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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Michigan


I read a recent press release about a new medical marijuana clinic opening in Michigan. I have authored articles in the past about how to get a medical marijuana card in Oregon (my home state), and figured I would explain how to get one in Michigan as well. It’s a lot easier than most people think.

First off, you have to have an ‘approvable condition.’ In Michigan, these include; agitation of Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, cancer, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, nail patella, cachexia or wasting syndrome, severe nausea, severe & chronic pain, seizures, severe/persistent muscle spasms. You might be thinking to yourself, ‘I know I don’t have some of those conditions, but I do have aches and pains, and have had muscle spasms/nausea in the past. But I am confused as to what constitutes enough of these pains/spasms/nausea in order for it to be ‘severe, persistent, and/or chronic?’

The parallels of Michigan and Oregon are extremely similar; the process from the start until you physically get your card is pretty much identical, including the fees involved. The only part that is different is the limits, which I will explain later, and provide links. In no way am I recommending that a person fake a condition, I am simply telling people how I got MY medical card, and how people can do the same thing in Michigan. Be responsible! Here is a step by step of what I did in Oregon, and how to apply it in Michigan:

Day 1 — I went into my personal doctor and said, “My wrists and hands hurt from overuse. I don’t know if it’s carpal tunnel syndrome, or arthritis, or if I’m just a hypochondriac, but I really do have pain in my hands and wrists. I type a lot, write a lot, text message a TON, and generally do a lot of activities with my hands.” I could tell that my doctor was suspicious that I wanted painkillers, so I told him, “I DO NOT want painkillers. Are there natural ways, such as stretches, that I can do to alleviate my pain?” My doctor told me to take an over the counter painkiller and come back in 30 days if the symptoms didn’t subside. Considering the pain had been with me for a couple years at that point, I was certain that I would be back. Especially since I refuse to take painkillers of any kind that are not natural remedies. Pills are no good in my opinion.

Day 31 — I went back to my doctor to inform him that I still had the pain in my hands and wrists, and that I didn’t take the over-the-counter painkillers for the reasons I stated previously. I asked him once again, “Are there any natural things I can do to relieve my pain, such as stretches or changes in my daily activities?” My doctor gave me a couple of wrist braces that I was supposed to wear when I experienced the pain. I pointed out that I have this pain, at least mildly, at all times. He instructed me to wear the braces constantly. This was incredibly unrealistic, as I couldn’t even safely wear them when I was driving. At this point I had two options; go to expensive physical therapy and wear braces all day, or I could go to another doctor that would prescribe me a medical marijuana card.

***In order to get a medical marijuana card, you DO NOT have to get your doctor to prescribe it. What I just did in my two visits to MY OWN DOCTOR was establish a ‘chronic pain,’ which is defined in Oregon as ‘two visits for the same pain in the last 12 month period of time.’ Check with Michigan to see what their definition of ‘chronic pain’ is, but in all of my research it has always been 2 visits in a 12 month period of time, and that’s what I am told by my friends who have medical cards in Michigan. You don’t have to use ‘chronic pain,’ you can use any ailment that is approved by Michigan. However, chronic pain is an approvable condition, and back spasms, a ‘bad back,’ gimp leg, bum arm, wrist pain, frequent headaches, etc, are all ‘chronic pains’ as long as you go in 2 times in a 12 month span of time.***

Once I had two visits on my record, I had my medical records faxed from MY DOCTOR’S OFFICE to the MEDICAL MARIJUANA CLINIC where a doctor would sign my forms. Most clinics do not take new patients; they only take patients with ‘established conditions.’ Go to YOUR doctor and ‘establish it,’ much like I did on day 1 and 31. Then fax your records to the nearest medical marijuana clinic (note — not all medical clinics are the same, research and find one that has a good reputation).

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification Center is the clinic that I read about in the article, and their prices are the same as the clinic I go to in Oregon. I think the fees are reasonable, which is why I have gone back for multiple years to renew. After that fax gets to the clinic, and you come in with the proper fees, CONGRATULATIONS. The only thing left to do is get the paperwork to the appropriate state government agency (in Michigan it is MDCH). You are now in the medical marijuana club, medicate yourself responsibly!!!! The limits in Michigan are 2.5 dried ounces and up to 12 plants in an enclosed, locked facility (no outdoor gardening!). In Oregon, per card, we can have up to 24 dried ounces, 6 mature plants, and 18 immature plants. Plus, outdoor gardening is prime time in our spring/summer weather, so we grow the trees BIG IN OREGON.

