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How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System? [Infographic]


“How Long Does Marijuana Stay in your System?” is the most frequently asked question that we receive at HomeHealthTesting.com. While there is no definitive answer, we have presented some guidelines.

The data used to create this infographic is gathered from research on drug testing methods and the information presented by drug screen manufacturers. Some resources include Redwood ToxicologyCannabis Drug TestingCalifornia NORML. The information presented is only a guide or estimate since drug testing has many variables that can influence a positive or negative outcome. The only way to really know if you are positive is to test yourself. You can test yourself with a cheap drug test. Buy a THC urine drug test.

How long does THC stay in your system?

The most common drug tests used are urine, saliva and hair. Each test has a different detection time which is important to know. The urine drug test is the most commonly used because it is cheap and has a longer detection time than a saliva test. There are several very important factors that can influence how long THC will be present in your urine:

  • Weight
  • Body Fat
  • Amount Used
  • Frequency of Use

Since these factors will vary greatly for each individual, there are no definitive guidelines to tell you how long you can test positive for THC.

On a Urine Drug Test, THC will appear as a positive within 2-5 hours of use. How long it will still show on a urine drug test is estimated based on frequency of use, but does not take into account the weight and body fat of the marijuana user:

  • One Time User may show positive for 1-6 days
  • Moderate User may show positive for 7-13 days
  • Frequent User may show positive for 15 or more days
  • Heavy User may show positive for 30 or more days
  • Some Heavy Pot Smokers have reported being positive 45-90 days after quitting

On a Saliva Drug Test, THC will test positive within one hour of use, but may only show positive for about 12 hours after last use.

On a Hair Drug Test, THC will show up about 7 days after use and most hair drug tests will test for a 90 day period. However, THC does not always bind to the hair follicle which makes it not always considered an accurate testing method for marijuana use.

The most reliable way to know if you are testing positive for marijuana use is to drug test yourself.

How long does marijuana stay in your system?
By: HomeHealthTesting.com


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  • Ukelele

    Finally! I’ve been trying to find an answer to this question for ages and nobody could give me anything but vague estimates. Thank you for this! :)

  • Joe

    Americans will always give up their freedoms for the illusion of safety – George Carlin
    Drug testing is a joke & a violation of your rights. First off most hard drugs only stay in your system for a couple days even a hardcore crackhead can clean himself up in a few days. Weed is the only drug that stays in the system for a long time so it’s basically a witch hunt against weed. Funny because weed is not only the safest drug it is also prescribed in a lot of cases. It’s offensive that someone who is dealing with something like cancer could lose their job because they are using weed to help combat the symptoms of the disease. That is sickening let these morons who are testing get cancer & see how quick they change their opinions. You should be judged on your performance on the job & if your a good employee why should these corporate assholes have their noses in your business? They are looking at your bodily fluids! Is nothing sacred anymore? Also for those that say well if you don’t smoke weed you have nothing to worry about. Wrong. These companies are paid by the companies who hired them & there are no guidelines to what they can look for if you are on anti depressants or you are diabetic exc…. They can also see that & that can influence their decision on whether they hire you. Today weed tomorrow alcohol next day they’ll test you for eating to much sugar. Sad

    • Frank

      that’s so true good point ^^

    • Eric

      It’s a good point, but it is already considered unprofessional and will get you fired to work drunk. Same goes for being high. Companies don’t care about the law or your performance reviews. It’s the unpredictability of your actions under the influence. That and it’s the law so its an easy out to fire someone they don’t like.

      • dale gross

        The so-called unpredictability of someone who smokes pot or has been convicted of a crime is the most specious reason for doing something ever known to man. It’s like a rapist claiming he was only conducting the public service of a gynecological exam.

    • KapKappn Kronix

      Drug tests are not a violation of freedoms bc you voluntarily submit to drug tests. I’m assuming your referring to the 4th amendment which is a contract between the people and the government…not between employee and employer. If you are speaking of the government testing citizens you are partially right…granted the “search and seizure” is unwarranted. In the case of the workforce: most employers have in employee contracts the policy of drug tests and usually a dismissal if there is a refusal to test or a positive result is found. You don’t have to sign the contract, but once signed it is a legal document and they may dismiss you per the contract.

      • dale gross

        Yeah, but there is a price to pay if you refuse. It’s like offering someone a year in jail or the amputation of both arms with a dull knife and without anesthesia, and then saying the person went to jail on their own volition.

  • even if they are 3 feet long and 8 years old or better? my hair (smrk)

  • drug testing hurts society by causing people to use hard drugs which are gone in 2-3 days after use where marijuana stays longer. This forces people to use the hard drugs. Drug testing makes money by stealing your right to privacy rights and you testify against yourself. (Timothy Leary defense)

  • The best test is to desiccate the subject, grind to a fine powder and apply spectral analysis.

  • VeroCray

    I smoked 2 small hits from a small pipe and I’m 4’11 and weigh 139, but i smoked it 3 weeeks ago, will it show up in a urine test?

    • jim

      you should be fine if you are worried drink lots of water today not the day of the test (some test will show diluted) and mabe a niacin just to burn off any small fat cells that might have held on … hpe this helps … good luck!

  • Michelle

    I havent smoked pot in over a year, if I take 1 hit, whats your guess at how long it will take to be gone…im female, 5’8″ & 200 lbs

    • joey

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      • Joey’s audience

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      • d

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        • latinalover.

          i took 6 hits and have a drug test on mondaay . this is my first time smoking in over 7 months . . will i be okay ??

      • smitty

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        • Rath

          If you’re 5′ 10″ and 200 lbs. and people are calling you hot, then you’re either a) a jacked man who hits the gym or b) There is no b.

          Any woman that’s 5′ 8″ and 200 lbs needs to put down the pot and buy some Slim-Fast shakes instead and go raid the treadmill. Sorry to bust up in here with the truth and all.

          • Dartmouth ’11

            I disagree, I’ve seen some fine women in the 200 lb range, especially at 5’10. That’s tall as fuck for a woman. I’m 6ft 4 so I like my ladies tall. Your short pitiful ass can stick with string beans. Real women have curves.

          • Rath

            You like your ladies tall, that’s great. I’m 6′ 2″ and I like my ladies between 5′ and 5′ 6″. I hate to break it to you, but science has consistently proven the most desirable waist to hip ratio is 0.65-0.75 and the most desirable BMI is around 17-23, with some variance between. Guess who else figured that out? Hugh Hefner. If you take the average of all Playboy centerfolds, those are the dimensions in which they fall.

            So if you want to be a chubby chaser or go after the female bodybuilders, that’s fine, but realize that you are not in the majority and accept that, but please stop with the pathetic male feminist schtick. It just reinforces your lack of manhood.

          • Dartmouth ’11

            First of all, WHR isn’t solely dependent on weight, it’s more strongly correlated with body type (hour glass vs box). Plenty skinny models fail that test. Another thing, not everyone likes fake tits and plastic surgery (I don’t), and there’s very few women on playboy (without butt and breast implants) that aren’t naturally flat as boards. It’s a massive turn off. I like tall athletic women, I’ve seen plenty in the 200 lb range that could be plus size models, some of them could probably kick your ass too. Only a loser gets off on calling women fat. There’s better ways to build your self-esteem.

          • Rath

            How are you coming up with the ridiculous bullshit you’re coming up with?

            My mother is 5′ 8″. She weighs 140 lbs. She weighed 130 when she was in her 20s/30s/40s. She wasn’t fat, wasn’t skinny, but she was SLENDER. Something very few Americans in general are. Sorry buddy, but you’re just full of shit and can’t – or worse – won’t admit it.

            Gina Carano. She’s 5′ 8″ too. She hovers between 140 and 150 and she’s a freakin’ MMA fighter. To pack on another 50-60 lbs. of muscle onto a woman and she’d clearly look like a female bodybuilder… if you pack that much fat on, she’d be obese – you know, the clinical definition for “fat”.

            Sorry if medical terminology and basic common sense offend you, but I live in reality, why don’t you come live there with the rest of us?

          • Dartmouth ’11

            You clearly don’t know what thick is (or maybe you don’t find “thick” women attractive), nor can you speak for anyone but yourself about what constitutes attractiveness. Thick would be Betty Heidler, a famous German hammer thrower whose 183 5’9 (you see I’m a former track athlete so the girls I know are throwers, and they by no means are “fat” or “bodybuilders”. They’re muscular sure, but no where near as muscular as a bodybuilder). Thick certainly doesn’t follow “slender” in my book. Slender people have no curves, they are skin and bones, no tits no ass, unattractive. Studies on porn support this. When people take off their clothes, they don’t want to see super model slender, they want some fat or “meat” on there. Remove all the plastic surgery from the world and you’ll change the average weight of a model overnight (the underweight girls you see on runways with more plastic than a toy factory, wouldn’t cut it anymore). And you’re referring to a hyper fit fighter whose 2 inches shorter than the height we’re talking about here. Fighters weigh in light. Floyd Mayweather is 5’8 150. You gonna compare yourself to him too? I know a long distance runner whose 5’7 130, he’s not that attractive. Bodybuilders weigh in fairly light as well (considering their perceived size), they oftentimes have body fat percentages hovering between 2-4% for men and 5-10% for women. Everyone is a bodybuilder inside, they just need to get their fat percentages down. I think what you really mean is a power lifter. They tend to be some of the most dense people on earth. NFL football players fit this theme as well. And yea when I say athletic, I wouldn’t mind power lifters; though I like em with a little more fat than that (i.e. a power lifter out of season or a thrower).

            By the way I think it’s time I teach you something about BMI and following “common sense” (which tends to be uneducated nonsense), since you want to be a smart ass. BMI was invented in Belgium back in the mid to late 1800s for social reasons. It wasn’t something initially used in science nor was it made for medical reasons. A statistician and social scientist by the name of Adolphe Quartelet invented it after conducting a study and realizing that the most popular individuals he studied fit within a certain BMI. It was initially known as the Quartelet index. It took more than a century for it to catch on. The only reason it’s even used in science today is because a high BMI is correlated with having a high concentration of visceral fat inside (which can lead to heart disease, inflammation, sudden death as well as other things) and the index itself is very easy to use. However, it by no means is conclusive. Individuals with high BMI’s that exercise regularly are less likely to have damaging visceral fat, than skinny people whom don’t. As such there’s something called “skinny fat”. Skinny fat people tend to create those rare cases involving people that drop dead suddenly without warning or genetic defect, despite a good overall appearance. Also BMI’s place athletes higher on the scale than their body fat percentages would predict. Lastly, BMI’s aren’t good tools for individual diagnosis of health issues (except in extreme cases), they’re much better at being predictors of an entire population. So when you follow “common sense” and use BMI as if it’s a credible predictor for individual use, I hope that someday you figure out how much of a dumb ass you’re being. Anyways just wanted to give you some background before you go all “scientific” on me. I graduated from an Ivy League school (my user name isn’t for show) so “basic common sense” and “medical terminology” doesn’t scare me.

            Aside: Here’s another rip on common sense, Napoleon wasn’t short. His measurements were in French feet, he was actually 5’7 (not 5’2) which was above average (a bit tall) back then.

            Aside #2: Another rip on common sense, it’s impossible to tone (target and lose fat from a specific area by exercising that area) one area of the body. Rather your body decides where the fat you burn is lost from. Toning most often leads to an increase in size in the targeted area because the muscles get bigger.

            I could go on all day about how dumb “common sense” is, but I’ve got better things to do.

          • Rath

            K, here you go buddy… since you wanted to bring porn into it.


            There you are. Read it and weep. And you clearly don’t have better things to do because you keep replying after I’ve shown how idiotic your points are, over and over.

          • Dartmouth ’11

            This is such an easy argument with you using articles like this to make your point. You’re also going off track in the argument. This isn’t about ideal attractiveness, this about whether a woman whose 5’10 200 lbs can be attractive. If her WHR is .7, the answer is yes. But before I get into that, you’re missing two key factors about porn stars which are both highlighted here: http://www.femininebeauty.info/adult-actresses

            #1 porn stars report their weights low. As such the average reported weight of porn stars which is a BMI of 16 falls below the ideal studied BMI of 19-22 (depends on the study).

            #2 These women have breast and butt implants. As I’ve already stated, natural stars weigh in higher. It’s extraordinarily rare to find someone with the proportions that these stars have, without implants. And most white women lack the asses these women have. Go to a cheap strip club where the women can’t afford implants and you’ll understand what I’m talking about here.

            The porn stars of the past (before implants) were much heavier, their BMIs were closer to 20. And even they were considered thin. Furthermore, would you consider a pornstar representative of the average attractive lady you see in person? I wouldn’t, they’re fantasies. But all this is pointless…. (see below)

            Here’s a wonderful quote from that article summarizing what I’ve already said. BMI isn’t a good predictor of attractiveness, WHR is.

            “To conclude, whereas Voracek and Fisher are right about the limited
            ecological validity of most research on women’s physical
            attractiveness, porn stars and nude models appear to be a poor choice
            with respect to assessing heterosexual men’s optimal preferences,
            especially if the analysis relies on their reported anthropometric
            measurements. On another note, Singh and Randall (2007) have recently published a study involving micro-fat grafting where it was shown that WHR is related to women’s attractiveness independently
            of BMI.” <– BOOYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            When I said studies of porn reveal men's preferences, I wasn't referring to BMI studies, I was referring to studies on proportions and WHR ratios. Men like the appearance of fat on hourglass figures. The weight or BMI isn't all that important, the body type is.

            In addition to this, you clearly didn't read the bottom of the article you used: "Emmanuel Goldstein is a pompous git who enjoys the company of girly mistresses, spirited men, endless buffets and luxurious clothes." At least that guy knows he's being a douche-bag, why don't you?

            Your source is a joke. But let me put BMI and "obesity" into context. These tests aren't very good predictors in our society. Unless you want to claim that two thirds of women whom are overweight or half of women, whom are obese, are therefore ugly by your standards, you really need to grow a bit more realistic about this.

            "BMI appeared to provide a far less accurate picture among women,
            possibly because women lose muscle mass faster than men as they age, the
            study notes. Nearly half of the women were considered obese according
            to body fat percentage but not BMI [in addition to the half that are already considered obese by BMI], compared to just one-quarter of the
            men." – CNN

            Of course, you also completely ignored the part where I mentioned athletic women. Because these studies do not focus on athletic women, whom tend to have more muscle than the average lady and weigh considerably more. But that doesn't matter, my point remains. WHR is the best predictor, BMI isn't all that good at predicting attractiveness.

            And if we were to lower the BMI standard to actually gauge for obesity this would be the results:

            "By that standard, a 5-foot 6-inch woman and a 5-foot 11-inch man would
            be considered obese at about 150 and 200 pounds, respectively." Just about every NFL player out there would be considered obese and unattractive (same for a lot of female baseball players and throwers). Running backs weigh in at 200-220 in the NFL. It's clearly got major issues without other tests to check for body fat percentage (such as a leptin test).

            "Testing for blood levels of the hormone leptin could boost the
            usefulness of BMI, the study suggests. Leptin, which helps regulate
            energy and appetite, was strongly associated with body fat percentage in
            the study, and it has previously been linked to obesity-related health
            complications." – CNN (http://www.cnn.com/2012/04/03/health/obesity-rates-maybe-worse/)

            But this is only its medical usefulness, not attractiveness usefulness. Again WHR is most important not BMI or obesity level. There are exceptions in extreme cases (morbidly obese, women with the wrong body type whom get implants). But my point stands. A 5'10 200 lb woman can be attractive, especially if her WHR is .7. End of story. You lose again.

            Anyways to summarize everything because you're clearly not getting it:
            #1 Pornstars lie about their weight
            #2 A large majority have implants (which unnaturally alters their WHR)
            #3 WHR is the best predictor of attractiveness not obesity or BMI (which aren't strongly correlated with attractiveness)
            #4 BMI is only useful in population studies, not in individual cases (except in extreme cases like morbidly obese)
            #5 The article you used to make your point is a joke, it doesn't even use much evidence to back its claim.
            #6 The guy who wrote the article, in his own words, is a "pompous git," why can't you realize that you are too?
            #7 Men like the appearance of porn stars – the ideal WHR, the large breast and assess – but in reality these can only be produced naturally by larger females, overweight even obese, by today's standards.
            #8 This argument isn't about what the ideal attractiveness is, you seem to believe I'm arguing that the ideal is fat. Wrong I'm arguing that a woman whose 5'10, 200 lbs can be attractive. It's an individual case. Would you say the German hammer thrower I mentioned before is ugly? She's pretty close to 5'10 200lbs, especially when she's not competing or under-reporting her weight (like every other woman on the planet).
            #9 Models (including porn stars with implants) fall below the natural ideal preferences of men.
            #10 A 5'10 200 lb woman can be attractive and medically overweight (if not obese depending on her fat percentage) at the same time!

            My sources:

          • Dartmouth ’11

            and if it wasn’t clear enough, this is what I’m saying too: http://www.upworthy.com/5-minutes-of-what-the-media-actually-does-to-women-8?c=reccon1

  • Droc1028

    I last smoked 50 days ago and just took a drug test today will I pass

  • 420

    I was a heavy smoker everyday for years im 5’11 175 and my piss was clean in30 days and dat was a labratory test for probation

  • This guy Joey is a true Jack. And if you read his crap you’ll find he’s also a Dick. Thats alot of bullshit to answer a cool chick by saying she’s fat. I will let all bloggers know too you suck dick!

  • Tiffany

    i smoked 3 weeks ago, over the course of two months consumed about 3 to 4 grams max. Not much in my opinion. Im 5 feet tall weigh about 145pounds. i have a drug test tomorrowwill it still show up?

    • GhettO1stamendment

      Tough call depends on a lot of factors- metabolism so on, run to the pharmacy grab a THC DIY kit “20-bucks” and you will find out in a couple of min.

      • tiffany


        • craker

          i havent smoked in over a year and on accident i took a really small hit i dident hold it in i have a hair follicle in two weeks will i pass

  • Tim

    I’m 5’8” and weight 130 pounds. I have smoked every day for the past 2 weeks. Will I pass my drug test about 3 weeks from now?

    • mac999

      prob not i smoked everyday 10 times a day been clean now 30 days and still failing :( need to pass in 2 days time….looking bad.

    • Kappn Kronix

      Idk what mac999 was smoking…but I have your build 5’8″ 130. I smoked 5-6 days/week for the past 4 months. I tested negative twice after the 7 & 8 day of abstinence. I’m currently at 3 weeks and army recruiter pre-UDS for MEPS…still clean. Fat burning/high metabolism is key to release THC metabolites out of fat cells, into the bloodstream, and excreted through stools and urine.

  • mike

    I’m due to start a job with a major transport company in may they do the hair test I last smoked late October early November will it still show up in my hair?

  • og

    I smoked a joint and I got a drug test in two days for saliva will I pass??

  • greeneyes21

    I four hits of a blunt last Friday night and I have a drug test tomorrow morning. I havent smoked in 2yrs. Im 5’4 and 158 lbs. Do you all think I will pass tomorrow or should I just go ahead and start looking for another job?!

  • Sheridan Taylor

    I took 4hits of a blunt last Friday evening…I was told today that I have to take a drug test tomorrow morning. I haven’t smoked in 3 years…I’m 5’4 and 156 lbs. Do you all think I will pass or should I just start looking for another job now?? PLEASE RESPOND AND GIVE ME YOUR OPINION… THANK YOU!!

    • Used to smoke

      Tell us what happened :-)

    • Kiso

      What was the outcome?

  • concerned

    I’m a very active 21 year old male, do frequent weight training 5’9 145lbs, approx 10% body fat. I smoke about a bowl or two every night. What are the estimations of how long it will take to get out of my system? Thanks.

  • tyshell

    I just took a oral drug test for kroger.I’m a heavy weed smoker but I wash my mouth out with peroxide and altoid and mouthwash than brush.you think I’ll pass?

  • Tamar

    I havent smoked pot in 4 months nd I just started smoking pot a week ago nd i just found out i have to take a drug test this week. Im 5’1 nd weigh 120. Will it show up in a urine test?

  • Leila

    It’s been 4 weeks since I last smoked, and I’m still testing positive. I’m a 5’6″, 125 pound active female with a fast metabolism and little body fat. I was, however, a heavy smoker, so I’m interested to see if it actually takes 90 days to test clean.

  • Uma

    Last Day I smoked was March 19th. I had smOked approximately one joint every day from Feb 14th To March 19th. 5’8″ 200lbs. If in testes tomorrow should I be positive?

  • shylowe

    can the medication protonix cause a positive u/a for TCH ?

    • Bariumzone


  • genevia

    I am 17 and about 200 pounds i took about 2hits and barely inhaled and.i took a spit drug test 2 weeks after will i fail?

  • disqus_pKW3v5o2Os

    I took two draws of a joint a week ago today, and havnt smoked for over 3 months before this. I’m about 164cms and weigh about 68kgs. I do go to the gym Atleast once a week. Will I be clear to do a medical drug test in a week?

    • Eric

      We don’t understand the metric system, so you should be fine.

  • I smoked on the 24 of march it’s now April 10th and I smoked like three times a day but I smoke in groups so would that lower the chances? And what do you think the chances are that I pass a drug test today? I’m 5ft and 125

  • Sasha

    I hit two puffs off a blunt four days ago. I was clean from pot for 60 days prior to smoking. I have a drug test tomorrow which will make my 5th day since smoking. Will I pass

    • ben

      It really depends on what kind of test you have. If it’s saliva your for sure fine. As for urine I would say you have a pretty good chance of passing, but there are many variables (body weight, metabolism, prior use of cannabis) Since you were clean for awhile 2 puffs probably won’t cause detectable thc levels in your body, just make sure you get your mid stream piss in the cup.

  • Kingrocker77

    I’m a big guy (5,6 and 250 lbs), i’ve been losing weight by weightlifting (dramatically uping my metabolism). While the size of everything has gone down (gutwise n other areas i carry fat), i still have a long way to go. if i were to try it one time,how long do u think it would be in my system?
    Thank You

    • DavidTheExpert

      One time? Not very long. Maybe a week at most. You’d probably be good after about 3 days. People who smoke regularly are the ones where it is detectable for longer.

  • bobbyg

    Ok urine, saliva, and hair, but not blood. How long does tic stay in blood?

  • Eric

    Smoked a gram with my friend Tuesday night. Smoked 4 times that night and once in the morning on Wednesday. I was supposed to take a drug test today (3 days later) but I put it off until sometime next week. I’m going to take it Thursday morning, so that’s 8 days later — according to this I should be fine. To sum it up…

    Smoked very little 8 days prior to test, not for 3 months before that.
    130 pounds – 5’11” (Skin and bones working in my favor for once)

    I’ll post back with the outcome, but what does everyone thing how long?

    • Brad

      Even though you don’t smoke often, that smoking you did do might still be enough to get a positive on a test. You can always try one of those detox drinks, but another suggestion to save yourself some money since those drinks are pretty expensive is to buy some cranberry juice and a bottle of vitamin b-12. (assuming that its a urine test) A couple of hours or so before you plan on taking the test, take a few pills and drink either two liters of cranberry juice or one liter of cranberry juice and one liter of water. The cranberry juice will dilute your system for a few hours, a number of these testing sites would notice that and may make you retake it at a future date, which is where the vitamin b-12 pills come into play, they will put the color back in your urine, so it will appear normal when its in fact diluted. I hope this helps ya.

  • Cheer

    I took two small hits about a week ago & i ddnt het high… My cheer place might do drug tests which would be about 2 or more weeks after . Im 5’1 & weigh 126 … Would i fail…?

  • Shank

    I’m 5’6 and smoked 2 hits out of a pipe 4 days ago. This is my 2nd time smoking and the first time was 6 months ago. I have a drug test in 4 days will i be ok?

    • Noah

      You should be okay, but follow advice from others about drinking lots of water, possibly taking that Niacin shit and you’ll be fine. The graph seems to indicate that 1st time users who are of good fitness will be clean in 1-2 days.

  • California John

    California Man here, I had a medical cannabis card that expired December 2012 and I stopped smoking, was under a doctors care for this and replaced the pot with a anxiety pill adivan, and was injured due to a company manufactured tool and had to take a urine test. Well it’s been 5 months and the urine test for marijuana cam back POSITIVE!! I smoked about 1.5oz a month for many years and my doctor said it could stay 6 months to a year because of the amount I used and the quality. Is there any legal recourse that I can take because the Company never gave a pre employment drug screen and the equipment I was using that the Company designed failed causing sever injury to my rib cage. I was terminated today…

  • Klove

    Long time smoker cleaned up took an at home test and it was clean. It’s been well over a month since that. I smoked 2 pinch hits 9 days ago and 2 more 5 days ago. I weigh about 185 and I 5’6″. I quit cause I was waitin to get promoted and was told it wasn’t going to happen for awhile now there is a good possibility that it is. Worried that I won’t pass the urine test now!

  • heyyyyy

    my hubby and I were heavy smokers for about 5 yrs but recently had to quit for random drug testing, We quit maybe 2 1/2 weeks ago and have been taking niacin like its candy to try and get clean fast. We arent sure as to how long it will take for us to get clean which is scary because we could be tested any day now! I weigh 103 and am 5’4″ and my hubby is about 6′ weighing 150 lbs. Do you think we will be clean soon?

  • Freeme

    Smoked on a Saturday about 4 hits drug test on a wensday, haven’t smoked in 10 yrs will I pass a urine test?

    • Freeme

      Also I took a at home test it was negative.

  • checota

    I have something to add to that . My friend is a heavy user and when he has an appointment he will smoke until bedtime . The next morning soon as he wakes he starts drinking coffee then water non stop. He passes the test every time .

  • thisisbullshit

    I took a drug test last month and it was 103… took drug test this month and it was 116. how in the hell does that happen? havent smoked in three months…



  • mira123

    Will I pass my Silvia test? Only smoked once 20 days ago?!?!?!?!?!?! Place help!!!!!!!!

    • pokahontis

      HELLLL YEA! You’ll pass with a breeze. You have nothing at all to worry about!

  • ryan tran

    i vaped about a week ago, and i rarely blaze, i have a test coming up tomorrow and i was wondering, will i pass???

    • ryan

      6 days ago to be exact, will consider it 7 days in 9 hours

  • Tiffani

    I hit a joint 3 times every 3 months…I hit 3 times 20 days ago,am I clean? Have a random test coming in a few days!

  • green

    I smoked a skimpy blunt of loud and two small roaches about two weeks ago. I get pee tested in 13 days. I weigh 135, 5″1 and drink lots of water and take two cranberry pills a day. I’m also getting sonnes #7 and its a dip test. Will i be okay?

  • thatguy1234

    I took 4 small hits off a blunt on wed around noon and didn’t hold it long. I had a saliva test today (saturday). Do you think I passed? I also scrubbed the side of my gum until it was raw. drank 3 cups of water the night before and a bottle of water 10 minutes before the test. i also put cling wrap on the side of my gum where the test goes during the test.

  • plmh

    I was wonderin i havebeen clean a mth…screwef up took 2 hits today may have to take urine test 2morrow…any chance ill b clean!??

    • efjfdjddfeggfv43

      did you pass?

  • Tyler

    I smoked exactly 2 weeks ago still have to make my appt for test I smoked about 5 grams a week for around 2 months. I’m 5’8 230 lbs not too fat played college football and was a fullback giving you an idea of my body fat. When should I be clean? Please help

  • Crispy

    I smoked pot for the first time on may 11 (never before that and never after) and I went for a test today (May 29) so almost after 18 days. I took all the precautions assuming its a urine test but unfortunately they took the hair samples. I weigh 190 p and 5’8 tall. Will the test be negative?

  • Ann Barnett

    My son smoked almost every day for the last 8 months. Quit 25 days ago, he is 5’11” and weighs about 140lb. What are the chances he will test negative?

  • Mike

    I’ve been a heavy smoker for more than 20+ years and I’ve decided to quit so I have a better chance of getting a job as many test now. I quit 3 weeks ago and I’m 5’7 and 150 lbs at age 51…How long, at the most, should I expect it to show up in my system?

    • nf1del

      I’ve been clean for over 8 weeks and am still dropping dirty.

  • jk69

    I smoked for about 6 days and maybe half a gram to a gram a day I was clean for a month prior, I’m 5’11” and 180lbs, I have a probabtion ua in 24 days and I’m on my second day of being clean should I pass!

  • Chad

    Mike I stopped smoking 22 days ago I was a 8th a day smoker maybe a little more.. In those 22 day I smoke twice only a bowel each time I’m 6″5 240 pounds any idea one when I’ll be clean or how to try and clean up in a week??

  • bhg1000

    6 ft, 220 lbs. Male.

    Until February, 2013 I was a daily user, maybe 1 or 2 hits per day during the week, a couple bowls on the weekends shared with my wife.

    Quit completely from February 10th to May 8th expecting to be tested for job. Passed an initial lab test in early April but continued NOT smoking because I was going for a different job.

    On May 8th & 9th, I had 3 small tokes total (I should not have done that, I know)

    On June 3rd I passed a 50 ng/ml cut-off home test from Wal Mart with a nice solid line. 2nd or 3rd void of the day and I did not drink a lot of water… just my usual coffee in the morning.

    Just got back from my lab test, June 4th. Tested with 3rd void of the day. I drank some water this morning, but not a lot…maybe 16-20oz. I drank about 8 oz of fresh OJ, and my usual coffee. Took a multi-vitamin about an hour before my test to make sure my sample had good yellow color.

    Looking for reassurrance I guess… thoughts?

  • KorySativa

    1. For two weeks+, run like its your job and drink plenty of water

    2. Days leading up to your test, eat plenty fiber

  • jbw328

    This past Friday, I was drug tested by my new pain management doctor. It was exactly 13 days after I’d last smoked and it was negative! I smoke maybe once a week, sometimes less — not a heavy smoker at all. I was quite surprised, I thought it took 30 days to get out of your system. It did show positive for amphetamines though because I take Adderall.

    My BF’s job does random drug tests – they just show up at the quarry with a cup and you piss then & there. No warning and no time to do anything as far as masking or fake urine, etc. We are going to Amsterdam in a couple weeks… He’s gonna start a detox deal on the flight home, he said. Hope it works in case he’s tested. He never smokes anymore because of the potential test at work – but we’re going to Amsterdam!

  • ruben

    i have a question i ate a brownie because i work at the hemcom event in san jose and im worried because in my other job i am taking a hair test will it show up it was a lil piece and i was around the mary j for 3 days straight will this effect me

  • dogs

    Hi im an amateur I ate a g raw I know I was stupid but better than getting caught will it show up in a blood test

  • Ryan Michael

    i need to find out how long marijuana cookies stay in your system for!

  • NicholasA

    I’m 5’11 and 139 pounds. not fat, not active, just lazy. Anyways I got a couple hits off a bong about 12 days ago and it was only like my third time smoking so, would i pass the drug test i have this Thursday?

  • Safari92

    I’m 5’5 weighing about 280 and I smoked lik 3-4 times. The last time was in early march. Could it still be in my system?

    • A.K.

      No it’s pretty much long gone out of your system. As long as you have been drinking water in the past etc.

  • Samantha

    I two small hits from a blunt three days ago and I might be getting drug tested in two days.. I’ve ran a mile and half today and planning to keep doing so until that day and I’ve been drinking a lot of liquids. I’m 5’2 and weigh about 115.. Do you think it’s possible I can pass the test?? Please help me!

    • kycountry

      niacin tabs at any pharmacy or health food store. take two or three daily then maybe five the day before your visit. they will make you shakey so don’t overdo it. good luck. peace.

  • A.K

    Niacin pills help flush it out. Get the non flush kind and drink only water. You’ll be fine. It worked for me. I’m 5’1 130 lbs

  • Paco

    I smoke Sunday n got tested today witch is Thursday it’s 4 days I smoke one time every other month I’m 6’1 195 I work out n drink a lot of water n work in d heat so I sweat alot. Could it still b in my system

    • kycountry

      yes….sorry to say. i found it out the hard way. i’m 6’1 205 and i drink water all day long due to some meds i take which make me extremely thirsty. i smoked maybe 4 times during a month and stopped 21 days prior to a dr visit. it showed in a urine sample.

  • sue mee

    how long can prison visitor scans trace cannabis after smoking

  • joe

    I smoked twice (only a few hits) with a 4 day period. I was drug tested 17 days later. I haven’t smoked in years before that. I weigh 155 pounds and am approximately 6 feet tall. I excersice daily…opinions?

  • keandrea

    im 5’2″ and i weigh 118 i smoked 3-4 blumts on my graduation da on may23. do think its out of my system. thats the only time ive smoked

  • helpmeplz

    Im 5’7 weigh 198. I only smoke mid and take a couple hits from a bowl every day or so…. I have a drug test whoch would allow me 20 of no smoking……. do you think have time or should I get my friend to pee for me?

  • Cami

    I’m 5’2″ and weigh 118lbs. I smoke around 1-2 joints a day for 15 years. Just got called back for an interview and I know I’ll have to take a drug test if I get the job. If I quit now, would it be possible for me to get it out of my system within 2 weeks and what would I need to do/take?

  • Ta’Hara aka HappyMomma

    I’m 5’9″ and I weigh 124.6 lbs. I smoke a joint a day sometimes two for around 12 days now. How long do you think it will stay in my system if I quit tomorrow?

  • Bosco464646

    Alright so I smoked on may 20-22 prolly about a 4.0 bag slip between 4 ppl. I know that stuff is out of my system because it has been 27days. Now my question is if I smoked yesterday night out of a bong and took about 4 hits and it was from a medical dispencary and I got ripped as hell. How long do you thing it’ll take for it not to show up in a urine test. I am also 5’6″ 185lbs. I start job training tomorrow but I’m not sure when ill get drug tested and why kind of drug test will be givin.

    • dgand

      Your probably allowed 50ng/ml in a urine test. I think that test requires that you provide them with 45ml of urine in the sample cup.

      Why dont you get a test kit and see for yourself. Then you will know.

      Good luck.

  • gaby

    i smoked 4 days ago and have a urine test tomorrow, im 5’3 and weigh about 110, will i pass?

    • chuck

      No, better get a synthetic urine kit. it works

  • Miguel

    I’m 6 foot and weigh 195 lbs. I have been a heavy user for 3 years. Have not used in about a month. I am very active, I lift weights medium and heavy 6 days a week and play basketball at least twice a week. I also consume different supplements, protein every day, and sometimes some creatine. About how long should it stay in my system.

    • josh

      month and a half

    • chuck

      exercise is keeping the THC in your system longer. and creatine acts as a masking agent. Automatic fail at the lab. I know because I tried the creatine thing years ago and the lady that called me from the lab said there were abundant traces of creatine in my urine and that my test would be counted as dirty.

  • Boss guy

    I stop smoking for 35 days will I pass a drug-test? I workout but I am heavy guy so what do u think ?

  • thizzatino

    koool so if I smoke on a friday and get swabed on Monday il be good then?

