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How To Make The Perfect Marijuana Candy


marijuana candy

Cannabis Candy Recipe

There are a lot of people that think making cannabis candy is a difficult process, when in reality, it’s quite simple. As it usually is when making edibles, getting it right is tough. The candy not only has to be potent enough to be considered medicine but taste good as well! The candy is worthless if it doesn’t have both of those qualities. But making the perfect batch of cannabis candy treats is in the following recipe!


Candy molds
Cooking spray
Metal spoon
2/3 cups white corn syrup
1 tsp flavoring of your choice (adjust if you want but this is really the perfect amount!)
Food coloring (so they look nice, obviously!)
Candy thermometer
1 cup water
2 cups sugar
9.5 grams of dry powdered hash



First things first, spray the candy molds with cooking spray so that the mix doesn’t stick when you get to the step that requires it. Put the sugar and corn syrup together in a pot and put it on high heat until the mix begins to boil. Reduce the heat to low medium and keep an eye on the temperature. Once the temp hits 300, remove the heat and add in the hash and food coloring. Stir this mix vigorously. You need to make sure that the hash has been completely mixed in. About a minute should do it because the mix will start to harden soon after that. Add your candy mix in to the molds. You can either make them just candies or you can add in sticks to make them lollipops!

Let the mix harden in the mold and then remove and wrap them. This recipe will give you about 40 candies. You can always add in more hash but be sure that that’s the form of cannabis that you use. Kief could also be used in this recipe if you have enough of it. These candies last a good amount of time, about 2 to 3 hours on an empty stomach and an hour after a meal. No one should be afraid to make cannabis candy , especially when it’s such a benefit to those who are always on the go and enjoy eating their weed rather than smoking it. They’re very discreet but don’t let anyone sneak one behind your back!

Source: THCFinder.Com


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  1. Scott Christensen on

    Ok people you can’t just say 9.5 grams of has for an ingredient and act like that is a good basis to know how strong your candies will be. 9.5 grams of 60% hash is the same as 19 grams of 30% hash. So what is important is the thc content of what you put in there.

    The comment of 40 240mg candies with 9.5 grms hash makes no sense at all. That would come out to a thc content of 100.01% per gram. Would love to see how you can achieve that.

  2. Tincture is a liquid based (alcohol or glycerine) where the herb is soaked in the liquid. Potency is variable based on the ratio of liquid to herb. candy is probably the way to go, tincture won’t last that long.

  3. Mellow Fellow Candies on

    If you proceed as high as 320 degrees you will now have hard candy. You can tell when you have it right as it will appear shiny and be less sticky to the touch. The lower temperature the more pliable your end product will be. At 300 you will be able to cleanly divide your medicine based on your needs. 320 and your gonna be using the entire dose.
    The water is used to facilitate a full mix with your corn syrup and sugar. The water evaporates as your candy reaches temp. Do not rush your mix and make sure to not allow ANY sugar that crystallizes above your boiling melted sugar.
    Now, I’ve spent many hours producing solid candies using shatter and kief may be the next choice. If your using 9.5 grams per 40 candies your looking at around 240mg’s per unit (candy). That’s a giant dosing if you really think about it. No raw bud will not work. You need a product that is soliable and will distribute evenly which is important for dosing.

  4. How much oil and suckers could I produce with a half oz of medical using green dragon tincture?

  5. What is Tincture? It is mentioned in a lot of recipes I have been looking at. My Husband has ALS and he had a piece of Candy and he was GREAT for 24hrs…

  6. atheistlibertariancriminalassh on

    i pay the same at my local dispensary, with percentages into the twenties. people who say they cannot produce (and profit) at these rates are, i suspect, gouging.

  7. I did it for about $25 (Canadian) per plant with a yield of about 150g per plant. And nobody has complained so far.

  8. I’ve grown for years; if you have good soil, good organic nutrients, clean water, you will get good Ganj.

  9. usually you dissolve the sugar in the water on the stove top, then add other ingredients, and enjoy!

