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How To Get A Job In The Legal Marijuana Industry


get a job in the marijuana industry - now hiring The marijuana industry is the next great industry in America. There are almost two dozen states that have legalized medical marijuana (not including CBD only states), and there are currently two states with a legal recreational marijuana industry (Colorado and Washington). Soon, Alaska and Oregon will also have a legal recreational marijuana industry. Between now and the end of 2016, there are over a dozen states that could potentially legalize recreational marijuana, and several states could legalize medical marijuana during that same time. Almost all of the businesses involved in the growing industry will have a need to hire employees

For a long time, when people thought of getting a marijuana job they were referring to something in the black market. People would flood into Northern California and Southern Oregon to get jobs as plant trimmers during harvest season. Or people would get a job as a courier, transporting black market marijuana from one place to another. Those days seem almost ancient these days. There are still black market jobs like that of course, but a legal industry has transformed, and dramatically expanded, the list of marijuana industry jobs that are out there.

Right now the medical marijuana sector is much larger than the recreational sector because there are so many states with legal medical marijuana compared to recreational marijuana. The medical marijuana sector has been around for a lot longer than the recreational marijuana sector in the two states that have both. So right now, most of the jobs are in the medical marijuana sector. That will obviously change as more states legalize recreational marijuana, and the recreational marijuana customer base expands.

If the e-mails and social media messages I receive are any indication, the interest in getting a legal marijuana industry job is growing rapidly. Most people want to grow marijuana, or work as a budtender. But I always tell people to explore other avenues too. There are many jobs in the industry that go beyond growing and selling. Almost every job you can think of outside of the marijuana industry can also be found inside of the industry these days. There is a growing need for accountants, marketers, ad sales staff, graphic designers, web developers, software engineers, and many other professional jobs that most people don’t associate with the marijuana industry.

Obviously, there are not marijuana jobs in every state, so moving is often required. In a perfect world you would be able to get a marijuana job in the South and stay close to home, but that is simply not possible until reform is achieved, rules are worked out, and a legal industry is established. Right now most of the legal marijuana jobs are found in the West, such as in California and Colorado.

Probably the best way to get a job in the legal marijuana industry is through networking. The easiest way to get a job is to know someone inside of the company, which is no different outside of the industry compared to inside of the industry. If you don’t have a friend that works at a marijuana company, try to see if you know a friend of a friend. If that doesn’t work, try to make friends on the internet or some other way. Anything to get a foot in the door.

A lot of the people that I know in the industry got their jobs by volunteering first. This of course has its drawbacks, especially if you are poor already. But if you are able to volunteer with a company for a month or two to show off your skills, it helps a lot. You can have a great resume with a lot of experience in other industries, but the marijuana industry is a different animal, and most of the people in the industry are relying on over-promising to keep their new job in the industry. It’s only a matter of time before they under-deliver and are let go, and it will be hard for them to get a new job in the industry once they have a bad reputation. If you volunteer first, and let your skills speak for themselves, you will increase your chances of landing a permanent position.

One thing that I always tell people when they ask me how to get into the marijuana industry is to PROCEED WITH CAUTION. I have seen so many people get burned in this industry. This industry is full of sharks that will use you, abuse you, steal your credit, not pay you for your labor, and leave you under a bus. That’s not a big deal if you are in between jobs, get a job at a local dispensary, and have time and energy to burn. But if you are going to travel across the country to work for someone you haven’t met before, and the job sounds too good to be true, you are likely setting yourself up for a nightmare scenario.

Ask around before you take a leap of faith like that. If the person or company has a bad reputation in the industry, it’s likely for a reason. Don’t let your dreams of working in the legal marijuana industry blind your judgement. I have been offered many jobs in the industry, just to see those offers fizzle quickly. Do you research on the company. Get everything in writing as much as possible so that there are no surprises. If the company or boss isn’t willing to come correct straight out the gate, chances are they are not the boss or company that you should be trying to work for.

I was able to find three websites that list marijuana jobs. If I find others, I will make sure to add them as time goes by. I have seen these three websites pop up all over the place, and they seem to be the most reputable out there. With that being said, I don’t personally know any of the people behind these websites, so take their listings for what you will. Good luck in your job hunting!

