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How Much Should I Be Paying For My Weed?


digital scale for measuring weedHow much does weed cost?

I don’t have a medical card nor do I grow illegally so I have to go out and find marijuana on the “black market.” One question that comes up often when talking to weed smokers all over is “how much should weed cost?” It’s an interesting question that depends on a lot of different factors. Here are a few things that go into determining the price of the weed you put into your bong bowl:


  1. How good is the weed? Obviously, the dankest of the dank will run you more than a bag of swag. How to tell if your weed is good is a whole separate topic, but if you have been smoking for a while, you will know what you like.
  2. What part of the world do you live in? I have lived in many different parts of the U.S. And prices very wildly. I have paid as much as $70 for an eighth of an ounce and less then half of that in other parts.
  3. How good is your “connection?” This is a big factor. If you are buying weed from a cool person who you are friends with, you are less likely to get shorted or taxed (for those of you who don’t know, this is the extra $5 to $10 someone could charge on top of the actual cost). That’s the risk you run when you buy from strangers.
  4. Is it harvest time locally? This is only important if you live in a place that marijuana grows well outdoors. When harvest time comes around, everyone is working to get rid of their crop at the same time, which brings the prices way down. Yes, the concept of supply and demand even applies to the weed market.

All these factors combine to create a fair market price for your area. In Oregon, I consider $25-$40 for an eighth of an ounce (3.5 grams) or $150 – $250 for an ounce (28 grams) to be an average price for some good weed (no seeds, no unnecessary stems, well manicured, good smell, ect). But that’s Oregon where some of the best marijuana is grown (and a lot of it too!) so maybe I’m spoiled.

I invite you to post what the average price for weed in your area is. If you have a medical exception and your state has marijuana dispensaries, your input is also welcome. I don’t want this to become a “meet-a-dealer” advertising board but I think this is constructive debate that would be helpful for folks who want to know if they are getting ripped off or not.

P.S. No names or anything incriminating please! “Big brother” could be watching!


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  1. In Big Rapids, Michigan, I usually get it for $10 a gram. $60 for an eight and $240 for an oz. I can get cheaper weed but it absolutely sucks and I’d have to buy it by the bill.

  2. 1g………….$15
    contact (markjoneshorses@hotmail.com)


    Email us back at….(williamspotter0@gmail.com)

  4. $5 -$10 for a gram in NM good quality too just depends who is supplying $30-$40 an 1/8

  5. order quality weed from a relaible supplier and delivery is done within 24 hours of purchase from medicsl store weed .801 7427257 .. an oz is $120

  6. toking 40 years? me 42! My friends all still toke. I don’t see an addiction problem do you? Hard to see through the smoke eh…Name any drug I’ve tried it. Oh ya…I go to church too. Obviously I got no problem with people wanting to feel good.

  7. Rural KY,it really just depends on who you know.I paid 150 for an oz yesterday,good mid. I’ve paid 20/g before but it was for Girl Scout Cookies. Call me simple but I honestly prefer a decent mid over kush from what I’ve tried,I have a lot of stress/anxiety and it just chills me out instead of paralyzing me and making the anxiety worse.

  8. I pay 20 a g in Vermont! just moving from Florida where it was 10 a g makes me pissed the off. Florida weed better anyways fuck Vermont.

  9. Hella expensive I get 1.5 g for $5 and for the best weed you can get in the world it’s $6 g and I live in Oakland

  10. I live in the bay and yeah there’s so many amazing deals I get $6 a gram for grand daddy purple

  11. 50 bucks an ounce for those in the bay???? Where the heck are you getting this lmao

  12. I live in pa and the best i can get is 15 to 20 a g
    not many very good connectioins at my age

  13. swim only pays like 5 bucks lol if you are paying anymore than 5 bucks per gram you are getting ripped off swim can get an ounce for like 50 bucks and it is the good shit too OG kush, Gorilla glue, diesel, you name it. I live in the bay area.

  14. Michael Buchner on

    Hey pal, I’m going to Portland this Friday, 04/28/16 for my sons gradiation from college.. Can you guide me there to the heavenly dank which you speak of…please????
    Thanks pal,

  15. You are not getting fucked, you are just running into some bomb ass loud or exotic weed, the rest of you that think that he is, must be stuck in the 80’s still on the reggie or mid level dirt cabbage.

  16. I am 53 Ms Nina. I smoked my first joint at 13yo. That has NEVER happened to me or many many other people so take your Gateway theory and direct your misguided opinions someplace else. I suggest christian-hypocrites. There is a taboo subculture that needs to be called out for what they are.

  17. denzel kushington on

    You are an idoit if you pay more than 10G. My guy gets his ounces for as low as 150-180 and its some good ass stuff. AZ has some good prices.

  18. Cayden Sauls on

    I live in Humboldt County and you can get some hella dank shit for 5-10 dollars a gram or you can get some shitty weed for like 10 dollars an eighth

  19. I have been to so many States in USA before, its very difficult to find any weed around with good qualities and at an affordable price.
    I was lucky enough to get a good hook up, discreet and then he gave me top quality..
    The laws are strict but i had fun with some good weed cos i had a reliable and discreet connect.
    You can reach him at ( primemedicoltd *at* gmail *dot* com ), he will help you with some good green.

  20. Notgonnaputaname on

    You are being fucked. im in iowa like 2 hours away and i pay 80 for a quarter 250 for an ounce

  21. Uhh… ya, im from oklahoma and ive paid no more than $20 for years. Might find a new plug buddy

  22. Des Moines, Iowa
    half g- $10
    G- $20
    Half bag- $30
    Bag- $60
    Quarter- $140
    Etc. Etc.
    I always feel I’m being fucked but I might be wrong

  23. I get those prices but for mids…which sux….so i don’t bother unless real tight for cash

  24. South Florida for me…

    really good (medical quality) 160 – 170 for half oz
    regular high grade – 120 -150 for half an oz

  25. I know this is an older thread but have any of you guys checked out http://www.wikileaf.com before? You can compare prices of weed from licensed dispensaries and deliveries in 10 states. Denver and Portland look like the best places to get top shelf buds at affordable prices. I know PDX has a new tax rate that is about to kick in for their recreational scene so their prices might not stay so low. I was down there two weekends ago though for a Portland Trailblazers game and picked up some top shelf Trainwreck with a THC count of 25% for just $150/ounce. Hard to beat that!

  26. I’m just trying to find a dependable person or order it off line something I’m tired of the bs

  27. Haha hahaha. Explain the difference between a fourth and a quarter. Also, why wouldn’t you just buy 8 eighths for 160 instead of 240?

  28. denver prices can be the shit depending who you buy from.
    .5 – 5$ (nobody really fucks with selling half g’s)
    1 – 10$
    1.5 – 15$ & so on ..
    a lot of co dealers hook it up whether you’re a stranger or not cause everyone’s high as fuck in colorado & nobody gives a shit lol.
    an eighth is usually around 20$, a quarter is around 40$ & half oz (depending on the dealer) is around 50- 70$ & an oz can be anywhere from 90-160, & if your dealer charges more than 160 for an oz, your dealer is probably a former crackhead who is an asshole. people don’t care whether it’s top shelf or regular dank shit , a g should be 10$ here, even with the greedy ass dealers.

  29. You just don’t have good connections, because there is definitely very good bud in NY. I’ve been to Cali, Colorado, and live in NY and have definitely gotten comparably good bud.

  30. I live in Upstate New York and our prices are exactly this. Weed prices differ by state and in NY these prices are pretty standard for good bud.

  31. Where I live (The Isle of Man), it can cost up to $30 for a fiftieth of an ounce, since it’s a small island with strict drug laws (Unless you’re under 16, then it’s just a verbal warning )

  32. Trap Sensation on

    That’s bullshit. $240 a zip is $8.57 a gram. Times that by 3.5 for an eighth and that comes out to $30. Based on your prices, it’s best to just buy by the eighth.

  33. If an eighth was 35$ and a quarter was 85 dollars….
    Why wouldn’t you just buy two eighths for 70$?

  34. I live up in northwest indiana and I pay as follows
    15-20 a gram
    35-50 an eighth
    65-70 a quarter
    Anything above that, I don’t buy

  35. ur getting from the wrong people in NY , hmu 3476772269 I’ll hook u up say ur from NY from the weed blog

  36. I k ow it’s an old post but I live in Florida and wanna trade some pics. Dont completely trust my guy anymore…intrested in quarters or wax. Picky.

  37. Bro…fuck that. I pay 240 for a zip of Alaskan Thunderfuck (yes, it’s real!) Which is medical shit straight from California. Bro, they ripping u off or your lieing.
    Real prices in Florida:
    20 for an eighth
    40 for a fourth
    60 to 80 for a quarter
    240 for a zip.

    Most people get quarter so that’s where prices fluctuates.

  38. MrFeelAlright on

    Even if it’s good product, those prices sound way over-the-top. I can get a q of good shit for way less – last night I bought a q of Washington state medical for $50 in a conservative Christian town.

  39. Connor Farnam on

    I’m from “the hamptons” so they drive the prices up the wall. Pretty standard pricing of $20 g, $50-60 eighth, $90-$100 quarter, $150 half o, unless you know the dealer personally. It may be expensive but the weed isn’t that bad. Sometimes they even import the medical shit from Connecticut.

  40. Thomas Williams on

    I tell you what I’m starting to feel sorry for you all I can afford that I can afford to be paying these prices someone to smoke crack I smoke crack

  41. Thomas Williams on

    girl you be trippin I’m telling you right now there’s no way I get give half a gram $5 for no Reggie

  42. clara anderson on


  43. I live in Michigan and pay 10$ a g, 25$ an eighth, 100$ a half o., and 200$ for an o.

    Never bought a quarter so I wouldn’t know. But all my shit is medical as well….

  44. PTB1….
    In Philly you can get a real good onion for a buck when you got connects. Soon as you deal with folks you don’t know price goes up another five or ten bucks. You gotta know people…

  45. Hailing from BC Canada, 60/half 120/oz premium quality bc bud. All hail the holy leaf from the maple leaf!

  46. I live in mn, and my “black market” usually are about $7-$10 per gram. Just bought a half o for 130. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.

  47. Springfield MO on

    i would say you got ripped off unless it’s dank. I paid $50 for about twice that amount.

  48. Naomi Elizabeth Reese on

    My partner has a MI med marijuana card and we have a smallish indoor grow. We had two crop failures and had to purchase it from a friend’s friend. It’s $80 a quarter and $140 a half. There aren’t normal dispensaries in MI and the cost has been prohibitive for me to join in.

  49. I am a police detective and you will all should be expecting a visit from “Big Brother” soon.

  50. Live in ny so jealous of u west coast guys nothing but garbage out here and when weed comes legal out here it will b non smokeable?

