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How Much Should a Twenty Sack or ‘Dub’ Weigh?


dub sackOne of our most popular articles was one that Ninjasmoker wrote titled ‘How Much Should I Be Paying For My Weed?’ Ninjasmoker and I were worried that it would turn into a ‘meet a dealer article’ when he first posted it, but our attitudes have changed over time. Now, we just don’t give an f. So keeping with the spirit of Ninja’s article, I am posting this article. Think of it as more of an interactive article where you, the reader, can post below how much a dub sack weighs in your area.

Here in Oregon along the I-5 corridor, if you are getting less than 1.5 grams for your 20 bucks, you are getting ripped off. Keep in mind, we are talking about high grade, chronic, ‘kill bud,’ or whatever people call it where you’re from. If you are smoking stuff with seeds that is not green, then you seriously need to consider moving. Of course, if you are an experienced consumer, or even just average, you can get a 2.0-2.5 gram sack for twenty bucks in Oregon. I personally refuse to pay more than 25 dollars for an eighth, and it better be superb. Let’s face it, supply and demand is in the favor of the buyer these days on the West Coast. So what’s up readers, how much are you paying? I look forward to seeing the comments posted below.


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  1. Yeah, I know, just not much information for New Mexico. Actually, I just left new reviews over at weedmaps earlier this morning. Unfortunately, they were not all good ones, sad to say.

  2. Sorry, didn’t want you to think I was lucky enough to live in Colorado. I was just wondering about different kinds of memberships — you know, the kind that means I pay less, but still get quality. My medicine here in New Mexico is breaking my bank. Anyway, I’ll check out the deals ya’ll can get in Boulder (but I won’t know which ones have good bud, right?). Not that those types of memberships are available here, but one can always dream. Peace out.

  3. They are generally nice to everyone; but the quality of the product is such that if they weren’t nice, you would still feel their deals were fair. If you look up and visit Boulder dispensaries, you might find them, but I think there are two or three that have similar deals for members.

  4. Okay, fair enough. But, what makes their set-up so different than all the others? I mean, is it because you know these people? Or, are they this nice to everyone?

  5. I’ve been to at least a dozen dispensaries in Colorado. I have a favorite that gives me fantastic deals — as low as $3 a gram for the end of a batch from a premium jar — and in fact, everything they sell is great, and a couple of strains are outrageous…and I won’t say who they are, so don’t ask.

  6. Dang, you’re paying too much, no matter how good it is.

    Here, try hypnotizing yourself with this picture, and maybe you can get the same effect as taking a hit…
    (Anyway, it’s free!)

  7. In Rapid City Sd… people are payin $350 an ounce. I find it to be raping the household budget. People can’t afford to smoke and raise their families.

  8. In Austin, Tx I can get 3.5g of dank(kill bud)for $45-50. Lookin like NW is the place to be.

  9. Damn, so gonna save up and move out west. Mississippi is ridiculous, it varys but all high. The “kill bud” goes from 30 to sometimes 75 for an eight. It just depends on who ya know. I know of some friends here that pay 75 for a half of reg here. This is in the Jackson area. Where I grew up and was buying before I turned 23 was in the Delta area. Humphreys County. I was buying half of reg for 50, wholes for 100. Could get KB for 45 an eight. But that was 7 years ago.

  10. Here in Maryland ….a dub is 3.5-3.7 anything less is a rip off …….and that’s of reggie ….now a gram of some “dank” is about 20 …..

  11. I here that…pretty much the same here in Dallas Txunless you gotta hook up who’s getting it in the mail. But in my 8 yrs of living here that never lasts long..

  12. The medical price at my favorite dispensary in Boulder, Co. — with a member discount: $24 per 8th for best quality — with some excellent hydro’s at $16 an 8th — stuff that kicks the crap out of everything else available commercially.

  13. 2 for 30$ US American dollars, sometimes I can get a quarter for 60$ US American dollars, but my guy now charges 255$ US American dollars for an ounce, zip, O or whatever you want to call it.

  14. 2100 fer pound in Alberta, 2100 divided by 16 ozs equals 131 bucks for an oz of kush, that breaks down to less than 5 bucks a gram hahahaha get fcked idiots lol

  15. Well here in Nevada it’s 20 a gram 50 to 60 an 1/8, 100 to 120 a 1/4, and 250 an oz. Kind of sucks. And the bud people sell here is ok but not worth the price they charge. That’s why you have to grow your own and charge what you think is fair. When you spend 3months of your time growing good bud people think you should give it to them for nothing. And this is why it cost so much here

  16. N.E. Pennsylvania it’s 20$ a gram for top shelf herb or 350$ an Oz. no dirt weed to speak of around here at the moment but 100$ an Oz. if you can find any.

  17. Texas is 20 a gram for everything dodies and above. A dub is reggie(Seed weed) and it’s about 6 grams for 20 or 3 grams for 10

  18. Listen. It doesn’t matter where u live. Money talks… Ur a smoker. U want a real price? Pick up a hp or a pound. Fuck the price difference up way beyond that bs. 200$ an oz of the best. Look hard enough u’ll be getting 3000$ and lower a pound… U can cop a zip anywhere in the US for 150-200$ a zip. “dispensary quality or not.” hate to break it to u guys but even for a fuckin gram u should be going 10$ or lower. If not ur all being ripped off. Get the right growers who use it just as medical as u. Help one another. Keep it real… These are plants. Grow to help and keep prices appropriate for you and ur close friends. Sometimes I’ll find the gnarliest stuff for 100$- a zip where the dispensary is selling my buddies sams shit for 15/20$ the whole way through…-.- its a joke. I’m a med grower in Michigan and I’m more than well aware.

