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How To Make Your Own Marijuana Fertilizers


marijuana fertilizerMarijuana fertilizers come in all shapes and sizes, and most of them achieve the desired effect of producing better marijuana plants with better yields. Many fertilizers range from relatively common store-bought substances to somewhat outlandish, but easily accessible resources. Whatever you use, it’s important to understand the value of fertilizer for the marijuana plants.

Cannabis relies on fertilizer to get its valued nutrient content. Without any nutrients (food), the plants will end up withering away to nothing. Just having water and light won’t be enough to get your plants thriving. Fertilizers can go a long way in doing just that. But, what are the best fertilizers to use?

There is some logic behind sticking with a proven formula. For years, garden centers across the world have sold Miracle-Gro and other packaged fertilizers at relatively inexpensive prices. Using these fertilizers is a tried and true method that has worked for a variety of different gardeners for a variety of different plants. These fertilizers also give you the added benefit of listing the amount of nutrients they have in the soil.

For instance, most store bought fertilizers work off of a standard ratio between nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K). This is called an NPK ratio and it lets you know exactly how much you’re feeding to your plants. Download my free marijuana grow bible for more tips about growing marijuana plants and making your own fertilizers.

One of the strangest fertilizers you may have ever heard of is human urine. Indeed, the yellow stuff is chalk full of the nitrogen that can promote stem and leaf production. It is important to not urinate directly on the marijuana plants or even near the plants because it might kill where it touches. This is because the urine has too high of a concentration of nitrogen for it to be safe. That is why it must always be diluted in about a gallon of water and then used quickly. If it’s not used soon after the solution is made, then you run the risk of ammonia forming which could infect and kill the plant.

Of course, another relatively inexpensive and also tried and true method is composting. Composting is nature’s way of really highlighting the circle of life. Any organic material you might have lying around in your backyard is sufficient for composting. This can take the form of stashed away dog feces or it can be the product of decayed oranges from an orange tree. You could even combine different organic materials that have been lying around for months or years at a time. Although it might strike you as a gross way to make a fertilizer, it is one of the best and most natural ways to produce a thriving crop.

There are more options for fertilizers that you might want to try, but these are certainly three of the best (or at least the easiest to use). Whether you’re peeing in a bottle or going down to the garden center to buy a bag of pre-made fertilizer, you’re going to increase your marijuana yield with higher nutrient content. In the end, that’s all you’re really looking for when it comes to fertilizers.

If you want to start growing, download my free grow guide and order some marijuana seeds. All top quality marijuana seeds are available in my marijuana seed shop. We ship seeds to the US, CA and many other countries. For any growing related question please visit the marijuana support page.

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Robert Bergman is a master marijuana grower. Robert Bergman is the author of 'Marijuana Plant Care' and 'The Marijuana Grow Bible'.


  1. dady yankie on

    so you are saying that we dont use the antural? and we buy stufff yeah great adversitign xD i already have 44 plants that have been giving them natural nutes xD PISS SHIT BANANA EGG WHEAT CHIA, and i will tell you that they are stunning beautiful so, stay on natural people dont let your self go with this kind of cheap adversiting

  2. Patrick Parmer on

    I planted 2 seedlings in a pot together about 4 inches apart in 1 parts sand (I dug about 4 feet for it) and 2 part miracle grow. My plants are doing just fine. I used 2 shipping boxes to make a grow lab with, 1 CFL bulb, and aluminum foil. 1 is about 1 inch tall the other is about 2-3 inches tall. Strong stems, green, and sturdy. Simple, homemade growing. Mist water every 2-4 hours. 24 hours of light. That’s what I do and my plants are fine. Biggest problem was my pot retaining water. But eventually fixed it by reducing the amount t of sand.

  3. Indoor or outdoor BE CAREFUL of the fertilizer you use! ESPECIALLY for medical application. Remember the old computer saying GIGO? (garbage in – garbage out) Growing weed also has one… TITO -(toxins in-toxins out) If BONE meal and BLOOD meal or BIO-SOLIDS are used you are looking at ingesting ANTIBIOTICS -HORMONES -STEROIDS that are contained within fertilizer with blood and bone meal blends.
    Better for you to try ORGANIC fertilizer from pure mealworm frass. Check it out at http://www.rainbow-farms-fertilizer.com
    By the way . . . not only are the products 100% organic with high NPK . . . they are also a natural MICROBIAL FERTILIZER.

