicologyCannabis Drug TestingCalifornia NORML. The information presented is only a guide or estimate since drug testing has many variables that can influence a positive or negative outcome. The only way to really know if you are positive is to test yourself. You can test yourself with a cheap drug test. Buy a THC urine drug test.

How long does Marijuana stay in your system?

The most common drug tests used are urine, saliva and hair. Each test has a different detection time which is important to know. The urine drug test is the most commonly used because it is cheap and has a longer detection time than a saliva test. There are several very important factors that can influence how long THC will be present in your urine:

  • Weight
  • Body Fat
  • Amount Used
  • Frequency of Use

Since these factors will vary greatly for each individual, there are no definitive guidelines to tell you how long you can test positive for THC.

On a Urine Drug Test, THC will appear as a positive within 2-5 hours of use. How long it will still show on a urine drug test is estimated based on frequency of use, but does not take into account the weight and body fat of the marijuana user:

  • One Time User may show positive for 1-6 days
  • Moderate User may show positive for 7-13 days
  • Frequent User may show positive for 15 or more days
  • Heavy User may show positive for 30 or more days
  • Some Heavy Pot Smokers have reported being positive 45-90 days after quitting

On a Saliva Drug Test, THC will test positive within one hour of use, but you may have marijuana in your system for about 12 hours after last use.

On a Hair Drug Test, THC will show up about 7 days after use and most hair drug tests will test for a 90 day period. However, THC does not always bind to the hair follicle which makes it not always considered an accurate testing method for marijuana use.

The most reliable way to know if you are testing positive for marijuana use is to drug test yourself.

How long does marijuana stay in your system?
By: HomeHealthTesting.com


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  1. Im 5’2″ about 140. Id quit for two weeks then smoked again four days ago. Whats the best way to make sure i clean myself out? No drug test scheduled yet but i give myself about 3 days to a week before its required.

  2. Please help,I have smoked for 20years on daily basis, sometimes 4a day,I weight 100lbs and I’m on pain meds because medical marijuana is not legal in Indiana, so my meds need to be in my system, so how many days will it take for me?

  3. Here my question I have smoked say 5 or 6 months I decided to smoke the 16 of Sept and stop the 21 but it wasn’t heavy heavy smoke but will I be clean this 21 coming up

  4. I smoked about everyday for about 2 years multiple times a day. I’m 6ft, 135lbs and sweat all the time from work

  5. I’m 5’4 and weigh 113, haven’t smoked in 2 weeks, and I smoke loud, will it still show.

  6. I’m looking to join the Marines however I smoked heavily on June 29-july1 and smoked at least once every day for about 2 weeks, what are my chances of passing a piss test? It’s been a month since I last smoked and I am taking the asvab this thursday

  7. I smoke occasionally am 4″11 n wieght 146 pds I jus took a hair particular test I’ve been drinking certo and niacin and drinking water and cran berry juice I know I won’t pass but we’ll it show a high percentage of thc

  8. I smoke occasionally am 4″11 n wieght 146 pds I jus took a hair particular test I’ve been drinking certo and niacin and drinking water and cran berry juice I know I won’t pass but we’ll it show a high percentage of thc

  9. I was a night time smoker only. Smoked one blunt between me & my husband. I drink nothing but water. I weigh 130 & am 5′ tall. I haven’t smoked in 2 weeks. Will k be able to pass a drug test?

  10. i am 5,7 180 pounds and only smoked every other 2 days for 2 weeks maybe i have not smoked since the 5th of this month i don’t really know when my drug test is coming up but i need to know if i would be OK on passing please help

  11. I’m 5’5” weigh about 117 and female. I took two small hits of a bowl about 30 days ago, just puffed didn’t inhale, and I took one little hit of a bowl 13 days ago, just puffed and didn’t inhale. And I had to take a random urine test for work yesterday. What are my chances of passing?

  12. I smoked for six days haven’t smoked for for for 8 days will I pass my saliva test …

  13. I’m a 5’2″ 115 lb female, I smoke maybe once a week but sometimes I’ll go 2-4 weeks without smokin . How long would it take to clear from my system?

  14. sahil kalotra on

    i smoke like 4 to 5 joints a day on the regular basis and now i just wanted to know that how much time it’ll take to get cleared from my body???????

  15. Athea carter on

    I’ve been a long-time smoker for about 15 years straight I have a saliva test on Monday which would make me be 5 days without smoking I weigh a hundred and forty pounds and I’m 5 foot 1 I’m very active and drink lots of water do you think I’ll pass

  16. I’m 5’3 130lbs and I smoked once last week and I’m trying to get this job and I was wondering how long will the weed stay in my system

  17. The last time i had a spliff was abot 40 fays ago..i took a urine test and failed it..i even been going and been drinking plenty of water..it will show in your dystem up till 3months

  18. last smoked_June 28th on

    I was a heavy smoker and last year I went 30 days without smoking and had to take a drug test on the 39th day and passed. I wasn’t testing myself just drinking water everyday…now I have to take a drug test again and I last smoked June 28th prior to that I was smoking heavy everyday for 3months straight cause I’m out on medical leave. Ten days after I smoked I took a home drug test and came out positive. O 5 days after that took another home test and still positive. On the 16th day i took another test and it showed negative. I wasnt to sure about that negative so i was still freaking out.Today makes day 17 and woke up early to catch my morning urine to see what it said. Unfortunately my menstrual cycle came down so when I took the test it showed up positive and the dip strip got all funny looking so I’m not sure if I over did it with so much heavy blood in my urine. Sounds disgusting but hey I’m just sharing. I thought maybe with me being on my cycle that it would interfere and cheat the test and show a negative but that didn’t happen. Guess Im going to have to wait another 5-10 days before I test myself again. I want to be negative by the 29th which makes 30 days. Ughh the worry. Maybe I can be lucky and show up negative on the 24th day like that person who posted already. Let’s pray and im going to continue drinking my water few times a day. Hopefully I Can comment again in 10 dayand give an update.

  19. I was smoking about a gram a day for 3 months, I stopped the first of June. I have a hair follicle August first. I am 6’3″ 210 pounds. I have been taking biotin ( hair growth) daily, sweat a ton at work, drink plenty of water, and have shaved my head 3 times since June 1. As well as my legs and armpits. My arm hair is too short. I have been letting my hair grow out as of Monday. So I will have 2 weeks growth on my head and 1 month on my legs and armpits. I do not want to chance it

  20. My last smoke at 22 of may and did a drug test on 3rd of June . I’m 5,1 and 150 lbs . Am I able to pass the drug test ?

  21. Luke Johnson on

    Hey I haven’t smoked pot in 7 years I just smoked yesterday with a couple of my friends for the first time I take regular piss tests but from what I heard they test for the enzyme that breaks Down the TCH not for the actual thc itself will I be fine if u have a piss test next month at the beginning would I be fine to smoke for 2 days or would I guarantee pass just smoking one also do u know of any good detox kits that guarantee to remove all impurities and if so has anyone tried using it after smoking for a couple of weeks then taking the detox the. Passing a drunk text that was taken to a lab thanks

  22. Derrick Serrano on

    If I take one hit from a bowl and I haven’t smoked in years I’m 6’1 and and 165lbs how long will it stay in my system

  23. I started smoking weed in January 2016 and have been hitting it heavy almost every day until May 3rd. I had a drug test just 24 days after on the 27th of May for a job I was applying for. I for sure thought I was not going to pass (being that I am 5’8 250+lbs and not in the 30 day range). However, I just got notified that I freaking PASSED. I did not drink shit tons of water hours before (not really a water drinker at all for that matter), I don’t have a high metabolism, nor did I do anything to try and manipulate the test in any way. Don’t take this as a “phew, I’m good” but a note as to everyone’s bodies react differently. Don’t get too worked up about it, but also don’t be too cocky about it either.

  24. lol 2% bodyfat, your a retarded skinny kid. your bf is probably more like 15%, look it up kid. dickskin

  25. I was an occasional pot smoker through high school and college I became a regular user after college and soon became a heavy user for many years thereafter. I’m now 54 years old. In good health, 6’1 190 lbs. and have quit smoking altogether weeks ago. It’s day 35 without smoking pot and I’m still testing positive with a home kit. Wondering how long this is going to take me to get clean.

  26. I weigh 145 and I’ve been smoking for about 5 months straight pretty much. 4/20 I smoked half an ounce with like 5 people. How long do y’all think it will take for me to pass all of the THC out of my system? I get drug tested on July 5 and I smoked May 25. I plan on drinking a ton of water and today I drank a QCarbo20 To try to help flush it out. Really need some reassurance from experienced people. Thank you

  27. Im 5’4 and weigh 130 pounds female. Havent smoked in 20 days and only smoked about once every 1 or 2 weeks will i pass my drug test?

  28. I haven’t smoked in 9 months and I hit a joint 2 times for 3 fay straight. Why am I still testing positive. I just bought a test today. Help lol I go to the po tomorrow

  29. I smoked on 4/20 I smoked 1 blunt with my brother and smoked 1 blunt to my self. I’m 6ft 169 pounds and I took a unrine test today and I’m freaking out I walk to work everyday and I drink water on a daily basics and it was mid I even took niacin a couple of times. today makes 34 days since I smoked, will I pass

  30. Ththanks alot man. I really appreciate it, hopefully i do pass it and get the job. Really thanks for the reply:)

  31. I had been smoking for years. Get a Walgreens test, and you will see. 44 days should be plenty of time. Hydrate a lot, Herbal teas, cranberry juice. Also, delay; interview goes well, you may have another 6 hours or two weeks to pee in a cup depending on what the company wants. Time is always your friend. Do not smoke until you start drawing a paycheck (you got the job). I don’t trust detox drinks.

  32. Clayton bigsby on

    If you’re only 130 pounds and haven’t smoked in 42 days you got nothing to worry about

  33. I was a frequent smoker. I smoked for 2 years (2-3 times daily even more) it was an everyday thing. I stoped since im seeking for a new job and i just applied today and have the interview tomorrow and thats when they’ll probably ask for the drug test. I havent smoked in 42 days and it will be 43 days tomorrow. Im 5’4 and weight 130. I play soccer like 2 times a week since i have games and some weeks in between like 3 times i also have a fast metabolism. So im thinking right now if ill pass or not. Do you think ill pass? Or does anyone that smoked the same as me before a drug test have passed? It will really help alot.

  34. How many years have you been smoking like this? I smoked for 2 years tha same way as you (2-3 times daily even more) it was an everyday thing. I stoped since im seeking for a new job and i just applied to day and have the interview tomorrow and thats when they’ll probably ask for the drug test. I havent smoked in 42 days and it will be 43 days tomorrow. Im 5’4 and weight 130. I play soccer like 2 times a week since i have games and some weeks in between like 3 times. So im thinking right now if ill pass or not. Do you think ill pass? Or does anyone that smoked the same as me before a drug test have passed? It will really help alot.

  35. I am a frequent user (2-3 times daily) and knew I was applying for jobs. I tapered off to just smoking to help me sleep for about 10 days. I then quit for about 24 days. I took a cheap “at home” pee test and passed. I peed for three different companies over the next week, and passed them all. I am heavy set (225 lbs.). So, my recommendation is to be clean for 24 days, go to a drug store, and check your own pee (just for piece of mind). I believe the tapering off helped a lot. I live in Colorado, and I smoked very potent marijuana.

  36. Jake Blackwell on

    Ok so today i failed my drug test and im a male 19 years of age smoked for atleast 4 years and i quit for about 2 weeks im skinny and my metabolism is fast as all fuck i weight only about 57kilos ik what a girl… but even tho i have no fat it dosnt matter it all depends on how much you smoke and how strong it is anyway the point is fuck dope and stay strong save money get a job then smoke lucky i got another chance at another job:) ps i didnt drink water the hole time i was quitting so drink a shit loads of water and dont eat fatty food or anything but water helps flush the system as you should know already so good luck to the rest of you dont get me wrong even tho i failed im not gonna go backswards just stay strong!

  37. I totally agree. Maybe dope makes people incredibly selfish? If they get a pass then they’re happy and no longer want to give any more feedback. I got my test in 2 days and whatever the results, I will post my feedback.

  38. Jake Blackwell on

    People need to come back and say if they have passed or not…that would be useful

  39. Jessica Molden on

    tell yer friends parents to get fucked and its none of their business

  40. Jessica Molden on

    I could’t have said it any better. Drugs will ruin your life! It will take time away from your family, it will ruin your life. I have seen it so many times.

  41. I’ve smoked cannabis for around 35 years. 42 years if you count the starting day but with a 6 or 7 year break , at around the 20 year mark, so..35 years. The quality is always high caliber and volume varies, although it’s doubtful on a regular basis..about an eighth oz. per month..or week. Average it out and I’d say about a J a day when I can or have access, less usually. I recently stopped for at least 2 and 1/2 months..maybe 11 weeks out of 12, consecutively. I took the test knowing..or believing that I would easily pass the test, but was WRONG ~! 11 straight weeks of no smoking, not eating,(which I seldom have) and avoiding even a whiff of second hand smoke. I also took a test after 29 days of abstinence and failed that test too. So, my advice to everybody is…if you smoke at all on a weekly basis, daily or even monthly, just forget about it if you’re a regular smoker, you’r probably not going to pass a drug test. I’m very serious so I hope it
    everyone takes it that way. After you advance to the rank of “dedicated smoker”, you aren’t going to pass a pot test for, likely years. Argue away… I’m just being real. Good luck to all fellow users of the great plant we refer to as weed. Prove me wrong, I’m asking you to. Pleeeeeeze !

  42. So i’ve got a urine test coming up on May 28th and stopped May 10th (aka two days ago). But i was a pretty frequent user. Never huge quantities but a little bit almost every day. I am 5’10” and 145 pounds and I’ve got a pretty good metabolism. Should I be fine if I drink a bunch of water and sweat a lot or should I try a detox?

  43. I will be starting a job Monday, and they are testing my hair after working 40 hours. I am a VERY infrequent user, i smoke maybe once or twice a month if that and I last smoked on the 20th of last month (4/20?) I drink water alot, female, 18, 5’3 , 140 I just bleached and dyed my hair today cause I read that it would help (doubt it but its worth a shot). Think I would pass? Any suggestions on how to come back clean. Pay is 11.10 and I REALLY need it so I will literally fry my hair to keep this job….. Definitely a lesson learned the hard way ?

  44. Justin Fisher on

    I had about half ag 11 days ago Sunday today is wed I have a urine tomorrow will I pass I weighs 148 lbs and am 5’7″ with pretty decent quick metabolism will I pass for real

  45. So I’m a moderate user. I stopped smoking for about 2 weeks. Then I smoked last night and the night before. I have a saliva test coming up on Friday which is in four days and I only took about about 4 hits last night. Any advice on how to pass this test?

  46. Eric Aberts on

    Yes you will be fine just work out at the gym, sit in a sauna, and drink lots of water everyday

  47. Haven’t smoked weed in about three weeks. I am not a heavy smoker. For about a week I smoked every day but then I stopped. Would I pass a urine drug test?

  48. Hello everyone I have a drug test on June 9th I’ve been smoking 2-4 times a day for the past month or so if I stop today do you think I’ll pass? Oh ya this is a blood drug test.

  49. Honeycheese on

    The gate way drug is Nicotine not weed. It’s true. The surgeons I work with Taught me that and it’s been documented.

  50. Lol you just have no control of your self, I’ve been smoking weed for years since I was 12 and have had no inclination to do any other drug

  51. Elvira Perez on

    I’m not a big smoker. But when I do it’s once a while. I weight 123 and last time I smoke was 2weeks ago. I have a drug test on Monday, am I gonna pass the drug test.

  52. What are you doing smoking pot at 13? Have you heard of gateway drugs? Im 52 years old. Started smoking pot in 8th or 9th grade, by high school was snorting speed, then cocaine in my early 20’s, then in my early 30’s meth. Was addicted for 10 years have been clean now for 16 years. My advice, extinguish that joint, find a new group of friends who don’t even ‘dabble’ in any drugs of any kind. My lifetime drug use has cost me a lot. Not only money but time with my family. I missed out on the whole high school experience of dances, football games, etc. I was too stoned to want to do anything. I look back now and really regret the things I missed out on in my younger days. I know it all sounds cliché, but a life of drug use IS cliché. Most people with the same patterns. I was ‘lucky’ enough to never have gone to jail, but maybe if I had Id be in a better place in my life now, if something had caused me to quit everything earlier. Now my kids are alcoholics and drug users because of the way I raised them. This I regret the most. When i was using drugs, I was telling them not to. When they found out what I was doing, they went to a bad place. No trust for me anymore. 3 lives and others wrecked by drugs and alcoghol.
    Best of luck to you. Your future is in YOUR hands.

  53. I smoked weed for the first time about 2 months ago and it was just one small puff, will it come back positive?

  54. I have a saliva test tomorrow and the last time I smoked was April 8th so about 3 weeks ago should I worry?

  55. So I have a drug test on May 5th and the last time I smoked pot was April 18th and again on the 19th, but before that it had been almost a year since I smoked. Is it likely that I will pass my urinalysis?

  56. Is it absolutely true about 12 hrs for the saliva test? i’m a heavy user and the test is in two days.

  57. Hi,
    So I am going to be drug tested on May 5 for an internship that I have, and they didn’t say exactly what type of test it would be, they just said “drug screening.” The last two times that I smoked was March 18 when I took a really fat dab, and then on March 3 when I took a few hits from a bong. Before that in January and February I was smoking about twice a week a mixture of bowls and dabs. I am 5 foot 11, 165 pounds male. Will I be able to pass this test? I am pretty nervous about it. Any advice/feedback would be helpful. Thanks!

  58. take it from a pot head YOU WILL PASS IT if you never smoke and take a few hits you got it. you have been clean for a month so you will be fine

  59. Hello,
    I have a job that does random drug testing but hadn’t tested me in the 3+ years I’ve been employed so I got a little careless. In December I took a hit from an apple (literally one hit because it burned), then took about two puffs from a Joint at the end of January. Then smoked from a pretty potent joint Feb 13th (Did two shotguns and probably hit it another 2-3 times). I had a random drug test April 14 (61 days after my last smoke) and have been NERVOUS waiting on the results.

    Based off of the info on the internet I should be fine my issue is- I am prescribed adderall so I know I’ll test positive for amphetamines (which isn’t a problem). My question is- once I test positive for amphetamines and they confirm with the GC/MS test will they test me for EVERYTHING on that panel? I’m sure I’ll pass the initial test at 50ng/ml but am worried I won’t at the lowered 15ng/ml.

    Please help anyone who knows the secondary testing procedures! I’m going crazy! (and never smoking while I’m employed with this job. It’s so not worth it!)

  60. i am 13 and have smoked about around 20 times but havent smoked in nearly 10 months. I get drug tested on the regular but am leaving the country for about a week and am planning to smoke the day i leave. a test could come any day starting when i get back. will I be ok?

  61. Hey i testex positive for marijuana in a 12 panel hair test my level was 0.13pg/mg i havent smoked over a year but the real question i wanna ask i how long will it take for my hair to be clean im going with the second hand smoke thing ive passed multiple urine tests sincr then so im not sure on how i tested in my hair is that alot or would it be gone rather quickly

  62. Help I am pretty overweight female, ate a cookie 10 days ago and smoked like 4 hits 12 days ago. Haven’t smoked in 2 months before that have a piss test tomorrow. Any thoughts? I have been working out and eating good for the last 6 days.

  63. CaliforniaGrown818SFV on

    You have to test on 420 lol..If you already hit it then be sure to run, make sure you sweat and drink a lot of water… every time you pee you are releasing toxins from your body so the more you pee the better.. but I would just wait.

  64. im 5’10 and 170lbs i smoked an 1/8 over a 4 day period 7 days ago and failed a home first check test.

  65. Kristy Weiler on

    I wanna hit a blunt about 3-4 times.. I haven’t smoked in about 8 months.. today is the 3rd and I don’t text till the 20th I’m about 5’3 130 pounds.. should I be ok for my test on the 20th?

  66. im 5/7 about 175 lbs i been clean 9 days and i would smoke a bowl or 2 a day before i stoped. i have to take a test for a job this comming monday. will i be able to pass? i dont exercise very much if at all. would u consider me a frequent user? please message me back and let me know what u think. thank u. oh and i been drinking alot of water and about every other day beer. beer makes me piss alot, do u think that helps a little bit?

  67. Ross Chiasson on

    Well I may have to take a drug test on the 12th of next month. So I think I should be clean by now

  68. I have a quick question I was a heavy smoker then went to a frequent smoker then trickled down till I didn’t smoke at all and I haven’t smoked for 3 weeks I took a drug screen today and it was sent to a lab for further testing for the first week of not smoking I was drinking about a gallon of water if not more a day also taking detox baths and making my self sweat a lot then slowed down on the water and I weigh 137 and I am 5″9 and have a very high fast metabolism is my drug screen going to come up positive ??

  69. Hi so I have a question I 5″9 and 139 pounds and I stopped smoking for 3 weeks before my test and it got sent to a lab for further testing am I going to come up positive or negative I have a very high metabolism and can eat non stop and gain nothing at all

  70. John Pacheco on

    Ok I may be unique then. January 10 of 2015 I stopped smoking and by March 2 I took a drug test and was clean. Later on i failed a drug test at work in November of 2015 and was suspended. So I stopped in NOV and had to do a rehab program for 5 weeks. I never did smoke anymore but continued to fail. Now it is march of 2016 and I took a test on the 9th and just got the results back yesterday and I tested positive again. I believe I’m well past the 90 day mark. I am just really frustrated.

  71. Nichole Craft on

    Your friends parents can’t without your parents’ consent, if you’re underage. If you’re not, it’s your choice. But you should be fine, if you have a dollar tree nearby buy a test and find out.