P.S. – If you can get your regular doctor to sign the damn forms, you can side step this entire process. Maybe someday medical doctors will do what’s best for their patients, instead of letting social norms and personal political views dictate how they treat their patients…


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  1. I live in Wisconsin would I be able to get a card still if I got a postal address there? And when you do get a card does the doctor give you the pot or does your insurance cover it? Or do you have to grow it yourself

  2. I see a government shill. Let’s deny that the US government sells crack to black people, then go to war with Iraq next!

  3. To simply say that Marijuana is addictive is irresponsible, to say the LEAST. ANYTHING is addictive, to the wrong{or right, depends on how you look at it} people. I’ve personally taken almost EVERY drug known to man for pain, and can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that weed is the LEAST addictive, with the LEAST amount of negative side effects, and by FAR does the MOST for me. For my pain, as WELL as greatly helps in many other departments!!! So, to simply say that marijuana is addictive is the same as saying carrots are!!! To someone with an addictive personality, or simply addiction issues, ANYTHING can become an addiction. As WELL as the fact that anything that helps relieve so many negatives in a persons lives can cause them to become dependent upon that substance/thing.

  4. if you feel you will have no problem medically obtaining your card, i would suggest talking to a caregiver (ads r often at local compassion clinics) and they may fund all your expenses for you so that they can grow for you.
    patients plant numbers are very important to caregivers. your card hold weight and you could use it towards obtaining a card.

  5. it was 120 for my doctor visit and another 100 to state. its only 25 if u r on social security or disability
    the cost is (depends on caregiver) covered or traded for the ability for the grower to grow more plants….
    if a grower grew 12 of your plants (the legal max amount) they may give you 1 or 2 each crop at no cost so that you may have meds and not b over your limit. they would in return supply other patients with the leftover to secure donations for time and efforts…deals can be anything the patient and grower decide within legal limits…
    no cash is paid straight in exchange for medicine, but one can donate to keep medicine grow funded…its kindof a funny weird relationship they forced on grower and patients

  6. I live in Northern Michigan and I suffer from several serious health problems. And unfortunately, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Vulvar Cancer a month ago as well. I know that I qualified for the card even before the Big “C” word came into play, but my family doctor does surprise pee tests for marijuana and they say that if they find it they will no longer treat me. I have been on Immediate Release Morphine for years now and it no longer works yet my doctor won’t increase the prescription or help with an alternative. I want to get my medical marijuana card because, frankly, I am tired of all of the side effects of all of the meds I am currently taking. Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia, Morphine for my bladder disease (IC) which works like a cancer, Xanax for the anxiety and shakes I get from just trying to get through one day with all of the pain. That is only a few of them. Now I have to have surgery next month to cut away tissue involved with the Vulvar Cancer Tumors. I have to take 2 kinds of laxatives daily because every med I am on binds you up. I’m tired. Tired of it all. I have been disabled since 2006 and my disability income doesn’t go very far. I don’t qualify for help from the DHS because my $900 a month is too much money. In fact, they just reduced my Foodstamps to $54 per month. How is a person supposed to survive on that? Is there help out there for someone like me? I can’t afford much of anything. Are there organizations that will help you pay to get the card?? I don’t know where to turn.

  7. i was wundering i hear that they give a card for kidney failiar i was wundering if it was the same for kidney disease which i have had from birth been to the doctor millions of times and i have spina bifida which means pain for breakfast lunch and dinner. iv been taking muscle relaxers and i wunder if i just take my records to the center would i even need to have another doctors visit?

  8. But how much is the process once you have an established condition? And what about the marijuana? How does a disabled person on a limited income afford the cost??