  19. But that it not for every strain. You enjoy the advantage of having the option to choose from many different strains, god damn it – you got a freaking menu for it, ranging up to about 17$. I paid for 1g of Kali Mist €14 last time I was there, about 6-7 years ago. I got an oz over here (ca. 28 grams) of Kali Mist for 300$ last time it was available through my guy. Kali Mist, Northern Lights #5 vs Skunk and Jack Herer are my personal favorites. Kali Mist has a low yield compared to strains like big bud, but imo its exclusive and unique high not matched yet, NL#5 is just paralyzing fun and nice yield, and the jack herer, a big mind and cluster f**k, and a pain in the ass to grow, it did not stop growing in my closet and had to bend them horizontal in my closet. What strains can you get 1G for €5 for? What strains do you like, having the luck to choose from wide variety. What are the hash prices now?

  20. 10 a gram / 25-30 an 1/8 / 50-70 a 1/4 / 100-120 a half ounce / 200-220 an ounce . Ontario Canada

  21. an 1/8 weighs everywhere in the U.S 3.5g, why should that be different in other places using the same system of measure? what weighs most, an ounce of dill, rosemary or an ounce of your local grown greenbud? Is it A,B,C or might it be just for all the same? Roll up a joint, light it up, and enjoy or just hit the bong and relax.
    And now go help to fix the mess!


    Palm Beach County has the “standard rates”, as I like to call them for the normal consumer. An 1/8 is 50$, nobody would dare to ask for more, and I consider this a fair price when compared to the prices I was used too in Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, etc. A 20$ bag here is quite a rip off but then same risk less reward considered, you still get 1.2g and for 25$ it’s half of an 1/8, In Europe we don’t buy by the 1/8 like over here, but by the gram instead, except those from the island still preferring to using their complicated and inaccurate system instead, just like you guys over here, and its price is depending on the strain and its yield, and averaged between 10 to -17 bucks. What I get is top quality, and I am lucky to get to know at least what strain it is, which not many though seem to care about for. It just sucks when I can’t choose the strain desired. Growing back then in my early twenty’s in Europe, a tiny closet operation (6 square feet) cost me about 1$ per gram, even adding an artificial 15$ labor cost per hour invested and a whole room setup with 2 HPS 600W lamps and 99 plants, meant to be 100, but one got beheaded lowering the lighting system to fast and the chain got loose swinging, taking out one of our 25 blueberry strains. The other 3 strains (Ice, Matanuska Tundra, Northern LIghts #5 vs Skunk) had a 100% survival rate. one ounce was about the average yield per plant in a sea of green for the 10 week grow operation, pushing cost down to about 75 cents per gram. And we paid for the clones about 6$ each as well. The big operation of my friends with all bells and whistles and three 1000W lamps got them down to 25 cents per gram, including lifetime and usage of the equipment used. Could have been less when they would not have gotten busted after their 3 harvest accidentally loosing all their equipment, plants and 25lbs of their dried crop, but at least some managed to disappear as smoke. Now considering the cost of growing it, from a small operation to rather a big one (but without 6 months being locked up) the price does not look so fair no more. But then again, Florida has still some harsh laws on that, not like my country back home, where you would get a slap on your wrist for a personal use operation although by law illegal when caught. And then our prisons are humane and they try at least to show some effort towards their rehabilitation duties they are supposed to do for the bad people in our society so they can be integrated again as a functional and law abiding slave of their system forced to accept that he can’t just grow a plant without their permission. The U.s is responsible for having cannabis made condemned through out the world, now you better fix it this time, you have created enough damage to this world so far, more then any other existing nation since your creation for sure. Stop lying and pretending to be the land of the free, start acting like it.
    Look at the annual consumption of marijuana for recreational use here in the U.S, put a fair price value on it like described on its recreational use, and tax it with 25% of its sales value. Now we put the effect of legalization into play and assume less consumption down the road for recreational use and some growing their own supply and cut it in half, which is quite unrealistic though to expect a 50% drop though. I think the population of the Netherlands smokes 30% less compared to other European nations. Now considering the money wasted which can now be saved the like subsidies for farmers, relieve of jail system in regards to cannabis, war on drugs, this list can go on and on and on. there are many more things which contribute towards it, raising its usage and value even further, but lets stay at those you can connect right now and can research quick yourself if you want to verify if this can be true or not. just by checking the statistics available on the cost of money spent on the things mentioned above so far, adding taxation of 25% of its retail sale for recreational use of cannabis, and we cut that even half! 120 billion dollars tax revenue annually on those few things alone. My research and far reaching effects would fix not only debt issues, unemployment problems, but add so much money to the economy that the U.S could give you a lot of social services and even common goods for free. Average amount of energy consumption, average water usage, health care, free education including university, free public transport, almost all taxes go, just a sales tax on items which create expenses to its society need to be taxed to pay for it. And we would not need to drill and fight for oil anymore either. just 3% of u.s agricultural land is required to create sufficient biofuel to replace our fossil fuel needs, growing hemp, 10 times more efficient then corn we use at the moment. and land which does not work for agricultural use works for hemp though, like step hills, many plagued by erosions and landslides would be perfect for that as well, and the agricultural land can be used for other crop if required. There is strange thing about it though. By law it would be required that each farmer grows a certain percentage of hemp on his land. Some industries would get reformed and a few even vanish, but many more are created instead and are not just contributive to the economy but also to the environment and would give every country independence on its energy needs and give them the possibility to be self sustainable. Something not desired by this world, although it would be the right thing to do. No more deforest station for furniture. We are even so stupid to make paper out of pulp, which is inefficient in comparison using hemp in every factor. a tree takes forever to grow, hemp doesn’t. paper made from pulp costs more to manufacture, has a recycle usage but a higher cost, is less durable and can’t be worn as clothing either. We hardly would need wood for these kind of industries anymore, and plastic would suddenly bio degradable instead filling up the landfills. Stand up and demand change for gods sake, protest and stop contributing until demands are filled. All you got to do is stop doing what everybody is always complaining about for once, grow some balls and just refuse paying taxes. then the government has to act in favor for its people and their demands, nobody is going to fight for them when they can’t get paid any longer to work for a broke entity which is not supported by its people anymore. Just enough people need to stop being a sheeple, then it can be reformed and fixed. Not even half of the population is required to do so, 30% would be plenty already not to be enforceable anymore.