  72. I fucked up: I accidentally texted my friends parents today saying something about some weed and now they’re enraged, I used to be a very, very heavy smoker but I stopped for around 7 months. After that, I finally smoked with my friend. They were a first time and it was the first time I had smoked in 7 months. This was all 3 weeks ago. Their parents are now going to drug test us, most likely urine wise. So.. I know my friend is fine but, am I fucked? (I weigh 169 and I’m 5’6)

  73. Back in 2014 I was a heavy smoker, after my ex and I broke up. I stopped smoking on a daily basis. In 2015 June, my buddy and I smoked. I stopped smoking until December 8th 2015, I smoked about two bowls, its been around 80+ days since I’ve smoked. On most drug tests, I’d always dilute the day of and I would pass, but this time I’m very curious if I’m actually clean. I have a drug test coming this Saturday. Wondering what peoples thoughts are. I’m tempted to buy a drug test kit, but meh I’ve spent so much money on those in the past. More than likely I’ll still dilute, but curious to know what people think?

  74. Last weekend I smoked like 4 j’s with 7 other girls then this weekend that just passed I smoked 1j with 2 other girls. I am 5’7 & 138 pounds. I have a drug test coming sometime this week will I come up clean ?

  75. OK here it is! The only way for a user to be sure to pass a test is s to substitute a clean specimen of synthetic urine. The article casts doubt on the effectiveness of such a product but having taken several DOT mandated drug screens, and since the first collection is always not monitored, I can positively say that synthetic clean urine is 100% foolproof. And keep it at the correct temperature by using duct tape to keep it under your armpit in a small plastic vile.

    A marijuana high lasts only a few hours (around six if an edible is consumed), but traces of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, remain in the body for much longer than that.

    Marijuana can be detected through both blood and urine tests, which are frequently conducted for DUIs and employers. If inhaled, marijuana enters the bloodstream through alveoli in the lungs. If marijuana is eaten, the liver breaks down THC into non-psychoactive marijuana metabolites, which linger in the body and are stored in fatty tissues. Some THC metabolites have a half-life of 20 hours, while others like THC-COOH have a half-life of 13 days, according to High Times.

    A 2014 study found that regular marijuana users have traces of marijuana in their urine for about two weeks, according to High Times. The study also found that a tiny bit of THC can still be present in the blood of a regular user despite abstaining for several weeks.

    Urine tests measure THC-COOH, since it has a very long half-life in the body, according to the website for the California branch of the marijuana advocate organization Norml. Blood tests are used to measure THC levels, and directly correlate with impairment at the time the test is taken.
    For infrequent users, marijuana can be detected in urine for around a week or more, and blood tests can measure active THC levels for around 24 hours.

  76. Hey, how’d it go? I hope all went well. My wife is scheduled for a test, she hasn’t smoked in 3 weeks but she was a light weight to begin with. I’m hoping to hear a response from you.

  77. How’d it go? Good I hope. My wife can be best described as an occasional user, she’s applying for a job and is worried like crazy.

  78. hi i am a daily user of marijuana smoker and i have to go for some medical test like urine , chest x ray , blood test for international job so i what i supposed to do to clear the test ( As i am a daily user of marijuana smoking ) so plz friends suggest me something i have to go for the test after 4days

  79. Chris Mitchell on

    Im 6’5 198 lbs. Passed after not smoking for 14 days. Played bball 2-3 times a week. Took my test on a Thurs and played bball last the Tues before. Passed the at home test.

  80. I read this website and used the information as a moderate user, only on weekends, then quit for 15 days, i passed using the 50 nanogram at home test kit on the 16th day. Thanks for the helpful information!

  81. I am over weight….. Smokes 2 times almost 2 months ago (not much) about a week apart!!! Think I’ll pass?

  82. I’m a female who weighs 120 and I’m 5’6.I was a heavy smoker for about 3 months smoking every day. I quit exactly a week ago. I had applied for a job they had me come in to fill out paperwork bc I got the job. They hit me with a mouth swab that I had to hold in my mouth for5 mins. I made sure I put barley any saliva in it. Before my mouth swab I had drank three bottles of water. Do you think that it will be positive for THC?I’m freaking out

  83. I’m 5’7 and weigh 165, I smoked 12 days ago. I workout and play basketball, and sweat a lot. I also drink a ton of water daily. should i pass a test within the next couple days or week

  84. Swab test is the easiest thing to pass. The easiest just stop for 12 hrs brush and rinse your mouth out and you’re good. I’ve passed 2 of those and I smoked the night before. For the urine test it depends on what your smoking, when you have to take the test and what methods your using to pass

  85. Donald G. Frazier on

    i have quit 2 weeks ago and prior I to that quit for 3 or 4 days. I was a nightly smoker-maybe a couple of bowls a night. i have passed tests when I had only smoke a couple of days before-but I was more of an occasional user. I am testing negative on test strips I got off the internet that were showing positive 2 weeks ago. I am getting the STRIP Detoxifier sold in a nearby head shop. I will be testing in about 3 weeks. I’m still paranoid as this is a high paying job.

  86. Shawn Williams on

    Hey I haven’t smoked in almost 30 days and i’ll soon be getting drugged tested most likely sometime mid next week. I used to smoke maybe 3times a day. do you think i’ll be clean by next week? I’m like 5’8 I weigh about 145lbs. Please respond

  87. How long will only one or two tiny hits stay in my system like a nug smaller than a corn cournel???

  88. i smoke a bowl or two every night. i’m 5’6″, 170 lbs. i’m sure my metabolism is not high. how long before i would pass urine or swab test?

  89. It’s hard to say.. I would buy a self test at Walgreens just for clarification. I quit for 10 days, went in this morning to take a UA and tested positive for THC. I was pretty pissed. But heavy smokers it can stay in your system for up to 30 days or more

  90. Always best to test yourself! Toxins can linger in your fat cells and without a natural flush of heavy fluids, exercise and non fatty foods you could still have low amounts in your system. If you test positive you should consider a detoxification program to flush the remaining toxins from your blood and urine. To learn more visit http://passyourtest.com/permanent.html

  91. You very well might pass if you have low body fat and a fast metabolism! Tons of water, cranberry juice and no fatty foods is essential to a natural flush. One way to make sure you are clean is get a drug test kit at your local drug store or online. Using a safe natural detoxification program that permanently flushes your body of toxin can speed your bodies natural detoxification process to fully cleanse your blood and urine in 3-6 days. The program we recommend comes with 2 home test kits to verify you are clean.

    To find out more visit http://passyourtest.com/permanent.html

  92. Young Susano'o on

    I have not smoked in roughly 14 days or more. I was a heavy smoker but before quitting i wa sdown to a blunt a day. I have a drug test in the AM. Am i totally done? I have been working out everyday and drinking water and cranberry juice

  93. Anthony Mandes on

    I’m 15 and I’m in the same situation that you’re in but all you gotta do is drink A LOT of water

  94. So Im pregnant and due in 32 days. I quit smoking on the 13th, but smoke some good today. You think I will be clean in like 2 weeks?

  95. I’m 16 and I weigh 164 lbs. I smoked on 15th Jan this month but I only taked like a few puffs. Before that I haven’t smoked in 2 months and this week I’ll have a drug test. Do you think I’ll pass?

  96. I’m 16 and I weigh 154 lbs. Last time I smoked was on 15th Jan this month, but I’ve only taked like 2-3 smokes. Before that I haven’t smoked for about 2 months and I have to do my drug test at school this week. Do you think I’ll pass?

  97. I smoke about a bowl pack a day for the past couple of years of some pretty good stuff. I’m 6’4 and 165 lbs with a very fast metabolism. I quit smoking yesterday and may have a urine test here within the next 2 weeks. Think I will pass?

  98. yeah bro. you’re good. be drinking a glass of water every 30 mins but do not over do it. but you’ll be fine anyways

  99. I smoke a whole blunt NYE… And i have a drug test Monday 1/25…im 5ft 2 in..and 170lbs….u think imma pass…its a urine test

  100. I used to smoke frequently (about 1-3 times a weekly) about a month ago. I haven’t smoked anything since except cigs and I’ve been wanting to smoke some bud with my
    friends lately. I will smoke one blunt today and about 2 tomorrow. How long would it stay in my system (worried about being drug tested by parents) I am 16, weigh about 120 and I’m 5’7 with VERY fast metabolism. If you need any other information just let me know. All answers will be appreciated.

    – Mike

  101. I used to smoke frequently about a month ago until I was becoming worried about being drug tested. I have not smoked since and I am thinking about smoking 3 blunts this weekend (one today, two tomorrow) how long do you think it would stay in my system? I am about 5’8 weighing 120-ish and I have very very fast metabolism (sometimes I need to poop while I’m eating… that fast).. all answers will be appreciated. Thanks.

    – Mike

  102. Julian Hernandez on

    I am 17 years old, 5’8, 188, about 20-25% body fat. These last two weeks I’ve been eating really clean and have lost six pounds, I also play basketball at a varsity level and I tend to sweat heavily. Next week, I’m gonna be eating some brownies (small amounts)2-3 times that week, but will make sure I drink enough water and try to exercise because I’m gonna be at a retreat. About how long will it take for me to be clean? Havent smoked since December. Thanks in advance!

  103. I barely I mean barely smoke. Smoked a bunch before a festival and again two weeks later. Smoked probably a few times more all last year but I would say only 10 times in all of last year. I havent smoked in 2 months, I am 5’7 and weigh 200lbs. Do you think its out of my system for a drug test? I was thinking of buying a tester kit just in case bc I am nervous af

  104. Adrianna Hernandez on

    Okay im freaking out i applied for a job at walmart an i have an interview set up for tommorow r they going to give me a U.A? (Right away)

    if i fail can i apply again?

  105. There is a big chance that you passed, depending on your weight/metabolism, however, theres a chance that you failed this test since you took the about 3 weeks after smoking. Marijuana usually takes up to 30 days to be cleared from your urine. Hope this helps!

  106. If it is a urine test then you will definitely pass!!! It usually takes about 30 days for Marijuana to be cleared from your urine. Especially since you play soccer and drink lots of water! However if it is a blood/ hair follicle test then you might not be clean for a test. Hope this helps!

  107. I smoke 4 nights in a row, usually about half a blunt. That was on the first of the year. Today I took I piss test after drinking about a half gallon of water and two things of green tea, is it possible that I passed the test?

  108. I use to smoke every night after work for like a year or so my weigh is like 180 and 5.7 I play soccer and drink a lot of water . But I did stop November 21 2015… do you think I will pass the test by this time January 20

  109. Juan Miguel Jefferson on

    I’ve been drinking water all the time since I last smoked. So, hopefully everything goes smooth…..

  110. Thanks. I drink a few 16.9oz bottles of water a day and have been pissing like a race horse drinking coffee and lately i have been weight lifting and walking my street.

  111. Theres not a very good chance you pass unless you get a detox product. THC stays in your system for at least 2-4 weeks, depending on how much you exercise and drink water. I would go to http://www.passyourtest.com especially if this test is for something important, like a job. It will be worth it in the long run.

  112. I think you should be good since it will be a month since you last smoked! But keep drinking a ton of water and exercise as much as possible to sweat out the THC!!

  113. I think it will take around 3-5 weeks since you were a heavy smoker. But it also depends on how much water you drink and how much you exercise! Do both of those if you wanna speed up the process!

  114. I thin you should be fine! THC will stay in your system for up to a month and since you were clean for a while before you smoked, the THC should be cleared out by now! Also when is the urine test?? Drink as much water as you can and exercise as much as possible to guarantee you pass!

  115. The THC should be in your system for about 2-4 weeks, depending on your metabolism, how much water you drink and how much exercise you get.

  116. Dude i weigh 250 and i was dirty for 6 months but i didnt do anything to help like drink lots of water

  117. it looks like the test will be sooner, like this week . so that would give me 20-25 days max of not smoking

  118. It will be about 20-25 days total. I was hoping I would get a month to get completely clean. But it looks like ill only get about 20-25 days

  119. I didnt smoke for Six months then had 3g over 3 days and now its been 5 weeks without. Do you think I will pass urine test?

  120. Im 6 foot 250 pounds and i took 3 hitz friday and i quit 2 years ago. How long should it be in my system?

  121. If its a hair test yes if they test 6 months back but usually only 90 day if you are worried bleach hair then color it back to your natural color and u will pass I did

  122. Antonio Washington on

    Go to the gnc store n get herbal clean but get the one with the five white pills in it

  123. What Detox did you use and please let me know if you pass. I am in the same boat 37 days clean when I am supposed to piss and losing sleep over this!!!

  124. I haven’t smoked in over a month and I smoked a bowl today and have a hair test in 2 months this will I pass I’m 5’7 and 180 pounds

  125. I am curious on a hair test. I literally have not smoked for two years. On new years I ended up smoking about a half gram if that about 8-10 small hits. I took a hair test which was a surprise was expecting urine test. I have not smoked since or before then. Do I have any chance at all of passing?

  126. i smoked marijuana 6-7 times in one month last smoke was yesterday 2 hits and i have urine test in 15 days can i pass?

  127. Juan Miguel Jefferson on

    It’s been like a week since I last smoked. Not really a heavy smoker at all. I have to be clean by February 2nd. How much longer will it take to pass that test?

  128. I weight 240 pounds and smoked from November 7th till the 31st of December and I between I only didn’t smoke for 4 days, I smoked out of a Bong the whole time! Trying to stay clean, have a job interview that does drug testing on the 29th of January, I have been actively going to the gym and drinking tons of water and cranberry juice, will I still test positive for it? Anything helps.

  129. Im 5’3 & 110 pounds but i smoke on the daily. like up to 3 blunts a day. how long do u think it will take to clean my system??

  130. Yes! Drink a lot of water and try to flush your system out as best as you possibly can! Since you were most likely clean when u smoked those 4-5 hits, the little amount of THC will get out of your system soon!

  131. Most likely not. If you have a test coming up just wait to smoke until after. Don’t risk it

  132. By the time you even get tested for your job you will most likely be clean! Almost two months is a long time for THC to still be in your system so I would say by the time a company tries to test you for a job, you will be clean.

  133. How fast is your metabolism? Many people are different and get THC out of their system at different rates. But when u smoked on the 30th, the THC from the 5th was most likely already out of your system and your test is about a month after the last time you smoked so you should be good!

  134. When is your test?? And if you haven’t smoked any weed before New Years Eve then you should be fine if your test is in the next couple weeks! Make sure to drink a lot of water and try to flush your body just to be safe!

  135. I am a male 35 in age, 6’3″, 330 lbs, I have taken 3 hits 2 weeks ago, on new year eve. I injured myself at work today and had to take a urinalysis on the spot, I am nervous I will lose my job as I have 4 kids to take care of.

  136. I never smoke , not even on occasion. But last month i smoked on the 5th and then i smoked on the 30th. I have no smoked since then and i have a employment drug test on 2 weeks. Should i be good by then?

  137. I haven’t smoked in 41 days, I’m still testing positive, I am 6’2 250. I smoked everyday for about 3 years. I didn’t do any thing different with my life but stop smoking until day 37. I’m not taking anything I’m doing all natural. I. I started to drink more water, green tea w/ lemon, cranberry juice, and started to work out. I bought a sauna suit so I can sweat more. I can tell you 30 days is not for everyone. So I’m very determined to pass a drug test. I will let people know how long. Yeah I truly miss smoking, but sometimes a break is not bad. I predict a lil under 2 months I will be clean, but who knows we will see. I have a job interview tomorrow, I’m praying that I get offered the job, but also praying it takes a couple of weeks to make a decision. I just don’t wanna ever fail a test. I will keep posted

  138. it’s been at least 3 weeks since I last smoked was everyday smoker took w420 0/5 oral fluid/ecst test should I pass

  139. I’m not a reguarly smoker I smoke here & there & hit the blunt twice couple days before my drug test will I pass???

  140. So I haven’t smoked since dec 2nd. I took dollar tree test today a week ago and i wasn’t sure because the one line you need to show negative was very faint. it says a faint line could be negative… so i took another one today and im not seeing the 2 lines. So It showed positive. I am 6’2, 250. I have been drinking tons of water. It’s been so hard notsmoking . How much longer do I need before a true negative test. Oh I smoked at least a blunt on weekdays and 2-3 on weekends. Am I considered a heavy smoker?

  141. I really need help! So I didn’t smoke for 30 plus days knowing I was going to get a job. Last night I took like maybe 4-5 hits. Little ones. I didn’t get super high though knowing I had an interview soon. If I drink a lot of detoxifying stuff will I be okay if I have a drug test within the next 2 weeks? Someone PLEASE help me :( I’m worrying so much. And I’m 5’4 124 lbs

  142. I smoked in a regular basis and have stopped about 4 weeks ago. I’m 5′ 11″ and weigh about 215. About how long do you think it will still be in my system?

  143. I’m 5’10” and weigh 138 lbs. I smoked on 27 DEC and took a urine test this morning, 7 JAN. I did not use my first urine of the day but it was my third (after consuming a good amount of water, it appeared about 90% clear in the bottle). What are my chances of being clean?

  144. Antonio Washington on

    If I’m 5’11 220 I haven’t smoke in 38 days I got a drug test on Tuesday n Tuesday will make 45 days will I be clean

  145. Carolyn Nguyen on

    I have a friend who is worried and I thought I would find out for him. He smoke last night at about 10pm. He got tested randomly today at about 2pm, with saliva test. Should he be OK?

  146. Smoke 3-4 hits once every couple weeks Smoked tonight about 4 small hits (Thurs) have UA monday

  147. Hey! I’m 15 years old. 5’9″ and weight 135. I used to smoke about 2 times a week. I got caught by my parents Dec. 5, they said the would drug test me monthly. I smoked about 2 weeks ago again. Am I clean now?, and if I’m not, how long will it take?

  148. I smoked for a week dec. 8-14 and thats all. I hit it 6 times each time. Im 5,7 170 llbs a woman. And havent smoked since dec 21(i only hit it twice that time) when will i be fine?

  149. I am 110 kg and i don’t exercise. I was a heavy smoker and my last smoke was on September 1st. I have a drug test on January 5th. Will I pass?

  150. I took 5 or 6 hits of some exotic weed last night 12-22-15 how long would it be til I’m clean. Haven’t smoked for 3 months prior to that.

  151. UrMomzFavoriteD on

    I was a heavy smoker who is in shape and it took 45 days to get clean, you should by “quick fix plus” it’s a synthetic urine. You can also buy thc testing strips at dollar tree to see if you’re clean or not.

  152. I smoke on a regular basis, multiple times every day. I weigh 110 pounds and I am approximately 5’3. I have stopped smoking for 10 days now. If I am drinking a lot of water, eating health foods and exercising (cardio) every day, how much longer do you think it may be in my system?

  153. I smoke about a bowl about 3-4 times a week for the last 4 months but haven’t smoked in 2-3 weeks I have a drug test in 2 days I’m 140 pounds fast metabolism will I pass

  154. Hi, I’m kinda nervous about an upcoming drug test that I’ll be taking in 3 days, on the day of the test it will be ninth day since smoking 2 bong hits and 2 joint hits.

    I rarely smoke and the last time i smoked before then was probably more than 8 months before.
    I’m 5’8 and weigh 145 pounds.
    I’ve been drinking water like crazy. Do you think i will fail?
    I’m really needing a job and this is a good opportunity.

  155. I assumed that I will be fine by then, and my boss is going to give me a piss test before he even let’s me take the 7 hour drive to Illinois for my 2 week training, simply for the fact that he sent someone last year at this time and they were drug tested the day that they made it to Illinois and failed, therefore giving him no choice but to fire that person. Which I still can’t understand why they would have taken that drive anyway knowing that they were going to fail. Turns out they were smoking on the way to training. If there was a dumbass of the year award they should definitely receive it. I just didn’t want to be that person, and wanted to get some input from other tokers! I have friends in the military and they usually always smoke when they come in on leave but always seem to pass when they go back. I hope your quest to the military is a success and I hope that not smoking is easier for you than it is for me! I’m just ready to get back so I can start back toking! Thank you for your response, and I hope all goes well!

  156. You should be fine honestly. But if you aren’t too sure, get a urine test from like Walgreens and test yourself, and maybe do some hard cardio for the next week or something.Just do not work out 2-3 days before the test itself, unless you test negative. I am currently on the same boat. I have been smoking concentrates for about 10 months straight now, starting from mid January, almost everyday, with a couple days and maybe a week or two off in between. I have stopped smoking yesterday for good because I want to get into the US Military, so I am going to give myself about 2-3 months and test myself before I see a recruiter, but honestly if you have not smoked since the 5th of this month, I think it would be safe to assume that you will not test positive, but to be sure test yourself first! Just don’t smoke at ALL, stay away from the slightest hint of the smell of mary jane. I’ll pray for you man :) Hopefully you get the job!

  157. Hey guys I took about 4 hits a bowl just enough to get my high like 5 days ago how much longer should It take for it to be out of my system I’m 5’6 146lbs have not smoked before then in 3 weeks

  158. Hey Guys! So I’m 22 years old, I’m a height of 5’7, and I weigh 149 pounds. I have been smoking religiously since July 2015. I have to go to Ilinois for Job Training in January of 2016. I’ll be leaving on 1/3/16 and I will have a drug test on 1/4/16. I haven’t toked up since 12/5/15, so I am currently 13 days Toke free. When I have my drug test I will be on my 30th day with no Toke :( It is randomized who they drug test at training, and it is also randomized on what kind of drug test they give you. They will either be giving me a mouth swab, or piss test. So I’m just decided to stop until after training, just to be safe. My boss told me that the second that I return from training, that I could start back smoking, so my question is… Given my age, height, weight, and given the fact that I haven’t smoked since 12/5/15, and my possible drug test will be on 1/4/16. Should I be clean by then? Any answers are very much welcomed, and appreciated!

