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How Much THC Is In Federal Medical Marijuana?


Federal immigration bill hatch marijuana growingOne of the urban legends I heard a lot about growing up was how potent federal medical marijuana was. You may have heard the stories too. I would always hear people talk about the G-13 strain in particular, and that it was incredibly strong because it was created in a lab environment to have as high a potency as possible. As with many marijuana urban legends, the truth was very disappointing.

As I got older, and met more people in the marijuana world, I came across people that had actually seen federal medical marijuana via one of the four remaining federal medical marijuana patients. All of them would point out that the federal medical marijuana they saw in those coffee-style tin cans was awful. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has a menu on the web of the strains that are offered through the federal medical marijuana program, along with THC levels and levels for other cannabinoids. I believe the math speaks for itself. Per Smell the Truth:

The highest THC cigarette the government is selling tops out at 6.7% THC. Compare that to 25% THC for pre-rolls in San Francisco and L.A. Uncle Sam has no high-cannabidiol pre-rolls, whereas high-CBD pre-rolls are common in advanced cannabis markets.

And most of the bulk marijuana is bad, too. Uncle Sam classifies cannabis that’s “low” in THC as having less than 1%, “medium” is 1-5%, “high” is 5-10%, and “very high” is greater than ten percent. Not a single government strain tests over 10.2% THC.

By comparison, the average Bay Area cannabis patient buys cannabis that’s an average of 15 percent, estimates UC Berkeley public health researcher Amanda Reiman.

I don’t understand why federal marijuana has such a low potency. Is this on purpose? If so, why? Or is it because federal marijuana growers are awful at what they do? Or is it because growers that supply non-federal patients are so much better at growing? The federal government doesn’t give up much info about the federal program, so all we can do is speculate.


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  1. It is not the THC level that is going to help people . It is the other properties in marajuana .
    I would take it but I don’t like the high that comes with it . Bring on low levels of THC that does not make me high and paranoid


    A friend & botanist by trade states that his understanding of the Federal DEA 0.3% THC levels are actually state regulations and not Federal. Can you confirm this please? I’ve been trying to locate & print this 0.3% regulation but maybe it doesn’t exist.

    Thanks for all input!

  3. MacrameTrumpToupee on

    The operative word in “medical marijuana” is “medical”. THC is the primary psychoactive but it’s not the primary therapeutic. Cannabidiol has the most therapeutic benefits, but has no psychoactive properties and works as an antagonist on the primary THC receptors. It stands to reason that THC levels are not the primary concern of medical producers. Many people who legitimately need medical cannabis specifically do not want the psychoactive effects and would class them as an unwanted side-effect of the drug. I have no beef with anyone who wants to use recreationally, but I think it should be kept in mind that there are people who really benefit from cannabis medicinally and that their needs (that is high CBD levels), should be kept in mind. Medical cannabis is not produced for recreational consumers. Complaining that it doesn’t provide a decent high, is like complaining that your pharmacy doesn’t dispense fine Scotch whiskey. They’re two different things, created for different purposes.

  4. You need to do your reading elsewhere. Many sites out there with legit info. Not this dribble you are spouting. Lower levels and too sticky. Does the feds have a new book out. If they do, dont buy it. Give Thesilvertour.org if you want to learn the truth. (head up ass means smelly hair)

  5. Whyiowa4medical on

    OK, everyone relax. When I was in an ancillary medical program at the University of Iowa they had Alabama Government Cannabis for research and for the (in those days ten or so) medical marijuana patients (they sure had a lot locked away for ten patients, they had a lot locked away for 50 patients). One of my professors and the Army doctor who was chosen to tell Nixon they could find no lethal dose for cannabis; cumulative or otherwise (destroying the career of a real genius), brought me into his ongoing research on government myths concerning cannabis. You remember, it will make you gay, men will grow breasts, and on and on!! We never tapped any cannabis until we discovered rats in the control group exhibited the same effects as did the group with synthetic THC. We had a pow-wow and went to the library, when we discovered cannabis’ use as a food we got a bright idea, why use synthetic THC when we could make a mix the rats would readily eat; and they did!!! Man did they love the stuff!!! So, we removed IV stents from our research which are placed in a large vein on their backs. We did discover the research lying that was occurring as both groups suffered from high stress, weight loss, confinement same sex attractions, and weight loss giving the appearance of rat “man tits.” When we opened the research grade cannabis it was VERY skunky and was delivered by a truck mounted safe. We were able to raise their intake to an ounce per day very easily within the body mass of R. Norvegia (likely a quarter pin joint to you and me). What the government would provide for research was quite different from what was provided for patients, because their blood levels were surprisingly high before we had to fortify the food with “Honey Oil!” When a pound was asked for, it was delivered and the buds were so sticky crumbling it into rat food and reconstituting it back into a small shape with the nutrient mix. Our target was an estimated three ounce “rat equivalent per day.” We continued this for three rat generations and the results for these VERY stoned rats were some of the healthiest rats at the University (we also did not wash up after making the rat kibble and the sticky “hash” remained on our fingers as well as some smuggled out). The hash was incredible and the pot was strong for the early 1980s. The government always saved the very strongest for research, then they could get similar negative effects to their research such as memory loss, etc…. Just like NIDA and other anti cannabis agencies use the THC relatives CT-3 (45 times stronger than 100% THC), CP-55,940 (a potent cousin), HU-210 (Spice), and WIN-55,212-2 (K-2) in their research (I get pissed every time NIDA publishes some BS and I look it up on my NIH site to discover they used “Spice.” These are not natural THC and do cause real problems; up to death. Our research was fun, because we found ways to get very incredibly stoned, not the reported effects of the canned joints!!! Was it G-13? I doubt it as there were 25 strains in the G designation (Alabama Farm) and not all are crap, 13 just happened to be the most potent. All that was needed to smuggle this strain out was a small sun leaf and horticulturists could clone and create the G-best. Even Thai is stronger than ’77, so is it any surprise that this strain is now allowed to be as high as the genome will allow??? In research, sometimes weaker strains are desired.

  6. Doc Deadhead on

    The University grows it for the DEA, they sell all the nice buds and roll up the leaf schwag for the 4 patients, DUH

    How do you think the DEA is still able to afford raiding and prosecuting marijuana patients when the funding has been cut off?

    The hypocrisy has to STOP.


    The Feds can screw up anything.
    I personally had a cutting from a real G13 Fed plant. It tested at Canna Labs at 16.3%.

  8. Chris Folsom on

    nothing from the government’s list of consumables is good. you think they’ll ever upgrade the formula for government cheese? ;). as chris rock said “the money ain’t in the cure, it’s in the medicine” keep them coming back for more to make more $.

  9. My theory is that theyve found a way to like mass produce it or like use some kinda clone/bio technology which grows a lot but lowers thc

  10. It is on purpose. They have the tech, they have the know how, they refuse to take the plant to its limits and so state med marijuana programs decided to do it without federal help.
    If you want things done right, you don’t have the federal government do it.

  11. Bettie Retro on

    Federal patients are mmj patients in ALL states regardless of the state’s individual laws. If that federal patient lives in a legal mmj state, they can get their meds from another source but if they don’t, it’s their only legal option. Nothing moronic about it.

  12. Kristen Churma Beck on

    I have some Chem4 which is a 31.5% THC and it has not clogged my rolling machine, then again it’s not a super tecky roller either.

  13. I’ve read that the lower THC levels work better at relieving pain. And that the strains that were above 10% THC was too sticky and clog the rolling machines.

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