  51. Yeah, I live here too, only reason mines cheaper than that is because I’m really tight with my dealer

  52. i personally live out in central tx (woo austin)

    prices here basically depend on if you’re buying the two types of weed that exist: dro (comparable to say headies), or reggie/schwag (which in my experience is usually sub-mid to high mids depending on dealer and season)

    the high quality shit will typically sell from anywhere between 10-20 a g, 45-60 an 8th. those are the only quantities I typically buy; I’ve gotten a half ounce 90 before, and sometimes I can get an eighth for 25. more often than not though, you’ll see prices between 15-20 a g, things tend to go on the high end

    as far as reggie goes, it’s typically a flat price of 2-3 a g, more often sold as dimes (usually about 4 or 5g for 10), dubs (10g for 20), half o for 25-30, and ounces for 50-60 (my preferred amount) though any dealer worth their salt will sell you however much you want (I would typically just request a 30 sack from my dealer for instance and trust that the laws of supply and demand wouldn’t fuck me over too much)

    prices in Austin where I live basically get better as you go further south. south Austin is pretty much stoner paradise here, even though Austin is in general a safe haven for stoners within the Bible belt

  53. $30 for an 1/8 here in Portland, OR. $100 for Half O. Typically always Hi-grade. If u can’t find reasonably priced packs out here on the west coast, you need to network more

  54. in west arizona prices are
    for low grade “mersh” they sell in half and full oz
    30 half oz and 60 oz
    for high grade dank they sell
    10 a g and basicly go up from there
    when you get to half ounces i pay 100 half and 200 full oz. thats off a good friend
    if you dont know anybody it could go for 120 for half and 220 for full oz.

  55. Iowa, where even the cops admit that the only reason it’s not legal here is because of our governer.
    ?20$ for a gram
    ?50$ for a bag
    ?100$ for a Quarter
    This is of any quality it doesn’t matter

  56. Okay well you’re obviously not right. 8ths for 30 but zips for 375? The only thing I can think of is u meant half 8th, cause otherwise your just not very smart. Have fun pyaing 375.

  57. British skunk is what you guys should try. I get 1/8(3.5grams) at £20 ($30) and ounces (28grams) at £240 ( $375 ) its vey high quality stuff

  58. Nah I live in west palm beach too and I get gram 4 10 quarter for 50 to 70 half o for 100-120 and ounce for 180-240

  59. here in arkasas where weed is highly illegal you pay about 20 a g 35 for 2 if you’re getting a deal and 55 for 3 or 60 if you’re going by 20 a g withought the deal.

  60. Men here in quebec i pay 145 for an ounce of expensive high quality og/purple kush or sativa (jean guy). For more normalweed i pay 80$/ounce!!

  61. Here in north Florida I topically get anywhere from $8 to $15 for a gram of decent quality weed.

  62. I live in the pacific north west
    Dub is 20
    Eighth is 30
    Half ounce is 100
    An ounce kind of varies

  63. He was basically saying that Dafunkboi, wtf. If you say “Im king of the earth” and two years later I say “Im king of the earth”, we both said the same EXACT thing WORD FOR WORD. Not a single difference in what we said. So if Mr Kushman comes along 20 years later and says “cjbay said it best when he said Im king of the earth”, he obviously thinks that I coined that phrase and not you. I dont need him to use the wording “cjbay coined the phrase” in order to be able to tell what he means. It’s not about mind reading. It’s about logic and common sense. It’s blatantly obvious to your average person of average or higher intelligence what he meant. Why did you waste my time with this?

  64. I find it hilarious how you know what Mrkushman was thinking, because he definitely DID NOT say that Bob Marley CAME UP with the quote.

  65. I live in DFW area and get 15 a gram sometimes less. My dealer was charging 60 for 1/8 but went down to $50,

  66. I agree with most of what you say in regards to THC Mrkushman, but I felt obligated to point that it’s hilarious you think Bob Marley came up with that quote lol. It was in use at least 100 years before he was born and some people attribute it to Abraham Lincoln but that’s never been proven.

  67. Small town ohio- (no medical)
    Dime- $10 (like usual)
    Eighth (or as we call it here, a track)- $45
    Quarter- $75

  68. Travis Christopher Lucas on

    Tight, I’m living in Pennsylvania, born and raised but hoping to leave the East Coast soon so I can get a med card with all my body issues, I wanna go to somewhere safe in Cali or any of the other States that are warm most of the year. The prices for the dankness here are not the greatest. Quarter Pound: = $1400 Ounce: =$360-$560 Half Ounce: = $160-$220

  69. Certified 5280 on

    I can get an OZ for $120-$160 && A Pound of loud for $1200-$1600 only in Denver. #HighTimes #Certified5280 #Inkedup5280

  70. do you know anything about the walter white strain. some guy is selling 1/8 for $120 to me worth it?

  71. Dang, when I was in college (over 45 years ago) I could buy an ounce of good weed for 12-20 dollars.

  72. My numbers in the comment . But fuck Texas man , I can’t find shit , just moved here from Jacksonville Florida , totally different atmosphere .

  73. I need definitely something like this.
    College student living in BK

    Email exchange possible??

  74. Green Country of OK:
    Dime- $10
    Half- $80
    Oz- ?

    Gram- $15-20
    Eighth- $50-$65
    Half- $185-$225
    Oz- $300-$350

  75. 1 gram – 10$
    2.5 grams – 20$
    7 grams (1/4) – 40$
    14 grams (1/2) – 80$
    Ounce – 140$
    Prices for jean guy and purple kush
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  76. you know if you just buy a gram all the time thats cheaper than what you pay for an ounce….

  77. Here in Manhattan everything is really high grade brand weed and super cheap

    Gram: 5-10

    Dub: 20

    Eighth: 35-45

    Quarter: 85-110

    Half: 150-175

    Ounce: 220-250

    Pound: 1500- 1800

  78. What part of long island I’m here now and I got good prices. I’m by valley stream

  79. misscrossfaded on

    I live in Salinas, CA, over in Monterey county. Our prices are rather cheap compared to most other places, to my surprise; I pay $10/gram, i’d say I have it pretty good down here haha.

  80. MishSmokeALot on

    In south-central Pennsylvania prices are inconsistent depending on how much quantity is in the area (I live in a small town).

    Dank nugs is all anyone wants anymore…
    Gram – $15-$20
    8th – $50-$60
    Quarter – $100-$120
    Half – $140-$240 (depending on deals given)
    Oz – $280-$350 (but there are people who overcharge on these and you could get jipped with a higher price than that when dealing with the wrong people.

    Prices vary throughout Pennsylvania but in certain areas there may be even higher or lower prices than listed above.

  81. In northwest Indiana most of our bud comes from canada. For some fire ass bud here are the prices
    20 a g
    60 an eighth
    90 a quarter
    I never buy more than that but we’ve got some good quality here. I don’t even know how much mids cost here normally

  82. i live in the west cost 2 hours north of los angeles. and here the prices are decent, i have several dealers, one sells me an 8th for 25 some times 4 gs if he is happy and high, another one sell the best for 15 the g, and another one 10 the g, of course these are all intermediates, but they all get it from growers locally, my bud him self grows and sells to pay for school, even if its the dankiest i wouuldnt pay 25 a gram and ill more than hesitate for 20, idk, ive been spoiled, but since its just a random weed that happens to have chemicals that makes us happy its all expensive, but hey, its illegal, growth limited, but in great demand, so why not

  83. Akron Ohio
    40- Eighth

    These are prices for good weed in my area

  84. NE Ohio

    Loud(no seeds)
    1g=20-30(depending on how loud)
    1/2=190 (I paid 100 for mine it was the source

  85. In NJ/NY it’s $20 for a gram of some good PIFF (really good weed). $50 for an 8th, 90-110 for a quater and approx 250-450 an Oz. This is usually of purp & sour D.

  86. For me I sell it
    $10 a gram
    $100 1/2 oz
    $190 1 oz
    I buy that for
    $8 a gram
    $85 1/2 oz
    $160 1 oz
    And its mids

  87. always stoneyy man on

    in new zealand its 20 for a tini sizes depend on the dealer if its good or not and if he knows you and if its open to the public or not

  88. bigLoudmeech on

    Im in MD to im the plug hit my phone i got OZ for $280 i always got new A+++ grass top shelf super stanky my # is 4436813008

  89. I Get 10 to 15 a G or 40 for a 8th..for a sack its about 75 in ABQ, NM and its dank i guess it depends on your dealer

  90. I live in mid Missouri, and I used to have to pay 20 for what is, as far as I know, high quality or at least good weed, although I know it’s not the absolute BEST. But that was when I was what I think is the very bottom of the “food chain”. Now I find it’s usually 15, and sometimes even 10 if I’m lucky. But from what I can tell 15 is still moderately overpriced, and I know it’s not the best weed out there, so I wish they’d fucking legalize it already.

  91. What are u talking about? Standard prices are:
    Half eighth=$25

    ..this is the norm in most places I’ve lived.

  92. Lol, oops! Those prices seem high to me big time. Here in WA. from any old whoever off the street I’d pay 40 a 1/8, 70 a 1/4, 120 a 1/2 225 a zip. I have a good connect so it’s 25 , 50, 75 and 140 for the same amounts as above. For dank so yay for me!

  93. I live in berkeley california so im blessed to say that i get 20 for an eighth of some fire… i feel bad if you dont live on the west coast.. :(

  94. 10 € for 0.8-1.2 …standard grade stuff (starting @ 30g) 6,50 €/g. A grade 8-9€/g NorthernGermany

  95. In mandeville Louisiana, we pay $20 for a g, $60 for an eighter, and a good $400 on an O of good stuff. I’ve never bought shwag so I’m unknown to those prices. I think it’s too expensive if u ask me though.

  96. I live in Ontario Canada and off the street you pay 10/g, 35/8th and then depending on who you grab from theyll run you about 110-135/half-o of good shit and 200-230 an ounce for high-mids to dank

  97. its 40-45$ for an 8th in most parts of the inland empire in cali. sometimes better deals like 30 and 25 from some cool dispensaries in san bernardino. wax is like 30 gram – 45 50 $ from dispensaries

  98. thats a rip off lmao i pay $30 for an 8th of og kush, cali blue dream ect.. all loud… $190 an
    O … $15 a gram your asking to get robbed…

  99. Out here Miami its 35-45 a 8th 125-150 a half and the onion is $230-260. It always top notch out here the only difference is the variety. M

  100. Southwestern corner of ND, four corners of SD WY and MT runs about 60-70 and eighth all year round

  101. West palm beach fla where the best of the best indoor is grown in the usa!! And I say that because of the heat its too hot to grow outside so we do it indoors! Ok for name brand strains 35 to 40 8th… 65 a Quarter 125 a half oz 225 an oz and that its fire nugs my friend ill be glad to trade pics with anyone here!

  102. In georgia not atlanta but the sticks not my nigga 20 a gram 50 a eighth 120 a quater 400 to 450 a ounce my nigga 10 a gram 30 a eighth. 70 a quater 300 a ounce but its that LOUD pack the truth i

  103. Here is a question that you Left out. Are you buying brick or nug? Brick around these parts can run from $25 to $30 a quarter 7 grams. But if you want high grade no pun intended of fresh nug that’s a whole different ball game. A gram of indica or indica dominant kush here is around $20 a gram. That’s in north central Missouri btw

  104. $185 1/2 oz, hard to get and even though through a “friend” still pay the tax. Been in Virginia Beach for 7 years and at least finally found some diesel almost worth the $$$. Would like to find another vendor.