Marijuana Industry Job Listing Websites:




international canna pro expo


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  1. I am very interested in working for your company. I would like to find out where you are located, city and state.
    Thank you very much,
    LaNett Shaw

  2. Hi, my name is Roxana, I am 19 years old, I just moved to Las Vegas and I want to get my feet into the cannabis industry. I have always been fascinated with marijuana and I want a career path in this industry. So far though, I do not have a medical MJ card, but I want to know if there is any way possible way of getting hired and being helped with getting one at the same time.

  3. Cassandra Clark on

    Hi I’m Cassandra Clark and my fiance Daniel Shaw we’re looking for a job in the medical marijuana career that provides housing as well.. we’re hoping to help legalize marijuana all around the USA please contact us if there is position available.. looking forward to hearing from someone

  4. uvaldo herrera on

    the only thing I know in these live is cannabis I understand the medication used for it and what it can be used to help the human body mind and soul.. I also was a user of the medical plant however due to living in texas and how most of all careers here do not allow for the used of this medical plant..so l’ve learnd to sadly live without it butt maintain my focus on my priorities here in texas ..what I’m trying to say is that I know that I would make a great addition to the team and nothing in this world would me happier then to succeed to move out of here and to engaged in God county and work in a wonderful company or industry for I know I would love to wake up and give a thousand percent for the career opportunity that I would love to have..so take me into consideration and know that I’m willing to relocate to work at any positon …thank you uvaldo herrera

  5. wilson farms on

    $3,000/month + bonuses depending on performance + $75/day when watching the property overnight.

    This job is on-location in California and Arizona. We have a fully self-sufficient studio apartment that has been recently

    constructed and ready for the cultivator. It is separate entrance and driveway from the main residence. The rent is free

    for the cultivator.

    Weekly hours average to around 20 hours per week.

    In general, the majority of the work can be accomplished in first part of the day.

    We are looking for someone that doesn’t mind staying on the property when the owners are away. For times when the property

    needs to be watched overnight, the cultivator will receive an additional $75/night.


    -Daily Feedings
    -Foliar Sprays
    -Equipment cleaning
    -Daily tending to plants
    -Transplanting and Harvesting once a month
    -Watching the property when needed

    -detail oriented
    -some experience working around cannabis
    -horticulture or botany background
    -easy going, easy to work with

    We need 3 good references. Also, please send us a cover letter telling us about yourself and why you’d make a good fit.
    No criminal background please.

    We are looking for a 1 year commitment please.

    How to Apply

    Please send your references and a cover letter telling us about you and why you’d make a great addition to the team. You

    can email us at danilalopers3332@gmail.com or text/call (857) 256-1312

  6. natalie hernandez on

    I’m looking for a seasonal trimming job or perhaps something better, anywhere up north. I’m from Florida, 19, working at a dunkin donuts full time, willing to leave as soon as possible.

  7. Look I’m 18 hard working and I need a job I’m available in week if anyone else see this please help me out my name is Dion Nelson I live Georges Drive 5717
    & I have Instagram my name on there is storm fire 2

  8. Weed News Freak on

    Grow jobs are extremely difficult to find. You’ll need something to do for about a year while you trim or work a “get in the door job”. It’s 100x harder than everyone thinks.

  9. I recommend folks check out Viva if they’re interested in entering the medical cannabis industry in California. Our company is growing rapidly, but we’re still at the early stages and there is a HUGE opportunity for the right entrepreneurs to join our platform and cultivate their clients amongst the 600,000 medical patients in California spending almost 2 billions dollars a year on cannabis products. We still have a TON of room for growth in our company, you can learn more at http://joinviva.com

  10. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    DIY spend your money spend your time spend your physical strength DIY

  11. Alejandro Mijares on

    Hi Ryan.
    I’m from Houston TX and I want to joy the cannabis business I have some experience in growing, but I thought my self. Obviously I have to move to join. And I’m thinking of Colorado. Can you give me advise on what would I need to do to get a job in a farm.. once I’m in colorado.

  12. Alejandro Mijares on

    Are things going better since you moved to colorado? Have you been able to find work?