  159. Hey Guys! So I’m 22 years old, I’m a height of 5’7, and I weigh 149 pounds. I have been smoking religiously since July 2015. I have to go to Ilinois for Job Training in January of 2016. I’ll be leaving on 1/3/16 and I will have a drug test on 1/4/16. I haven’t toked up since 12/5/15, so I am currently 13 days Toke free. When I have my drug test I will be on my 30th day with no Toke :( It is randomized who they drug test at training, and it is also randomized on what kind of drug test they give you. They will either be giving me a mouth swab, or piss test. So I’m just decided to stop until after training, just to be safe. My boss told me that the second that I return from training, that I could start back smoking, so my question is… Given my age, height, weight, and given the fact that I haven’t smoked since 12/5/15, and my possible drug test will be on 1/4/16. Should I be clean by then? Any answers are very much welcomed, and appreciated!

  160. I had a follicle test today last month I did Coke and little weed so two days ago washed hair with face wash laundry detaurgent and put Clorox bleach then put proxied twice in my hair then yesterday I bleach my hair then colored it then today I washed hair 4 times with detox shampoo and put the detox gel in and went for my test . my scalp hurts like hell but I think it was worth it.

  161. OutHerSpace.... on

    I am a black woman 220 6 ft tall ….I smoke everyday, plus I have locs…..I dont have a drug test coming up anytime soon, but I’m literally stopping TODAY. I predict in about 3 months I will have to take a test…do you think I will be okay Or should I still use a method just in case? It’s a hair test for a construction job.

  162. Ok so Monday I tried dabs for the first time and I haven’t smoked weed for atleast two months so I’m clean before Monday I had a test today and before my surprise drug test I drinked about 2 gallons of water and a lot of pop should I be worried of my test coming back positive ???

  163. How is it possible that my hair came back clear. But my urine tested 30ng after 6 weeks? Also, is 30ng considered low levels? Please help

  164. Thegreatbambino on

    Hey guys I’m freakin out.. Any help would be amazing please and thank you. I’m 220lbs 6 foot. I’m on diversion I smoked 3 blunts last Friday (dec,11) I have a piss test in about 10 to 15 days from today (dec,15) will I pass?? I work out about 3 times a week(I take creatine) and I drink A lot of water
    I’ll take any advice!thanks guys!


  166. Marijuana is lost thru defication not urination id recoment t walgreens drug test to see if you pass if themorning ig the test drink alot ok water to dillute wake up chug alotta water then pee and chug more water til you drop

  167. DeepHouseMuzik on

    I see what you’re saying. Without asking a lot of intrusive questions, I would recommend this, take a urine test. Once when you wake up in the morning. And then after a day of drinking a lot water, take another the next morning. If you’re negative on both. Then you can proceed with the hair cleansing method. Do NOT use tide or anything else. The method I use, has not only worked for me, but I had a friend who needed to clean his hair out in order to work for Mercedes. He did exactly what I said and he passed. I read about how to clean out my hair on post that was later removed. It’s “asian secret”. I honestly regret posting what I did. But if I can help one person, then its worth it. I passed my first probation test doing it. I wanted to look good for my probation officer as I knew I was going to stay clean throughout the 2 years anyway. If you have any other concerns, just shoot me a message.

  168. I smoke at least 1-2 blunts a day. I have a drug test in quite a while. How long do you all believe it would take to leave my system

  169. I’ve been a very heavy pot smoker until 3 1/2 weeks ago when I decided I had to make a career change. My hair is down to my butt. How long are “nasties” going to come out of my scalp??? I dont have any tests scheduled, but I want to make sure I’m prepared in case something comes up. I dont want to do this one day if, in three weeks, it wont make any difference. Any more advice? Thanks for this, by the way. My fiance swears that I should wash my hair with Tide. No thanks!

  170. Hi yall I took a test yesterday December 10, 2015 in will I pass it I haven’t smoked within 2 1/2 to 3 weeks ago I haven’t even smelled it u thiñk I’ll pass the unrine test

  171. If you’re looking to rid your body of all nasties, I heard GNC has some fast acting 24 hour “body cleansing drinks”. Do not go to GNC and say you want to pass a drug test, that is NOT what they are for, and they will not sell them to you for that. LOL Ask them what is the strongest drink they have for 24 hour body cleansers (your dad used the drink that comes with the 5 white caplets, and it worked great for him) as you are looking to get healthy VERY fast.

    Or you can always just go to a dang head shop and speak the truth to a gentlemen behind the counter. Be willing to fork over 40-80 bucks.

  172. You’ll need 3 things, they are NOT expensive. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (2 big bottles), Baking Soda big box, and T/Sal Neutrogena Shampoo, big bottle although the small one will do. Put on some kind of relaxing music mix in the bathroom, you’ll be there awhile. (I AM NOT TELLING ANYONE HOW TO PASS A DRUG TEST!!! I AM TELLING YOU HOW TO RINSE YOUR HAIR FROM ANY PAST INDULGENCES THEY MIGHT HAVE PARTAKEN IN) Personally, clean hair is a very important thing to me so I hope I can pass on my knowledge so others can be free of ANY AND ALL nasties that can end up in it.

    Get in the BATH TUB, no shower. use hot water.

    1) Use a very generous amount of tsal shampoo, wash very very thoroughly but NOT fast, you still want hair on your head afterward lol, massage the scalp and neck, do NOT rinse. Do this for about 3-5 minutes.

    2) Get a big handful of baking soda and with your other hand, put a little water in it so you almost have a thick paste. Goop the shit out of your hair with baking soda with the t/sal shampoo still in there, remember to massage the scalp and neck, rub this stuff IN!! Make sure you also pour some powdered baking on your head as well. You don’t want it to be watered down.

    3) Shake and open the bottle of apple cider vinegar, make sure you know where everything is at as you’re sitting in the tub because you will have to keep your eyes closed for awhile, this is where you benefit putting on that chillstep music mix. The next part is tricky.

    5) Okay now, CLOSE YOUR EYES, you will still experience some burning from the ACV, but fuck it. Look down while still sitting in the tub of course, and pour with one hand a little ACV (im going to abbreviate apple cider vinegar from now on).
    6) When you pour with one hand, take your other hand and try to kinda cup it and trap the ACV, so it soaks in the scalp and reacts with the baking soda, it WILL fizz and bubble, this is good. Do this for every part of your head, scalp, neck, and when your confident all 3 products are in every bit of your head all over, sit back and relax for 10 minutes, occasionally massaging the hair and scalp.

    7) After the 10-15 minutes is up and your confident your hair is a chemical clusterfuck, take the T/SAL Shampoo and use a generous amount, and massage a bunch more into all of that mess. Wait another 5 minutes. It sucks, I know. Now RINSE INTO THY WATER!!!!
    8) After it is all rinsed out, drain the tub, turn the shower on, and rinse with regular warm to hot water.

    9) REPEAT!!!!!! Yes, everything again.


    1)T/Sal Shampoo: lather head, scalp, and neck.

    2)Baking Soda: make goop, paste, and powder the head, scalp and neck
    3)ACV: Slowly pour and soak the scalp without letting everything rinse off, use your other hand to prevent the ACV from running off your scalp, must mix throughout the hair and scalp. The more bubbling the better. If you want add more baking soda, you can, and then continue pour ACV, but remember remember where everything is so you DON’T drop anything in the tub.

    4) Rinse everything off with one last T/Sal wash. Rinse with water, do NOT use any other product on your head.
    5) Repeat.
    6)You may want to use the same procedure the same day, next day, or within another week. Just to make sure no more nasties come out of the scalp.

    Those individuals with thicker strands of hair, such as Asian, Indian or African hair will require more time to soak to allow the concoction to penetrate the shaft of the hair. You may or may NOT lose some hair in this process. I lost a LOT of hair, it was really only noticeable to me though. I gained my hair back in just a little time with biotin (20,000mcg), silica, saw palmetto, egcg green tea extract, terry naturally tri-iodine, beta carotene and a b-vitamin complex, maybe throw in some reishi and cordyceps mushroom extract. No fast food. Exercise.

    I am NOT selling anything. I’m only wanting people to clean out the nasties in the hair once and for ALL!!!!

    any trouble or questions, cloudsvennsen@yahoo.com

    Again, I am NOT selling anything!!!

  173. I smoked yesterday on the 5 and I smoked a blunt but I got a drug test on the 20 will I pass

  174. I recently smoked a gram over a 4 day period, maybe .25 a day, before then I smoked maybe 1-2 times a month over a span of a year. Currently drinking lots of water, cranberry juice and exercising daily to sweat it out. How long until I can pass a urine test?

  175. I smoked about 3 joints on halloween with friends , I do not smoke frequently in fact that was the first time I smoked since September . I have not smoked since then and I took a drug test yesterday morning , I didn’t drink muck water or anything until that morning , but I usually drink a lot of fluid on a daily basis ! Is it likely I passed or not ? I’m about 145 pounds and 5’5 Please answer this is urgent !

  176. Brandon Wagner on

    Hey I’m 5’5 195 lbs stopped smoking for about 5 tp 6 weeks now been drinking a shit ton of green tea and water and I was smoking well over a gram a day but only been smoking for about 4 or 5 months had quit proir for about half a year

  177. I smoked about a gram last wednesday and ihave a drug test this week so about 6-7 of not smoking and iI’ve drank at least a gallon of water a day should i be good ??

  178. I haven’t smoked weed for almost nine months and have a hair drug test to take. Will i pass the test

  179. I just got an offer for a new job and they do drug test. I haven’t smoked in about there days. Although I am not a heavy smoker, I usually take a hit out of the bowl once a day. I just started drinking Pala Azul. I’m pretty sure the test will take place next week. I plan on drinking tons of tea, along with cranberry juice, and water. I do exercise on a regular basis but I am worried. I’m 6ft about 200 pounds. Any advice is welcomed!

  180. I smoked 5 days ago about 6 hits im 6 foot 2 265 pounds. Drank lots of water will i pass my drug test today?

  181. Lmfao I’ve failed a test before and I’m still walking the streets. You’re a dipshit you don’t go to jail for failing drug tests, you just don’t get the job nimwit. I think you’ve smoked more than me and prior to quitting I smoked for about 10 years and up to 1 or 2 ounces a month. Go fall in a hole retard.

  182. People here are asking valid questions regarding their concerns to seek guidance and piece of mind. Your input is uncalled for and ignorant so back and crawl under the rock you came from loser insect!

  183. I have a pre-employment urine drug test (possibly… application form says they “may” screen me) coming up, and I don’t wanna take any chances. Currently employed with a company that doesn’t test but I hate my job. Only found out about the possible drug screen on Thursday, and haven’t smoked since. I’d say I’m probably a heavy user, smoking near daily and going through an ounce a month. I’m 5’2″ 110, and I go to the gym 4-5 days a week. Lets say my test is in a month. What are my chances?

  184. All of you are fucked, its too late, gameover.! no going back.!….you’re failing your tests, might as well keep smoking cause in 24 hours after your tests…bye, don’t drop the soap haha

  185. I have not smoked since Halloween in another 3 weeks I need a drug test urine and hair not too worried about the urine but the hair worries any suggestions ideas that work

  186. So I have not smoked for 6 months but 20 days ago I took one dab hit. I had a random test today. Do you think I’ll pass?? I’m 6 foot and about 200 lbs. please reply thx

  187. So I don’t smoke at all but 20 days ago (end of October) I took one dab hit. I’m 6′ about 200lbs. I just had to take a random drug test. Any idea if I will pass!???

  188. Tyler Fey (Hippyvan) on

    I have a test on 1/4/16, I have been a constant smoke daily for over 3 years. I smoke mainly BHO with a 75%+ THC. What’s the estimated length of time It will be in my system? I am 160, 5″8′ and just started cardio this morning. I have stopped smoking completely.

    Thanks in advance.

  189. Hi I haven’t smoke In 8 months I’m not a heavy smoker or anything I would smoke once in a blue moon the last time I smoked was 3 months ago I drink a lot of water and tea and I exercise and the day for my drug test I also drunk a lot of water… am I going to pass my drug test since I haven’t smoke in 3 months??? And I weight 118 and I’m 5’6 I’m skinny

  190. I just got a call for a job interview and they drug test , I recently smoked 4 times once a day the last 4 days basically had a blunt a day for 4 days. How long will it take me to cleanse my system and what should I use or do?

  191. Ok, I’m 119 lbs 5’5″ and I smoke small amounts (less than a doobie) almost everyday. I have smoked in a full 24 hrs. But I may have a test in the next couple of days. If I have been detoxing with raw cranberry juice, water, and coffee in the morning. Should I test negative?

  192. it is 11/18. i have smoked a bowl or two everyday for 3 months now and i possibly need to be clean in approximately 2 months 1/18. I am average weight and i have been working out regularly for the last month (lifting weights/jogging). what are your opinions?

  193. assuming they use use a 45 day cutoff for the hair, which is on the lower detection window. it’ll be just barely outside the detection window. The general estimate is 90 days for hair, which doesnt bode very well.
    Some studies say thc may not bond as well to hair, which could work in your favor since its a one time use. Now is probably a good Time for a short haircut and pube trim if you’re counting on a hair test. Baldness may be a little suspicious. a UA would be in your favor. Good luck.
    Ps: if they call it a “90 day drug screen” then it’s definitely a hair test

  194. Hi I’ve took a puff or two like last week and I had a lot yesterday will I test negative in 15 days?

  195. I smoked for the first time ever yesterday. Not the best experience honestly i felt way too much. I took about 3 hits. Im 5’10” 135 lbs. Its possible that i may have a piss test in 3 to 5 days and im super stressed out. Ive heen drinking fuck tons of water and i dont really have time/means to go get some detox kit i know nothing about. Is there anyway to make sure i pass? Should i be worried? I really regret the decision now but i just wanna make sure i can show up clean. Please help.

  196. Hey I smoke around a tens eighth a week for past couple years stopped and started this and been asked to do a strand test in 4-6 weeks time I’m 11stone 5ft 6 how long do people think would take come out my system please

  197. I have a drug test I need to take before the 30th. I stopped smoking about 3 weeks ago and before that I smoked a couple times a week for about 3 years. Im female 5’3 and I weigh 140 and bmi is about a 25. I’m in a cast so I can’t do much physical activity. Will 5 weeks be enough? Are there things I could do or any detox’ that actually work that I could buy? Please help!!

  198. Second test this morning was on my very first pis- they say that’s the dirtiest of them all day. Even after waiting a minute to see test results, I got a firm negitive (see attached ). My consensus is that I may be OK. Two different test, two different brands are saying it’s negitive. I used a mid day sample, my first morning sample as the actual lab test was my second sample of the day. I will update on the status of the lab test.

  199. In the same boat as you. Last time i smoked was 10/4. Pretty sure I’ll pass so I Took my test this morning and just for safe measure went out and bought an at home test and tested negative (passed). Personally, I think we’re OK. I bought a second test ( different brand, different store) and will test again tomorrow morning on my first sample.

  200. Also should probably mention that I have a fairly high metabolism, since I get hungry fairly often and i poop about 3-4 times a day ( I read somewhere that 80% of the detectable THC is passed in your stool). Even on a stretch, I would consider myself “moderate” according to the chart above, since there is no middle ground between once and moderate.

  201. Just wanted to give my two cents here- I smoked at most 4 times from 9/20-10/4 then haven’t smoked since ( 36 days to be exact). Found out I have to take a drug test for a new job on Monday (yesterday, 11/9) and took the drug test today (11/10). I took the test on my second piss of the day ( after drinking about half a cup of coffee). I felt fairly confident i would pass, since I can probably count the amount of times I’ve smoked in the past 6 months on one hand. I did not prep for the test, just casually walked into labcorp, pissed and left.

    I took an at-home test later on in the day just to check and it came out negative ( passed ). I will take one again tomorrow morning as my first piss to see what the results are. Info about me, 24 years old. 180LBS, 5’5. I do not work out at all, but am fairly active as I own a few rentals and work on them on the weekend. I have also spent the last two months helping family move. I eat like shit ( greasy Spanish and indian food) and i drink about 2 glasses of water a day and a cup of coffee every day. I also eat fast food quiet often. Im not fat, not chubby, just a little weight around my gut.

    This isnt a “will I pass” comment, just sharing a story. I had a test back in 2011 where i was a fairly heavy smoker and my last smoke was almost 14 days before the test and I passed. I will report back with my results in the morning of the second test.

  202. I had a few puffs about a month ago (for the first time in well over a year), and I’ve just found out that I’ve got to take a drug test in a few weeks for a new job I’m starting (by this time, it will be about 7-8 weeks since I last smoked). If they use a hair test, will it show up?

  203. Skyler Childers on

    Ok very important plz help i was on parole i smoked two days about 6 blunts i been clean 9 days and before havent smoked in 2 years will i pass plz help

  204. I have a drug test coming up where they will be taking strands of my hair. I smoked with the ladies on Halloween. I haven’t smoked for 3 years. How long do you think it will take to get out my system.

  205. So I smoked with my friend yesterday and I’m wanting to get a job how long should I wait? I don’t smoke often maybe once every 3 or 2 month we only smoked half a joint what do you guys think I’m 6’4 and 280 pounds

  206. It had been almost 6 or 7 months since I last smoked and this morning I smoked two bowl packs with my friends how long will it take the marijuana to get out of my system??

  207. Hey I smoked 4 times this week but before that I hadn’t smoked in 3 months and I got a drug test coming up if I let my body detox naturally how long will it take to get out of my system?

  208. I have smoked a bowl just about every evening for almost a year but have not smoked in 2 weeks. I’m 5ft 8 150 pounds and very active. I drink tea and cranberry juice regularly and take vitamins. I will have a test within the next week. …will I be positive?

  209. 250 lbs i smoked on the 20th october . I have a pre employment drug test tomorow ive been drinking lots of water im 5’9 should i try to detox or will i be clean?

  210. I was a heavy user but regular weed should take up to 21 days but medical has taken me up to 45 days to get out of my system. I’m taking a test right now to c but I’ll let u know if I passed but it’s been 29 days since I’ve smoked

  211. Hey guy’s I smoked weed pretty often for a year or so but I went sober for 9 months ,I smoked a blunt for the first time a month ago and haven’t smoked since .I had a urine test today what’s my chances of passing it? I’m 6’3 160 lbs

  212. Hey I smoke pretty frequently but I sweat a lot. I’m very active skateboarding and working like 130lbs I got a drug test (urine) in about a week I’m skating everyday to sweat it out cause I heard it stores in the fat cells. I’m very fit. Any pointers on passing the test? I smoke ALOT but haven’t smoked in 3 days so far

  213. you have to be careful on the excercise, the thc hides in your fat cells, so if you excersice it breaks out into your blood and urine, you really need two week to let it get out of your system if you want to excersice, i would do the creatine, vit b12 riboflavin and plenty of water two hours before test, try to pee two times before taking the creatine and vit b12. but do drink at least two litres of water.

  214. you will be fine, but if you are worried then two hours before the test drink at least a litre of water, try to pee two times, then take creatine and vitamin b12 riboflavin, this will give the correct colour of urine, also the creatine is something they test for forst to see if you have diluted the sample, also the vit b12 will also give the effect that the sample has not been diluted, but you should be fine anyway after 5 weeks and the useage you say you smoke, if that is the truth?!

  215. This might sound ridiculous.. But I smoked on september 30th. I have a great job offer and I’m sure I will pass my test tomorrow.. But I am still nervous. I smoke maybe twice a month. Is there any way I wouldn’t pass? It’s been 5 weeks today. Help please

  216. I quit smoking Sept 11. I am 5’4″ 130lbs and I have to take a test tomorrow. I don’t work out don’t really eat too healthy because of school and work. I took a at home test and the line was there but faint showing a negative result. I have to go tomorrow to the dr to take the real test and I’m scared it may show positive because the line was faint.

  217. That’s a tough one. You have a decent chance if you’re that active. Try to workout a lot over the next 3-4 days, and then in the few days prior to the test STOP working out and start eating like absolute shit. The goal is to burn as much fat as possible in the first few days and then slow down the fat burn right before you actually have to test. Less fat metabolized=less THC metabolites released. Best of luck.

  218. Hey guys! I’m 6’1 and 190 lbs, I have a urin test coming up in 7 days and not to sure if I’ll pass. I was clean for about 2 months but I smoked about 2 grams on Halloween. I eat somewhat healthy and I gym about 4-5 times a week, if I run everyday, drink a lot of water, and load on creatine do you think I’ll pass?

  219. It was my first and last time to smoke last October 19th and I’ll maybe going for a drug test at Nov 5 for me to get my license. Is still in my system? Will the results be positive?? (Really nervous) (It wasn’t good shit either) help me asap thanks!!

  220. I smoked October 25th.. I took about 2-3 hits and I have a salive test this evening. will I be okay?.

  221. Hey guys…my last smoke was on the 9th of last Month (October 9 2015) i havent smoked since then im going for a drug test on the 1st of December 2015, will the results test positive?

  222. Hey guys, I was recently put on a diversion and I haven’t smoked in about two months, prior to my diversion I was smoking just about everyday, I had my last drug test for diversion on Monday and I really want to smoke tonight, my next test isn’t for another month, is there anyway I can smoke tonight and pass it?

  223. Hey guys, I’m 126 lbs about 5’8”. I used to smoke almost every day (5 days a week at least, everyday some weeks) however have stopped for approximately 3 weeks as I began to struggle eating without the pot (when sober). I now want to limit my smoking to only Saturday nights, once a week. By now I’m hoping I’ll be able to smoke and still eating normal when sober. Any advice on if I should be ok? Or should I wait longer? Has anyone had any similar experiences?

  224. But i already took it. Idk what the results are. Would the water alter the urine i put. I put like 3/4 water and the rest are urine

  225. They can tell if you dilute it with was…….after 7 days you are clean with only 2 hits. Buy some test kits on Amazon….everybody is different but usually takes me 2 to 3 days to test negative on self test..i drink a lot of cranberry juice.