  23. From here in New Mexico, I can surely sympathize with your post.

    Someone tell me when the price will come down, damn it!

  24. I have one seed, dude, but I can’t find where to send it to you through my computer. Do you think one of these holes on the side would do it? Should I just push it in… here… like this…

    Transmission ended abruptly…

  25. Shoot so many of my friends either grow or sell that I practically get a dub sack free evry week or 2. Keep in mind that it lasts me a good minute cuz I luckily have a low tolerance. I rarely have to pay for weed. But in the off chance my connects don’t have it an I’m forced to go elsewhere I refuse anything less than 3gs for 20. -Tone

  26. I’m not going to listen to a word you said because you called it “Dope”.

    And how would you know who good the stuff that I am smoking? Get off your high-horse.

    $20 is the average price for Ganja in Australia, whether you like it or not, it’s the AVERAGE.

  27. Robert C Scotton on

    Or they pull $400 for his best oz and $375 for a step down. For that price I might as well drive to Colorado everyday.

  28. Robert C Scotton on

    I’m a crazy loyal smoker always looking for dank ass bud for a reasonable price. I live in PA and everyone has to rip you off or fuck you around . Every week it’s another guy that says everything’s legit and then I buys my ass for some “dank” just to see it’s mids or they back out or turn their phone off. I want a dealer that’ll sit me down like Dante off grandmas boy and smoke a j with me while he shows me his varieties of killer bud.

  29. Seattle, $20 can range from 4 grams of something questionable to just over a gram, maybe a gram and a half of top shelf flower. I single gram of caviar, 2/3 of a gram of full melt hash, or about a half gram of BHO. Or 4 low strength medibles. On the black market most people were giving 1.7 grams of flower and the other options weren’t available.

  30. whatareyoutalkinabeet? on

    $20 for 1 gram Australia wide?
    I’ve got some bad news mate, you’re dealers do not like you and they are selling you their ditch dirt clips for 2x the normal amount lol
    Also Learn to differentiate plz because like all places in the world there are multiple different strains containing different amounts of THC with a huge spread from the dopest dope to the low grade outback bush weed your toking.

  31. The bay” you get any where from 1.3 to 3.5 for 20. Strictly fire. Most times it’s exactly what they say it is!

  32. I would like to try out some new seed if anyone is willing to give, and/or sell a few. It would be nice if they are feminized, but….

  33. Well, the price varies for the most part. I was just posting some numbers that I hear mostly. I don’t pay for any, as no one should. :)

  34. Montana- 50 per eighth(average). But depending who you know/how well you know them, you can get a bigger amount for less.

  35. 20 bucks a g of any type of dro unless it’s og kush and sour d 25 bucks and for 1/8 of high grade 50-70 bucks

  36. Blue Ridge area? Like Botetourt and Daleville? You van save $10 on everything a county over lol Vinton, Roanoke, Salem.

  37. Out in Roanoke, Virginia its impossible to find consistent prices/quality. Rarely, you will get the whole 3.5 for $20 with mids. That’s if you carry your own flats, too. A gram of dank could be $15/$20/$25. And its never the actual strain they claim to be selling. An eighth of dank (loud, drop, etc.) could be as low as $45/eighth and have you stuck all day or as high as $65/eighth that will just give you a headache. Smh. The struggle is real here in the Commonwealth.

  38. 2 grams is a twamp. Although thanks to the dispensary I get 3.5 grams for $25.00 of quality medical grade marijuana. I love Washington State!

  39. Honestly you guys are blessed a gram 1.0 or as I’ve always known it as a “twamp” is $20 in most places in Hawaii. I know this is very overpriced but it’s been the standard I’ve always known sadly. It will be high grade however that’s just how the ball rolls.

  40. In northern VT we pay an average of 40-45 for a slice of mids. Add ten bones for the danks. Most commonly, the dank just looks and smells dank. Unless the guy you got it from is growing from like the 30th gen seed, it’s not as dank as it’s supposed to be.

  41. Here in Maine an 8th weighs 3.5 and costs 20 bux. a quarter is 35. and its ussually local grown greenbud.

  42. In jersey its .5 for every 10 you go. Dubs are usually 1.0 – 1.2 : The only exception to this rule are bigger weight. 8ths are around 3.5 for $40-60. In highschool 8ths would be around 55 and when I left highschool they were around 45. My friend who lives in Jersey city which is a highly populated area which is a 5 minute train ride out from NYC they get it cheaper for around 35. In NYC you could see ditch weed for $100 an O.

  43. $20 a gram 60 an 1/8 and 120 a quarter unless you find someone with dank for cheaper, usually if you find someone with too good of a price those prices are for their “name brand fakes” they look nice but they don’t seem to do their job as well as the stuff the person is selling for more. Florida mids are dirt cheap though and if you find them from a good person they do their job well!