  9. The only thing that is addictive is the freedom of pain so irresponsible people that use it solely to get the “high” they want may be weak minded enough to get a psychosomatic withdrawal which for those that don’t know means because you think you will experience withdrawal your brain makes it true but testing with prove it’s all in your head I have epilepsy and for the past 20 years I’ve been taking various pills and if I forget or run out due reasons such as lack of money the withdrawal of the medicine causes more seizures stopped taking them and did years of research on marijuana and afterwards started slowly taking in THE from weed no seizures or even ticks and if I run out for a while my symptoms come back but no full blown seizures so please don’t post things like that where people that don’t do thorough research such as yourself no offense because if it goes for vote again it might get taking away and responsible sick people like me my lose their working medicine it does not have to be smoked there is safer alternatives smoking is just easier and before you ask I’ve been on many dozens of different medications and cocktails of medications I ment no disrespect by the above just accurate knowledge

  10. Yes but I work for a union company and my rep told me companies including mine can refuse to hire you or even fire you for failing a drug test even if you have your card the problem is under federal law it is still considered a drug and during the hearing they can use the federal definition many unions are working on amending the act to protect workers but it takes time California did but all it dose is make the employer fire you in a way you can still get unemployment hope this helps

  11. Does chronic depression qualify as far as getting the medical marijuana card. Also does it matter what kind of doctor you go to, because my doctor is an endochronologist.

  12. I haven’t seen my physician in years. Walked into a clinic on Gratiot, told the Doc what I was experiencing, signed my forms, boom in and out within an hour. That was last night, today just mailed my paperwork to Lansing. So if your like me and worried about having to go through this monthly long process, don’t, you’ll get it no problem.

  13. If you think I was off-topic, then it appears you only want to talk about cannabis addiction and withdrawal, not the specifics of addiction and withdrawal. Seems like you’re a pot hater. Which brings me back to my question, why are you here and what do you want?

  14. Sounds like stress. Maybe a hormonal imbalance. Or perhaps too much caffeine.
    I’m addicted to sleep and suffer withdrawal when I don’t get enough. I’m addicted to nutrition and suffer from a food addiction that creates physical withdrawal symptoms when I don’t eat. I’m addicted to water and air and gravity. When I don’t get enough sex, I suffer from anxiety and insomnia. As I age, I have increasing aches and pains and sleep less. Menopausal symptoms include anxiety, aches and pains, and trouble sleeping. When it rains for days on end, I suffer from the effects of too little sunlight, creating anxiety and trouble sleeping. Insomniacs suffer from anxiety, aches/pains, and of course, lack of sleep. Gosh, I could go on and on and on…

  15. Detroit alyssa on

    Ok. Explain to me how physical withdrawal symptoms (trouble sleeping, anxiety, aches/pains) are not indicative of physical addiction… Go ahead….

  16. Detroit alyssa on

    Actually there are many intelligent cannabis users that KNOW its addictive after being used chronically. Just because you’re not one of them doesn’t mean much except that you’re in denial and/or illiterate.

  17. Dear Detroit Alyssa: Your questions have been answered here by more than one person. Who are you with and what do you want?

  18. Detroit alyssa on

    You’re wrong on pretty much all accounts. Basing your opinion on your experience alone is ignorant. Addiction = physical and/or mental withdrawal symptoms = cessation of marijuana for most if not all chronic smokers. Period.

  19. For the longest time I thought this.. I started smoking weed and have been for months now and can honestly say that it’s not addictive. If you smoked weed everyday for a month, you would agree. It’s the kind of thing where the second you feel you should stop, you do. 100% control over your decision. There is no physical withdrawals. You may miss it or crave it, the same way you miss and crave listening to your favorite music. Weed hasn’t been proven to be addictive either so stop talking out of your ass.

  20. I wouldn’t smoke that much in a day. And if your paying $50 for an eighth, you’re getting ripped off, lol.

  21. I’m currently recovered from Oxy (7 yrs ) and smoked pot for 30 yrs, and I can tell you from EXPERIENCE that cannabis is NOT physically addictive and opioids are HELL.

  22. I guess what we’re looking for here is to put marijuana into context with other drugs. Anything, from sex to religion to adrenaline can be “addictive.” Should all these things be illegal?

    And if you understood how medical studies are undertaken, who pays for them, why they pay for them, what their agenda is, man, I could go on and on. Universities and doctors being paid off by Big Pharma and rich billionaires. Studies that are never seen because the outcomes were negative. Skewing scientific results is easy… you have to lift up the hood and look at the engine to really determine what’s going on. Many times there is no direct causal link. It’s a pain, I know, to have to sift and sort through all the medical jargon, trying to determine conflicts of interest, etc., but if you really want to know the truth, you gotta do the digging.

    The symptoms of addiction that these studies list could describe me on a bad PMS day. They could describe problems unassociated with addiction. To people here, on The Weed Blog, who have dealt with addiction to drugs much, much stronger than cannabis, your claim that cannabis is physically and mentally addictive is, well, rather lame.