  226. Keith Anderson on

    Drink cranberry juice before test and a good ampounmt of water regularly, just in case

  227. Keith Anderson on

    I weigh the same and I smoked some, and was fine after a week and a half, drink water and you be good.

  228. I way about 275 lbs. I smoked high grade marijuana for only one day. I took about 3-4 drags. How long will it be in my urine?

  229. I’m about 5’1 & 99 lbs & I smoked all afternoon Tuesday & I still feel like im in a dream. how long will it take for me to go back to normal?

  230. Hi im 123 pounds. I took a hit 2 times in a week last week and after 7 days i took a drug test. But put some water in it will i be okay?

  231. I weigh around 345, and haven’t smoked in about two weeks and that was just one hit of dody, and it didn’t even get me that high, what is the likelihood of me passing a urine test in the next few days?

  232. Hey everyone!
    I’m 5’7”, weigh about 143 pounds. I used to smoke 4-5 bowls a day for about 3 years with a couple months break every now and then. I haven’t had any for about 12 weeks now and have to have a urine drug test over the next couple of weeks.
    I am relatively fit and drink average amount of water daily.
    What are your opinions on if I’ll pass the test or not?
    Thanks ☺

  233. I am 5’6″ about 200lbs and had a couple puffs about 3 weeks ago. I drink a lot of water regularly and am constantly active. I’m supposed to test today should I be okay?

  234. I am 5’6″ about 200lbs and had a couple puffs about 3 weeks ago. I drink a lot of water regularly and am constantly active. I’m supposed to test today should I be okay?

  235. roberta alevaz on

    I weigh 114 I have a drug test in three to five weeks and I smoked today will I be clean?

  236. Samantha Dubois on

    Last time I smoked was sept. 1st. I have been clean for 8 weeks after smoking at least 2 bowls a day for a few years. I’m 5’2 roughly 115 lbs. Should I be a good to pass a drug test?

  237. System is clean haven’t smoked in 43 days and I plan on smoking for Halloween 4-5 grams if I do will I pass the urine test I have November 9? I’m 5’11 185

  238. Slightly concerned on

    Ok here we go, over the course of the last ninety days I have had 1/4 to 1/2 an average sized bowl four times at one night every three weeks. This would approximately be 2 to 3 puffs per occasion. Last occasion was eight days ago. I am very physical, work out usually daily and have a physically demanding job. Weigh 220# and eat a high protein diet. Passed a home UA test but will be tested clinically both UA and hair. What are my chances?

  239. hey quick question, I’m 5’11 I’m 19 and I weight 180 i smoked several times a day but i stopped smoking 45 days ago and i have a drug test tumorrow, should i be ok?

  240. i’m 5’3 and 123lbs with a pretty high Metabolism– I walk up at least 12 flights of stairs every day for school and I have a drug test TOMORROW and I smoked my first ever bowl (there wasnt much in it, I only had a few hits) and that was on Saturday. The test is Wednesday, and I’m so fucking nervous! PLEASE HELP???

  241. Im 5’4 and 130 lbs. I smoked once everyday for about a month and when i take my piss test it will be about 3 weeks that i havent smoked. ive been drinking a shit ton of water and tea occasionally before bed do you think ill be okay?

  242. Johnny Hopkins on

    Been smoking every couple days the last 3 months. 6ft, very high metabolism, skinny, soccer player practicing everyday. Getting tested in a week and I stopped about 4 days ago… Should I be alright if I drink lots of water and cranberry juice?

  243. I weigh 160 & I’m 5’2. me & my boyfriend we’re doing shotgun hits & I might be having a drug test coming up this week for a job interview. what can I do to make sure I pass?

  244. I’m 5’3 high metabolism I smoked about 10 days ago and I only took a few hits just to get w buzz and I have a drug test in a few days will I be okay ?

  245. I smoked one time , I took a few hits , this was 10 days ago and I have a drug test in a few days , will I be okay

  246. heavy cannabis user/advocate on

    Yes. Taking only a few hits doesn’t really stay in your system for prolonged periods.

  247. Richard laster on

    Im 225lbs 5’6 an 37yrs old ive smoked t days in 4 to 6 weeks how long till out of system

  248. I’m 140 pounds and I smoked roughly 3 weeks ago but I didn’t get high how long will it stay in my system


  249. I weigh 120 I’m 5’3. I quit smoking weed in August. I’ve taken a few hits since then. I quit again for a week or so and 13 days ago I took one hit of Reggie. I’m about to have to take a piss test and I’ve been drinking a lot of water and after I took that hit 13 days ago I’ve been running a mile a day and working out. Do you think I can pass it?

  250. i just smoked 2 blunts this weekend but before that haven’t smoked in 5years im 5’8 170lbs how long does it take for it to be completely out of my system

  251. Alright and because I don’t ever smoke either, it’s like a once every so often thing also. So it should be out with in like 10 days tops right?

  252. With green tea have at least 32oz eberyday till the test, and you will be clean in about 12-15 days I smoke 2-3 blunts a day and I was clean in 2 weeks for a drug test. And most important don’t eat too much and try drinking more water and you will be golden

  253. Brandon Wagner on

    Hey I’m 198 lbs 5’6 had to stop smoking for like 7 months then started up again heavy for about 5 months then stopped for 3 days then smoked 2 blunts today how long do u think it will take me to get clean and ways to speed it up one guy said green tea

  254. I’m 5’7 weigh 126 lbs and I’m very athletic I play soccer. I smoked 3 grams of weed and then I didn’t smoke anything for 26 days because I had to take a UA. I drank at least one gallon of water everyday and went to the bathroom all of the time throughout the day. And worked out for at least one hour each day. Can someone please relieve me of some stress and tell me what I should expect with the results?

  255. I’m 5″6″ female weighing 250. Not very active. Im not a smoker but I took 3-4 hits 31 days ago. I just found out I need to take a drug test. I used a First Check test and all results were negative with bold marks. Except the THC, it was there but pale/faint. Do you think I’ll pass a drug test?

  256. it all comes down to your metabolism. Dont risk it if you are getting a drug test, wait till after you get tested!!

  257. Hey there, i went in for my drug test and did it. I drank PLENTY of water and coffee, my eyes were floating!! I wont know anything until Monday morning, i promise to keep you posted!! :)

  258. I’m 5’6 240 pounds, female, I haven’t smoked since beginning of august, before that i only smoked once this year. if I smoke a bowl tonight how many days will it stay in my system? FYI it’s regular stress weed.

  259. I quit smoking herb 3 months ago, because the company I work for started random testing for cheaper workman comp rates. This has been a very stressful week with death all around me, friends, pets, vehicles. I am a mig welder 6′ tall 155lbs literally no body fat. I’m in dyer need to get my head straight. If I smoke a bowl how long will it take to get out my system for a urine test. Please help.

  260. I smoked 19 days ago at a party. I’m 5’10” and around 160 pounds. I don’t smoke often, every once in a while. But today I took a DOT drug test. I chugged a bottle of water today and peed 2 times today before I took it. Will it come back positive?

  261. Take a bunch of B vitamins today and tomorrow before taking your drug test. Just to be sure. And when urinating waste a little urine before you start peeing in the cup.

  262. I need some assistance…Im 34 years old lived my whole life and never smoked anything until the past 2 years….And I can count on one hand each time…Most recent was in April and then this past Saturday and only took two puffs. I was told earlier today I have to take a drug test tomorrow morning at 10. Should I be worried…I always drink water but today I’ve been drinking more water than my norm just to be safe. So my question is will I be ok or not?

  263. I ate some.edibles 109 days ago will i show positive on a hair test? I haven’t consumsed or smoked any pot in the past 5 years

  264. Water, cranberry juice, coffee is your best friend… You dont need to run, You have a fast metabolism like i do. I’m only 4 pounds heavier than you and same height and i am pissing clean after 2 weeks!!

  265. Dont take the risk!!! Wait till after your test! Not a very smart move if you ask me…

  266. Dont sweat it, you are going to be alright! Congrats on your new job and happy smoking!! Celebrate :)

  267. Hey guys, I took a urine test from wal-greens. I PASSED. I am eating lunch now and will be heading over to the lab to get my drug screen completed. I will keep you all posted on this test coming up since these douchebags on here dont know how to update on here!! I want to atleast help some of yall with a piece of mind!!

  268. dont risk it! Hang in there!! Just remember after you get tested, smoke!! You will get higher!! ;)

  269. Okay, have been a nervous wreck for the past 2 weeks. I am 5’6, weight-114. my BMI is 18.4. I am a chronic smoker and have been for MANY YEARS. I recently got a job offer making 14.75 an hour. I had to quit smoking as soon as i found out i have a drug test coming up. I’ve been downing water (4 tall cups of water, 1 cup of coffee, 1 cup of kool-aid) since i got up this morning and peed at least 4 times already. I so far haven’t herd anything on this forum that isn’t helpful at all. I will be having the test today sometime, don’t know when im taking it. So i will be finding out later if i passed or not and I will be posting up if i passed or not…. Anyone have any idea if i will pass?
    Good luck to you all!!!!

  270. I smoked a blunt three weeks ago I normally don’t smoke I’m 240 pounds will I pass a Silvia drug test

  271. not a very active person other then chasing my son around. I get randomly tested at my methadone climic. I’ve had a lot of shit go on and over a year I’ve been sober from everything just taking my methadone. I’m about 5’9 and weigh around 260, and like I said not very active. I just wanna relax for one good night with my wife and blaze up while my boy stayso at his grandmas. I’m just wondering since I’ve been sober for over a year if i could pass a drug test 14 days after I take a test I know will be positive. I atleast know for a fact I won’t have to test again for another 2 weeks after I take one. If I could pass it I would love to know. I am in some real need of getting some stress relief. I’ve been taking benadryl kinda like a cheap prison benzo lol. Good blunt will set me just right to get threw some of the ship right now. Lemme know plz!

  272. I am 5 5′ 155 pounds, I havnt smoked in over a month. And really want to smoke today. I might be getting a urine test in 21 days from today. If i smoke just for today do you think I will be clean in 21 days?

  273. I quit smoking weed about 4-5 months ago but I had a slip up about 2-3 weeks ago. I got a surprised hair test yesterday at my job. What are my chances of passing…?

  274. I smoked over 2 weeks ago for the first time in probably 4-5 months. I drink lots of water and workout. random drug test is this week or next. will I pass?

  275. Dude. You’re gonna be fine. I pass shit like that all the time. If its more than a month ago you’ll be fine. You’re not even a moderare user u feel?

  276. I smoked weed for maybe the third or fourth time this year, the last time I did it, it was months ago, and I’m about 90kg and 5’5 and I have a drugs test tomorrow and I’m not sure if it’s gonna come up positive or not

  277. another 5-12 days. You’re fine. Typically 30 days for the time frame you’re stating. Really frequent meaning every day, 35-42 days.

  278. Hair test for THC is the same criteria as a urine test – can’t go back 90-120 days like it can detect for other narcotics. You will pass.

  279. I recently smoked one time after quiting for a couple of years. I smoked in August got a hair sample done today what do youall think ?

  280. I am a 6’1 205 male who is fairly active for my age. when i was smoking i smoked maybe 1-2 times a week and since then I havn’t smoked for a little over a month now (about 5 weeks). I found out last week I received a job offer with a company. Part of this offer is that i have to take a hair follicle drug test. Coming from a friend of mine who had taken the job a year ago, he said the drug test didnt come until about a month after he accepted the offer, which i still havnt done. should i be worried? How long does weed stay in your hair follicles with my smoking record? Any tips or hair detox that has worked for you guys?

  281. Bro fuck it u do all that go high to the fucking drug test…..jk??? that’s to much ur gonna test positive ur fucked just pray to god u test negative

  282. dylan heberden on

    you need to drink alot of tea and also run at least once a day when you get a chance sweat is the key to detoxing it from your body.

  283. I am a frequent smoker , I have been sober for a week I usually go to the gym and drink a lot of water , I have a drug test on Monday will I come out positive for marijuana use?

  284. I’m 135 pounds and I’m 5’9 and I been smoking for a year how long will it take to leave my body I been four weeks clean

  285. Hi. Ive been clean for two months and did my urine test today with one drug testing company and pass. I did another test today for a job I applied for and they are going to send my sample away to the lab. Just wanted to know if I’m still going to pass it or not? I’m not a heavy smoker and I only smoke weed. Haven’t had any for 2 months now.

  286. I’d say No….i think U are in the safe zone. Unless U were a heavy daily smoker., but I’d suggest googling “How Long is THC detectable in hair follicle tests.

  287. David Martinez on

    I use to be a heavy smoker and I’ve been clean for two months but if I smoke now would it take 1-6 days for me to be clean again??

  288. Ever drink monster or rockstar? I hurt myself at work smoked that day. With the amount of monster I drink I passed the UA that night.

  289. Hey guys I’m 200 pounds 6 feet tall I stopped smoking 34 days ago I used to smoke daily or frequently maybe a gram a day do you guys think my clean now ? Or will be clean writhing the next week ?

  290. Hi everyone. I’m 5’6, about 110lbs with a fast metabolism. I stopped smoking on the 5th of October and plan to take a drug test by the 30th of this month for a job. Is it possible that I could pass the urine test ? I smoked moderately, but daily. A few puffs here and there.

  291. I am 125 pounds, 5’7, slender girl with fast metabolism. I used to smoke weed about everyday but only a few hits of regular weed. I went to Colorado and smoked and ate some edibles but only a little, and came home August 15th and have not smoked since (so it has been about 8 weeks). I just took a drug test at a lab two days ago and the pee I used was the first pee of the day. I did an at home drug test the night before and passed, but I am nervous that the test at the lab will be able to detect more since it takes 2-3 days. Will I pass?

  292. Either diluted or fail. 3 blunts 9 days ago?? Go to Walgreens and get a test, you’ll know.

  293. If i have been clean ,naturally no detox or any shampoos, from anthing for a almost 5 months will i ne okay on a hair follicle test? I jus took one yday and im jus stressing becuz its for a promotion and if i fail i lose my job. I don’t work out much bt i have been clean for about 5 months im 5’8 180 medium build. Any help or thoughts please?

  294. Ok another dumb question, on day 91,92 is there still thc in my hair follicles (existing beard)

  295. I stopped smoking June 28th, had a test Sept 8th and failed! Well I just took another one today, 100 days since last smoke, and surprise, failed again!!!! I am 6’4 330 lbs, fairly overweight and smoked usually every day for about year or two. Sooooo….will it ever leave my system?

  296. I dont understand how i passed and i wanna know how so i can do it again. What do you guys think my chances are? Or do you have any idea on how that happened in the first place?

  297. I smoked two days before my ua and i passed it. I smoked once a day f k r months before that. Im wondering how and why i passed it. ???

  298. I smoked 9 days ago about three blunts. JUst this pass weekend i drink alot of alcohol and beer kinda. i pissed alot so the day of my drug test i drink alot of water moments before the test do yall think i passed??

  299. i smoked 9 days ago about 3 blunts and i drink alot of water and i was drinking alcohol and beer and before the test i drink a good amount of water you think i passed the drug screen?

    JUST SAYIN !!!

  301. Jim Dandy to the rescue on

    Hey I am 5’10 about 245 I work out like a Mother Scratcher 6 days a week heavy cardio and circuit type training, exactly 30 days i stopped smoking after about 9 days of decent smoking not chronic but it was colorado bud. I took the at home THC Test this morning and it was positive UGGGGHHHH So i checked off sick to be safe. I haven’t smoked before that for at least a year, its my yearly ritual take a week get ripped, clean up for 30 days and I’m good at least i thought. last year 28 days i was clean, i was also heavier and didn’t work out near as much. I do make my own smoke blend from JWH 026 that i secured back in the day but I have passed several of these home tests since then. Any Thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!

  302. Hello I am 5’7 150 lbs. I am an athletic guy, I drink a lot of water, I’ve been drinking cranberry juice lately, I have a high metabolism, I run every other day. It is 09/28 & i smoked a bowl of middle to top shelf tree last night. Before that I’d take about a couple puffs every other day for a couple of months. I might be having a urine test in two weeks… My question is will I pass ? Any information would be nice.

  303. Hey Mike Freimann I have a question… I am 5’7 150 lbs athletic i have a fast metabolism drink a lot of water & run almost every day. I might have a urine test in two weeks. The last time I smoked was yesterday 09/27 which consisted of a bowl of middle to top shelf tree. Before that I would smoke a couple hits roughly every other day. I’ve never considered myself a “heavy smoker”. Do you think I will pass ? Any information will serve greatly! Thanks!

  304. I smoke for 15 years, no breaks. I stop for 2 months, took home test failed. I took some niacin for 3 days and took another home test and passed. The next day, I went to lab corp, got my results ….i passed.

    I weight 125 5ft , went to gym also twice week.

  305. Of course it will…The THC is in your body. Any new hair growth will still have THC in the follicles. Shaken my head over such a dumb question. .Just sayin !!!

  306. You are literally asking if you do something tomorrow if it will do something today. Dude come on now are you that high?

  307. disqus_cEOAqdUsQB on

    I’ve been clean since june 28, and I smoked 2 days ago, I only took 3 hits, when’s should I be clean bc I get random us

  308. Hey SURPRISE I’m gonna ask the same question as everyone else….
    I’m 4’11 about 100lbs
    About a month ago I detoxed and stopped smoking for a job I was expecting to get and I home tested 2 days ago. Came back clean, great right!
    Well last night they sent an email saying hey sorry your not the one!
    This job was a big pay jump so I lost it I was so upset I stopped smoking for this job, I smoke to help with my seizures but the job I want doesn’t care. Zero tolerance there especially because it’s legal in Oregon now. Well about 2am I said F** it all and took 2 hits of resin thinking I didn’t have the job.
    8am this morning they call and tell me the email was sent to me by mistake and was meant for someone else, the job is mine if I’d like it.
    So…. Now I’ve ranted and whined, my question. How long is it gonna take to get two hits(small hits) of resin out of my system? I can tell you I’ve have 3 sweet teas and I’ve been peeing more than a pregnant woman all day but I’m worried….

  309. I’ve been a heavy pot smoker for 5 years. I’ve smoked anywhere from 3-5 times a day. I’m trying to apply for a job where they do hair follicle tests. I’m 2 months sober now and just want to know how much longer should I wait? Also are they’re any hair follicle tests I can buy or could I go somewhere to have my hair tested?

  310. So I’ve only smoked like 5 times in my life and they were all this year well I smoked for my first time in like 3 months the other day and now I found out I have to take a drug test for a job the day I have to take the test it will be 12 days since I smoked I’m really skinny and weigh 135 pounds and I’m 6ft and have a fast metabolism. Will I pass

  311. ISeeStupidPeople on

    You may pass the drug test, but you won’t be passing any school tests anytime soon. There is no such word as, “alote”. It is, “a lot”!

  312. I haven’t smoked in over a month and I’m still dirty how long will it take before I’m clean my po is really stressing me out saying it only takes 30 days

  313. I have been sober since July 24th and I have a U.A on sept 14th I weight 180 and I’m 5’1 if I take Xxtra clean tomorrow will I be able to pass a drug test later on today ???

  314. I smoked pretty much all day every day for about 6 years. 2-3 months of no smoking and it’s still in my system. I’m 5’11, 135 lbs so I just figured I would have been clean and applied for a job, which I was offered, until I failed the drug test… So, yeah.

  315. I am 15 5’8 and I have a unusual high metabolism. I smoked a dime bag 2 week ends ago with a friend. I drink alote of water and I’m in athletics so that makes me sweet alote will I pass a drug test that will pop up in the next couple of days .

  316. Hey guys I smoked for the first time last Friday 9/11/15 and I smoked 4 bowls how long will it take for me to be able to pass any test given to me? Like when will it be 100% out of my whole system, hair, urine, blood, everything. I’m sketchin out.

  317. I last smoked 56 days ago. I shave my head and started growing a beard one week after my last bowl. Will any thc show up in my hair folicles

  318. Lahriw@gmail.com on

    Hey guys…I haven’t smoked in 4 weeks but a week ago I smoked 2 joints with a friend wasn’t quality had a an average high do u think I ll pass if they urine test me tomorrow
    Before that 4 weeks I use to smoke once a week

  319. You really don’t understand what “shows up for 1-6 days” means, do you? It doesn’t “wear off.”

  320. So I have court test in 30 days and I smoke every day so I’m a frequent smoker I geuss. Least I’ll smoke a day is a probably like 3 g. usually smoke more tho.. I don’t think I’m gonna pass. Any thoughts? Help yo girl out!

  321. I smoked for the first time ever 10 days ago only hit it twice and have been playing football since then sweating a lot and drinking water. Did I pass my test

  322. I smoked for the first time ever 10 days ago and have been playing football ever since then sweating and drinking water. I took two hits and that’s it. Did I pass?

  323. Hey so i would buy 1 g once a week and usually smoke it in just 1 day. Well it had been since august 27 since i bought and smoked my last gram but 2 days before i knew i was getting a drug test i took like 4 or 5 hits off a very thin blunt. Do you think those 3 weeks gave my system enough time to clean and the few hits i took wore off after 12hours?

  324. I was a frequent smoker, smoked everyday after work and it’s been 4 1/2 weeks I’ve been drinking a lot of water. When will I be able to pass the test?

  325. How long will 1 gram of bud take to get out of my system if I smoke it all at once & would it stay in my system longer if a smoked a little bit every day until its gone or would it be better to smoke it all at once?

  326. I have not smoked in six years,,,I took 3 hits on august 25th…I had a surprise drop today…SEPT 15th……Did I pass???? PLEASE HELP ME…!!

  327. My father in law is about 6ft3 and about 250 pounds and he smoked one regular sized joint and he failed a doctors drug test after not smoking for 47 days. Idk if this will help are not. Everyone is different. You must drink nothing but water and work out. That way you are sweating it out also.

