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How To Make Dry Ice Hash


dry ice hash marijuanaBy Aarr Kellz – Spaceship Earth Farms

I have been making dry ice hash for a few years now, and find it is wonderful to use in tinctures and edibles. It is also great in a vaporizer, or sprinkled on top of bowls of flower. The good news is that making it is fairly easy. Let’s get right to it.

What You Will Need:

First thing’s first. CANNABIS. If you are not going to use ground up bud, then get the best quality sugar leaf that you can. Avoid sun leaves, unless they have tricomes on them, and even then trim off the portions of the leaves that lack tricomes. The dry ice has the ability to break the leaf matter down into particles tiny enough, that they pass through the screen. So the more sugary your trim is, the more pure your final product will be.

Next, you will need a FIVE GALLON MESH EXTRACTION BAG. They can be found on the web, or at your local store. They make them in many sizes, though I have personally found that the 160 Micron size works best, and produces a very high-grade product.

You will also want GLOVES, to handle the dry ice, as it will be very cold. It should not be handled without protection.

Of course you will need DRY ICE. I live in Oregon, so I can go to the grocery store to get dry ice. It cost anywhere from $1.00 to $1.50 per pound. I usually use about two pounds for every quarter pound of trim.

Finally, you will need to acquire a FIVE GALLON BUCKET and a FLAT SURFACE, such as a mirror or smooth, clean table top.

How it’s Done:

First, GRIND UP THE BUD, or trim. Not so fine that it is a powder, but not too chunky either. You want it to be the about the consistency of fresh snow, in between sugar and brown sugar if you’ve never seen any. Break up one pound of dry ice into chunks and place in the bucket. Please! Be careful not to break up the ice in the bucket. The chemical
reaction will make the plastic so cold that it becomes brittle and can shatter, say, if you were to hit it with a hammer.

Next, SPRINKLE THE TRIM in the bucket over the dry ice and position the extraction bag over the bucket. Wait about three minutes, and then shake the bucket a little, to allow the trim to mix with the dry ice.

Then, WAIT one more additional minute for everything to get nice and frigid.

Turn it (the bucket) over, and begin to SHAKE over the flat surface. Not too violently, yet with purpose and determination. Shake the bucket for about two minutes, until you will see a fine powder start to come out of the screen, along with a gas from the dry ice. Be careful to keep shaking over the flat surface, as everything under the bucket that the gas touches directly will be coated in blonde hash powder.

After you have shaken the bucket for about 4 minutes the powder will start CHANGING COLOR from the initial blonde, to a mint green. This means that the dry ice has separated most of the tricomes from the plant material, and the hash is now ready to be gathered. Use a flat plastic card, to scrape all of the powder into a pile. The dry ice hash can then be stored in a container, or pressed together with a hash press for future use.

If you are in the Portland, Oregon area, then check out Portland Hydroponics & Organics | 11564 SW Pacific Highway | Tigard, OR 97223 | 503-746-4303 for all of your extraction or grow needs.

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  1. Pure-Bubble Ice on

    Using the Ice washing mechine its A: much safer, not having to use Butane will probably save your family and your hands and face. Not only that if you go wrong you’ll be smoking butane. B: It also a fairly Eco way with clean and chemical free process, for producing High grade extact. C: Most people use this technique to get the best out of a trimming of your Bud.

    I have tried this so many time and tried both methods, and to be honest I do like the Butane way, but its just so much easier to do the Bubble washing mechine method. Not only that I feel safe and I know I’m not going to blow the B!oody house up.

    I had to buy all of this seperatly but some nice fellers have put a blimming package together. Cheaper than i paid as i had to import it from the US. Once mine are nackered i’ll get this kit have a search im sure you’ll be able to find it all.. Anyway this is what i found with two mins reasurch


  2. Does the plant matter have to be dried and cured before icing and screening?
    I’ve also read that people start with 73 or 90 micron screens and then move up in size, I’ve got some really great stuff so I want to do this right, does the 160 seem to give better yield of good product? Great instructional by the way. Thanks!

  3. Digging around the web for extraction info. Good site, thanks! You could mention that the leftover material still has significant resin remaining and can be used for solvent extractions. Lower yield of course but still tasty. I’m in Oregon too, will stop by the shop when I get up that way.

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