  13. Alejandro Mijares on

    I live in Houston TX, my sources are limited. I was thinking of moving to Denver colorado work in a cannabis grow farm, i been trying to learn everything about marijuana, from growing to budtender. but I don’t know where to begging can some one give me some advise on how to make my first move?

  14. Tina Brooks-Smith on

    I currently work in Hospice in illinois.I am looking to find a job in marketing .How do I got started and where do I look?

  15. Im trying desperately to find info about regulations and restrictions for marijuana workers with felonies. I am very interested in a career in this field and need to know how my felony will effect my plans. I looking at Oregon or California but I’m not limiting myself to just there. PLEASE if you can give me some information I would really appreciate it. Thanks

  16. I’m about to make a move to bend OR, and I am from ft Collins CO. I really want to start doing something that I enjoy and love, and working with cannibas is one of those things. I have many years experience of trimming, sales, strains, and just growing in general. I’m having a hard time finding places to apply. If anyone out there in bend OR is hiring, or knows some one who is hiring, or can even just help get my foot in the door would awesome. Thank you! Get at me people

  17. Mirtha Duque on

    I just moved to Colorado Springs got started on cannabis because I have uncontrolled seizures I got tired of all the meds being prescribed which were controlling my seizures but were making me more sick from everything else. My cousin promised me work plus a lot of other stuff. Basically she left me holding the bag. Now I am here I took a leap of faith but since I already made the move I want to see it through. I am looking for work plus housing for the time being. I am in Colorado Springs.

  18. Rebecca Harberd on

    I’m sorry to hear about your friend, life can be brutally unfair. I feel the same way as you do about modern meds. Have you thought about acupuncture? If I can’t find my place in this industry, that is my plan.

  19. Kamil Wojtaś on

    I’m currently a college student and with every passing day I see how corrupt my school is and how big industries are all in the same way corrupt. I originally wanted to go to college to be a doctor or a vet but now that i’ve learned of the horrors of ‘modern medicine’ i dont think i could prescribe an animal let alone another human some crap chemical compound that has been created in a lab such as benzos and painkillers. I want to make a difference. I want to help and endorse the benefits and uses of medical marijuana. I have witnessed what chemotherapy does to people with cancer, and I have also witnessed what cannabis does to people with cancer. I prefer the latter. I lost a friend at the age of 18, and even though he may have died anyway from the cancer, I would have rather him live out the rest of his days pain and stress-free, not pumped full of poison that incapacitaed him and left him to rot. I just want to prevent other people from going through what I had to go through.

    I have no idea how to pursue a career and make my mark in the cannabis industry, so I guess this is my first step

  20. Not too hard when it’s your one true love it. I definitely had to jump over a couple obstacles but it was well worth it, now I just want to get myself into the industry any way possible ideally using my electrical license but I’ve lived for Mary Jane she saved me. Seems to be harder to get into the industry because I have no resume because it just became legal.

  21. I finally got my marijuana license I live in Connecticut it’s a little too hard to get into the industry, i know what im meant to do my dream job.I’m an electrician license but I hate working outside in the cold so I’m willing to start small and work my way up. Im in love with Mary Jane she’s been the love of my life always will always has been if anybody can help me out. or point me in the right direction because I’m at a crossroads in my life, my email address is Munsonrich3@gmail.com. I am willing to relocate to California Oregon Denver.

  22. Hello everybody!! I live in Northern CA and have been working in the mmj industry since 1999. I am trying to find a job within the industry in Oregon preferably in the Bend area. My family is all living in the Bend area and where I live in Nor Cal is getting all bad most of the cities are putting bans in place after being very open and accepting for years. I have sent out my resume and singed up to several mj job finding sites to no avail. Can someone please help I am willing to sell my house and head to Oregon but I need to know I have some employment waiting for me in the mj industry wether it’s in the Medical mj or recreational side. I am extremely passionate about the Medical mj witch I have been working in for over 18 but the recreational side sounds good to me as well. I know if I would have to prove myself and earn my way up to a good position. I am not looking for a hand out just a hand up so that I can start a new adventure. I will make someone a good employee/team member just need someone to give me a opportunity.you can email me at funn_dadd@msn.com Thanks.