  • Nikki

    I’m 5’4 and 210 pounds. I smoked on Sunday of last week and have totake a drug test on Monday for my new job. What are the chances of me being clean? I’m not a frequent smoker. I smoked at the beginning of June also but not much.

  • abserenity

    Anyone know if the application of thc through the skin (lotion) will show up in a drug test? Are they looking for active delta 9? I know that the thc isn’t modified by the liver when applied through the skin so therefore the psychoactive properties of thc don’t happen – it doesn’t get to the brain. So can it be detected and show positive in a UA? I am asked that alot.

  • Ash

    I’m 5’7″, weigh 115 lbs, and I have a drug test coming up. I smoked 5 days ago, but I only smoke marijuana once every 2-3 months and only a few hits when I do so I was wondering approximately how long it would take to get out of my system if I don’t drink water regularly?

  • rose

    Ii weigh 145 at 5’7
    was daily light smokerr stop vor bout 15 days then smoked bout .5 g over past 3 days i donate plasma nd drink plenty water nd sweat alot i have a test on Mon morning nd will donate plasma Sunday willi be ok or shall i sure gel?

  • foryourinfo

    fyi..Im 5’8″, 259lbs, smoked everyday for 1 yr, after work, and weekends. it took 97 days to pee clean. then after one month took three mondo hits, and it tool seven days to pee clean.

  • Dayday Septemberz Own

    im 5’1,i weigh 120 I’ve been smoking since I was 12 years old,i smoked about 2 joints a day,my last joint was about 3 minutes ago but it was very small basiclly it was a roche,my next drug test will be on july 31,my question is how long does weed stay in the system?

    • josh

      your going to test positive unless you Buy Certo (It is used in home canning, like sure-gel) mix one packet with one gallon of water and drink this at least one day before your test. It does work.


    I’m 5’5 and weigh 135llbs. I used to be a regular smoker for about a year now but I have been clean for the last 2 weeks. I have a drug test coming soon. Is there anything I can do to clean my system faster? I already drink alot of water and I go to the gym every other day. PLEASE HELP!

    • josh

      Buy Certo (It is used in home canning, like sure-gel) mix one packet with one gallon of water and drink this at least one day before your test. It does work. if you don’t u wont pass and drink lots of water and excrise alot

      • chuck

        once again, DO NOT EXERCISE. I don’t know where the hell some of you get your info.

  • kyle

    I smoked every day for the past 3 years or so. I have quite smoking now for 40 days. Moderate exercise doing a little bit each day but not sweating too much so not too strenuous. I am male six foot tall and 200 points so average weight. I have a drug test tomorrow, do I have anything to worry about.

  • fatty
  • Mary

    I’m 5’7 weight 143 body fat percentage 22% I work out Monday-Friday smoke once a week an every weekend. I’m definitely a light weight so with 3-4 small hits I’m goooddddd. Last time I smoked was exactly one week ago. Most likely, I wil be getting a drug test within the next 2 weeks or so for a new job question is am I at risk of failing my test???…. Help?!

    • loine

      my g your should be good, the working out helps your body get it out your system

      • chuck

        actually, working out RELEASES old cannabinols into your system. try not to work out or do too much strenuous activity as THC is stored in your fat cells. And when you burn fat, the THC is re-released into your blood. DO NOT EXERCISE!

        • Austin

          You don’t know what you’re talking about dude. Stop replying to everyone with your bullshit. I’ll leave it at that. and you strip your hair with harsh chemicals and shit when you could’ve just cut it to less than an inch? You’re a moron.

  • anonymous

    im 5’9 250 i smoked 4 bowls 15 days ago gotta piss tomorrow been drinkin lots of water since friday will i pass?

    • Kc

      Not unless you’ve been sweating a helluva lot

  • Helpasap!

    I am 5″9 126 I used to do it a lot but then I stopped for a month but then I did it on 4 of July but after that day I have been working out a lot and drinking lots of water do you think I should be good ?

  • freakingout!

    If I smoked three or four hits last Thursday and had to take a drug test that next Tuesday will I be ok? I weigh 200 and 5’11.

  • david

    i hit the blunt once around 8:30am and got a drug test at 4:00pm
    will it show in urine

  • david

    and i weigh 157 and 5’9 so do you think i’m safe

  • alo

    I took a couple of hits twice on different days .. how long would take to have it out of my system?

  • nick

    i smoked last sunday and it is monday…it been a week…i still dont even know when the test is im thinking about 4-5 more days…i stoped smoking for 7 weeks and recently started again…im 5`8 and 134 am i good…also have been chugging water constantly

  • Rachel

    I smoke a joint or two with friends once or twice a week. I’m about 150 lbs and 5’7. If I stop smoking(I’m job seeking now) how long will it be until my urine is clean?

    • chuck

      to be safe, about 45 days.

  • Stash

    Stop taking any job that requires drug testing, unless management is also required to be tested. I will not work for anyone that tests.

    • chuck

      then enjoy that 7-eleven job dude. if you have no aspirations to move up in life, that’s where you belong.

      • matt

        Ur a douche. U don’t need drug tests if ur an owner or a boss. Dumbass

        • Jim T. Bacon

          yup but i’m a VERY well off douche that hires people that smoke so bite me ya douche lol
          you should be hoping for MORE employers like ME ya dumbass

          • Amanda

            Telling people to not work for companies that test is unrealistic. So either get off your HIGH horse or hire all of us pot heads who are just looking for some advice.

        • Jim T. Bacon

          you go ahead and work for the assholes that test for no reason and enjoy yourself , what are you? cop? FBI? ATF? get the hell off the page narc

      • cristina

        Stop giving out bad info, half the crap you have responded to on here is wrong. If you don’t know or are pulling the answer out of your ass, keep it to yourself don’t miss guide people cause you “think” you know the answer

      • Ztnarf1985

        Your info is wrong you idiot….

      • Jim T. Bacon

        man i make $35 an hour at my last job (i quit lol) i don’t worry about it what are they gonna do? spank me or take away my birthday?

  • lue

    Ok I smoke on the 6th it is now the 31st I have a drug test tomorrow will I pass

    • mat

      Did u pass?

  • cody

    I’ve been trying to quit smoking while job hunting. I have gotten a job offer pending a drug test using hair analysis. I smoked exactly 49 days ago. I can postpone the test for a while, which would have me taking the test 60-70 days without smoking. What is my chance of passing?

    • chuck

      hard to say. 90 days is usually the window. if you can put it off for a few more weeks, do it. if not then I would say you got about a 40% chance of passing

      • Ztnarf1985

        You fucking moron….Learn some facts before you spew your ignorance….DON”T LISTEN TO THIS PERSON GUYS……

    • Chris C.

      THC is in your hair root and can be troublesome.If you only were a light user and smoked a joint 60-70 days ago,there would probably not be enough detected to fai;l.I worked at a Place that did hair analysis and there is an acceptable trace amount.

  • zach

    ok so i quit smoking about a week after may and smoked on july 4 and took one rip, than i smoke on the 20 just one rip and then the 27 just one rip again, but before i quit smoking i smoked three years constant of some killer stuff. i weigh 145 lbs and am about 6’2 so im pretty skinny, and am active at work always working outside. what is the time span u think it will be out of my system?

  • alwayzrr

    I used to smoke 1-3 bowls a day, I Haven’t smoked for 6 weeks now. I weigh 168 pounds height 5’5 and have been drink n 50.7oz of water a day since and even before i quit. Would I be clean already?

  • colts4life

    i smoked once about 32 days ago and once 25 days ago totaling a joint at most. im 6’2 235, would i be clean?

    • chuck

      saliva, and blood YES. urine.. maybe but you’re cutting it real close. hair, NO.

    • Chris C.

      doubtful because of your weight unless it was low grade.low% thc.I am about same size and lift every day,but it still clings to fats cells within our bodies..iT Takes me almost 4 months,but I am an habitual chronic user.For you it will be close call.

  • Kristen

    I smoked weed about once every 3 weeks. Only a few hits. And last Saturday I smoked a couple grams (maybe) to myself. How long do you think this will be in my system? I have a drug test coming soon and I’m stressing about it.

    • chuck

      probably about 30 days. I would get a synthetic urine kit if I was you. if it’s a hair test, try the MacCuj0 method (vinegar, clean and clear acne wash and tide detergent.) you got nothing to lose by trying the method as a hair test will detect 90 days. good luck.

      • Jim T. Bacon

        i just keep my head shaved, gray hair anyway so what the hell not that i ever get tested. own my own business not gonna test myself now am i.. lol

      • Chris C.


    • Chris C.

      as I tell everyone,if you have a friend willing to piss for you on a bottle,an unlubricated thin condom,kept in your pants under the underwear so it will not fall out and is against the skin for temperature is my proven method.If someone is watching like a hawk,it is tough.but I have even pulled that off.

  • chuck

    I stripped my hair with vinegar, acne wash and detergent only to get to the clinic and find out it was only a urine test… LOL

    • Chris C.

      that wouldn’t have helped your hair anyway.The test is done on the root.

  • kristie

    its been 15 days since i last smoked..im due for a drug test tomorrow.its a urine test.will i pass? im not a heavy smoker.



    • matt

      Drink gallons of water. Run or workout untill fatigued. Try drinking vinegar. Drink lots of cranberry juice. Try detox tea. Try those detox drinks at gmc

      • matt

        I meant gnc not gmc

    • Chris C.

      get someone elses urine and put it in a unlubrricated condom under your testicles for body temp.Tie off the top and put through pants hole,under testicles,for temperature.If you are being observed closely it is tricky,but otherwise very effective if you know someone with clean urine..

  • Keesh

    i smoked one puff of weed about 2days ag.o.. how long will that take to clear my system.. drug test tomm or day after

    • JamieM

      i did the same thing. took a couple of hits, got injured at work the next day, piss tested 2 days later (it was the weekend, otherwise it would’ve been that night), and i passed. I also drank tons & tons of water for that 48 hr period before my test. you should be fine.

    • Chris C.

      you will be fine

      • unique

        did you pass

  • jonb

    i smoked about twice a week for 4 months and stopped for 3 weeks and slipped up and smoked 2 weeks ago, only took about 5 hits. and have a drug test tomorrow. what are my chances?

    • Chris C.

      less than 50/50

  • johnny

    i smoked 3 joints one night with a couple friends i weigh 150 5’9″ about how long would it take to get it out of my system?

    • Chris C.

      anywhere from a week to a month.Test strips.

  • Lacy

    I am 5’2″, 110lbs, female, fast metabolism….I was a pretty heavy smoker, I haven’t smoked in 24 days, took 1 hit 10 days in….I have a urine test in a week…think I’ll be good?

    • Chris C.

      I don’t think so,get a test strip.

  • Devyl

    I smoked about 2 weeks ago 120 5’4″ am I clean?? I will get a drug test but I wanna know before I try the test otherwise just a waste of money… Im going into the army and have to take a drug test urine… help??

    • Ztnarf1985

      Drink lots of water and drink a couple shots of Vinegar then chase it with lots of water, you’ll be fine. Just don’t listen to this Chuck the guy is a moron…

    • Chris C.

      You are on the cusp.I woult a test strip to be certain and test yourself.You can always go to the hospital with “stomach pain”,the day of test and reschedule which would insure cleanliness.

  • John

    5’8 115 hit it like 5 times today how long until im good on a UA

    • Chris C.

      you have extremely lean body weight with little fat.You could be and should be clean within 10 days

  • Swim

    So I’m about 180 lbs and on house arrest. I go for testing every month. My last test was 7 days ago and sometimes they call me in precisely 30 days from last test sometimes a few days longed. I haven’t smoked anything but fake weed in the last two months And I slipped up a 4 days ago with the real thing. It was just 2 hits and at that boo boo dirt weed. I plan on using laxatives and diuretics until the test. I’ve read in more than one place not to even bother with pectin but I still plan on using it the night before and going to my drug test as late as possible that way I can drink a ton of water and piss as many times as possible. Can I get some honest opinions from someone well educated about this topic or someone that has been in the system like myself and had some success with there drug testing?

  • Perplexed Guest

    Looking for info on this myself just for general background, but my reaction to people wondering if they’ll pass tomorrow, next week, etc, is WTF? Do you not know you can buy a home test at any drug store, walmart, etc,. right off the shelf for about $12 or less and get instant results????

  • js

    i have a test in 5 days. the last time i smoked pot was about 45 days ago. in the beginning of july and end of june i smoked 3 times. im 6-1 240. i work in a foundry- a physical good. what are my chances of passing. before june i hadn’t smoked for over 5 years

    • js

      sorry–a physical job

  • js

    its a pee test

  • Orange County Movers

    What about fingernail tests? My buddy had to get a fingernail test by a state agency and they said it could detect marijuana or other intoxicants for up to one year. Any truth to that?

  • lovechild

    I a 5 5 and wt about 300lbs…I am lazy…the last time I smoked was about 60 days ago…should I be worried..I do drink lots of water and love pickle juice…

  • ralph1264
  • Smoking_Peach

    How much is considered moderate ?

  • Skithien

    I had to do a urine test on the 6th for my new job. The last time I smoked was a bit more than a month ago and it was just a few hits. I’m a very occasional user. I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 280, am i good?

  • Christian

    I don’t smoke a lot. Ive probably smoked about 4 times the past month but I smoked about two grams with four other friends about two weeks ago. Ive been sober for 11 days and I am 5’7 and weigh 140. I also exercise a lot. How long would it take to be clear of the thc?

  • offcer k

    I used to smoke a quarter ounce a week for ten years. I stopped five months ago. But after four months, I still tested positive. I am 75lbs overweight. I was 160lbs overweight but I lost weight. How much longer do I have to wait to get a clean urine test?

  • Melissa

    Used to smoke multiple times every day (3+) for five or six months, quit smoking nine days ago. I’m about 5’4 and weigh 130lbs. Got in trouble with the law at like 2 in the morning on the first and would rather not pop positive when they test me after court, also planning on getting a job as soon as I can pass a urine test, any estimates on how long it would stay in my system and any tips to help flush?

    • Kc

      nothing, i mean nothing, cleanses and all , i think really work, abstinence is the only way. give it three months to be sure

  • kt

    i smoked twice every day over the summer but stopped two weeks ago. i have a piss test in two weeks. am i good?

    • Kc

      depends on a lot of factors, but probably won’t test clean w/o some help

  • JordanLea

    So I have a drug test on the 28th of this month, and I haven’t smoked since August 28th. I was a pretty heavy smoker: 3+ blunts a day. I’m around 5’7″ or 5’8″ and I weigh 113. Y’all and thin. I live in the south so I am constantly sweating, but I’m still very worried about my drug test. About how long would it take for my body to be clean?

    • JordanLea

      Tall* my bad

  • lyem

    5’5″ 110 male with a high metabolism and smoked around 5 times a week for the 9 week summer vacation. Before that around 1 to 2 times a week for the past year. Smoked twice a week for 2 weeks after summer and now havent smoked for exactly 2 weeks. Have a drug test in about a week for a job, will i be ok?

  • lyem

    5’5″ 110 male with a high metabolism and smoked around 5 times a week for the 9 week summer vacation. Before that around 1 to 2 times a week for the past year. Smoked twice a week for 2 weeks after summer and now havent smoked for exactly 2 weeks. Have a drug test in about a week for a job, will i be ok?

  • how do you know what states have legal marijuana?

    • tony

      right now its only Washington and Colorado that have completely legalized marijuana, and a bunch others that are medical marijuana states but you need to acquire a medical marijuana license

  • how do you know what states have legal marijuana?

  • megank

    OK so I smoked 2 weeks ago. I smoked a few hits here and there for like 3 days. Before that 30 days, I smoked 2 hits. So not even a moderate user I don’t think. I have a drug test tomorrow what is the likeliness that I’m clean. I exercise regularly. ….

  • Big bob

    I Smoke everyday two or three time and I am 6 feet 300 lbs. I can pass any urine test within an hour. Drink a half to three quarter gallons of water within 20 minutes and pee twice before the drug screen and mid stream into the cup and nothing ever shows up.

  • Ashley

    I smoked regularly (everyday) how long is marijuana stay on my blood/hair/urine? How can i clean up myself easily?iam applying for job and really afraid about the medical results pls help thanks

    • Ashley

      I am female 47kg 5’1

    • Kc

      give yourself three months w/o smoke and then you will in all likelihood test clean

  • Jordan

    I smoked about 3-5 times a week for about two months this summer. I stopped smoking on August 5th. If I smoke again, how long will it take to get out of my system. (Applying for jobs in hospitals/nursing homes) I’ve recently started working out again. About 5’9″ 145 lbs with a high metabolism. I’ve always drank a lot of water.

  • missy

    Im going to apply for a job and i havent smoked in a month and and before that I was a moderate smoker like once or twice a week am I clean

    • Kc

      Probably clean

  • britney

    Okay I been smoking everyday at least 3blunts a day sometimes two blunts. I been smoking for about 6 months & I been applying to jobs and going to interviews and nervous about any drug test, what do I do? Need to get clean!

    • jacob

      stop smoking would be a great start

    • Richie

      Just stop, It’s not addicting then when you get your job take a hit once in a while. Don’t worry be happy

  • Jake h

    I never smoke but like 3 weeks ago I took like 5 hits of a joint, then 2 weeks ago I took 3 hits off a joint, then last weekend I took 1 hit. How long till I’m clean. 5’12 160 lbs

  • G man

    I smoked about 2 weeks ago now I am 6-2 230. I don’t smoke often . I smoke 1 time in the week fro 2 weeks straight . so a total of two joints in two week. I have job interview coming up and I know they probably going to drug test me after I fill out the paper work.i started cleaning my system out like a days ago . will the marijuana still be in my system.

    • Johnny-3-fingers

      Depends on your body if it detoxis good on its own if you know any thing about ginger tea drink that and it will sweat it out well at least it will help iv done this my self when I was on felony probation and I never failed a U.A. no lie

  • DUBZ

    i smoked wednesday 4 snaps, thursday 4 hits out of a bubbler, and one hit on saturday. i have drug test wednesday of next week. how long till its out of my system if i drinka ton of water and sit in the sauna.

  • tim

    so i have a urine test at a Lab this wednesday the 25th and i smoked last wednesday the 18th, so i smoke about a half gram in 5 days, and prior to that i didn’t smoke weed for about 2 months. I took 2 home drug test (first choice brand) they were both done first thing when i got up in the morning and i passed both of them. i am 5’11 235, average metabolism, do i have anything to worry about myself passing the urine drug test in 2 more days? please help, i’m freaking out.


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  • Jim

    i have been smoking for years but i have been clean for 5 weeks now and i am having a urine test next week. will i pass? im 5’8, 168 pounds, average metabolism. jog 3 times a week for 35 to 45 mins. Please help

    • Fieldsie

      It took me 6 weeks to pass I am 5’4″ and 107 lbs, Good luck!

  • not a cop

    420 blaze it faggot

  • Patti pie

    Does edible pot stay in a woman’s system longer than a mans?

  • stonerneedinghelp

    I smoked abouta quarter gram last weekend after quitting over two months ago. before I quit I smoked about 3-5 bowls a day. I have atest tomorrow on Friday so it will have been five days since I’ve last smoked. I’ve been pushing water. 6’3″ and 140 pounds with nearly no body fat. will I pass?

    • maryjane

      did you pass??

  • justlive

    probably smoked a ton of pot in my days literally…got in trouble in highschool quit for a month and ate all healthy foods and water everyday and was still dirty for almost 3 to 4 months..about 5 and a half foot tall back then i was probably 130ish and active as hell…nowdays i take a few tokes and its out easily in days to a week..its all about the frequency in your tokes and how active you are..if you got some worries about gettin pissed just take a toke here and there and relax

  • justlive

    if not drink water till you feel like your dying while extremely exercising and go to the local head shop and get a detox…forgot the name of the right one but it works..oh yea and dont eat except like an apple a day..did that for 4 days and passed a pisser..was smokin everyday before that

  • 3

    If you need a California Connect hit up Treywestside@yahoo.com

    • Not a Cop

      alright “homie”

  • Blaze it UP

    See. Smoking Cannabis Results are always Positive! No matter for how long do you smoke it!

  • Richard Mccannell

    we need an impairment test.this is BS and drug testing is nothing but a witch hunt for weed..say what it is..

  • Fieldsie

    How long does the oil stay in the system if they are using it?

  • Hey there. I sell Zydot THC flush kits from my website.

  • Potluck

    HELP!! I have smoked everyday for the past 4 years- 5’8″ 150lbs…I quit smoking 5 days ago–except i hit a bong of loud today..whoops..anyway i have a drug screen coming soon..How long should it take to clean my system? Somebody with like professional knowledge please reply I need all advice! Thanks..Happy smoking!

    • Marlo

      You need more than advice, dude. You need rehab!!! I hope you fail(ed) the test – you don’t deserve the job if it requires a drug-free employee!!!!

      • painkills2

        My, my, so judgmental! Throwing stones at glass houses much?

      • justanotherpothead

        marlo your a faggot done go on a weed blog and diss every stoner asking about something going on in there life .. fucking prick your sister probably killed herself because of you.

      • Caseymac91

        Nobody cares what you have to say, because your opinion has not a shred of evidence backing it up. You’re either trolling or just really stupid. I’ve smoked for years, have a successful career in broadcast engineering. Probably more than you can say.

      • Mark Owen

        What a non-thinking sociopath!!

  • mrgonzales

    ok I hit the blunt twice two weeks ago I lit it then hit it after a year of not smoking….. now I’m trying to get a job where thay pull hair I don’t know when I will be taken the test but….. I’m I good or fucked

  • MR X

    i made five grams last me two weeks and smoked atleast a joint a day both weeks im 180 pounds about that maybe 160 or 170 i was just wondering how long will this plant stay in my system

    • MR X

      i smoked 7 days a week both weeks so can anyone help me

  • bob

    It’s different for everyone. I passed a piss test 4 days after quitting smoking. I smoked multiple times a day every day for years prior. I just drank a bunch of water, and I weighed 200lbs and don’t have much body fat.

    Question: Does anyone know how long my hair will continue to grow with positive marijuana results, after peeing clean?

  • tuki

    I just smoked a few puffs of marijuana yesterday and did a saliva test today. Will it come back positive

  • Lawler

    If you haven’t smoked in a year and took a few drags the day before a saliva test, would it test positive?

  • Garf2b

    Does anyone ever answer these questions?

    • Mark Owen

      Hahaha That is what I have been thinking! haha

  • Garf2b

    From the UK, I been waiting for a job to call, on Tuesday I had 2 small hits of a tiny spliff. Yesterday (Friday) I got the call to go and get a drug test on Monday, drinking water, drinking cranberry juice, trying to sweat it out of me, will I be ok?

  • janet

    i smoked 4 joints last monday and i have a drug test in 2 weeks will it be out of my urine by then to pass my drug test

  • Keyshia

    the last time I smoked was there to four weeks ago but I also had a couple shots with it . Im not ah frequent smoker just a occasional thing , I took a drug test this past Thursday and I was wondering if you guy think I pasted it

  • Jacky

    I’ve been off weed 1 month and considered having one mild joint. Will I again test positive for 30days +

    • painkills2

      If you are worried about being tested, why not give up that “mild” joint and have some great sex instead?

    • efjfdjddfeggfv43

      If you’re already clean as of right now I’d estimate that after you smoke that joint and then stop again you’d have to wait about 2 weeks before you’re clean again.

  • Biz

    I am a very heavy pot smoker (2-4 times a day) of high potency. I am a male,165 lbs. And work out 6 days a week 2 hrs a day. My body fat is very low 10%. I have stopped smoking 45 days now. Just did a at home urine test and still came up positive for thc. How much longer should I wait?

    • painkills2

      Was your test made in China?

    • Marlo


      • painkills2

        Perhaps your vocabulary is deficient, and I am willing to make accommodations for that, but only bullies go around calling people names.

        • Marlo

          Sorry, I can’t take back what I said. If you have to smoke pot 2-4 times a day “of high potency”, then you are definitely a loser in my opinion!

          • painkills2

            Who are you to decide what is too much? Do you live inside this person’s body or brain?
            So, just call me loser, dude. And your opinion might count, if you were able to communicate it without calling people names and if you were able to cite reasons backing it. I can deal with reason, but I can’t deal with 3rd grade name calling.

          • Mark Owen

            New here but I can see that Painkills2 is quite right, as it were..

          • painkills2

            Gracias, and welcome…

          • Learnmylesson

            Mario I feel your pain and I would also feel hatred towards something that ruined my family. Don’t be judgmental towards others who are quitting and seeking advice. I would rather you share a kind word to help others who realize cannabis is dangerous when misuse.

          • ganjaman

            Check out freedomweed.weebly.com and get the facts

          • Marlosux

            Marlo, you’re a fucking piece of shit!

    • Learnmylesson

      The high potency stuff can stay in your system from 90 days or up to 180 days. I was also a high potency smoker everyday. That stuff is unpredictable as to how it “seeps” out of your system. Just when you think you’re good…..wrong! It’s crazy how this plant can cause so much havoc in the body when misuse.

    • efjfdjddfeggfv43

      wow thanks for making me lose all hope lol. I’m your EXACT body type and was hoping it would be out within 30 days. Let me know when you pass haha

  • Marlo

    Don’t do drugs and then you won’t have to worry about testing positive. Do something productive with the time you waste smoking this crap – maybe help someone in need. This stuff will ruin your life!!!

    • painkills2

      What is your experience with cannabis ruining someone’s life?

      • Marlo

        If you really want to know, my sister died in April because she STARTED with this stuff!!! My parents got divorced after my dad started smoking it, causing him to be involved in risky behavior. So yeah, it ruins lives!!!!!

        • Dominique James

          weed kills people?? Never in my 22 years of living has someone died of weed, it grows from the ground… Cigarette and Liquor kills people.. and F.Y.I cannabis is use for medical purpose to help cure people, for instances people with anxiety problem.

          • john

            tobacco and alcohol comes from the ground too..and weed doesnt cure anything. it just temporarily relieves symptoms. and the whole medical thing is crap, they just say that to make money. out of 10 people that i know with medical cards, 9 are 18 years old…haha

          • painkills2

            Dear John, you sound like a prohibitionist comment troll. But it doesn’t have to be that way, honest. Your conservative friends may not accept you for who you are, but cannabis lovers will. Come into the light, John, there are rational people here in the light.

          • yedumb

            who the fuck says that

          • painkills2

            I do. Painkills2. Are you confused by English?

          • Battlemaster

            Google “Cannabis cures cancer” and do some reading, you will find that you are wrong.
            Here is the link to make it easy for you.

        • painkills2

          It is not the drug that is to blame, you know that. Drugs are just chemicals, neither good nor bad.

        • Karma Killa

          Your sister was a piece of shit anyway. You should do the same thing, would make the world a much better place without anyone from your family in it.

          • painkills2

            Troll much?

          • Anthony

            karma should never talk about someones dead family know matter how stupid there statements are

          • Puffinstuff

            That is a rotten thing to say about anyone and their family. Do unto others as you would want them to do to you.
            It’s people like you that give marijuana a bad name.

        • alexanderbwb

          Mario here’s the deal pot isn’t a gateway did your sister ever have a shot of booze? Did she ever smoke cigarettes? Use any painkillers for any reason? Hell did she drink coffee? These are all addictive they all start a chain reaction.blaming pot is wrong and misconcieved because of YOUR SISTERS choices. I smoke pot I have 1 5yrs of ulcers I have been on . Different medications to no avail. It calms down my stomach and seriously helps.

          • painkills2

            Just wanted to mention that the “gateway” theory about drugs, any drugs, has been basically debunked. There is no chain reaction of other drugs or substances that causes addiction. When a potential addict’s brain is introduced to a certain drug, the addiction is formed. Do we know which drug will affect which person this way? No, not yet.

        • smoker

          Saying your sister died because she started with cannabis is a poor excuse. I’m sorry for your loss but saying it was caused by cannabis is ridiculous. There was something in her life that caused her to use harder drugs.
          I have had friends die from overdoses of math and xanax combined, one shot himself when he was on xanax. They all smoked cannabis but it was not the reason they went on to these other drugs.
          Personally I have smoked cannabis heavily since I was 14;, i am now 35, I have a great job and am a productive member of society. My friends have freaking PhD s and masters degrees and they smoke daily. So your little rant about it ruining lives is ridiculous. The only thing that ruins lives of cannabis users are the laws based on lies and ridiculous drug testing (because of insurance companies).
          Science proves your comments are blatantly false or the result of government propaganda, or you’re just ignorant. I suggest you get educated about cannabis before you come back and comment further.

          • bj

            thank you for your intelligent and correct insight :-)

        • THC God

          Do u even know what the vuck are you talking about?Are you sure your dad and sister didn’t start smoking crack ? I would like to see a written letter of a Doc, that the cause for your sisters death was the use of pot. And then, I will stop smoking pot, like everyone else here. But trust me, you will never be able to provide this letter, because you are full of bullcrap

          • bj

            yes, agreed, this dude is totally full of bullshit…hes probably one of those “marijuana leads to heroin use” preachers…

        • Facts not hearsay.

          Three points to consider.
          1. It is true most intravenous drug users or crack users started began with marijuana, but its also true most marijuana users DO NOT progress to more potent drugs.
          2. After I broke my hip medical marijuana was a excellent anti-inflammatory and much less harmful pain killer than Vicodin.
          3. As with any mood altering substance including alcohol, nicotine and caffeine personal, responsibility for consequences is on the user.

          • lovingcup

            Finally someone making sense. How you are influenced by marijuana is totally and 100% dependent on the individual. As you said, with any substance that alerts the mind, the outcome is determined by the mind of the person ingesting it. Everyone is going to have a unique experience so it isn’t worthwhile to try and tell someone they are wrong or right for using it. In the end everyone can choose what they wish to put in their body, end of story.

          • Robert Waite

            but naw we need super vicodin XD the amount of propaganda still getting through to people does not surprise me

        • Kali

          Dude. Pot doesn’t ruin relationships. People ruin relationships.

        • Robert Waite

          good fuck her

        • Robert Waite

          well dont have such shitty family that are up to shady shit??

    • Anthony

      people smoke marijuana and live productive lives so stop acting like they dont tired of hearing idiots like you saying stupid shit

      • Robert Waite

        propaganda hah, retardddsssss

    • Marlosux

      You and your sis can go to hell!

    • Kali

      Uh huh. You sound like an expert and I’m totally believing everything you write.

    • Robert Waite

      only if you get caught by the police state……your a fucking idiot

  • Learnmylesson

    I use to smoke pot for the fun high. After I abused it everyday and got couchlock…….I got a longgggg lecture on using medicinal plants for fun. Cannabis is a medical plant that kicks of a high which people like. But if you don’t have the need for medicinal drugs why use it?? I mean if you found out a specific hypertension drug gives you a stone feeling, would you tamper with it just for the high? Not realizing it’s going to break something that don’t need fixiing in your body?? I learn my lesson and I respect that stuff.

    • Robert Waite

      haha oohhhkkkaaayyy well for one its a fuckign plant hah, this is fucking america, its called freedom somethign you tarded sheep obviously have no concept of, god help us all

  • Mrfunguy

    What if my job has random and I smoke on my Fridays with two days off?

    • efjfdjddfeggfv43

      then you’re f*cked. It takes about 30 days on average to get out of your system if you’re smoking once a week. Every time you smoke you start the waiting process all over again. I don’t think I could ever get a job that gives random drugs tests so I respect your self control

      • Robert Waite

        this is a lie disregard^^^^^^^^^^

    • Cody

      Thats not true, it’s possible to pass a drug test without 3 days. But if you only have two days off I would not smoke. Try to make sure you have atleast 7-10days period where you KNOW you wont be tested after each use.

    • smoker

      Keep a bottle of fake/ dehydrated urine in your car. Problem solved.

  • Rachelcomm

    My husband had to quit smoking and it is ruining my marriage. I don’t like smoking but my husband is bipolar and it really calmed his anxiety and manic episodes now that he can’t it’s hard to manage him and man made perscription pills don’t help at all.

    • Robert Waite

      move to a state that isnt ass backwards.dont smoke fake shiiittt he will be in even a worse boat

  • Lynn Gordon

    Um why is Marlo on this page if he is so damn negative, damn?

    • painkills2

      You really never know who you are talking to. Sometimes people pop up and say something inflammatory and then leave. Sometimes people pretend to be someone else for… other purposes. It can be hard to figure out. :)

    • Robert Waite

      omg why werent you euthanized at birth

      • painkills2

        For the last 30 minutes, you have posted inane and juvenile comments on this website, adding nothing relevant to any discussion you have entered. But this comment, here, does not only promote infanticide, it is idiotic and doesn’t even apply to the post you’re allegedly responding to.

        Although I find it curious that you would name your avatar after someone in academia, the content of your posts has convinced me that my curiosity is really a moot point. Therefore, short-timer, I name you Troll of the Day, and await your titillating response(s).

        Come, Mr. Waite, play with me… Or are you afraid of a little intellectual exercise?

  • OneTimeDopey

    Don’t quit the shit… Hit the shit !!

    • painkills2

      If you are a cannabis lover, you are a very unimaginative one. Is this all you have to say?

  • brooke adkins

    thanks for the info!

    • painkills2

      I really love this graphic, but don’t you think it’s a little off-center? Or is it supposed to be? It’s a nice, calming (but vibrant) blue.

  • ganjaman


    • painkills2

      Okay, I’m not talking to you. I followed your link to an MMJ map, but how come New Mexico is not shown as an MMJ state? Man, how out of date is this info?

  • ronjeremy92

    i am an elite athlete. Smoked this weekend but smoked often in the summer. i am getting tested soon. how long will it take to leave my system? (4-5 puffs) but this summer smoked nearly every night. very healthy and fit with a low body fat. let me know thanks!!

  • Lina

    Due to a sickness, doc took blood to test for any infection, blood sugar and all. As I’m a regular smoker, will show any trace of THC?

    • Mike

      The tests the doctor conducted aren’t looking for THC. Plus, even if THC does show up, there are privacy laws in place that prevent the doctor from disclosing that information to other parties. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  • Bavaria_Dry

    Last time i smoked was almost a month ago, and before that i was an on/off smoker. Maybe some weeks i would smoke every night but most times not at all. I have a test on tuesday(3 days). This should be fine, right? I would say that in the weeks prior to my last one i smoked maybe 8-12 times

  • uh-oh

    I smoke in spurts. I will buy a bag then smoke all day until its done then go weeks in between bags. I just finished a bag. Now I just found out I have to take a drug test to get a job. How can I get it out of my system faster or trick the drug test?

    • Robert Waite

      use the internet retard

      • painkills2

        “The internet is a great way to get on the net.” Bob Dole

      • Lauren

        Go somewhere else and be a dick robert.

        • Robert Waite

          Hah theres literally a million articles like this and i eat uo u little newbie smokers on each one. Fucking corporate hacks with ya starbucks an shit

  • uh-oh

    I smoke in spurts. I will buy a bag then smoke all day until its done then go weeks in between bags. I just finished a bag. Now I just found out I have to take a drug test to get a job. How can I get it out of my system faster or trick the drug test?

