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How Much Do You Know About Marijuana?


Marijuana brain stressOK, if the Christian Science Monitor is willing to have a, ‘How Much Do You Know About Marijuana?’ quiz on their website, I think it’s safe to say that cannabis use is becoming accepted by even the most reluctant individuals.

The Monitor, known for conservative views on political subjects, has not been a fan of relaxed marijuana laws in the past. Their coverage of the subject has been steadily improving, and the balanced approach they took when writing about Colorado’s legalization of marijuana may make you forget that the Monitor is, at its core, a religious publication.

The quiz features questions about marijuana’s origin, its history in America, international issues and various uses for the medicinal herb. One of the questions asks, “who was the first President to acknowledge having possessed marijuana?” and, “According to 2006 and 2007 National Surveys on Drug Use and Health, which state has the highest per capita marijuana use for people age 12 or older?”

This quiz is more than just a quiz- it’s a sign of the progress we’ve made in the long battle to change minds about the pros and cons of cannabis. The five-minute intelligence exercise contains twenty questions with either a true/false or multiple choice answer styles. The answers themselves are informative and well written; there are no hidden jabs about loss of IQ and no ‘munchies’ jokes, either.

Take the quiz and keep score!


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