  105. In Albania the prices are very low about 5 dollars for 3.5 gr the problem is you have to search the whole town to find some really good weed but that’s no problem :)

  106. As a medicine, such as RSO, it should be produced and given away.
    As a more recreational level it shouldn’t be much more than $20 an eight.

  107. BBoston, I get $70-$90/quarter. solid nuggets. no seeds or stems, red n Orange hairs. I have a good hookup tho. typical is $50/ eighth for this stuff but high quality can go for $60/eighth

  108. and i know prices are great here compared to most the country just my thouggts on situation in colorado

  109. HA funny…. luckily ive only had to go to a dispensary for recreational(no redcard) Pot twice and believe me i try to avoidany possibility of having to go to one of these places….Ridiculous prices AVG. $55-$60 for an eighth /3.5g(considering most “blackmarket” prices are around $25 and rarely cost even $35 for an eighth of the same Green probably even better for the most part…. just my opinion tho

  110. In San Diego, I get 7 g’s for $70 of pretty bomb. Medical Delivery Status… So I don’t even leave my house.

  111. Foxeh Chandonnet on

    In Louisiana, you have to toss a coin to see whether your swag is coming from Appalachia, or Mexico. The color is usually a dead giveaway. But its 60 bucks an Ounce. Hydro runs 20 bucks a gram and “Medical Grade” (i.e the fancy strains like Sour Deisel and White Widow) are 30 – 35 bucks a gram. I see dispensaries in Colorado (their menu’s are online) selling alot of the Medical grade strains for 8 dollars a gram. $135.00 for an Ounce of Bubba Khush is insanity to me. I wish Louisiana would get its corrupt draconian head out of its ridiculously tight ass.

    Some of these Highschoolers i deal with, they dont deal in the old slang like “Green, Tree, Grass, Dutchie…pot”…they laugh at me when i say im looking for a little tree. They say “Reg, Mid or High?” like professionals, its nuts.

  112. Medical grade. and that is Grand Junction, CO where it is legal recreationally. But I hear that is is much more expensive in Denver (Eastern Slope)

  113. I remember fat nicks, and I’m only in my 30’s! My g-ma always said nicks in her day were equiv to our 7’s or so… Smh. Damn supply & demand/inflation/Blk Mkt/f*cking FEDS. Please believe they control the big #s. We FINALLY decrim’d in MA last election, & now legalized med. But all the damn $$ & red tape to become a dispensary discourages most. :(

    This is why we all should just be able to farm our own, without legal concern. MJ never should’ve been industrialized at all… It’s a friggin WEED after all! Smh. THC levels are all screwed, can’t trust anyone. I CANNOT WAIT until we can all just purchase seeds & grow at home/community garden, like we do produce. *Sigh* That’ll be the day…

    California Dreamin’

  114. I just moved to Tampa Florida. I’m looking for some good bud and don’t want to be cheated. I want somebody to chill and smoke with also.

  115. There is actually a dispensary called Green Cellar in San Diego. But guess what? That’s not their email address.

  116. Yes, You Have To Be Very Careful In Chicago…But Its Alot Of Us That Are Actually Kinda Cool, What Part Of The City Are You In?

  117. Whats Good ya, I just moved to wake ass Spring Hill FL from BROOKLYN been here almost a yr now and haven’t find a good Connect and what i have found either has been weak or over priced,,, Any one knows and or deal near me willing to chill smoke a Blunt get me connected with some A grade bud,

    ps,,Looking for a O or so on a weekly,,, PIFF, KUSH,SOUR,,ECT

    Hmu 3ni.piff420@gmail.com

  118. I Just moved to Chicago and know NO ONE. How do I find someone to trust. ughhh sober sally here.

  119. Man I got a friend who hooks me up with some good shit for 25$ for 1/4 I live in Michigan

  120. In Texas people pay 50 to 55 for an eight of some dank weed..that is in Austin but in the southern part of Texas people pay up to 65 dollars. since they get some nasty mexican weed..

  121. The green machine on

    Hey man, I know a few people in dc Wisconsin that do a decent amount of dealing/ buying in sturgeon bay and northern dc who I’m really good friends with. If you deal in bulk I could hook you up with my guys and see if they’ll deal out the green for you. And if you pay them In either cash or green they’ll definitely work with you

    My email is berndtyboy@gmail.com

  122. Is anyone willing to ship to wisconsin, my first order is gona be small cuz i don’t know if I will be able to trust u or not, but after that I’ll make larger orders

  123. Looking for someone who will ship to Wisconsin. Need u to ship me something first to prove that you are real cuz I’ve been ripped off before. (Can just be like 1/4 gram or something stupid). I want someone who I can be a regular long term costumer with, plz reply back to this if u r serious.

  124. I get about 6 grams of good shit (holy grail,super silver haze, white urkle, blue dream) for 30$ it’s bomb Asf

  125. woah dude i pay $35 for an eigth of good stuff, and maybe $200 for an oz? your prices seem a bit high…

  126. FalseProfessor on

    Cops don’t care about stoners or small time dealers. To them it’s only worth while to go after high volume dealers, growers, distributors, etc…
    Though you should still remain anon when making connections with new dealers online(better safe than sorry), you really don’t need to worry about stings. Police just don’t want to waste their time with actively searching for and arresting harmless stoners.

  127. I put money half the ppl below are cops what stoner would put email or phone # how stupid and if there not cops the cops are watching them now fucking ppl

  128. Hey I’m in Bradenton and need a new dealer
    My number is 941-549-1536 if you know anyone text me we should smoke together

  129. I’m a little (maybe lot) older than most of you. Had to abstain for several years due to job, but can’t believe weed has gotten as expensive as it is. I sure miss the ‘good ‘ole days’ when I could buy an .oz for around $25 in Florida. :(

  130. Looking to purchase some good weed, my license expired. Someone text me. Help. Need pricing and quality. 810-614-1464

  131. ill ship no more than a oz to a customer the first time… and then more if you’re trustworthy!!!!! i sale each oz at a whopping discount of 250.oo for 28 grams….. everything is cheap and very discreet…. i double seal and wrap again…. i used to train drug dogs so i use my own dog to see if he can smell anything…. it is shipped media mail that way it doesn’t go thru x ray machines…. when you email me everything is kept confidential!! i like repeat customers so please don’t screw me over… any questions then just ask hydrosales@hushmail.com only reply to my email…. not on here… very reliable

  132. Looking for a good connect that haves it for the low , text me with the type of bud you and VERY GOOD prices! Text me at (1347)-395-4428 thankyou im looking for a long term business !

  133. hey lookin for a supllier in kennesaw that can hit me with that good for 15 cause thats what im gettin it for now but lookin for some diversity

  134. I am in the mid-Atlantic region (NY, NJ, PA). SWIM works with a grower in nor-Cal and has OG Kush at 360 a zip, 1200 a qp, reliable for the next couple months, maybe more.

  135. He has the shit man and is legit yall.ill rate him a 10 I’m from Virginia and i aint had no weed like this in a very long time

  136. also all new customers will be able to get a gram for $15 to prove that my product is the best you can get

  137. new connect in Missouri here :) i have only B+ grade and above with all different types of strains prices start at $20-$30 a gram i can get most strains and i have a solid background and i can gaurente no one else in Missouri has the product i have kik for more info my kik is:420mart

  138. CaliforniaTopShelf on

    Hi guys, I’m a grower out Of California if you need any top shelf product for a good deal text (858)751-9495 I have all types of strains such as

    **headcheese Og
    **Og Grandaddy purp
    **pineapple Express
    **louie 13
    **and many more such as edibles and wax
    Delivered to you within 48 hours guaranteed usps ,fedex ,ups ems with tracking number ,,,

  139. CaliforniaTopShelf on

    Hi guys, I’m a grower out Of California if you need any top shelf product for a good deal text (858)751-9495 I have all types of strains such as

    **headcheese Og
    **Og Grandaddy purp
    **pineapple Express
    **louie 13
    **and many more such as edibles and wax
    Delivered to you within 48 hours guaranteed usps ,fedex ,ups ems with tracking number …

  140. Looking for fire in Branson, Missouri. Answer back if you can you do the hook up & I can message you my email

  141. Anyone sellin anything good down here in Brooksville FL? I’m trying to start up the business and need some help.

  142. BC is the best guys, i picked up and ounce of some of the dankest indica i’ve ever gotten for 100$

  143. You can tell this is from 2010 because the last line says… “Big brother COULD be watching.”

  144. Parish weed queen on

    3.5 of sour d and head band going for 50 my way … let me no what yall gettin for halfs and ounces

  145. usually its just $20 in ky and its alot idk how much a O is but i would guess its an once

  146. usually its just $20 in ky and its alot idk how much a O is but i would guess its an once

  147. I’m think about moving to Washington and I’m thinking about shooting the O for probably 140 I don’t know how the sounds out there but yeah I’m thinking about starting from a smaller town though

  148. I am a producer of different varies of hash oil that is good for cancer,brain tumor,insomia and others illness.here is what i have available on stock.

    Hash Oil,

    Honey Comb Wax Oil

    Wax Oil

    Cannabis Oil



    -Hemp Oil Essential Fatty Acid

    -Kosher Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil 8 OZ

    -honey oil


    -Black oil

    -Indian oil


    -Lemon Kush………………Grade: AA

    -Master Kush……………..Grade: AA

    -Bubba Kush………………Grade:A+ Top Shelf

    -Grand Daddy Purple ……Grade: A

    -OG kush…………………Grade:A+ Top Shelf

    -Green Crack……………. Grade: AA

    -Ak-47……………………Grade: AA

    -Blueberry………………..Grade: AA

    -White Widow……………Grade:A+ Top Shelf

    -Bubbleberry……………..Grade: A

    -Sour Diesel……………..Grade:A+ Top Shelf

    -Snow white…………….Grade: AAA

    -I offer discreet and reliable packaging and delivery.

    -fast and reliable shipment within 48 hours, using courier service, dhl, ems, fedex ups


    email sallymae156@gmail.com

    Cell:970 279 1721

  149. I’d just like to say I live in Oregon, and I pay about $125 to $150 for an O. The West Coast definitely has the chron, and man I love living here. I recently stopped selling, and just have been growing my own crop, it’s a beaut. Have a lovely day everyone~

  150. North Carolina prices are expensive. I pay $20/gram, $60/eighth, $110/quarter, $200/half, and $350/ounce. However, in Cali, for the same quality weed, I pay $15/gram, $45/eighth, $80/quarter, $150/half, and about $280/ounce. Good weed should really be one of those prices or in between them. If you ever pay more than twenty dollars for one gram, you better be getting some world-class, stem-less, >25%-potency weed. Otherwise, it’s not worth it.

