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How To Make Marijuana Sugar


marijuana is safer than sugarMedicating in a sneaky fashion can sometimes be a huge pain. People pay far too much attention to what others are doing. And what if you’re stuck in a family setting where they don’t care for the use of cannabis? Thankfully, I stumbled across this recipe for cannabis infused sugar, something that every stoner will enjoy. Put it in tea or coffee to get a boost in the morning or sprinkle it on some fruit in a sneaky way to taste something delicious and medicate at the same time. Whatever you chose to use the sugar on, you can bet that it’ll get you nice and stoned!

What You’ll Need:
Granulated Sugar
Alcohol Based Marijuana Tincture
Measuring Cups & Spoons
Mixing Bowl
Baking Sheet

Take one cup of the granulated sugar and put it in to a mixing bowl. Add in 1 tbsp of the tincture and mix everything together well. The mix will be grainy but don’t worry, this is how it’s supposed to look. Take the mix and spread it in a fine sheet on a baking sheet pan. Place it in the oven at 200 degrees for half an hour. This is to ensure that the alcohol has been completely evaporated from the sugar.

Remove the sugar from the oven and allow the entire thing to cool off completely before continuing. The sugar will be clumpy on the baking sheet but again, this happens and is normal. Don’t worry, you didn’t mess it up. Put the clumped sugar in a sieve and press it through with a metal spoon. Doing this will break up the sugar, creating the formerly smoothish consistency of sugar. Be sure to have an airtight container under the sieve while doing this. Once all of the sugar is pushed through the sieve, seal the far and store it. Hell yeah, medicated sugar.

Source: THChristi - check out her blog for more amazing recipes!


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  1. Heres the link for the original recipe that thcfinder stumbled upon
    Check it out to see how to make molded sugar (like sugar cubes!). I have shared some other original recipes for cannabis medicines on my blog as well. Everything from bath bombs to Mac n cheese.

  2. I not only tried this recipe, but use this daily to medicate. I make this weekly. It’s the perfect amount of tincture per sugar ratio. I experimented and used 2 tbsp of tincture and was disappointed with results. I went back to the recommended amount 1 tbsp and trust me it works and turns out an amazing product. I use it for just about everything. Tea,coffee, lemonade. I do not use an alcohol based tincture. I subsitute it with kosher grade vegetable glycerin, use 1tbsp tincture per 1cup sugar ,oven temp 225· For 25 min. Works perfect for me. You name it Hope this helps. Thanks for original post, it has helped me tremendously.

  3. My mom bought some of this sugar from a dispensary about a year ago, it’s been in a vacuum sealed plastic bag since she got it, think it’s still safe to use??

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  7. One tablespoon of tincture per 1 cup of sugar? Sounds weak (but good).

    Those not interested in using sugar (or butter) to medicate, here are some oils to try:



    “Most fats can be synthesized by our own bodies and are not necessary to have in our diet. However, there are a few unsaturated fats that we cannot make which we have to get from food called “essential” fats… Only plants can synthesize omega-3 (alpha-linolenic acid) and omega-6 fats (linoleic acid) which are therefore referred to as ‘essential’ fatty acids… Essential fats are available in abundant quantities in a diet based on whole starches, vegetables, and fruits. In addition to providing essential fats, plants have NO cholesterol, are lower in saturated fat than fish, and don’t contain mercury, lead, toxic waste and other pollutants commonly found in fish.”

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