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How To Dry Outdoor Marijuana Plants


Once the marijuana plants have been harvested, they have obviously ceased to produce new cannabinoids and resins. The main changes to the potency will be negative, but effective drying and storage can help mitigate the effects. Most of the weight contained in the plant is water and drying will cause the liquid to evaporate, ensuring that the marijuana will burn evenly and smoke well.

lf you were impatient, and tried to quickly cut, dry, and smoke a bud prior to your harvest, you probably noticed how poorly it smoked. This is due to the water that comprises well over half (more that 60%) of its weight.

It probably didn’t get you high either, since drying also helps to activate the cannabinoids within the marijuana plant. But since you are a prudent cannabis grower, you waited until your buds were perfectly ripe and ready. Download my free marijuana grow bible for more tips about growing marijuana.

There are several methods to consider when drying marijuana, and they range from quick and easy, to slightly more involved but not much more difficult. The first method that I will describe is the slowest but by the far the most effective in terms of sealing in the aroma and taste of your buds. Simply hang the buds upside down in a secure dark place such as a closet or room with sealed windows and a good draft. It is important that air be able to circulate while the marijuana plants are being dried. This means that you may have to exercise some caution in terms of where you might be able to safely dry the plants – they will be very, very pungent.

Use a fan to keep the air circulating and be sure to separate the plants or you could lose a lot of your buds to mold. Removing the large green leaves and stems speeds the drying process since those parts of the plant contain much more water. Do not dry the marijuana in the sunlight as the buds will lose potency, their color and some of their taste. They may also become brittle, which will make them smoke very harshly.

If your drying room is very humid, or if it is raining outside pay special attention to your bud and make sure that the room is well ventilated. You will have to be especially vigilant under these conditions with respect to mold. This is the reason that the drying area should be secure: your multiple trips should not arouse suspicion. Expect the drying time for a large amount of marijuana plants to be at least ten days to two weeks.

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Robert Bergman is a master marijuana grower. Robert Bergman is the author of 'Marijuana Plant Care' and 'The Marijuana Grow Bible'.


  1. What was your temp ? Humidity ? Did you have fans going ? How much of the fan leaves did you take off when you hung them up ? Did you wet trim or leave the sugar leaf on ? Did you hang them up by the stems ? Need some info mang. :)

  2. i had to harvest my plants whole no trimming do to a storm,now they are dry and i don’t have time to prosess them,how do i keep them from drying out too much and or molding?

  3. If only the folks claiming to teach understood actual biological processes, when you chop the plant it continues to live for up to a week depending on conditions and because you have chopped it it no longer has O2 comin in from the roots. When a living plant (any plant) is deprived of O2 it goes into a mode where it converts its sugars into alcohol in order to survive (this happens naturally during a flood) This is called fermentation and is what occurs naturally during the cure if done right. But here is the rub, in order to do this the plant needs N and light So starving the plant at the end is wrong! Cutting off the leaves (where it has stored N ) is wrong! and puttin em in the dark is wrong! Following black market growing myths will get you black market herb, following actual science will get you herb that blows your mind

  4. What about having a dehumidifier in the room? Obviously it will dry quicker, but will it cause anything negative?

  5. One of the MOST important aspects of home-cultivation. One year I busted my ass to grow 15 plants in a remote, bushy area, but neglected to prepare a secure drying area. Tried to use an unventilated, much too hot 3×4 storage locker. Needless to say, the large amount of wet weed in such a small space caused a lot of mold, and the high temps caused anything that didn’t mold to lose its bouquet, making it taste like Mexico reggs, not the fine outdoor it was intended to be. Lesson learned. Drying/ curing is every bit as important as any other aspect of growing. 4/5 of a years labor is a VERY expensive learning curve.

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