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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card


The glorious medical marijuana card…For those that don’t have one, getting one seems like a really big step. For those of us that have a medical card, we simply couldn’t imagine life without it. I get asked at least once a day how I got my medical card, and so I figured I would post the answer on TheWeedBlog.Com for the masses. Keep in mind; this process is for the State of Oregon. I will explain at the end how it applies to the other 13 medical states in the US. In no way am I recommending that a person fake a condition, I am simply telling people how I got MY medical card. However, most people have at least SOME kind of pain, and SOME is all you need!

Day 1 — I went into my personal doctor and said, “My wrists and hands hurt from overuse. I don’t know if it’s carpal tunnel syndrome, or arthritis, or if I’m just a hypochondriac, but I really do have pain in my hands and wrists. I type a lot, write a lot, text message a TON, and generally do a lot of activities with my hands.” I could tell that my doctor was suspicious that I wanted painkillers, so I told him, “I DO NOT want painkillers. Are there natural ways, such as stretches, that I can do to alleviate my pain?” My doctor told me to take an over the counter painkiller and come back in 30 days if the symptoms didn’t subside. Considering the pain had been with me for a couple years at that point, I was certain that I would be back. Especially since I refuse to take painkillers of any kind that are not natural remedies.

Day 31 — I went back to my doctor to inform him that I still had the pain in my hands and wrists, and that I didn’t take the over the counter painkillers for the reasons I stated previously. I asked him once again, “Are there any natural things I can do to relieve my pain, such as stretches or changes in my daily activities?” My doctor gave me a couple of wrist braces that I was supposed to wear when I experienced the pain. I pointed out that I have this pain, at least mildly, at all times. He instructed me to wear the braces constantly. This was incredibly unrealistic, as I couldn’t even safely wear them when I was driving. At this point I had two options; go to expensive physical therapy and wear braces all day, or I could go to another doctor that would prescribe me a medical marijuana card.

***In order to get a medical marijuana card, you DO NOT have to get your doctor to prescribe it. What I just did in my two visits to MY OWN DOCTOR was establish a ‘chronic pain,’ which is defined in Oregon as ‘two visits for the same pain in the last 12 month period of time.’ Check with your state to see what their definition of ‘chronic pain’ is, but in all of my research it has always been 2 visits in a 12 month period of time. You don’t have to use ‘chronic pain,’ you can use any ailment that is approved by your state. But once again, every state I have researched has chronic pain as an approvable condition, and back spasms, a ‘bad back,’ gimp leg, bum arm, wrist pain, frequent headaches, etc, are all ‘chronic pains’ as long as you go in 2 times in a 12 month span of time. I know people that have it for gout, epilepsy, spasms, and a number of other ‘non-terminal ailments.’ Of course, if your state only approves terminal conditions such as cancer or AIDS, you are SOL, or if you live in a state that does not have a medical marijuana program you are SOL***

Once I had two visits on my record, I had my medical records faxed from MY DOCTOR’S OFFICE to the MEDICAL MARIJUANA CLINIC where a doctor would sign my forms. Most clinics do not take new patients; they only take patients with ‘established conditions.’ Go to YOUR doctor and ‘establish it,’ much like I did on day 1 and 31. Then fax your records to the nearest medical marijuana clinic (note — not all medical clinics are the same, research and find one that has a good reputation). After that fax gets to the clinic, and you come in with the proper fees, CONGRATULATIONS. The only thing left to do is to get the paperwork to the appropriate state government agency (in Oregon it is DHS, for instance). You are now in the medical marijuana club, medicate yourself responsibly!!!! This can be done in CA, CO, MI, MT, etc. The only trick is finding a doctor/clinic that will sign your forms once you have ‘established’ your condition.