    There may be people who have never tried cannabis (or those that are currently medicating with cannabis who have other medical and psychological problems) who may use cannabis and will decide that they cannot live without it. Addiction can effect anywhere from 5% to 20% of the population, depending on the drug. But, with cannabis, I would say that addiction rates will fall way below that, if they even register. The “scientific” studies may not be there to support this fact, but they will be. Cannabis studies have been stymied by the drug’s illegality, but just wait, this will eventually be proven to your satisfaction.

    You seem more angry that actually looking for information, though. Have you known someone who suffered from addiction? Please keep in mind that addiction is still being studied and that no one has all the answers yet. If the medical industry had the answers to treat addiction, then we would have seen the results.

  23. So does that make you dumb since I never compared the two? Or a troll cuz you’re fucking dumb for claiming a point thst wasn’t in contention? Hmmm?

  24. Hahahaa troll. Obviously you have never been addicted to opioids such as oxy. There is no comparison.

  25. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet… Give actual links that are true. Did you know that George Washington used to grow marijuana along w/his tobacco crops? Now if it’s soooo horrible, why did our first (and possibly best) POTUS think it was sooo all right to grow it and smoke it?

  26. 130mg= 1/8th of smoked herb. So these people are being given more than an 1/8th, which is about 3.5 grams a day. No shit that’s bad for anyone. That’s over $50 dollars a day. This is why most studies with marijuana have been irrelevant to logical scientific studies because they use unrealistically high amounts of thc. So yes, i will agree doing over an 1/8th a day is horrible for you.

  27. detroitalyssa on

    Here’s another spoonful from one of the google links….. Open wide

    “It had been believed that cannabis use did not lead to tolerance and that there was no withdrawal syndrome. However, since the mid-1970s, these views have been challenged by many experimental and observational studies. For example, Jones & Benowitz (1976) administered oral THC in doses of 70-210 mg/day to subjects for 30 days and noted a progressive loss of the subjective ‘high’. This finding was replicated by Georgotas & Zeidenberg (1979), who gave an average daily dose of 210 mg THC to volunteers for a 4-week period — the subjects then “found that the marijuana was much weaker”. Withdrawal signs were also found: during the first week of abstinence the subjects “became very irritable, uncooperative, resistant and at times hostile”; they also became hungry and experienced insomnia. These effects waned over 3 weeks. Cessation of smoked cannabis has also been shown to lead to withdrawal symptoms (Haney et al, 1999). The cannabis-withdrawal syndrome has now been unequivocally demonstrated and includes restlessness, anxiety, dysphoria, irritability, insomnia, anorexia, muscle tremor, increased reflexes and autonomic effects including changes in heart rate, blood pressure, sweating and diarrhoea. The syndrome may appear in about 10 hours, and peaks at about 48 hours (Mendelson et al, 1984)”

  28. “The Science of Marijuana is written by Leslie L. Iverson, a professor of pharmacology at the University of Cambridge in England. In the book, he reviews decades of international research on marijuana, both laboratory research and survey research. Based on his review of the scientific literature, between 10 to 30% of regular users will develop dependency. Only about 9% will have a serious addiction.” http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-teenage-mind/201012/is-marijuana-addictive So no it’s not really an addictive drug, more of a dependent like Facebook. And sorry no it has not been scientifically established for decades. Beings if you learned it’s history, marijuana use to be in our pharmaceutical stores here in USA. On top of all this, there’s no document connecting marijuana with causing death yet there’s thousands a year killed from, FDA approved drugs that do cause addiction, cigarettes that cause addiction, and alcohol that causes addiction. So if you can correct me with evidence of these studies that are well documented or established, i’m eager to learn something new and be proved wrong.

  29. Post a link to a damn study then, otherwise you are just saying things, and it makes you look like you’re full of shit.

  30. I saw the doctor and had my paperwork approved months ago. My caregiver was supposed to file it but still hasn’t. I’m wondering if I HAVE to have a caregiver in order to submit the paperwork to the state for consideration.

  31. detroitalyssa on

    Refusing to understand scientific fact makes you (and by association, us all) look really dumb.

    Physical addiction: substance dependence in which there is evidence of tolerance, withdrawal, or both.