  4. 1. Start a worm compost – care for it well, this gives you the option of a natural fertilizer at all stages and can be diluted to use as a foliar spray, feed your greasy bastards crushed egg shells to increase the calcium level
    2. add nail clippings and hair – good N but don’t add a shit load ( compost excess )
    3. remember organic has nothing to do with organic anything – When you are talking about organics you are talking about the soil food web so learn it. Read ” Teaming with Microbes ” this is a start. You need to learn to play god with your soil microbial environment to get them to benefit plants ( ex. you add sugars’ molasses’ to your soil to feed the bacteria right? good this is good but bacteria withhold 2/3’s of the nutrients they break down within their cells so in order to release it they need to die. How? beneficial soil microbes feed on carbon and the use nitrogen to do so, so you then must feed nitrogen to consume the carbon but to much carbon creates a soil environment unfit for cannabis so you then have to play the balance of C/N then there is the case of adjusting pH throughout the grow phase to allow certain nutrients to become available at certain times. I use road base in my mix [crushed limestone] that way the plant can acid mine the stone for calcium whenever they want and it becomes more available over time. If anyone is using clay as a nutrient binder then best to use ground limestone and avoid Dolopril and Dolomite they have an improper ratio of Ca to Mg causing clay particles to collapse and loose their holding capacity and if mixed with epsom could cause a Mag. OD.)

    Start a COLD COMPOST
    this is a way to ensure the nutrients that are in the foods you compost are not broken down by the heat of the pile cooking.
    you can add road base, nutrient accumulator plants, sea weed kelp, beech or maple leaves, grass clippings. JUST NO CARBON AND DON’T TURN IT THIS IS A SPECIAL MIX. THIS IS LIKE WIZARD SHIT!!!!! you then have your pot special compost ” slow cooked ” ,worm casting for bacteria inoculation , and your properly timed pH adjustments and bacterial holocausts and your getting your feet wet in organics.

  5. I had a friend hold three of my plants for me amd he never moved them to biggerpots so now it kinda looks llike a tree with the truck that comes down and buds on the top part ive got them home amd transplanted but now what can I do to help them get better

  6. Not a lot of Nitrogen in urine . . . what you accomplished was
    watering the plants which is probably why they were turning yellow in the first
    place. Cannabis needs plenty of water on a daily basis for best growth. Bat
    guano tea is never a good idea if you intend to ingest or inhale elements of
    your crop. Go on-line and look at the potential diseases that guano can have.
    Not worth the risk.

  7. Not a lot of Nitrogen in urine . . . what you accomplished was watering the plants which is probably why they were turning yellow in the first place. Cannabis needs plenty of water on a daily basis for best growth. Bat guano tea is never a good idea if you intend to ingest or inhale elements of your crop. Go on-line and look at the potential diseases that guano can have. Not worth the risk.

    In a message dated 7/30/2015 6:36:07 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, notifications@disqus.net writes:

    “My plants leaves were turning yellow, I figured it was nitrogen deficiency, I read an article from Robert Bergman and he stated that urine works for that if diluted in water, I tried it and it worked great, two days later the yellow was gone and the plant looked greener then before, it was my quick fix, now I use Bat Guano Tea and I’ve had no deficiency problems, so as a quick nitrogen fix, it works” (https://disqus.com/home/?utm_medium=email&utm_content=logo)
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  8. Ester Anderson on

    My plants leaves were turning yellow, I figured it was nitrogen deficiency, I read an article from Robert Bergman and he stated that urine works for that if diluted in water, I tried it and it worked great, two days later the yellow was gone and the plant looked greener then before, it was my quick fix, now I use Bat Guano Tea and I’ve had no deficiency problems, so as a quick nitrogen fix, it works

  9. Can someone help me out?
    I’m a first time grower and I was given some seeds so I thought I would try it out. I have planted 2 seedlings together in the same pot and now I have 2 little plants starting to rise and there about 3 to 4 inches high so far and about 1 1/2 inches apart, I know that this was a mistake, what can I do?

  10. Times change and new organic products are discovered Humboldt. As a consultant, you should be at the leading edge, not lagging behind. Compost tea without synthetic chemicals (a lot of them) is not and never will be a fertilizer. A 20 million dollar fertilizer supplier is hardly using pure organic fertilizers like mealworm frass.
    The people that take medical cannabis have a right to know how their medication is grown: what goes into the growing soil goes into the plants themselves . . . and much of the hi-power products that you sell are filled with synthetics or chemicals that may not be in the interests of medical patients to ingest or inhale. Such chemicals could actually make them worse.
    I have spent several years working on a pure, organic fertilizer and have the patents to prove it.
    While the FDA may call “biosolids” organic, I certainly don’t! Anything that comes from sewerage treatment plants (human waste + everything else that gets flushed down the toilet + plus runoff from the streets is not my idea of ‘organic’ anything. The same holds true for bat guano (which is the culprit of EBOLA DISEASE). Most mj growers use it as a BLEND of many ingredients to grow big crops. But are they growing HEALTHY crops??
    Please stop trying to confuse medical and health conscious users of your technical expertise or state that they should play with various forms of bacteria laden ‘tea’ when all they want is a safe medicine. Maybe you should try my LIQUID GRO CONCENTRATE if you really want to know what a organic liquid fertilizer and foliar spray really is.