  • stine

    I smoked weed probably once in the past two-three years, but I just smoked today and I have a saliva drug test tuesday. I only took two hits of a one hitter, and im 100 pounds!

    • Robert Waite

      read the motherfucking chart twat

      • painkills2

        Another gem of a comment. How do you come up with all these witty remarks? It must take you all day…

      • Rob Burnett

        Hey Robert Waite, FUCK YOU that chart is not accurate

        • Robert Waite

          Then test it yourself bitch hah. Its not rocket science evryones bofys dif

  • johnny

    (About a friend) What if a “heavy pot smoker” about 200 pounds stopped for roughly 3 months and then smoked about an eighth of weed over the course of a few days. After that they stop, hoe many days or weeks possibly would a standard urine test, test positive?

    • adam

      I’m in the same boat…

    • Robert Waite

      read the motherfucking chart

  • Nicole

    I haven’t smoked in over 2 months I smoked last Monday and have a drug test tomorrow is it still in my system

    • Robert Waite

      read the motherfuking chart hahah omfg you people are literally retarded

      • painkills2

        Just to let you know, there is a key on your keyboard called a Shift key. You use it to capitalize words, for instance, at the beginning of a sentence. I’d also like to acquaint you with a popular fad sweeping the nation… It’s called punctuation.

  • Josh

    I’ve smoked only twice in the past month, it’s probably been 3 weeks since I’ve last smoked… Im tall and slim for my size, will it show up on a urine drug test?

    • g

      yes bc your a faggot

      • Robert Waite


    • Robert Waite

      omfg stfu

      • painkills2

        Are you perhaps typing in Russian? Or is English your second language?
        Wait, I know, you’re from Twitter, ain’t ya? You don’t know how to think in complete sentences.

  • John

    Hello I wasn’t a regular smoker of the stuff and I’m about 63 days clean of the stuff and I was just wondering will I be clean for my drugs test in 7 days, I’ve learnt my lesson & I was curious and quite worried on if it will show up

    • Robert Waite

      dont learn your lesson!! the only lesson to learn is that we are treated as second class citizens in this wholly unamerican prohibition, pull your heads out of your assses kiddies

  • lovingcup

    Hello there!
    This is a tricky one. I have smoked somewhat regularly (once or twice a day skipping a day here and there) for about 4 years. I MIGHT have a drug test coming up in about 2.5 weeks. I would have possibly had one on Dec. 1st of this year so I had quit completely for 3.5 weeks in November. When I found out I was not getting tested I smoked for 4 days then quit again for the possibility of another job. I am about 6’0 and 165 lbs. I workout every other day and get in a steam room 2-3 times a day as well. I drink a lot of green tea, juice and water as it is but have upped my was intake a bit in preparation. I have a home test just to know for my own sake but I wanted to get a coupe other opinions.
    Mind you, I am not looking for a lecture. I realize full well that weed is illegal and I know of the consequences so please if you have anything to offer other than advice please keep it to yourself.

    • whit

      Hey there. I used about everydy for 3 years and it took me about 2-3 months to get clean..I tried everything in the book…parents home tested me even though I was 22..I had to quit. And I’m a tall skinny gal.. it took so long.

  • brendan

    I love the people commenting their body weight and their usage like anyone would be able to tell you if you will be clean or not. The only way to know is to test yourself. For one we don’t know what your smoking, it could have an extremely low THC content, or be really high. Either don’t smoke, test yourself, or learn how to use the dilution method.

    • Robert Waite

      ya this generation bro im moving to canada

      • painkills2

        The Prime Minister of Canada called… They don’t want you there.
        Ever think about Somalia?

        • Rob Burnett

          Yea im Canadian and we dont want you

          • painkills2

            I wasn’t planning on going to Canada, so you don’t have to worry.

            Of course, if there was better bud grown in Canada than in the U.S., I might reconsider, but I don’t ever see that happening.

          • Rob Burnett

            Of course the bud is better here. We have some of the best land and educated growers in the world. BC BUD says it all. We have the same strains of kush they have anywhere else in the world. Ours is just better grown

          • painkills2

            From Wikipedia:

            “For outdoor cultivation, growers choose areas that receive twelve hours or more of sunlight a day. In the Northern Hemisphere, growers typically plant seeds in late May or early June to provide plants a full four months of growth. Harvest is usually between mid-September and early October. In North America, northern locations are preferred (North Coast of California and British Columbia being particularly notable), but southern locations (such as Maui, Hawaii) are also known to be good producers.”

            British Columbia has boasting rights, but “better grown”? I dunno… Maybe it depends on what strain you most prefer as to where you think the best bud is found.

          • guest

            yeah right…lived in BC for five years. you guys have a few good indica strains(kingbud), but youre just too far from the equator to grow the best sativas. I missed US bud when i lived up there,even the brown stuff!:

  • Mark Owen

    I have a question about Obama care. Will all of the recipients of social security be required to be weed tested? Even if they are on disability and not able to work?

    • Robert Waite

      no because weed is not a drug and shouldnt be treated as such, should they be testing for ciggarettes too ,alcohol? this is the land of the free not the land of misinformed overreaching govt.

    • painkills2

      Since Social Security is a federal program, are medical marijuana users in danger of losing benefits? As far as I can tell, that question hasn’t come up yet. And I’ve never heard of a social security participant having to take a drug test to obtain (or retain) benefits.

      Although the policies on the Obamacare exchanges don’t apply to Medicare or Medicaid participants, I guess there might be a question as to any further rules within the law that may affect those populations. But since one of the requirements of the ACA is for insurance carriers to provide mental health benefits, and since addiction should be treated as a mental health condition, I can’t see why there would be rules about drug testing.

      However, if you are part of a pain management program as a disabled person or senior, then drug testing is necessary (with or without Obamacare).

  • Robert Waite

    the saliva test dont work im pretty sure XD its just a way to make companies feel like they test but in the cheapest way possible

    • Thetopgun

      its just to weed out the people who show up to work high

      • Robert Waite

        I was high amd the test was null and ive persinally seen the test pass two of my stiner friends who took it high

  • Nockura

    We have a random saliva test where I work and there have been people test positive at around the 50+ hour mark.

  • sineater

    Food for thought. Chronic Pain sufferer. Rated 140% through Dept of VA. Former Marine and Field Intel Officer for decades. 2 Neck fusions and 7 crushed Vertebra L thru S. Shot 7 different times with 24 rounds taken from body. This is what I found. Drug test #1 smoked daily twice a day for 6 months and was able to go from 360mg Morphine daily down to 30 to 60mgs with Cannabis. Hated the Meds…walking zombie! I found within 15 to 20 days my THC along with CBD’s built up enough for the values of CBD’s to not only work on the pain but the Neuropathy! Meaning inflammation down a great deal. At the time 6′ 290lbs with15% body fat. Yes, I workout because helps with PTSD but look forward to Cannabis time1 usually 6pm. Drug test #1 went back on Meds and came off of Cannabis for 20 days. Test Negative. I knew I would be tested again in four months. Decided to lose weight to stave off Knee and Hip replacement (over 1000 jumps). Smoked 3 straight months changing the types of weed. 6pm smoke was high in CBD’s (roughly 3.5%) and 9pm High in THC (Afgan Kush or OG Kush). Test day #2 down to 240lbs with about 12% body fat. 28 days clean and worked out very hard because Walmart tests were giving me a Positive. Tested Positive! I believe that several things go into whether a person tests positive or Negative. In the past it’s always been Consumption amount, weight and body fat. There is much more to Cannabis testing then the aforementioned. I believe that what you choose to smoke, diet, and other things that you ingest. Cannabis binds with a lot of other factors and drugs. Rule # 1 don’t take any Gamma one’s..Omeprazole to name one. That’s OTC Prilosec (heartburn, anti-acids) because that is the only group of drugs proven that will give a wrong Positive. Not only will you get a positive test but your natural EnndoCannabiniods binds with these drugs which will cause you to test positive for months. I know there are a number of other things that could be eaten and taken that will bind with the Cannabis to keep your levels high. Before you go running to the place that you tested positive saying you were on Prolosec they can take the remainder of your Urine and isolate the Omeprazole to see if you were telling the truth! What I found is that honesty is the best choice! If you smoke Cannabis recreationally that’s on YOU. If you have an illness and they (doctors) don’t understand Fuckem! Me, I get tested again in 3 days but frankly I’m tired of all the Bullshit. My Doc is testing me for Kidney problems from all the stuff they prescribed me over the years. So if they want to take my meds away…take them because I have Cannabis and thanks to Rick Simpson (RSO) I now use RSO. I’m close to 50 and I never smoked weed until I did my own research and formed my own opinion which was about 4 years ago. Cannabis is a God given drug that should be treated like everything else. Don’t abuse it…Use it if you need it!

    • sunnyaz

      I totally agree. I am a RN and have neuropathy and a blown disc in my back among other illnesses. I wish I could smoke but I’m so afraid to lose my license which is my livelihood. :(

      • jeni420

        can you get it prescribed medically? so you can use legally :) I will send positive vibes, we shouldn’t be forced to use pharma poisons instead of a God given plant that cures cancer and has no reported deaths or overdoses EVER!

        • sunnyaz

          Yes, I can get it prescribed but afraid work would fire me for using it. Also, if you are stopped and have any trace whatsoever of marijuana, you get a DUI. Getting a DUI goes agains my license as well.

  • That guy

    Can one session of a blunt of dro, and a few bowls (even tho I don’t smoke weed) classify me as a one time user or another?

  • Frankie

    Great info on drug testing here, http://www.passdrugtestblog.wordpress.com

  • sheena

    I smoked afew puffs in March past year and a half a joint mixed with a cigarette.. and in and in the beginning of December I smoked a few puffs.. the Quater a joint and a few more puffs.. .. I have a test in March.. will I be clean and if so.. can I smoke another joint and if I do will I be clean please tell me

    • adgie2277

      You’re so straight to smoke. From experience, once you are clean, you should pass after 4-6 days if you have one smoking session (about .5 to a g) I wouldn’t risk it for about 30 days before your test though.

  • bubbaroxx

    Been smoking 30 years. In the past 5 weeks only smoked Dec 21 n 22. Offered a job with a urine test. What is best way to pass. Have stopped smoking.

    • David Haynes

      Depends on the test some labs test for masking agents if so body weight is a factor I’m 350 6’4″ it took me 3 months to piss clean I smoked everyday for 30+ years high test pot only

      • bubbaroxx


    • j

      The best way is Lots of vitamin B12 and lots of water and keep peeing. And try and get the urine NOT at the beginning of your stream. Start peeing and then get the sample.
      Ive been reading what the baseball players are doing.
      Very helpful.

      • bubbaroxx


        • trixy

          please share exactly what you did !! and congrats !!

          • bubbaroxx

            I stopped. 5 weeks. Also drank Tons of water leading up to it. Day of only drank water in morning. Test was at 230, took ( the stuff ) exact name at 11 am followed directions at 2 I chugged a yellow Gatorade. Tested @ 230. N was good. This was a big deal. It was an urine test. Prelim done on the spot.

  • Cornell

    I think weed should be 100% legal in all states..they sell beer an you hear about all these accidents about Drinkin an driving an killing innocent lives.. but nothing about somebody being to high an killin a family!!

  • Cait.

    I smoked this past Saturday night (2 days ago) and may have to take a drug test this week! At random so I don’t know! I tested myself at home with an at home drug test and it came back negative! I have used these at home drug tests before and passed so I know they work!! I am not a heavy smoker I maybe smoke 1 or 2 times a week if that! So get the at home drug tests and don’t smoke that much I guess is the key to passing!

  • nolife4mewithoutthc

    I saw some type of a test at a dollar per item store. I work were they test for drugs. Most companies that use the testing that we provide don’t want to pay more then they need to. So they screen for very little in fact the lady that takes the tests told me if they pass the first test in her office they just throw the test away . So for a dollar you may be able to find out if you will pass the initial testing. Then you probably want have anything to worry about.
    If you are getting a hair or saliva test good luck. To my knowledge we don’t do those types of tests in the office were I work they would need to go to the lab.
    Do what you do, just don’t do what you do in a dumb or lazy way. Know yourself know what you can handle and stick to it. Avoid talking about drugs at work. That helps to make sure you are not the next random person who gets tested. Don’t go out in your area protesting drug reform or smoke a joint at your state capital. If you need the weed. Don’t be dumb. Intake it in a safe place. Not all, but most people that get busted for the use of weed do so by telling others that they partake, or they partake in a way that is to get something else out of it. In my state we legalized. But the federal parks are not state ran so if you get to in touch with nature. The feds may get in touch with you.
    I know I am a poor writer. I’ve had learning problems since berth. So if you need to mess with me for trying to say what I wanted to say. Then I think you have worse problems then I could ever have.

    • willietrohut

      I tried the dollar store test and it showed negative. I then tried the drug store test for about $15 and it was positive. Not sure the dollar store test is a good one to rely on.

  • Donald Sterling

    I have only smoked weed 2 times… first time was 2 years ago, last time was 2013 new years day, so essentially all my events have been years apart and i have smoked since the start of 2013.

    My 3rd time will be for my senior trip… we getting effed up. How long would it stay ? my concern is the hair because it’s confusing. But pretty much for everything else im on the 1 time user right?

  • willy

    How do I avoid a positive on a random drug test? My school does random tests, and I smoke moderately. This means, if there are 5,000 kids in my school, if my number gets drawn, I will have to piss in a cup. I smoke maybe two times a month.

    • Jrock

      You should be find just drink water freqently niacin is also a good natural pill to take

    • Lois

      I’ve owned a small head shop for years. Drug testing is Huge in all work sectors. Truck drivers, mill/mine workers, railroaders etc. carry a drug masking drink in their lunch boxes or lockers, and if there is an accident or incident, they pound the drink… it is affective within 45 min. to an hour, ( if you’re able to do that.) If not, maybe you should quit…haha

  • JJ

    I was about 3 weeks clean until I smoked 5-6 blunts of high-grade about 4 days ago and I smoked a gram I had over a 4 day period. I’m slim about 140lbs, just wondering how long will it naturally take to detox? I’m thinking about 3 weeks..

    • jeni420

      I’d say 14-21 days if you drink lots of water :)

  • Ninn

    I would stay positive for atleast 6 Months oO

  • Jrock

    All of you that are worried about passing drug tests must drink lots of water
    If you aren’t a frequent smoker and average weight you just be able to pass a test after stopping 2 weeks tops lots of water helps also working out releasing sweat is a plus

  • Kenny Roger

    Hey i take a urine every week and smoke the 3 days after i am 175 lbs low body fat drink lots of h2o and work out regulary and pass every time

    • fred

      ur smokin low levels thc

      • Kenny Roger

        Parole…. They do one every week.

        • Kevin Stephenson

          in CA. parole does not test for weed unless it is ur controling case

          • Kenny Roger

            how sure r u about the baking soda thing

    • Pierre

      What do you do that requires tests to be conducted with such frequency?

    • Kevin Stephenson

      two table spoons of baking soda in the morning go pee around lunch time drink 64oz of tea or coffee

  • Splib Black

    so what?

  • Jermarri

    So wat would be the equation in a mathematical POV

  • Why is weed still illegal?

  • James

    what about this 5ng bs? how long after getting high is my blood going to be at 5ng?

  • puff the dope dragon

    at the same time drug tests are wildly inaccurate…. ive failed tests in sober periods where i should have passed(2mths no burnin)…… and passed tests i shouldnt have( like i baked outta my socks)…… i smoke everyday and have for like 6 years now….(aside from a couple t breaks) ihave had tests go either way….. i truely dont get stressed anymore….. jjust take it and cross your fingers…. if it’s important ie to keep your job then buy fake piss….. drug testing is a joke if you care then buy fake pee if you dont take it any who knows you might pass… once pot is legal drug testing will be obsolete… the cost will out way the benefit…… i passed a piss test one time 2 days after smoking meth for a solid 3 months…..

  • carolinaKUSH

    a radical change in life style will help you pass in 2 weeks even for heavy users. 2 weeks of working out everyday, mainly cardio and fat burning exercises, drinking about a gallon of water every day, and the 2nd hardest part is eating healthy absolutely no fatty foods, drink lots of green tea and/or cranberry juice too. No Gatorade or soda. and most importantly don’t toke up again which is the hardest part of all. I smoked everyday on a regular basis and passed a piss test that was lab tested in 15 days. This way is also safe and healthy it just takes lots of self discipline to work.

  • Take Your Bitch Season

    Weed should be legal for sure… all over

  • lulu

    I haven’t smoked since the beginning of December and I have a drug test jan 24,2014 do you think ill pass

  • Super

    If I smoke one hitters then quit from oct 22 2013 then took a hit from a hitter but didn’t finish the whole just this fri 17 2014 will I pass a hair test?

  • concerenedfutureemployee

    I’m about 5’7 230lbs, I’ve smoked about 2 joints a day for a year with a few breaks. I haven’t smoked since August of last year and just took a urine analysis Wednesday. Do you think I passed?

    • OPH

      You should be okay. It’s always good to get some urine strips to be on the safe side though. Single panel drug tests are cheap.

  • recoveringweedhead

    I quit smoking marijuana on Dec 12, 2013 due to probation after smoking since 1994, almost daily.. I tested positive yesterday Jan 23, 2014.. I have to turn myself in and go to jail and I havent even smoked this is bullshit..

    • Oldpothead

      Took hubs 100 days to get clean. We were heavy smokers. I think it’s BS too that you are still getting penalized when you have stopped. That shit takes a long time to get out of your system.

    • stacey

      That really really sucks! They should give you atleast 90 days for it to get out of your system! Legalize it!!! Please. These bs charges are getting out of hand.

    • Flora Woods

      man that sucks!!

    • trixy

      You needed at least 90 days !!! So sorry,

  • Adam Neeley

    I was a pretty heavey user and had to take a piss test stopped for only 7 days before drank lots of water and I passed and I weigh 250 and am 6’1″ Iv always stuck with a week before and been just fine

  • niccisix

    I been clean for 5 Months was a heavy smoker took one hit inked years now have a is tomorrow I’m trippen cuz it took 3 months to get it out of my system I’m 5’6″ 180lbs

  • dexter

    Should I be clean? I’m 150p fem, I have been drinking water so frequently that my piss has been clear for the last two weeks. I was a frequent smoker. Been clean for more than a month, plus I run and workout a lot.

    • William

      You’re probably good. Just drink water frequently even if you’re not thirsty and take some vitamin d pills, maybe?

  • bull

    I Smoked Two Days In A Row. threeDays FromWhen I LastedPassedd I Had A Piss Test. Do You Think I passed ? This Is Urgent.

    • stacey

      Hate to say it but no probably not. Maybe if you had only smoked the one day

  • bull

    I Drunk Two Red Bulls B4 A Piss Test And It’s Been 3-4 Days Since I SmokEd I’m In The Army Do You Think I Passed Please HelP. I Can’t Sleep.

    • Megan

      Here’s an answer, don’t smoke pot idiot! Then you don’t have to worry about taking a test and will be able to sleep at night! Seems like a simple solution to me.

      • Dee

        Please explain, why you are on a weed specific website going up and down ranting about not smoking weed? There is only one “idiot” here and I’ll put it bluntly for the ones touched in the head, it is you sweetie. Do something constructive with your life!

        • SMH

          Unfortunately, all comment sections have people like Megan.

        • Flora Woods

          she must be a troll!!!

  • Kaitlyn

    I smoked once 2 and a half weeks ago and had not smoked for a long time before then. I’m 140 lbs at 5’7″ and they are taking a hair sample. Will I pass? If not, what can I do to ensure I pass?

    • Megab

      Why do you smoke pot in the first place? Don’t smoke then you don’t have to worry about passing a test! Why put yourself through the stress of all this? Unless you smoke for medical reasons.

      • Notyourbusiness

        Why are you here?? It’s absolutely none of your business why anybody smokes anything. Find a website that applies to you and remember–>if you don’t sound like you have a life of your own, nobody is going to take your BS advice.

      • Whitney

        gtfoh unless you have some advice loser!

      • KellyX

        employers can still test for marijuana, and fire you, even if you are smoking with a prescription.
        perhaps this is relevant for people who use it for medicinal purposes, what a revelation!

    • Whitney

      If you only smoked once in 4-6 months, you should pass the hair test. However, I smoked about a half a blunt a month ago, & before that I had only been clean a little over a month. I have a hair exam in another month. I’m wondering if I can past my hair test. Please let me kno how ur test goes.

  • Lester

    I smoked on Sunday and I smoke about every weekend or every other weekend. I have a drug test on Tuesday. Will I pass? I’m bout 6’0 male and around 178-185.

  • twentyfivemanroster

    I use to take two tests a month through court. Didn’t know when, it was random within each moth. This lasted for 12 months. I smoked just 2-3 days before taking a test most of the time and never failed a test. But, I did buy a package of Jell-O when my color was called. I’d say of the 24 tests, I smoked within a few days 18 times and passed every one.

  • LupieLori

    I have a situation.. I’m a lupus patient who uses it for pain management. Now I tested positive & have to do a blood test the end of the Feb. I smoke everyday. I’m 5’5″ & 135 lbs. I’m on a high dose of steroids & right now I need to smoke but need to cleanse… What to do???

  • Dee

    I’ve been smoking everyday for about a year, year and a half. Been about 3 weeks since I have completely stopped smoking. I am a female, 120/125 pounds 5’8 height. Will I test clean if I test in a few days? I’ve also been drinking mad amounts of cranberry juice.

    • Teresa

      Omg, the same here

  • miss e

    my brother smoke three weeks ago, and he just had a urine test done today. Im not sure what to do. :(

  • chillman

    Yo whats up guys. i stopped smoking for a moth so i can get this job. i fucked up the other night when i was piss drunk and took two light kits off a keef bowl. i have a drug test in a week for this job. will i be able to pass? what should i do? i need some advice

    • chillman

      I also weigh 145 pounds and im 6 foot tall. only took 2 small hits off a keef bowl

  • Davis Soto


    • buddy lennox

      Mke a bleach pill by using a little piece of tissue & bleach dip d tissue in some bleach squeeze as much out let dry & I promise u your urine will b clean within a couple hrs but drink plenty water youll c d difference yourself

      • yung

        kids dont listen to this super douchebag..youll die

      • NY

        that’s toxic, asshole! one’s life isn’t worth for a stupid job, shm

    • tierra

      Go to trader joes get cranberry juice, green tea they have pre-made in bottles, and drink water all day uy pee will be clear.

  • Austin Carter

    I am a stoner, lol.

  • ROSESarentRED

    If I smoked three hits of a blunt barely inhaling in the last three months will it show up in a hair test

    • ROSESarent RED

      please help my test is Friday wtf am I to do

  • DeathMetalOldy

    Trust me, just run or do exercises that are major cardio workouts for a week or so, in other words sweat your a$$ off, stationary bike on hard setting is good too. Sweating and drinking a lot of water, heh pickle juice/vinegar too if you want to speed it up. Sweating cleans your system and cardio speeds up blood filtering etc, oh yeah and anything like pickle juice to make you urinate a lot to flush it out. There, the best method for a poor person like me. Pass test, start smoking again =) down wit da system of BS, FEDS LEGALIZE ALREADY!

  • ROSESarentRED

    I’m like 80lbs I can’t exercise BC my metabolism is super fast

  • skyhighsista

    Okay so I weigh 100 pounds and haven’t smoked at all in 3 months because of PTI. I know this may sound stupid but this drug test I’m taking tomorrow is the deciding factor in whether my PTI officer will pass me through the program. Before I quit I smoked heavily. Every day…maybe all day on the days I was off work (1 or 2 days out of the week). I haven’t in 3 months so I don’t believe I’m going to show up positive but I still want to be sure. Any informative people on here want to help a sista out? :)

  • DenCo

    You all are paranoid lol…..just stop smoking you idiots!

  • Philip J. Fry

    Wow, most of you guys are dip shits haha

    • qcubed

      People shouldn’t have to fear being fired because they get high at home. It’s fucking ridiculous.

  • bow

    I am 6 foot and 240 lbs. I have to take a drug screen to get this engineering job. Last time I have smoked was on the 14 of last month. I barely smoke, i smoked twice the week before I smoked my last time.

    • chris

      You will have no problem passing

      • chris

        Just drink up and drink a lot of cranberry

  • bow

    Should i pass if my drug test lets say is wed? what can i do to improve my odds?

  • FuzzyCuffs

    Okay so I last smoked on January 22nd of this year and I have a urine test tomorrow before 2:15, I’m about 5’5 and my weight is around 120-130, I have a very high metabolism and all but I smoked frequently only at night due to insomnia and appetite loss, I could not sleep nor eat without smoking at least relatively moderately, I’m panicking obviously, I want to just get this test over with because its an employment test and no I’m not drinking bleach or any of that stupid bullshit, I’d just go find some other job to apply to, good god, but is it possible that from today on till tomorrow if I drink enough cranberry juice and water together with some red meat or something that I can possibly pass my urine test for tomorrow?

  • james

    Hi I’ve been clean for 11 months until I slipped up one night and took 2 hits of some Reggie ass weed. I have to report in Thursday. Its been 19 days since I smoked. 6f2 265 pounds. Will I be able yo pass my piss test?

  • james

    I also forgot to add I was a heavy smoker back then half ounce a week. First time it took me 42 days to completely become clean. What are my chances of failing now?

  • worried to death

    I ran out of my pain meds onn dec and couldn’t get to my doctor for three weeks. I got some pot for my pain relieve. I smoked it thru a cigarette filter and only smoked 3/4 of cigarette in three weeks. No more than two hits every 4 days. I havent smoked. This in ovver 25 yrs. I was in a lit of pain. Last time I smoked was dec 26 and have to take a urine test later next week. I am over weight and reallly worried. Won’t do it again. Will I be clean?

    • worried to death

      Sorry last time was Jan 26

    • worried to death

      Sorry it was Jan 26 the last time

    • weediscool

      3/4 of a cigarette over a 3 week period through a cigarette filter? Theres no possible way you ever got high off of that. That is an insanely minuscule amount of weed and you should be completely fine.

      but seriously, 2 hits every 4 days at the max? Theres no way that could’ve gotten you buzzed let alone relieve any sort of pain.

  • sticky icky

    I’ve smoked every day for about the last 10 years, I’m at least 30lbs overweight….I got a drug test in 2-3 weeks…I’m screwed right?

    • Preston

      Your only hope is to drink literally 60oz of cranberry juice a day. Works like a charm I know from experience

  • Nancy dearing

    My son is a heavy smoker and he weigh,s 138 lb and he is 5’9 and he is skinny skinny and i was woundering about how long will it take to get out of his system

    • Nancy

      He,s been smoking for at least 3 years

  • kindafreakingout

    I smoked about 6 hits of a joint about 4 days ago. The last time I smoked was about 2 months before that, and then about 2 months before that- so I’m a fairly infrequent user. I’ve taken two home urine drug tests and both said I was negative for THC, but I took them in the afternoon, not on the first urination of the day. Just wondering if the home drug tests are reliable/could they both have given me false readings? I have a urine test for a job in a week and really need to pass it!!

  • jose gomez

    i smoked 4 or 5 how long does it take to leave my system

    • Preston

      To be safe …no more than 2 months for a urine Or saliva test but to pass a hair test you might need to wait 3 months until you can test negative

  • Loko

    I Havent Smoked In 9Months And I Hit One Little Ass Bowl Of Kush How Long Will It Stay In My System.? Im 5’6 178Pounds And I Drink Lots Of Water And I Have Boxing Practice 2Hours Everyday And I Report On Thursday Am I Good.?

  • Loko

    Scratch That ⇧It Was 3Hits From The Same Lil Ass Bowl Not Even Bigger Than A Pen Cap

  • Linda

    I am a female. about 221 pounds. I smoke maybe 2-3x a week. I label that as moderate but I may be wrong. I don’t know. How long do you think this will take to get out of my system?

  • Beth

    I smoked once in the past 2 months (clean 2 years prior), and have a hair test coming up this week. Female, 145 lbs, should I worry?

  • B82

    I smoked half a joint back in mid October, I have a urine test tomorrow. 6’5″ 275 but I ride 10 miles a day on an exercise bike. Will I be good?

    • Preston

      You have no worries it was probably out of your system by early December

      • JJ

        Hey what if I smoked a blunt on dec 24tb then had a drug test jan 22 2014???

  • Tokeaintnojoke

    Everyone who is scared about taking a THC test within the next couple of weeks, drink at least 40 oz of cranberry juice a day. It will flush it out of your system quicker than water and that’s even if you’re a daily smoker. I know from experience! Good luck

  • JJ

    I smoked on dec 24 or 25th 2013 It was a blunt. I had a random drug test the 22 of jan 2014. After j smoked I had worked about everyday and drank lots of water. But the remaining two weeks not so much. Also I should adds this was my first time in like 4 months. Could I pass?

  • Justice Galeener

    i use to smoke daily but havent in about a year if i smoke a bowl how long till its out? 6’1 230

  • kiki

    I smoked almost a month ago only about five six hits and i have a hair test today am i going to fail I’m 5’5 123lbs

    • Justice Galeener

      yesh hair is like 40-90 days depending on how many haircuts

  • Chilli-P

    I’d say these are accurate cause I smoked about two weeks ago and I was a heavy smoker and I drank a lot of water and I’m talking a lot! And took cranberry pills as well. And I still managed to fail my drug test last week. I was heart broken. :/

    • Justice Galeener

      how hevy did u fail?

  • Cman

    About a week ago, and a day after, I smoked, I plan to join the military, and I dont know how long weed stays in my system, seeing as how I havent smoked in quite some time prior to. How long will weed stay in my hair? vs Urine? I weigh 145 lbs, and Im 5′ 10″.

  • Kay

    Hay I smoked a month ago and had a drug test today I’m 5’2 110pounds how do you think my results will be ?

    • nice

      I wouldn’t worry about failing a drug test for smoking “hay a month ago”… I doubt they test for that.

  • gman23krishgarden

    I had been smoking only from mid october to december. 2-3 joints a day daily. I have a drug test this april 7 2014. will i be safe by then? i am 6’1 and 185 lbs. i had never smoked marijuana before october.

    • gymbob

      Read my comment above

  • Martin

    @gman23krishgarden you should be straight bro just drink hall a water and stoop smoking soon. Also drink some cranberry juice.

  • idkwhatname2put

    I smoked a blunt Feb 1st and a few puffs on feb 3rd prior to that ive probably smoke 4times in 2013 … I have a drug test on feb 20th am I in the clear?

    • gymbob

      I smoked everyday up until a week before my test and passed. I didn’t think I would get one directly after the offer so I didn’t even try diluting. I’m 6’3″ 185 lbs and am very very active. It was a very yellow pee I took too, mostly coffee. I did not drink any herbal detox, vinegar, gallons of water, etc. Just ate and worked out as usual.

      • gymbob

        Should also mention I do cardio every other day, rock climb 5x a week, lift about 3x a week, and go to the bar 5x a week and drink nothing but up IPA’s.

        • dannyboy

          you sound like a douche bro

          • nice


  • Nervous in Nashville

    I smoked This weekend. Four times, but just a few puffs off the pipe, not too much. First time I have smoked in months, literally. Now I have a random test tomorrow. I have already done eight miles @ the gym, four last night, four this morning. I plan to do four more tonite & four more tomorrow. I bought three gallons of cranberry juice & already drank all of one, I have two more to drink. I also bought some vinegar & took a shot, & of course I will be drinking water all day.

    I have to take it tomorrow around 10:00 a.m. Do I have a shot in Hell???

  • Nervous in Nashville

    I meant to mention I am 5’11, 250 lbs. I live an active lifestyle & work out regularly.

    Please read my first Any advice on anything else I can do?

    • Ryan

      Well, you probably reinstated whatever thc was in your fat by all of your exercising. You probably know the answer now, though.

  • Shout Out From Ohio

    Forget this just legalize it nation wide already. Solve so many problems. No more overcrowded prisons. More tax funding. Sustainable source of fuel. Not as bad as tobacco or alcohol. Not man made, stick a seed in the ground and it grows. More people able to work. Ends drug violence. Now, I am not for the legalization of any hardcore drugs but this…you can’t even overdose on it! Come on stand up America. Vote for the legalization of good ol’ Mary Jane.

  • Shout Out From Ohio

    As I read these posts I realize a lot of these people are good people this is messed up.

  • PeacefulSmoker89

    I’m going to be quitting my job and in search of another within the next week, due to the fact that I already have some opportunities lined up (Including a Job at Office Depot), it is very plausible that i could have an interview within the next 2 weeks. Can anyone give me an Idea as to what my chances are of passing a urine test if i started the detox process today with the Info I have provided about myself?
    Weight: 156
    Height: 6’0
    Frequency: A bowl a day, everyday, since October 2013 (finished about 1 gram every 2 days).

  • alias

    If I haven’t smoked since Jan. 24 and before that was 3 weeks prior, and I smoked today and this weekend, would I be clean March 1?

  • williams420

    Please answer! i have smoked about 3 grams in the last month and i have a drug test tomorrow for a great job. I haven’t smoked in about 11 days. I have token 2 Quickscreen marijuana drug test i bought at Walgreens and they all came back negative but some people were saying its not accurate. What do you think? Will i pass or should i just take the risk of sneaking in some of my girlfriends pee?

  • ray

    Okay so today I just found out I have a drug test in a few days. The last time I smoked pot was two weeks ago. I only has two hits because that’s all my friend gave me. I barely smoke. Should I be fine on my test? Please respond asap.

    • Jane

      You should probably be ok. Do a lot of exercise that’ll make you sweat and make your heart beat quickly. Drink eight 8 oz. glasses of water every day. It’s not such a big deal for someone who barely smokes

    • kim

      I smoke reggie last Monday n I have a drug test to do for a job.. do you think I will be ok?????

  • CheifKeef

    im 236, male. I havent smoked since Jan. 6th my bday weekend. I smoked everyday until about Christmas. I was smoking here and there and it was shake (the loose ends of weeds) I had a drug test today with is a long time but I still think I failed the test. Im so nervous its my dream job. Do you guys think I passed. I thought I would pass but then I went online and they said it might take more due to my weight, I drink water.. I sweat hard everyday at work and work out prolly once a week.? Someone reply plz

    • cheifkeef

      236 lbs*

    • eddieb

      my advice to you is don’t smoke shake… and then explain it as “the loose ends of weeds”… and then try to shed some of that 236 lbs your packing. And no doubt you sweat immensely bud.. just kidding bro hope you passed!!

  • RosesArentRed

    So I smoked pot snorted meth and took vicodin in the last two months and did absolutely nothing preventative and passed a hair follicule test yesterday so anything is possible friends!