  151. California great cause there relax with weed other states are like weed and make a big deal they need to grow some balls it only pot jesus it not meth or crack they need to stop being such a bitch

  152. Depend on the dealer to careful buy from people u dont know cause there sell you some good quality then if u come back some bunk never had it happen to me my connection are solid alway get purple blue dream or cookies

  153. Its not hard to find weed in ATL, trust me. I live there lol

    Also, there are much better ways to go about finding weed then asking on a message board

  154. An ⅛ of quality bud in central FL will usually run you around $40-45. I have personally purchased, and know of people who get it for #30 flat, but it’s usually a little too “seedy” for my liking.

  155. in las vegas
    oak tree apartment near the 7-11 on bruce st near charleston and fremont apartment 124 his name is boston 140 and ounce

  156. you can get an ounce for 140 from boston on bruce st near charleston and fremont in the oak tree apts apt 124

  157. anyone in the memphis area that has good prices on kush? prices here are fuckin outrageous!

  158. I pay 45 for an 1/8 of absolute fire like fucking blue dream granddaddy purp and some sour disel and I’m in ct

  159. the cost of mj in sf is 25-40 for 1/8 and 250 for ounce. I’m not talking the over priced clubs, these are street prices. so why go to a club when the cartel is giving you a steal of a deal. og kush grape ape gdp, and White widow.

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  161. Whats up whats up, love this forum thing. I’m from southern indiana real close to Louisville Kentucky, any1 got some great product? Like medical marijuana

  162. I’m not even sure what that’s supposed to mean. People are just trained by the corrupt government to hate marajuana by being brainwashed into thinking that basically, if you smoke weed you’ll die. You are exposed to more toxins from car exhaust every day, but they don’t want you to know that because they make money off of it. You’re the “uneducated idiot” if you believe the bullshit that’s been shoved down your throat. I bet you still think America is the home of the free. Anyway, even though I’m an “uneducated idiot”, I’m Oxford bound this fall. So fuck you.

  163. I live in springfield. I have good connects but I’m not to proud to say yours might be better

  164. Dutch Cheese on

    the first reply maths made my head hurt lol but if I was high I’d have probably screwed up the numbers too. I get the reply with corrections though and I apparently need to move! Halves are 170$ and Ozs about 310$ (some higher) in Bay area California. A lot of places have gone to delivery and I’ve seen as high as 400-440$ for Ozs! O.O Never understood the math or why you’d pay 50$ an 1/8th instead of going for a full Oz to save $$

    ps- cool blog topic

  165. Dutch Cheese on

    the first reply maths made my head hurt lol but if I was high I’d have probably screwed up the numbers too. I get the reply with corrections though and I apparently need to move! Halves are 170$ and Ozs about 310$ (some higher) in Bay area California. A lot of places have gone to delivery and I’ve seen as high as 400-440$ for Ozs! O.O Never understood the math or why you’d pay 50$ an 1/8th instead of going for a full Oz to save $$

    ps- cool blog topic

  166. stoned4life_Delray on

    Looking for some fire in Delray Beach, Florida 33444. Can someone help me out?

  167. So you are an educated idiot? Lmao what a joke you must be. A walking contradiction. HEY EVERBODY…THIS GUY IS A PHONY…lmfao

  168. There is not much if a price difference but it really depends on the quality. Average bud 1/4= 100-110 and for grade stuff I went forward to paying an 1/4 = 135-160. But that is me, happpy customer and I will tip at the end.

  169. I wasn’t quite sure if u was trying to type in janitor or a junior at this wonderful university where educated students don’t indulge with weed or any drug ( alcohol,meth,ecstasy,etc..wake up..smell the coffee n really look..staff as well as students indulge Mr.niave..I’m thinking..u been well protected since birth..breast fed..home schooled..other than a cpl cousins..u have no friends..stop playing Ur fantasy games..where Ur the prince protecting that kindom u bought thru buying chips n so forth..if u have cancer and above all the expensive meds that makes u sicker and given a marijuana cookie,joint and that cures Ur nausea,lack of appetite and improved Ur quality of live..will u be an idiot too?

  170. Smokkin Ashleyn on

    I Live In Sevierville Tennessee. Can anybody hook me up with a good deal.?

  171. bigfatnlonggg on

    And if you can save any seeds from really great bud u may find and plant those bitches!! If you have the patience and the time you can save a lot of the green in yo wallet lol

  172. bigfatnlonggg on

    Any rate heres what i look for when im expecting quality bud: smell, crystals, hairs, lack of stems, lack of seeds (1-2 seeds tops per 4g if any!) How well it was cured, does it WEIGH what i paid for. Not a good idea to always eyeball it because nug density plays a role. Should be little to no leavez..there are a few exceptions ;) but will cover that later

  173. bigfatnlonggg on

    Check it out. Been at this over 18 years on the low aint ever been busted or even came close. I think its a baddd idea if you must obtain it on the black market to rely souly on one dealer.

  174. anyone got some good connections in NYC? just moved up here and the local guy keeps trying to bullshit me on price or product when he can so I’m looking for a more reliable hook up. thanks!

  175. LaceyMilf83 on

    why the hell are you on a site devoted to information about cannabis if you’re against it? sounds like someones trying to stir the pot (pun intended)

  176. http://www.priceofweed.com

    I’m in western Washington state and the prices at the above website are fairly accurate here though the local price for top quality bud is $150 an ounce buying in quantity and maybe cheaper on a good day. Legal taxed cannabis is on the way but I’m thinking they’re going to screw that up and price it too high allowing the black market to thrive along with the dispensaries. Anyway that’s a great website!!

  177. I grow my own (in Switzerland), 4 plants a year. The electricity bill is around $100, for 150 grams dried… so around 75c/gram. Statistics say there is a small growbox in 1/10 of swiss houses :).

  178. I get a kilo of weed for $70 in Richmond Virgina call me at (804) 502-8837 I can hook you up ask for David Ramos

  179. Onlytopshelf on

    He’s full of shit. That’s outdoor garbage maybe. My partners are licensed growers and I pay more than that a Pound for the best of the best like Tahoe OG….

  180. Onlytopshelf on

    In London I was paying 50 pound for a gram of Charlie….here in Los Angeles it’s $90 for 3.5grams LOL

  181. hey guys I’m from miami florida and I’m looking for the good weed. If anybody could hook me up.. thanks

  182. I grew up in Southern Oregon and the going rate there is around $100 an ounce. It varies depending on who you buy it from, how good it is, and what time of year it is. I can safely say that we have to best weed you will ever smoke. 100% natural, outdoor, DELICIOUS. Southern Oregon and Northern California are weed country! It’s just part of our culture really.

  183. Lisa Doesburg on

    Do you see Ny legalizing anytime soon? At 50, I’d much rather smoke weed then take the crap pills docs always want to shove your throat. Not only that, but it keeps this insomniac sleeping like a baby. I tried the doctors prescription for sleeping meds and the next day felt like my limbs weighed about 50 lbs a piece, I was so tired and groggy. Never again…

  184. Alicedesmoke on

    You guys in the U.S or that part of the world are very very fortunate. I live in Dublin, the capital city of Ireland where smoking even a little weed can leave you broke after a while. We pay usually €25 (Equivalent of $34 ) for a bag of weed that is between 1 -1.5 grams, depending on quality. An ounce would cost you anywhere between €350 – €500 ($470 – $670). €350 would be the price of an oz of fairly poor quality homegrown where as good strains such as amnesia and lemon haze would be more in the range of €400- €500. Smoking over here really is an expensive habit but steps towards decriminalization and legalization are afoot, so we can hope that that will help these crazy prices over the years to come

  185. OMG people in US pay a lot for weed, here in mexico good quality weed cost me like 2-3 dollars a gram, and 6 grams are just like 25 dollars, and the weed is very good with no seeds and its well cuted, also if u are lucky you can get some purple weed :)

  186. Cannabisrebel on

    You’re the idiot man. Because you’re too ignorant to even try it or give it another consideration. I’m in the top 10% of my senior class and I’ve been smoking pot for 4 years. Re-analyze what you’re about to say when you’re void of any background information on people who smoke. And it’s people like you who give weed a bad reputation. Stereotyping all people who smoke bud as low life burnt out idiots. Weed is not meant for violence, it’s meant for chilling and just having a good time. But no. Conservatives like you want to fight it off simply because you been told its bad. And you people blame weed for violence and war, when it’s conservatives like you started it. It’s illegal because the government can’t control it. But soon, all the states in the U.S will legalize it, and then eventually the rest the world will be pro-weed.

  187. Cannabisrebel on

    Holy shit. Smokers down here in south Texas be spoiled.I’ve paid $40 for an oz of purp, and it was my first time buying from that dealer. For me A nic of reg cost $5, and a dime of reg is $10. And it’s pretty descent weed its not the best, but it’s good enough to get you stoned. But I’m moving to San Diego and I’m hoping for prices not to be too high!

  188. 420baked for life? on

    anybody around connecticut ? im lookin for an eighth for 55 of good mature bud

  189. With the weather out there ya would have thought there would be one on every street

  190. “Drug’s hurt your brain” BULLSHIT !! its through drugs how you discover who you really are….Dont give people shit coz they do something you dont !! just why are ya on a site for smokers and growers ??? Muppet

  191. low mids go for 7gs for ten bills 15gs for 20 an o for 30 a q for 75 a half for 140 and p for 250

  192. el paso texas- 20 a g , 50 an eighth (3.5) , 80 a q (70), 150 a half (14) and 280 for an o (28)

  193. SuperFoodies on

    I can get an ounce for 100 super dank cotton candy; I love living in Oregon XD

  194. Why insult people? I’m not an uneducated idiot & just b/c u don’t smoke doesn’t mean those that do r idiots. Shame on u. U r the people who should just keep their mouths shut if u don’t have anything good to say.

  195. I live in West Virginia, and a standard eighth of beautiful bud is $60. Ounce, $400-$450.

  196. here in panama, central america, its 10$ a g, 25$-30$ an eight or 65$ a half. its really cheap and its good material

  197. Unconditional love on

    U don’t do it cuz u choose not too. I am well educated n damn sure aint not ficking idiot my GPA is a 3.44 I’m joinior and at a university. Who are you to judge and apparently you do something with weed you are on this damn site!!! Live your lamn ass life how you want and stop fucking judging you ain’t nobody!!! Stay the fuck off this site!!

  198. I’m your typical nancy from weeds here in Chattanooga Tennessee.
    Only sell quarters $40 bucks
    Journey2finallylosingit at yahoo

  199. weedshowers on

    In Canada its like $10 bucks a gram sometimes its $5 a gram but that’s if your lucky its not the best weed or they just sell for cheap

  200. Elliotville on

    Oregon. I pay $25 an 1/8 (3.5g), $50 a quarter (7g), $100 a half O, and $200 an O.

  201. 1 gram for 5 dollars in south carolina. 8 grams for 35. but thats just mid grade prices, the names are worth from 20 to 30 dollars a gram. and a quarter (8 grams) is about 115 dollars.