  23. Hello everyone!! I am on here looking for advice and help. I know very little about the entire process and its inter working. I live in Pa so there has been no location of place for me to acquire this knowledge; however I am a very hard worker, good with my hands, and am a very quick leaner. I am willing to relocate to the west coast and was thinking of starting in the delivery service field and than like everyone I have a plan to achieve what I really want to achieve out of this. If anyone on here is hiring, knows of anyone hiring, or could even just point me in the right direction I would really appreciate any help. P.S. I am not some kid looking to get free ride and get to a legal medical/recreational state. To me this is a medicine that can really help people in so many ways, and I have found a way that it helps me that nothing else has been able to. So again any feed back would be much appreciated. Wish you all the best.

  24. I am a junior accounting major and graduate fall 2017. I plan to move to Denver CO an hopefuly get a bookkeeper position in the cannabis industry or maybe an entry level accountant job. I hope there are a lot more accounting positions next year than there are in 2016.

  25. Johnny Green (or anyone else knowledgeable), is there a good online certificate training program that you can recommend? There’s quite a few online training colleges (or instruction schools). Cannabis Training Institute, Cannabis Training University, Hempstaff, Oaksterdam University, THC University, etc etc. Is one better than another? Do MJ employers put any value or weight into taking these courses? Is there really any benefit to taking them? I am finishing up an A.S. in Horticulture, but I’d like to supplement it to make my resume as strong as possible. Thanks!

  26. Jaquan Johnson on

    Hey everyone, I would like a job as a bud trimmer but there none in my area. Can you help out please

  27. Hrvoje Gavran Greg on

    Hi, i would like to get a job in a outdoor medical cannabis garden in California or anywhere. I have 50 bee hives and steady job as a ship modeler in Croatia, but would like to move in a less conservative environment. I play didgeridoo in free time and at least 4times a week go for a swim in sea. Today it was 13.3*C but it felt as minus. I had 16years od terrible Itchy and Scratchy show because candida and eating too much honey etc.. and cannabis oil helped me a lot. I was in a jail few times for It but i survived. hrmonja@gmail.com

  28. Salut, je suis français aussi, dans la même démarche, depuis les US. Pour l’instant, pas d’opportunité trouvée, mais des pistes. Tout est une question de VISA. Je te conseille le Woofing, bien qu’il faille trouver les fermes et ça c’est pas évident.

  29. Hello everyone, I have a single question to ask. Im 22 and I am living in Paris (France) and i would like to know if its possible for a foreigner to access to this jobs?

  30. Hey my names Trevor Smith. I’m 18 y/o in Southern California. Very interested in the industry and most aspects about it, and have been since I was 15 years old. Can anyone give me some suggestions as far as certain schooling, or certain paths I need to take to just start off with my foot in the door and gradually move up bigger in time ? I’m also interested in moving up North possibly. Thanks!

  31. Aymeric, best to visit dispensary stores and ask them about jobs while you travel. You can connect with me on Facebook when in California…www.facebook.com/marijmlm = we help users make money from home.

  32. Looking to enter industry in Oregon, I am in Oregon City. I will do full time, part time, anything it takes.
    I have a LITTLE personal growing experience, and trimming also. I want to be a growers helper, and learn to become a master grower. I LOVE growing, cannabis is just an amazing plant! But I really dont care what I do, my passion to do this isnt too specific really.
    I am mature, responsible, and intelligent, and this is where I want to be as my now to after retirement career. Call me any time, my name is Mike 503 891 9902.
    I hope someone on here can help propel me forward.

  33. Folks in California that are interested in joining the cannabis industry should check out Viva. We’re a new kind of collective that allows you to safely and legally provide medical cannabis to other members in the comfort and privacy of your home. We provide the legal infrastructure and product – you provide access for patients!

    Using our service, you’ll sign up new members to the collective, legally provide them with cannabis product, and earn 25% of all your sales. For more information check us out at http://joinviva.com/become-an-ally

  34. hi,my name Aymeric ,I am french and I traveling around California

    I want to find a job in a marijuana because I very interesting about it ,do you know where or how can I find a job like that?