    • Ann onamiss

      sounds like bullshit to me, the only way to test clean is be clean

      • Tasha shalee

        no he’s not lying the same thing happened with my brother I think maybe they mixed up the test. I guess the other guy that got his test must be f***** lol

  • fuqapisstest

    My advice to you all. If you have at least a couple weeks notice, do a lot of cardio for the first week. Drink about 8oz of water every hour or hour and a half. If you are peeing clear than you are drinking too much water and its not going to have the desired effect. If you are too lazy for cardio pick up some niacin. 250 milligrams in the morning and the same before bed. It is highly uncomfortable but effective. Nothing will work unless you drinking the right amount of water. No cardio the second week or else you risk releasing THC back into your system. If you need to by time (and your test is not court related) then drink enough water before your test to pee completely clear. They will probably ask for retest but it buys you more time to clean up.

    I smoked about a quarter ounce a day for 2 years before my first test. Diluted and bought myself a week of time. Quit smoking for that week and passed my test. Good luck guys! Move to Colorado where employers expect you to be a pot head.

    • dannyboy

      quarter ounce a day? you da man

      • fuqapisstest

        Like I said, move to Colorado :)

  • earthmoverjewm

    im 5’11 and weigh 135, i smoke probably about 4 joints a day or 5, how long do you guys think I can get it out of my system.

  • curious guy

    if i haven’t smoked in 2-3 years and have a hair follicle test this week and have never shaved my armpit hair before, would i be fine?

  • Mellowamerica

    I am 5’4 and at most i weigh 116lbs, i haven’t smoked since 2/02/2014. Do you think i’m clean? (The last time i smoked before then was 11/05/2013, i am not a frequent smoker)

  • Tyler Durden

    i smoked two days ago,i weigh 147 pounds and im 5’10” last time i smoked was in early august how long until im clean for a pee test plz email me.

  • painkills2

    This public service announcement is brought to you by victims of scammers the world over…

    • Al

      I’m 6’1, 285 and the last time i smoked was 45 days ago. I took a home drug test on August 19 and it said that I tested negative. But I don’t trust the test because it was a dollar store test. i took my drug test for my job today and it will not come back for a week. Do I have anything to worry about

      • painkills2
      • Know from experience

        Dollar tree test are surprisingly accurate. Check out some reviews online

        • Elle Bee

          I am so glad you said that. I had been wondering. Thanks.

        • lucky

          Dollar tree tests actually work. Best advice don’t drink alcohol prior to taking Urine test. Or results will show up positive. It takes 17 days if a regular pot head to become clean after smoking. I know I use to smoke on a regular. During the 17 days of stop Smoking. Drink plenty of water and and green tea to detox yourself. This method really works.

          • Blake

            I go to a catholic private high school and we randomly get drug tested and I got high for the first time tonight and it’s my first time doing it but when I go back to school in August if I’m randomly drug tested will it show up?

          • bubbles

            You’ll be good. Most likely it will be out of your system in less than a week.

          • Dawg kennel kush


          • Blake

            I go to a catholic private high school and we randomly get drug tested and I got high for the first time tonight and it’s my first time doing it but when I go back to school in August if I’m randomly drug tested will it show up?

          • agnar150

            Thanks for the info pot head

          • missmurs

            I recently quit smoking for 2 months but i started smoking again for 3 weeks? how long do you think itll stay in my system.. and what should i do to flush it out of my system ASAP cuz i have a urine test on Friday?

  • Jickity

    What a lot of these ‘how long till you can pass a drug test for weed’ posts fail to highlight is the users body composition and level of activity.

    Weed metabolites are stored in body fat. Thus, the more fit you are and the more exercise you do the quicker you get rid of the metabolites.

    I’ve smoked 1/4 a week for months, stopped, and passed a urine test in 3 weeks. The trick is lots of exercise, lots of healthy food, and being low body fat percentage.

    The more you exercise while clean the quicker you get rid of it

  • Jickity

    In addition to below post. I’ll give more examples of real experience with urine tests for weed as over the years I’ve taken many many many and passed them all…

    Situation 1:

    Haden’t smoked green for months then smoked 2 joints between 3 dudes on a friday night – passed a urine test on the wednesday.

    Situation 2:

    Shared a joint or 2 with 2 or 3 friends on most friday and saturday nights for the summer. Passed a urine test 10 days after I stopped.

    Situation 3:

    Was clean for a few weeks then smoked 1/8 to my head in 1 weekend. Passed urine test after 8 days clean.

    Keep in mind im like 80kg 1.83m and exercise nearly every day.

    I get tested randomely as I work in the mines – yeah i know i should stop taking the risk.

    Hope the above examples are decent for comparison purposes.

  • Steezus

    I smoked one blunt with a person on 2/1/14 I have a drug test tomorrow and I’m not active can I pass it?

    • valk

      Probably. It’s been 17 days. If that was your first or the occasional rare blunt, you should be fine.

      • Steezus

        It was the occasional once in a while blunt. But thanks! Relieved some worries I had

        • ddodd14

          your fine nigga its out in 4 days after smoking once

  • guduz

    i smoked heavy in october quit and smoked a maybe 7 times in janurary. will my system be clean march 1 ?

  • Jameson B

    I smoked about 5-6 hits everyday maybe more or less depending on what im doing. I quit about 2 weeks ago and i have to take a test on Monday. I drink coffee every morning. exercise regularly and drink a couple bottles of water every day. I’m 6′ 153 pounds. Hardly any body fat or muscle. What do you think my test will conclude as?

    • Jameson B.

      Somebody please answer

      • Ddodd14

        i mean if you smoke about everyday for a month, itll take atleast 20 days minimum from the point of quitting to being clean. It doesnt matter about the amount of hits you take. As long as you smoke it will get in your system. I smoked everyday for 4 months and it was out in 25 but i play sports everyday of the week so it might take longer.

  • nicindenver

    I stopped smoking for two years. Recently, I smoked a couple hits a day for 30 days. I took a urine test 10 days after my last hit. I drank a lot of water but did not exercise a lot. I am not over weight, but not lean. What are the chances I will pass?

  • fish226

    I am 16 (I get straight a’s and respect the plant not an irresponsible kid) tall and skinny I smoke a bowl usually Monday through Friday usually after school I smoked a j on 2/18/14 last Tuesday how long do you think it will take before I can pass a test?

  • John

    I’m 17 5’11 150 lbs been smoking gb’s daily for a year cause I don’t have much money for weed but smoke my fair share of blunts and bong packs. I quit smoking 5 days ago and have been taking niacin around 1000 mg a day and cranberry pills. I have also been excercising daily. How long till it is out?

  • Dat Nigga

    ya’ll are trippin

  • Dat Nigga

    You wiegh 150 give it 2 weeks TOPS

  • random guy

    I smoke regular(ish) and had a urine test recently, I stopped smoking 3 days before and passed, the days before that I smoked about 3 .5 grams over the weekend, and had the test the following Thursday. work sprung it on me with few days notice basically, I drank shitloads of water and cranberry juice and blitzed some cardio in the gym. i think detection can vary widely but doing cardio in the gym makes a big difference, i work out a lot so have a fast metabolism which i think helped, i would advise anyone to try and sweat a bit if you know you have a test coming up

  • Dagda

    I’m 6’10” and weigh about 270 and last smoked on the 31st of January, do you think I’ll still test positive? I was never a heavy smoker, and always smoked shitty weed.

  • tjohn

    hey I smoked on 2/02/14 and I am not a real smoker I am 6’0 220 lbs and not very active I got a job interview soon and I smoked less than 1 gram total

  • oiloutlaw

    I smoked November before thanksgiving and today I took a hair follicle am I going to pass?

  • frick

    I smoked exactly a week ago, before that I smoked about 2 or 3 times a week for like 5 months. So I might be getting drug tested sometime next week. I have drank sooo much water and peed a shit ton these past 3 days. I drank a lot of pickle juice also. Do you think I could pass a drug test next week if I keep up the water and juice thing?

  • Amourtorianna

    I’m 16, a female, I’m 5’0 & weigh 115. I’m a moderate user and I smoked a blunt 3 weeks ago and I test TODAY…ya’ll think I’ll pass? All I drink is water on a daily basis…

  • ngm111

    Im 5’6″ 140-145 pounds. i smoked 2 skinny joints of higher grade bud then a friend came over and i smoked 2 more reg joints of reg bud. I have a test coming up and from that day i havent smoked again. It will be 24 day from the time i smoked til the day of test. I have a somewhat pretty fast metabolism. How is my future looking guys?

    • MO

      no one replied to you? damn. cold world.

      • Eliz Oviedo

        Hahahaha nop but I passed yayyyy! Lol

        • Angel Irizarry

          Laugh now cry later

    • Brooke

      You will pass with flying colors

      • Eliz Oviedo

        I actually did thank you for your positivity lol

  • Brandon Matthew Jackson Sr.

    im 6’1 220 i smoked about last saturday and i don’t smoke like i used to. It was maybe my 1st blunt in a month so should i be good?

  • ne

    i took 4 puffs of weed in 2 weeks will that make my levels go up alot

  • PhillyBoy15

    I’m 15, 5ft 11in I smoke loud and exo every day and on weekends I slow down and smoke Reggie how long will it take if I pop flushies and drink water every day ? Please answer

    • jeanz724

      Flushies and water really won’t do anything aside from diluting your test. Work out or run or do anything that’ll burn some of the fat that the THC is being stored in, that’s your best bet.

    • Ang123

      Im 15 , 5 feet 114 and im going through the same thing lol

  • jeanz724

    I’m 25, 5’10”, 175 lbs. I’ve been smoking weed pretty heavily – and regularly – for 10 years, but I’ve cut it down in the past 2 months.

    I stopped for two weeks, and have smoked about once a week since then (one or two hitter rips at a time, nothing more). The last time I smoked was one week ago (two hits from a hitter), and I just passed a test.

    I know how stressful it can be if you’re about to face a test. The reason I stopped is because I failed one. It sucks. I just hope that someone in a similar situation will see this and feel confident that it’ll work out for them – you are not screwed if you smoke occasionally, just give yourself some time before a test.

    I hope this helps.

    P.S. If it’s a hair test, we’re all fucked.

    • pedro

      Dint smoke every day, probably 2 or 3 times a week and i stiped smoking for a month and a week… last week i hit a blunt once, im 5′ feet tall 100 lbs..what you think

  • Prblmchld31

    I have smoked the super chronic for over 30 years, I am talking 20% thca stuff or better , sometimes 3 grams or more plus oils and hash and edibles daily. I Last smoked on 1/7/2014 today is 3/2/2014 and I am still dirty, I home Test daily plus adulterants. I think this is some record or something. Done 2 body cleanses already also.So don’t believe the hype, if you smoke like most Coloradoans do your dirty for 90 days minimum from what I am seeing , I am 5/10 190 lbs and work out daily. So if you are a daily smoker of the primo passing a screen with an adulterant check for creatines and SG and PH in a few weeks your full of shit .

    • Justin Hephner

      i tested positive for 10 months straight with no smoke, but i was a heavy daily smoker for 20 years prior.

  • bigjprime

    I’ve heard Niacin help flushes thc out of your system

  • Bob

    I took a few hits about three weeks ago. Like a hit a night for three nights to help me sleep. It was strong as hell. Im 5 foot 7 and I weigh 220. I have a drug test coming up in about a week. do you think I will pass. Its urine test

    • kam

      Yea I think if you drink nothing but water you will be defiantly clean

      • Chaos

        I haven’t smoked in 9 months and I hit a joint 2 times for 3 fay straight. Why am I still testing positive. I just bought a test today. Help lol I go to the po tomorrow

  • wyla

    I’m 19 smoked a gram with some friends for the first time about a month ago and I’m 6′ 1″ and weigh 290. I had to go to the emergency room they did blood work and nothing showed up.

  • Nique

    I’m 5’6 weigh about 280 and smoked 3 bowls and one joint but shared with 5 ppl and only hit it like 5-6 time do you think it will show up on my drug test

  • macie

    That is incredibly rude & uncalled for!

  • Billy Joe Bob

    I weigh 130 lbs. In good shape. I smoked 4 days ago. I only smoked like 5 hits and was high as fuck! The thing is I quit about a month ago, to get a job, and went and got drunk and smoked like a dumb shit. I piss tested myself 2 days before I smoked again and was barely clean. How long do you people think it will take to get clean?

    • blove1981

      When I first started smoking I would only smoke a couple of times a week.I had a drug test coming up and I smoked the day before and still passed.I believe it depends on the level of thc in your system and how low the test is..I believe most test if your level is lower than 25 your good but some jobs test for lower amounts

      • blove1981

        I also only weighed about 165 and I wasn’t doing any exercises

  • rattler7

    I’m 6’about 210 I smoked less than once a day for about 3-4 months it has been about 60 days since I smoked. I play hockey 2-3 times a week and work construction. However I have tested myself and it is coming up positive. I have a job interview for a serious position in the next week and I am kinda freaking out. I do take prilosec everyday as well could it be that? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • southerner7

    i smoked everyday for about a week, i would say about average 5 hits a day. I dont ever smoke it was only that week. last time i smoke was 5-02-14 and took 2 hits. Im 5ft9, and about 180, female, when do you think ill be clean for a drug test. please please help me out.

  • CDT yoyo

    I am 5ft9, and weigh around 159. Very athletic. I smoke almost everyday, but usually its not a lot, and I workout a lot. How long should it take for my system to be clean if I quit today?

    • rickey reid

      bout 6 days yo

    • Anna

      It really depends on your unique body setup, too, so it can’t be determined for sure. It could be anywhere between a week and two weeks, really. Good luck!

  • Nich

    I took 2 hits 5days ago and have a test tomarrow. I’m a little under 6 ft. And 209lbs. Help anyone!

  • blove1981

    I hit a blunt about two times for three days straight before then it’s been a couple of months before I smoked but now I have a drug test to take tomorrow.can I pass

  • Cara

    I’m do not smoke often, probably once a month. I smoked 13 days before my drug test and didn’t get that high. I took an at-home test and it came back neg for thc a few days before the test. I’m nervous that I won’t pass the test because I’ve been reading that it takes about a month no matter what and I haven’t heard back from my employer (starting a new job) I’m a female, 5’7″, 130 lbs. Do you think I’ll pass?

    • Sam

      Maybe but USUALY takes about 15 days

  • Erin

    YOU’RE a dumb shit, aren’t you.

  • Tiaan

    if you smoke a blunt a day what is that considered? One time? moderate? Frequent?

    • Joey

      Every day, every week..that’s more than frequent, I’d say.

    • Anna

      If it were a blunt every day, that wouldn’t be a one time thing..seeing as it’s every day..
      I’d consider this somewhere around heavy use.

  • cj

    I just blazed today and I have a drug test either monday or tuesday am I good??

    • Anna

      Hi CJ- it depends on if you smoked just today, or every day this month. The frequency of your seshes / hits does play into how much of the substance remains in your system. To increase your likelihood of passing, just don’t smoke until you’re cleared.

  • james

    If I weight is 198 and I smoke 2 time a day a little bit how long do I have to stop 4 tell I go to court on 10 Jun

    • Anna

      That depends how long you’ve been smoking 2x a day for. If it’s only been the past week, then I’d say wait about 2-4 weeks (it’s a large window, but it depends on more factors than body weight and BMI calculations. Every body is unique and therefore some process substances at faster rates than others). To be the safest possible from this point in time, don’t smoke until you’re cleared! You’ll be happy afterwards.

  • Bill

    Smoked once about 30 days ago. 6’2 215lbs. Very active and work out daily. How long do you think it will be until I can pass my lab test?Passed 3 at home tests.

    • Anna

      You sound like a pretty big guy. If it was only once and you honestly did pass 3 separate at-home tests (they’re about as accurate as it gets) you’re likely in the clear. If you’re really worried, wait about 3 more days. You should be fine, though.

  • liz

    I smoked on may 7 and I had a drug test on may 16, I’m around 5’1 and weight around 95 lbs. is that enough time to pass the test? i don’t smoke all the time but very rarely.

  • wolf

    I’ve been smoking one joint a day for about the past 11 years and more on the weekends im 220 and not in shape about 6’1″ how long do you think it would take to get out of my system if I quit now

  • scaredasshit

    I smoked 1 joint on may 7. The last time I smoked prior to that was a month ago. I have a drug test this Wednesday, will I be in the clear? I am a male 5’7 185 lbs.

  • quisdamigo

    I smoked one blunt on Sunday an have a drug test this upcoming Monday will I be clean?

  • John Chinchar

    5’9, 155 lbs, smoked 4/20 drugtest tomorrow, havent smoked since that, will i be good, is there anything i can take thatll flush my system alot

    • JR Chinchar

      I am not a frequent smoker, maybe 2 times a month prior to that

  • Ase Pase

    I’m 5’7 have about 5% body fat I go to wrestling practice 2 days a week and probably am taking a salvia test how long should I not smoke for I’ve been smoking about 3 hits every other day

  • Alex

    I’m 5’11” 130 a blunt a day last cupple years need to be clean in 30 days if I quit yesterday and flush my system a lot should I be good?

  • Leeroy

    Hey, I took one hit last night and I got a urine test Tuesday. I didn’t get high at all from it. Last time I smoked was early April. I weigh 120 lb and I have a fast metabolism. Am I in the clear? (I can also stall the test til Thursday if necessary)

  • j_roc

    So i smoked about a week ago i didnt get high and i am trying to get a new job in the next week or two i am about 5’6 an 160 lbs ahould i be good?

    • Ashley

      Don’t smoke anymore until then and u should be good

  • Heyy

    5’8 155 average metabolism. I smoked 3 weeks ago today I smoked about 4-5 hits out of a pipe didn’t get very high. Only second time smoking. I have a test Monday should I be clean?

  • Bob

    I have been smoking regularly for the past couple of years. My drug test needs to be done by June 4, and I stopped smoking on May 12. Since the 12th I have been drinking close to a gallon of water a day. Lost 5-6lbs, and I currently am 5’11 200lbs with not allot of body fat. I still plan on drinking as much water as I have been lately, should I be ok? Any advice will help.

    • Victoria

      If you are a heavy user I suggest taking a few vinegar shots along which a glass of water after each shot

  • Victoria Ortiz

    Been smoking twice a day Monday through Thursday since September with the exception of skipping son days, how long do you think it’ll take to clean um my system 5’5″ 130lbs

  • Taylor

    I smoked a small bowl last night. I smoke 2-4 times a month or maybe a little more. How long will it take for me to pass a urine test? I’m 5’4″ 215 pounds and I plan on drinking as much water as possible.

  • mike

    I smoked 30 days ago 6’3″ 165lb am i good?

    • Guest

      If you didn’t smoke before that, you should be fine.

  • David

    I smoked around 1am last night and it’s the first time in a year. I might be drug tested in the next couple days. Am I screwed?

  • Sass

    Hi I need help to ease my mind ! I’m not a heavy smoker at all ! The last time I smoked was March 24 a blunt between 4 people, after that I didn’t smoke anymore it’s been about 55 days and I took a UA for school for a extern site ! Do you think I’m fine ! I weigh around 140 or 150 I’m 5’1 I was eating healthy and drinking water all of April, should I be worried

    • Guest

      I can say almost 100% that you’ll be fine. 55 days will clean up most heavy users.

      Source: I have passed urine tests several times after quitting for 30 days, following daily use of 1+ grams.

      • Sass

        Omg thanks for replying yeah I’m not a heavy user I guess I would be in the moderate category, also I heard that redbulls clean ur system is that true cus I drink them every day?

  • Bob

    I took 2 hits of a blunt last Saturday I get tested tomorrow haven’t smoked in 2 month I’m shitting bricks right now

    • edu SON

      You’ll be fine

  • rosie

    i smoked last monday (7 days ago), not my first time but ive only done it twice in the last month. and might be getting drug tested tomorrow or this week somtime. if i drink cranberry juice and all that stuff will i be algood?

  • jerry

    Well I guess if they don’t answer back we r screwed . if I’m wrong plz answer I smoked to bowls didn’t think job was going to hire me it was like two weeks that I apply and they gave me a call back to go in to fill out paperwork and then do a drug test should I just not go let me know I’ll be back to check if you left a reply ty

    • H

      You should have a friend pee in a condom or a container that u can hide on ur body to keep it warm and use that just to be safe

  • JJ

    If i smoke 1 gram today or even possibly 2 grams today May 19th 2014 im 5′ 9″ 190lbs, will i pass a drug test by June 19 2014?

    • JJ

      Ive also havent smoked in 3 months. FYI..

    • Pnut

      you should be fine.

    • edu SON

      Well depending on how often you smoke, it should be gone within seven days. If you smoke heavier or more frequently, it would take 30+ days. To eliminate THC quicker, exercise, and drink plenty of cranberry juice and water. Make sure to work up a sweat.

  • Mike

    I smoked a bowl with my friend Saturday… First time I smoked in about a month. I have a drug test this week. Am I screwed?

    • B-dawgg

      i smoked on the 29th and i get tested the 29th i barley ever smoke bt i’m scared i’m going to fail my test

      • edu son

        The same day or the following month? If the same day, you failed, if you get tested the following month, you are fine. Best of luck

  • StonerBabe

    I last smoked around a week ago. I am a moderate user and I am 150lb 5″6. I have a drug test within the next few days. Am I fucked?

    • edu SON

      Drink plenty of water and cranberry juice, exercise, work up a sweat. You’ll be fine. Also do not smoke anymore during the cleansing process. Also don’t forget that THC doesn’t have to be completely gone from your system to pass, you just can not have a certain amount in you to trigger a positive response. So try to get your levels AS LOW AS POSSIBLE and you will be okay.

      • StonerBabe

        THANK YOU!!! <3

  • CuriousKorean

    I’m just curious; i’m 5’11”, about 330ish pounds, and I smoke very infrequently. How long would it generally stay in my system? I’m just a very curious person

  • Robo

    I am 6 foot 220 and have smoked a lot of bho wax. The day of my test will be 31 days I have been exercising and going to the sauna how do you think I will be.

  • Katie12345

    I’m 15, female. I smoked about 10-15 toaks on a joint 10 days ago. It was the first time in about a month or 2 since I’d last smoked it. I had a urine test yesterday, does anyone know if it’ll come back positive or not? Btw I’ve only smoked canabis 2/3 times?

    • Katie12345


      • Alex

        You should be more than fine dear! It will really depend on your weight/lifestyle/diet. You’re young which helps (metabolism faster), keep in mind for the future that drinking A LOT of water to flush yourself out, working out a lot, and not eating fatty foods will all help flush your system out. Make sure not to work out just a few days prior to the test as this can cause more THC to be released into the bloodstream.
        Good luck!

  • cameron

    If u smoke to day long will it take to be out

  • Vash

    I’ve smoked every Saturday for the past month, does that qualify me as a moderate user?

  • Pee

    I haven’t smoked since February 20 can I pass a test today may 19


    smoked a blunt everyday and tested positive after 40 days of being sober

  • Andreaaaa

    I smoked four bowls from a bong yesterday. I’m 140 pounds/ 5’7. I’m going to start an internship in about 3 weeks, Should I be good to pass a urine test in 3 weeks?

  • knnaj

    My best friend keeps asking me for advice on this and I have no idea so any help would be great (Google is driving me nuts!) She had a urine drug screen today, smoked a small “blunt” each night for the last few months but hasn’t smoked since she had her interview last Thursday. She is slightly overweight but by 5 pounds. She told me she drank a detox drink and followed with water. Passed a home screen but the lab worker said her sample may be considered diluted because as she said “it was very very light yellow, almost clear.” She should be concerned here? Whatever you can give me would be great because she is driving me nuts with these questions lol. This job, interview and screening was sprung on her pretty quickly. Thanks in advance!!

    • knnaj


  • Juicyjay550

    I smoked a few small joints on Sunday after a 2 weeks break before and I have a drug test next Tuesday. I’ve been drinking a lot of water and riding my bike everywhere am I good or nah? I’m 6’7 150lbs 1.6% body fat (I know it’s dangerously low I have a rediculously fast metabolism)

  • Nabil

    i am not a frequent user. last i smoked was about 10 days ago. i smoked about 4 times from a bong. will i pass the urine test which will be in a couple of days from now?

  • TT

    Hello :) I’ve recently smoked a blunt in rolling paper about 2 weeks ago and it’s my first time doing it in about 4-5 months. I was wondering is the THC in my blood ? And if so how long will it take to clear up? I really need to know… Thanks!

    • TT

      Please reply…. :/

      • bob geore

        Well blood test you might be fucked…sorry bro

        • TT

          Do you know for how long ?

          • bob geore

            I am not totally sure. I have Coworkers saying it will only last for up to 3-4 days maximum, through blood test, however I heard a few sources say a week or two max.. but being you do not have any obesity problems and have not been using frequently. One would say you are going to be alright…good luck bro

          • TT

            Thank Yooouuu!!! :) && I’m not a bro I’m a girl lol

    • bob geore

      Well ..since it has been few months between your last session,(not knowing your weight), i would say you are clear.I how ever suggest if you are over weight (fat ass ), you need to sweat more and drink plenty of water. 3 cups of cranberry juice a day helps alot aswell .

      • TT

        I’m only 158 lbs and how long would it b to get out of my bloodstream????

  • John

    I smoked a few blunts of some mid grade weed and I have a test in 17 days, I’m 6 foot tall and 185 pounds, will I pass? I was also sober when I smoked

  • Bobby

    Hey guys, I took 2 hits of some really good kush last Thursday 5/15/14, I had to take a drug test tonight. 5/20/14. I’ve been clean for 2 months. I’m 26 5’10 170lbs. Been jogging 1.5 miles everyday and drinking plenty of water. Also when I gave my urine sample, it was basically clear with a tint of yellow, Ya think I’m good?

    • bob geore

      Hello bobby. I have had the same problem time after time.i can tell you if you have been clean for a few weeks and have more muscle than fat, then you’re more likely to pass a drug test.. I have smoked two days before a test ( I’m 19 6 ‘2 165lbs).. an Have Had Success Because Of Exercise And Dedication. Drink 3 cups of cranberry juice an at least 8 cups of water a day.. more sweat and piss the better.

  • Briana

    Hello. I smoked once in about 6 months. I don’t get drug tested until July 24th. I weigh 260lbs will u be good?

    • bob geore

      Yes, you are good, you can probably smoke sum more. I wouldn’t do it if you are depending on the test however.

  • dulce wssj

    I’m 14 and I weigh 106 pounds I only took 6 hits . Of pot I did this on may 10 . how long will this stay on my system ? ive been clean for more than 3 months

    • SheGoesBy Ebi

      14? dang o_o

  • Austin lee

    I am 19 and smoked about 3 grams during spring break on April 11-14 I have a drug test on June 7 will I be good? I weigh about 230 pounds

    • jason

      just to be safe I would drink a lot of water

  • J

    Last time I smoked was April 29 how much longer do I need to wait before I’m clear weigh 260

  • Ryan e

    I am 5 10′ and today I took 2 hits and wondered if I would be clean in about 4 weeks?

  • Ryan e

    I am 5 10′ and today I took 2 hits and I have been for 3 months will i be ok taking a urine test in 4 weeks?

  • Ryan e

    I am 5 10′ and weight 140lb and I took 2 hits of weed today and I have been clean for 3 months now will I be ok taking a urine test in 4 weeks

    • ganjagirl

      For sure dude, 1-6 days is the general time frame for one time users

  • Jude

    I am on probation. I smoked Mar 7-16 about a blunt a day. I tested positive 7 and 8 weeks later and got revoked for a positive ua. I weigh about 175 and am not in that good of shape. How much longer before I am clean all the way? My P.O.does not believe me that I haven’t smoked in almost 2 months. Where can I get some info and show him that it is possible to test positive after 30 days? And when do you think I’ll be able to pass a ua without taking a detox or drinking cranberry juice? This is extremely important to me and I really need done answers

    • nissajeanne

      try heavy water drinking every day
      adding lemon juice to each cup (recommended one in the morning one before bed) it can help get rid of unwanted toxins more quickly

      • Jude

        Thank you. I will

  • Thanks to everyone who is helping answer people’s questions! Super cool!!

  • Meli

    I am 5’4 and 150 pounds. I smoked once on Saturday. Only like 2 hits. Before that I haven’t smoked in 2 weeks. I had a random drug test to do today. It’s been 4 days and I’ve been peeing like a racehorse. Do you think the THC will show up?

  • marni_1

    Hi! I am a 5’5 135 lb female.. just graduated from college a few weeks ago and smoked a lot since then… probably 5/7 times a week but only taking a few hits from either a bowl or joint. I have an interview for an internship tomorrow so will probably have to take the drug test late next week. The last time I smoked was this past Saturday. Am I screwed?! If so, is there anything I can do? :(

  • flowerb0mb_xo

    Hi. I’m a 5’1 120 lb female. I smoked just a sawbuck Monday afternoon. Found out I’m getting tested next Friday or this friday. Will the THC show up? Anything I can do to prevent it from showing up? :(

  • Guest

    doesn’t it vary if you took hits from a bong as opposed to a regular blunt??? because i got STUPID high when i used a bong for the first time this past sunday. :( i have a doctor’s appointment tmrw morning that my mom failed to tell me about on time. smh i hope they don’t check anything.

  • BigFreaky357

    I’m 6’4 270 & smoked dro for 4 days it has been 45 days i tested myself for THC at 38 days & failed i had been drinking water & cranberry juice how do i get this out my system

    • Scorching

      Exercise like a mother fuck. Run like 2 mild a day for a week or so then test yourself, also drink upwards to 3 liters of water a day (almost a gallon). Personally I did this and also drank 8 red bull in a week and it worked and I was a super chronic user.

  • hi

    Hi I’m 15 I way 140 almost no fat and I smoked a 20 over 5 days and that was 3 weeks ago and I got a drug test at 2 tomorrow will I be good

  • CMD1964

    Greetings :) I’m a 50 year old women 5’2″ 125lbs. I use weed to help me sleep, my last hit was on 5/16. I have smoked one to two bong hits every night for two years. Going for a test next week. What (if any) detox drinks would you recommend? Peace :)

  • Ashley

    I smoke on april 12 my drug test is May 28 do you think I’ll pass ?

  • taker bros

    I smoked twice on may 7 in smoke pipe I weight 188 5’9 I have a drug test today at 1:30am may 22 2014 haven’t smoked sense will I fail?

    • Timmy

      Did you pass?

  • The weed guy

    i am frequent weed user. I don’t roll joints I just do toobs every now and then. I have a drug test in 1 and a half month (06/30). I weigh 180 pounds 5’4.

    • timmy

      Stop smoking until your drug test

  • QCdabber

    I smoke about once every weekend how long should I wait to apply at a job

  • Sam

    Hello, If I smoked May 19th how long will it take for the THC to be gone? I smoke about three times a month and I’m 5’6 135Ibs.

  • Bobby

    Ive been smoking one a week for 3 weeks its just been splitting a blunt between me and 2-3 other people and l was just told l have to take a drug test in a week will l pass im 5’11” 185lbs and last week l only took a few hits

    • G


  • TashaPasha

    Sooo…. I screwed up XD hadn’t smoked in 3 weeks, then scored a $20 bag and have smoked each night (a small bowl.. or two) for four days, applied for a job at Sam’s Club the very same day I bought my weed. If I’m interviewed for the job I will have 24 hours to do a drug screening (urine test).I have a large fat content (5’2″ and 185lbs) but have been running a mile 5 days a week and plan to continue. Like I said, I stopped for 3 weeks, but was a frequent/heavy user before that and the past 4 days I have been smoking a very small amount (still have that $20 bag!) If I smoke again tonight (and maybe tomorrow :D) do you think I can pass a drug test if I take it 7-10 days from now? Thanks for any input, much love! Also, I’ve seen suggestions for drinking lots of water and either cranberry juice or lemon juice, which will work better?

    • Noodle.

      Any time you smoke weed it goes into the fat on your body. When you work out it brings out the weed from your fat into your blood stream so make sure you don’t work out before you go in for the test. Drink lots of water and take vitamins everyday. Also 6 hours before your test drink 1 liter of water with 2 cups of sugar in it x4 and you should be fine.

      • Aim High

        White suger and any suger? could it be maple syrup or honey.?

  • jason

    quick question if I smoked once on the 11th and not since then but I a 6 foot even and weigh 226lbs will it show up in a urine test on the 28th

  • Drake

    Hi. I’m 204 pounds and 6 feet and 4 inches tall. I have only been smoking since a month ago and only have been smoking one bowl times a week. How long would this last in my system?

  • Tawny

    I smoke everyday, have for the past five years, just three times a day(I have IBS, I do it to eat), not too much when I smoke…cause I use a gravity bong. Anyway, I’m 5’4, only weight 100pounds, how till I could pass a drug test?

  • Lisa

    I am 22 150 lbs 5’9 and took one hit for the first time last night and found out this morning that i have to take a drug test tomorrow. I have been drinking a lot of water. Do you think I will pass?

    • stoneerslyf

      Not at all.

  • stoneerslyf

    im 17 ,140 lbs 5.7 ft tall and on random base probation but haven’t gone to tasc in months now was wondering if i smoke how long would it last or fastest way to get ths off my system just in case if i ever do go to tasc.

  • BRo

    im 17 , 125lbs 5.8 ft tall and semi-moderate user smoked one day ago and 2 weeks ago, im applying for a job and will it be positive in the next 2 to 3 weeks?

  • Weedvvbb0622

    I’m 20 and I smoked (not that much) last friday (3 days ago) and my mom
    told me I might have to take a drug test this week, should I worry?

    • Matt

      Jump ball bro
      Depends on the reference ranges used with the particular lab you’re taking the test at.

      • Weedvvbb0622

        Hey dude, I passed it lol Idk how but I just drank a lot of cranberry juice and water days before the test. It was a blood test, so I guess I was lucky.

  • clorox

    I have used “Bleach” like Clorox or any generic bleach, I empty a “Visine” bottle and fill it with bleach and when it’s time for the test I urinate in the cup then add 3 or 4 drops of bleach to the urine and have passed every test I’ve took for the past 3 years. Just wanted to send my way of passing a test out to all my budz.

    • Sean Kaufman

      yo dude, so your telling me by adding the bleach the test passes without alerting any attention?

      • Idiotproof

        Awesome so where do you work Clorox user because I’m staying away from there.

        • Idiotproof

          Sorry Sean Kaufman that was being directed at clorox

  • job interview

    I am 16 and taking a drug test tomorrow I last smoked may 10. I weigh 160 lbs and am 6 feet tall

    • Serg

      Your Fucked.

      • SlowBurn

        Not true. I smoked multiple times a day, for months on end. I smoked out one night, until about 3am. I had an unexpected drug test at 1pm and I passed. Drink a ton of water. A TON. And your urine should be too watery to pick anything up.

  • Timmy

    I just took a test today for a job. April 4th was the last time I smoked. I’m moderate smoker (maybe 2 to 3 times a month). I’m 215 lbs, 5’11 feet, and 24% bodyfat. Will I pass my test?