  44. Damn reading these posts guess I’m not to bad off… for some high end nug 55 an 8th 20 g for some good just not as food nug 45 an 8th 15 a g and mids I don’t even bother with but its 150 a whole 25 an 8th hats n north east and central Pennsylvania

  45. $25 here will luckily get you a gram if its highest grade Danks n seedy shit for $25 is like 2-2.5g.
    I’m movie g!

  46. In Shreveport, LA ITS 2g FOR ABOUT $18-$20 bucks its plentyful here THIS THE RACHETT CUSH NOT REGGIE

  47. $50 an 1/8, and $20 a gram for chronic. $30 an 1/8, and $10/$15 a gram for higher end midi’s here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of SW Virginia. The wonderful commonwealth. You come to Va on vacation, leave on probation, and come back on a violation!

  48. Hell here in Abilene tx u pay 65 for an eighth unless I can find some cheaper but not around here or I just haven’t found the right person but I wish I was in Colorado or Washington I know its cheaper there


  50. In Alaska, eighth’s can sell as high as 100.00 up in the native villages but a very big wrisk–those poor people are always being harassed by law enforcement in their own villages–where I live in Seward–it’s 50.00 for a crappy eighth It’s very sad :(

  51. 1 Clone of Chem Dawg #2 and an 1/8th of Kill for $15 w/ Red Card in Colorado! First time customer at La Contes Clone Bar. Plus its Legal!! I’m a happy dude!

  52. On average I pay about $40 for a quater or 7 grams for those of you that don’t know your weights up in BC Canada but you gotta know the right people to get the good stuff

  53. Personally where I live up to $40. Depending on where I get it from but closer to that price.

  54. $20 a gram for dro. Mind you, that’s $566 for an Oz, & $9056 for a lb & mid is $5 a gram/ $141.50 for a oz & $2264 for a lb. [TN prices.] Oh, & you might get shorted .2 on the dro for every gram you get & the mid might consist of nothing but shake, seeds, & stems. DON’T BITCH. You’re situation could be like mine.

  55. If it’s illegal, it’s 1.5 times the price of what it cost where it is legal.
    Lawyer fees folks

  56. We must be on opposite sides of Minnesota, I pay fifty for a quarter of primo and hundo for oz.. Normally I don’t go that small.

  57. In Australia $20 ($18 US) get’s you 1 gram, and that’s pretty much universal of all Australia.

    Pretty much all of the weed in Australia is good quality and quite strong (It has in fact been shown that Australia has the strongest weed in the world)

    And the particular city I live in pretty much always has good quality stuff.

  58. $20 bucks in Denver + an MMj card + The Right Dispensary + Some friends that work there = a righteous 1/8. $20 bucks in Denver + Street dealer = possibly robbed, a 1/16th or worse….Reggie.
    Nonetheless, $20 should be 2 grams….period

  59. East Coast aint that far behind in quality its just supply and demand as the article says…Im in NJ…20 for a gram , 50 – 8th, 90 – Q, 180 – 1/2 etc..

  60. Johnathan Spartan Luis Gomez on

    Hahaha…vegas is a different market…locals can get maybe 1.5 for 20 if your in with your dealer…if your a yuppie…expect not to get a gram for less than 40 on the strip…convience> supply and demand…tourists usually dont and are discouraged from venturing off the strip

  61. Just got some lemon kush in north florida.usual prices $20/g 60/8th $320/oz. I got another guy with $50/8th dank.

  62. after 8ths left the $25 range in the 80s and settled at $40 here in WA in the 90s, a 20 was technically a teener (1/16). Funny, eighths are now $25 again >:-)

  63. Agreed. DFW has steep prices. If you know the right folks though there is some serious variety. But in DFW the mentality is “I’d rather pay more to show how rich I am”

  64. Are you kidding me! For 20 you get a gram. 50-60 1/8. I’m in Ohio. You want more than that for 20 it’s going to be NO BUENO!

  65. RatDagstic Weenbag on

    In Brownsville, Tx someone can get 2gs of dro or kush for twenty bucks. If its reggie then one can get half an oz for twenty.

  66. Southern Oregon Coast. 7g for 20…Never actually bought that small of a quantity. O for 100, QP is 300.Gotta love living in the Triangle.

  67. $10-$15 for a solid 1.5+ in Austin, TX. I’m talkin the dankest of dank, green crack, blue dream, blue goo, whatever cheese you please, and so much more.

  68. A dub is 1g where I’m at and that’s if you’re dealing with the right people. I’ve seen people give out .7-.8 as dubs before, the east coast gets raped on prices

  69. I simply do not understand why anyone would by in quantities that small. You pay a premium because you do!

  70. Minnesota prices are bogus sometimes. 60 for an 1/8 here but I get it for 50 only because we’re good friends. But it’s still 20 for a dub. I won’t pay more, I used to “co-deal” with my ex. So I know what I should be paying here in MN and what’s just plain ridiculous.