  35. So you are a self proclaimed felon. Can’t work so you hired yourself. Think you are better than every other grower even though you live in Oregon. It keeps getting better.

  36. They say “no felonies” for Oregon jobs..

    Read the fine print and apply with knowledge of the law.

    I have a felony and if I were seeking to be a lacky in Oregon, I would ignore the “no felonies” bit. I can get the license and thats what its about.

  37. Why would I not do my grow in secret if those secrets are the only thing making the work profitable?

  38. So you can grow opium poppy and make tea with it instead of buying Morphine from the pharmacy?

  39. Most “employers” are fat cats looking to profit off other people’s work.

    They want growers to know everything and teach it to others for a paltry $80k/annum. How many Gold prospectors are lining up for a deal like that?

  40. Is any marijuana indus. in washington DC?
    My name is Celestino rivero, and im looking for work in this industry. I had my own farm (cannabis) since i was 15y/o , and now im 18y/o whit a good experience with trimming.
    I want to study ,

  41. Hi Mr. Hoffman i would like to know please which career did you choose for this job that youre talking about?

  42. Robbie Donnell on

    Is there certain grades for different subjects you should get in school if planning to go down this career path?

  43. hmu if interested (4.0.6) 7.6.3- we do the planting, medical strains of grade A ++ available of all strain types1234567

  44. Benjamin Gallegos on

    Hello, my name is Benjamin Gallegos out of the state of California. Living in the central valley I am looking for work in this industry. I have experience cropping and trimming. Very good with details of product, the taste, the feeling, the aura, the qaulity. I use the product due to severe headaches as well as insomnia. I feel I would be a great addition to any company Worth giving me a chance. I am willing and ready!..

    Email ; benjaminneal17@gmail.com

  45. I’m good with any area, will also be willing to get any and all required work documents needed to work in the cannabis industry. The only area I have experience in would be the cultivation of the plants themselves. My grow was a passive hydroponic setup, I had to do a lot of reaserch and ask lots of questions but after many months of learning I was able to produce my first harvest on my own. This was the coolest thing ever, to see that I can make something that helps many many people have a better quality of life. I eventually learned everything I could for every step of growing, from seed to sale. Now I just wanna get out there and learn as much as I can while I’m helping provide cannabis to patients. If you are a person in need of help with a grow, big or small I’m ready to get to know you. I can watch over the grow to free you up for other things or just be your helper. At this point I would be interested in any and all employment in this industry. If anyone has questions please ask, I’m 35 years old and reliable. I have a small family that will be staying behind with family until I can get a foot hold in one of these states that have their heads strait. But please don’t hesitate to get ahold of me if you are in need of help. Thanks friends

  46. This year will mark 100 years of prohibition in Texas, really funny. I think the only way to kill someone with pot is to drop a huge shrink wrapped brick of it on their head. What do I know, I’ve atleast had a first hand experience with this evil weed with its roots from hell! Lol

  47. Great article, I’m sitting here In Texas laying in bed at 5:10 searching for anything in the cannabis industry. Saturday morning I was supposed to be on a flight to Oregon, where I was going to look after a pretty large grow. This person I was dealing with is friends of my family so I was in with both feet from the jump. I figured it’s time now I’m 35 my kids are a little older, hell IM going for it! Well here I sit, it’s Monday all my stuff is packed and ready to go. It’s a crushing blow to my spirit, this is all I’ve ever wanted to do. I’m not a master grower, but I have been growing for five years. My setup was a passive hydroponic grow. I’m 100% with measuring nutrients and testing PH levels. I’m a easy going guy that loves the comrotery and friendship that comes from this plant we all love so much. If there are any employers out there looking for a straight up honest person that will be an asset to your operation, please send me an e-mail.
    Thank you
    Troy Hoffman

  48. check out greenseek.co Upload your resume so employers on our network can find you, it’s free :)

  49. WeedHire.com You can search for jobs in the growing marijuana industry and message employers directly. They can help you with the necessary certifications that you may need, if any, and it give you a great opportunity to sell yourself.