  202. Michael Rodriguez on

    Am in Miami 125 half-0/ 240 oz quarter goes for 65 8thers go for 35 to 40 prices has gone down and most of it comes from cali

  203. I live in Oregon and pay 170-200 an oz for some super dank!! That’s not even getting a break for buying quantity! 600$ qp’s thank u west coast lifestyle!!

  204. I am getting taxed when i was younger i was getting an ounce for like 10 bucks crazy right. I hate nobody puts in ever on it coke might be the way to go but i dont like the high.Swag you can always wet up but pcp and weed CRAZY shit goes down.

  205. In dallas tx i get my grams for 15, eighths for 45,half ounce for 150 and an ounce for 250.. Everything shipped from cali…

  206. in california its all good

    .5 g = 5$

    1.5 g(dime bag) = 10$
    dub ( 3.0) = 20$
    1/8 or eighth= 3.5g = 35$
    Quad= 7 g 40$
    Half Ounce= 14 grams 80$
    Ounce= 28 grams 120$
    Pound= 16 ounces or 448 grams 1000$

  207. Lmfao. Reggie and schwag are 2 different types of bud. maybe you’re the one who doesn’t know about weed lol. reggie is just mexican brick weed, which is the shittiest of all. and schwag is just a step above reggie. “seediest schwag ever” lool that made me laugh xD

    I live in like the north/east part of Texas and we got some of the best bud here. We always got that good medical shit from Cali, and i’ve actually smoked a lot of indoor grown weed that was really fucking good. maybe you just didnt have the right connections lol

    some people here consider really good mids as hydro too, but theyre just trying to make some extra money by selling it as hydro. so maybe you were just getting ripped off lol

    but anyways the prices here ain’t too bad either

    Reggie – 3.5 gs – 10$; 7 gs 20$; Oz – 50$

    Mids (Pop Corn) (Schwag) – 5$ a g – i get a hook up if i buy a lot depending on the dealer i get it from

    Chronic (Kush) (Hydro) – 20 a g – Half an O goes for anywhere around 200$ – Oz Depends on who you’re buying it from

  208. I can get good quality weed in houston for 10$ a G. And 250 and Oz. for regs i can get a oz anywhere from 35-50$. Not really shitty regs too! Light seeds , smells above average for regs. And a pound of mexican dirt anywhere from 350-500$.

  209. Mass buddage on

    Same prices pretty much every where I’ve been. And I’ve bought weed all over. Except for Cali I’ve neva been bout i hear you can get the best weed cheap out there but you have to get wieght.

  210. in need of good weed in vegas…..with a decent weed ‘person’ available 7 days a week!! THIS IS VEGAS!!! LOL

  211. where in vegas is good weed…..all i get here is prima donna dealers……they have bankers hours…have u go all over and are harder than f*** to get a hold of….if ur in vegas and have good sh** and are available 7 days a week hit me up…always lookin for new!

  212. You folks need to stop complaining.
    I live in Bermuda; let me break it down for you:


    You cant get anything less than a $50 and cant get anything more than a quarter!

  213. thedankinspector on

    youve been gettin ripped off,,, 2 grams of chron = 20 8th = 40 quad 60 – 80 tops (and youre probably getting ripped off if u pay 80,,, just realized i got it good in lansing michigan thank you

  214. Looking to branch out my sales. I grow and have constant supply. I cure for 6+ weeks depending on the strain(if you don’t know what that means just ask).
    Right now I have:
    NYPD, New York Special, Delirium, Sour Diesel, Black Diesel, Spicy White Devil, Cheese Candy, Bay 11, Granddaddy Purp, Chocolope Kush,Cannalope Kush, Exodus Kush. I rotate strain every few harvests. I sell in lbs only, no grams or oz. The more you buy the better the deal. All are top shelf Amsterdam quality.

  215. Swaggerwagon on

    Michigan I can get a gram for $10 and a oz for $130 but I’m supper tight with the guy and he knows I resell my shit

  216. Dont mess with reggie or mids 15$ gram of purps 45 $ for the 8th of purp nd im in Fla we get the best weed

  217. North Carolina I pay $40 for 4-5g. And my dealer brings different kind of weed each time

  218. Well, down here in florida and generally all the south we have 2 distinct types. Dro, and Mids.

    For mids it’s..
    5 a gram
    You can’t buy an eighth of mids for a deal.
    25 for a quarter
    45 for a half
    anywhere from 70 to 100 an O

    For Dro, the prices that I sell my stuff for is..
    10 for a .7 of g
    15 a g
    50 for strangers, and 35 for friends – 1/8 (Southern Hospitality)
    85 for 1/4
    150 for a half
    anywhere from 250 to 350 for the O
    It all depends on what I’m getting taxed, and who it is.

  219. In orlando FL, i get a g of high grade for 15-20 depending on the guy. nobody gives 2 shits about mids but they run about 5-10 a g here, again depending on the guy.

  220. bigdickrickwiththeshit on

    damn i get a eight for 25 a dub for 20 twentyand a dime for 10 a oz for 120 and a hgalf for 60

  221. Brisbane, Australia
    Stick (1.7) – $25
    Fifty (3.5) – $50
    Quater (7.0) – $75-$100
    Half (14.0) -$150-$160

  222. In Cleveland I pay:
    Mid aka reg
    25 for 1/4
    45-50 for a 1/2 depending on who im fuckin wit
    90-100 for a o
    40 for a 1/8 of loud
    100-125 for a 1/4
    I dont usually go over a half of loud cause im from cleveland and our quality varies almost everytime I reup

  223. pulldemmilkss on

    Anyone looking for super dank weed grow fresh evryday good prices as follows,

    $5= .8 g

    $10 = 1.5 g

    $ 28/ eigth
    $ 58 / 1/4
    anything higher email a custom order.
    All orders Email me : julianfrazier@icloud.com

  224. sure dont i get the hook up its no dro or kush but sum fire mids i get ppl blowed off 2 hits from da bong bro

  225. Trippytrippytrippy on

    The fuck? Your prices are crazy. Prices are high for newbies, and then you get better connections
    1$ a gram for Reggie
    10$ a gram of dank
    50$ for a quad
    130$ for a half an oz
    210$ for an oz

  226. Lucky ya can get $420 a qp up here anymore. Prices go in the bucket cause WA legalized and I’m payin 8 oz a month for permits- sheesh.

  227. kansascitykush on

    70 dollars a 8th seems high like u said tho depends where u live and how they sell it. I live in Kansas city Missouri we dont do 8ths with mids these are what prices I found out here lowest price to highest(we don’t have medical legalized and these are just what prices I paid in the last 8 years)

    4g(never seen a 8th of reg)-7$-10$$
    Half oz-30-50$
    Half pound-250-450$(depend on your hook)
    Pound-not many people Ik deals with that much few I do-350-450$ its saw for a reason

    K town bud(mids)
    4g(never seen a 8th of mids)-20$
    Half oz-45-65$
    Half pound-lowest I found 475$ goes 500-650$
    Pound-750$ is standard lowest I get for 600$

    Street kush(mid grade kush)
    Half oz- 175-220$
    Oz-250-375$ some people even 400$
    Half pound-1300-1500$

    Medical(high grade kush mugs sometimes someone goes to Colorado n bring legit medical)
    Half oz-250-450$
    Half pound-2000-3500$
    Pound-4000 being lowest-6500% sometimes 7000$ high

  228. This was posted forever ago, but I’m desperate as fuck. Shadowkissluv@gmail.com, someone please hit me up, I’m in so-cal. I’m slightly clueless cuz my ex hooked me up for like a year and I’ve finally burned through everything from him and he was the only other smoker I knew and now I’m stuck and can’t figure out who deals at my school. Help? Please?

  229. Orlando FL
    1.2: 10 or 15 (depending on the strain)
    Half 1/8: 15 or 20
    1/8:30 or 40
    And it goes on.
    I have a really good connect lol he’s my room mate so prices very weather or not my rents late lol.

  230. XD wow that really sucks for you. i get dank shit (puple, mango, white widow og kush cross.) for 7$ a gram. FL

  231. I live in Nova Scotia Canada and there’s so much Purple kush,Master Kush, OG Kush, Hawaiin pink, amongst many others :) I pay 70 for for 12 grams.

  232. Not sure were they are getting prices, I’m getting my oz of the kindest for 2 Ben’s here in Portland

  233. I sell my dubs of outdoor northern lights for 15. Eights for 30 and oz’s for 150.. This stuff is not the best but fully organic and flushed good tasting and sticky shit. I’m from Santa Cruz ca. I’m sick of the high prices and am doing something about it. I get my QP ‘s for 450 so I wanna share the luck

  234. I’m here in hot springs AR and this is pretty expensive compared to most of you guys. good dank is 25/g. Some of you guys need to hook me up with skme.

  235. MI. 35 for an 8th of chronic, 20 for mids. depending on the amount i sometimes can get a zip(oz) for roughly 140. the more quantity, the lower price. sounds shitty to be where you cats are at.

  236. No one sells in .5’s in northern Virginia. Thats crap.
    $20-25 per G
    $55-60 for 3, depends on who you know
    $70-85 for a quater ounce., based on how good you know someone.
    Halfs and whole ounces vary by who you buy it from.

  237. Southern Ontario, about a 30 minute drive over the border from Detroit.

    1g – 10
    3.5g – 35
    7g – 55 – 70
    1oz – 200 – 280

  238. VelvetTerminatr on

    Haha that’s what you get for living West Texas, aka Mexico; we have a little more class and knowledge in Dallas.

  239. How much would half an ounce be here in New Mexico? Ive been trying to buy in bigger quantities.

  240. I have northern california outdoor dank. Home grown and used for vendors. Our prices are way negotiable and the weed is pure fire. I’ve never had a complaint and almost every customer comments on it being some of the best outdoor. Grapefruit is the topdogg right now.
    Out of state people, maybe I can help you out with much better score and price.
    Email me with topic, sageariah@Yahoo.com

  241. CaliboystuckinTexas on

    It is, they don’t know what good weed is here in West Texas.

    Their mids is considered “Chronic” or “Hydro” their shit mexican hermie weed is sold as “Reggie” its the shittiest, seediest schwag ever.

    I’ve yet to smoke or see any weed in West Texas that is comparable to California medical dispensary weed.

    Their true indoor grown weed here is crap as well, not because of the genetics but because the growers here in Texas are stupid.

    They don’t flush their plants before harvest, so smoke is real harsh and they think that its because its “FIRE” LMAO

    True Indoor weed is about 25-30 dollars a gram in West Texas, and if the chemicals don’t make you gag the sheer dryness of the weed will.

    Texas is full of poser weed smokers, they would smoke my dick if I rolled it in keif and sold it to them.

  242. Texas (Austin) for some Danky dank shit

    $20 a g

    $35-$40 for 2g’s

    $45-$55 for a Eighth

    $100-$115 for a Quarter

    $165-$180 for a Half

    $300.00+ for Oz

    These are the usual prices that I’ve come across.