  32. John From Michigan on

    Marijuana is not even close to physically addictive. To say that it IS physically addictive is denial and illogical. You’ve obviously never smoked weed so you probably have no true understanding of what it is you’re actually talking about. The “fact” that Marijuana is addictive comes from studies which show that government funded rehabilitaion centers show a majority of Marijuana users aposed to anything else. What they dont tell you however is that most justice systems give first time Marijuana users/offenders the choice of probabtion or rehab… Almost all will pick rehab in order not to have a criminal charge on their record, and thus it appears “Marijuna is very addictive”.
    Next time get some facts that aren’t from the Reagan era.

  33. Detroit alyssa on

    Marijuana IS physically addictive, hence the physical withdrawal symptoms from smoking chronically. Saying otherwise is denial and illogical.

  34. Oxycotin and Oxycodone and others are far worse and more additve and Marijuana is not physically addictive only mentally. Regardless the side effects and addiction are far far far worse than what the Doctors put me on. Even my pain management Doctor has said if it were legal here in Ohio it would be the best thing for me, HIGH DCB and you ingest it not smoke it.

  35. Detroit alyssa on

    Marijuana IS physically and mentally addictive. That has been established for DECADES with scientific studies.

  36. macdo's mark on

    i live in michigan and i need my card cause i love weed. seems reasonable enough to me doctors should just hand them out cause lets be realistic about it. you have to do so much stupid shit to get it..go green

  37. Hmmmm…what happened to my ‘m’s in this sentence??? ;P I (I’M) frustrated & terribly depressed, but I (I’M) DETERMINED to beat this SERIOUSLY FRAUDULENT $Y$TEM!!! Ahhh what the heck I’ll say it again & make it my MANTRA! I’M DETERMINED TO BEAT THIS SERIOUSLY FRAUDULENT $Y$TEM!!!! SO BE IT!!!!

  38. Dearest Beth, I just want you to know I’m sitting here sobbing after reading about your situation! That is absolutely awful, my heart goes out to you & your son. I’m deeply sorry to hear what you’ve been thru & I wish I could help somehow, although sadly I cannot even help myself right now! I’ve been crying almost non-stop since Thursday because I waited 3+ LOOOONG years with severe chronic knee/joint pain to even apply for a card, since my husband is federally licensed & I was concerned about jeopardizing his career! Now they’re refusing to submit my ap until I get my blood pressure down! They are INSISTING I see a SO CALLED medical doctor, since it’s been 20 years since I’ve seen one. (I’m 50) I’ve made it my life’s mission to avoid BIG HARMUS toxic zombie treats unless I’ve exhausted ALL other options & even then I think I’d rather DIE than be involved in any way shape or form with the current COMPLETE SCAM of an illness management $Y$TEM! Now they are going to FORCE me to take POISON & deny me TRUE MEDICINE!!!! It’s MY BODY!!!! WTF???!!! I frustrated & terribly depressed, but I DETERMINED to beat this SERIOUSLY FRAUDULENT $Y$TEM!!! May we all find NATURAL relief from our suffering SOOON & at a cost we can AFFORD!!!! ;] SO BE IT!!!!

  39. I have severe anxiety and my psychiatrist in NYC suggested I continue using marijuana to help it. I am from Michigan with a Michigan address and am here for 6 more weeks and want to get my card and purchase some. I also have aches and headaches who j accompany my anxiety. What are the best courses of actions? Thanks!!

  40. oes anyone know this answer i can’t find it anywhere but im still looking just figured id put that out their

  41. the real truth on

    I’ve been in chronic pain for 17 yrs. now due to a disease which fuses my spine together on its own no help from the surgeons on top of that I have numerous other painful disease’s .and I’m sorry to say that most people on weed due it because they’re potheads.all pot does is make so you relax and which in turn because your muscles are now relaxed makes your brain think no more pain.the only thing it is good for is the nausea that all my other meds. give me.plus on top of that it just made the drug dealers legal and able to double the price.Thanks fellow potheads for really taking advantage of your fellow potheads pain

  42. Not sure if anyone still replies to this anymore but here’s my situation: I have been diagnosed with POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome ) and at times I get very very dizzy and feel uncomfortable and very dizzy which makes me feel nauseas for a day or two straight.
    This is something else I get: when I get stressed out (used to get very stressed in high school. Just finished, couldn’t find a job so I’ve been stress free) I get bad chest pains due to inflammation.
    I absolutely despise taking pills, I don’t even like taking large vitamins.
    Anyway, I’m in Michigan, would I qualify for a medical marijuana card? I use cannabis already to treat these issues but I can’t medicate often because I need to pass a drug test that I’ll most likely have to take if I hear back about a job position.

