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How To Be A Productive Pothead


productive potheadThe most well known stereotype that stoners deal with is that we’re lazy. We smoke too much bud to do anything but sit around and stare off in to space. Fortunately for us, that’s not the truth anymore. Potheads have worked very hard in order to negate that stereotype and we have done a very good job of it. Stoners have managed to infiltrate almost every career path, from retail to engineering. Stoners work far harder than anyone at excelling because the bar has been set so high. No pun intended.

The first step to being a productive pothead is knowing how to handle yourself when you’re sober and when you’re stoned. Being able to function in both states of mind is key, although there are some people who are only able to function extremely well when they are high. You should be able to tell when you’ve smoked enough, whether or not you can handle being high at work, and if being stoned while on the job is safe for you and your coworkers. By knowing your limits and exhibiting self control, one can smoke and hold at job, while sometimes even excelling. It goes back to the very popular saying “If you’re lazy when you smoke weed, you were lazy before you smoked”.

To be a productive pothead, one must find something they love. Smoking is said to be a huge enlightenment on your mind, opening the smoker’s eyes to new possibilities and scenarios. If you’re stuck in a mundane job that you don’t enjoy, smoking is going to make you dislike it even more. But if, every day, you make money by working at something that you really enjoy, the weed will only enhance that job and make being there better, as well as make the work you do better. And if you can’t do what you love right now, start working towards it. It may take a while or it may take a few months but keeping yourself motivated is important.

Marijuana is a privilege. The plant should be used to make life better, rather than to hinder it. If you can’t smoke and be productive, then you really shouldn’t be smoking. Self control is extremely important, just as important as debunking the lazy stoner” stereotype. We are not lazy and it sure is offensive to be called as such. There are some stoners that work harder than any of the people around them, smokers and non smokers alike. Proving that we are productive and motivated will only further marijuana acceptance.

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  1. Okay, Mr. Green, now this scammer is advertising for WeedMaps. Aren’t those guys friends of yours?

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  4. OMG. People waste so much time criticizing others. Main point is keep your balance at all times and lift up the marihuana image in the name of all smokers. Be grateful for the plant we have. DUDES! :)

  5. Amen that. I disbelieved the first person who told me that hash is eaten, not smoked where its produced.Now I know different.
    I enjoy my toke but over 80 % of what I grow ends up in oil.
    You could say we’re chosing health. Something the prohibitionists wil pooh pooh as I did all those years ago. In my own ignorance :(

  6. I worked as a house painter back in the 90s. The crew I worked on used weed as a motivator. As long as we busted ass and got jobs in under budget the supervisor packed bowls for an hour everyday on the clock once the jobs were done to his satisfaction. On small/light jobs he’d let us smoke at lunch. Our crew brought in more profit than the other 3 crews the company had.

  7. Terence Mckenna on

    Adults with bachelors degrees who are still unable to write above a 10th grade level with “Johnny Green.”

  8. I would agree the plant makes life better in health , WHY DOES SOMEONE HAVE RO SMOKE IT I’m 34 been eating hash , medibles and oils for 20 years , I’m sorry smoking is a habit…BUT
    ingesting is a medicine ….its all about CBD not THC, and trust me, i like smoking pot and like getting stoned but ingesting butter, oil , tinture…etc…. is where the benefit of life long health IS MOST IMPORTANT

  9. So why don’t we try to change it by not using these stereotypical names? Maybe if we stop using terms like stoners and potheads others might see us differently.

  10. He said sober, lol. Drunk is to alcohol, as high is to THC. Drunkeness is a mechanical(physical) inebriation. Highness is a state of consciousness. Some minds cannot fathom higher states of consciousness, hence there is a risk to consuming THC. While a drink is required to become drunk, a higher state of mind can be reached with or better yet without consumption of a substance. If a meditation is a state of sobriety is is fair to say a stoner is always sober. It would be fair to say a stoner is “straight” or “trippin” or the paranoid state that is “buggin”, depending on their state of mind.

  11. How about we stop being “guilty” cannabis consumers and simply consume it how we choose to and whatever works for us without feeling like we have to constantly reinforce our image to show society that we are “okay” and “acceptable”? Really bad mentality to have in my opinion.

  12. I agree. My limits with weed are pretty restrictive. I’m a light weight anyway and only smoke in the evening before bed and mostly use it for insomnia due to pain. I’ve tried it once during the day and there is no way I could function at my job while high (even on a sativa). I also write on the side, and found all my writing turns to complete mush if I’m high, though cannabis is great for coming up with ideas or concepts! Also, yoga is much better after a few hits, so I can see how exercise like running, swimming or working out could be enhanced. But, yeah, there’s no way I could do my job high and in fact it would probably be considered a liability. Respect the plant, the people around you, and use responsibly.

  13. Smoking has always had been a motivating effect on me, as a musician it helps me be more creative and inspires me, I also love it for any project from construction to painting or gardening and landscaping. Everything is more interesting after a puff.

  14. I can’t agree more. Among other things, weed for me is a tool. Whether it be taking a nap, cleaning the yard, exercising, writing a novel or solving an equation…there’s a pot for that. Know your limitations and use what works best for the task at hand.

  15. Great post that speaks much truth!

    While I now and then succumb to laziness while high (like I do when I’m sober), I am usually very productive. In fact, my fastest 15-mile run of 2013 was while I was stoned! (a sub-6 minute per mile pace! It gives a new definition to the term runners high!)

    Running and swimming high are incredible and my favorite things to do when I’m high, other than cooking.

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