  50. I have worked for the government for almost 16 years at the same job. I was injured and have had three surgeries on my shoulder. I recently received a letter that stated I was no longer suitable for government employment with my agency. It has been very difficult to accept. I was always at work and did a great job. I have always wanted to work in the legal medical cannabis industry. I’m very passionate about it! I understand pain and depression and am very capable of relating to patients. I would be a great asset to any employer willing to give me a chance. I work hard with little supervision able to do the job right the first time. I have no experience in the feild and would be willing to accept any position. I BELIEVE in this medicine! I’m willing to relocate and start a new beginning!

  51. Hey there! I’m almost 21 in October, and I’ve been craving to get a job in the medical marijuana industry. I live in Eugene, Oregon. I’ve never trimmed, but I’m VERY egar to start working and trimming, etc. Any position really. What places are best to work at here, if you know of any? I feel like this is my calling, and my future.

  52. Hello i am fron australia traveling with my girlfriend we are looking for some cash work for a couple of weeks in washington sate on a weed farm can anyone point us into the right dircection to find some thank you

  53. Those sites are garbage unless you’re willing to relocate or be under a salesman contract through whatever company thats offering a “job” from who knows where (~China). And I doubt canna employers are looking at the many resumes and applications they get, best advice: physically go to a dispensary and ask about the jobbing opportunities if any.

  54. In my area, people are posting most cannabis/marijuana jobs on craigslist. It appears to be the most widely used format due to the nature of opinion that is still out there. Just found one myself :)

  55. Whyiowa4medical on

    Thank you Shaleen. I did not apply to improve my record, it was a complete surprise to me as some charges against me were never meant to be felonies, and some were not directly committed by me, but I took responsibility for my part in them. Sometimes policing musicians is like herding cats!!!! So, I took my fall, dusted myself off, and discovered I had an angel in the Attorney General’s office. My forgiveness came from being highly overcharged, and the change in all laws to do with my conviction!!! I look forward to speaking with you!!!

  56. Thanks for your comment. My partner and I were impressed with your application. We’ll be in touch. And I think the restrictions on people with conviction histories are discriminatory and perpetuate all of the disparities we see in the criminal justice systems. I hope that future laws will exclude such restrictions. But for now, good for you for doing everything you can to have your record improved, I’m glad you had that opportunity. Talk soon.

  57. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    aside from WA and COLO………. OREGON under the first Medicial marrijuana program 80’s?. you can register as a grower or a patient or a practitioner which is a grower/patient…….. now when you read the law it explains what the words mean.
    and they are not just coined
    real legal language describing the functions of these words in physical practice. it is illegal to manufacture marijuana however it is not cannabis marijuanna is manufactured from Cannabis.
    the state of oregon has graciously offered legal refuge through compassionate means for a family practice that date before the 1700’s here in this country. if you dont know how to “COOK Marijuana” there is only one way to learn

  58. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    I want to call BULLHUMP on this post there are no jobs within this indusrty
    growers are BROKE……… corporations are the only businesses profiting and manipulating the volume of produce in a given county. if you want to work you work for someone that is just making money not medicine…….they use dangerous solvents that leave residue and may … we don’t know yet cause illness…………it is still illegal to manufacture marijuana if you don’t have a license to do so .and rolling a cigarette with the use of an automated machine is licensed here as well. so where did you get your information iowa?

  59. Whyiowa4medical on

    Thanks for this post, Johnny. I do not jump into the unreliable which is why I like Weed Hire. They show you the company before you apply!!!

  60. Whyiowa4medical on

    Shaleen, I have been to your site, was reasonably impressed, and I uploaded my resume. I have had felonies, but many were changed in law to a far less serious offence. My state restored all rights of citizenship and this is not something one often hears of a state partaking in. So, I am looking to be seen as my state sees me, a rehabilitated felon that has worth in society and can be a positive in any career I choose!!! I am the director of a small Iowa advocacy group, something any active felon with no rights could not perform. Look for my resume, as it could probably use polishing. Working for any canna-business, they will find I am as vested in the business as though it were my own!!!