  • Chris

    I haven’t smoked since April 19th I’m a heavy smoker today is the 28th I’m still dirty Almost clean maybe another week hopefully. Just saying if your heavy smoker the chart is real. Go sweat and drink water don’t play games gotta do this daily! it’s in the bloodstream!!! Cross the fingers mines on the 6th. It’s a hair puller stressing me out!!! 6 weeks still not clean

  • ocassional hitter

    I’m a 33 year old female. I weigh about 170 and I hit a blunt like twice on Saturday like two puffs I have a drug test tomorrow on thursday will I pass?

  • fatty

    Im 22, 5‘3 ,222 pounds i havent smoked in three months took two hits last night how long will it take to get out of my system?

  • everydaysmoker

    I’m 5’2, weigh around 100lbs, I’ve been smoking almost every day for the past couple of months and I have a drug test friday. I’ve been clean for 1 day so far. Do I have a chance lol

    • Denny


  • randomdude

    I smoked a few bowls last night, about 7 hits in total (May 28th about 1 AM) and the job i’m planning to apply for I’ve heard rumors that they are starting drug testing in June, so how long do you think I should wait before I apply? By the way it was the 2nd time I ever smoked

  • Giver

    My dad signed me up to give blood on the 21st of june, I smoked for the first time in almost a year on Sunday night, early Monday morning, ( two days ago basically) will I be safe to give blood?

  • Lloyd

    I smoked about four weeks ago.and I smoked every weekend for 4 weeks I quit for 2 weeks and smoked one past time four weeks ago. What’s the chances its still in my system. And I am very active

  • thatweenie101

    Ok so I smoked on April 27th. Before that, I haven’t smoked for about a year. It was a one hit wonder, harharhar. & I barely took a drug test yesterday (May 27th). I know I’m a big time weenie (considering the fact I only took one hit and I’m flipping out) . This was my first time being drug tested and I’m kind of wondering if it’s still detectable. I weigh about 120 and I’m 5’2″

    • Josef

      You’re fucked

    • adviceful

      You’re fine. It was 30 days and you smoked once. You’re only fucked if you smoked constantly before that. Not to mention you’re small so that’s another reason it won’t stay in your system long.


  • the shoe guy

    i have an interview/urine test sometime next week, i recentley vaped yesterday and two days before just one bowl. im wondering if i drink water and take vit suplements and go play bball sweat and run every day until next thurs will i be good or should i bring a visine bottle of bleach and put a droplet in? im freaking out bc i need this internship this summer..i coundnt not smoke w my boys home from college these last couple days.

    • the shoe guy

      o yea before acouple days ago i havent vaped in months

  • Nursing assistant

    So I took only one hit, I was completely clean before that. I’m over weight and want to know an estimate of time I’ll take to get out

    • adviceful

      Depends on how overweight. If you are like me, I’m 240lbs, 5’11” and have a drug test near the end of this month, I’m also clean but take a hoot every once in a while. An estimate I’ve given myself is 16-20 days. But I also have a slow metabolism.


  • Nae

    I smoked on Monday,before then in was the Tuesday before, and every other day the week before that. I have a drug test on Monday. Do you think I will pass? I am 19, 5’7, about 120 pounds. I have a pretty fast metabolism, but I’m still nervous.

    • adviceful

      Detox detox detox!!! Drink water, read the comments above!

      Start now and hopefully there is little to no THC in your system by Monday.


  • Yesie

    I actually smoked yesterday and today but I haven’t since a month ago I have to go to probation the 25th of June will I be clean by then ? I’m really nervous about it I 5’0 and weigh about 125-130 pounds any suggestions on how to get rid of the thc in my system faster ?

    • adviceful

      THC takes quite a while to build up to any significant level. That’s why the above guide tells you how long it takes based on your usage. If you did two days but never in a month, it all depends on how much you did it a month ago. If you were every single day, chances are there is enough built up to trip a drug test. I would stay away from it and look online for ways to quickly detox.

      Here is an excellent example of quick tips to detoxing:


  • my result was 8.1 pg/mg I have no idea if that is low, med or high usange, does anyone else know?

  • Uhoh

    I am on probation and last night I attended a party where some people were smoking heavily. I didn’t do any myself, but after a few passes in the room i started to feel effects, although very slight. Am I at risk to test positive? If so how long will it be before I can drop clean?

    • uhoh

      And also, it’s been approximately nine months since I last smoked heavily.

      • adviceful

        How long until your PO checks up on you? Chances are you will be fine. You didn’t directly inhale it and if it’s a week or two, it probably is so miniscule that it will not show up.

  • Helpasap

    I’m 17 4’11 and 102lbs I smoked 6 or 7 hits of a joint last night and two from a bowl. I have a drug test in a week or two for the military. Will I pass? Or fail? What do I do? I really need this! I’ve only smoked three times in my life. I’m a female

    • adviceful

      You’re a small woman so chances are in the week it will not be in your system. Just to be safe, look for online detox guides and follow them to a tee just to have that extra chance of flushing it out of your system. You did do quite a bit for your size, but if you have low body fat then chances are it will be gone before 2 weeks.

      Detox just to be sure.

      • Helpasap

        They changed it to next week. I havnt done it since may 28th. Will I still be okay?

  • disqus_kz0degMnR7

    did it ever occur to anyone this remains in your system for longer duration than any drug because of the healing properties & because it is not a synthetic, (fake) drug?

  • Hangs

    I’m 15 and 5’11 and 170 pounds I’m a male .. I smoke 3-5 times a week .. And every time like 2 grams but with people .. How long u think it’s going to take me to be clean ?

  • adviceful

    Before you post asking if you will pass or not, READ THE ARTICLE ABOVE! It clearly states how long you have before you can pass a drug test. If you are small, and have less body fat than most people, your time goes down!

    Also, DETOX! That’s a sure-fire way to accelerate the time it takes for THC to flush from your system.

    The other alternative, just don’t smoke pot! I’m by no means an anti-pot activist but its simple logic. If you work somewhere where you have to be fully aware, don’t smoke pot every day. It WILL dull your senses and impact your performance. If you work at Burger King, smoke until your lungs turn black, you don’t need to be fully there. If you have a PO or strict parent to watch out for, then smoke and take the risk getting caught if you’re not careful.


    That’s my $0.02 !

  • ShishkaBerryCrunch503

    “Johnny Green” lol. I’m from Oregon too!! Added advice for users who are worried about a upcoming drug test:
    -Drink lots of fluids! (Mainly water; cranberry juice also helps flush the system)
    -Sweat!! Wether it be working out or just sitting in a sauna.
    -Eat healthier. Fatty foods will delay the process of cleansing.
    -Buy & consume Niacin from a drug store. Also helps flush the system, but don’t take too much or your skin will itch & patch with temporary red spots.
    -Get plenty of sleep, though it may be hard to do while trying to quit!
    -Buy a home drug test & test yourself before the real test happens.

  • ShishkaBerryCrunch503

    BTW, I’m 6’3 185 lbs & haven’t consumed for 30 days. Took a home drug test today and the result was still positive. I drink AT LEAST a gallon of water a day & work out 4-5 times a day. My body fat % is below the average for my size & age… In other words, for you multiple daily users such as I was, don’t be surprised if it takes a month+ to test negative. Good luck!

    • ShiskaBerryCrunch503

      I workout 4-5 times a WEEK, not a day. My mistake lol

  • kmjay

    I took a couple hits off a vape pen for the first time in 43 days(was testing clean before that) on 5/26 and I have a drug test Wednesday 6/4 do think I’m in the clear? I’m 5’4 117 female, muscular petite frame…

  • lb

    I hit the blunt one time 2 weeks ago and hadn’t smoked in 5 yrs will I be tainted if I take a drug test tomorrow today is may 30th

    • Drew

      Nope, I think you’ll be fine, please email me at gtadrew555@gmail.com and let me know the results, i am curious seeing as i just have risked smoking a bowl, and i might have a drug test in a week, i want to understand THC a little more even though I got most of it down, i know it has to do with levels, because of how much you smoke, and so I do believe that it will be out of me within a week, just like alot of people say, but id like to know from your personal experience about the results from what you asked/did.

  • Aliya

    Im five ft four in female 160 lbs 22 yrs old not a couch potato so about average or mid range regular physical activity. The last time i smoked was May 17 before that i smoked on 4/20 and i think one other time in april. I stopped regular every day heavy mutiple times a day use In January. In February i had cut down to a few tokes a day then every other day to once a week in March. So far the longest i have totally abstained was the four weeks from 4/20 to 5/17 …. if i dont touch pot again anytime between now (5/30) and 8/29 will i be straight to pass a drug test (urine hair or blood). Also not i only smoked exotic if that makes a difference and the last three times i smoked it was with one other person and i only smoked like half of the gram or so that was rolled up. I stopped hitting the bong in January.

    • Dr weed

      You’re fucked. I’m sorry.

      • Caro

        how is she fucked?? Wouldnt she have a window of 3 months to get clean or am i misunderstanding something?

  • shiva

    I am a 22 year old female, I weight about 200 lbs. I am a very heavy smoker and have been for the last 3-4 years. I have not smoked in 9 days and have been drinking about 7 liters of water a day and have been working out. I am in the midst of getting a job opportunity within in a week or so. Will I pass the drug test?

    • Drew

      No, your best bet is to dilute your urine with drinking massive ammounts of water the day before your drug test and maybe even a day before that, and of course you want to piss about 4-5 times before the drug test day by drinking loads of water as well, that will dilute your urine trust me, I have done my research, also i hear niacin helps color your urine so they don’t think you diluted it on purpose, because your piss will look just like water, no lie, but ive tried this and niacin dosent seem to help that…

  • mmz

    im a 20 year old male about 210 pounds. ive been smoking almost everyday for about 3 months. ive been clean for about 15 days and will stay clean for another 2 weeks or so before my dtest. do i have a chance of passing?

    • Drew

      Yes, all you have to do is purchase a clean metabolism booster like vitamin b12, which is niacin, drink juices, caffeine, lots of water, stay away from alot of red meat or foods with alot of saturated fat, that will detox you, and people say marijuana stays in your system for 45 days, thats for the overweight people, u can eat whatever the fuck you want and drink whatever you want as long as you are not to much overweight and you have a decent metabolism, than it will only stay in you for 30 days, but like i said, if you boost your metabolism, you have no reason to worry.

    • althala

      Absolutely! You have a really good chance. Ideally u want to wait 30 days and it sounds like u will be right on the mark.
      Start drinking iced tea, it’s a natural diuretic and it will help cleanse ur.system.

  • pattyboy

    I’m 5 ft 8 and i weigh like 140ish, I smoked the 4 times in the last 6 days but never more than a bowl or a joint, I got a test in like a week or two…..do I have a chance?

  • joe Vaporizers

    If you vaporize, youll reduce the chances of pissing dirty. I bought mine from http://yourvaporizers.com and I smoked a joint of high grade through a vaporizer. Was 3 days ago. I’m a fitness model, weight is 195, 6’1″ and have 7% body fat. I’m very ripped and don’t smoke weed everyday. I don’t eat crap food and drink 2 gallons of water a day. How long you guys think it’ll be in my system?

    • althala

      OK number 1 vaporizing has nothing to do with how long it will stay in your system. That’s just a way of smoking it. What you have going for you is that you don’t have much body fat and you eat cleansing foods. Because it’s stored in body fat, and it is not water soluable.
      It should probably only take a few weeks if that to test clean for you.

  • yoyo

    ok so i used to smoke like at leat 2 a week with like week breaks of smoking i stopped smoking on february 16 and i took a drug test yesterday will i passs it

  • Lex01

    I’m 5’7 and 150 lbs. I hit a bowl twice for the first time in almost a year exactly a week ago. And I just got a call the other day for a drug screening for a job. Will I be ok?

    • Charles

      Your pee will be under 10 ng/ml within 68 hours if you drink plenty of water. I have the same weight as you. I smoke 2 hits Friday nights and never fail my urines which are Mondays. Just make sure your system is completely clean before you smoke, don’t smoke on top of having thc already in your system it doubles the process of how long it takes to get out, hope this helped!

  • Cam

    I’m 16 and weigh 162, I’ve been smoking for the past 2-3 months once every weekend, I’ve been clean for 2 weeks drinking a lot of water and working out everyday. I have a job interview within the next week, will I pass their drug test?

    • Eric Codina

      yeah you should be fine

  • Frances

    I’m 5’4 and weigh 240.. I smoke maybe like once a week or every 2 weeks but I’ve been clean for a few days and I have a job interview and drug screening on the 23rd of June .. will I pass the test if I detox excessively?

  • Rebecca

    Im 16 weigh 180 lbs and smoked last week for the first time, i have a drug test tomorrow. should i be alright?

    • althala

      No its going to show up sweetie. It’s stored in your fat cells and your 180, so it’s going to be there, if you don’t smoke again for the next 3 weeks or maybe 4 but I’d put my money on 3.

  • Brooke

    I am 19 I weigh 135 at 5’3 I hit a bong last night for the first time since October how long do you think it will stay in my system

  • Blah

    If you’re a female, 5 ft 2, weighs 85-95 pounds, was a heavy user, quit for 2 weeks, then smoked about two hits a day, how long do you think it’ll take to leave the system?

    • Blah

      also, the two hits a day was only for about 3 days.

  • mikejones

    If I stopped smoking since September 2013, and started again April 22 2014 then smoked about 45 grams moderately until May 30. how long would it take to get out my system??? my friend said I should be fine in a month, which is when my drug test is!!!

  • mikejones

    I forgot to add that I am 165 and 5’5 fit, i can lose about 15 lbs in a month if that may help

  • mikejones

    My first day of cleansing is May 31st and my test is July 1st!!!

  • mikejones

    i know im between the lines of frequent and heavy i jsut wanted to make sure lol

  • LittleLady

    If i took two tiny hits of kind bud and I’m 5ft and 90lbs how long would it take to get out of my system

    • LittleLady

      And it’s also my first time in a year

  • Jocelyn

    Im 16 5’3 weigh 115 first time smoking and have to take a drug test tomorrow I smoked yesterday and only hit it 3 times I’ve been drinking cranberry juice amd water will I pass?

  • m.vicious

    last time i smoked was on da 16th of may. i’m not a frequent smoker. if i get this job i’ll have to take a drug test friday. will i pass? & it’s da hair sample drug test btw.

    • Panzer

      You probably won’t pass since it’s hair follicle test.

      • m.vicious

        aw damn, now i’m depressed.

      • m.vicious

        & i also don’t think i smoke enough for it to be in my system.

  • Panzer

    I’m 200, 5’9″ and in the Army. I will have a drug test in about a month in a half. I would like to vaporize some marijuana for my pain. At least for today.

    You guys think I will be okay? Drug test is urinalysis.

  • Varat

    I’m 259, 5’9, I shared two blunt probably had 10 hits. I Haven’t smoked since March Prior to Yesterday. I might need to get tested for this job, a urinalysis as well. It’s in two or three weeks. Do you think i’ll be good?

  • Emma

    Hi , Im 16 5’2 and weigh 115 lbs I smoked a 20 two weeks ago (dub) and was wondering will I be okay to test for a drug test next week? Please answer. FM.
    P.S I do not do it often.

  • jake

    Hi i just smoked yesterday and i got a job interview tomorrow and they are gonna drug test me but i only hit the blunt 8 times and i haven’t smoked in 3 months.. if i drink alot of water will it still be in my system????? Please i need a answer

    • alex

      I got the same problem I smoked 2 days ago a blunt of reggie and I got a saliva test today

      • alex

        But it was with 2 other people so bot a full blunt

    • Budhead

      No it’s not going to be out your system, you will test positive.

    • Jon

      I smoked 7 bowls in 3 days apart last week got a drug test tommorw there were small bowls too I’m 5’9 180ibs 22 S-M

  • Mark

    I smoked for 2 years everyday. I stopped a month ago and hit a blunt today. My test is in 2 weeks. Am I good? 6’2 190 and I play basketball everyday

    • Budhead

      No way, its going to take more than 90 days to clear your system, don’t take that drug test until after 3 months.

      • Mark

        Sorry bro I passed my test today. Lol thanks tho

  • Ryan

    I’m 20, 5’8 and 155 pounds. I’ve smoked about 2 grams over the past 2 weeks and I have a DT for the Army in exactley 2 weeks. I workout and spend time in a steam room daily. Should I be good?

  • mr.nomo

    The more you work out and sweat the better chances are that you will pass just make sure you drink over a gallon of water a day and keep on working and sweating out all the the

  • Naia

    I smoke daily while at college but have been home for going on 3 weeks. I hit a blunt once since then, and i’m 5″5 about 165, female. if i was to be tested in 2 weeks, do y’all think i’d pass?

    • Budhead


  • Leah

    Hello, I am 5’1/2 and weight about 98lbs. I used to be a frequent smoker about 2 months ago. I stopped smoking, but 4 weeks ago I took 2 puffs on the blunt. I have a urine drug test tomorrow, do you think I will pass?

  • Tammy

    I smoked saturday only took 3 hits. It was my first time in like 4 yrs. I’m 5’6″ and 210lbs. I have a drug test friday do u think i can pass by drinking water and cranberry juice only.

  • shelia

    I smoked for three weeks 2-3 times a day very small bowls.. it’s been a month since then and I have a drug test tomorrow
    Do u know the likely hood I’ll pass. It’s a urin test. Thank you for your help in advance

  • Heather

    I’m 5’4 and about 130 lbs stopped smoking weed years ago the other day I hit the pipe once and not that hard I have an interview tomorrow will
    I pass a drug test?

  • Jon

    Hi I smoked about 7 bowls over 3 day period got ua test for work I’m 22 5’9 180Ibs this Saturday till Monday its been over a week I’ve been working out and drinking only water even 2day u think I’ll pass

    • Saul

      More than likely. Stay away from fatty greasy foods & you’re in the clear. Our bodies get rid of fatty foods, pop, junk food first.

  • Jon

    My test is tommorw

  • Malorrie

    I’m 5’4 124 pounds, haven’t smoked weed in about a year. Smoked about 3-4 hits yesterday. Will I pass my drug test in a week?

    • Saul

      Yes if you drink tons of water & work out a lot! Oh one more thing NO FATTY greasy food cause our bodies get rid of that first.

    • John Dinzeo, Drug Clinician

      No, you won’t. Sorry.

  • jack

    I am heavy smoker. I have been smoking for 8months.i smoke 3 or 4 corns a day. And i have urine and blood test on 10th of july. Will i pass??

    • David

      Hell nawww

      • jack

        How long will it to clean my body??

        • Crafted

          Passitkit.com. Purchase fake urine. It works!

  • Ivy

    Hi, I’ve been smoking 3-4 days a week on average for the past 3 months I stopped about a week ago and I have a urine and blood test in 5 weeks. I’m 5’7 and weigh 120 pounds and I’m female. Will I pass the drug test?

    • Crafted

      You should pass in five weeks for urine and two days for blood easily. You can also visit passitkit.com if you slip up before then and order their fake unite. It works!

  • Karen

    I smoked one hit of weed on May 24th and have a drug test tomorrow. Do you think I will pass?

    • Crafted

      If it was just one hit and you are a smaller female then you should pass. No one can tell you for sure though. If you have any doubt you should purchase Magnum detox from a head shop and start drinking it 2 to 3 hours before your test.

      • Karen

        Thanks for your input Jon! I am tall and slender/athletic, I feel like I will pass but you just never really know. I have seen the over the counter marijuana urine tests, would it be worth it to give that a try first? I wonder if the clinic’s use the same urine method as OTC or if they get crazy with it? I have used something similar to Magnum Detox before. It was a hassle, my pee was diluted, and so I failed the test.

    • John Dinzeo, Drug Clinician

      No, unfortunately not.

  • Crafted

    I recently got arrested for possession and asked for pretrial diversion. The judge ordered me to come to court on June 2nd to take a drug test. At that time it had been 42 days since I had smoked. I tested positive for THC and am probably going to jail for six months. I was a regular smoker who smoked every day three or four times daily. I am very sedentary, am 5′ 10” and weigh 220 lbs. the judge states that his experts testify that pot can only be in urine up to 30 days. He basically called me a liar. This is just FYI for those of you who think its not possible to test positive after 30 days of non use.

    • Craig

      I have three or four inhalations of hash vapor before bed as a sleep aid (w/medical card) and today is 33 days. Still positive on two tests, from different companies. Kaiser won’t give me my migraine meds until I am clean. I must choose between getting to sleep and stopping migraines. :o(

    • Match you one.

      You need to know how many nanograms were found in you positive sample.
      50ng will be positive.
      42 days is still possible.
      Tell them you were a heavy smoker.
      Test again .
      Now its more than 42 days and you could still test positive but the level of TCH will be lower every day.
      That judge is an idiot.
      There is much proof to show you were right.
      Try contacting NORML.

  • Jason

    I’m Jason and I’m 12 , I’m a smoke head and I need a dealer because my mom won’t buy me any marawana. She is a freaking but hole so plz tell me if you sell weed and I’ll get some money four you

    • Matt

      You are a fucking bitch

    • Chris

      You’re too young to be smoking right now. I started at 17. Stop smoking. You’ll probably be grumpy for 2 weeks but you’ll feel better afterwards!!

  • Dave

    I am a very infrequent smoker, only at parties. I smoked for about 3 days straight about a month and a week ago, then I stopped and smoked 3 bowls again about two weeks ago, haven’t smoked since except for some resin in a bowl i smoked a few days ago. I haven’t been told I will be drug tested yet, but should I be asked say next week, do you think I would pass?

    • Dave

      oh I forgot to mention that I’m 5’10” and 200 pounds, and I exercise daily.

      • John Dinzeo, Drug Clinician

        Next week would probably test negative. You need at least 3 more. Good Luck!

  • Dramaproof

    Been smokin everyday all day(after work) for (Ready for this) 20 years trying to get real JOB! How long will it take to give clean sample on the real!!

    • John Dinzeo, Drug Clinician

      For you, probably 6-10 months before you are completely clean. You will need to burn most of your fat and sweat a lot. Rowing/Skipping rope every morning and walking/jogging in the evening. Swimming is great too! Good Luck!

  • Researcher

    I’m 20, 140, 5’8″ male. I haven’t smoked in about a month, but before that it was 4-5 times a week (but slowed down big time after 420). I feel like by now I should be clean, as I’m pretty active, in shape and have fast metabolism. If I chose to smoke a blunt one of these days, how long until I am clean again? Any responses appreciated

    • Saul

      I used to smoke weed everyday like 6 times a day a few hits at a time for 5 years straight. I haven’t smoked for about 18 to 20 days I took a urine test today for work came out negative. I’m 5’11 130 lbs 21

  • Brandon

    I’m 19 about 200 pounds, 5’4 and do not smoke often, but I smoked last week… About 4-5 hits and was wondering how long it will be before it’s out of my system?

    • John Dinzeo

      Two to three weeks.

  • Saul

    People, if you work out, drink lots of water. Most importantly stay away from greasy fatty foods or junk food cause our bodies get rid of that first. I smoked everyday a few hits a day for 5 years straight. I stopped smoking for 18 days & I passed my urine test today. Good luck guys! I would smoke the strongest kinds of weed as well, So that doesn’t have anything to do with it. I’m Hispanic 21 5’11 130 lbs

    • Saul

      Oh one more thing. Get some children’s pedyalite, it makes you sweat a lot.

    • Javii

      Bro please text me lol 3477559198 I’m Hispanic on probation and I wanna smoke weed so bad but I get urine test every two weeks

  • Dom

    Hello, I am 155lb 18 and am 6′. I smoked on the 15th 16th and 17th last month and very rarly before that. I have a drug test coming up in a week or so and I have been drinking a lot of water and been running almost every day. I took a home urine test and passed, I just wanted to be sure I was good for the lab urine test also for my job. Any one?

    • Dom

      If anyone has any tips or thinks I’m in the clear please let me know

      • John Dinzeo, Drug Clinician

        You should be fine. Don’t consume water a few hours before your test.

  • Carly

    Hello, I weigh bout 130lb, skinny and I smoked for a couple nights and only took bout 1-2 hits on those nights…I have not smoked before that or after that. I haven’t smoked in 10days. Will I pass a drug test??

    • John Dinzeo, Drug Clinician


  • Z

    It has been 18 days since I last smoked, im 189 lbs 5’11 and workout 5 days a week (fairly muscular) and drink plenty of water.
    I need to take a drug test for my internship, before I stopped smoking i smoked maybe twice to three times a week. How many more days should I wait to take the test?

    • John Dinzeo

      You will have to wait a month(45 days to be safer) to pass the test.

  • Carls

    I’m a 5’4 and 126 lbs female, I drink moderately and need to pass a drug test for my doctor to prescribe Vyvanse. It’s only been 8 days but I want to take the test as soon as possible but I used to smoke 4-5 times a week with a lot of ganga. When will it be safe?

    • Carls

      And could I use someone elses pee?

    • John Dinzeo, Drug Clinician

      It will be safe after approximately 40-50 days in your case.

      • Karen

        That sounds way longer than it should be… all the real studies I have seen say max one month for a regular user on average…. and only an extreme case like being very overweight and smoking for 10 years is 50-60 days

      • Javii

        Hey I’m 182 5’8 I want to smoke weed but I get a urine test every two weeks.. Can I smoke or no?

  • Faggot

    How come every motherfucker up in here quit a year ago and had a hit a couple of days right before he/she is gonna have a test?

    • Ben Rolinggreen

      No shit.
      Good question.

  • Amber

    Okay, so I’m 5’4 weigh 112, female, fast metabolism and smoked with one of my girls this past weekend and took about 10 hits. But normally never smoke. How long will it take to be able to pass a urine test?

  • Jordan

    I’m a male, 5’8″, 115 pounds, high metabolism. I smoked for the first time last Saturday and have to get urine tested tomorrow. I’ve been drinking lots of water all week. Will I pass?

  • Chris

    Important factor that needs to be mentioned… What is considered: moderate, frequent, and heavy use?

    • Spammy

      Good comment! This infographic is so useless without some idea what they mean with light or heavy user.
      Based on some comments below smoking 3 times a week is already considered to be a heavy smoker. Then again, is it 3x 1 gram of sticky dank or 0.1 gram on a vape, or just one pull from a joint?

      Does a weekly Saturday dose of 0.5 gram for years on end stay longer in your system then smoking 0.1 gram 5 nights a week for years?

  • mitchell

    i havent smoked in 6 weeks, and i hit the resign in the pipe 3 times last night will i pass test in 6 day

  • carolyn

    It’s been 19 days since I smoked. I am a light smoker and when I do, I use a vaporizer. I typically drink 1-2 liters of water daily weigh 133 & am 5’1″. I took a home drug test about 4 days ago n it came back negative, but worry because my water intake may have skewed the result. Any suggestions on how a lab urinalysis may come out?

  • Kenya

    I use to smoke weed maybe 2 to 3 times a day. I just recently stop smoking tuesday of this week. But I took a drug test last Wednesday, but before the test I drunk some vinegar and water with cranberry juice so help flush it out. Unfortunately my test came back positive. So I lose that job so this Wednesday I took another test and all day Tuesday I was drinking my vingear and water and cranberry juice and was peeping like crazy so I took the drug test this Wednesday there and the test came back not clear so I have to wait until 3 to 5 days to come back. I just want to know how long should I wait to take another drug test.

    • steve

      I smoked evey day 5 times or more a day or like 7 years I am 150 5 ft 7 how long do u think tell I’m clean and don’t know how to really

  • ali

    i smoked hash for 6 months once a day, im 180 lbs 6’0, how long will it take?

    • dfghj

      guys help me ill loose my job

    • D

      Once a day?…if u drink lots of water u could probably b clean within a week id say..if u only smoke once a day at ur weight…remember dont give begining or endof ur pee

  • Mims

    I smoked once almost nine months ago. I have to get a hair follicle test done pretty soon, will I pass? Also, do they only test the root or the whole strand?

    • Wendy Jenner

      Start looking for a shampoo. My friend (a guy) used the shampoo for a hair follicle test and passed with no problem. If you have short hair, they’ll pluck a couple strands. Medium to long they’ll just cut close to the scalp. The shampoo is pricey though.

    • D

      Shave ur whole head and body hahaha jk that be obvious but jokes aside ur good

    • Jackie Wagner

      THC Don’t bind To Hair Its Actually Not A Very Effective Method For Checking On THC, But Thats Probably n it what they are checking for

  • Nate

    Shit man, I hit those doobies 3x a day, I’m a moderate smoker 4’11 145lbs, about 8% bodyfat. I last took a hit on 2 weeks ago. My drug test is in 3 days will I fail?? Fuck me, I need this internship or my life is done and I’ll just kill myself :/

    • RackaRacka

      Sounds like you are fucked dude

    • Jay

      shit, drink as much water as possible

    • TheManDan

      Get a gallon jug of water and dump a Box of jello mix into it and drink it all. Then while your not drinking the jello make sure your are drinking pure lemonade as much as you can handle. You want to keep yourself peeing night and day all the way to your test date. In addition to the fluids workout as hard as possible as often as you can to burn fat which is where the THC is stored so it can recycle out of your body. Then about 3 hours before the test take 4 aspirin and a multivitamin to add color to your urine so it will not come back diluted. It you do all this correctly you will pass with flying colors. I smoked for years and got clean in 48 hours for a job as a CFO.

      • D

        Also big thing ppl forget is piss a bit in the toilet and then give them a sample…if its in question dont give them a sample of the begining of your piss or the end!

  • John Doe

    Hey I’m 5″5 weighing about 135 pretty lean, I haven’t smoked I’m about 10 months, but I smoked like 2 grams of weed in a 8 hour period. It’s been 14 days since am I good to pass drug test? If not when will I be good. I drink about a Hallam of water a day

  • Ben Rollingreen

    Why is everyone so scared to take a drug test?
    Bring someone else’s urine with you.
    Make sure it’s the right temp.
    They can’t search you.
    They can’t watch you piss.
    They can’t leave the door open.
    They can’t have someone inside the bathroom when your pissing unless your on probation.
    You can buy synthetic urine online and on shops.
    You can use a friends, male or female.
    Gender is not checked.
    Wise up!
    Don’t be so worked up about.
    There is always a way with will.

    • Wendy Jenner

      He’s right! I’ve take 3 drug tests for separate jobs in the last 2 years. They have never tested for gender, usually just the temperature, to be sure it has a normal body heat. I only smoke a couple times a week, yet on average I drink 2-3 liters of water a day. If you are that concerned buy a drug test (or have a friend go in for you). If you are tested/switching jobs often, buy 3 or 4, drink ONLY water for a few days, and test yourself. Only way to be sure you aren’t wasting your time and theirs. Goodluck!

      • stays high

        Idk what duh hall y’all. In today’s world a lot of places watch you or at least make you leave the door open. I took on a week ago and they stood behind me as I used a urinal. I took someone else’s piss you have to be careful. Cut a hole in the waistband of your underwear. Put the piss in a condom and tie it in the hole and let it hang against you. Slide a needle in your waistband. Even they stand behind you, pop the end and use the piss, then actually piss in the toilet yourself so they can hear it and it all seems legit. :)

  • Mary

    Yes what Ben said is prolly the most effective way to pass a drug test…u can put it in a zip lock bag and tap it to ur tummy so it stay warm but if someone is seriously watching u then theres another way ONLY FOR THE LADIES…its pretty graphic but it works…u would get a test tube or a small slim container of sum sort with the urine inside u put plastic wrap on the opening and wrap it with a rubber band now here comes the graphic part…u place the tube inside ur ladys bits with the plastic wrap opening facing out and cling on for dear life until ur on the toilet then pop the seal with ur finger & out comes the perfect tempered urine…its crazy I know but if ur desperate this definitely works!

  • John

    Hey I’m male weighing about 140 pounds, I’m 5’7 and have been smoking 5-8 joints a day for the past 2.5-3 years. There is rarely a day where I wouldn’t be smoking. I’m 21 and I have a high metabolism. Any idea of how long you think it will take before it won’t show up in my system? Thanks for any help.

    • John

      I usually drink about 3 litres of water daily.

  • John Smith

    hey im 5’10 170 and very active. I havent smoked in the last 2 weeks and have a drug test next week. Im active and hit the sauna a lot and also drink a lot of water and cranberry juice. You guys think im good to pass a drug test. Im a frequent user. ?

    • james mayne

      I think ur good bro. Last time it took me only 11 days, and i smoked everyday 8 or so years b4 that test. Plus im by no means in shape, and ur skinnier than me.

  • james mayne

    Im 5’7 170, nonstop daily smoker. I was smoke free for 36 days, then I got high non stop for about a week. I quit again 8 days ago and just passed an at home piss test. Just lettin yall know.

  • Lewis

    I’m about 165 5’9″ and I smoke about a bowl or two once a week. I drink coffee regularly and have a very low body fat ratio. Last time I smoked was last Friday but I got tested toay around noon. Will I pass? Also im semi active

    • D

      Your good

    • Generett

      Did you pass?

  • sarah009

    I don’t smoke all that often, but one night I took a hit out of a vaporizer and then the next morning I ate an edible…that same day I found out I got a job and have to take a drug test that is 6 days after I ate the edible.. is it possible that I will be able to pass? Or am I just fucked – also I’m like 5’8” 135 pounds

    • D

      You should be good to go, dont give them begining or end of ur piss

  • Mike

    Hi, so just found out I have to tested in just over a month for safety reasons (going onto a chemical plant for a week and will be tested for alcohol and drugs daily), I smoke a small amount every night with a vaporizer before bed and have been doing so for most of this year. I have quite a fast metabolism and only weigh about 60kg, if I drink lots of water and stop now is there a good chance of me passing the test? Also is there anything to help get it out your system faster besides milk thistle liver pills and water? Thanks!

    • D

      Id say if u have a fast metabolism and low body fat nomatter how much u smoke u shld b clean within 30 days easy

      • D

        Also dont give begining or end of ur piss stream..if its ever in question of being dirty

  • Liz

    Hey I’m a girl who’s very muscular and tall and weigh about 150 pounds I smoked a shitload at a party about a week ago and only smoke about 3 times a month. should 9 days be enough for me to be good for a drug test? I haven’t been drinking much water lately or cranberry juice, any tips?

  • Hazil

    So after reading this hopefully someone can help shed some light for me. I would say that I am a moderate/frequent user, I can’t really determine. What i mean by this is i smoke once a night every few nights, sometimes 4-5 days maybe even a week apart. But on top of that I go to the gym very frequently. Recently I got the scoop that I had to take a urine test for a job. Its been 13 days since I have smoked, during the 13 days I have been frequenting the gym as usual (6 days a week) hitting the sauna every day as well as in taking a lot of water and cranberry juice. I took a test about 6 days after I quit and it was positive. I then took a test last night (day 12) and came up negative and passed. My question is, if I take the actual test in 3 days will I be fine or did I just dilute it by drinking water and cranberry juice? (i only really started the really really heavy intake of cranberry juice and water after failing hoping that just working out would cut it) Or should I just continue my cycle of water and cranberry juice until the test.