  10. these are hard candies, gummies use some kind some sort of gelatin, or gelling igerdient.

  11. …any sugar syrup of the same consistency of corn syrup… (Maple probably won’t work.. It does tend to burn easily) glucose? Either way … Before you touch either wear gloves sprayed with cooking oil – or just spray your hand… It comes of easy enough with hot water though. Happy candy making

  12. Actually, to make candy, you don’t need much water – enough to get the sugar going? Especially when adding fat… You want it to seize up right?
    Water in this case should only be added at the end if the butter/oil you used separates from the sugar… If you use water in this recipe if it doesn’t need it… Ummm they will not seize up and get hard/hold their shape.

    Using lethicin (very small qty, tasteless and a binding agent but is made of soy…) in the base or even at the end would help the texture.

  13. Delaine Martindale on

    I was kind of thinking these people must not be eating good stuff. Isn’t it supposed to mellow you out?

  14. Maria Bendoni on

    Thats not true. You have GOT to decarboxylate to bring out the psychoactive qualities in the THC

  15. Maria Bendoni on

    Thats what I was thinking. Just make the cannabis corn syrup and use it in all the candy recipes. They all call for corn syrup


  16. Maria Bendoni on

    Wow! Where are you living that YOU can get an oz for $150??? Is it good weed? I’m in Boston, so it’s pretty damn expensive if you want medicinal quality

  17. Maria Bendoni on

    I wish I could get a 1/2oz for $140. Im guessing it cant be medicinal quality at that price…unless you really know someone. Lucky guy, you are

  18. Well then, I say go write the American Cannibis growers a letter and tell them no one should pay for their well tended weed, they should just give it away. I’d LOVE to see their response. If folks want it for free…they should be growing it themselves. Even THEN, it’s not free. Maintenance isn’t free and it’s NOT easy to grow. I’m not sure where you think you can get free weed unless a good friend of yours is just giving his/her home grown high end stash away.

  19. If you want “cheap” or “free” you’ll have to grow your own. Oh wait…you wouldn’t be able to pay for the organic maintenance on your own plant because it DOES take dollar to grow decent chronic. Do you think only Millioniares grow weed so they can just GIVE IT away? Who taught you economics? If you want “cheap” stick with the Mexican shit which you would have no idea how or where it’s grown. Yeah, stick with that $25 per oz.! Me? I’ll pay for the Organic and well tended bud or edibles which have been made in a kitchen according to FDA standards. “Free weed” is a idiotic statement. Seriously, who’s going to pay the growers for your greedy little self. The Government? You guys crack me up!

  20. You don’t need to decarbolize the cannabis if you add it directly into the candy.

  21. BlueJanye I picked up on that right away been making hash candy for years but always look at others recipes never know if you find a better one

  22. TherealGesus on

    nothing is free jayman. Haven’t figured that out yet, don’t worry someday you will.

  23. Where does the WATER in the recipe come in??? (I’m thinking with the corn syrup & sugar) lol. Ooops! All this drama about prices and stuff and no one caught the goof up about the water! Calm down people & be kind.

  24. I just have to make a comment ! I am a caregiver- it is obvious that anyone who thinks cannabis should be cheap or free does not know the process- in today’s market, people want clean, high end cannabis- with lab testing- to grow what the public demands costs $100.’s- per plant- from clone to packaging – if you are buying it off the street so to speak- you don’t know what your getting- let’s use outside cannabis for an example- let’s say it was grown here in the US- we would be able to add even more bad stuff if it comes from another country- think about it- we know here there is acid rain- planes that fly overhead and spray for god only knows what- air pollution from big industries- etc.-do I have to even mention the bugs, animals, how about bird poop, and bud rot- I know of one occasion where worms were found all through the buds- you may not care about what your putting in your body now- but, trust me, when you are older and your health is declining- you WILL wish you had cared- we grow in a controlled environment- water and air is purified, temps are controlled,no chemicals are used, etc. – than lab test are done $- before we package it- this cost a great deal of money- and that does not include, paying for taxes, licenses, here it cost $300. just to register one patient- insurance, etc. and these have to be renewed yearly- so the next time you bitch about the cost of an oz, you may want to think of these things- or maybe you could buy a seed- throw it in a pot of soil and see what you get !!!!!!!