  71. Im in rhode island I get a g for 10 and 8ths for 35 2gs for 20 65 a quarter 100 for a half 200 an ounce but thats just the guy I go to prices jump depedning on who you go to but Id never pay more than 40 for an 8th

  72. for real man 20 a gram in upstate and thats only if its fire, can get some descent brick for 10 a gram

  73. shit in upstate ny some shit is 15 – 20 a g. should be getting 2 g for a dub but hey it aint always like that

  74. So wack in dc. 20 a g and 60 a 8th! 400 a ounce! I fucking hate it here. Going back to growing soon as I have enough room. Smh

  75. Here in Port Saint Lucie Fl I get 1 gram for 10 and 2 grams for a dub, but that’s because I know my supplier personally. Other dealers in the area tag .6 for 10 and 1.6 for the dub. I stick with my supplier

  76. in Canada, Quebec, Montreal. we pay 10$ for 1gram and its the purple kush, so i think its good ahaha and if we pay 40$ we can get 6-7grams

  77. Hahah move to california, it is easily $35 for a killer 8th, $70 for a quad is standard. $200 for an oz that is waaayyyy better than the clubs can ever offer

  78. here in texas (DFW area) its 20 a g for some loud ass weed or 20 for 7 gs of shwag or reggie. so its really quality or quantity down here.lol.

  79. Dang! I’m in Portland and I guess I’m an idiot cause I pay $40 for 8th’s on average. The only way I can get it less is to buy a zip but that only brings the 8th price down to $30. You must have some good friends, my friend.

  80. Medical marijuana at a dispensary in Denver, CO is usually around $40.00 per 1/8, $70.00 per 1/4 and $120.00 per 1/2. I’ve seen ounces for as low as $190.00. These are December prices, what recreational will do to prices after January 1, 2014, who knows?

  81. In MO we call a dub 3.5 grams and that usually goes for $60 if its dank and $20 for 1gram if you are closer they typically hook you up and give you 1.5 for $20 just depends on the person..

  82. In Indy, we pay the typical $5 for one gram of low-medium grade (mids) and usually $20 for one gram of high grade (kush) and Chronic typically is cheaper than kush here, usually ranging from $10-15 for one gram. I hate our prices.

  83. In Indy, we pay the typical $5 for one gram of low-medium grade (mids) and usually $20 for one gram of high grade (kush) and Chronic typically is cheaper than kush here, usually ranging from $10-15 for one gram. I hate our prices.

  84. Im from Milwaukee Wisconsin most dealers try to sell 20 a gram. but If you know the right people its 15 a g 25 a teen and 45 an 8th

  85. goes 20 dollars a gram here in north carolina :/ and thats if you have good connects.. most people get .7 for 20-25 bucks

  86. for some grade a good stuff in my area…i know some people who charge 20 bucks a GRAM!!!! people around here like to rip one another off. $50 bucks for a 1/8 for the really good stuff.

  87. ive been all over the world including amsterdam im in germany right now so ive paid all kinda prices but here in germany i buy this strand of white widow 2.0grams for 20 euros which is about 25$ its pretty damn good here but its all about what you have in ur area and how much and the demand ive smoked hundreds of diff types of weed so i smoke only the best and accept nothing less.

    p.s im posting under a false name cuz i do a job where i cant smoke weed and i dont need evidence against me

  88. I usually pay 20 $ for atleast a 2.0 or 2.5 grams & here in Spokane Wa. I can always get amazing chronic & oil. We usually make the oil ourselves. I haven’t seen seeds in my green in over ten years. Happy Holidays keep smoking :)

  89. In tx its 20 a g 50 an 8th … but i can get a half ounce of quality Reggie for 30 so i usually go with that. I rarely find seeds in it, so i dont complain.

  90. a joint is 5 dollars 2 joints is 10 dollars 3 joints is 15 dollars and 4 joints is 20 bucks (4) quarters is 100 bucks. This is in Florida!!!

  91. Gypsy Marchington on

    dont mix with drug dealers and thive’s , , , A small grow tent , light an fan , some good seed and hey presto yo’ve GROWN YOUR OWN . for less than 50 cents a gram ,,, dam you guys in america must be rich to waist your family’s doe like that LOL

  92. We’re starting to get in the same situation in Eugene. Before there was one of two places that operated in the gray zone. Now if have my pick of quite a few.

  93. I’m in Oregon too. You can get it from the dispensary anywhere from $6-10/gram of high grade pot. Not sure how much you’d pay if you went to an actual dealer though. Probably a little more.

  94. In Eugene – Probably 2.5 grams. The dispensary usually charges between $8-10/gram. Sometimes you can get a gram for $6 and it’s still very good.

  95. I remember when just 2 short years ago a $20 “dub” was actually 7+ grams… now that we have “medical” that’ll cost 95-120 @ dispensary. We are now getting a gram for 20 out here. This is the 1 year anniversary of dispensary meds in AZ and they are saying not too many have bought their 2 week allowance of 2.5 oz but i ask unless you are rich or famous how can anyone afford $1000 on weed every 2 weeks? OUR PRICES SUCK! we are the poor and broken who qualify out here but suffer through higher prices than ever.

    strain flux’s between heads and exotic well known names and price drops a little late fall through winter due to abundance from locals harvesting..

  97. 4sirtokesalot20 on

    fuck! I need to move to Oregon, out here in central Missouri we pay 60$ an eigth. 20 a gram. but that’s if your the buyer not the supplier. 300-350 an oz.

  98. in Austin Texas i can find $20 a gram 40 for 1/8. Unless you buy that shitty cartel weed but who wants to smoke shwag.

  99. Lmfao. You refuse to pay no more than $25 an 1/8. I can’t even buy that from a wholesale guy. I want what ur buying/paying lol

    Good tree $45 1/8
    I dont care how good it is I hope all mj dealers out there or dispensaries never sell it over $45. Anything higher is insane

  100. Colleen Dickson on

    In New Hampshire we pay $50 and 8th and $100 a quarter,,,,I know it is a rip off, but that is all we can get here :(

  101. i get3.5 for 20 of reggie 2.5 for 20 bucks of mids less than 1g if you buy highs which is medical buds here in tn morristown to be exact

  102. Hamilton, NJ 08619 1.0-1.2 g for $20, quarters $90-$120, oz’s for $300-$380. Quality only seems to change the price with a legit dealer.. a dealer would be in competion price-wise with someone selling lesser quality bud because people want the chaper price.