  43. I’m in Ohio and suffer severe Crohn’s it came all of a sudden and almost killed me. They gave me 4 months to live if I didn’t have my Large Intestine removed. Since then it spread and I had my colon and rectum removed.
    Tomorrow I’m off again to the Cleveland Clinic yet again. I wish the laws here would change I haven’t used Marijuana for over twenty years but I would do anything to relieve myself of the pain. I’m on Oxy and everything else and they are far far worse than Marijuana and also addictive which Marijuana is not. It’s a shame that the cure I need I can not get.

  44. Can you live in Ohio set up pain mgr appt w docs in Michigan, have been red flagged w /thc in system kicked out of pain mgr here in Ohio for that and still get the card or are u considered a substance abuser? Im refused treatment here in OHIO no one will prescribe my meds now and no one will accept me into their clinic. Im suffering have a 7yr old lil girl who is only thing that keeps me here. Totally qualify for medical mj, by legalized states. I need help please one only way I think I can receive treatment for my chronic pain is to go to legalized state for pain mgr. I really need help when I have my meds Im stable person out going, help the community. Now Ive been suffering for 2mos making trips to ER to almost wkly to get some relief, cant get off couch or out of bed. My poor daughter Im all she has her father is deceased even w pain meds Im still hurting but not like this:( I get no family help what so ever and to be honest I dont know how many more days I can go feeling this unbearable pain, but I do because of my lil one. Any advice need help all my medical record say is prob read terminated fr pain mgr due to failing drug screen w/thc 3xs. Have always taken my meds as prescribed med levels and pill counts always right on. Crushed both my heels all my lower vertebrae s and skull. 30 ft drop onto concrete been thru so many bone graphs and spinal fusion plate in skull. Im 36 yr old female 100lbs 5ft. I feel disccriminated against when doctor s look at me cause not to sound conceded but I dont look like anything would be wrong w me but internally Im disfigured. Sucks that the bill didnt get passed here in Ohio, really didnt even get looked at when I called to see what happened to HB. Med records also may say I didnt care for one of my phychologist due to I didnt feel better when I left and felt she was judging me or something was occurring from the begin ing . No one in Ohio will help so Im considering moving to warmer weather once I get my meds back to legal state for medical use. Please help already lost my business and about to lose our home fr not being able to work because of not having the meds I need just to walk do normal daily functions like dishes laundry preparing meals even taking a shower.

  45. Hi, i live in michigan. I have had numerous injuries and mental illness problems and ive always wanted to get a med card but my psychiatrist says that marijuana is bad for you and all the this load of crap and same with my parents they always say that it makes me aggressive and when i do get agressive is becuz they start arguements with me while being on marijuana and then the next day say see told you and its like well it would have never happened if YOU didnt start stuff and yes i turned 18 as of june 2012 i want my med card and i know several people have similiar conditions me and they have their med card everytime i bring it up to my parents there like your not allowed to get one you will never be allowed to get one and all this load of bull becuz of my mental condition wich is complete bs cuz i have friends with the same mental illness and they have their card??? can someone please offer some help or advise…

    p.s. sorry if the grammer really sucks my laptop is seriously crap i seriously had to re-type this 5 or 6 times becuz of it and sometimes my laptop will just go to a random page or while im typing move what im typing to past words and sometimes just delete everything completely

  46. Ian, I agree with Timothy, but you should probably learn some grammar, too. You have no idea how to properly punctuate or how to use articles (a, an, and the).

  47. im in fort wayne to, i think u have to live in a state that has it legalized. if u come to indiana with it its still ilegal. i heard indiana is working on legalizing it soon.

  48. im a resident of illinois…how would i go about getting a card from michigan or could i even?

  49. I have what is called a parse deffect in my lower back and horrible arthritus in my hips I have the.documantation to prive it, but im only 20 do u think I can still get it?

  50. Done that before, hurts like hell. Anyways, no, you’d have to have parental consent though.

  51. i have dislocated my knee 3 times in less than two years, most recently last Saturday. I most likely could get a card but i am only sixteen, is the age limit 18 or is there not one?

