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How To Make Marijuana Hot Chocolate


marijuana hot chocolateCannabis Hot Chocolate Recipe

With winter approaching, the season is beginning to call for those warm drinks rather than frozen. Put away the pina colada mix and break out the hot chocolate! Except this year, you can have some medicated hot chocolate. This brew is sure to get you through any blizzard that Mother Nature is going to throw our way. If you’re not somewhere that the snow covers for six months out of the year, you can still enjoy this recipe on those colder nights!


1 Cup of Milk
1 tspn of butter (You can use regular butter or cannabis butter for this)
1 Cup of Water
Hot Chocolate Mix
1-2g of Marijuana
Coffee filter


Grind up the marijuana in a grinder to the finest point that it can get and add it to the water, along with the butter and milk. As always, the butter is a very important step. THC isn’t water soluble and you won’t get as stoned if you don’t add the butter. Keep the water at a minimal boil. While you want the hot chocolate to be hot, boiling the water isn’t good for the THC extraction.

Let the mixture heat up for about 10-15 minutes. After you start to smell the almost almond like smell coming from the water/butter/weed mix, get your mug and add the hot chocolate mix to it. Take the coffee filter and place it over the top of the mug. Pour the hot liquid in to the mug to strain out all of the marijuana buds. Stir the chocolate up and enjoy! You can also add some whipped cream and cinnamon if you want. This chocolate drink will keep you elevated for a night so plan on staying in!

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  1. How long does it take to feel the effects? When I use to do crystal THC, I’d drop it in water and drink it down and it would take 45 minutes for it to work and lasted TWELVE HOURS!!

  2. Yes! It is difficult to remove all the cannabinoids in one use of the plant matter. I save it all in the freezer, (at the advice of someone else with much more experience than I at cooking with weed.) Using a slow, low heat extraction with glycerine, butter or veg. oil you can pull out the leftover THC and save that for cooking with. Yes, it works.

  3. Yes! The leaves are lower in THC, but the CBD still resides there. Using trimmed leave for recipes will not be as strong a high, but you still must be careful. In my first attempt at making a vegetable glycerine tincture I used only trimmed leaves and shake I bought at a dispensary. Didn’t get you high, but it took pain down quite a few levels, proving the active ingredients other than THC were present in the tincture. Be very careful!

  4. I’ve read this 5 times and can not see where the milk goes in???????? HELP! I really want to make this…..yummy.

  5. a person who cares for a life on

    Does the dried leaves have any beneficial use at all or does it have to come from the buds (flower) im new at learning about this an want to try treating my 12yr old son for seizures an C P.need all the help I can get for I flat out don’t know the first thing about it..

  6. William Todd Alexander on

    I would like to add that everytime I cook I always use the leftover bits no matter how pressed they are to extract the butter or oil, I eat them on toast or in some eggs and always have a great experience! And what better way to add ruffage and fiber to your diet wasting and of that is a shame.

  7. I used this last night and it was great , but instead of regular butter I used health smart butter and I dint let the mix come to a boil at all I let it heat up to a steam and stird after that for the 10 minits so it wouldn’t boil and it work well.

  8. Nope. If you do it right, there’s nothing left to burn that will get you high. Anything green is just foliage with no therapeutic value.

  9. Thank You I made the hot chocolate just as you said and it is the first pain free evening I have had in a very long time i was also able to get a good nights sleep something I haven’t had in too many years to count. ty

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