  328. Hello im
    Not a daily smoker i just smoked july 11 & 17 since then i havent smoked anything like i said im
    Not a smoker at all i just did it those to days its been like a month & a half i took my drug screen test today september 14 should i be fine? I drank alot of water???

  329. I smoke three weeks ago and 3 hits max before that was about 3 days&3 hits and before that was a month ago. I am 6 ft 240lb. Will I pass?

  330. I smoked 1 blunt 4 days ago ..I took 2 water pills the next day an peed all day ive been drinking water ever since and I have a test tomorrow what are my chances???

  331. I smoked about 2 days ago and only hit it twice. Drug test is today. I’m lean and just did some weight lifting. Will I pass

  332. I smoked September 11th and 12th, two joints total. I have to take a drug test for probation on the 21st. I haven’t smoked in a over a year. I haven’t smoked regularly in four years. I am 5 foot 9 and 215 pounds. Will i pass?

  333. Okay so I’m 6 ft three 324 pounds (mostly muscle not fat, lineman build) I have been off and on smoking for the past 27 days ( I wouldnt say it’s everyday but a decent amount) if I stopped now, drank alot of water, and worked out 5/7 days a week.Would i be okay by December 15th?

  334. I haven’t smoked in 10 months I was a everyday every 2 hours or so. I weigh 290lbs. Should I pass a drug test. I gotta drop on monday

  335. I smoke on August 1 but didn’t smoke as much but I had a drug test on September 11, will I pass the test?? And I smoke every now and then

  336. I smoked for 1.5 years about 5 joints a day and now its been a month since i last used and im still positive. Although the test is showing a faint second line but still it should be two bright lines for negative.

  337. Just stop smoking bro. If you fail on probation they literally don’t even tell you, they just pick you up and bring you to jail. A good 420 is not worth it.

  338. I’m a 142 pound athlete (6% body fat) who works out every day I haven’t smoked in 10 days should I be worried i had a random drug test today

  339. I have taken several urine test and smoked 2 or 3 days before much more then just a couple hits. Aslo you you said you were active and sweating on top of beer drinking and lots of water(this is good). i always have a night of beer drinking followed by a day of water and juice. Your urine was clear? great! i would not even sweat it on two lousy hits.. hope this helps.

  340. Help!! I never smoke, but I took 2 hits on Friday night and got popped for random today, Tuesday morning. Worked in the yard all day on Saturday-sweated a ton, then drank a lot of beer Sat night. I just happened to drink a lot of water yesterday. I am 5″11 250lb man. I already took the test this a.m. my urine was clear and it is a send out test not an instant read test. Do you think I will pass?

  341. I used to smoke a lot six months ago bUt a month ago I smoked a joint with a friend mids I believe and then maybe a week after that then two days ago I believe I have a piss test in 2 days should I pass I smoked with a friend each time I weigh 155 I’m 5″8

  342. I stopped smoking about 5 6 months ago but last month I smoked a joint which I shared again maybe 1 after. Or so with a friend and again 2 days ago I’m pretty sure I have a piss test in two day will I pass it I’m freakingout

  343. Alright yal I’m on probation and I get drug tested the 1st of every month, my system is clean as a whistle but I wanna smoke my ass off on 420 will I be clean by the 1st of the continuing month?

  344. Well it depends on your metabolic rate as well as youre body fat percentage, being the thc molecule binds to fat cells. 10 hits is quite a bit but you also have to take into consideration the potency of the weed you smoked as welll as how often you smoke . There are things you can do though to help purge it. You dont need 2 gallons of water a day thats overkill plus the feeling a full gut as well as pissing every 3 seconds sucks. 1 gallon a day is sufficient. Also HIIT (high intensity interval training). Things such as sprints and jump rope ramps up the metabolism substantially. Lastly, stick to a light diet with low carbs not no carbs. No carbs will actually slow the metabolism but keep the carbs for after workouts only. Do all this with an average body type i would say your gold. Hope this helps.

  345. i havent smoked pot in over five years. i smoked about 4-5 hits about 60 days ago. i am 5’4 and weight 240 lbs. i took a drug screen yesterday. will i pass?

  346. Can someone PLEASE respond. I would say im a nonfrequent..i wouldnt say moderate smoker. The last time i smoked was early july..a few hits. I smoked this past saturday.like 10 hits. So id say when i smoked saturday i had a clean system. I found out i have a urine test next wednesday..11 days after the 10 hits. Im drinking 2+ gallons of water a day..gonna tale b12 and detox with green tea plus the water and probably cranberry juice. Will i be okay? PLEASE respond. I know it’s all chance for some people but opinions would be nice.

  347. I smoked at least a 1/4.oz to a 1/2 a day usually mostly all dro. I had to stop because of job started random drug testing like crazy. ….
    I’m 5’6 145 lbs. Sweat really hard at work for at least 12 hrs. A day. …
    Well I failed a pee test. It had been over 50 days. So I said f it…smoke more . enjoy life , it’s short. 2morrow is not promised.
    But I promise WEED IS GREAT

  348. I smoked a joint over a two day period and this was my only weed use. I have a test tomorrow and it will be about 12 days later. Do I have a chance to pass?

  349. no way dude, I’m currently on prohbation and smoked like a chimney for 2 years straight, within 30 days i was clean.

  350. Lol cold turkey means not tapering i used to smoke 3 to 5 blunts a day and one day i woke up said no more havent smoked in 3 weeks thats cold turkey

  351. Urgent question.
    I smoked about two bowls two weeks ago with some friends.
    Last Thursday I took two hits of resin.
    I am about 6’3 tall and 150 pounds. How long estimate until its out of my system? I need to take piss test soon.

  352. I’ve not smoked in 27 days I have a urine test in two days I have 25.4 of body fat will I pass

  353. I’ve not smoked in 27 days ive sweated alot an have stayed away from it I smoked 18 years string I have to take a urine test on wedsenday should I been clean

  354. You could because hair is not the best thing to use for Marijuana testing however it can show up in hair for up to 7 days in some cases.

  355. I smoked last saturday 8/22 but I only had 1-2 hits and it had been almost a year since I last smoked, if I were to have a drug test(urine) say about a week from now, would I pass?

  356. Hey, I have a test coming up soon.. I smoked a bowl a day for or so for about a month and a half not everyday but 3-4 times a week I’d have a break every once and a while.. But it slowed up to maybe 3 times a week max then I cold turkey quit and I’ve been clean for 2 weeks and I took a Walmart test today and passed. I’m 5’8 135 lbs. obviously a high metabolism haha should I be okay?

  357. ****Id say its been a month and a half to two months before ichad smoked last. Very infrequent user. Before that..it was a WHILE.

  358. Okay, i haven’t smoke in at least..meh, over a month. I was bummed out saturday..thinking i didn’t get a job i had applied for. I took meh? 7 hits? Turns out it was just a delay..i got the job. I have a test taking place 11 days after smoking those 7 hits. Urine test. I drink about a gallon of water a day on my own naturally haha i love water. Am i okay?

  359. I hit weed once about two weeks ago and twice three days ago can I pass a hair drug test tomorrow

  360. if im fat but in one day i smoked 3 blunts how long will that stay in my system its been 48 days

  361. Sedarius Edwards on

    Okay I havnt smoked since Jan. Heavy but like a week ago I smoked a blunt I have a Drug test in 2days do u think It will show up

  362. I started smoking 3-4 months ago and i smoke 1-2 times a week.
    I’m 16 years old, my weight is 69kg and my height is 1,73m.
    How long will it be detectable?
    Please someone reply!!!

  363. You might not. Heavy users show up to 90 days for a urine test. It stays in the system forever

  364. It might still show up. But chances are that it won’t if you smoked what you said. I smoked regular, but only half a joint to a joint a day. It still barely showed up after 7-10 days.

  365. If you’re a heavy user it stays in your system forever. Lol. You’ll test positive on the urine test for about 90 days. You must have smoked a lot. Lol

  366. What kind of test? You are good for urine, and blood tests. Hair test will show you’ve used.

  367. Na. You’re good. Heavy users show up to 90 days. One time users will show max no later than 7-10 days

  368. Depends how much you smoke. I had a urine test 7 days after I stopped smoking. I only smoked half to a joint a dIfay or slightly less. I just barely passed. So a bit was still in my system. I was a regular user, but only small amounts daily.

  369. So I smoked for the first time ever in my life 7 months ago. I don’t remember how many hits I took. I never smoked after or even before that one time. I weigh about 170-175. Will it show in my urine test? I’ve got on on Monday. Someone PLEASE reply! I really want this job.

  370. I smoked about 7 months ago and it was my first ever time smoking at all. I’ve got a drug test two days from now. Do any of you guys think it will show up on the test. Someone please! I really want this job.

  371. I’m 5’11 185 and I have only smoked 3 times and it’s been 50 days since I have smoked. Do you think that l will not pass my drug test?

  372. Obviously don’t smoke anything at all and keep drinking water regularly. The detox kits are nonsense so don’t waste your money on them-there are several reliable sources that will confirm detox kits have no effect whatsoever in removing or reducing THC-COOH which is what is tested for. From what I can gather you’ll need to be clean for at least a month as you would be classified as a heavy user from your description of your intake. I would suggest buying a self testing drug kit and start self testing every couple of days. Once you get a clean (negative) test, self test again a couple of days later. If that test is also negative you’re probably good to go. If you require a drug test to get a job they may well randomly drug test again further down the track as they do in my industry. If they do you probably won’t get much notice of it, if any at all. A positive test return (A and B) is generally instant dismissal and doubtful you’ll get a reference from them.

  373. Depends on your weight mostly but if you keep drinking a bunch of fluid to pee and exercise you should be fine. Can also go buy a really strong body cleanse from a gnc to really clean anything out. Hair test is the worse and saliva test easiest usually only need to quit for two days or less.

  374. Lots of water and running. Can also go to a gnc buy a really strong body cleanse to add to all that.

  375. dooby_ashtray on

    Same predicament I’m in I believe once it will take maybe 2weeks max to leave the system.

    Whats your usage frequency prior?

  376. Hi, just found out need 2 do drug test next Monday for new job. Ate edibles totaling 40 mgs, one w 30 mg yesterday. Dont usually smoke but took one small hit a few days ago. What can i do to pass test? thanks!!

  377. I smoked a blunt yesterday I have a drug test in about 2 weeks.. i go to the gym everyday, I juice vegetables and fruits everyday and drink alot of water .. last time before yesterday I smoked was about two weeks ago.. do you think I will be good ?

  378. I have a drug test tomorrow and I took three hits 1week ago tomorrow. last time I smoked before that was months ago. Will I past my drug test?

  379. I had smoked frequently for 6 months and quit for 2 and a half months yet still tested positive. How is that possible

  380. I recently quit smoking for 2 months but i started smoking again for 3 weeks? how long do you think itll stay in my system.. and what should i do to flush it out of my system ASAP cuz i have a urine test on Friday?

  381. I’ve been clean from May 13, 2015 – August 8, 2015. I smoked a small bowl on August 8, 2015 and since then I’ve smoked two or three more times, also very small bowls. I have to take a hair drug test sometime before or in early September. It has been over two weeks since my first smoke so I’m guessing the hair with THC has surfaced over the scalp. Do you think they can detect it since my use is so recent? My last smoke session was last Wednesday. (08/19/15)

  382. Erik Serauskas on

    I smoked quite frequently in May and June of 2015. I stopped June 21, 2015. I have a test this weekend, August 28. Will I pass the test?

  383. No no no do not work out it will realise the THC back in your system and you will fail just relax take cranberry pills and drink lots of water and the day of chug a monster to add color and minerals back in your pee

  384. Do not I repeat do not work out if your trying to pass a drug test even if it doesnt show up in your system the THC is stored in fat cells if you burn those cells it release THC back in to your system and you can fail.

  385. I’m a girl and I’ve never smoked or drank anything in my like until around July, I took 3 hits (I think that’s what you call it) of weed and I started crying cause I was so scared. But now I have a hair test this week and it’s like August 24-29. Am I gonna be okay?

  386. Just a suggestion but could people please post there results after there test.. No help if theres no past cases to go by..

  387. i quit smoking weed for about 3 months . but from august 8th – august 15th i took a hit a day . ive been drinking plenty of water and the past 4 days ive been going to the gym ; running, playing basketball , and going in the steam room . i am also wearing a sauna suit while i do these things.. my drug test will be a random day this week . not sure if i will pass or not . failed 2 at home drug tests but not sure if its from me working out earlier in the day… any thoughts , ideas if i will pass? its for my job and i have quick fix but it came back inconclusive last time and dont want that to happen again

  388. Im a smoker n I smoked between 1-10 a day all differently joints blunts or bowl, however before I stopped smoking, which was August 18th 2015 just 6 days so far, I did slow down to maybe 2-3 a day, im a female at 5`2 weighing around 180, unfortunately I dont have time to work out or money to buy drinks n such I do drink water and only water but how long will it take to completely be out of my system I have a very important interview coming that can change my life for better especially for my kids but I wanna make sure that im gunna be okay someone please reply if u know how long I should wait, thank u

  389. Not too sure if I'm clean? on

    I haven’t smoked since last month on the 22nd and I’ve been clean since then. Between then and now I’ve been exercising on a regular basis and lost about 5lbs maybe. I only weighed 130lb give or take and two weeks ago weighed myself and came to be 124-125lbs. On the 27th I need to take a drug test, and I use to smoke on a daily basis before the 22nd…will I be clean? I’ve taken a detox once before on the third week of me being clean when I had a drug test for my p.o. just in case. So will I be clean by now or just in case should I buy a detox?

  390. I haven’t smoked a month before last night. I’m 5’5 120, I smoke about half a blunt and have a drug test in 5 days, will I be fine??

  391. Heeeeelll no. It’s going to take about a month if you’ve smoked every day since June. Get someone elses piss! If it’s a hair test.. you’re screwed.

  392. I smoked about a half gram to a gram over the past 2 days and was clean before hand how long til it is out of my system?

  393. I don’t think so Dave, substitution is probably going to be your best bet if it’s a urine test!

  394. Hi Bryan,
    If you just sit at home or do your regular daily routine, it will most likely be 2-3 weeks before you are clean.
    But if you’re actively looking for cleansing drinks, working out, and not smoking, should be a week and a half.

  395. unknown scared on

    I haven’t smoked in 15 months and last night I took two hits from a pipe and smokrd half a blunt. How long will it stay in my system I see my p.o sept 23rd .. I’m also breastfeeding.. I definitely regret this decision I made the high was not worth it I had a bad trip and I’m paranoid as hell help me please !

  396. 5’10 175 smoked for several months before I stopped smoking july 16th.. I have to take a drug test in two weeks if I start exercising more with a sweatshirt and the sauna will I pass?? please someone answer

  397. I was supposed to go to Meps for the military on Tuesday, I smoked for several months maybe 4 -5 times a week, I took a drug test from the cvs about to weeks ago failed it I stopped smoking july 16 I am 5’10 170-174 range just started running in a sweat shirt and sitting in the sauna I got my meps date pushed back about a week or two.. Do you think ill do fine.. someone please reply

  398. I havent smoked since October, but on August 8th I took like 4 hits from a Chile. I have a drug test tomorrow. Will I be fine??

  399. I have a test in 4 days! I haven’t smoked in 5 days. Anybody know of any tricks to passing a urine test? It is for SAI through the work first, & I believe it is supervised :( PLEASE HELP

  400. Im 5’10 about 150 pounds with a fast metabolism and i smoked less then a gram a day any idea how long for me?

  401. I smoked weed 15 days ago & I have a drug test coming that was unexpected , will I past ? Last time I smoke weed was a year ago beside 15 days ago as of August 19th .

  402. I’m a 6″3 and about 290 man. I’ve smoked 2 grams on Sunday 8/16/15 About how long will it take to get it out of my system.

  403. I’ve been smoking about 1-4 bowls (sharing) since the beginning of June. I haven’t smoked since Saturday (8/15/15). When should I be ok to take a urine drug test? I’m 5’7″ about 150lbs. Not very active since I’ve had a back problem since I was 25yrs old and I’m 33 now. Please get back to me asap since I have to go this week to a staffing company that does urine drug test right away.

  404. Depends how long you have been smoking for, if you have been doing this a long time and you stop smoking now you may still come up positive on a hair test but they are the most expensive form of test and arn’t always used

  405. Joalissa price on

    I’m 5’5 female 120 lbs I never smoke maybe twice a year. I smoked a good sized joint at a concert on sunday(2 days ago) and got a call for an interview the next day. Today was my interview and they said I got the job now I just have a drug test and background check. SHE SCHEDULED MY TEST FOR TOMORROW AT 8AM and I have to work all day today at my current job I need help FAST I need this job.

  406. Definatly if you stop at least 6 months before you’re pritty much certain to pass any type of test

  407. Doctors will not care and will not detect it unless the test is specifically looking for drugs.

  408. If its a hair test then maybe a little worried but they are they most expensive type of test and will only be used in need to know circumstances for high end/high risk jobs. I think you will be fine for any other type of test

  409. I took a puff about 2 days ago i am 5’1 and weigh 190 how long would that take to get out of my system have a ua coming up and dont wanna fail it

  410. Serena Babbie on

    I’m 4’9 female and I smoked once two days ago and once yesterday and I haven’t smoked since (June 26) so a whole two months and tomorrow I have a doctor appointment you think their gonna check or is it gonna be out of my urine I’m just nervous so what you think?

  411. Never smoked before, took 2 hits about 8 days ago, might have a drug test in 2 days. Should I be worried about it?

  412. Never smoked before, took 2 hits about 10 days ago, might have a drug test in two days. Should I be worried?

  413. Hello I take a test for my pain management once every 4 months. I smoked 13 days ago and took my test today. I don’t smoke but rarely and it’s quality stuff. I am 5 10 and 200. I don’t exercise but have a good metabolism I have lost 5 lbs since last visit should I be worried. I drank plenty of water the 2 weeks and took niacin and multi vitamins during the whole time. I’m just a little nervous I usually test myself if I do smoke but didn’t get a chance to this time. What’s your thoughts

  414. Yes you dont have enough in your system to throw up a red flag but just in case drink plenty of water and exercise if possible it should be out of your system in like 3 days

  415. probably not, you dont want to overdilute, get a detox drink that will at least bring some creatine and b2 to color your urine so that youre not totally hopeless

  416. your favorite on

    I’m a 5’7 140 female, slim, I smoked last week Saturday (August 8) and before I didn’t smoke for approximately 2 months (Last time was June 6) and before I only smoked maybe 1 spliff every week or two. Will I pass my urine test ?

  417. I have been smoking daily and quit today if I drink enough water would I be able to pass drug test interview monday

  418. I’ve been smoking for 7 months, 1-2 times a day. I’m 5’11”, 160 lbs, low body fat. How long will the thc stay in my system for?

  419. Dillon Roller on

    I have a drug test coming up tomorrow for a walmart pre-employement. 32 days ago exactly from today, i left my hometown in search of work and eventually college, and decided i will quit smoking. I was smoking on average about one joint per day, and i would sometimes take a week or 2 off as a break. I am 6’3”, weight 140lbs, very skinny and fast metabolism (I drink and eat a shit ton of food and don’t gain a pound). Should I be concerned for my upcoming test? It is a urine test by the way.

  420. its been 25 days since I smoked , was smoking about an eighth every two weeks of the good stuff with no break in between. I am thirty nine yrs old. 5’8 185 a mix between beefy and some muscle, i exercise a bit too. I am going to test in about 30 days which would be 55 days total clean, will I be clean by then? I been smoking for about 6 years, but the last 10 months consistently on a daily basis.

  421. Today is 8/14/15 and I stopped smoking on 7/21/15. I used to smoke about an eighth of the good stuff every two weeks, with no break in between, I always got another sack before I would run out. Today is 25 days clean, I have 4 weeks till I go to an interview which I am sure if they hire me they will test me. So it might be about a total of 55 days of no smoking by then. I am 5’8 185 a little beefy but with some muscle. I lift some weights, not as often as i should and i exercise a bit too. do u think I will be clean by then? I have 2 home test that I took from my work which is a rehab but not sure if i should waste one today to check.. please someone give me some advice! Thanks!

  422. Mike Freimann on

    first thing is stop wasting great bud rolled in cheap tobacco leaf. Its like smoking a pack of butts in one blunt. 30 days and you should pass. It may take longer since you smoke heavy. Water water water.

  423. Mike Freimann on

    30 days or more because of your size. Flush with water and add some distilled vinegar in your water. Not much. it changes the ph in your body and will help rid the fat tissue of THC.

  424. Mike Freimann on

    don’t smoke anymore until the test and you will pass. If unsupervised test, a little warm water added always helps.

  425. Mike Freimann on

    no problem. you will pass but drink plenty of water until the test anyway. I am a heavy daily smoker for medical reasons(diabetic nerve pain) I had to take a test and 2 weeks no smoking and I passed a urine test. Depends on how much body fat you have. THC store in the fat tissue. You should be fine!!!

  426. Mike Freimann on

    when was the last time you smoked? Since your diet is great plus low body fat a urine test you will pass. Hair test can go 6 months back but that’s an expensive test. If you smoked in the last month and get hair tested you won’t pass.

  427. I use to smoke maybe once or twice a week, I haven’t smoked in a little over a month. I am 5’7 143lbs will I test positive on my drug test tomorrow?

  428. What are my chances; I had been smoke free from (marijuana) for about 7 months … then afterwards I been occasionally smoking for the past 3-4 months. I been clean for about 30 days now… I have a hair follicle test in a couple days … I’m an athlete, my diet is supreme (no junk food what so ever) fast metabolism and drink only water every day, no sugar or soda ? ?? I know a hair follicle test can detect up to 90 days …. what are my chances of passing 50/50 or likely fail ? ?? Thank you for your response !