  52. first of all you need your card and that can be done by following the comments at the top of the page, once you have your card it really isnt hard to locate weed. you can grow your own or do a internet search for a primary caregiver and nominate them to grow your weed for you.
    I went through the http://www.thc-foundation.org and they went above and beyond anything i could have expected…a great bunch of helpful people. but watch out there are still ALOT of grey areas in the law

  53. most back injuries that i have come across need to be backed up with MRI scans and other ‘documented’ paperwork, this is to weed out(no pun intended) the ‘ow my back hurts’ group

  54. Well said Tim, its morons like this Pmony that are the idiots that the system is trying to beat….as Tim said Pmony ‘Learn some fucking grammar’ perhaps you could invest some time at the keyboard into actually getting a education and not looking like such a uneducated prick, maybe one day you might be able to construct a well presented arguement and not look like you just bash the keyboard with your elbows ?

  55. How bout u grow a pair and stop calling it medical marijuanna and just smoke ur weed cuz u wanna smoke ur weed

  56. I’m a 22 year old female and I’m going to be getting back surgery on my lower lumbar & it comes with severe muscle spazzam’s. I go into surgery next month. Would I qualify do you think? & how do I go about getting it. I don’t want to be like.. hey doc let me get my weed card, because it isn’t like that. It makes me comfortable in my situation.

    Thanks in advance! (:

  57. Brockskyleecourtney on

    I have a consistent lower back pain and when I walk my ankles crack think I could get it for that!

  58. I do have constant pain in my hands which I have to use to make small parts for my job.  I have been to two doctors and had testing done.  They both wanted me to have surgery which would put me out of work for at least 6 months.  Who can do that?  Sometimes my fingers will raise up, like on their own and it hurts.  I never wanted to go the weed way but it sure seems easier then trying to be out of commission for 4 to 6 mo. per hand.  I have never bougt weed from anyone so where would I go?

  59. I feel the same way I hate all these pills I have to take they make me sicker . I wish it was legal here so I could be pain free & Happy.

  60. Hi, I have had constant back pain since I was a teenager. I have Spinal arthritis, I am 55 years old. I have had tried all the prescriptions, with nothing but side addects, and no relief. I actually told the doctor if they could not find something to alliviate my pain, I was going to kill myself. I have to work to pay my bills, and my world got really small. They prescribed me antidepressants, but no relief for my PAIN. No health insurance, so bills were getting astronomical. I had a friend who was a care giver, and he gave me a recicipe for marijurauna cookies. and OMG, I finally had relief!!! My son has got Tourettes syndrome, so We tried the marijuana for his Tourettes, and his ticks, both motor and vocal totally disappeared. I t was a miracle. Well, one of his friends found out about our marijuana, and turned us into to the local police, and on Christmas day, they raided opur house and found 9 tgrams of marijuana, and my chopped up leaves and stems in the freezer, tore our house up, broke alot of our furniture, and now we are facing possession charges. I am MORTIFIED!!!!! How can someone tell you what you can use for pain relief?!!!! I guess it is ok for people to drink , or take prescription drugs, that have horrible side effects, but if you use a natural cure. you are doomed. I cant eat or sleep, and have lost 14 pounds in the last week, because of the trauma that the police have caused me. I have worked very hard to be a responsible citizen and have always poaid my bills, and now, I dont even want my house anymore, because I dont feel safe here. Every noise I hear I think it is the cops. I just cant believe this is happening! I am seriously ready to just give up on life. Now I have no hope of relief for my pain, and my son has no relief for his Tourettes. Can two people in one household have a MARIJUANA CARD? Am I going to go to jail? Any help oput there

  61. There is another place to get your Doctor certification that I used. http://www.getlegalamerica.com/michigan I provided my debilatating condition, the name of my previous doctor where I got any previous diagnosis and I had my certification within a couple of days. Talk about taking the pain out of this process! I had never used medical marijuana before this and have found the relief for my chronic back pain 100x better than prescriptions. I can actually sleep and wake up unlike prescriptions…. They also can provide a caregiver if you ask for one!

  62. I have constant pain in my hands and wrists and I have to pop my joints constantly or I cramp up and I was also told I have no cartilage in my right hand and wrist and in my family we have crippling arthritis and I toss, and turn all night witch ends up with me not sleeping much. I also get migraines a lot with a side of PAIN in a lot of my joints and I was wondering if that is a legit reason to get my card?