    • hazil

      Oh, I am also 6’2 212 pounds.

  • Lane

    I’m a male, 6’1″ – 6’2″ weigh about 215-220 lbs. I would consider myself some what of a one time user since I’ve only smoked weed 3 times my entire life. Well about 2 weeks ago on a Friday I got high with a friend. We shared around 1-1.5 bowls together and it was good. Around last Saturday I took 2 hits from a bowl (the first hit I didn’t get enough to do anything, the second hit I definitely got something out of it but didn’t get have enough to actually get high). Anyways I’m looking to get a job and at one store the test for urine and at the other store I’ve heard for saliva. Now at both these stores they do drug tests after the interview so not much to worry about a time limit since I haven’t applied yet. But after reading about that it got me kind of worried. In this past week, I’ve ran 3 days (each day about 3 miles) and have drank mostly water and tea. Its been about 2 weeks since I last truly got high and only a week ago since I last took a hit. Any tips to help speed up this cleansing process and how much longer till I should be okay to take this drug test?

    • Lane

      I’m a bit on the fatter side. Not huge and gross like with a big belly but more of a husky kind of look. Also too add I play basketball regularly and I’m in some what good shape. Not that kind of shape to be running marathons but enough shape where I can keep a steady run up and down a basketball court and play for a while

    • Joshua Martinez

      You’ll be completely fine man. Just drink a good amount of water each day and keep exercising and don’t even sweat it. Some people who smoke just once pass a test the next day. However, don’t drink too much water right before the test because your urine can become diluted and some places take that as a fail. I would drink a tall glass before you leave the house to take your test and you’ll be fine.

  • Jen Smith

    I need to pass a piss test this coming Wednesday, I smoked for a week and 2 days stopped this past Tuesday only about 2-3 hits a night, will I pass??

  • EssBee

    I had two hits over 3 weeks ago and took a hair follicle test, do you think I’ll pass the test? I showered, brushed my teeth and drank a lot of water after the two hits.

    • essbee

      Adding that I just took the test yesterday.

  • Emily Nicole Deak

    I have to take a urine test on Wednesday if I don’t smoke weed for the next 5 days will my levels of THC be down I’ve only smoked wed,thu n fri and hit the blunt probably 5 or 6 times each time I weigh 120 pounds and I am 5 feet 5 inches tall they expect to see a little THC but want my levels to go down since last Wednesday should I drink water and how much and do you think if I haven’t smoked since yesterday and don’t smoke until Wednesday will it show my -levels going down

    • asdafy

      theres no way youll pass the test. sorry

  • Here’s your answer.

    If you geniuses would stop smoking weed you wouldn’t be on this forum asking such stupid questions, and sniveling about your problems. Stop smoking weed. or, just accept the fact that you might possibly fail a drug test. It’s really that simple.
    (Yeah I know….Why didn’t you think of that).

    • Shannon

      Drinking is the number one drug that kills. Someone dies every 3 minutes from alcohol and every minute from tobacco. Both which are legal. Pot kills no one unless they smoke their weight in weed, which is impossible. Don’t sit on your high horse just cause your drug of choice is legal. Consider yourself lucky dumbass!

  • Here’s your answer.

    You people are really funny. I mean. You are asking questions hoping that someone will tell you what you want to hear, but you already know the answer. For those of you who aren’t smart enough to face reality…. here is your answer.
    If ya want to pass a drug test then ya gotta refrain from doing drugs. It’s not that difficult to figure out. .

    Now don’t blame the messenger……….You needed to be told the truth and now you have it.

    • Salt

      You say “You People ” like you aren’t on here too. Or like you didn’t google the question. I’m NOT a smoker but I did hit a blunt about 2 months ago and I have to take a drug test. I have a 4.5 GPA and graduated at the top of my class. I was freaking out so I googled i and I’m reading the questions because I want to find answers too. Stop being so judgemental and get off the forum if you’re so annoyed. It’s not like it just randomly popped up on your computer and you were forced to scroll through the questions.

  • ben

    so iv been clean for nine months and i hit a dabs pipe about 10 times and smoked a half of gram. if i drink water and drink cranberry juice do you think i can get clean in 20 days?

  • Tiffany

    im 15, about 5’4, 120 lbs and ive gone through like periods of heavy use, to like once a week and then i would go back to heavy use and just back and forth,
    and about 3 weeks ago i smoked 3 bowls with 2 other friends and then the next day took 1/2 a dab
    i am going to the doctors tomorrow and am gonna get blood tested and urine tested and not for drugs but im afraid theyll see it anyway
    is there anything at all i can do? im freaking out

    • Grant

      They only have the right to tell you they will ask to tell your parents but it is up to you if they can! But other then that your good there not going to say. Hey why have you been smoking weed its not there business homie

  • Bo

    I’m 5’8 180lb and I did a little over 2 grams will I pass

  • kristian

    hi people just a little question… I’ve been smoking weed for 9 years and stopped 13 days ago but I only smoked 1/2 gram everyday untill I heard that I’m having a piss test, I’ve looked at the stats and I’m still unsure… can anyone give me a bit of advise plz… I’m 6 ft and weigh 12 stone… thank u

    • kristian

      My test is in 7 days

      • Alexsandria

        The only way to know for sure is to get a test at local store near you, but as long as you don’t smoke anymore until you’ve been tested, it sounds like you should be ok. You’ve already been abstaining for more than two wks, and by your test it’ll be almost a month. You were a heavy smoker before that however, that’s what throws me.

  • Molly

    If i only hit it the pipe twice three days ago and I haven’t smoked in a while I have a drug test either today or tomorrow should I be able to pass?

  • Kara

    I smoked about 1.5 grams on May 31. I have a drug test for a probation officer June 11. I weight about 190 and 5’3″. I am wanting to know if I’ll probably pass. I hardly ever smoke but I’m May I smoked on the 17 & 31.

  • QLN16

    Hey guys I got injured at work and have to take a drug n alcohol test it’s been 2days since I smoked half a blunt of regi before that it was 2weeks and 1blunt do you think I’ll pass today?

    • QLN16

      Also I am 5’3 weighing 255

    • agarcialee

      nope your positive. i work for a drug testing facility we see it happen all the time

  • Whiteboy466

    Hey I’m getting tested for my job and I smoked 3 times over 3 days it was my first time in over 3 months. My test is in 16 days and I’m 5’7 130 and have a really high metabolism. Wll I pass?

    • fuck you all

      If it’s in 16 days and you don’t smoke any at least 6 days before you will pass.

  • Joop

    I took 3 hits 4 days ago, it will soon be 5. I have been sick also and getting night sweats and peeing a lot, but just wanting to double check because i am in treatment. Will i pass?

  • Joop

    My weight is 140 and im 5’11

  • Joop

    I have also been clean for a full 30 days before that and it has been the first time i had smoked.

  • Al

    I quit smoking weed 6 months ago. I was a heavy smoker for 40 years. Two weeks ago, I found a third of a thin joint in my tackle box and I smoked it. Now I have a drug test later this week (not sure which test) for a new job. Is there a chance that small amount is still in my system?

    • Al

      Youre fine, dont sweat it at all.

  • issac

    I smoked last week on a sunday (about a G) , its now a monday I have an drug test tomorrow should I be worried.?

  • Vic

    I took one hit of pot 2 exactly two weeks from now and I have a urine text tomorrow. Will I pass it? 5’7 190lb.

    • Karly

      yes you will most likely pass it

  • Ivan

    Hy there I stopped smoking pot on 02.05.2014, I have so far been on 5 drug tests and I was positive on all of them, I do not know why but what ever I try doesn’t work I am 186 centimeters tall weighing 75 killograms, my total body fat is around 20%, what can I do to help me become negative, my last test is 2 weeks from now and if I am still positive I will loose my job and get hospitalised, please help me.

    • Ivan

      Also I smoked weed every day for 5 years before this so I don’t know what to do honestly…

  • Christian

    I smoked pot 4 days ago. My last smoke was about a month before that. I weigh 86 kgs and I’m 5’7”. Will I pass??

  • Lava

    I took one hit of pot on my bday may 4th for experience and another hit may 6 im not a smoker i havent smoked since then do you think ill pass a hair drug tust ?

  • Sash

    Hello, I smoked half a L May 17th after almost a month clean , and I have a drug test Thursday June 12th. I’m 5’5 150 , and only smoked at college 2 or 3 times a week, not during breaks or holiday breaks . Do you think I’ll pass ? Would I be a moderate or frequent smoker?

  • Generett

    I smoked last week and yesterday and I usually smoke 1-2 times a week. I weigh 175 pounds and I’m 5’8. Would I be good for a drug test 1 1/12 – 2 weeks?

  • scared

    Nervous, I just took a drug test today and I am wondering what are my chances of THC showing. I smoked back in April so it has been over a month. I have been around 2nd hand smoke. I do not usually smoke. I am 5’8 and around 290lbs.

  • Aj

    I’m 11 and smoked weed twice when will it get out of me


    I’ll have my drug test tomorrow,and i don’t remember when is my last smoke,but i didn’t smoke everyday.

  • edwin

    I took a hit of the blunt 2 weeks ago and I have a drug test on monday. Will I pass. I’m 5’7and weight 145

  • Jovanna

    I’m 18 female smoked 2 blunts last 2 months. 108 pounds .

  • Eva

    I have a urine test for work today I smoked 1 and a half blunt 2 weeks ago, but I also go to the gym a lot, you think I’ll pass ? I’m 120 pounds, 18 years old

  • Bryant

    I smoked two joints last Tuesday & may possibly be drug tested this Friday. I’m 5’7 135 pounds

    • Bryant

      Should I be able to pass?

  • christian

    I stopped smoking for 3 months, I smoked once more 3 weeks ago would i be clean now? im 150 pounds, 16 years old

  • Jasmine

    Hello, I’m 22 and 185 pounds I don’t smoke at all but I was around some people who do 3 weeks ago I am going to be applying for jobs next week and I know I will get drug tested will I test positive or negative. Will second hand Marijuana cause me to fail my drug test!! I am soo nervous

    • Cj

      Trust me your fine for you to fail off of contact smoke I’ve read that they would have have to smoke enough weed to equal your body weight… But I know from experience that you will be ok

  • Jasmine

    Hello, I’m 5’5 and 185 pounds I don’t smoke at all but I was around some people who do 3 weeks ago I am going to be applying for jobs next week and I know I will get drug tested will I test positive or negative. Will second hand Marijuana cause me to fail my drug test!! I am soo nervous

    • Jerri

      No, you can’t fail a drug test from second hand smoke. Believe me I tried that excuse once. Doesn’t fly

  • Susy

    I took 2-3 puffs two days ago, would I be good for a drug test tomorrow?

  • rayne

    I stopped smoking about three months ago and I might have a test tomorrow. I’m within the 140 lb range and am 5’11”. Will I pass?

    • Cj

      Your fine man I promise

    • Phil

      Yes. Your BMI is low enough and will be out in about 4 days. Investing in some GoldenSeal extract pills at any CVS or Walgreens.

  • Kie

    I have a drug test on the June 17 I smoked once on May 21 I weigh 190 will I test positive?

  • tj

    I smoked on May 10th and exactly 15 days ago, not a lot just a gram all together. I weigh 190 I have 18% body fat and I work out damn near everyday. Do u think I can pass one today?

  • sara

    I smoke ever night 1-2 hits but have a drug screen for a job. I’m 26 5’4” 120lbs i havent smoked in 12 days will i pass?

  • Dr_Eeekcm

    If Im active and workout everyday, will I “clean” my system out faster?

  • Guest

    I smoked some killer kb about 2 weeks ago, but thats it…havnt smoked since & before that I hadnt smoked for about a month…I just ‘passed’ Walmart’s’ 1st ‘2 rounds’ of interviews & will prob have a drug test within a week..I hope Im good

  • jay

    I ate edibles for a month and took one hit i
    Yesterday a month from now I have a drug test will I pass I weigh 225 and im 5’8

    • jay

      I started drinking cranberry juice to help

  • Danny

    I took a hair follicle test this Monday. I took two hits of a blunt about 8 weeks ago. My hair grows fast and I cut it 3 times with a number 2 since then. will THC show up on the test results?

  • Drian

    i smoke 5 days ago and before that the last time I smoked was about 2 years before that. I took a piss test today and Im not sure if I passed. Please help.

  • HRontherocks

    I was a frequent user for 4 years and quit for a month and 2 weeks. I tested my self around a month and was clean. I’ve smoked a bowl a day for a week and quit again 4 days ago. if I had a test next week would I be good? Im fairly skinny and have a high metabolism.

  • JDsmoke

    Went to Colorado and smoked some legal greens. Not much probably a joint and a half over 4-5 days. NOW…I’m back to this place and job where it is not of accepted nature. I am a big guy 6’5″ 280lbs. Anybody have a guestimation on when I’ll be clean. Tips are appreciated as well speed up the process

  • talltoker

    smoked for the first time in an actual year about 4 days ago. i am 6’4” and weight 187 lbs. how long will it take to leave my system?

  • saketh

    I smoked 2 cones everyday except for today I have a drug test in 10 days Im 21 very skinny and waiting at 57 kgs will I pass in 10 days ?

  • SomeOne

    I have not smoked in 2 months. I’m on the heavier side so I figure it would take longer. I tested myself twice and came up clean. I had a drug test from a facility yesterday. Should I be okay? Are those test stronger than the over the counter ones you buy?

  • Taytuh Chips

    Im 16yrs, 125 lbs, 5’6, male. I last smoked on the 23rd of may, (just enough to get high), i havent smoked since and i have a drug test on the 8th of next month. Will i pass? ):

    • Weedmasta


  • Aj

    I’m 6’7″ and 190 weight. I have smoked two days ago but play lots of basketball will it show up on a urine test?

  • Raquel

    I’m about 230pounds I last smoke about a week ago & before that I smoke for about 3-4months help??? Ideas when I should be clean?

  • Madrid

    I’m 5’2 and a 130 pounds I stopped smoking for 2-3 months to find a job. I ended up smoking with a group of 4 people on Saturday I found out that I have to take a drug test this Saturday coming up I have been drinking lots of water do you think I will pass

    • zeus


  • zeus416


    I have smoked just once two days ago (max 0.50g). Am i can pass the test? The urine test will be 3 weeks. (i’m tall, and thin)
    sry for my english

    • Adin

      Your good

  • Alex

    Im 20 197lbs 5’10 smoked for the first time ever last weekend n ihave a drug test monday n ive taken at home drug test n it comes back wit2 lines but the second line is very faint

  • Johnny Blaze

    Why do you idiots keep asking if you’ll pass a drug test or ask when it will leave your system? Read mother fuckers read.

  • darius

    I’m 5’11 and 161lbs how long would it take for weed to get out my system

  • Justin

    So I smoked weed one time a couple of months ago (barely 2 puffs) then I stopped & this past weekend I was around people who smoked but I didn’t & I have a drug test next week… Am I good ?

    • Adin

      Your good bro… No reason to trip…I Promise

  • Christine

    I had half a edible gummy on the 24th of May and have a drug test this Monday or Tuesday. I rarely smoke and probably hadn’t had any other thc in like 3 months. Do you think I’ll pass? Does it being a edible make a difference?

  • Brittany

    I have read all of these. I understand everyone is different but just hearing someone say my result would make me feel better. I smoked not even a .5 on May 30th and just found out I have to take a drug test tomorrow.. Do you think I will pass…?

    • Adin

      Your totally fine, no need to worry about it

    • notimportant

      If that is all you smoked that ONE DAY, yes u most likely should pass ur test. If it is a saliva or pee test. The tests dont go off ur weight or anything, they go off the amount n frequency of use. Its been over two weeks…your most likely in the clear. Good luck

  • Drew smith

    how long will it stay in if I have to take a blood test and I smoke every week once a week usually a 10 dollar bag

  • What’zhizface Smokedout Mathew

    If I smoked a total of five blunts about 3 weeks ago and I’ve drank a couple gallons of cranberry juice abs countless gallons of water and been working out how long do you think it’ll be in my system

  • Bryce

    I smoked everyday for about a month and i only weight 155 pounds.how long will it take to get out of my system?

  • kristy

    i have smoked everyday for about 6 yrs about a blunt or two a day i stopped 30 days ago as of tomorrow and tips on passing drug test

  • nicolet

    I weight 105 & im 18. I smoked about 3 weeks ago. And im trying to get a new job. But it requires a drug test. Will I past? I dont smoke too often.

    • mark c

      Honestly, i think you will be fine. you don’t have a lot of fat on your body and if you haven’t smoked for around 21 days nothing should be detected. Just to be safe, I would suggest drinking a pretty decent amount of water before the test just to dilute your urine, maybe 2 or 3 regular sized bottles an hour before the test.

  • Reyn

    I just took a couple hits today from a pipe. I may have a test in the next two weeks. Will it still show positive?

    163 lb


  • please help

    I smoked 2 cones everyday except for today I have a drug test in 10 days Im 21 very skinny and waiting at 57 kgs will I pass in 10 days ?

    • triss

      If you smoke 2 cones everyday you are a real heavy user. Honestly you drug test will come up positive. If it was your first time smoking today And smoked a joint In 10days you would be clean. THC will be in your sytem for about 45days ..Drink Shit ton of cranberry juice..Or have someone pee in a cup for you.

  • John Scott

    I’m 6’3 300. Not incrediably fat. I have visible muscle. Former collegiate athlete. I started smoking (first time ever) in March and I stop at the end of May. I split like .5-1 grams maybe more with three other roommates. maybe 5 times a week. We will go several days without smoking due to cash. Ive been gettin a ton of job offers and some of the ones I really like require a drug test. I been drinking water. I went out to hoop a few times and and broke heavy sweats doing other fun things but how much longer is it safe for me to take a drug test to be negative in the results?

    • jim


  • j’ann

    I am obese & weigh 340 lbs. I shared a marijuana cigarette with someone 04/04 & again on 05/03. its now 06/17. Do you think I could pass a urine drug screen?

  • ryan

    I smoked on 6/5 and 6/7. Just a few hits each time. I’m 6′ and 200 lbs. I have a drug test thursday. How’s it looking for me.

    • ryan

      I very rarely smoke.

      • cristee

        same situation happened to me last year, i passed just drink alot of water and i mean alot to where ur pee comes out clear.. just to give you an idea i drank a full gallon right before my test .. good luck!

  • cristee

    i would smoke every otherday once day about 3 hits of a pipe for 3mths last time i smoked was a month and a week ago i have a test in the next week will i come out clean?

    • Mocha

      Yes you should be clean

  • Kristin

    ive only smoked three times in my life, im 5’7 16 years old and i took something like 7-10 hits last night (dont remember exactly how much) .. i need a urine drug test done within 2 days. do you think i will show up positive?? any reccomendations??

  • Dime Steves

    I smoked yesterday for the first time in 6 months. I got an drug test for this job, how long should I wait ?

  • Anon

    I know an every day smoker who passed a drug test 2 days after he found out he would be tested. He cleared his system by constantly drinking water, i think he said he drank like 5 gallons in the two days lol

  • Cheyenne

    I took 2 hits from a gravity bong and shot gunned two hits with my boyfriend from it on Thursday. I have court Wednesday and I’m terrified I’m gonna be tested. I had no idea I was going to have court this month. How much water should I be drinking? How many times should I try to piss?

  • Josh

    Guys or gals: Pick up a gallon of Aloe Vera juice, w/ 100% Cranberry juice; OceanSpray brand preferably. You can drink it raw, or mix w/ cranberry. this method works for me all the time. I’m a heavy weed smoker passed all urine test with no issue. Good luck!

  • BronyStoner

    I have 14 days to be clean. Before that I hadn’t smoked in 3 weeks, and each time was one hit. Before that I hadn’t smoked in over a month, maybe 2. I am young, have a fast metabolism, and am not really overweight. Will I pass with 14 days clean?

  • Zen

    I took the Walgreen drug test and I haven’t smoke over 4months … I use to be moderated smoker.but not smoke since March/2014…Walgreen drug test came back negative but I read the reviews regarding this drug test and they were all negative comments that the test failed them on their day of drug test! N lost their job opportunity! I’m 5’3 and weight 219 lbs … Anything u can recommend ?

  • C-dawg

    I was a heavy smoker , smoked an 1/8th of BC’s finest, within 48 hours… about 46 days ago … I stopped for 32 days exactly… then I had 3 tokes of straight THC 14 days ago.. I need to take a test tommrw night…. anyone have any idea if I will show up positive here.. 6′ 180 lbs fast metabolism and I sweat a fair bit.. probably 5 lbs at the gym tonight.. I plan on drinkn lots of water and gatorate tommrw.. any opinions please??

  • louogarou5

    I am freaking out a little bit. I have the chance to get my dream job. I took 3 small hits last week and then the week before that I smoked. I took an at home drug test this morning and passed. My concern is that the test may be inaccurate. Prior to the big smoke, I hadn’t smoked in a couple of months. Does anyone think I will have a problem? Any ideas that may help ease my mind? Already drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice.

  • Arnoldo Jimenez

    I was a heavy smoker for over 10 years smoking between 1-6 grams a day sometimes more depending on occasions I weigh about 230 pounds and I’m 5’10” with a low metabolism and I’m on drug screening due to court problems but I’m still positive for over 90 days now so what I’m asking is if there’s a safe way of cleaning myself so it’s not detected or could there be a medical issue keeping thc in my system?

  • Juls

    what would the difference be between moderate use and frequent use? For example, I went several months to a year or longer without smoking any. For a period of 11 days, I smoked once a day, with my last use being two nights ago. I am 5’4″ and 123 lbs, so I’d guess my body fat is average. When should I be safe to test negative?

  • James

    I smoked for the second time in my life on 06/07, i took 4 hits, I’m getting tested for a job tomorrow morning… would the test come out positive??? I’m 24, 6’0 and 215 lbs.

  • Mambo

    I smoked last Friday a few hits in a car, I have a drug test coming up in 6 days its been 5 days since ive smoked im taking a urine drug test for my job will I be okay I smoke maybe once a month

  • dave

    Fluids you cant get enough you can see your pre colar better be white im talking 160oz or synthic urine

  • Sarah

    I’m a girl 5’4 190 pounds. last smoked may 7th. usually smoked around 5 times per month before that for 3 months (just a few hits nothing by myself). have a drug test for a job june 26th. i work out 3x a week and drink a lot of water? will i be okay?

  • Eddie Almazan

    I smoked 3 weeks ago. Worked out 10 times those weeks . Took 3 small hits of a little nugget. Small that a pinky nail . I have a test tomorrow will i pass ?

    • 0100011


  • ERR

    5’5″, 155 lbs. Smoked 3 times in the past month. Last time i smoked was 7 days ago, I have a drug test in 12 days. Will I pass?

  • imnotastoner

    Im 16 years old, 120 pounds, smoked on monday 8 hits. i have a drug test today in a little less than 12 hours. ive only smoked three times in my life. pretty spread apart. thumbs up if im gonna come up negative, thumbs down if im gonna come up positive.

  • caroline

    5’7 160lbs. smoked two days ago, 3 hits. hot boxed a car last Saturday about 10 hits. drug test next week or the week after, do you think I’ll pass?

  • Tiago

    I smoked 2 day ago and I got drug tested right now. I work out every day and have a very low body fat. Can I still pass it? (Urine test)

    • Donnie

      Get some Surejell man. I hate when people tell me how to beat drug tests because I don’t by into any of them, but I’ve used SureJell myself and have passed the test when I smoked the previous day. I’m a heavy smoker.

      • king

        SureJell? How did you take it & how much?

    • Amanda

      Alot of ppl think that Its stored in body fat but Its actually stored in ur lover fat! It could stay in ur system for 1-6 days!

  • Rchase8

    I have to get drug tested on the 26th of this month and the last time I smoked was on the 4th. I’d say I was a frequent smoker but the quantity was low (few bowls). I’m 5’10” 180 and workout. I’ve been doing as much as I can to burn the thc out of my system but as of today I’m still positive( home test) I have about another week to get clean. What are my chances of passing a urine test by next Thursday?

  • Fuzzy P #cheesydoritoesgang

    job interview coming up no scheduled date for piss test yet but i know its coming. i smoked half an L wit my mans last friday…since then i been drinkin mad water, ran 2 miles 2 days ago. will i be good or what? i weigh a 130 with a really fast metabolism. even been doing the apple cider vineager thing…

  • ATLxBraves

    Possibly have a drug test July 14th. Smoking right now. I smoke almost every day but not excessively. 5’9 135. Think I can pass?

    • Olex1234

      did you pass ?

    • Puckinup

      Did you pass?

  • katiil0331

    I just smoked (2 hits off a pipe) got buzzed a bit. I haven’t smoked in 3 plus months and now I have a drug test on Monday please help. I did it for pain now I think I’m gonna loose my job

  • Lordsciple

    You all sound so stupid. Of course you’re going to drop dirty. It’s all the devil’s trick to kill, steal and destroy. So be of a sober mind, not giving the devil a chance. Stop risking your life. Stop smoking weed.

    • fffff

      You sound like the devil’s trick to kill, steal and destroy. So be of an enlightened mind, not giving the devil a chance. Stop risking your life. Start smoking weed.

    • Amanda

      Why u gotta call ppl Stupid! You must b real happy with ur life!! Lol


      You’re not risking your life by smoking week dumbass. If you’re on here to preach go to a different forum!

    • Jeremy

      As a Christian,you should know only God can judge us.So find another forum!

  • worried

    I haven’t smoked since May 10th…but will have a drug test anytime…
    I used an at home drug test and it came up positive…its been about 40 something days…
    Should it be out of my system anytime soon?
    5 foot and I weigh about 130 140…..
    Please help!!!!!!?????

  • Kuro Hitsuji

    Hi, I’m a female, 5″3, bout 115lbs.
    I used to smoke everyday for medicinal reasons and was working my way to get a med card. Unfortunately I didn’t take the action soon enough and I got charged with possession of marijuana after being pulled over and having a grinder.(I know, call me an idiot) I have a drug test coming up. I’m sure I’ll drop hot as I’m expected to, but I was wondering how long would it take to leave my system?

    I work 7 days a week which consists of me being on my feet almost the entire day. Also doing physical therapy so I’m exercising 3 days a week.(for my shoulders) I’ve been eating healthy, drinking a lot of water etc. (I was already doing that routine… But was wondering if it makes a difference.)

    Thank you for your time.

    • Tohelp

      I’m a 170 pound athletic male who smoked nearly everyday over an extended period of time and tested clean after 4 days from last usage. I have a high metabolism and went to the gym every day. Other than high intensity workouts for approximately 1-2 hours I also did cardio that consisted of running 1-2 miles. I’m not sure if it helps but I also sat in the sauna all 4 days to sweat more and drink more water. Also drank ample amount of water the day of, until the time of my test. Take a multivitamin to return color to your urine an hour or more before the test and take creatine so your pee will weigh enough if your sample is sent to a lab. (Creatine is nessecary for weight as dilution will eliminate the body’s natural level of creatine.)

      • Kuro Hitsuji

        Thanks for your input. I haven’t smoked since last Tuesday morning and I have a test today(Tuesday) at 6pm. Hoping it’s mostly out of my system but I may get Ready Clean just to make sure… Wish me luck…

  • Anth

    Does anybody know how often hair test are used? I have to take a drug test in 2 months at the doctors to get all my shots updated and i know they check your urine and/or blood but do they check your hair as well? its not a physical for sports or work but just to update my shots and check to see that I do not have any illness in me. what do you think?

  • Sofia

    What can cause a drug test to be positive when you don’t smoke weed?

  • JV

    I haven’t smoked for 8 months. If I took 2 or 3 hits off a joint, how long would it stay in my system?

  • MJ

    I would’ve considered myself a heavy smoker, over a gram each day for the past 5 years. Due to a job I’m trying to get I must stop and the last time I took a hit was 6/19, I will have my test around 7/19-7/26. I have a very fast metabolism and am 5″4 108 lbs, will I be okay?

  • former urinalysis tech.

    MJ – yes.

  • former urinalysis tech.

    JV – depending on your body fat and metabolism, probably only a couple days. I wouldn’t guess anything longer than 7.

  • former urinalysis tech.

    Sofia – it depends on the type of test. A standard urine test will generally give accurate results. Most employment/court tests will compare your sample to a predefined control sample. These controls are established everyday by the agency. Most testing methods will expose your urine sample to a reagent (a chemical compound that will cause drug metabolites to react a certain way when exposed to the chemical). After exposing the sample to the reagent a beam of light is exposed to the sample and a super HD camera takes a photo of the beam of light. If there is drug metabolite within your sample your urine will have a chemical reaction with the reagent. The more drug metabolites that are in your system will cause the beam of light to refract (bend) to a certain degree. The super HD camera detects the curvature of the light. DThe agency will be able to determine the amount of drugs within your system by comparing the curvature of the light beam to the control sample. In short, usually only the specific drug will trigger the curvature of the beam of light, this is due to the chemical reaction with the reagent. However, false positives are possible. Especially if your urine sample is thick or cloudy. In which case this can cause the light to curve without the use of the reagent. Unfortunately, if these positives are challenged they can be confirmed by diluting the sample with the negatively calibrated urine controls. This diluted sample will clear the tested sample enough to be able to test it, if the test still shows positive then it is clear drugs were consumed.

  • former urinalysis tech.

    Sofia – #2. If an unofficial agency (parents or spouse) or a cheap employer want to test you they might use the old fashioned stick test. These are the tests you can buy at walmart. These standard tests do not include validity tests, meaning you can dilute your sample by over consuming water. In this type of test, peeing almost pure water will create a negative test.

  • former urinalysis tech.

    In my opinion the best way to pass a drug test (clearly if you are reading this abstinence is not on the table) is a reverse catheter. This is seriously down and dirty but you will get a negative test every time. This means you will need a bag of clean or fake urine. You will then need to catheter yourself and allow the clean sample to enter your bladder. Once the sample is in your bladder you can provide the test sample. This method is most useful if it is an observed drop. The clean sample will literally come from your body and will be the correct temperature.

    • nig

      Also know as the ‘oil change’ see: Blue Mountain State

  • Dick

    Hi, ya well I smoked like about two weeks ago and it was the first time in a couple months I’ve done it and I had to take a urine test so I’m wondering if it will come up positive because then I could run away lol.

    • JG

      Your fine. It won’t show up. If you’ve never smoked and just took 2 puffs it was probably passed with your 2 day morning pee. Don’t worry at all. I am an everyday user but no where near a “heavy smoker” I use it to help me sleep at night. But it usually takes me about 8-10 days to fully clean out and I’m not a health but either. But I’m not fat and unhealthy. So I wouldn’t worry about 2 puffs at all. Celebrate with another 2 puffs after your test

    • JG

      Sorry I misread your question. If u were clean prior to smoking it would certainly depend on how much u smoked when you smoked and when your drug test was. If it was within roughly 3 days of smoking you might have something to worry about. But there are so many factors that go into it. How long after u smoked was your test, how much u smoked, do u exercise, water intake etc. hope this helps and good luck.

  • Rob

    I am a heavy smoker but I also workout 6 days a week for up to 4 hours at a time and drink over a gallon of water a day. If you had to guess what would be my eta to pass a urine test?

    • Rob

      I should also ad I’m 20 years old. 6 ft 178 pounds with around 8% body fat and I eat an extremely healthy diet. I don’t know how much of a factor this will will play in me detoxing but I need some help. A very well paying job is on the line.

    • abaddon923

      Bro you will be fine. Go to a head shop or a gnc and get a drink to pass. OR! If you don’t want to waste $40 on a drink, get yourself a 5 hour energy shot and a Monster or a Rockstar or some sort of energy drink. When you wake up that day start drinking water first thing to get yourself pissing frequently, keep drinking about 10 to 20 ounces an hour. About 2 or 3 hours before your test drink the shot then drink the Monster right after. After those are finished get back on the water. piss 2 or 3 times before you go to take your test and you will be set.

  • Percy

    I’m an 18 year old male, somewhat athletic, and I have ADD. last Saturday June 21 I took my first two hits ever. some bud with orange flecks. My diet for the last month has been high in fat but I myself have very little body fat (6’1″ and 150 lbs). I have also been drinking about three beers a week and a lot of soda every day. I have a drug test July 22 before I go to Army basic training. I know it’s unlikely that I’ll fail but is there anything I can do to increase my chances of passing? To reiterate it was my first and only time.

    • RMurphy

      You’ll be fine bro. Dont worry. There’s no chance it will show up. Just make sure you dont smoke till than. Peace

    • RMurphy

      Oh and about the increasin of the chances just make sure u pee 2-3 times before you give your test urine.



    • Cam


      • Mike t

        Hey I had the sense to quit like a month before I go after a new job and I only drink water, but I keep hearing about this cleansing stuff u can get a head shops it’s like 50 bux just curious if that shit works or not….thanks

    • Mike t

      Y r so sure ur not gonna fail??? Re read ur post man… U need a gallon of water a day and a miracle… Not to be a downer

    • dddddickhead

      what does (ADD) have to do with anything you just said. I got a solution for ya, jump off a tall bridge.

      • Percy

        Wow. At least your username is appropriate. I would absolutely love it if every piece of shit trash asshole like you realized what scum they are and do the Earth a favor by blowing their useless brains across a cold stone cinderblock wall. It would be your only real contribution to society, you foul neckbearded white trash shit for brains. Good day!

  • Csari

    If I had been clean for a month and then took two hits how long will it take to be clean again? I am 5’9 173 pounds and run and drink lots of water and green tea everyday

    • Csari

      I am 18 years old btw and would also appreciate any tips in how to increase my chances if passing a drug test in two weeks I know I shouldn’t be doing it I just had a relapse I regret it after it happened even though it was only two hits

      • abaddon923

        Dude 2 hits isn’t bad. Poking smot isn’t a bad thing either. You should be fine on your test dude. I’m 6′ 2″ and 215 lbs and I smoke every now and then. I usually only smoke a few times during a month and stop 2 weeks before my scheduled monthly pisser. I don’t run every day but I do run a few times a week. I drink around 6 -10 bottles of water a day and green also, not unlike yourself. Doing all of that with my weight being factored in I can pass a piss test 3 days after the last time I smoked. If you want to be more confident get yourself a 5 Hour Energy shot and drink that and 4 or 5 bottles of water about 3 hours before you go for your test. You will pass with flying colors!

    • Cameron

      Use your brain, a few days max. Even then I highly doubt more then a day. What is it with you people? They have just given you a detailed guide, there isn’t a magical formula to work it out, it’s approximate, read the article… If ur that worried about go take a drug test like they said too..
      Two hits doesn’t even count as using the bloody drug, it’s nothing.

  • SirEntington

    I smoke nearly every day. I’ve been smoking for the past 2 years, with small breaks here and there. recently I’ve cut back to smoking about 4 – 6 times a week. A typical session is one bowl, split with my gf, and a 1/4″ ratchet cap grav. I’m about 5’9″, 185lbs, and I don’t work out. About how long would it take me to get clean? I’m not sure what constitutes a heavy smoker.