  243. DavidTheExpert on

    This is absolutely inappropriate behavior for this website. I have reported your comment.

  244. Maine (New England Area) I get 1g for $15 and an eighth for $45, a lot of people grow up here because of how sparse it is soo… that may affect the prices.

  245. I live in Oregon. Portland to be specific. out here its $30 – eighth, $45 quarter oz, $75 half oz, $150 oz

  246. Prices,
    1g – 10
    3.5 – 35
    7 – 60
    14 – 120- 140 varies on what i picked up
    Ounce – 200- 230
    QP -800
    HP 1500
    Pound 2500 – 3000

  247. .6 is $10/dime
    1.2-1.5 $20/dub
    3.5 (1/8) $50/ eight
    7g (1/4) $90-110/ quarter
    14 g half o $180 usually

    I usually, buy in 1/8 and quarters. On hard times, ill get a dub

  248. I’m 53 in NE Florida, how to hook-up for a smoke connection, too old to hang out on the streets to find a contact, any advice?

  249. I was in Jamaica last year and one can buy enough for a cone joint for $.50 in a local bar (they charge tourists as much as they can). Jamaican high grade is $80/pound.

    The only thing keeping pot so expensive is prohibition.

  250. I have seen cannabis go for $325.00 quarter pound in BC Canada. Medium quality outdoor. $2000/lb for high grade indoor grown.

  251. they pay 2 to 3 dollars an oz of hashish in afghanistan .why should we pay more? i know i know we don’t live there but someday, the price is going way down, not this 2 ,3 .400 oz crap .its free to grow in olorado

  252. That’s just crazy..My friends son in law got busted picking up a package at the post office..Still Federal..I can’t believe people can mail order..I know i wouldn’t..

  253. funny , the article with the most feedback is being read by LEO !

    anything posted on the internet is fair game for these parasites

    after watching “Breaking the Taboo” I realize how we have become fodder for the war on drugs.

    Every major highway leaving Ca , Or,Co is being watched for cannabis traffic.

    Yes they care about the product but dont kid yourself they want the cash and the bodies! and your vehicle!

  254. In Montreal 2 of my friends & I bought 3 ounces & have split the cost in 3. So it came to $115.50 per ounce. Which makes it roughly $4 per gram. :) :) Oh yes it’s true!

  255. for those of u from Texas I would have to agree that ur bud is poop. I’m originally from Texas but when i moved to Indiana i was scared by the prices but omfg this weed is good i adjusted and now that I’m comfortable i would say that good shit is about 15 per gram sometimes though when its hard to find u have to pay 20. Oh but the badass thing is that sometime u get lucky. There was this kid in high school dlfucking idiot gave me like 10grams for free. That kind of shit happens every once in a while but now that I’m older more rarely. In college the bud is expensive but its good as fuck every once in a while ill get like a free gram with my quad for free. That never happened in Texas but the shit was real cheap too. I think its cuz of the cartels in Mexico and Indiana its mostly growers who are way nicer lol

  256. Mrkushman–Thank you for taking the time to write that^^^^^. Much of what I am reading sounds very ignorant and immature.

  257. Damn hit me up I’m buying in Seguin and the shit is expensive and ain’t that good. Hmu so I can see what that good shit bout. ShyneBoi3.

  258. i live in idaho and i pay 200 for a once of good whitewidow notlooking for new dealer however she is shady

  259. In Memphis,TN $5 A Gram $15 For 3 Grams $80 For an Ounce Half Of That For A Half Ounce

  260. In Detroit

    $5 for a .5 of regs

    $10 for a g of kush

    an 1/8 can go for $40-60

    thats as much as I know

  261. Train wreck Timmy on

    Man an eigth of mids in IRB FL is 25$ for new customers 15-20$ for regulars. Depending on what strain, dro usually costs between 50$- 70$ an eigth. Been smokin train wreck for a week straight nigga!

  262. Our prices here in Louisville, some people charge 20$ a gram unless you have a good connection. And even then it’s not the best and sometimes has seeds. Wtf for a good seedless dro ounce I have to pay 350$-$400 :0

  263. In Fla u can still get some krypy for $50 a 1/4 oz and 175 for an oz. Y’all must not be in there???

  264. where im from its 1g for 10$/ 2g for 20$ etc… and if you buy by the ounce you can usually get a discount so it will be 28g for 240$ – 280$ depending on the quality but never pay over 1 for 10 ratio for local stuff

  265. Fresno/Clovis, CA
    low quality bud can be going as low as $2.5 a gram
    mid grade usually $5, sometimes 10
    Dank $10 w/ connect, $15-20 otherwise
    Super super dank, usually only found with a good connect could be $15 a gram

  266. Hm I see this thread is almost 2 yrs old but anyone have a hookup on the FL space coast or willing to ship?

  267. BritishBongRippa on

    £20 ($32) for 3g’s here in north east England that’s for average gear as well. Proper lucky round here, got weed everywhere

  268. those prices for Cali seem about right! on Monday my dealer (who I go to school with, same grade) is super chill and when I texted him about his prices he said 1/8 is $40 and 1/4 is $75 for some dank weed. he is a chill dealer and I’m glad I have a cool decent connection to some weed! so excited! smoke up

  269. I live right outside of Dallas Texas and its 20 a g. 50 to 60 for an 8th. 100 for a Q ounce. 160 for a half ounce. and 300 for a ounce.

  270. I’m in TX and the base good shit runs 350 t0 450 an oz depending on who you buy from. I’m getting a PO Box and going in on a business venture with some of my college bros. Any way to hook it up? tbaldwinguitat@yahoo.com

  271. id say
    $20 – 1 gram
    $55-60 – 1/8
    $110 – 1/4
    $190 – 1/2
    $350 – 1 Ounce
    thats what im gettin in PA. and thats reealllyyy dank chronic. i used to get 1/8 of hindu kush for $20 when i was in NY though.

  272. In fairfield county connecticut we pay around
    40$ 2g
    60$ 1/8th an ounce
    I haven’t been smoking that long so idont know if im being ripped off. I want some really good/ strong stuff, and i wan to know what a fair price would be around here.

  273. I am in VA small town killer soil! Tip by TN & KY! But bad thing about that is everybody’s got! 50 a 1/4! Hydro by the g!

  274. In ks, $225/Qp of some reggie is a pretty good price. Dro and other danky strains that come from colorado or cali is around $190/half ounce. at lower amounts it is around 20-30 for a qt ounce of reggie and about 15-25/g of dro and medical.

  275. 420 Stoner 420 on

    In Colorado where Marijuana is legal prices are usually $10 a gram for top shelf stuff

  276. Dude anyway you can ship some to Delaware? I’m being dead serious too, I need a connection for weed in Delaware. It’s way to expense do here. Somebody please email or message back and let me know.

  277. Southern TN- The supply is growing and is increasingly more awesome all the time. It’ll run you $60-65/eighth. Last year we were running 50 miles to pay $150/quarter. The medicine is spreading. Now its a mile down the road. :D

  278. “They” pay about $50 an 1/8 of an ouce where im at, and about the same as Oregon..But i watch things closely now so i dont get ripped of.

  279. 20 FOR A GRAM?!?! I would laugh in anyone’s face who asked that much. I live in Portland and getting a gram for 10 is usually a last resort. also here, prices don’t change according to “strength”. pot is pot.

  280. reggie,regs,Regular, is the cheapest weed,
    10$ for 2.0-2.5 grams
    20$ for 5 grams
    35$ for 8.0 – 8.5 grams
    and i’ve never spent more then 10$ on weed in my whole life so i dont know anything higher than 35$ .
    THEN , Medical, Dro, Kush, Etc. is more exspensive weed. it taste better smells better looks better, its just better iguess.
    And these Rates are In Iowa , it might be different if you like in Like Nevada, Or south Carolina or watever. aha

  281. Fairfield County Prices
    eighth- 50-60 usually 55
    quarter- 100-130
    half- 180-220
    o- 350-450 usually 380-420

  282. philischematic on

    Out in Philly its 20 a g 50 an eighth. 230 a half nd 360 an OZ…that’s high grade prices. But we get some dank erb.

  283. In Central Cali the Average price right now is 15-30 a half eight , 40- 50a Eight, 65-80 a quarter oz, 75-90 a half oz., 90-250 a oz. It all depends on Location, Strain, n supply n demand.
    Cali Bud is always Top Notch, Clean n High THC levels, but we are flooded with the market, its ridiculous.

  284. I live in Maryland very close to D.C. and I pay about $20/g and I just got quoted $220 for a 1/2 O but Iam not sure if thats a legit price or not, so Iam not purchasing until further notice!!!

  285. No, he’s actually correct, moron. Google ‘Sinsimillia’ and it will correct you. Now, if you’d like to say that ‘sin semilla’ is a Spanish PHRASE, then of course it is. But it is not the TERM used to describe seedless weed nor is it the term the gentleman above was using.

  286. the delicious truth is 10 years ago in ny anything over 250 a O was absurd, and it was most likely comming from British Columbia, overall nice dense stuff. Then o say 7 years ago we are introduced to ” cali medical..” sure i can find some legit and pay 60 a 8th, but the reality is there are ridiculous amounts of herb and dealers charging that same price or 50 a 8th for straight mediocre local grown and not even reaching its potential. I don’t think they actually believe they have nice stuff they just know the demand and how everyone else is pricing. burn hollywood and export the celebrities to mexico already

  287. If Your From The West Coast Or A Medical Marijuana State WTF Is The Point In Posting Your Rate. It’s Quiet Obvious To Everyone That There’s A Tax Break There.

  288. EstimatedProphet on

    VT has been consistently lowering their prices it seems, it used to be $350/ounce, now it’s around 275-300. Eights are no more than $50 in most places.

  289. EstimatedProphet on

    I lived in Portland for a while in 2010 and even as a “tourist” I never paid more than 200 for an ounce or 35-40 for an eighth on the black market. It was always top shelf bud. You may be getting upcharged a bit much. I’d keep poking around, there’s no reason to be getting taxed that much.

  290. SabmanDaHighman on

    In Pittsburgh 1g is 20-25 an eighth is 55-65 a quarter is 90-110 half oz is 165-185 and an OZ is 300-400

  291. Damn a lot of you guys are getting ripped the hell off. Do your research and find a decent connection. If any of you guys are willing to try my product hmu.
    High grade indoor for decent prices
    Only trying to deal with customers who are looking for weight, minimum 2oz or more
    Willing to ship through mail if it feels legit
    I’m currently in Colorado growing for medical dispensaries and looking for serious customers. Message me for prices, product, and pictures
    If you want great medical grade bud and business email me at:


  292. I’m from Kalifornia N I sell my Oz. for $150 and half Oz. for $80 Quarter oz. $45 N eight for $35…my $20 weights 1.4g $10 0.08g.. The larger u buy da cheaper I give. West Side. Modesto Ca.. Straight fire and GrandDaddy and OG Kush ext.