  103. Hellooo I live in bed-stuy an I’m in to finding new supply, the weed here is getting crazy with the weight, an raising the price????

  104. In Portland if u pay more than $10 a gram ur an idiot. 8th’s for 20-35. I refuse to pay more than $175 for a zip…….unless it’s the most sticky delicious fire I’ve seen. And now dispenseries are EVERYWHERE. I know of about 6 in a mile radius of my house

  105. Hahaha West Coast bud prices has nothing to do with Canada. Canadian bud goes to the East Coast. I’ve NEVER seen Canadian bud on the West Coast we grew our own out there I spent most of my life in California and a lot of time in Oregon & Washington.

  106. Here in Vegas it’s 10$ a gram, 35$ an eigth, and about 240$ an oz. It’s been that way for a long time too!

  107. In Denver Colorado, about 20-40 an 8th. Depending on the grade but normally 2.5-3.5g fer $20. Bomb strains, verry hard to find reggie. 15% lowest THC count iv seen in about 3 years.. No more than $225 oz! Always medical grade but always good deals as well..

  108. Same here in new jersey. When I moved from the chit own area I was hopeful it would be cheaper but no luck.

  109. Here in Portugal the regular price is 10 a gram, but sometimes the price gets really low, about 5 a gram or 3,5, in wich case 20=6 grams.

  110. Right here in La Ca you get about 2 grams for 20 of fank such as skywalker og fire og or white widow private reserve comes out to about 22-25 a gram but sone fucking sorcery that shit is cause itll leave chomatosed;D


  112. Here in Dublin, Ireland the prices are ridiculous. It’s €25 for 1g of high grade. I can get 3.5g for €50, which is by far the best value around. Not an affordable habit over here unless you sell.

  113. Dank Chem 4 for $40 an eighth in Maine, special price (usually $45). $15 a gram, super retail,

  114. Here in San Antonio most folks pay $15-$20 for just a gram of good dro. I pay $25 for 2g, usually a little more.

  115. in the middle of Missouri a dub sack is 3.5 grams of compressed reg nug goes for 20 a gram unless its legit named stuff which can go for any wherefeom 30 a gram to like in the case of the last time we had white widow here they where charging 55 a gram of course that’s smoker prices if you are buying in bulk its 1000ish for a pound of reg or 350 for an ounce of nug

  116. 20 a gram and 60 an eighth here in chitown il unless you know someone then its 15 a g and 75 to 100 per quarter…all dank of course

  117. France: 2g/2.5g in common places and around 5g in the most criminal/poor department (93-Saint Denis)

  118. Stephen Nash Kennedy on

    I’m from Georgia, USA, and the average gram cost is $20, but if you are an experienced consumer it can be $15 for top grade granola. Right now, though, I am in Austria, and it is about 10 Euros for a gram, HOWEVER, there is some sort of unwritten law of “taxation” on weed here in Austria, as well as in Sweden. If you are paying for a 1.0g, you are most likely getting a 0.8.

  119. Would you be willing to drive to Michigan 10 a g all day… Blueberry kush, casey Jones, head band, green cack. You name it gotta love Medical Michigan lol

  120. Dude, I’m up in Lorain ohio, I get stuck with some deals sometimes. Usually 5 a g for mids, amd 15 a g for loud and such. I can get an eighth for 35 and a cutie for 85 :P


  122. i live in arlington wa its 10 a gram, but i get hooked up 25 a half ounce of 28% thc white nightmare every day

  123. lost and forgotton on

    i’m 59 and haven’t been able to find anyone to help me out because I’m new here in a small town in.KY I’m 59 and have been out of comission and not sure what’s available and what the prices are. I bought a little from a friend who knows a friend. i wasn’t impressed and didn’t like the look of it. I knew I was ripped off and ended up making canna butter for browies. so I won’t go in that direction again, so here I am without anything. I wish I had help.Before it was taken care of for me and I never got into the other part of buying. I didn’t know how good I had it and my boyfriend of 11 years passed and I feel like a greenhorn. I won’t ask about it because I’m afraid of a rip off again. Anybody know how to help me a sister out?

  124. I live in northern Cali bay area I get 4 grams for 20$ ounce for 50$ its all about who you know all clubs are rip offs we sell to the clubs out. Here in the bay and all u suckers are paying full price haha I think the street value is dropping big time its all main stream now and out in the open and even easier to get if ur not getting 3.5 for 20 ur getting ripped there’s clubs you can get some bomb cherry pie or something for 50 a half ounce on the streets pending on who u know even cheaper u good buds for cheap hit the bay one time we got all your bomb ass purps and kush you will ever want

  125. Hear in ny long island ny get exotics 1.3 to 1.6 for 20 8th for 45 50 of hydro 2.5 for 20 8th 30 oz 140 for 200 oz of xos 250 to 400 and I pay 60 for a grand of oil or dabbs as the West Coast calls it

  126. I live in Juneau Alaska most of the bud here is brought in from either canada washington or Cali and it’s hard to find shitty weed here. Pretty much all dank shit but you gotta pay a pretty penny because it’s gotta be flown or brought in by boat since there is no road in to Juneau. But it’s 20 a gram and 50-60 a mead depending if you got a homie hook up but when you start buying more then a half O then price starts coming down half will go from 180-220 and a zip 300-420 if you don’t know a supplier your going to pay 400+ but QPs go for 1000-1600 so it’s kinda pricey but you’ll never get Mexican shwag!!!