  429. I smoked a blunt 2 days ago, not really a heavy smoker but I’ve been smoking every weekend(and sometimes through the week)since July 4th! I wanna join the Air Force will i be clear before May comes?

  430. i dont smoke a large amount but take a few hits every day. usually it is resin from the piece and a few times some oil. i have a drug test in 5 weeks. im 5 ft 2 and weigh 130. i drink a ton of water every day. problem is, even though im not smoking a lot, some of it has been hash oil and not sure if that makes a huge difference. also wondering if detox kits help!

  431. I took one small hit about 2 weeks ago and done that once before about 2 months ago. I weigh 170 and am 6 ft. Should I have any worries? my urine will be sent to the lab to be analyzed

  432. Tammy Williams on

    You had better be drinking tons & tons of water!! With you height & mainly body weight, it will take several days to get out of your system!! The THC attaches itself to fat cells.

  433. I’m 100 pounds and I smoke maybe once every 3-4 months, sometimes (rarely) twice in a month. I’ve actually only smoked maybe 10 times. Last time I smoked was July 4th and I have a drug test tomorrow. Should I be worried?

  434. I have a drug test for work coming up I a month or so I smoked a quarter up to 10 grams aweek and I have quit for a week now I’m about 75 kg and 5″10′ how long will it take to remove from my system do u think I should get a piss bag to pass it

  435. Desolation668 on

    I smoked less then 4.5 grams of regular over a week period about a week ago I don’t smoke much at all haven’t in a while like maybe a 20 sack a week (4.5 grams of commercial) i need to know will I be in about a week and a half or two

  436. i smoke 2-4 joints a day but stopped 2 days ago because i might be getting urine tested at work how long will it take to get out of my system? i am 6 ” 4 and 250lbs

  437. I smoke around 5-6 bowls of dro a day for about a little under a month straight, before that I quit for a month and before I quit for the month I smoked about that much a day fro 6-7 months straight. I weigh 225 pounds and I’m 5′ 10 1/2″. How ling do you think it’ll take for it to get out of my system naturally?

  438. Smoked for the first time 13 days ago, took about 2-4 hits from a pipe. I’m 5’11”, 161 lbs. Active, healthy, in overall good shape. Must pass drug test for a dream job. I’ve been drinking about 1 gallon of water/day as well as some concentrated cranberry juice. I should pass yes?

  439. Yes you’ll be fine. It takes about a week to clean your system from just those hits. Make sure you drink plenty of water up to the day.

  440. I am a heavy user. Been a heavy user since June of last year. I smoke three kush blunts a day. How long will it take me to get clean so i can pass a urine cup test? Please reply. Thanks

  441. Why do you have random drug tests during school? Legally, only students who participate in competitive extracurricular
    activities can be subject to
    random drug testing

  442. I smoked for the first time in a couple months this past thursday, friday, and Saturday. Today is Sunday. How long til I come up clean???

  443. im 6’2 200 lbs and i have a drug test in an hour,its been 3 months since i smoked but then 6 days ago i smoked 3 hits from a bowl, will I pass? (im chubby and have been drinking water constantly) plz reply fast

  444. the last time I smoked good weed was july 19th but tried some shitty ass reggie in mexico on july 23rd lol. I haven’t smoked since. I work out for an hour an a half, 6 days a week and I don’t have my test until august 17th or sometime that week. you think I should be clean to pass my urine test on my own?

  445. If That’s really the only time you smoked yes you’ll be clean Lol you could have passed a piss test 2 days ago unless your dehydrated but considering it’s August and hot as fuck still I’d assume you’re not

  446. I’m use to smoke on the daily, but stopped for 6 months. I smoked 3 blunts in 3 days about 3 days ago. I weight 200 lbs, do you think I will pass my urine test at the end of August?

  447. Nicolas Ginorio on

    I’m 14 about 5’7 I wiegh 160 pounds and I took 3 hits out of a bowl its been 4 days when will I be clean it was my first time

  448. kayli williamson on

    I’m 15 about 110 pds and I smoked on the 1st of august for the first time and only took one hit. I’ve been clean a week but have a random dug test during school. School starts the 20 do you think I’ll be clean?

  449. Leonardo Lozano on

    Hello, I’m 18 and smoke about a gram of mid a day to say for a year, and weigh about 165 lbs. I’m 5’11”, have been clean for 5 weeks. Is that long enough for a blood test to test positive

  450. I’m 21 about 120lbs on the day of my test wich is in 3 days it will be 10 days since I smoked last wich was 2 blunts passed between 4 people. The last time I smoked prior to that was about 3 weeks ago and was a single bowl to myself. Will I pass? I have also been drinking a gallon of water a day the last 2 days if that matters

  451. I’m about 300 pounds and for the first time ever I smoked weed for about 2 or 3 weeks about 3 joints a day. I stopped about a month ago, is there a chance I could be clean now???

  452. So I weigh about the same amount but haven’t smoke in about a month, do you think I could be cleaned now ???? It was my first time ever smoking I smoke for about 2 weeks about 3 joints a day.

  453. I’m a big guy. I weight 205, 6’1″… Not really in the best shape. I smoked heavy for about 2 years. How long you think it will take me to pass a urine test?

  454. I was smoking every day for about 2 years, I stopped a little over 2 weeks ago and when I get tested it will be exactly 3 weeks. I’m 5’1″ and 97lbs, I’m pretty fit and don’t have a lot of fat, will I still come up dirty?
    If so, how long do you think it will take for me to test clean??

  455. I think you should be ok. Test yourself a day before the test. Drink lots of water, but not too much because clear piss makes it look like youre hiding something. Never use first piss of the day. Use mid stream as the sample, ie piss in the toilet a little first and then pee in the cup.

  456. I going to do a drug test at home first and it’s been 3 weeks and just 2 days ago I took one hit could I pass

  457. I smoked a keef bowl and wax on the 20th of July. I have a drug test on the 21st of August. I just took a home drug test yesterday and failed. Any suggestions or do you think I’ll be fine by that time. Total of 30 days clean once I take the test. I was a heavy smoker all summer. 5’9 145lbs.

  458. I’m 5’0 105 I smoked a joint last week how long do you think it will be in my system
    Please give me answers I got a drug test tomorrow

  459. Hy i am 23 years old and have been smoking weed for atleast an year i have quited it nw i have 7 days for the test i am 50 kg will i pass it

  460. Nelly Stiles on

    I have a UA in exactly 7 days from today, I just smoked, I took 3 hits off a blunt, how long will it take for me to get clean? Please help answer asap!!

  461. I smoked a bowl today, and I have a drug test a week from now do you think I could pass? I’m 5’10 120lbs

  462. Hi I weight 300 pound I smoked last Sunday I only took 4 hits I took a urine test today do you think I could pass it

  463. Stephanie Melton on

    I took a few hits about a week ago but didn’t take in a whole lot. I hadn’t ever done it before and I haven’t done it since. I have a drug test at the end of this month. I drink a lot of water and exercise very regularly I am 5’2″ and 120 lbs. I’m very nervous and I don’t know if I will be able to pass the test.

  464. I literally hit the blunt once on Saturday an i have to drop tuesday i don’t smoke at all any other day will i pass

  465. Hi. I’m 18,5’2″ 160 lbs and i smoked like 3 weeks ago and only like 3-4 hits. Inhave a good, fast metabolism. I have a drug test tw and I’m very nervous about it. I usuallydrink a good amount of water. But I usually don’t exercise to much. I walk a lot but that is basically it. I have my test tw for an interview.

  466. Diamondlife18 on

    I quit about a week ago and I did it about every two weeks when should I be good??

  467. Does potency count?
    Would a heavy Shatter smoker have to wait longer than a heavy Chronic smoker?

  468. Does the potency of what your smoking have an effect on the timing?
    Because i smoke SHATTER heavily everyday, would i have to wait longer then someone who only smokes regular chronic heavily everyday?

  469. Hey fellow tokers.. Here’s my situation, I am 5’7 I skate and work out almost on a daily..I eat clean foods and eat pretty healthy.. I take supplements such as creatine and vitamins … I am 155lbs.. Around 12%BF.. I only smoked for the summer but I went hard and got fat … I have since lost 10lbs(fat and water weight) in aprox 7 days .. How long until I will be able to pass the test?
    P.s. The strongest thing I took was about 2 weeks ago and it was a 360mg edible

  470. Has anyone tried Toxin Rid or Qtabs? one is way more expensive than the other and I’m wondering if anyone has had much luck with them.

  471. Has anyone had any experience with Toxin Rid? They have a 10 day cleanse one that I’m thinking about getting but it is $189!! Also I read that Qtabs could be good and they are $10 on amazon. Any insight on these products would be greatly appreciated!

    I haven’t smoked in a month and I failed my home drug kit test today :(. I have two more weeks until I have to take the test.

  472. I read that a chronic smoker (someone who smokes everyday) could take up to 3 months to piss clean :(. I haven’t smoked in a month and I failed my at home kit. That being said, dudes usually have more luck getting it out faster. Good luck!

  473. I found a 10 pack for a little under $8 on amazon. I just ordered them :). Its been a month and I failed my at home kit :(.

  474. Thanks! I just took my at home drug test kit and I failed :(. I have two weeks left until I have to take the drug test. I had no clue that it could stay in your system for up to 3 months! Have you had an experience with a product called toxin rid? there is a 10 day detox but it cost $189! I’ve been running in the florida sun every afternoon and I’m drinking more water than I usually do but it still is probably not enough. I’m going to go to GNC tomorrow and see what I can find! Thanks for the advice!

  475. Yeah, I just took my home kit test and I failed :(. I’ve been reading about this product called toxin rid. its a 10 day detox but it costs $189! I’m going to GNC tomorrow to see what I can do. I have 2 weeks left to get this shit out of me!

  476. I haven’t smoked since March 2013 I took like 4-5 hits the other day I’m 5’4 260ish when will I be able to pass urine test

  477. I used to smoke but not a lot. I stopped for about 2 weeks n strated again but only smoked on Wednesday and saturday 2 weeks ago. I drink a lot of water n run everyday n I only weight about 128lbs. Should I be fine one a drug test?

  478. Hey you guys, I have a question. I’m going to be moving out of state in a little over three weeks, 23 days to be exact, and i’m wondering if that will be enough time to get pot out of my system for a job. I’m pretty small all around (5’3, 115 lbs at most), and the last time I smoked was last night. Granted it was just a pinch at the bottom of a bowl but it still counts! It was an every day thing for me for at least a year, maybe two. But over the past week i’ve smoked maybe three times, small bowls. What do you guys think?

  479. not judging….being the weight you are it would take longer for it to get out of your system. Thc sticks to fat sells. More you have longer it takes. To be safe I would give it a few months. Could only take a month though….drink lots of water everyday and exercise

  480. Did you read the article above? Can sometimes take up to 90 days for heavy users. Doesn’t matter if it was only 6 months or even a month.

  481. I’m 5’10 about 300lb(don’t judge) and I smoke almost everyday a few times a day. I haven’t smoked in a week…how long will it take to get out of my system and any tips to make it get out faster? I have to take a drug test for work.

  482. I’m freaking out!! I have a drug test tommorow for an amazing job opportunity. I smoked skimpy joint on Saturday(myself) a few hits on Sunday it wasn’t potent but it did give me a mild high. Before then I haven’t smoked in 3 months. I took one of those dollar store drug test on Wednesday and it came up negative. But I’m worried that those aren’t so reliable. I’m female 4’10” 115lbs.

  483. Tristan Mason on

    I’m 5’7 130 and I smoked every day for 7 months one time a day how long will it take for it to be out of my system?

  484. Hey I have a quick question I smoke last on 2nd April and then I smoked 2 puff at party in mid June and probably I have a hair test on 11th August do you think so I clear it.

  485. I stopped smoking for a month and they drug tested me on July 6 and I smoked the next day but I was gunna get another drug test on the July 20 will I be clean if I drank a lot of water and peed a lot for those 12 days?

  486. I stopped smoking for a month and they drug tested me on July 6 and I smoked the next day but I was gunna get another drug test on the July 20 will I be clean if I drank a lot of water and peed a lot for those 12 days?

  487. A hair cut wouldn’t do much to change the result as it is a follicle test and you didn’t cut the follicle.

  488. thomas octobar on

    So let’s say I smoked on July 3 and I have a hair drug test on September 30th, would I pass? I got a hair cut for precautions but I’m still super parinoid

  489. Alex Rodriguez on

    If I’ve never really smoked in my life and then at one about let’s say 2 week period was smoking every few days but it’s been about a month since that 2 week period what are my chances for a hair sample ??

  490. Ok ive been smoking for the past 6 MONTHS heavily.. (loud) stoped smoking for 60 days now took a drug test for a job and FAILED! !! DID YOU HEAR ME 60 DAYS…SO YEA DONT CHANCE IT GET SOME CLEAN URINE AN FEMALES STICK IT N YOUR PUSSY AN MALES TAPE IT TO YOUR THIGH…#REALSHIT!!

  491. Ive been clean from smoking Marijuana for 80 days do you guys think im going to be clean i took a drug test two days ago my weight is 250 plz help

  492. Dontsmokeweed on

    You people have smoked WAY to much! Read the bloody article and it clearly says ‘No definitive answer’…. Morons!

  493. start doing Bikram yoga so you can sweat it out, increase your metabolism, and test with a dollar tree test each week…

  494. start taking a multi vitamin so that it colors your urine, no matter how diluted it becomes with water…

  495. Peyton yarnell on

    I’m 14 and took 2 bong rips on July 3. I’m 5’7 and weigh 115. Am I good for tomorrow’s drug test

  496. My boyfriend’s job will test anyone who gets injured on the job and he has not smoked for well over a year and a half but five days ago he smoked about a third of a gram and was tested yesterday morning. He’s about 6″ 3-6″ 4 and 150-160 lbs. Is he completely screwed or is there a chance that he’ll pass? He used to smoke a lot about three years ago but he’s been clean for nearly two.

  497. I’ve been smoking chronic for about 12 years non stop, vape maybe 9 times a day (medicinal purposes). I suffer from nerve damage. I’m a discrete/responsible individual with an administrative position at work. My best advise to anyone here inquiring about drug testing and if you’ll come out positive is to have a friend/family member who’s clean, piss for you. It’s the only way to stay safe, don’t risk getting caught. You’ll forever tarnish your reputation. I’ve used this method many times over the last several years.

  498. I haven’t smoked in 4 days and was just told I’ll need to take a drug test this Monday, July 20th.. I think it’ll be a mouth swob test (idk what it’s called) but I’m not sure and I’m freaking out because I’ve been smoking almost everyday for about 3 years.. what should I do?? help!!!

  499. I am 5’9 138lbs. I smoked about 10 hits from
    a pipe in july 4th. I sweat alot. Do u think iI can pass a urine test in july 16th?

  500. Please help me! I am a 22 year old female. I have a relatively high metabolism. I am 5ft 4in I weigh 110lbs. I took 4-5 hits off of a joint 6 days ago. That was the first I had smoked in at least a month. I drank quite a bit of fluids the last 4 days, at least 1 liter of water a day. I just took an etg urine analysis, at least I think that’s what it’s called. I’ve never failed a drug test before, and I’m not very knowledgeable about these things. Can anyone tell me if I most likely passed or failed???

  501. Ive smoked 3 to 4 blunts of grade A kush per day for 2 years now but i have an extremely high metabolism and sweat about 12 hours ser day during the week. Ive been clean for 9 days now and i have a test im studyin for. Im 5’7 and weigh 115 does anyone think i will pass yhis test without havin to wait a whole month. Marijuana is a medicine for me and im ready to medicate again. Someone help

  502. DeAndre Chaney on

    I’m 5’10 n weight 175 lbs I smoke frequently but I stopped 2 days ago n smoked a roach yesterday how long do you think it will take to clear out my system

  503. Raymond Heggan on

    I took 2 hits of some good trees(if it matters) out of a homemade bowl Friday nite., n would like to kno if n how much of a possibility it could b out of my system by Monday morning!?!? I’m 5’11” n weigh 180, n I’m also a diabetic( if that matters as well), but I was just wondering that when my blood sugars are high enuff, I piss like crazy where if my sugars are normal, I piss normal!?!?!? Can anyone give me a pretty decent/accurate estimate PLEASE???!!

  504. No…i just took a test and havent smoked since april 14…its very unlikely you will pass…

  505. ScorpionLover on

    1st time I’ve been on here but hoping to find some advice. Any would be helpful. I’m not a habitual smoker but I have a blood test for statefarm life insurance coming up Monday. I smoked maybe 8 puffs off of a small joint father’s day weekend and none before in over a year. I’m not sure if they will also take a urine sample but I don’t want to rule it out just incase. I’m about 5’6 and weigh about 180lbs. betting I have a slow metabolism. so any ideas if it will show up in a blood test or the urine test?? Thanks for any advice in advance :)

  506. Usually when you go into the services they do a hair follicule test, which can detect THC in your system, from usage within 90+ days pryor to your test… The more active you are, the longer it will accumulate in your system. Good luck dude.??

  507. I’m 5’7 and about weigh about 235. I have a drug test tomorrow. I took one hit of a blunt yesterday morning. I would consider myself a frequent user. 3-4 times a week. If I took a detox drink do you think I would pass?

  508. My brother wants me to pee in a cup for his urine sample I smoked for my first time in over a year like 13 days ago, will my urine be clean?

  509. Ive been smoking for a while. I wanna say a good 8 months. And these past 3months ive smoked every night at least one blunt and a joint each time. I am 19 and i dont eat like crap and im pretty athletic. I have about 29% body fat and im about to enlist in the navy. I wanna know how thorough the test will be and if i have any chance to pass it. Need expert help from my fellow pot heads ? stay lit gentleman

  510. Okay I smoked last Saturday and then a few days later on Monday. Before that I smoked every couple months so irrelevant. It’s Thursday and I think I’ll have to take a urine test soon. Does drinking water actually help? Along with exercise? When should I be in the clear?

  511. Yeah you should be fine man.If you are a heavy smoker Maybe drink cranberry juice if you are worried. That should flush your system out. Or buy a drug test and see.

  512. John Paduano on

    I was frequent smoker for almost 7 years. sometimes a little bit more a little bit less. Then I had to stop on April 30th bc of a job opportunity. I only had two hits since then. One hit of a bowl on memorial day weekend and then one on june 26th roughly a month apart. Now I am pretty sure i will getting a job at chase bank and I know they do a 5 panel urine test. Will I come up dirty? Or should I take the drink that will camouflage the THC in my system.

    I dont do any other drugs, drink alot of water and dont eat like total crap .

  513. I’d start flushing (drinking lots of water) now. It depends on: how many times/how deeply you inhaled; the potency of the marijuana, your body fat % (since it binds to fat cells) and other factors. Consider buying a synth urine kit. Though it’s been years since I used that method, it did work for me once. Another thing: if you have sick time and can use it to extend out your test date, I would do that too! I wish you all the best.

  514. I stopped smokin around 6-28-15 i have a urine test on 7-15 in total i maybe smoked 6 grams but always with somebody else do u think i will pass

  515. I’m going to buy a home test tomorrow anyway, but If someone has not smoked in years and then this holiday weekend breaks that streak with 3 shared blunts. Think they could be safe for a urine test on Friday?

  516. May I also note the screen name of the person who’s comment is above mine. Lol. Oh the irony!! But its cool, you’re a man (Or boy… from the looks of it), so you don’t have to worry about anyone calling your a whore, or any other misogynistic, directory names. Your simply “pimp”. Wow… your SO cool. Keep doing what you’re doin. I’m sure the ladies love it!

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  518. I don’t know if I’m moderate or what, the last time I smoked was 2 days ago and I smoked 2 grams. The last time before that was about 2 weeks from the time I smoked two grams. I’m pretty fat, about 92 kg and my metabolism is a small bit slower than average, how long will it take for me to pass urine test? Please reply

  519. Peter J. Kirk on

    Hey Bubbles – stay off it if you want, its easy, if it really matters.. Get a bunch of water thru ya, go to your local sauna, sweat, sweat and sweat… Get on the grapefruits 3 or 4 times a day (for your metabolism), maybe go to your local head shop or heath food shop and see what they have that may help detox and all the best to you :) I think you can do it… I am sure a liver cleansing diet wont hurt… Make it your lifes mission and go hard!

  520. default_user on

    No two people will test the same. The slightest use may be undetectable after 3 days (1 joint in the last year). Heavy use (4-5 joints a day or more) may be undetectable after 100 days.
    As far as remedies – there are only natural ones. Quit smoking pot, exercise, plenty of water, lots of saunas or steam baths.

    You can purchase of simple drug testing kit at Walmart for about $20 bucks. If you can’t pass it – you don’t have a chance with a real drug test.

  521. default_user on

    No two people will test the same. The slightest use may be undetectable after 3 days (1 joint in the last year). Heavy use (4-5 joints a day or more) may be undetectable after 100 days.
    As far as remedies – there are only natural ones. Quit smoking pot, exercise, plenty of water, lots of saunas or steam baths.

    You can purchase of simple drug testing kit at Walmart for about $20 bucks. If you can’t pass it – you don’t have a chance with a real drug test.

  522. Terrence Reicharles on

    Hi, I’m 22 years old. Last night I smoked some marijuana last night(had about 6 puffs. 3 from a bong and 3 from a joint. I felt pretty baked afterwards). I smoke pot very rarely. The last time before last night was when in December last year and before that, I hadn’t smoked any marijuana for about 2 years (June 2012). I weigh about 176 lbs and my height is 5’9. I do not know my waist length but while I am slim, I do have a bit of a rum belly. With all this information, how long would THC stay in my system and what would I need to do to get it out as soon as possible?

  523. Hi, it wasn’t a specific response to anyone, I was sharing my little bit of experience. You have a lot of time to work with which is good. If I were you I would do the things I suggested, and do research into commercial products available, and drink water before you go and do research on any possible way to mask the color change that will happen from diluting your urine. If there is a way to mask the color change, you can drink a lot of water before you go deal with the control freak jokers.