  293. here in Wyoming, our shit comes from Colorado at around $40 per 1/8 if you know the guy. good medical stuff too.

  294. Alright. Just today got a quarter for 45$. On a normal basis I buy per gram, I don’t smoke too much, but it’s 10$ for every 1.5gram from a person who gets it direct from the grower. Obviously, if you have hella middle-men, the prices are going to be steep. but 180$ for an ounce is great IMO! California baby, Sacramento! The shit down here is BUDDDD, but make sure you know who you buy from…cus it can get shady depending on where you’re at in sac!!! Always ask around, but don’t be too direct cus there’s always snitches!

  295. Shit I no a guy that got 30 lbs from one of his guys for free and the dude don’t even smoke or sell it and he wouldn’t even give me a gram to try it some bogus shit

  296. up around my area we always have the good shit. ive been to b.c. the bud isnt nearly as good as the stuff ive been getting. orange crush . northenr lights. etc.

    the pricing is 10$- .5
    20$- 1g
    70$- 1/8 0r 3.5g
    110$- 1/4 0r 7g
    220$- half oz.
    1 oz can be anywhere from 400$ to 600$

    the pricing NEVER. changes.

  297. UrbanBushBabe on

    I just moved to atlanta and was trying to get a quarter from a chick in woodstock and she told me 150??? Back home I pay less than that for an ounce (about 120 or so) have I been spoiled? lol When asked about an ounce she tells me 400 bucks. She told me it was some medical from California. But how the hell am I suppose to know that? lol and even still thats fucking ridiculous if you ask me. I am not about to pay a utility bill’s worth for a quarter of weed, and rent for an ounce. There has got to be something cheaper around here. I would even consider paying 100 bucks for half an ounce of something good, but not for a fucking quarter that seems crazy to me.

  298. UrbanBushBabe on

    I just moved to atlanta and was trying to get a quarter and this chick told me 160 ??? Im from saint louis and I get an ounce for 120-150 bucks lol have i been spoiled? Is that the average price for a quarter in other places? I asked about an ounce and she said fucking 400 bucks??? Like what the frack I know I can find some cheaper some where else. She said what she had was medical from cali. But how am I supposed to know that? lol and even still that’s high as hell. I am not about to pay a utility bill’s worth of weed lol

  299. Dirty Sanchez on

    I’m from huntsville, Al and prices here are rediculous. 20/g 65/eighth 120/q 200/ half and 400/ounce… And that’s through a good friend! Though it is always some medical grade, it’s still raping my wallet.. Y’all from bc have it good!

  300. i get OZs for $130 of Og-b, shit hits me just right, im not complaining, and the people who buy off me dont complain thats for sure, and i tax da fuck outta of em, cos im a dick n nobody does somethin for nothin in this world. i got da best bud in the scranton area of PA n i get people from Wb comin to me as well :D

  301. Nobody knows the prices in Virginia?
    I feel like is a robbery out her and need more connects with different variety!!!!!

  302. I’m from Washington state. My connect’s connect (who was my old connect) harvests out of Portland.
    $80/quarter ounce
    Never needed to purchase more than that. Especially when you’re connect lives 3 doors down and their shit is always so dank its not even funny!
    And I was in Texas recently… Fuck the THC scene down there!
    And red bud or mid grade weed is common down there! Pacific Northwest knows what’s up!

  303. Chillin’ in Beaumont Texas.

    Often it’s just if you know the right people you will get offered lower/higher prices.
    I’ve worked my way to the first price given easily, the second is average.

    1g // $15-20 (even $25+)
    2g // $35-40 (sometimes $25-$30 not necessarily as good)
    3.5g // $45-60 (rare $65+)
    7g // $100 (for almost everybody — sometimes less/more)
    14g // $160-180 ($200 rare)
    28g // $250-$300

  304. I feel bad for all of ya…cause unless your growing it yourself…and know what your doing…..prices dont mean anything….grow your mind….

  305. No a “quarter” in Iowa weighs to a 2.5. The terms are all fucked up. With yur Reggie’s and dro hit up Cali where it really goes down.

  306. ‘Sinsimillia’ is not Spanish nor is it a word. Since you want to be so technical about things, the actual spelling is ‘sinsemilla’. But who cares about technicalities? Quit being such a technical whore about things and just enjoy the weed.

  307. Hell here in Cali i saw a collective selling and pound of nice looking evil bubba shake for 75$.

  308. In england our eighths are all £20 but vary in the weight instead so instead of getting 3.5g we end up with 1.6 to 2.5 depending on the weed and how good the dealer is

  309. Here on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington prices vary alot, but I don’t ever pay more than 200$ an ounce. This is the premo/da kind as well, although I am a medical patient. Some places even sell good quality smoke that will do the job, but has a little bit more leaf than wanted for 100$ to 150$ an ounce.

  310. in minnesota an eighth of an ounce is 60.00 at the most. but if you have a cool connect than it is more like 50.00 for an eighth of an ounce

  311. Rodondo Bitch on

    Man. Don’t touch the stuff anymore. Been alot of years, but Fuck!
    Back in the bad old days, an oz would run $40-50. Top grade Gold and Redbud.
    Hawaiian for about $80 a half.
    Don’t give me shit about somehow its better stuff now. We were getting
    top quallity Thai-stick (one-hit and damn near hallucinating) for MAYBE $150 an oz.
    What the hell have you people done?

  312. Steve from nd on

    I only but ozs or more at a time and I pay 200 I kno people that pay 500 for 1 ounce

  313. growinsunshine on

    I grew when I was in high school as part of a botany/biology project . ( I had a cool ass teacher) I would like to grow again but can’t find any local seeds anybody know where I can get them in nc ????? Nothing like fresh organic hit me up vypah357 yahoo

  314. Here in WA around the Everett area i get 10/g 20/2g 40/4g weighed to the gram and sometimes over. as for bigger purchases like an ounce i can get mid grade for 130 and high grade medical for 210.

  315. THEStonerChick on

    you’re prices are about $10 more expensive for an eighth and up from what we have here in Austin
    3.5g=$50 of dat guuudguud or $45 of some mid grade
    and so on

  316. Central Indiana
    20: g
    60: 1/8
    100: 1/4
    175: 1/2
    300: O
    Idk after that.
    I can it cheaper, but not by much. That’s about the basic price.

  317. Smiley face =D on

    In Oklahoma city I pay $10 for
    A dime, $15 for a quarter $20 for a dub, $30 for a half an ounce, $60 for an ounce A pound $625 or more depend how good that shit is

  318. $females$ n $bud$ on

    haha in the good old state of mn your paying:
    g= 20 half 8th=30 8th= 60 quarter i let go for between 80-100 but i get deals haha
    half o- 130 to 150 o= 220 to 350 it all depends if u got the connects…i can get a qp for 650 a hp=1200 n a p for 2100….beat that lol….so in my state im wonderin for other ppl how much they get a qp, hp, n a p for? SaInT PaUl’S EaSt SiDe

  319. Dude would love to talk to you…in the city an hour and a half north. Mighty dry around here.

  320. 420loudstoner on

    yall are gettin robbed im gettin loud for
    half ounce/50$

  321. Ashin' Kusher on

    That is about the same for me. I live about an hour from Boston, near cape cod

  322. Base on longitivity, relaible and well trained staffs, we supply the
    best quality products in the market. Consumer satisfaction is our
    company moto and priority. We have a wide range of products to meet up
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  323. SarekFatherofSpock on

    I live in Oregon too, and $50 is the ave. for me, but remember when $25 was good.

  324. growinforprofit on

    I grow in a strict no mmj state, And ery body i fuck wit gets the same price from me…

    2700.00 a lb
    900 a qp

    I dont fuck wit anyone coppin any less than a qp…

    I only got two flavors… super lemon haze & tangerine dream, grown in rockwool or mapito chips using General Hydroponics nutes in an ebb and flow system … each harvest cured 14 days, burped twice a day. perpetual garden harvested every 15 days….

    I do aight lmao

    Anything and everything in this post is strictly hypothetical and in no way can be used, interpreted, misconstrued or fucked up to mean anything other than fake.

  325. You also live in Colorado…Over here in the more conservative, uptight, areas that have no medical legalization… 50 for an eighth of medical is probably the best you could possibly find.

  326. In Central Va (Richmond area) it all depends on the people. Cultural differences in prices are huge. People in the city or North of the James pay about $50 for an 1/8th…sometime’s 60. South of the James it’s mostly $60, though some lower class areas like to up the price to where someone even tried $80 and eighth and $120-140 a 1/4 O. Midgrade 1/4 of some average, but alright middies is about $35-40. A good price around here for a half O is $180. And on the other hand there are many people getting away with selling a gram for 20 +$. I wish I lived out West!

  327. Cant see to see the punishment on

    Just moved to Va. Dont know the cost really but cant find anything cheap. Im from cali and VA prices are higher than CA. I feel like i can get it outta ca bettenthan looking for it in state. I found D.C. Has the closest despenseries. I have a Progressive degenrative eye codition and a auto immune Disorder and ima stay at home dad with two kide 2 and 4. I NEED MY WEED why cant we all smoke along. Plz help with legalization get out there and vote every state is goin through this and cali keeps gettin raided. STOP THE INSAINITY AND START FEELING EUPHORIC.

  328. shit i feel bad for you all herbal enthusiasts, where i live Beautiful British Columbia its
    75-90/half ounce
    160-180-ounce(200medical quality ounce)

    i pay 25 eighth, 50quarter, 90half o, 160ounce for master kush/p.k/sugar shack high quality no seeds, barely any stems, lots of crystals
    plus i get delivery service any day all day. my dealers not shady he got a family and hes super chill to blaze with

  329. Sw Florida (ft. Myers area) it’s about the same, shwag $25-30 a 1/4, oz=$100, killer shit= $15-20 a gram, about $80-100 a 1/4 depending on how good it is, and mids are obviously in the middle!

  330. That’s about right north east ohio suburbs is $20 a g for GDP purple erkel g-13 and most dank mids are like $5-$10 for mids and if I smoke shcwa then it has to be a free bowl

  331. Blah blah I pay this, and I pay that. I come from Pittsburgh, but go to graduate school in Oklahoma City. No one buys schwag anymore. It’s all good. Or you aren’t smoking right. $15-20/gram. Prices decrease as you purchase more.

  332. in the chicago south suburbs people pay $20+ for any quality, its crazy, bunch of fucking high schoolers that dont know anything around here

  333. Great article. I charge $10 for 0.6-0.7g, $60 for 1/8oz, $450 for an o, and $1700 for a qp of HIGH grade Cali bud. I think my prices are fair. But I live in one of the poorest parts of the country (the south) and people are content to smoke their 30/60 middy’s shit most of the time. Anyway all good with me, still making a killing!