  127. When I was young I was told that 1.7 was the going rate, but I expect to get 2.0 now. Also it’s $10 a gram at the dispensaries. I live in Puget Sound, WA.

  128. Me either I get really good mids no seeds same prices butviys just not that dank dro loud ect…

  129. Epilepticsmoker. on

    Up here in northern MI even during the winter season if you’re paying more than $10 a gram for stuff like Bluedream, B.C Black, or Deathstar then you need to just let your friends by for you.

  130. CameronCataclysm on

    Dank bud is 20$ a gram. 50-60$ an 8th. An ounce will run you 300-400$. Now if you’re smoking “mids” (that’s what we call the seedy shit here) 5$/g, 10$/2g’s, 20$/4g’s, 30$/7g’s, 50-60$ for a half ounce, 90-100$ for an ounce. I live in Columbus, Ohio. It sucks. Because being a heavy smoker I’m left with one question. Quanity? (Mids), or quality(Dank). I’m not made of money. So I have to think “Hmm I can spend 20$ on a blunt, or I can spend 20$ and get 4 blunts. (Given each blunt is a gram). It’s quite shitty really. I’d love to smoke chronic all of the time but I’m not made of money!

  131. Dank bud is 20$ a gram. 50-60$ an 8th. An ounce will run you 300-400$. Now if you’re smoking “mids” (that’s what we call the seedy shit here) 5$/g, 10$/2g’s, 20$/4g’s, 30$/7g’s, 50-60$ for a half ounce, 90-100$ for an ounce. I live in Columbus, Ohio. It sucks. Because being a heavy smoker I’m left with one question. Quanity? (Mids), or quality(Dank). I’m not made of money. So I have to think “Hmm I can spend 20$ on a blunt, or I can spend 20$ and get 4 blunts. (Given each blunt is a gram). It’s quite shitty really. I’d love to smoke chronic all of the time but I’m not made of money.

  132. Texas, ATX to be exact 8ths of some A-1 around 40-45 and zones around 260 to 3… But it’s usually really good and those are decent prices around here unless you are buying to sell and you could get qp’s anywhere between 8-1000 depending on who you know… As soon as it is legal prices will drop like the west coast and Colorado prices..

  133. In western Iowa for $20 you’ll get a single gram, unless you get that bro hook up and maybe 1.2 or 1.3. After reading this article, I’m seriously considering moving to a different state.

  134. In nc it’s $60 for 3.5g (eighth) and that’s for high grade “loud” bud. I’m jealous everyone is cheaper :(

  135. Smokey McHillbilly on

    $40 an 1/8th where I am in Wisconsin. Same price for Dank and Reg. Prices suck when you don’t know many people

  136. Where I live medical weed our what we call “loud” is twenty a gram. Regular we’d is twenty dollars for 3.5 grams. Demand is allot higher then supply, around here anyway.

  137. Depending the dispensary that you go to, you get the right. Ive never been underweighed. its always been either on point or over. In mine, Seattle, WA, I pay anywhere from 7-9 dollars a gram, 23-35 for an eighth, more than 65 for a quarter and 90 for the half. under 200 for the ounce. I love Washington.

  138. Refuse to pay more than 25 for a little one!? Basically the cheapest good bud around central Pennsylvania is 55/60 for an 8th…. seedy mids you’ll be lucky to find an 8th under 40!

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  140. Im getting 2.4 grams for $20 my dealer just gives me to dimes i mean close enought and thats CT so it has a far ways to travel from the west cost or canada or mexico

  141. A quarter is jerzee is like 65 smh and that’s for kush piff sour etc. 20 dollars is for eerie

  142. Man I get 1.8-2.2 for a dub, and 2.7 for $25. And it’s grown by my guy to his preference (think the pungent aromatics, frosty, sticky, little to no stems, beautiful dense nugs). Not to mention if he has shake that he doesn’t want, we just end up rolling a reefer so I think I’m getting a real good deal at the end of the day. Also, he really hooks it up when I pick up in bulk or let a few of my buddies pick up from him as well.

  143. Its just shwag though shwag aint shit I can get a zip for 35 bucks of shwag here in denver oh and a zip is an ounce.

  144. Out here where I live I get all my shit for free basically. If I do ever have to pay for it like yesterday I got a little over an eighth for 20$ and it’s all dank ass weed. I get 3-4 blunts at a time for free and It has some kush nor-cal or some pretty lady in it. Or at least recently it has. I get Pineapple Express or some chronic fire by the oz. for 25$. I gave my homie 10$ and he gave me about half an oz. of some crazy ads dank shit. I don’t remember what it was called but it was some fire. That’s for Damn sure. You fools need to get out here to Cali.

  145. Dirty Hippie Freak on

    No, California’s “Central Valley” is still severely depressed.

    Get high-q homegrown (all buds, sinsemilla) for $75 an eighth.

    Then again, last time I was in Golden Gate Park, prices were pretty damned good, considering San Fran is booming…sorry if you aren’t near California…

  146. We must be close and gettin the same stuff, that’s right on the money.
    its not fair, but it’s accurate. I was born and raised in the Mississippi delta. NY rates were a culture shock.

  147. dang that’s a good deal out here in California I get mine for 200.00 a little bit better sence my family trims.