  524. dannyduck dave on

    hello again! im trying to get some advise and cant seem to get a answear, could some one please leave m some advise, ( dannyduck dave) I just postaed a comment to newageblues and its gone

  525. dannyduck dave on

    hi I did leave a question last night (dannyduck dave ) I don’t no if your post was a reply to my question if not could you give some advise please

  526. newageblues on

    As much exercise as you can stand, hot baths for as long and as hot as you can stand, and as much cranberry juice as you can stand (can be mixed w/ something tastier) is the advice I was given. Drinking water to dilute the sample makes sense, but too much and I think it will be obvious from the color, maybe there’s a way around that. I don’t have any information on commercial products.

    What a disgusting business this is, forcing people to piss into a cup like they are common criminals.

  527. No offense, but most likely no. I weigh 162 pounds and I have smoked for 3 years straight and stopped for 2 months and 3 days and I’m trying to join the army but every time I test myself, I come up positive ( which means dirty). But everyone is different so cross your fingers and good luck.

  528. You’ll be good. Most likely it will be out of your system in less than a week.

  529. dannyduck dave on

    hi I have smoked weed for a few years not every day all day mainly at night for the last few months maybe 5 to 6 jays a night ive cut down loads getting closer to today but I last had a smoke on Friday 06/06/15 have not had any more since and have a hair test in 2 n half months or so, im about 5/8 9 n half stone very hi metabolism so im told will I pass or fail and what can I do best to get it out of my system if it wont be by then

  530. Not from the weed smoking the baby wouldn’t. Weed ain’t tobacco or alcohol. Fetal ALCOHOL syndrome, ya know.

  531. How screwed am I if I’ve smoked everyday for the last couple of years and have a drug test coming up in a month and a half? I stopped 2 days ago. I’m a girl, that is slightly overweight and I have a slow metabolism. Think I can pass it?

  532. I have a drug test coming up in about a month and a half. I usually smoke a few bowls a day, that is until 2 days ago. I didn’t realize that it could take up to 2 months for it to not show in my urine test. I’m a female, average weight but I’m pretty sure I have a slow metabolism. What can I do to speed this detox process up? Will I be ok? Thanks in advance!

  533. I smoked on 6/25/15 I have a drug test in 2 days will I pass? I don’t smoke that much.

  534. I’m very nervous I smoked just a little on 6/24/15 and I took the urine drug test today 6/30/15. It was my first time and I also took 2 at home drug tests 6/28/15 and they both came out negative. Do you think I will pass the pre employment test? I am very nevervous for the results

  535. gargle with a little bleach then with Listerine only a little bit of bleach and water

  536. Drink a lot of water the morning of the test so you’re peeing every half hour. Take the creatine about 3 hours before test. Creatine is what they test for to make sure you’re not diluting. Its also what makes piss yellow.

  537. I took a few hits on June 13, 2015. I have a drug test tomorrow morning 6/30. Will I test positive? This is the first time in years I have done it. I am a 27 year old female and weigh 190 lbs and 5’5 if that matters.

  538. Well I took only 3 hits on Friday night but I have been drinking Water after the fact…. Do I pass or fail if I had to take a drug text today 6/29/15

  539. I just smoked an hour ago and I have a cotton swab test on Wednesday what should I do?

  540. It takes three weeks for average person…it mainly deepends on getting it flushed out(water, sweating, I even heard pickle juice) but yeah it is a matter of how big you are because thc stays in your fat..and just everyone’s info I have seen a lot of people fail trying to use some kind of drug to to get the thc not to show…

  541. I smoked weed like 12 days ago maybe 3 joints before that i havent smoked in months. I have a test next week.. will i pass the test. I have been drinking lot of water and cranberry juice and been sweating alot..

  542. I wouldn’t say I smoke a lot maybe I’m a moderate user but I’m a male 20 years old extremely high metabolism I weigh like 110 have like no body fat and have been clean for a week, my drugs test might be in a few days so I’d be clean for 9-13 days what are my chances and what do I need to do to pass?

  543. Richard A. King on

    You disgust me you crack head giving the baby up … smoking weed while your prego your life must be so shitty for you to do something that bad. Dont have a fucking kid if you dont want it!!!! Dumb whore.

  544. I smoked March 1st for my birthday and I have a urine test Thursday will it show up? Before March first I didn’t smoke

  545. I have been clean for two weeks. I weigh 230 pounds and am 5’2. I have been drinking lots of water and taking some niacin pills. I have also been drinking cranberry juice the last two days. I am going to have to take a test soon because I was offered a job that is my dream job. I have creatine monohydrate to start taking a couple days before the test. I also have some “insurance pills” Do you think I will have a chance to pass?

  546. Weed is harmless you morons. Our government has told us nothing but lies. You will see because it will be legal before long. Plus its a medicine and had been researched by Dr. Sanjay Gupta he said its harmless and it is a viable medicine.

  547. You can kill yourself by drinking that much water. These drug test accomplish nothing but to hurt people. I would never work for a company who drug test. FU

  548. David Boutot on

    I am 6-2 190lbs and last smoked may 28th. My question is if I took 4 hits within the last two days. How long am I looking into my system before July 16th?

  549. Justslayin19 on

    I’m a 6’2 198lb 27 year old male, I took 5 hits of pot yesterday and the day prior all together. I have a probation appointment on the 16th of July and last time I used was 2 hits memorial day weekend. Am I clear or dirty and unfortunate.?

  550. That’s a pretty f****end thing to say. Marijuana has been shown to be an extremely safe alternative to anti-depressents and a great treatment for PTSD… How do you know that individual did not get pregnant in an unwanted fashion? Best show some respect and stay your judgement till you know anothers situation.

  551. I took one shot from a joint and some second hand smelling of it last night, if I have a test next week, will I pass.

  552. Richard Mckeen on

    5’11” 150lbs smoke bho once or twice a day. Drug test in a week. If i dilute and use a detox drink before i go pass or fail?

  553. I haven’t smoke since the June 13th. Before that it was 8th. Then a month. After that i haven’t smoke since February. I’m 5’2 and weight 180. I’ve been fasting for Ramadan so i haven’t been drinking a lot of water. Can a drug test?

  554. get a job that doesn’t require testing with that background lol. It depends on metabolism, but if you are average or less then 3-6 months, also if you are fat as fuck then a year

  555. troll, and if not a troll you do deserve to go to jail for (days pregnant)x10. so 270 days pregnant = 2,700 days in jail. You are caring for another human being now. Stop being a dipshit and only caring about yourself and getting high. Have goals and standards or just die now because anything you do in life will amount to nothing except a burden on society. If you need a drug to feel good you have no personality and no ability to enjoy life.

  556. A friend of mine just took a drug test she smoked about two weeks ago with like 3 hits and today she took a detox drink the hour of and drank 16 ounces of water. She hasn’t smoked alot before then. Just that time. Will she pass or fail?

  557. A friend of mine just took a drug test she smoked about two weeks ago with like 3 hits and today she took a detox drink the hour of and drank 16 ounces of water. She hasn’t smoked alot before then. Just that time. Will she pass?

  558. Stephen A. Smith on

    Your a peice of shit for smoking anything while pregnant in the first place. if you weren’t pregnant, cool, toke it up all you want. If that baby has any problems its your fault, and these arnt just problems that go away. They are lifelong problems. You took the easy way out cause you can’t take responsibility for your own actions. Grow up. I hope they lock your ass up for six months so you can learn about consequences.

  559. I go to a catholic private high school and we randomly get drug tested and I got high for the first time tonight and it’s my first time doing it but when I go back to school in August if I’m randomly drug tested will it show up?

  560. I go to a catholic private high school and we randomly get drug tested and I got high for the first time tonight and it’s my first time doing it but when I go back to school in August if I’m randomly drug tested will it show up?

  561. Brittany Kawaiola Fielder on

    Okay so I was smoking a blunt everyday, I’m pregnant, 150lbs, 5ft. I’m trying to quit because new laws were passed that could send me to jail immediately after birth. And before I get ANY shit, I’m already giving the baby to another family at birth and every check up, the baby has been healthy.

  562. I’m 13 and I’ve smoked once a couple days ago n I have a doctors on Monday n I smoked on Thursday and every time I go to the doctors they check u urine will u be OK cuz my mom n das will be pissed

  563. I failed a dt at work on 4/15/15 and i just want to smoke tonight a take a few hits. I have no idea when my next dt is but if i were to get tested on monday next week would i be okay?

  564. It took me 4 1/2 months to pass a urine test. 4 months! I couldn’t believe it. I quit again and it has only been a month. I know I still can’t pass. WTF?! And that’s only with the assistance of Milk Thistle, Coriander, etc.

  565. I smoked 2 days in a row 6 days ago and I have a drug test tomorrow at 1:00pm. I’ve been drinking a lot of water the past two days and took a diuretic earlier today. I’m 5’3 and weigh 155lbs. Last time I smoked was May 10th and I hadnt smoked in months before then. Will I be okay for my test tomorrow ?

  566. i have smoked evey day and nite for the past 25 years im a type 1 diabetic in good shape, how long would i have to wait to pass a drug test.?

  567. I’m 6ft 185lb male…lean body mass I work out 4-5Times a week for the past three years been smoking one to two bowls a night about 5 grams a month for.the past 4 years found out that a need to take a test for my new job will be on my second week clean by the time of.the test do.you think I.Will pass a urine test?

  568. Hi,
    Been looking for a new job and have been off and on quitting. I’m 6′ – 220lbs. Not fat but not super skinny either. Decent metabolism. 55 years old. I have been smoking a 2-3 small hits a day with a one hitter. About 1/2 or less a normal bong hit size. Moderate grade weed. I quit totally about 4 weeks ago and went about a week with out. Then I started having 2 or 3 puffs a day again. I just found out I have to take a test in the next few days. Been 2 days so far without. May be able to drag it out a bit. Hopefully until next week. Any thoughts?

  569. I’m 5’5 109 lbs, and I’m 4% body fat. My grandma is probably going to drug test me on June 23rd but I already haven’t smoked in almost two weeks I just took a drug test on my own and it came out positive for THC. So the question is do you think I will pass in 8 days? Also it wasn’t like even a bowl I smoked last it was some residue from a pipe. I’m not sure if that matters..

  570. I am 31 old female weigh 125 pounds. I smoke 2 maybe 3 times a week and probably no more then 10 hits. I haven’t had a hit since may 26th. It’s now June 14. I won’t need a drug test till after June 21st. Would I test negative by then? I do exercise daily, lots of water and tea intake. I quit soda months ago due to help issues.

  571. Shortylove88 on

    I’ve smoked before but this is the first time I’ve had a weed hangover since Wednesday, I keep having panic attacks, paranoia, dry mouth. I feel like I can’t function normally. I’m scared I’ll never be the same again.

  572. I am 6’0 140 pounds and have hyperthyroidism. I took a gb last night and that was the first time I smoked in 13 days. Before that I smoked about half a gram a day I have to take a urine test sometime in the next 2 weeks. Will I be clean by then?

  573. I smoked weed about 2 or 3 months ago and just one intake.. and I have urine test tomorrow.. Im 21 years old.. 165cm and 62kg.. did im good to go?

  574. I really dont see the point of drug testing for THC at work, because, if you get your work done with no problems and if you work hard, I don’t see the point of getting fired just for smoking pot.

  575. Smoked 2 times (1 day apart) 2 weeks ago (not a heavy smoker, once every 2 months id say, only when I’m with certain friends for an extended time) and I have a drug test next week should I be good?

  576. Thank you, Pam. They didn’t do a hair test. The paperwork I got stated there would be urine/blood/hair testing, and I even had to sign a consent form. I’m assuming those were the old guidelines, considering they have now started using staffing companies for new hires. Once I get hired in, I’m sure I will have to take one. They said it could be anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months before that happens. I’m done. No more smoking for me! I never again want to have this worry!

  577. I’ve smoked about 5-6 grams over about a months time. Im 5’10”, 180 pounds, and i have my drug test in 2 weeks or possibly sooner. I used to smoke more but stopped for awhile before this. Will i be able to pass?

  578. Slippery slope kins. Be glad that you can quit and all is well. Others need this instead of anti depressants and tranqs.

  579. I know I’m a day late but no you most likely will not pass that test just from getting your hair colored alone. You need something that is going to get into the cortex of the hair shaft. The Macujo Method with Nexxus Aloe Rid generally does works but thats when you have done it 1 or 2 times a couple days before the test. And even that is not 100%. I know you have already had your test but I wish you the best of luck on your results.

  580. RoosterMontana on

    LISTEN..I take random urine test for my federal PO and I smoke HEAVY HEAVY..if it’s a instant test (immediate results) you can flush your system with water..before my urine test I drink 2 gallons of water as fast as my belly will let me..it’s kinda weird thou bc at first you won’t have to go but after the whole first gallon or gallon and a half is gone you will be Niagra falls..Urinate as often as needed bc the longer urine stays in your bladder the more THC it will pick up..the point of the water is to flush your bladder so fast with so much water that it can’t stay in your bladder long enough to pick up any traces..I have done this for the whole 2 years I have been on Federal Probation..I dnt know if it works for lab test (send out) thou..ANOTHER THING..if it is a send away test take clean urine in with you..Urinate in the cup to warm it up dump that out (dry cup with shirt tail or napkin) then dump the clean urine in the warm cup..I would recommend using a non lubricated Condon for the transfer of the urine..I know it’s a lot to do and some of its nasty but if you love that ? like I do it’s worth it..and GUARANTEED..LIKE I SAID IM ON FEDERAL PROBATION and have not had any problems..I watch the test show 2 lines (negative) right in front of me..TRUST..Saliva test just gargle peroxide and vinegar after you’ll be golden..

  581. @currentnurse lol umm in case you didnt realise half the nurses out there are on drugs and same with the surgeons whether it be weed or coke they are on something lol cmon now get with the real world!!

  582. I smoked about a quarter to a half of a bowl a day for 5 days a week for 4 months and I have stopped for about a week and a half now and can I pass a urine test. Im 5’9 168 and fit with very little body fat.

  583. currentnurse on

    please don’t become a nurse. if you need weed daily you shouldn’t be in charge of patients

  584. You are by far good. I smoked 2 blunts with one friend one night and spent the whole next day drinking so much water and cranberry juice. 2 days later took a drug test and passed it. I believe it’s because I rarely smoked. And I’m pretty heavy.

  585. so i’m a girl, about 240 lbs, don’t exercise at all but do sweat a lot at work (pizza place). i used to be an EXTREMELY heavy user (three-four medical-grade bowls an hour bc my tolerance became crap…). got busted for something unrelated and now i’m on probo, random tests. haven’t been tested in forever bc my PO knows i’m terrified of her. i finally tested clean in january after 4 failed tests, went from january until two weeks ago without smoking. so end of may, i took two or three hits of schwag. think i’ll be clean in a couple days? i’m thinking of taking another couple of hits but idk.

  586. Hello fellow smokers. For about 13 years now I have been a DAILY smoker. I am 28 and have been working 9-5 job for 10 years so obviously not all day, but 1 before work (an hour commute) and at my heaviest 3 or 4 at night, more recently 1 or 2 blunts at night. I switched to higher grade so i can smoke less. With regular greens I obviously was smoking more quantity wise. ISSUE: I will have to be tested sometime this summer for entrance on to clinical sites for a fall nursing program. Does anyone have any advice. I’ll find out exactly when by the end of the month. I figured if I had at least a month to go cold turkey and I drink plenty of water, maybe a flush or two and hit the gym 4 times a week (i am definitely a sweater), I should be fine. I also have a HYPERthyroid which I am medicating to slow down, but i think I’l skip meds (worse that would happen in a week is increased heart rate) for a few days, a week tops before the test to speed my metabolism. Is anyone a similar smoker and had to pass a urine test?

  587. I smoked for my second time a little over a month ago (only my second time, first time was in April) and have to do a piss test by this Friday. I’m 6’2″ and 340 age 19, but I’ve been drinking water like a motherf***** and pissing probably 10 times daily since then (no above average exercise really except during the last week or so a lot of cardio). My friend told me we had 8g but it was split amongst 5 of us and I only hit it like three or four times.

    I realize I’m a big f*** but am I screwed here? Please respond quick because I’m a little paranoid about this.

  588. For a chronic user like yourself, the average time it takes is 30-45 days. You are very active, so it may take you slightly less time, and by “slightly” I mean only a few days or perhaps week less if you’re lucky. That is because even though you are in great physical shape, you also have to consider the fact that you are smoking multiple times a day as well as using dabs which are quite potent. If I were you, I would give it AT LEAST a month to be safe. I smoke about as much as you, except I’ve never tried dabs, and it took me 33 days to piss clean. Keep exercising and eat lots of foods with antioxidants (like green tea or blueberries). Take a home drug test if you’re not sure if you’ll pass, they’re surprisingly accurate. Good luck :)

  589. I recently had to quit smoking in order to pass a drug test for a promotion. Luckily, my boss is super chill and waited to promote me “officially” until I knew I could piss clean. So I had time to clean my system the old-fashioned way by NOT smoking. I quit cold turkey and took a home drug test, which I purchased at my local drug store for about $12, every 3 days until the results came back negative. Once I passed the home test I let my boss know I was ready to go for a lab test (which I also passed). I’m a 24 year-old female who is 5’2″, 125 lbs, and I exercise about 2-3 days a week. I also have been smoking medical-grade marijuana DAILY for at least 5 years. It took me 33 days of no smoking whatsoever in order to pass a home drug test. If you’re a daily smoker like me, hopefully this will give you some idea of how long it should take you to clear out by simply not smoking. Good luck everyone :)

  590. Please Help
    Hair Follicle Test in 2 days (06/09/2015)
    I am a very light smoker. I stopped smoking for several months around Thanksgiving. My husband and I started having problems and i resorted back to smoking to get through. I smoked (by that I mean only a few puffs of low grade weed) on March 20 & 21, again on April 11 and April 21, then took just a couple puffs on May 22. I never got “high”… only a very slight buzz like wanting to eat. I am 5’5” 130 lbs. I have a very high metabolism also. I am getting my hair colored tomorrow morning and take the test Tuesday, two days from now. Do you think I’ll pass with such occasional use or should I use the vinegar, baking soda, salycic acid, and Tide method? I have a feeling I will pass, but this is for a really good paying job that I can’t afford to lose. I have the job offer. Only waiting for the physical, which includes urine and hair follicle testing. Thank you in advance.

  591. The last time I smoke firts time on May 9 and then on May 17 I only hit it a couple times it was probably .5 grams and today June 5 I got an urine test should I be worried? I been drinking planty of water and doing excercise, I am 5’4” and 130 lbs.

  592. For insta urine tests done an an urgent care. My question is if you test positive or inconclusive do they send the sample out to a lab for further analysis? If true does that mean if its not sent to a lab then was it negative/passed? I’m on edge and dont wanna wait for my employer to tell me which it is.

  593. Yes it was very ironic, as far as medical goes, I hadn’t gotten my card at the time of the accident. So although my intent was true my legality was lacking. Also from what I understand in California employers have the upper hand with regard to medi weed, in that courts have ruled that you can still lose your job/fired if you fail a test even with a valid medical recommendation. As far as my testing went, I bought 2 insta read tests from rite aid last night, drank a ton of water, took both tests passed both then realized I probably diluted my sample. So an anxious night and a drug test later I’m I’m still wondering if I passed. they obviously would not tell me if I passed but they did tell me that they knew the results right there and that they did not need to send the results to a lab for analysis. Which if i understand correctly means I passed. If I had failed the instant urine test or if it was inconclusive it would have been sent to the lab for analysis. Can anyone confirm the assumption?

  594. Wow thats Ironic, Just go sweat and drink alot of cranberry juice and your good.

  595. I have a drug test next monday June 8th and the last time I smoked was may 21st and I’ve been smoking everyday and using a gram each week for the 3 weeks before I stopped. But I’m quite skinny being 6’2″ 170lbs and have a very high metabolism. I’ve been drinking over 2 gallons of water every other day and taking cranberry pills once a day and drinking consistently when I’m at work. and exercising on my bike every other day. Will I pass?? I need answers! Thanks!

  596. I got high about 17 weeks ago two times. I been clean for years .If I get hair tested will I pop. I am 5.2 , about 130 pounds. I workout 4-5 times a week

  597. So its been a month since you have inhale the good stuff. You should be fine. But drink plenty of water/ green tea. And sweat. Your like me on the heavy side. It takes longer depending on body fat and if you active at all. Sitting on the couch eating chips is gonna to talk longer to be out of your system.

  598. Depends on how much you have smoke before the hit. Was you a regular smoker? Frequent smoker? Or like myself a heavy smoker?

  599. I was a really really heavy smoker. It took me 3 and half months to clean out my system. Then I took 2 blunts to the face of some medical after being clean for 6 months. Pass in 4 days. I’m 6ft 220. Honestly depends if you wanna put your job on the wire for it.

  600. I’d give it a month to be safe. But if your a active person you should be fine. Just drink lots of water.

  601. Your good. I’m in the same boat your in tho. But its been 68 days to the day and it still shows up. But I smoked a lot I mean a lot .