  334. I only buy schwag lol. But I get mine from a friend and I only pay about $100.00 for up to about 5 oz after the stems and seeds are removed I still usually have about 4 3/4 oz of usable pot. Now, my friend trims off a fair ammount of smaller bud with the rest of the trimmings so what I actually get is some very good very potent stash. When I made my cannabutter the first time I used 1 oz to a pound of butter and only cooked it for an hour. I is still good enough that my edibles usually keep me pain free for up to 8 hours. My narcotics (prescribed) only work for about 4 hours. hmm Man made kaka VS God Made cure most anything ease all pain and heal the nations cannabis not a hard choice for anyone with a brain to make. Guess most of these lawmakers and politicians are afraid of what life would be like if everyone smoked or ingested cannabis. No more greed, no more screwing your neighbor no more need to go to war ,,,,, Legalize, hire more people feed and heal nations today!


  335. the Toke man on

    well ranges from $16-$20 depending what kind. In Pennsylvania around Philly

  336. 412HitsTheBong420X on

    I live in pa I’m lucky to have great connects, I pay 10$ a g for some good, and about 20 a g for some dank headies. An eith around here is usually called a “cut” and depending on what you get the usuall price is 40 – 60$. For an oz it runs between 280-340$ there are a lot of good deals that I get but for any other person you are most likely screwed haha. 5th and mids are both super cheap as well 5th I get an. 1/8 for 10-15$ and mids about 20$ but I really only pick that up just to sell it cuz 50 is awful some mids around here can be pretty dank tho

  337. they sell it buy the handfull , the best weed you will ever smoke (usually)
    before the green rush outdor humboldt was a trademark well deserved
    now everybodys immitating

  338. Man, I remembered how bad I would get hoe’d. I got hoe’d 45 for .4 grams it sucked. Now I pay that and get 2.5 grams of dro.

  339. lets see I live in crescent city ca which is near humboldt county and its 10 a gram 25 for an 8th ounce is 200 for good quality only because there’s so much pot around here that its ridiculous so people sell ounces pretty cheap her with good quality :)

  340. Here in louisville kentucky we pay 5$ for a gram of reg, 10$ for half a gram of dank, 20$ for a whole gram, 60$ for a half oz of reg, 280$ for half oz of dank , 120$ for oz of reg, 560$ oz of dank

  341. And ur a douche bag that has nothing better to do then read forums about pot prices and then talk shit. So fuck u and if u don’t like it don’t get on this site!

  342. i get a gram for $5.00 but i uasully need more (not need) i shoulda said i preffer ore but i ussually get 10.00 for a dime basically here in high point its like quarter and an O goes for 100 bucks

  343. In RI it’s around $20 per gram of dro, but the more you buy you usually get better deals. I pay $70 for a half ounce of mids though.

  344. Dude, Hook me up like that please!!! I’m in Chicago and need a good hook up for bulk. It will save me alot of driving and hassle. Hit me up,
    John chicagoslingshot at g mail

  345. I
    got a good hook up, I get white widow in Illinois all the time. Dro,
    white widow, ak47, kush, and some sick ass green crack. Illinois is a
    great marijuana state I’ve bough all sizes. Everytime I ge knock you on
    your ass weed it’s this price

    A dime 2gs 25
    An eight 4gs 50
    A quarter 7.8gs 95
    A half 15gs 130
    A oz 30gs 240
    A pound 16 Ozs is 2750

    It’s good in the land of Lincoln

  346. You motherfuckers are dumb as fuck.. if its loud you pay $10. a stick
    half a gram.. gud high.. if its reggie you pay $5. For a gram. Quarter
    pounds for reggie $350. Ounce $100. Half ounce $50 the more you get, the
    less you pay

  347. hell where i live its 25$ for one gram How Much Should I Be Paying For My Weed?? ·

  348. Well In my homestate area of:
     tustin/irvine (Medical Prices)half ounce of mids = 50ounce of mids = 100————(Medical Prices/dank)half ounce  = 100ounce  = 200——-(Street/dank)eighth = 35quarter = 65half ounce = 120ounce = 225——–Where i currently live: Hong Kong/okay qualityhalf ounce = 100 Us ounce = 175 Us—————-Good Hashish hereone bullet = 60 US

  349. SACTO_CA
    AK47 – ANY KUSH 
    $30 G
    BETTER NO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  350.  The cannabis here in Pennsylvania goes for $125 an oz and for the price it is really good shit all the time, plus different every week.  I get quarter pound for $450.00 and make money and get my smoke for free, wouldn’t have it any other way.  Hasn’t been dry in over 4 years too.  Got a great connection

  351. Michaelp4682 on

    why would you ever buy a lb then? just buy 2 hps at 350 a piece for a total of 700 people need to think before they post bs

  352. Where at in the south exactly? Looking to take a trip and need a plug or at least a destination I can do the leg work.

  353. This is kind of an old post but an interesting topic for those who dont get to travel or just bring their own buds where they go. Any state that has marijuana dispensaries the price of weed has dropped like mad as there is just a major amount of herb. I live in Denver and used to sell 8ths for $50 and a zip for $300+ (depends on quality) Now top notch bud is selling for $25-$40 and 8th and $150-$250 and oz. If you live in a shitty market state I would grow so long as you have a house, some cash to buy REAL grow lights and some other tools, and maybe visit a state with MMJ and get seeds or if you are close some cuttings to clone as I have heard that if you have a plant that has no roots and is not bud then it falls in a grey area of the law. Good loophole if it still applies. Big up

  354. Chicago Slingshot on

    Hey Willy “Hook a Brither up”  lol  I need someone like that.  I am in Chicago.  Please…. 

    chicagoslingshot @ gmail .com

  355. alabama/tennessee

    100/7g Premo Budz

    I usually get 2 or 3 with no price breaks. Of course it goes through 1 hand too many before it hits mine. Great weight and quality though.

  356. Willymack69 on

    I got a good hook up, I get white widow in Illinois all the time. Dro, white widow, ak47, kush, and some sick ass green crack. Illinois is a great marijuana state I’ve bough all sizes. Everytime I ge knock you on your ass weed it’s this price

    A dime 2gs 25
    An eight 4gs 50
    A quarter 7.8gs 95
    A half 15gs 130
    A oz 30gs 240
    A pound 16 Ozs is 2750

    It’s good in the land of Lincoln

  357.  You probably deal with some shitty schwag then. I’m in Milwaukee and I sell 60 an Eighth, 120 a Quo, 250 a half and 500 a zip.

  358. It’s a good price–for gourmet oregano. I’ve seen some cheep, seedy bud in my days, but I’d love to see what $10 an ounce bud looks like. I’m guessing all sticks and stems, none of that real sticky icky icky. But hey, smoke em if you got em. 

  359. Baked_Hedgehog on

    NW of Indy an eigth is about $60…. most people don’t sell much lower than that, and I can get an ounce for 280-340 depending on where its coming from. Most of the stuff I end up with is Medical from Michigan.

  360. Well I guess we’re lucky down South cause we charge, for GOOD schwag:

    Nic (1.75 grams) $5
    Dime (3.5 g) $10
    Quarter (7 g) $20
    Half (14 g) $35
    Oz (28 g) $60

    Hydroponics you will give anywhere from $10 to $30 a gram, but the prices are ALWAYS decent. Vive la Mexico border states yall! LOL 

  361. callmedaley on

    Utah – The worst state for a stoner

    dime- $10
    20 sack – $20
    1/8 – $50
    1/4 – $100
    1/2 oz – $160
    1 oz – $350

    Ive never bought more than a 2 ounces at a time.
    Yes I pay alot, granted it is all medical grade shit and it has only one stop from Humboldt county before it gets in my hands so I always get the leafiest, stickiest and freshest so Im willing to pay :)

  362. Jamcars2003 on

    I will “always remeber my beautiful san Antonio, I never ‘smoked’ good herb in Texas, till couple years ago, in Houston, I bought an o.z for $400, I hated 2 pay it but I had no “choice’ my “paranoid’ szcesophrenic roomate din’t want Me 2 bring any with me, even as a “mmj’ patient, TEXAS SUCKS with a stupid laws regarding our Divinity plant. that’s why I lOVE my KALI especially where I live Now San JOOOOOOOOO! (heaven yes) 127 clubs many 2 choose from an average o.z for top shell$200 grm from $6 to 20, average gram of some good med’s $10,00, another thing if You ever in San Jose, let me know and I take 2 some great clubs number ONE top of the list. is A.R.C off Julian st. running 2nd best is Santa Cruz Naturally. great guys, along with Tri-Valley off 1st st. (by the way this are one of the very few clubs that have some sort of “compassion” programs fro they patients. oh I forgot I have pay bout $60 dollars for an o.z club price on ;promotion (good stuff) I say good Not Great. !

  363. miami.
    as of today White diesel
    gram 15
    1/8 50
    1/4oz 75
    1/4P 900
    1/2P 1700
    P 3200

  364. Mesenbrinkadam on

    You know the hook ups in ark?? Lookin to re up and can’t find a bulk dealer

  365. 840? are u fucking insane? thats highway robbery, either u need a new connection, or if u grow, lower ur damn prices man. 400 is the highest ive ever seen and thats right next door in KC. 

  366. really you enjoy busting heads don’t you that’s like double the highest price I’ve ever seen… 420 for an oz. is to much… hell I doubt its that expensive in new york I’m gonna have to say you are either full of shit or the biggest “sheister” in the country… I’m gonna go with full of shit… good luck selling your product… a fair price for an ounce of good buds ranges from 200 – 300 in Oregon, but when i lived in Arkansas last year I was paying about 90 – 120 a quarter oz… or about 300 – 400 an oz. 

  367. I’m from Dallas, Tx but I sell in Lubbock, Tx while in college bud runs(customer prices) 50 -60 an eight, 20 a gram,100-120 a quarter, 200 -220 a half, 340-360 ounce

  368. in chery hill i can get like a dub for around 20(depending on how good it is) i mean the people here wont sell you mids for the price of heads but no one really goes around buying ounces of weed around here

  369. Thisismyspamemail on

    That’s about what it is here in the San Antonio area… Except the price of an O drops to like 300 to maybe 330. And that’s for dank shyt

  370. Oklahoma:
    1g – 20$
    1/8 – 60$
    1/4 – 120$
    1/2 – 200-230$
    OZ – 380-420$
    But those prices are for good stuff like “Green Crack”, “White Widow” and “OG Kush”.

    You can get 1 1/4 Ounces of reg for 80$

  371. One thing medical MJ does is to bring sanity, genetic variety and lower prices to the local MJ market. Here in the Pacific Northwest an ounce of Grade A is $200 or less – and there’s plenty of sources and strains to choose from, all of it local. If anything, I’d say the market (here) is more apt to be flooded with surprising quality from small artisinal mom & pop part time growers obviously learning the craft more so than high production pot plantations as was common in previous times. Anyway, the proverbial Genie is out of the bottle here in Washington state and the low prices are good indicators of a robust pretty much free market situation when it comes to high quality MJ and it keeps the legal dispensaries honest too.


  372. $90 for a quarter ounce of purple haze. I buy it from my friend who gives me discounts.

  373. Jabboe17 on