    • Angela

      Heavy smoking is multiple times a day and probably about 3 weeks or a month

  • James

    I haven’t smoked since 1995. But I have a joint , and I only need a couple hits because I’m a lightweight. If I smoke tonight, will I be clear by July 16th? Thanks.

    • Archer

      Yes it only stays in you system for long periods of time if you use it frequently it should be out of your system within a few days

    • Kim

      Wouldn’t chance it

  • Aqua612

    I usually only take 2-3 hits out of a bowl and the last time I smoked was 6.8.14 and prior to that it was on 5.23.14. Im 5ft 5 and weigh about 140 lbs. I work out 2-3 times a week. Do you think it should be out of my system?

  • _mmt

    Hi I’m 5’4 172lbs Jus Started Smokeing Again After 10months Had A Relapse After Having My Daughter Two Months Ago , Started 4Weeks After Haveing Her And I Jus Stop Today And Have To Be Clean By 8/15/14 Wat Sould I Do?? Cnt Get In Trade School If It’s Positive



      • Ghetto


      • Bre

        Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, gambling and yea pot all legal. However if you are making a choice to abstain from any one of them and you fall off the wagon so to speak, it is called a relapse. Why would anyone laugh at proper use of English language. There is no shame in putting you education to use by speaking like one has some sense.

  • Archer

    I smoked everyday for 1 week an a half starting 14.6.14 how long until its out of my system? I am 16, 5’9 and 140 lb

  • Angie

    Last time I smoked was May 3 and I wanna apply for a job but they ask for hair drug test. I only took like 3-5 hits and I don’t smoke last time I smoked before that was in November and again not a lot besides that I don’t smoke it’s been about 60 days do you guys think I’ll pass my test?!?

    • Angie

      Oh and I’m 5’7 and weigh 125 and I eat a lot so I guess you can say I have a fast metabolism..

      • Kim

        Nope you wnt pass

        • Angie

          Do you think after my 90 days I’ll be good?

          • Kurk

            Literally, nope. 3 years from now if you dont cut your entire scalp it will be a no. You have to lose the hair you had entirely since you smoked may 3rd..

          • Howl

            can you explain how ?

          • Angie

            So why does it say the test only goes back 90 days

          • Bre

            They don’t test the entire strand of hair they only test 4cm from the root. Unless the job your applying for you have to have special clearance, court order or something like that then they can do what they want. If it’s a normal job hair test what I said is what they will do in the lab.

          • Angie

            Yea it’s a regular. so as long as my hair has grown over that and it’s been over my 90 days I’ll pass..

  • After not smoking for over 10 years…. I took 3 hits of average stuff 17 days ago, I am 6’6″ 434 lbs.. I do go walking and hiking a few times a weak… will I pass?

    • Kim


      • How about the same info listed above, but at 25 days.

    • don

      Yeah easy no doubt

    • will

      dude im not trying to be a dick but if you weight 434 lbs you aren’t passing

    • will

      dude im not being a dick but if you weight 434 pound you aren’t passing

  • Anon

    I’m Male, 196, 5’6″. Not very athletic and haven’t really been sweating or exercising a lot, just a couple days since I stopped smoking (daily, single hits during the week, several repeated hits on weekends), 8 days ago. I just had a job interview today, and there was no word of a drug test, but I’m still wary. If there were a drug test later this week, would I be OK? What about sometime next week? How much notice do they tend to give before drug tests, and what actually happens if you fail? Could it be worse than simply not getting the job?

  • Liz

    Had a urine test today for pre-employment. Don’t smoke that often … only took a hit or two maybe once a week when my boyfriend smoked. I believe the last time I smoked any was around June 5 (about 25 days ago). Should I be worried about passing the urine test?

    I’m a 5’7 women, weight 180 and drank a lot of water in the 24 hours before the test. Any feedback would be appreciated!!

    • Timothy

      Keep drinking water and you should be fine. Make sure you pee at least once before the test. First urine of the day is always dirtier.

      • Liz

        I made sure to pee twice and then drank a full glass of water before I went and got tested. Nervous that a dumb hit or two that I did only because my then boyfriend is a regular smoker could cost me a great job.

        • jakesweezy

          did u fail

          • Liz

            I haven’t heard anything yet. I hope not, but I’m worried. :/

    • jhonnyrhottn

      what is with everyone drinking so much water? pot sticks to your fat cells, unless you’re trying to dilute your sample drink your regular amount of water. it would be better to drink alot of coffee or another type of diuretic. i was completly clean smoked a joint of high grade chit and passed a random test 5 days later. 6’2″ 190lbs moderately active. good advice about peeing at least once before the sample is given. first one of the day is the dirtiest

    • Refugees

      No but youza fatass

      • Liz

        lol. classy.

  • bubbleboy90

    smoked for the first time last night found out i am actually allergic to it. how long will it stay in my system because i just started looking for new employment and im 6ft 1 and 165lbs

  • Sam

    I smoked about a week ago and I haven’t smoked in probably 5-6 months. I’m 5’11 and weigh 140. Would I pass?

  • jon

    I smoked one puff and will have to take a urine and hair test in 2 months for college. Obviously, I’ll pass the urine test, but what about the hair test? I get a short haircut will I pass?

    • jon

      Also, I am 150lbs and very active; I run about 30 miles a week.

      • Bre

        Most likely but to be sure wait a month to let it grow out and then shave it off. And FYI if the don’t think it is long enough for the sample they need they will get hair from ANY other place on your body. So even if you don’t want to I’d shave my body if I were you. Its a hair test not head hair test. Trust me I’m a nursing student.

  • John

    I have smoked for 30 plus years… Need to pass a test next week… I am 3 days clean…. Working out and Drinking water every day…. What do you think?

    • Gagged redder

      You are fucked

    • Pooky

      Buy some powder online for that stuff with a small water bottle or container, or find a willing and understanding person who will donate for you.

  • rehab

    I need to get a job and I’d say I was a heavy smoker I’d always try to get high and stay high if I had money that’s what I’d buy and get high and stay high I haven’t smoked in about a week I need good tips on the fastest way to pass a piss test asap what the BEST way to clean my system to pass a test really quick

    • rehab

      And I dnt want to her any fake bullshit I want to here something that actually works ok I appreciate it

    • Maybe thats what drug tests are for? Whether its for a job or some other reason, if you are telling us that your biggest priority is to stay high, then you probably should try to find a job that DOESN’T test. Because let’s be honest, you’ll keep smoking. And until they make it legal, that test it gonna keep people like you from pretending that you dont smoke 24-7.

    • rehab

      Well that’s the thing where I live at it’s hard to find a job that doesn’t drug test bc everyone does test ppl

    • Pooky

      You probably won’t pass unless you stay abstinent for at least 90 days. Drink lots of water and eat healthy food. Maybe you can buy some powdered stuff online or find someone completely clean who will understand and donate a sample to you.

  • NotAHeavySmoker

    I’m a female 5’2 and around 100-105 lbs I took 1 hit out of a pipe 6/27 and before that I had smoked half a bowl on Father’s Day lol. I regularly drink only water w lemon and coffee. I drink more then a gallon each day of water. I have a possible drug test on Monday the 7th. Think I’ll pass?

    • NotAHeavySmoker

      Soooooo do the little up things mean you guys think I’ll pass or nah? Lol

    • NotAHeavySmoker

      Also my “Work Fit Medical” for I was given says “Health Assessment & PPD only” will I even be tested?

  • 420BlazeIt

    Heavy marijuana smoker. Smoked several days prior to a saliva test. Waiting ~36 hours before taking a test and tested positive.

  • mxp951

    I stopped smoking about 16 days ago. Last night I hit a pipe twice last night of good stuff. I had been smoking everyday at least twice a day before my 16 days. I might have a test on thurdays and its Saturday. I run every other day at least a mile and I sweat a lot. I weigh 145 and id say I have a high metabolism cause I never gain weigh will I pass?

    • scooterkid36

      Yeah dude your good drink lots of water and gatorade and sweat it all out

  • Lilnigga

    So I smoke weed like a couple times a month (1-3) and I had a drug test (UA) the day after 4-20 and I ate a shit load of red meat and water but before the UA test I was clean for a month and a half and I exercise alot and the day of my UA I peed yellow but only a tiny bit in the cup so he made me re pee it and he gave me a lot of water to pee, so then I peed in the cup again and I basicly peed water I guess, and my test results are in the 16th of july I am skinny and weigh 120lbs and I am 15 years old . did I pass?

    • Bignigga

      No, you didn’t pass.

  • John

    I smoked last night first time how long will it in a Iran test

    • Dick

      In an Iran test? They will just blow you up

    • scooterkid36

      Dude if you smoked first time just drink lots of water and drink gatorade and sweat like work out and you should be clean within a day or two

      • Donttrustflushproducts

        This is completely untrue, you will not pee clean within 24 hours regardless of whether you are a lifer smoker or first timer.

  • Jane

    I’m a female. 5’7 and around 180 lbs. I passed 2 bowls with 3 other people on June 6th. And shared 1 bowl with 1 other person on June 28th. I workout 4-6 days a week but don’t drink much water. Would I be able to pass a test mid august?

  • Demitra

    I use to smoke at least once a day for about a year..for the past two months I have maybe smoked like 4 times..I’m 5″6′ 150 pounds…I’ve taken two nican and drinking a shit ton of crsnberyy juice..I have my test tomorrow. Will I pass?

  • Derrrrty

    i hit a blunt twice on july 5th for the first time since april 5th. i am getting drug tested on wednesday. with daily exercise and a niacin pill will i pass my drug test?

    • Dr. John Newsome MD

      You will most definitely test positive. Hope it was worth it.

      • Derrrrty

        ok thanks for input

        • Asar/Osiris (The Real God)

          Don’t listen to that asshole. 1st of all niacin pills is a fat burner. Has nothing to do with cleaning thc from your body.
          Second of all….what kind of weed was it? Dome high grade (Kush, haze) or some bullshit?
          Third….if you’re going to smoke and worry about jobs…buy some Quick Fix…..(that shit save muthafuckas asses..REAL TALK!!!!!
          Fourth….go to a African culture shop and buy a REAL herbal detox…that flush all toxins from system…..if you don’t have money…then drink A LOT of water, eat A LOT of raw fruits (fruits are a natural detox….bet you didn’t know that) hope & pray that the weed you smoked was a low THC level herb. Good luck

          • Derrrrty

            yeah the weed was pretty dank i was buzzing after the second drag. i will look into some quick fix in the future. and definitely go to a culture shop and get some herbal detox. I have been eating a lot of fruit lately and no i did not know it is a natural detox. Luckily my test was rescheduled for a later date. thanks for the info it was really needed.

          • Asar/Osiris (The Real God)

            Np bro………good luck

  • jill

    I have smoked 3 times in the last year and a half. I plan on going on a vacation and doi ng it about 3 times in a week. Im 19 about 5’1 and 100 lbs with 16% body fat. Will it take longer than 3 weeks to be out of my system

  • LJ

    I am 5’9 125 lbs haven’t smoked for 7 days, before that I was clean for a full year. Do I have a chance to pass without spending a lot of money on detoxes?

  • 14 days is a safe duration all around, most users would be safe. Heavy users like my buddy had it in his system for over 45 days!

  • BigNick61904

    I hit a blunt about 2-3 times on July 1st, I’m 6’3 340lbs…I got called for a job interview and they may or may not test me, should I reschedule?? How long should I wait to be tested do u think?? Thanx!

    • BigNick61904

      C’mon guys where’s the God damn feedback…

      • Asar/Osiris (The Real God)


        • Asar/Osiris (The Real God)

          What kind of weed was it?

          • BigNick61904

            Some Sour D..

          • Asar/Osiris (The Real God)

            Not looking good for u family…….drink a lot of water and eat raw fruits……good luck.

          • BigNick61904

            Naw I’m straight, I don’t need the job, I’m just gona detox til I’m ready…good lookin tho…

          • Asar/Osiris (The Real God)


  • Oneboy11

    Im 5 “9” male and weight 145 pounds with 16% body fat. I an 15 years old. I last smoked 17 days ago for the second time ever. Since then i have not smoked. Everyday I have done regular exercise such as running, basketball, and lifting weights. I also have been drinking lots of water. Will I pass if I have a drug test today? Its a UA

    • Donttrustflushproducts

      You 110% will not pass a urine test if you smoked in the past 48 hours, regardless of body type and lifestyle.

  • Jesus Diaz

    first time smoking july 4th 2 small hits on a bong. had a drug test today will it test positive? I’m 5’5″ about 145lbs

    • BigNick61904

      More than likely yea..but I’m no exoertt

      • Asar/Osiris (The Real God)

        Two small hits….5’5″ 145…..you’re cutting it real close. Also depends on what kind of herb it was. If it was a strain with high thc levels (saliva & indica are like Kush and Haze)…then you are more likely to pop positive. If it was some “back-yard-trash” then you might be in the clear. Hope I helped bro.

  • shawna

    so i pretty much just poke a couple onies a day. for the past like couple weeks. im 5-3 and 200 lbs. how long do you think it will stay in my system and what can i do to block it or prevent it from showing if i need to test soon

  • Jo

    I smoked about 2 weeks ago than just smoked the past two days? How long would it be In there

  • Marie

    I am a heavy marijuanna user. I recently graduated (first in my class, summa cum laude) from penn state and I need to find a job. I’m hesitant to start sending my resume out for fear of failing a drug test. I’ve been smoking pot multiple times daily for about 10 years and have never done any other drugs Today was day one of abstaining and I’m pretty irritable/emotional. How long do u think I need to abstain before my system is honestly clean??? I dont want to take a risk on those instant detox drinks so i am quitting until i secure a job. I take adderall for my adhd and haven’t gained a pound since I was 15 years old so my metabolism is pretty good. I am currently 26 years old, 5’4″and 120 lbs. Im moderately active and I plan to drink some detox tea from the pharmacy daily as well. Please let me know a rough estimate as to when my system will be clean so I can plan for my job interviews accordingly. Thanks!

    Ps. After spending 50k on a bachelor’s degree and earning a 3.97 gpa, i haaate that smoking some trees in my free time is keeping me from getting a good job. Change needs to happen soon!

    • rick

      I am 6-2, 220 lbs and smoked everyday for a yr. I have body fat around the stomach. It took me a little more than 45 days to get a negative.

    • Donttrustflushproducts

      You sound like me, do yourself a favor and don’t risk failing a test.

      I highly suggest you stop smoking immediately, and buy test strips, and begin testing.

      Try and sweat as much as possible.

  • disqus_ERpual574s

    I’m a female 5’3 weighing 210. I haven’t smoked since around June 16 I wouldn’t say I was a heavy user… But I did smoke a little everyday for a few months. How much longer would you say I should wait?

  • jillyjolly

    I’m 5’8″ around 230 haven’t smoked in about a year. Ima bout to smoke a small amount of pot mixed in with a menthol cigarette. How long will it be in my system?

  • Sera Mabon

    I haven’t smoked in a month then just recently I smoked again I’m not a heavy user….. how long will it last in my system?

  • yoly

    hi im 5’2 150lbs. i had not smoked in over 5 weeks. this past weekend i smoked taking hits of my pipe. how long will it stay?

  • senjuganju

    Hey guys I’m a moderate pot smoker, maybe once a month (or sometimes even none) Im a 5’7 weighing at 133 lbs, just wondering how long would it stay in my system. any help? :D

    • DontTrustFlushProducts

      You probably have the best chance of going clean quicker than normal because like me you are a smaller guy. I’ll let you know as soon as I start peeing clean, I’m hoping for the both of us it’s within 2-3 weeks max. I’ll come back and repost soon. Best of luck

  • nic

    Hi I’m posting because I’m concerned about my little sister. She just graduated from an ivy-league school and was offered an amazing job about a month later. The only problem is she’s apparently been smoking far more than she let on to anyone because today is her 42nd day into abstinence and she’s STILL testing positive with a home kit. It’s crazy because this chick is tiny. She’s around 5 ft and weighs 100ish lbs and she runs almost daily. However, she just confided in me recently that during her last two years of college she would smoke minimum 3 times per day. This whole thing just pisses me off. I know she made some mistakes but this is ridiculous. She’s qualified for the job, she’s very reliable and she deserves a chance. Testing for pot is just so stupid – I mean it’s not like she’s a crack head or shooting herself up with heroine or something really crazy. Anyway I’m getting off track. I wanted to ask if anyone had any advice or suggestions. Specifically, does anyone know how I can go about getting her a clean sample? My pee wouldn’t help her much because I take several prescriptions that she wouldn’t have an explanation for. My husband is clear however. Do you think that matters? Will they test to see if the sample came from a male or a female? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Rockzcee

      She can buy a flush at a GNC take it the day before the drug test I took it before my drug test for the post office and passed it’s called Icarbo comes with a liquid and five pills doesn’t taste bad at all drink lots of water that day n don’t eat anything heavy just like toast Buy a B-complex pill they sell them in the store like a pack of multi vitamins puts the color back in the pee, when she starts peeing let a little go in the toilet catch the middle urine n let the rest go in the toilet, make sure to use the bathroom in the morning before you go first urine of the day is the dirtiest. Sorry if this is alot lol worked for me n I smoked heavily! N I’m way more the 100 pounds lol

    • Ramon Ramirez

      I know all that shit sucks i stop completely smoking a little over two fucken months ago, and i went for an interview and drug testing and it still came positive am 6’2″ and 134 lbs trust me am skinny because of health issues and i knw by fact i got a really fast metabolism and still positive just tell ur little sis not to risk it and use the guy’s urine the can’t tell if it was male or female. all they look for is the drugs i wish her good luck!!!!!!!

    • John

      No Sex does not matter she needs to make sure to keep the Pee is warm How ever because it will be suspicious

  • Goldy

    I did 1 hit of stinky last Friday. How long does it take to get out of my system? Prior to that, had clean system for a year

  • Jisj1997

    Hi I’m 16 male around 6’1 255 and I smoked yesterday 7/9 but before that I haven’t smoked since 4/2 and tested negative on 5/31 and I have a drug test in about 20 days.. Will I test positive or negative

    • DontTrustFlushProducts

      Most likely positive judging by your size. You may want to attempt substituting someone else’s urine. Just ensure you have it at the right temperature, if you’re a guy, store it in a small bottle on your choda, wear 4 pairs of underwear to keep it in place.

  • jblaze

    Hi I weigh 175, I have 5% body fat, I workout everyday and bust my ass off at work and I have used 15 times the past two months and each time I take 6 hits tops…. Would I be fine?

    • No way to really tell. Get some thc tests. I can buy them here at the dollar store. Good luck man.

  • Misslokita

    Hello I’m 20 , weigh about 164 pounds and I’m 5’4 just smoked for the first time yesterday July 10 , I want to apply for a job but I am afraid that the test might be positive. How long do I have to wait til it can come out negative

    • DontTrustFlushProducts

      2-6 Weeks to be safe, buy a test kit, (1 panel thc kit, roughly $20), and test every 14 days or so. Good luck

  • Ight here’s the deal. I have been a heavy smoker for years and now some real deep shiznit is going on. …make it short, I delivered my baby girl July 4th and now social services is up my ass for having thc in my system. Now I’ve got to attend some substance abuse bs class and I’m to be “supervised” w my daughter. How long will thc be in my system? And is there anyway that I can get thc out of my system faster? I don’t want a quick fix to pass. I just wanna get it gone from my body. I’m 5’8 and weigh 155. (Just had a baby girl) Please I’m begging anyone that has suggestions to let me know something. My life depends on passing the drug screen. CPS could take my daughter. I have roughly about 3-4 weeks til I’m screened. I’m not some crack head junkie p.o.s. just toked bc of the intense nausea I went through. Please help.

    • Seriously plllllleeeeeaassee someone give me some ideas. I stopped smoking on the 6th and I’m taking niacin to help speed up the process. Just wanted to beg for any help/replies. Thanks in advance for anyone that has any ideas or have experienced this their selves.

      • WakeTheFuckUpWoman

        To be quite frank it would probably be best for social services to take you’re children. If you’re smoking weed while pregnant you’re obviously not fit to be a mother considering all of the passive toxins you could be ingesting and basically feeding your unborn baby; (tar, fertilizers, insecticides).

        Should probably think deep and do some soul searching about whether getting high has priority over giving birth to a healthy child.

        • Im all for a good smoke but..

          You seem to have good intentions Mr.wakethefuckupwoman… that being said, before you get to high and mighty(no pun intended) maybe you should read a little more closely.. She delivered on the 4th, no where in here OP does she directly say she smoked while pregnant. there is such a thing as postpartum nausea which is quite common if she chooses to deal with it by smoking so be it as long as she is not breastfeeding or exposing it to the kid.

          • bed of roses

            Did you all miss the part where Amanda says she’s been a heavy smoker “for years”??? I would guess that means she smoked while pregnant. They do a drug screen to all women in labor so that is how they found it in her system. What other reason would there be to test her…

      • decisions, deciosions

        …..However (to ms.amanda)…if you were smoking while pregnant, you choose
        to breastfeed, or expose the kid to ANY KIND of smoke at all I think you
        really do need consider taking a break from your habit for a while
        because what you do with your life is your decision, but if you put the
        child at risk because you cant find any alternative to smoking your
        gonna need some help. if your innocent of harming the child i wish the two of you the best of luck :) but if youre not the child might be better off somewhere else temporarily in the long run.

  • Somrthinglikeaboss

    I smoke a blunt with two of my friend yesterday for the first in almost 7 months. I ,want to know if I only drink water and exercise regularly how long will it stay in my system.

    • DontTrustFlushProducts

      Depends on your size/metabolism etc, safe to say 2-6 weeks.

  • DontTrustFlushProducts

    Ok, I felt the need to preach this because I have A LOT of first hand experience with this topic, I’ll try and provide as much detailed information as I can.

    I’m about 5’10 and 140 lbs at best, so a very small guy, I’ve been smoking Marijuana since I was about 14 years old. In the past I’ve taken both court ordered tests (which I failed, I’ll get into this later), and most recently, pre-employment exams which I also failed as a result of trusting many of these “guaranteed products”.

    FIrst of all, do not trust anything you hear, or read because everyone is different and what works for you may not work for me and vice versa. That being said, I have never found a single product that has worked for me. I went to college for 3 years to obtain a chemical engineering degree, graduated with honors, and was just blacklisted from the company that offered me a $150,000/yr job out of college.

    Products that DO NOT WORK:

    VALE, this is the biggest joke on the planet, this product is complete dog shit and I’ve heard so much bla bla bla this works for sure, so I put my faith in what i heard from the retard at the hemp store, as well as countless posts on forums about how it works. I’m a smart guy and I followed the directions to the T, this product DOES NOT WORK, at all. I used test strips and bought it after I failed the test to double check, I can tell you with COMPLETE certainty that this product does not work. I used the “triple strength Vale” and it couldn’t even pass a cheap test strip kit that I bought at a head shop. It actually disgusts me that people are putting these products out with “money back guarantees” for desperate people that are generally counting on them for in some cases freedom, and or long term employment. They are the ones who should be locked up.

    Synthetic urine, DOES NOT WORK. I repeat, Synthetic urine DOES NOT WORK. I used this for my first pre employment examination, had it at the right temperature, had total privacy to use it, and immediately upon dunking the litmus strip in the tech knew it was fake. It’s 2014 and obviously these testing facilities have caught on to these products. I am not sure which of the chemical properties they can trace but I was denied twice, at two different testing facilities in two different cities, both of which knew, IMMEDIATELY I may add, that it was not real. I live in Alberta, Canada if you’re wondering where, and the career demographic was for the Oil and Gas Industry. I used the highest quality one I could find, and once again was told by numerous people that it works for sure, guaranteed to work yada yada yada, and it doesn’t, at all. Furthermore I can tell you with complete certainty, that all samples are sent (at least from the labs I was sent to) to Ontario to a vitro lab that breaks down the chemical properties of the urine to determine if it came from a human body. So if they don’t catch you in the clinic, they will 5-7 days later when it arrives there.

    Once again, fucking scumbag pieces of shit, advertising products that are guaranteed to work, that clearly do not. I seriously hope you die slow because directly because of your product, my life is now a living hell, and I am blacklisted from the very industry I spent over $80,000 and 3 years to obtain education to get into. Disgraceful retched human beings.

    The ONLY way you can guaranteed piss clean, is to do just that. Don’t smoke, and buy yourself some test strips, do whatever you can to detox and make sure you test over and over until you consistently pee clean.

    I’ve had to fight the urge to kill myself for the past 7 days over this and last I would want to hear is that it happened to someone else.

    I do know this, and this is science, not some he said she said garbage product or some uneducated retard selling rolling papers at a head shop. THC is stored in your fat cells, it is not water soluble such as cocaine or other drugs, so it stays in your system, for what I’ve heard up to 2 years.

    Saunas, and hardcore cardio exercise will help destroy the fat cells storing the THC, which will speed up the cleansing process if you will.

    Cranberry juice does absolutely nothing, this is a complete myth, if you don’t believe me, put some oil resin on a piece of tile for example, let it dry, and dump cranberry juice on it, it’s not going to come off, at least completely. It’s simple science, Oil based solutions are not cleansed with water. So filling your system with cranberry juice and water is simply going to dilute your results, which can also result in a fail or a re-test. It acts the same in your body, drinking anything is not going to burn the thc out of the fat cells which reside in your body, it’s simple common sense, it’s time to break these idiotic myths and educate people.

    Lemon juice, also does not work for the very same reason, although the citric acid may help cleanse remnents of thc out of your urinary tract, it’s not going to attack the problem which I previously stated.

    Long story short, if you want to pee clean stop smoking immediately and start testing after 2 weeks, depending on your body size, type, and metabolism, you can test negative as early as 3 weeks, and as late as 3 years. Larger people, especially those holding a lot of body fat, I’m sorry to say but you are absolutely fucked. Unless you burn off all your body fat, there’s really no telling exactly when it will come out.

    I hope this helps, and don’t get the wrong impression I’m not trying to come off as an asshole to the public, especially those who are worried about passing a test, I’m just sick and fucking tired of reading all these untrue facts that spin people around in circles, only for them to come back testing positive and having their life turned upside down like mine.

    I may also add, that I’ve taken pill based products in my youth for the court ordered tests. These products are also a scam, 99% are ragweed based which is another property they can detect and would be labelled as a “masking agent” this will most likely at best get a suspicious response from whomever ordered the test, which would most likely result in a re-test, or a fail.

    So in summary, Fuck you “Vale” products, you fucking scumbags, fuck you “Quick Flush 8.1”, Fuck you “Urine Luck”
    I hope you relish in your profits knowing your bilking money out of the very industry that you rely on, hopefully this will help the word get out.

    I’m currently in the process of cleansing myself right now, I’ll certainly repost when I AM getting negative results from my urine tests, and I hope that no one else has to go through what I have.

    Best of luck.

    • DontTrustFlushProducts

      I will also add that the “Whizzinator” product is a complete piece of shit. That was the first product I used, it is absolutely impossible to keep it at the proper body temperature. The instructions direct you to keep it strapped to your bladder/lower stomach area, which maintains an average external body temperature of roughly 80 degrees. Human urine is ALWAYS between 92-98 degrees, any fluctuation and you’re either dead or have such a severe fever that you literally wouldn’t be able to use your own penis to urinate. They come with these cheap chinese hand warmers, which I also replaced with higher quality ones. Same result, could not get the bag over 82 degrees, even sleeping with it on overnight.

      • DontTrustFlushProducts

        Hey guys just to add to my previous posts a bit, smoking concentrates (butter, hash oil, etc) and edibles, are basically the worst for this sort of thing. Specifically BHO extracts, it’s fairly simple to understand, it’s the most concentrated form of THC you can ingest, thus making it the most difficult for your body to metabolize.

        Hope this helps.

  • matt

    Hi im 5’11 205 smoked on 7/9 have drug on 7/24 will I be good to go? Any tips on how to pass this?

    • matt

      Please I need help someone pls

      • DontTrustFlushProducts

        Realistically, with the body type you mentioned, I would say it’s physically impossible for you to clear the test genuinely.
        Your best bet would be to reschedule the test to a later date. If that isn’t an option, do this.

        Drink TONS of water the night before, and the day of the test, I mean tons, go buy a large bottle of water and drink as much as you physically can before you walk in and take the test. The result will be a diluted sample that the lab will be unable to test.

        Right now it’s summer time, so you could say that you were thirsty because it’s hot out, or just say you felt dehydrated. Basically the result will be they will have to reschedule the test to a later date because your urine will just be water. Just to be safe when you do actually piss, make sure you give a midstream sample to reduce the chances of anything coming up.

        Good luck.

        • matt

          What if I can get it pushed back til the 31st?

          • Tyler

            Matt, THC is held in Fat Cells. Water does help, but I found it better to eat fatty foods then work out heavily at the same time as drinking tons of water (1 gallon a day). This makes your burn and piss out the THC in your fat cells and get rid of the fat containing THC.

  • Rachel

    I’m 5’2 about 125lbs and I last smoked June 9. Is my drug test going to be positive?

  • michael

    Im 6’3 about 195 just about you can say im a heavy smoker i cut down on how much i smoke im trying to stop. I might have a drug test in 4 weeks do you think ill be ok if i drink a gallon or 2 of water everyday.

    • michael

      Can someone help me im trying to join the army and turn my life around

      • DontTrustFlushProducts

        Read my post below.

        I HIGHLY recommend, specifically if you’re trying to get into the army that you stop smoking immediately so you can genuinely pass this test. I know for a fact that national defense departments are by far the most stringent for urine exams, and if I remember correctly, my friend who joined the US Marines, had to consent to taking an observed urine exam (someone watching you piss).

        Buy some test strips, stop smoking, try and sweat out as much toxins as possible, and test every week after your third I would say judging by your body type.

        Best of luck.

      • Tyler

        Bro I am in the Army, and if you want to pass the test do this. Eat a ton of fast food gaining fat cells in the body and consume 1-2 gallons a day of water. What this will do is cycle out the old fat which contains the THC and you will piss out the rest of the THC through your urine. If you do this for 2-3 weeks and work out for 1-2 hours heavily a day you should pass.

        • DontTrustFlushProducts

          One thing worth mentioning is that if you follow this advice you may be so out of shape you might not be able to get out of bed, or even see your penis by the time you take this test. lol

  • jess

    Ok so I have never smoked before and on 6/24 I smoked for the first and last time. I have a test on 7/21. I’m assming I will pass but should I do more then drink tons of water and eat fruit and veg? Me: 40yo 5’7 140lbs F, or should I use someone elses urine? Thanks in advance.

    • Tyron

      Jess you should be fine, it was the first time in your system

  • Bobbi

    Will bleaching or dying Ur hair change the outcome of a hair follical test

    • Kim

      No nothing will cover it up. Don’t by the useless product out there saying it will bc it does not its a waste of money

  • Brendon

    Hello I had a bong on the 22/6 and have a urine test in 3days it was the first time in months since I smoked should I be ok?

  • Anthony

    I am about 5’10 270 and I smoked last week and a test today will I be ok? I am a moderate use

  • DontSmokeEver!

    Hello guys, I am a 14/yr old male. And I have only smoked weed 3 times in my life, but this was only 3 months ago. My dad wants to take me for a urine drug test. And I am quite worried, so I am wondering if it will show up in my system. Also I have been doing a lot of exercise since then, and i drink lots of water a day. And also j don’t smoke anymore, last time was back in April 11th 2014. By the way, it’s only goin to be a urine test. Will THC come up in my system?
    Thanks guys.

    • tfizzle

      nope, you’re clean.

  • Omar

    i have a drug test coming up ive been sober for about two months i get a call in saying that i have the hair sample test i want to know if i have good odds to pass that test or just not take it.

  • tikia

    I am 23 weight about 190. I stopped smoking in January. I tested clean in March. I just started back smoking June 18. I smoke for like 3 days in June. I haven’t smoked since June 22. Will I be clean for a drug test tomorrow?

  • hma2014

    If I smoke today…. I haven’t smoked in a while I’m on probation… will will I be clean cme August 7th2014

    • Kim

      You’ll pass

  • Kathleen

    im 5’2″ and 120 pounds. The last time i smoked was june 13 and I probably smoked half a blunt. Will I test positive if i take a urine test in the coming couple of days?

    • Kim

      You’ll be fine.

  • Ganjzilla

    16 200 pound smoke everyday for 2 years
    how long nugguhs

  • DontTrustFlushProducts

    I’m new to this forum but I can’t help but notice the overwhelming amount of stupid posts. You would all do yourselves a large favor to take the 5-10 minutes to READ the previous posts before posting “I’m 16 and weigh X amount, I have a test on Y, will I pass?”


    • Kim

      Quit judging and just don’t read them if it’s that big of a deal for you.

  • MasterJergen

    Im 5’9 180 pounds and I have to take a urine test for a job tmrw. Over a month ago Last week I was near people smoking marijuana but I did not take a hit. The week before i was in the same situation. And no I did not feel any affects. I drink water pretty much all day every day. Will I pass?

    • MasterJergen

      All I could do was smell it but that’s pretty much it. Need an answer asap

      • Kim

        My best friend smoked everyday all day and I passed mine and I lived with her

        • MasterJergen

          Forgot to mention I took one hit over a month ago

    • Kim

      Yes you will.

  • someone

    Its been 45 days since I took a hit and I still come up positive. Before that, it was 2-3 hits a night for about 7 months. I am about 6ft 230 lbs and drink about a liter of water a day and average exercise.How much longer in your opinion do I have to wait?

  • Sara

    A week ago today, I got high for the second time ever, only took two hits off of a bong, and the first time I ever smoked was back in March. I’m 5’5, 240. I have a job interview tomorrow. What’s the likelihood of me passing?

  • Aaron

    I weigh 150 pounds and I’m 6 feet I smoked and gotten pretty stoned everyday for the past 2 months and now I need to take a urine test in 3 days what is the best way to get it out of my system in time for the test?

    • John

      You can’t get 2 months of heavy smoking out of your system in 3 days. You can try the Wizzanator or the old dilute and mask technique.

  • Lee

    I am 170 lbs and 5′ 10″ and was smoking quite a bit of butter before I quit a month ago and have to take a drug test next week, am I going to pass

  • juanvaldez

    My wife smoked a few hits in early may and has a hair test today. Will she pass?

    • juanvaldez

      she claims it was a micro-hit…I feel confident, from the above information, that she will pass

  • jacey47

    I’m 5 feet and 130 lbs..I stopped smoking for a month but started up again and have been smoking the last 19 days a few times a day steadily. How long do I have to wait in order to pass a drug test?

  • kiesha

    uhm im about 180 and around 5’6 and i haven’t smoked in 2 months but smoking is very rare for me and i only smoked half a blunt or so 2 months ago…..my drug test is tomorrow am i good?