  25. Not all ppl give 2 fucks on whether something is healthy or not its called being active and not a lazy ass couch potato and you don’t have to worry about if something is healthy or not because unhealthy food is the bombast food!!!

  26. There is no way you can say this recipe is good if it has corn syrup in it, Do some research and keep it healthy

  27. Your a fucking liar, I’m in north east ohio, and theres no way you get a zip for 100-150. Zips are 2-3 all day. and the only way your getting 1 for 2 is if you buy a pound plus.

  28. OK, folks, here is a cannabis hard candy/lollipops recipe that I came across a while back. Don’t remember where I got the recipe, but I’ve tried this & it works for me.
    2 cups sugar, 1 cup light corn syrup; 1 cup water; 1-2 oz marijuana tincture; candy or lollipop molds. choice of color & flavoring. Add sugar, syrup & water to a pot on stove over medium heat. Stir until dissolved & bring to a boil. Bring to 300 on candy thermometer & slowly stir in color & flavorings. Turn off heat & as quickly as possible stir in marijuana tincture. Pour into molds. This liquid will quickly turn to solid form, so move as quickly as possible. If you don’t have molds you can use a cookie sheet sprayed with cooking spray to spread your candy out onto. Worked well for me since I only have one candy mold.

  29. Well, I better watch what I eat at parties from now on. With my heart condition, this would kill me.

  30. This is one of the stupidest things i hear from far to many yuppie stoners. When i lived in northern ohio i could get an ounce of sticky hairy crystal covered one hitter quiter for $125. In houston, halfway decent mexican weed is $25 an ounce (the shit mexican is for cooking and like $15 an ounce) good high end weed tops out around $100 to $150 and good to me is 20% + THC. We’re talking about a plant, that you can grow a 1.25-1.5 pound yield with 6 plants in 2 months if you know what you’re doing with an investment of less then $500 in an area the size of a small dresser. That anyone has to pay anything for bud is extremely depressing to me.

  31. Lowballers?? It’s douchebags like yourself keeping the price up on shit rather than helping destroy the importation of shwag from Mexico. Stupid money grubbing cunts.

  32. thats the problem with lowballers out there , shrinking the price of real chronic to compete with walmart prices, good smoke should cost 300 an oz, but then cut throats come in and screw the industry up

  33. i also used tincture , keif, and simpson oil, i think oil and tincture make the stronger candys , if yur into being couch locked for a few hours , but great to medicate about a hour before bed , makes for a good deep sleep

  34. lol first dry powdered hash is just regular cold water hash
    second where the fuck are you living and paying 150 dollars for 9.5
    i get an ounce for less than that

  35. First, how the hell do you find “dry powdered hash”?
    I don’t even know what that is. Secondly, 9.5 grams of weed is crazy expensive. Probably $150.

  36. @Ruby M Tuesday – Kat Smiles’ (BadKittySmiles) hash and canna candy recipes don’t contain corn syrup, if you google it she shows how to make the glucose needed to produce good candy using common sugar and citrus instead of corn, and she also shares how to make the candies UV reactive with entirely food grade ingredients so they are healthy, for a sugar candy ha, and they GLOW!! which is really fun for the holidays. Not only that, she also shares how to decarboxylate which is needed so your cannabinoids are actually active and will work, and she shares how to make the cannabinoids more bioavailable and readily absorbed, since edibles and medical candies should be made with oil even if hash is used to make the oil. Since following those tutorials for medibles I’ve never looked back, you can find her recipes on grass city and at MedicalGradeCannabisOil dot com and BadKatsCannaPharm dot com.

  37. Ruby M. Tuesday on

    only thing that makes this not as good a medicine as it could be is the corn syrup, just sayin’ :/

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