  602. I am about to be 19 this month and I am wondering I am 5′ 10″ , 145-150
    pounds , have less than 10% body fat , rock climb and run at least 5
    milies every day but I am an extremly heavy marijuana smoker , I smoke
    several bowls a day and do multiple dabs at times , this being said when
    I want to stop if I keep up my daily routine ( ill probably do more
    since I’ll be bored having not smoked) how long would would it
    approximately take im guessing 1week – 3 weeks but I am hoping for a
    narrower time estimate , or if other factors are needed I am not sure
    but would be happy to provide I am not in an immediate need to take this
    drug test but would like to know a good estimate of about how long it
    would take me , thank you for reading this and all replies are welcome

  603. If I hit a blunt about 2 in a half weeks ago twice .. would the weed still be in my system ?

  604. I have a drug test tomorrow (urine) I took a couple hits of a joint 20 days ago I’m 5’10 190lbs I hadn’t smoked but 2 prior times in a year am I good? Please answer I’m super nervous

  605. Alright, on 5/3/15 I smoked one small bump from a larger nugget, high grade medical weed, first time in 10 years. I was high for like 4-6 hrs. I’m 5’6 210lb and wanted to try before getting a medical card to test if the med was right for what I had intended it for. A week later on 5/8 and 5/9 I smoked the same amount, recieved same high. Today I was in a head on car wreck in my work truck and have to take a drug test tomorrow. 6/5/15. Only times I’ve smoked are above will I pass the test?

  606. Hello I am about to be 19 this month and I am wondering I am 5′ 10″ , 145-150 pounds , have less than 10% body fat , rock climb and run at least 5 milies every day but I am an extremly heavy marijuana smoker , I smoke several bowls a day and do multiple dabs at times , this being said when I want to stop if I keep up my daily routine ( ill probably do more since I’ll be bored having not smoked) how long would would it approximately take im guessing 1week – 3 weeks but I am hoping for a narrower time estimate , or if other factors are needed I am not sure but would be happy to provide I am not in an immediate need to take this drug test but would like to know a good estimate of about how long it would take me , thank you for reading this and all replies are welcome :)

  607. Peter Salmon on

    When I used to test every month I tried to find the most potent strain I could find in my neighborhood and I would smoke that
    Of course more potent means higher level of THC, which is why I would buy it the day before the test and I’d smoke it right after I taken the test

  608. Ladybug.Cali on

    I was a heavy indica smoker.
    4-5 blunts a day.
    Smoked for 9 years on and off. Last 4 years it was a everyday thing.

    I stopped smoking Jan. 05. 2015 and I’m finally clean on June of 2015. I made sure I stocked up on Dollar Trees home drug test.

    Good Luck everyone!

  609. So I lit up 2 days ago, and I’m getting tested in 4 days. I’ve been drinking a shitload of green tea, water, and a bit of multivitamins. I’ve been peeing and crapping a lot. I’m 5’7 and 159 lbs. It was my second time though, first time was 11 months ago. I think I hit it 4 or 5 times, and the blunt was about 3 grams, according to the guy who sold it. Do you think I’ll test positive?

  610. I’m 5’1 and I weigh 90 pounds I used to smoke every weekend but about a month and a half ago I stopped smoking completey but yesterday I smoked a little bit and there is a possibility of me getting drug tested the week of the 8th, could I pass?

  611. so i’m 5’11, 240lbs, last smoked on 13/05(22 days) and had smoked regularly(1 week on/ 1 week off) for the last 4 months up until then. I worked out 5 times a week during that period too but haven’t worked out since I last smoked, but have drunk at least 2 litres of water a day plus a few sauna sessions. will I still test positive with a urine sample within the next few days?

  612. So I failed a urine test back in January for my job, luckily they didn’t let me go!!
    I now have to be tested once a month for a year until i’m back in the random rotation.
    I really enjoy smoking, was an everyday user before being caught.
    It’s been 3 months now without it, my question is can I get away w/ 1 hit as it is good stuff all I need :) as they are testing me towards the end of every month,i would enjoy a toke say day after test and usually 3 weeks till nest test?I’m 180lbs 5′ 10″.
    Let me know what ya think?

  613. Errol Richardson on

    Honestly, the chance of passing is pretty small. There’s not much time for the THC to drain from your system. Just try to drink a ton of water and exercise and do what you can. I won’t lie, the chance of passing is slim but there may still be hope if you bust ass trying to detox.

  614. What is considered frequent use of Marijuana? I’ve smoked once every week for the past 2 weeks. Yesterday I’ve smoked 2 small joints and did 1 popper. I have a drug test coming up on the 9th. Do I have any hope of passing? I’m about 5’9 and weigh about 190 lbs.

  615. Errol Richardson on

    No problem dude. My step-dad is an E6 as a 13M and we’re stationed at Fort Lewis lol. Good luck man.

  616. i am 5,11 and im 21 and 260 pounds, I walk about 2-3 miles everyday, and i havend smoked since april 23rd, before that ive only smoked three times in the past 4 months. when i smoked i only had one bowl each time.

  617. I’m 5’4 286 lbs, 19 yrs old. I smoked on May 8th 2 blunts (well… Kinda, we were passing around two blunts and I’d hit off it), and I haven’t smoked since then. I drink plenty of fluids and I walk/ride bike on average about 2-4 miles a day. I’m trying to get a job, and some places require drug tests when you apply where I live. Will I be ok?

  618. Errol Richardson on

    I would exercise if you can even if it’s a little bit and drink AS MUCH water as possible. 4 years is a long time to build up THC in the body so there should be a stress factor to be honest but try to do all you can and you may be good. Detox if you can with tea and certain fruit juices (cranberry, OJ, etc). Best of luck to you.

  619. Errol Richardson on

    Just keep up drinking water and exercise if you can and you will be good. It was your first time and you’re body isn’t big enough to hold THC for a prolonged period of time so you’ll be good. 3.5 grams is a decent amount but if you only hit it 4 times then you probably only smoked like 0.5-0.8 depending on the hit.

  620. Errol Richardson on

    Depends on the factors like what’s listed above but 47 days is a good amount of time so you’ll most likely pass depending on said factors.

  621. Errol Richardson on

    Nah bro, you’re probably good. Since you hadn’t really smoked much and you’re still young (I’m 18) plus you’re lifting/cardio AND water, there’s absolutely minimal reason to be worried. Just keep up drinking water and the exercise to always be sure but I wouldn’t stress about it if I were you. All of the positive factors you’re doing outweighs what’s in your system by far.

  622. So the last time I smoked was the 23rd of May, before that I had smoked like twice, I’m 5’11” about 210, I’m joining the military and have a drug test in about 2-3 weeks, haven’t smoked since, been drinking plenty of water and will be working out, should I be worried?

  623. Hello I’m 150 lbs 5 foot 8 and I recently had a saliva drug test. This was not one of the cheep instant tests I’m aware those can only see back about 2 days. This was one that you send into the lab for screening. I have done A LOT of research and recent studies say these can look back up to 8 days prior to the test seeing if you have smoked marijuana. Well I last used about 10 days ago and I feel I’m cutting it very close. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these tests and could give me some sort of comfort or knowledge of these tests to calm my nerves. Thank you

  624. There is no way to say for sure everyone is different but I would reccomend a lot of time in the sauna.

  625. As stated above they go back 90 days so I would reccomend cutting the hair as short as possible.

  626. Your good don’t stress, but you should try to start working out and hit the sauna drink lots of cranberry juice and your good don’t worry.

  627. I am 18 years old, 5’7 and weigh 160 lbs. I smoked weed for the first time 11 days ago and have a urine drug test coming up in the next five days. Before smoking, I drink water regularly and ,of course, afterwards. I was wondering if I would pass the test??
    P.S The person I smoked with said it was 3.5 grams but I only hit it about 4 times. Please respond quick, thanks.

  628. I am 18 years old, 5’7 and weigh 160 lbs. I smoked weed for the first time 11 days ago and have a urine drug test coming up in the next five days. Before smoking, I drink water regularly and ,of course, afterwards. I was wondering if I would pass the test??
    P.S The person I smoked with said it was 3.5 grams but I only hit it about 4 times. Please respond quick, thanks.

  629. I’m a everyday smoker for about 4 years. I’m 5’10 and I weight about 175lbs . I smoked my last blunt on 5/16 and I have been clean for 17 days so far . I have a drug test on June 30 . I rarely workout do to my job consuming all my time. Do I have a chance at passing my urine test ??

  630. I’m a everyday smoker for about 4 years. I’m 5’10 and I weight about 175lbs . I smoked my last blunt on 5/16 and I have been clean for 17 days so far . I have a drug test on June 30 . I rarely workout do to my job consuming all my time. Do I have a chance at passing my urine test ??

  631. I’m a everyday smoke for about 4 years now . I weight 175 and I’m about 5’9 . I took my last hit on 5/16 I’ve been clean for 17 days . I have a drug test June 30 but I’m not a very active person . Do I have a chance of passing?

  632. I’m a everyday smoke for about 4 years now . I weight 175 and I’m about 5’9 . I took my last hit on 5/16 I’ve been clean for 17 days . I have a drug test June 30 but I’m not a very active person . Do I have a chance of passing?

  633. I smoked almost a week ago a whole joint and then again 2 days ago days one hit. I have a test today. Will I pass?

  634. I smoked almost a week ago a whole joint and then again 2 days ago days one hit. I have a test today. Will I pass?

  635. I took about 3 to 5 hits each weekend for 3 weekends in a row and I haven’t smoked in 9 days now andjust got tested today. I’m 5’6 145 pounds, barley any body fat. Been drinking water and green tea, also running and sweating a lot every week. You think ill be good?

  636. My husband use to smoke every day he’s about 5’5″ and 180 very active anyways he took a urine test last week on Tuesday well he passed and then Thursday smoke well he smoked in more time yesterday and now he’s been hit with a hair follical test. Today! Do you think he will pass?

    Please respond fast!!

  637. hi i have stope smoking hash for like 2weeks and i did so much things to be clean and i have atest after 2day ….i was smoking like 2grams three time aweek for one month and i am not fat and playing sports like runnig and boxing and cykling so do you think i am clean now ?

  638. You need to work out and drink know lots of liquids sweat it out and drink it out

  639. hey i have smoked a joint a week ago (4 buff’s) and i have a urine and blood test in 2 days am i going to pass?

  640. I smoke about 3 times a week I am 5 foot and weigh 132 pounds I have to pass a drug test tomorrow and I haven’t smoked for 12 days and the only thing i have been drinking is water would i be able to pass?

  641. Harpreet nile on

    I smoke pot every day nd i have a urine test in 4 days.. So what should I do so that weed symptoms may not detect in my urine test..please give me some advice as soon as possible

  642. No. I once sat between 2 people smoking a huge blunt and took a drug test the next day and passed. Second hand high is all in people’s heads

  643. I used to smoke everyday (go through maybe an eighter a week average) for 5 years with no breaks longer than a month. Got popped and took a drug test after 10 days of being completely clean and was good. Female with average to fast metabolism weigh 140lbs. Also during that time drank water with lemon and took cranberry and milk thistle

  644. Jay jackson on

    I hadn’t smoked in years took a couple of bong rips back in march And shared a blunt on the 23 of this month i weigh bout 170 lbs but water has been my drink of choice just afraid to be randomed please help….trucker black

  645. I weigh 273, I was an every day smoker, about a bowl of dispensary quality every day. I stopped on May 15th, and have a UA for a job on June 8th. A little about me, In jhanuary I was 340lbs, and have been eating right and exercising daily to lose over 70lbs. I’m still eating right (about 1k calories a day, 60% protein, mostly chicken and steamed vegetables), and exercising (I do Focus T25 because it fits in my schedule). I’m wondering if I will be clean by my test on the 8th. Any ideas?

  646. Excellent, thank you. I do drink a good amount of green tea, so that’s good. I’ll pick up some slow release niacin and try it out. I’ll also be as active as I can and consistently drink water. Good to hear that 3-4 day estimate.

  647. I’ve been told not to use the flush free niacin, as it is ineffective. Buy some slow-release niacin, and take ibuprofen about 30 mins before to avoid flushing. Also, stay away from hot or caffeinated drinks for about an hour before to an hour after taking it. If you do this, you should be able to avoid flushing .
    If you take 1000 mg in the morning and 500 mg at night, plenty of water or green tea, I would guess maybe 3 or 4 days, tops.

  648. Hi I’ve smoked 3 times this year twice in January and once in march about 4 puffs each time I have a hair test in mid June will I pass?

  649. I’ve smoked an average of 6 days a week for the past 4 months, but only 1 small to medium sized hit each night (I use it as a sleeping aid), about 6g in total over those 4 months (high grade, 4/5 potency). I’d describe it as just enough to get a heavy buzz, not quite a full-on high. If I stop today, about how long should it be until I can safely pass a urine test? What about a hair test? I don’t know which test I’ll be taking yet. 6’1″, 140lbs. Might go get some flush-free niacin, and get some better exercise. My diet is already very low fat. I’ll be picking up some at-home urine tests just to be sure.

  650. Hey, I’m 6’0 175 and I’ve smoked twice in the last month. One time being last week and the other time was 3 weeks ago if I drink a lot of water and cranberry juice can I pass my test next week? Especially since I exercise and sweat a lot .

  651. Hi, so um i smoke for the first time about three maybe three and a half weeks ago and it was roughly a gram worth, I am being drug tested today I am 5’3 and 107 lb. I’m pretty sure I will pass, but not sure. Will I?

  652. I have a drug test coming up tomorrow. I have smoked before in the past but i’m not a frequent user. The last time I smoked was the night of the manny/mayweather fight, i’m thinking it was the third of may & it was only about 3-4 hits. Does anyone know if I should be okay for the test tomorrow? Hair & Urine test since i’m not sure which one i’ll be taking.

  653. Yes. I’ve done the same thing in the past. I had to take a drug test and considered myself a heavy user. I took the at home test to make sure I would pass. If you see a faint line then you have nothing to worry about. If you are paranoid about not passing, just drink plenty of water/gatorade

  654. Hi i used to smoke about 5 days out of the week for a couple months and I would go through a little more than an eighth each week. I haven’t smoked in 3 weeks and I have been running everyday for the past 2 weeks, I have to take a drug test soon so I have taken two at home drug tests (about 25$ each) and both times a very faint line came up saying I was negative, but I am nervous because they are faint. Do you think I would pass my drug test if I took it this weekend?

  655. Hey guys. Please help me!
    I smoked for the first time since January on April 11th but just a few hits (3 or 4). I’m 5″4 and 100 pounds. I have a urine drug test tomorrow. Will I be good?

  656. birthdayoops on

    So I took 4 hits on my birthday(may 2nd) its the 20th now it was the first time I got high in months. I have a drug test for a promotion in a week. I’m 5’4 and 250 pound female. I don’t know if I’ll pass…

  657. I smoked April 19th for the first time and took one hit. Took a drug test may 18th. Do you guys think I passed?

  658. I’m 23 years old. I smoke generally every night, but I only take one hit. I weigh 93lbs and I haven’t smoked in 3 days. I meet with my parol officer on June 7th. Should I still test positive then should my system be clean?

  659. Yes if its a urine test. Just drink a lot of water and cranberry juice and be active like run r weight lifting to sweat. U should be good. But hair test idk

  660. Please somebody help me out like two r three weeks ago I took two puff of a joint and they wasn’t heavy puff I barley inhale and it was my first time it didn’t even get me high I’m a male 15 and weight 120. I got to take a hair test do u think I will pass please somebody response I need help

  661. I haven’t smoked in nearly 5 years and about 4 days ago I had 4 drags off a joint. Will I be alright for a drug test I’m 5’10 and roughly 175 lbs?

  662. WILLIE DAVIS on


  663. You should pass as long as its been about 1-3 days. By the 4th day it should be fine. As long as you dont frequently use large quantities.

  664. I smoked on saturday, I had a dime and some rez in a bong, I have a urine test tomorrow and I frequently smoke for medical reasons but im worried I won’t pass. Im 5’5 and about 140 lbs, I drink water a lot lately and ive been working out to the point im so sore I cant move. Will I pass?

  665. I weigh about 150, 5’6. I have a test this upcoming Thursday. I smoked last Saturday. What are my chances of passing….??????

  666. I took 2 hits of a blunt on a thursday, & i have a drug test tmrw which is Wednesday. Will i pass??

  667. I smoked today 5/19 and the day before yesterday 5/17. 6 hits or so each time. I never smoke ever. That was the first time in… Idk 2-3+ plus yrs. I have a urine drug test on 6/9. Will I pass? I’m 5’1″ 119lbs female.

  668. I smoked a couple weeks ago I don’t do it often it was just a couple hits from a bowl. It was on Friday and Saturday. I may have a drug test due to falling at work Im 5″4 150 lbs should I be good or no?

  669. I weigh about 130 and am 5’5″ I smoked on Thursday Friday and Saturday each time only two hits and today I have a drug test will I pass. Also this was the first six hits in three days since 2010

  670. Hi. I weight 245 pounds and my height is 5’8. I don’t smoke often and when I do I take no more than 10 drags (if that). I had a urine test on 4/30. Prior to that I smoked a few times in February and on 3/11, 3/22 and my last time was 3/28. I get my results tomorrow. Do you think that my test will come out negative/positive?

  671. I smoked the end of a blunt on May 6 5 hits, I been drinking a lot of water also taking B12& I only occasionally smoke I was clean for 3 months. I been clean for 14 days now. Will I pass my drug test? I’m nervous go for my drug test today I’m 5’11

  672. Depends. Your weight and height affect how long thc remains in your system. The bigger you are the longer it takes. A month is ideal for most users. Also, drinking a lot of water helps. Good luck.

  673. Same guestion kind of. I’m an occasional smoker and around :May 3 I took a few hits but I’ve been clean since then. a week later I toook an at home test and it was negative with a faint line… will I be clean in a couple days for my piss test? Because I’m told a faint line is still a line.

  674. Same guestion kind of. I’m an occasional smoker and around :May 3 I took a few hits but I’ve been clean since then. a week later I toook an at home test and it was negative with a faint line… will I be clean in a couple days for my piss test? Because I’m told a faint line is still a line.

  675. I’m a heavy smoker and have not smoked in 2 days. I have to do a mouth swab on Thursday. Do you think I’ll test clean or should I take some precautions? (I bought the stat flush pills that comes 5 in a bottle just in case)

  676. I’m 5’7 and 120 lbs. Smoked frequently last month and once about 10 days ago. I also typically drink 60 oz of water a day. Urine drug screen tomorrow, will I be ok?

  677. I’m 6’4, and a slim 210 lbs. I considered myself a moderate user but I hadn’t smoked for a couple weeks and then had a small joint last Thursday and I may be selected for a random test. Any ideas on how long it’ll take for me to test clean? Thanks

  678. Tony Bonanno on

    I used to be a heavy smoker. I’ve only smoked about 4 or 5 times since the beginning of the year and it’s been 47 days since I last smoked. I took one of those dip stick test for my PO on Wednesday (05/12/2015) and passed. I took 2 hits of a small joint that Friday (05/16/2015). How long will it take to get out of my system before my next test. my PO said my next test could take up to 2 weeks. Please let me know. Thanks!

  679. Angel undisguised on

    Hi I smoked weed for two weeks one bag a day then stopped for five days I’m 25 im a woman 5’8 130 pounds will I past the drug test

  680. Hi I smoke weed for two weeks one bag a day then stopped for five days will it show up in my urine test I’m 5’8 130 pounds I drink lots of water

  681. I haven’t smoked weed in 5 days I quit 4 months ago and only smoke 2 times prior to that. I took one small hit of low grade swag on 05/10 will I be clean by 06/01??

  682. I haven’t smoked in 45 days. I took one of those dip stick test for my PO last week and passed. I took 2 hits of a small joint a day ago. How long will it take to get out of my system before my next test. my PO said my next test could take up to 2 weeks.

  683. i kinda hv a urine test tomorrow (18May), i weigh arnd 41kg and my height is abt 148cm. i dnt smoke so frequently as ive been expecting for a urine test. but i decided to take a hit on the 3rd of may. I really risk getting a positive results and from most of the posts I’ve read i should pass but wht do you think. and any advice to jst reensure that i’m all clean

  684. Hello. I’m 22 years old, my weight is 82 kg and my height is 1.80. I need help. I smoked weed before 5 days and my test was positive. The doctor said that i should drink water with honey. Would this help me to clean myself from the weed? Also, I run for 1 hour every day – is that in my favor?

  685. Ok I havent smoked in a year and was at a party on 5/2 and took like 5-6 hits and now I have a job interviwe tomorrow will I pass a pee test if I need to im 5″3. 187 Lbs

  686. I took one big hit of a bong month ago and I smoked a little less than half a gram a little more than 3 weeks ago and that’s all I’ve ever smoked in my life I’m 5’2 and 120 lbs and I have a urine test tomorrow, do you guys think I have a good chance of passing?

  687. Im 5’0 weigh 125. I smoked everyday until the 10th. Got urine test on 15th. Will i pass?..

  688. I smoked on 5-10 and have to take a urine test on 5-15. Will i pass?,.im like 5 even and weigh about 120. I smoke almost everyday until now. Havent smoked in 4 days.

  689. Get a pkg of liquid certo in the canning section mix with half gal of water and drink about 4 hours before test works every time for me

  690. Well I’m trying to get a job this summer and because I’m an idiot I thought it would be a good idea to smoke a blunt and a half before I finished the semester. Anyway that was last Thursday and until then I haven’t been smoking since early December of last year. What I want to know is how long I have until I will be able to pass a urine test because I want to find a job as soon as possible for the summer (I have 4 months until I go back anyway). I’m about 5’9ish and weigh about 250 and like i said that was the first time I’ve smoked in months.

  691. High i never smoked pot before until about a week ago and i did dabs. dabs are straight thc but the percentage was only 10%. then i smoked weed about a bowl and a half. Then i smoked weed again and i smoked a lot and i get drug tested. i and 5″4 and 100 pounds. I have a high matabilisom. i also go out side everyday for about 2 hours and ride skateboard and run around. Ive been drinking lots of water. how long should it be till I’m in the clear i should have anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks before my next test. and it is a urine test and there the cheap kind of test. Should i be negative.

  692. Hi I have been a daily smoker for about a yr and a half to two years. My partner and I used bowls and smoked about an eighth (3.5 grams) every two days. It has been twenty three days since I have last smoked and am wondering if I will be clean with a simple urine dip test?can anyone give me some insight?