  148. $18 for some Bomb ass sour diesel
    $20 H.Q. white rino
    $24 for the northern lights[BOMB ASS SHIT]
    ^^^each^^^ an 8th in portland.[burnside]

  149. You should be gettin 4 grams for twenty in Ohio that’s where I live and sell it as well with reg of course

  150. So local Oregonian here! Got some fine ass white widow passing through the borro at the time being and i’m getting it weighed out to about 2.3 for my 20 dollars worth

  151. My best weed experience is humbolt fucking county best weed ever around 5 grams of og kush for a 20 but funny part of humbolt county that you don’t really but weed because every body grows it

  152. in spain (andalucia) 20 euros= 25$ i get over 5, 6 in summer becose there are less in winter i can to get over 8 ,10, with the bag 11 :)

  153. Ariakas77708 on

    Used to weigh 5.  4.5 + .5 for the baggie but you skeets made 3.5 standard.  So a bag SHOULD weigh 4.5 :)

  154. In Missouri, a dub weighs 3.5g @ $60.
    $20 is a gram here & that’s for dank.

  155. Theanchovibus on

    Ive only done it a few times but 20 gets me about enough to cover up two quarters maybe a bit less and thats in a smaill town in mid michigan

  156. Here in NJ, you will NOT get a G of exotics for less than $20. Period. I know 8 people who sell and not one sells for under $20. Because they can’t. Cannabis comes down from canada through Oregon, which is why it is the least expensive on the west coast. As it moves east, it gets more and more expensive. By the time it reaches here, its $20/g at the best prices. HOWEVER, gas prices start out low on the east and get higher as they go west. Right now, (March 22nd) going into summer (the highest gas prices) the highest station is charging $3.50/gal. During the fall and winter, the price drops to $2.80ish/gal.

  157. A little secret to the noob on the “street” (ie private dealers as opposed to clinics): prices are negotiable. If you ask for a specific deal & it’s fair for both of you, you’ll probably get it; remember, the faster your dealer sells his product, the better for him. Haggling would be in bad taste, but don’t be shy to make an offer.
    The question of quality should be based on one thing; honesty. Did you source tell you it was the Bomb, then you got home to a bag of someone’s crappy, seedy homegrown? If so, drop them. If they lie to you once, they’ll do it again. On the other hand, if they give you the truth straight-up, they’re one of the few honest ones. Quality always varies (nature of the industry), even with the best of sources, but honesty is permanent.West Coast people should expect an eighth (3.5 grams) to be $30 (+/- $5 for quality etc), and a $20 should get you 2g plus a bit.

  158. Shit! I live on the central coast of California and i get atleast 2 gs for dank thats like minimum i feel bad for those 20 a g’rs that straight blows

  159. damn Im in central tx , originaly from Dallas.. sounds like I need to move to where you are lol seems like they want to charge you more for that back yard boogie bullsht than the good stuff, over this way. its a mess I dont make alot of money and I need that medicine for spinal diease pain and im only 35

  160. Metro Mass has various prices related to location and quality. connections come and go for some reason. I guess going through a friend is costly becasue I buy the beer and I wouldn’t necessarily bring them home. I sure wish I had a tree!!

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  162. In the north coast it floats .anywhere from 25 eights to 10 a gram .to 750 a gram for outdoors but some putdoors came off pretty good .

  163. Well down here in the South its on a ” I got that fire” basis and from what I can tell either dealers dont know what they selling or they too high to remember.Get this, a dub of that good is 9.8 grams where I stay..i know what you thinking its reggie huh..fck no! No seeds just moderate to light green buds..NO BULLSHIT
    Houston/Baytown/Beaumont TX reppin

  164. Down here in texas its:


    5g for 10$
    10g for 20$
    Half O for 25$
    Ounce for 50$


    1g for 25$ :(
    Eight for 60$
    Quad for 120$

  165. Street prices for kine bud from a small time salesman in the Fort Lauderdale area would cost you $25 for 1.7g

  166. Here in Idaho it varies all over the state. A dub to me has always been a gram, chronic and delicious. 1.3 for family. 1.7 for 25, and 3.5 for 50.
    Reasoning for the high price is the high price you pay if you find yourself with criminal charges. No medical cannabis in Idaho quite yet, so most of the medical grade flowers that come through here are from out of state.

  167. here in billings montana here prices for medical grade amd its dank ass fuck
    140-half zip
    280-tha whole O

  168. Down here its
    $20 a gram
    $50-60 1/8
    $100-120 1/4
    $200 1/2
    $350 – 420 an ounce.

    And this is for very mediocre smoke. I have rarely found anything impressive in my location. Therefore I became self sufficient and never looked back.

  169. Personally here in the Upstate NY, north of the Pennsylvania border, we pay as follows:

    [Medical Grade}
    …Experienced Consumers…
    1-1.3g -$20.00
    3.5g – $50.00 to $55.00
    7g – $90.00 to $100.00
    14g – $175.00 to 185.00
    28g – $280.00 to $310.00

    …Novice Consumer…
    .8g – $20.00
    3.5g – $60.00 to $70.00
    7g – $110.00 to $120.00
    14g – $200.00 to $230.00
    28g – $400.00 to $430.00

  170. In Mn is common to spend 20 bucks on 1 gram. thats pretty much the breakdown. and thats for mediocre shit.

  171. 75$ for some garbage outdoor ounce
    220$ for premium indoor kush / sour diesel
    120$/ Half O of silver haze
    120$/O of M39 (not good though)
    250$/O of medical purple kush (retails 385 O_O)
    75$/8g of lemon kush
    Montreal, Quebec :)

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