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How To Grow The OG Kush Marijuana Strain Indoors


OG Kush General

It’s common to hear the term “Kush” in a conversation about weed. In its base form, Kush is a pure indica strain, but OG Kush is much more of a hybrid than pure-breed. OG Kush marijuana seeds are capable of producing high-quality gardens with high-quality bud. They also have plenty of uses in the medicinal world.

OG Kush Smoking Effects

When we think of Kush, it’s common to think of a harsh smoke that really deadens the senses. This is because Kush is a pure indica strain. OG Kush, on the other hand, produces the exact opposite effect. It is able to provide you with an immediate boost of energy that makes it perfect for social engagements. It’s certainly not ideal if you are trying to get to sleep. The reason for all this is because of the increased incidence of THC on the plant. Although it is an indica-dominant hybrid, the amount of THC negates a lot of the heavy effects you’d associate with traditional Kush varieties. The distinct citrusy, sour tastes and aromas work delightfully in concert with your improved mood and energy level. Download my free marijuana grow bible for more tips about growing marijuana.

OG Kush Plant Features

Perhaps the single most important factor of the OG Kush plant is its ability to produce large amounts of dense buds. These buds are considerably easy to harvest, which is good for novice growers who don’t know much about harvesting. The plants themselves attain average heights of around 40 to 60 inches, although they are generally on the lower end of that spectrum.

OG Kush marijuana seeds will produce plants that take about 9 weeks to flower. The plants will exude a distinct piney aroma that will have your grow room smelling like a forest. The yields are relatively low at around 16 ounces per 10 square feet, but the 21% THC content more than makes up for it. With the OG Kush strain, you can also get seeds that are feminized and/or autoflowering to make the growing process easier for you.

OG Kush Medicinal Uses

As noted previously, the OG Kush strain has a lot of indications for medicinal use. It can help with everything from depression to appetite loss. Patients on chemotherapy have used OG Kush to lessen nausea associated with the procedures. Anorexia can also be mitigated with the use of OG Kush. Glaucoma patients have seen relief with the use of OG Kush. The strain can also be used as a general pain reliever.

If you want to start growing OG Kush, download my free grow guide and order some marijuana seeds. All top quality marijuana seeds are available in my marijuana seed shop. We ship seeds to the US, CA and many other countries. For any growing related question please visit the marijuana support page.

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Robert Bergman is a master marijuana grower. Robert Bergman is the author of 'Marijuana Plant Care' and 'The Marijuana Grow Bible'.


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  2. Hey I am new to growing kush how long do u keep it on flower and how long on bud ?

  3. On your seeds website it says the OG Kush has 18 %THC but in this article it says 21% THC, why the discrepancy?

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