    • Mac

      Walk in with confiendce…you already got the job…the thc is no longer visible for a urine test…your GOOD

  • angie725

    Im 5’3 weight 126lbs and stopped smoking just yesterday but ill have a drug test in a month. Will I be ok?

    • Lala

      Yeah as long as you don’t smoke.. A month will clean you out

  • Matt

    The comments are like erotic literature for people with weight and height fetishes

  • MarieTW

    Im 5’4″ and 240 lbs and im not a frequent smoker, i smoke maybe once every three months. The last time i smoked was June 28th and i only took like 3 hits. I have been drinking tons of water since then because I have a test coming up in early August. Will I pass?

    • brandop

      Yes, If it is a urine or saliva test you will for sure, hair test may be close but if you don’t smoke anything in between now and then, you should be fine on all levels. I smoke maybe once a week and when i do, i usually smoke around 2 grams to myself through a bong(Which is quite a bit). I didnt smoke for a month and passed a urine test fine. Smoked 2grams march 31st had a test april 22nd and passed.

  • ADude

    Hey all, I need some help. I’m about 6’1 and I weigh 160 pounds. I smoked around 3 times during the months of march/april, took a hit about a month ago as well as 2 weeks ago. Would like to know whether or not I’d pass a drug test or what I’d need to do in order to up my chances of passing.

  • oteye

    I been smoking for the.past 3 months once everyweek anf im talking like 15 grams every week im 6ft 150 will.i be fine in two weeks

    • brish

      Probably not I used to smoke that much, Im about 5’6″ 100lbs and quit for two weeks and failed a test. Try getting a good detox (I’ve heard buzz off works) but if you really need to pass and think you can get away with it check out Test Clear, its not synthetic urine (some labs can test the difference now) its dehydrated clean urine. If yiu can sneak it in thatd be 100% way to pass

  • Endgame

    Alright. Decided I wanted to be a truck driver. I found a DR that does medicals that didn’t require a urine test for drugs, just diabetes (which I passed) anyway, only 3 days ago I decided to stop smoking weed, due to the fact that 90% of potential employers want a drug/alcohol test. I don’t drink alcohol, but I did smoke weed everyday for pretty much the last 7 years. I swim 5 times a week, I’m 5’9 and around 250lbs. I’m not asking “will I pass a drug test” but given the circumstance I just told you, how long will it take my urine to be THC free? Cheers.

  • mika33

    I’m 5′ 6 155 lbs smoked 1-2 blunt for about 6 months now took some days off in between . Can I pass a test for august 14. Without detox

  • Jay

    Hey I’m 5,8 about 165/170 I smoked about 4/5 blunts daily everyday sometimes more sometimes less I haven’t smoked for about a good monuth and week and if I smoked today with a drug test this coming Sunday will I pass it I smoked about a full blunt and less then half of another can I still pass ??? Please need to know

    • Jacob

      With that level of pot it’s unlikely but if you drink a cup of vinegar couple of hours before you go it is possible to dilute just tell then you eat a lot of pickles trust me I did it before

  • Mac

    The best home remedy is to first stop smoking weed…follow up with daily exercise(that casue the body to sweat a lot) after that drink large amounts of water daily (cranberry helps) but if you have access to coconut trees or coconuts for that matter the water from them will nautrally flush the body of THC.

    This solution works for those that smoke daily anywhere from 3-7 joints. Recommend this practise for about 3-5 weeks piror a drug test.
    (I’m 5’8″ & 185lbs I live in the Caribbean where weed is like water surrounding these islands. I have already used this method, pass many test…my job holds 3 random drug test yearly. Now I only smoke about 3 times a weeks from the 1or 2 oz I use to smoke)

    However for those that are not beleivers you save yourself the time and get a few bottles of detox.

  • truck001

    I have not smoked in years… needless to say..just last Saturday I took a couple hits from a vapor pen…thc wax. And I have a urine test today. Will I pass?

    • Eddie

      If last Saturday was the last time you smoked, than you will pass.

  • kiesha

    sorry its kiesha and its actually been 3 weeks and a half since i smoked im 5’6 and 180 but im a rare user and never smoke my drug test is tommorow will i pass i have synthetic pee…

  • kiesha

    its been21days and im freaking out causei really need this job

  • pat

    i tested positve for thc and benzodiazepine but i never smoked weed before.only had a glass of cooked mix herbs maybe containing weed.how long would it stay in my system

    • pat

      need a answer plz

      • Connor

        when did you drink this?

  • sbvlyb

    I’ve smoked 6 times in my life. I’ve smoked a probably 3/4 times in the months of June & July the last time I did was 6 days ago I’m 120 will I pass in a week if I drink a lot of water & cranberry juice?

  • help

    i have a drug test august 15th and Im a daily smoker prably smoke about a gram or so a day and if i don’t smoke till august 15th will i pass?

    • Jacob

      I don’t think so. But if you drink one cup of vinegar…or like 5 juicy white grape juice big cans. I did vinegar and passed smoke a blunt before I went in seriously

      • Trill

        You were clean. You smoked a blunt before you went in but it wasnt in your system yet so its natural you would pass.

    • Yo

      Don’t smoke you’ll be fine

  • Nonnie

    I’ve smoked 2 blunts a day twice in one week for just 2 months. How long will it stay in my system? And are there any remedies (besides quitting) should I follow to quicken the pace?

  • Nick

    I haven’t smoked in a little over 2 weeks before I stopped I smoked almost every night and if I smoke a gram tonight how long do you think it will take to get out of my system I’m 145 lbs and 5’9” and I drink a decent amount of water everyday and work out 3 times a week.

  • GanjasBestfriend

    Deleted this for security purposes. Hooah!

    • Connor

      1 Large Blunt a month should stay in your system < two weeks after use or less depending on your body's metabolism. I would recommend recording the average time between tests for the next 5 tests, then make your decision with that data. I am a Medical Cannabis Patient for 3 years and I have grown the plant for almost a decade.

  • skunkhead

    hey there,I’m a recovering heroin/crack addict,i live in London and now work in the field supporting others. I have smoked cannabis most of my life,about 25-30 years. More to the point, i have been smoking strong super skunks for about 10 years without a break, smoking roughly 1.5 to 2 grams per day, until now! I stopped a couple of weeks ago, 1. because i feel like a hypocrite and 2. I have recently changed jobs, the new organisation i now work for are talking about drug testing! Can you advise me on the length of time THC will remain in my system and where i can purchase a drug testing kit for myself! Any advice from a legal point of view would be helpful, for example, must they have a drug testing policy in place before they can test me,do they need good reason to test me and can they single me out for testing? I have read articles that say heavy long term use can be in your system for up to 90 days!

  • Jimmy

    well, i may be in a pickle right now. i was peer pressured into smoking weed (haven’t smoked in about 7 months) and smoked about 2 days ago (7/17). I took a couple of hits. i’m 17, 6’1 and weigh 150 pounds. how long do you guys think it’ll be until i’ll be clean?

    • Yo

      Wait a few days, drink water, or dhiarretics like coffee, tea etc. if you think it’ll still be in your system there’s detox drinks at GNC and also if u want to test yourself u can do that too

  • pls help

    does cranberry juice & coffee actually help remove THC from your system

  • Adriana Guerrero

    I’ve smoked 4 times this month and next month I have a random drug test. When I smoke, I only take 4 hits out of a blunt and that’s it. I wouldn’t smoke back to back. I would do it every other day or week. I want to know if I stop, will I be good for the drug test next month?

  • Daltinoh

    I havent smoked since around may 25th then I smoked one small blunt Saturday im 160lbs 6 foot and drink a good amount of water. If i increase my water intake can i flush it out quicker. It should be out in a couple days correct?

  • Honeeey

    I smoked once around June 20th and again July 16th but it wasn’t planned. I am having a drug test at MEPS JULY 23rd , will the drugs still be in my system ? Do I need to push back the date ?

    • Court

      Red Bull big can

      • Van

        How does red bull help?

  • Ladyy

    Soooo question. Idk what classifies me as a “moderate” or “light” smoker but all I know is I take about 4-6 hits from a BOWL a day. I am 17 years old, 5’4″, and 107 lbs. I have a court date August 5th. If today is the last day I smoke, will I be clean by the court date? I’m sorry if this comes off as a dumb question (because I see lots of you smoke 4-6 blunts a day, no judging, y’all just have more experience than I do with weed).

    • Ladyy

      Blah I basically forgot to mention the courthouse is gonna drug test me. But that just goes without saying.

      • WMan

        Stop smoking, exercise, and drink lots of water. THC is stored in fat so you want to try and eat healthy and get rid of the fat that you already have on your body basically

      • Andre

        From my experience, they dont test you at court, only if on probation and judge recommends it, i think you’ll be fine!

    • Court

      drink a regular Red bull & water .. Red Bull contains Niacin .

    • killsauce

      u failed… 4-6hits everyday means your a heavy smoker.. need at least 30days clean or u better start running 20miles a day to work it off

    • Jon Doe

      It’s possible you might pass. Drink lots of water and make sure it is not your first or second urine of the day. I you drink a bunch of water, 2-3 glasses. You should start peeing about an hour later. So wake up early and drink and keep drinking water.

  • jana

    if ive only smoked joints a handful of times in the past two months, will i be able to pass a drug test by aug 10th? i used to be a heavy smoker, but i’m trying to get a promotion and they’ve been threatening to issue the test for a while now. i’m 5’8′ 150lbs. this shit is driving me nuts.

    • Dustin

      You should be fine but if I were you I’d be keeping your self hydrated to flush your kidneys/bladder and run or workout enough to induce sweating a few times a week.

  • niKole

    Smoke weed 5 weeks ago i took a detox since then called the cleaner have to take a hair test what are the chances

    • killsauce

      ur fucked

    • Dustin

      Yeah you are going to most likely test positive.

    • mikey

      get a hair cut lol but they may ask why you cut it

  • weezer

    6 ft 5 ..180 lbs smoke everyday how can I rid system of thc for urine test….haven’t smoked 2 days and drinking anti-oxidants and certo?

    • Noah

      Buy Palo azul. Either leave three spoonfuls for every 2 quarts ( an oz of azul in a gallon jug) and let sit for a day or until you see a blue tint on the surfacing layer. Drink from 3 days before to even 2-5 hours before test. You have a 2 hour gap ( or your second piss after consumption.) If you boil it, make sure its stainless steel, as aluminum can alterthr teas properties.

  • joe

    I smoked last Wednesday took like 3 hits thats only my second time in years I may have to take a piss test at work today u think ill be good or should I start looking for a new job lol

  • jennie

    Last Thursday 7/17, I took two small puffs from a bowl after not smoking for months ( & not often back then ) weight is 127, 5´3 . Drink tea constantly & am always on the run. Will I test clean tomorrow 7/23. That’s a Wednesday?

    • Dustin

      You’ll be fine, if I were you I’d run today/tonight and try to sweat as much as possible but you should be fine.

      • jennie

        Thanks Dustin, can’t have my pain clinic catching on, smoking helps the pain! Wish he would prescribe that, it really does a lot of good. Think I’ll get a test from cvs to be sure since my condition prevents the running you mentioned!

  • Doug

    I stopped smoking yesterday I have a piss test in September do you think I’ll pass? I weigh 155 and I am 6’7

    • Shocked

      You’re 6’7 & you only weigh 155??!?!!!

      • Doug

        Yes it’s not healthy but I need to know if I’m going to be ok :/

  • Justin

    I usually smoke three times a week. Haven’t smoked in two days and I usually drink 1-2 liters of water a day. I just had a surprise urine test. End of me?

    • steven

      youre done son

  • GibsonHacker

    5′ 8″ I have been smoking for the past 8 years I smoke about 3 grams of Dabs per week. Ive been clean now 14 Days. How long shouldi wait to be clean???

  • Sarah

    5’6 – 140 – I’ve only taken about 5 dabs in my life, I took a dab on Saturday morning and been drinking water & Capri sun since. It’s Tuesday afternoon, now. Would I come up clean?

  • Drizzle

    I weigh about 145 lbs I am 6′ even. I smoke maybe a bowl a day at night. I haven’t smoked in 2 days and I believe I will have a drug test by the end of the week. (urine) do you think I would pass or should I start looking for another job.

  • kid

    I weigh 170 and 5’5. I smoked like a quarter of a gram 10 days ago and have a urine test tomorrow. Will I pass?? I’m freaking out

  • thatoneguynooneknows

    im just wondering, what type of user would i be if i smoke every now and then? i smoked yesterday and i dont think i will have a drug test fro wrestling but im not sure. last time that i smoked before that was probably around 10-20 days ago. i dont ever buy any but if my sis and her bf have some ill usually take a couple hits like 3-6. would i be a frequent user? btw im 5’7 and i weigh 200 and im a little chubby. i can easily becnh 120 lb and sqaut around 170 if that gives you and idea of how much muscle i have.

    • Budzie

      I smoked 1-3 blunts a day for about a year. Mostly to myself and prior of this last year i smoked at least once a day. (Maybe a bowl to a blunt. It depended on the day maybe for two years) Id say thats heavy use. I just quit about two weekse ago. I have some drug tests so im seeing how long it takes. Im 5’10 165-170 and im active and eat right. Im on a high fiber diet to clean out my system. I hear thats the best way alonf with water and exercise. So far im still positive after 7 and 14 days. Hope that helps

  • Angie

    Hey guys I’m back. In 10 days I’ll complete my 90 days do you guys think I will be clean then or till a few days after (hair test)

  • Shaun

    I need help, can someone who actually know what they are talking about PLEASE reply. I smoked everyday for the last two years. Stopped Monday, July 14th (9 days ago) and have to report to the Army MEPS for a drug test Next Monday, July 28th (6 days from now [exactly 2 weeks since i quit]). I Take Niacin vitamins everyday (flush) and it makes me sweat a lot especially because i work out 3 times a week. I also drink about 3 bottles of water A day. I am 5’8, 165. Is there anything i can do to be more sure, & do you think I Will i pass this test?

    • battlescar

      they take blood at meps and will find everything

      • MikeM

        They take blood for disease detection not drug screens. Former Army Medic

    • Jay

      youll be fine meps doesnt test the blood for any drugs as long as you workout for a week and drink water to clean up your urine you should be fine. Im a marine and have been through multiple meps drug screens

    • Wonlee808

      I went through the same thing…. If you can find clenz blendz u will be fine the very next day you will have to drink the whole thing in the time permitted though… If not the cleaner for men will do the job that’s what I used to pass the meps viewed drug test… The cleaner is a 7 day detox and it works!!! I’m 5’6 150 lbs if you already started other detox methods you should be fine with 5…6 days, but like anything to each thier own no guarantee….. Just saying it worked for me

  • Jynx

    Can Someone define these usage ratings, i think i am a moderate user but not sure, i smoke almost everyday but only very little, just a poke or two, i call it my “coupla beers after work” equivalent. am i heavy or moderate? or Frequent?

  • Karen

    I have a urine test tomorrow for walmart and i smoked but only took like 4 hits of a joint. It was very potent. Ive been clean for 20 days and was clean for a month and a half before that. Im 5’9 and 300lbs. Can you tell me if i could or will not pass my test? Please and thank you.

  • Heidi

    Hi I last smoked I smoked daily for a long time June 10 and my weight is 190 and height 5″4 how long will it take for me to pass a urine test ?

    • heidi

      Sorry about that I smoked last on June 10 and had smokef daily for a long time.

  • Screwed One

    Hmm.. Wonder how long its going to take to clear my urine. I smoked usually about 1/4-1/2 a gram ever hour of strong indica every day. Guess I am screwed… Any advice on helping clear my system faster?

    • Screwed One

      Also I have been clean for approximately 3 weeks now

  • Xacto

    I am in my 40s. I am normal weight for my height with a BMI of 24. I am physically fit and active. I just smoked ganja for the last couple of months, prior to that I was completely clean of THC. I smoked high potency, dispensary cannabis every day, ranging from 2 to 3 three times per day, 2 medium hits per session (approx. 6 hits per day average). I stopped completely 3 days ago. I was expecting to be positive for THC on a cartridge 50ng test for at least a week or so. I just took a THC 50ng cartridge test and was negative. I did not dilute. I took the test mid-day. It was my third urination of the day since waking-up. I am astonished. The test I used is extremely reliable. I purchased 40 THC test cartridges online from a drug test company in PA. I am trying to establish a very safe and conservative baseline for usage and cessation to avoid detection at work. I will repeat the test on the first urine of the day for the next two days to determine absolute reliability and negative results for 50ng of THC. I strongly encourage each ganja participant to do the same for their own usage and body type. Best wishes. Legalize ganja at the federal level NOW! Treat it like alcohol in the legal system.

  • travis

    i smoked about a gram 2 weeks ago, how long do u think its going to be till its out my system

  • I had been completely clean for a month and was a moderate smoker before that, yesterday i took four hits of a blunt, if i workout everyday and drink a lot of fluids how long would it take for me to be able to pass a drug test?

  • (continued) also i am 120lbs female

  • Andrea

    Help.! I’m 5’6 around 210 lbs. I don’t smoke much. I had a urine test this morning. I drank certo last night and also about a month ago since I thought they were gonna test me that time. Last time I smoked was June 13. About 2 bowls or a bit less than that. The time before that would probably have to be early May just a couple of hits. Will I test positive?! I’m shitting bricks over this.!

    • Xacto

      You should easily pass, based on your information.

  • toolezbionic

    Hey there. I am 5’5”, about 190lbs and I smoked about 3-4 times in the last couple of weeks. Probably a stupid move since i am desperately trying to find a job. I didn’t know that just about every job I want to apply for states that they do pre-employment drug testing. I need a job REALLY SOON (friends of mine wanted me to rent a house with them, and it’s happening a lot sooner than I expected), so now I am getting panic attacks because I am afraid this going to keep me from getting hired. The last time I smoked was two days ago and took about 4 hits from a bowl. I don’t smoke more than once a day and before these last couple of weeks I hadn’t smoked for a month or two (I pretty much just do it when I am hanging out with my sister). That’s probably considered occasional, right?

    So, by the time I get a call back, an interview, and wait for them to connect with my previous employers, do you think I would pass? Do they test at the start of training? What can I do to help this along? I know about drinking more water and exercise, but is there anything else around the house that would help? I know that lemon juice and other things with lots of citric acid clear out your system of some things, but does that include marijuana?

    Sorry, I am just really freaking.

    • Xacto

      Go to a local drugstore or Target and get a THC test $20 or $30. It will give you a good idea. Do it before you go for your drug test.

  • Xacto

    I will provide an honest and accurate account of my experience with THC metabolite testing. About 5 posts down I described my usage and physical characteristics. I have been experimenting with detection times in my own body, using a THC cartridge test from a reputable drug test supplier in PA. I got a box of THC test cartridges for about 90 cents each. These are DOT approved testing devices and are very reliable for 50 ng THC detection. My experiment has been quite enlightening. When I am completely clean of THC, if I smoke two hits of good quality ganja one time, I personally will pass the test later the next day, with normal hydration. On the day I smoke, I fail the test within one hour of smoking and for that whole day. If you are fat, you may fail for longer because THC is fat soluable. My experiment has been ongoing, and I will share my most recent results. I have been smoking for almost two months, every day, two or three times per day, two hits per session average. Before this period of smoking, I was completely clean. I have a body mass index of 24, normal weight. I stopped smoking completely 4 days ago and began testing at day 3 (yesterday). Here are my results. Day 3 after no smoking, at noon = negative (pass) Day 3 at 3:00 pm = positive (fail), Day 3 at 6:00 pm = pass. Day 4, today at 8:00 am – first urination = fail, Day 4 at 10:30 am 3rd urination = pass. Day 4 at noon = pass. My conclusion is as follows. An individual like myself can pass the 50 ng of THC test after 3 days of abstinence from smoking, but can also test positive depending on hydration, diet, and activity level. Dilution of urine through water intake can be effective in aiding the process of avoiding detection. I did not dilute for this experiment. I ate normally and had low activity levels for these tests. Some basic principals of THC presence in urine seem to be: How much you use, when you last used it, how fat you are (if you are reading this in the USA you are probably fat). A healthy male or female who was previously clean for 30 days, with a BMI of 25 or less will probably test clean from one time usage (3 hits) after 2 days of not smoking, provided they are normally hydrated. Drugstore test kits are expensive, but may give you peace of mind. If you want to experiment with your own detection times, I strongly encourage everyone to purchase inexpensive THC test cartridges online. Just Google (THC Test Strips). The prices are better because you buy in bulk. Share you results, but you must be scientific and honest. Otherwise you may skew the body of knowledge on this subject. Best wishes to all. Smoke smartly…

  • Xacto


  • zindie

    im 245 pounds and i took three hits how long will weed stay in my system last time i smoked was Wednesday 23rd of July?

    • Jessenia

      From what i heard a while. Since you are on the heavier end of the spectrum. It will take a long long time to leave your system

  • angel

    So I’m 5’2 & I weigh 130-135, i have a urine test Monday & that’ll make 19 days since I last smoked, before that it had been a couple months. Will I pass it?

    • andrew.shafe

      Yea most likely

  • Anthony

    Please help i smoked 3 times in the last 3 days im 5’7 and weigh 130 will thc be out of my system by november PLEASE HELP

    • Yes

    • some nigga

      it will take 5 years

  • shelby

    Ok so I’m 5’1 and I weigh 105. I smoked basically everyday for a year. I quit smoking 6 weeks ago. I have to take a drug test for my nursing program at college. About how much longer until I should be completely clean?

    • Paul Q

      can i hit it? i like petite girls.

  • Brian


    I smoked on June 5, and July 5 for the only times in my life. I had a drug test on July 24. I should be clean below a 50ng/mL test correct?

    • JoJo

      Basically in the same boat as me. Hopefully we are good. I’ll know this week.

    • Brian

      I would greatly appreciate a response from someone who knows what they are talking about.

      • JoJo

        Dont be a little prick, bitch.

  • JoJo

    Hey everyone. I would consider myself a moderate smoker, as in only on the weekends. I’m 6’3 and weigh 170. I’m tall and skinny. The last time I smoked was on the fourth of July. I had a drug test on Wednesday about 17 days after I smoked. I starved my self and drank only green tea and water the whole day. I only gave a mid streams ample. Please give me some re assurance that I passed! :/

  • Hollster

    Will two hits generally show up in a hair test?

  • Stupid

    5’10 about a190 pounds. Last smoked a bowl about three weeks ago. Drug test tomorrow. Any possibility I’ll pass?

  • Adeeezy

    Hello, I am 5’10 and weigh 268lbs , I am active (workout 3 days a week) & the last time I smoked was 2 weeks ago ( 2/3 hits from a bowl) however before that I was a moderate/ heavy user ( I smoked 2 times a day, half a blunt every session) and did this for 5 months now, if I take any of the three drug tests, will I pass?

    What if i get a medical card, can i work with that as my excuse?

  • Neisha

    Hi, I’m 5’4 5’5 and about 135lb. I last smoked about 2 weeks ago & I have a drug test within the next week. Will I pass if I was a moderate user? I’d say I probably smoked for about a month probably ever 2 days 2 blunts whenever I did smoke.

  • bri

    So I smoked 4 days in a row. 1/2 blunt each time, otherwise i never smoke. Im 5’4 175, had a UA today..urine and blood. 18 days later, will I pass?

    • Mark

      it is possible, will be close. Do you smoke often? or is this a one time splurge?

      • bri

        One time splurge. Vacation.

    • Bri

      So everyone knows…I passed!

  • GeraldDull

    Okay, so. I’m 6’2, weigh about 240lbs.

    I stopped smoking last January after being an everyday smoker for roughly 4 years. I then began smoking again everyday mid-April.

    I stopped again around June 1st, and began testing clean about 2.5 weeks into stopping.

    On July 17-21, I visited Colorado. My friend is a huge pot head. I probably smoked a gram of medicinal, did 8 DABS or so, and ate 10 THC candies totaling 100mg of THC.

    My drug test is going to be towards the end of August, like the very end.

    I’ve been drinking a lot of water, cranberry juice, taking Niacin, and I also bought one of the 20oz Maximum Strength Ultimate Gold Detox drinks while I was in Colorado. I have many at home tests too, so I’ll be monitoring it.

    What do you guys think my chances are?

    • GeraldDull

      Anybody? Please?

      • jeff

        i would suggest you try to push back the test since it seems like you cannot control yourself

        • GeraldDull

          It has absolutely nothing to do with that.

          I don’t smoke while I’m in school, thus the starting and stopping. I like to make sure my full attention is on school and school work. However when I’m on vacation I like to take a break and enjoy myself a bit. Graduate school is extremely stressful.

          I actually have complete control over it. That wasn’t what I asked. Don’t bother answering with crap like that.

  • Anonymous

    Hello. Used for chronic pain. Was quite a bit but in less than two weeks of time. It’s been about 21 days now and was urine tested today. I’m 147lbs approximately and not a usual user. Was only a splurge during honeymoon.
    Will I pass

    • Bri

      Yes you will

      • Anonymous

        Thank you so very much, Bri. :) Much appreciated.

  • She who must not be named

    So I just got a job at a bank who does random tests every month :( they draw names. My name may be selected in every drawing. Or I may get lucky and skip out on several draws in a row. God only knows. I wouldn’t consider myself a frequent smoker. In fact I probably won’t be smoking at all until I figure something out. But I would like to smoke possibly once a month if I can time things right and gamble. My question is: If I took only a few hits once a month, fresh after each potential test, will the THC in my body be filtered out for the next monthly drawing??? OR will my body begin to store more THC with 2-3 hits per start of each month?

  • a person

    I smoked pot for every other weekend of this month and i got vitamins that have b in them will I be clear in 15 days?

  • Dave

    I’m 6-3 270 how long after one hit will I be clean

  • Amy

    I’m 5’6, 250, haven’t smoked in years but took about 7 hits on vacation on Saturday/Sunday. I have randoms and I am job hunting. I fucked up. Any advice. I’m new at this.

    • Ree

      Amy we all have fallen off the wagon that’s why we are here. Don’t do anything stupid at work. And give yourself a couple weeks if you can before you have to pee. And then you can also try Apple cider vinegar with the mother in it drink a shot before bed the night before and then again in the morning. My uncle is a huge pot smoker and swears by this.

      • Amy

        What’s the “mother in it”

  • Hannah

    I’m 5’1, weigh about 120 and I smoked about 2 days ago but just two really nice hits, nothing major. I have a urine drug test in 3 days. Will I pass this?

    • Boat

      Drink lots and lots of water and pee as much as possible and try to run and sweat a lot! Then you should be good

  • Sabrina Stiltner Elliott

    Please help!!! Took 2 hits off good stuff. How long till I can be clean! Urgent

    • Sabrina Stiltner Elliott

      Anyone please comment on sabrina

      • MarianxonJazz

        You gonna be Gucci. Try not to overthink the test sitch. Goodluck!

  • Stantsss

    I had 2 bowls last night but I haven’t smoked in over 2 weeks and I’m getting a urine test today will I pass? I’m 5’3 and weigh 105

  • Boobah54

    I have been smoking since February. I don’t smoke all day just take a few hits at night with some friends. The last time I smoked was Monday night and I have a urine test tomorrow. I’ve been drinking quite a bit water beer ect…. I’m 5’9″ and about 180. How will my drug screening go?

  • Caroline

    5’6 150lbs, I haven’t smoked in 5-6 weeks, and I hit 2 dabs today, how long will it get out of my system

  • Brian

    I smoked weed 2 times and I haven’t smoked since June 6 and I have a urine test tomorrow will I pass

    • Boat


  • CG

    I’m 6’1 220+ and have been smoking consistently for the last 7 years. Over the last 6 or so months my consumption has been around an Ounce and a Half a week. I’ve stopped for the past week or so and switched to drinking only Cranberry Juice or Water. My test is in a little over two weeks (or so I’m assuming) and I’m wondering about how long it should be out of my system, does Palo Azul really work if not, or am I fucked?

    • Friend

      synthetic pee go to a smoke shop

    • IMME

      I smoked for around 8 years smoked about the same as you 5’9 180 It took me almost 2 months to get clean got a job smoked again for about 2 years, found a better job stopped. I’m on day 30 and tested yesterday on a walmart test and failed it.

  • Bigaples

    I stop smoking for 6 months than I smoked for 7 days (low grade)and stop for 35 days will I test positive?

  • Logan

    I was around people who hotboxed a room and I was in it for quite some time, I have a drug test tomorrow for a job and I’m scared it will show.. Will it?

  • Junne

    I am a 26 year old female, height of 5’9” approximately 120 lbs. I smoked two bowls about 19 days ago (none since then), but had started cutting back about two weeks before then. I have an interview this afternoon and if it goes well I will most likely be tested by the end of the week. I take niacin a few times a week anyway and I’ve been drinking a lot of water all night and plan to do so until the test. Does anyone think it would be necessary for me to get an actual detox supplement or should I just continue with the water, green tea, and niacin and then take some aspirin before the actual test?

  • Jay Jonah

    Hi I’m 5’2 155lbs. I’ve been a stoner since November. All day everyday blunt after blunt. If I stop today how many days do you think it will take me to have a clean result?

  • di

    i smoked weed for first time 7 weeks ago, 49 days ago. i only took 3 hits. My hair drug test is next week. would I pass it?

  • Kayleee

    i’m 5’6″ & 180 pounds & i’ve smoked 3 times about a gram each time & i haven’t smoked since june 2nd & i have school drug tests august 4th & 12th, should i pass?

    • TooTurntCody

      For sure bro, you have absolutely NOTHING to worry about, trust me I’m on probation, you really only need 1-2 weeks to get 3 grams out of your system

      • TooTurntCody

        Sorry just seeing your username, forget the bro part

  • Smokeyjj

    i weigh 142 and im about 5’7-5’8 and i had about .50 grams sunday july 27, i have a insurence drug test on august 8 will i pass?! i’ve only smoked once!

  • smith

    Hi im 220lb 5’6 and I live in WA I know pot is legal now but what about the drug tests still in the workplace r they legal 2 now? Cuz I have a drug test tomorrow and I smoke on a regular basis about an 1/8 oz a week but I heard of this stuff at a smoke shop its called insta royal flush does it really work?…it was expensive stuff but I have no choice I need this job but cant stop smoking cuz I use it 4 my pain and I cant get a medical card

    • Cedric

      Idk about the insta royal flush but just talk to ur boss nd tell him that u cnt get a medical card but i hav bad pain nd it interferes with my work. Tht usually works nd i think its recreational so everyone can smoke in Washington so u should b straight but idk look it up.

  • Guest

    I smoked about 1/8 of an ounce a week

  • donnie carolina

    I’m 5/10 210 lbs male.I smoked about 1/8 an ounce a week for about 5 years.I last smoked two months ago and the month before only a few times.Will I be ok for a drug test tomorrow?

  • Cedric

    So how does it work the heavier u r the less time it takes for THC to leave your system or the opposite

    • KC

      Yes THC is stored in fat cells. A heavy person is going to take longer to get rid of the THC. The more fat the more cells the THC has to hang onto.

    • KC

      Read your question backwards. The heavier you are the MORE time it takes.

  • toya

    Hi im 5″7 269lbs I have not smoke weed in 53 days, am I clean.

  • Dammit

    I took two hits on a fat joint july 29th, I’ve got a UA on Aug 4th. 6’1″ 210lbs, only smoked that once in my life. Will I test pos?

    • I’m high right now420

      Nahhh you’re good bro

  • User

    I’ve been clean for about 5 months now but last night I sparked up a joint for my friends but did not inhale I’m 6’0 170 male. Is my system still clean



    • eThan

      Make him drink hella water and exercise, the best thing you can do is sweat it out because thc stores in fat. by the 21st
      if he hasn’t smoked at all he should be fine..But i’ve seen people stop smoking for weeks and still have a traceable amount of thc in their urine.

    • Very Serious Commenter

      sorry but ur son is gonna die soon

  • Stressedguest

    Smoked about .33 grams per day between two people until the first of june (a zip lasts us 90 days, so we made it last from March 1st to June 1st). June 14 (bday), ate some special cookies a friend gave us. Each had one, couldn’t have been more than a gram in each, if that. Were not very strong, and I think they did it way wrong as there were green bits in the cookies. Have not had anything else since the 14th. had a surprise drug screening today due to new policies at work. Think I’ll be good to go or am I in trouble?

  • brian

    I’m 6’0″ 140 lbs and smoked for my first time since January last night. I smoked maybe a gram and I may have a drug test within a week/couple days. Will I pass?

    • follow up

      I wouldn’t even say a gram

    • Experiencedtoker

      Where you have a few days, you can flush with water and cranberry juice for the next few days to get rid of the thc in your system. The day of the test, at least a few hours before, take fruit pectin (you can find it where jello is in the grocery store. It is a powder, mix with like a half gallon of water). THC gets stored in fat cells, which is why it takes forever to leave the body. Soooo if you take the pectin it will bind to those fat cells and because it is wicked water soluble, it will flush out of your system first, temporarily reducing the amount of THC showing up in your pee. I have used this method twice. Be warned- it tastes kind of vomitty, but what is some discomfort for a day or two compared to a fruitful potential career? I’d also recommend diluting, too.

  • aj

    I’m 6’4 205 lbs and smoked July 11th. Drug test on August 4th, good chance that I’ll pass? I smoke maybe once or twice a year.

  • Darren

    6’4 330lbs. Smoked about once a week, anywhere between 1/2 to 2 bowls since about May 7th. Stopped on July 6th. Will have to test in about 3 weeks. Will i pass?

  • Josh H.

    Hey im 15 , weigh 150 mainly muscle though almost no body fat on me. Havnt smoked since november 21st n i have a urine test at the start of each month. i took 3 hits today for the first time in forever didnt even get high really. n i have a urine test in 27 or 35 days. should i pass?.

  • dymine

    I havent smoke in about 3 months cause i just had a baby and i was breastfeeding. , i weigh about 240 now and i smoke one blunt but it was mostly smoke by my babyfather .. if i dont smoke anymore how long would it take to get out mt system , might be tested on.the 18th of august

    • Puzzled1

      So You Smoked The Whole Pregnancy ???????

  • Jason

    I’m 19, 120 pounds, 5ft 5in and mainly muscle. I smoked July 29th and have probably smoked 10 or less times total. I usually take 6 – 8 hits each time and get pretty high. How long do you think before this stuff is out of my system?

  • john doe

    Hey guys! im 5’8 140 pounds, smoked heavily for 2 and a half years (1-2grams a day) before stopping recently for 46 days. The last 3 and a half weeks I have been smoking most days in that time(I smoked about 4 grams in total). Can someone please give me an estimate for how long it will take to not show up in a urine test? I really need to pass this test. I drank a lot of cranberry juice, water and worked out over those 46 days, I also took garlic tablets, milk thistle tablets and omega oil tablets and loaded up on vitamins. I also work in a very small hot kitchen and sweat a load at work. I will start my detoxing again today. My test is in the next month or two, maybe sooner. I would really really appreciate any help at all!!!!!

    • john doe