  61. Whyiowa4medical on

    I agree with the response below, Weed Hire has been good to me. They even post company info as well as Canadian jobs. I merely mention Canadian is that it is cheap and easy to get a worker card as an educated American. As in dealing with Immigration anywhere, I have a degree in a medical career which will always help, but when one speaks of their grow-op, former or current, you are admittedly a felon. So, what really needs to happen is for hiring companies to realize that if someone has any number of years in cannabis, a crime statistic is VERY likely to appear. If I were setting-up a company, I would be looking for these admitted felons as they have exactly what I want; real experience with large amounts of cannabis. These people do not get wide eyed doing their very best not to say, “Holy Sh!T!!!” They get down to business and get the job done that the employer wants!!! After having dealt with the black market they will not take so much as a nug from you that you do not offer. So, when I see no felons I cannot help but think, “Look at all the great talent you are passing by!!!” They want a professional who has worked with cannabis, but are not willing to look at who had the entire industry before they had a snowballs chance at it!!! Just like the Stanley’s of Charlotte’s Web fame, we can take a disappointment and find the market to make a reasonable profit on it. It is not just FREE the cannabis felon, it means backing it up by utilizing the more creative ideas they can bring to the game!!!!

  62. Karen Ferguson on

    Thanks, Johnny, for the tips….networking seems the way to go across the board. Thanks again. Great article.

  63. But there is so much more you could have explained in a response instead of “hey, go look at our site”. And I asked those questions because I did not see those answers easily at your site.

  64. Hi there, yes those are legitimate questions and no I don’t take offense easily. There’s only so much I could explain in my two-sentence comment above, but you’ll find a lot more information on our website. Take a look, and if you’re still not comfortable, then hey, don’t submit your resume, no hard feelings.

  65. In all fairness, anything done in secret can’t be all that good. What is the reason for not listing publicly even to those who submit resumes? Is it so they don’t go to the company itself and cut you out of your placement fee? And what assurance can you give to those submitting resumes to your company that they won’t end up on some list somewhere or that the information on their resume won’t be used against them or exploited somewhere down the road? Confidential to who? To your company? To other respective companies? Whose eyes see the resumes and who doesn’t?

    I hope you don’t take this post as a shot against you but people have a right to know and should ask these kinds of questions of any company.

  66. Thomas W. Kruth on

    I don’t know what you have in mind but I do need a hoof job with honest pay

  67. and in some cases, be willing to volunteer, (as in working for dispensaries, because that’s what they ‘hire’, being honest here). Some aspects of hiring in the Cannabis field isn’t fleshed out yet, And some parts of this industry are not financially solvent to pay folks. I also have to mention that as long as they can hire “interns” to gain experience without pay, you might not get the coverage for insurance, etc that you think, and my have to have a secondary (j.o.b) to pay for your rent, etc. I am not trying to be a KJ (kill joy) but discussing what most people know about dispensaries, bud tenders (who end up working in lieu of rent, or food, or both), still issues of high crime rate and violence that can occur, as well as raids still happening. Just be prepared if you want to be involved in this business, and what SteveSarich is saying is still true in Washington state, and elsewhere. Know your area, what they allow as loopholes to operating this business, and what unspoken understandings there are about getting a job in the Cannabis industry.

  68. Will this job come with benefits ,Do I get Obama care will it cover my medical marijuana ,LOL

  69. They are getting ready to close down over 1,000 dispensaries in Washington State; 331 in Seattle alone. This means they will be putting over 10,000 people out of work in the “marijuana industry” in Washington State. There are just over 100 recreational stores that are supposed to replace all of the medical stores. There were supposed to be 334, but the 1000 foot rule, combined with city and county bans and moratoriums has it impossible to locate those stores anywhere.

    So while they can’t find locations for the current stores with licenses, the LCB is promising to open up more stores with “medical endorsements” to file the gap left by the blood-letting in the medical market. They just can’t explain where these mythical new stores will located.

    So there’s going to be a LOT FEWER new jobs in Washington marijuana market than you might have anticipated. You can wipe out the existing industry and try to paint it a “job growth”….except in the alternative universe that we know as the Liquor Control Board.

  70. That’s good real talk, Johnny Green! Candidates can also contact my staffing firm, THC Staffing Group (thcstaffinggroup.com) and submit your resume into our confidential database. We don’t list jobs publicly, but we’ll contact you down the line if there’s an opportunity that’s a good fit.

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