Of course, if you could get your regular doctor to sign the damn forms, you can side step this entire process. Maybe someday medical doctors will do what’s best for their patients, instead of letting social norms and personal political views dictate how they treat their patients…


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  1. What about new Jersey… and do I tell my doctor to fax my paperwork to a medical dispensary

  2. i want to go to cannibus cup in michigan but i live in wisconsin and they dont give out cards here so what would be the proper procedure to do ? they said the doc will be rhere on site what do i need to take with me .. please amd thank you

  3. I’m 18 and I have a seizure disorder. Do you think I could just get a prescription for that instead of pain?

  4. Live in Northern CA and it couldn’t have been simpler for my son. The minute he turned 18, he searched up a dispensary on google (dozens pop up) – it’s a one-stop shop, packed with teens. Doc to sign paperwork next door to the dispensary, assembly-line style. My son has absolutely nothing wrong with him but as he and all his friends know, it’s enough to just say you have trouble sleeping. After a 5 min chat with doc, papers were signed for a year and he was supplied. Assuming the yearly renewal process will be merely a formality as well. Now he’s able to spend most of his waking hours high and/or checked out and gets tons of sleep. He’s thrilled to have a state-sanctioned dealer that will guarantee quality and feels the card will protect him from jail time or felony charges.

  5. How hard was it to get your medical records faxed from MY DOCTOR’S OFFICE to the MEDICAL MARIJUANA CLINIC ? Did you have toi ask your Doctor to do it for you ? And Ask him with out telling him that its to a MEDICAL MARIJUANA CLINIC ?

  6. That’s interesting. Is Spock a cannabis lover? Did he perchance use a cannabis balm on his balls?

  7. The definition of chronic pain that you describe is one that doctors use to differentiate between different levels of pain, like acute or severe. The term “chronic” indicates that the pain is not transitory but ongoing. Every state has its own rules and steps to take to certify a pain patient for MMJ. In New Mexico, I had to pay to see two different doctors, including one that specializes in pain management. And I have to be re-certified by two doctors every year.

    Arthritis would be an example of a chronic condition that most people will get as they age and involves pain management. Repetitive-movement injuries that turn into chronic conditions, like carpal tunnel, are another example of types of chronic conditions.

  8. I too live in kc and suffer from the same problems. Did you have any luck with it? 405-589-6695

  9. I live in Kc and I am trying to obtain a mmj card. I don’t know anyone in Co. Can anyone help please? Willing to pay, I have chronic back pain and med record to prove. 913 2845787

  10. Hey there,

    Where did you establish the definition of “chronic pain” as pertaining to 2 visits in a 12 month time span?
    As far as [my] research indicates, it’s ongoing pain or severe discomfort lasting for more then 3 months and in some cases longer then 6 months. Obviously we can remove the the need for legitimate pain being that any claim can be validated according to this post provided its filed 2 times in a 12 month span (which is great!).

    With interest in medicinal marijuana now being legal in Massachusetts, I would be delighted to have my own definition proven incorrect. However, with no way to validate this claim that most states (or even oregon alone) associate chronic pain with 2 reporting in a 12 month span, a source would pose very helpful. Based on my research and far stricter guidelines in MA then most other states, although chronic pain is a legitimate claim for patients, the fact of the matter is that it may not be this easy.

    It would be great to have one or two sources for this information so that I can give this method a try. As stated, I would love to find out whether or not this will work and where you gathered your definition. Please shout back at your earliest convenience!

  11. I believe I read where Oregon is one of the few states that will issue cards to out of state people.

  12. aka Th Floridabadger on

    What if u r utilizing VA health benefits? Will this be an abstacle??

  13. droptopponch56 on

    I live in Minnisnota & I will be travwling to Xalifornia this summer. Minnesota does not have any medical marijuana laws. Can I get a medical marijuana “Green Card” while in the state?

  14. Im going to try this and see if it works , it sounds fairly solid . . . My gf is a medical assistant so would that help somehow when the doc is checking you?

  15. So im currently active duty military, but im getting out soon and moving to oregon. Since I probably wont have any insurance for a while, would this be the best time to get chronic pain diagnosed? Also do you know if military medical stuff works the same? Thank you for your amazing work.

  16. dirty, underhanded and dispicable.. I like it lol

    But someone with chronic pain in all fairness it doesn’t help if others aren’t trying things like painkillers, relaxers, braces. I am going to mine for second time, with long history of chronic pain, with medical studies and related info about it. Hoping for excemption but I doubt he’ll do anything for me.. Will be off to another doctor

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