  63. hey i got my foot cut off on August 7 2010 and the doctors had to stich it back on but it did not work and it was rotting away and falling apart and just typing this in is make n me upset and wat they did was take a muscle from my left thigh and put it on the side of my foot then they ut skin from my thigh and put it over top and before they did all that the took a vane from m thighand conected it to my vains in my foot so i could live and now my foot looks like a fucking zombie foot i am dealpy depressed and i hav axiety and my back is not in alinement no more from laying in a hospital bed for a year now that my foot is healed i can walk but it herts so bad the make me eat vikes perks and meathedone and morfine it sucks so i hide my pills and smoke to kill the pain cus if i take them pills i will get withdraw sickness and i can deal with no more pain or i will be like and inch closer to offing my self and at one point of time i was thinking in my head bad suiside thots i hate my life my life needs to get bedder soon or i will just uit on life

    i also had 13 surgerys and all the meds they gave me made me dumer i used to be abal to type no i type like a lil 12 year old and i am upset type n this rightno i need a licence

  64. A good friend of mine got her card for severe menstrual cramps. Its called dysmenorhea (check the spelling, I’m not sure). Medicinal marijuana is the only thing that helps her pain. The pills she was taking didn’t help nearly as much and made her a couch zombie, unable to function. But using the right amount of marijuana eases the pain and allows her to live a much better life. Good luck!!

  65. Great site! I have horrible back pain, arthritis in my sacroiliac joints from have my pelvic bones being out of alignment for 8+ years. I’m really hoping this works for me… so far physical therapy has done nothing, i don’t want pain meds and anti-inflmmatorys don’t help either. This is my only option left I feel. Thanks for the info!

  66. yo im in fort wayne indiana an i want to get me a card i have cronic back pain but is it pos. for me to get a card an live in fort wayne indiana like i would drive up there an buy stuff and go from there

  67. http://www.legislature.mi.gov/%28S%28iqr4vd55orxcqs55nm4jeo45%29%29/mileg.aspx?page=getObject&objectName=mcl-333-26424

    “Sec. 4. (a) A qualifying patient who has been issued and possesses a registry identification card shall not be subject to arrest, prosecution, or penalty in any manner, or denied any right or privilege, including but not limited to civil penalty or disciplinary action by a business or occupational or professional licensing board or bureau, for the medical use of marihuana in accordance with this act, provided that the qualifying patient possesses an amount of marihuana that does not exceed 2.5 ounces of usable marihuana, and, if the qualifying patient has not specified that a primary caregiver will be allowed under state law to cultivate marihuana for the qualifying patient, 12 marihuana plants kept in an enclosed, locked facility. Any incidental amount of seeds, stalks, and unusable roots shall also be allowed under state law and shall not be included in this amount.”

    That’s where I got my info from, so something funky is going on with the paperwork I’d say. Hopefully that clears things up

  68. Hi. Just wanted to let you know that I think there is a mistake in this article. I have my card in Michigan and all of my paperwork says 2 oz., not 2.5.

    Or I am just super-mega-stoned and can’t read my paperwork.

  69. I had a knee surgery about a year ago, and when i walk on it too much it feels sore, and tender, would this qualify me for a card?

  70. I have had horrible PMS/cramps for years. The meds my doctor prescribes make me sick and don’t help for the pain.. Do you think i would have a qualifying condition?

  71. does anyone think i could get a card for chronic pain in my ankle i have had this for over 2 years now and cant get it fix cause the doctor thought it was somthing else when i was at the hospital the first time. but now i found somthing else thats worse.

  72. I have a really bad ankle to were it feels like its always bruised when i walk on it and hurts even worse when i do things on it, cause i love to do sports but my foot and ankle is just to bad from playing soccer then going and playing football. cause my doctor thought all it was, was a really bad sprain but found out ligaments were messed up and bone is apart by a little. does anyone think that would be a reasonable thing to try to get a card. but iam still pretty young but wanna do sports in the doctor already told me its to late to fix it. cause i went a year in a half before i know what was really wrong with it.

  73. yvonne panei on

    i found this article to be very informative ,useful information. as I am soon moving to MI. and can seek a different agenda the pills, as I am up to 9 pills daily to be able to get through a day… thank you for this article

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