    And NO, YOU DON’T HAVE TO FLUSH the plants before harvest. It is a silly notion that a grower can take all of the chemicals out of his crop of mj simply by flushing the roots!
    The fact is, the chemicals and toxins have become part of the plant itself and are concentrated in the buds (the fruit of the plant) and will never leave.
    Therefore, you never need to flush my organic fertilizer (liquid or dry) because it is 100% single source, 100% pure and 100% organic, in the real meaning of the word (not like Kellogg’s or E.B. Stone that uses blood and bone meal as part of their BLEND).

  11. If you go to my web site: http://www.rainbow-farms-fertilizer.com and open the lab reports tab you will see what a healthy growing soil should naturally contain and you will clearly see the percentages and strength that my product QUICK GRO can contribute to it both in NPK and micro-units. This lab didn’t measure nor include bacteria (which always has a very low NPK) or what interaction this bacteria has on root strength or growth. QUICK GRO I should add, has 75 MILLION bacteria per gram, which accounts for (in my opinion) the remarkably strong growth this product has. If you look on the ‘net’ under bio-fertilizer (which is what QUICK GRO actually is), you will find that the scientists have not been able to find an organic fertilizer possessing this amount of growth bacteria. The LIQUID GRO concentrate also contains healthy bacteria of 17 million parts per gram in addition to having a ‘dilute fertilizer’ NPK.

  12. if you are simple minded keep it simple. but if you are a fertilizer consultant for a 20 million dollar a year humboldt county fertilizer supply company like i am, you have the priveledge of knowing what tea can do, and how to create it.

  13. Generating live bacteria is not the goal nor the advantage of an organic liquid fertilizer…compost TEA is a very weak result of soaking an assortment of crap for a period of time and using the resulting liquid (aerated or not) to nurture the plants. If you try to produce TEA from bat guano you are looking for big trouble because you may be re-energizing the many diseases that bat guano is known to contain!
    Remember the acronym KISS? (keep it simple stupid) should apply to all growers who want organic anything! Unless you are a chemist, stay away from blends of dry synthetic or natural elements re-energized with water.
    The origin of Compost TEA is from a compost pile that growers throw everything on in the hope that settled nutrients will, when heated and watered, will provide a liquid that will have some growth value. Lets take worm compost for example (red wigglers). The HIGHEST nutrient NPK ever derived from such a compost pile is 1-0-0. So you then take this poor excuse for compost and WATER IT DOWN and you end-up (after all the work) with a colored tap water! Do you think that generating live bacteria from colored tap water is going to help your plants any?

    If you want organic microbial fertilizer go to Rainbow -Farms- Fertilizer.com and buy their powdered QUICK GRO which not only is pure organic – but has over 75 MILLION bacteria per gram and use it as your fertilizer base. When you water it you release the nutrients and bacteria and NPK (which is 4-3-2 by the way) and the 15 micronutrients that this fertilizer contains to the root system of your plants!!

    Rainbow Farms Fertilizer does have a LIQUID FERTILIZER (100% organic, ) that when diluted 3 or 4 with water is a foliar spray that is a growth supercharger . . . a PURE, ORGANIC LIQUID FERTILIZER that has high nutrient levels that will make your plants thrive! You don’t have to boil it or heat it or throw chicken feet into a witches brew of chemicals to feed to your plants – you mix it with 3 or 4 parts tap water and simply spray it on the leaves, stems, buds. etc. as often as every 48 hrs. or as seldom as once a week. The best part is the price! 16 oz. bottles of concentrate fertilizer $10.00 and 32oz. (enough to make over a gallon or two of foliar spray) $15.00. Remember KISS and don’t ruin your plants or your health by using elements you don’t understand!
    you can email me if you like at: rainbowfertil@aol.com

  14. a general rule of thumb for brewing times is 24 to 48 hrs, at 70-75 degrees. Use all of tea at the end and rinse the feed container so it is fresh for your next feed. keep air circulation from the bottom of the container. I recomend the Bubble Snake from The Compost Tea Lab for your air distributor and as the Industry expert of compost tea recipes, circulation devices, and soil health. Also Dazey’s Supply for Innoculants and micronized amendments

  15. Hi Tino, I do not agree that compost tea is a weak soil treatment. But it can be dangerous despite popular belief. Healthy teas must be done in a sanitary environment using tested methods. Breeding beneficial microbes is a caclculated science and should be designed by a professional. Keeping a healthy soil is just as important as any fertilizer and can be utilized with Bacterial Innoculants like The Quantum Growth Series or Micronized soil ammendments. A compost tea is a blend of native composts, and targeted soil amendments like fish hydrolysate, guanos, earthworm castings and carbohydrates as a food source. all of these items and specific amounts are placed in a slik screen bag and brewed with circulating air flow for specific times and temperatures.

  16. Soil preferences for growing weed Scott, is a pretty slippery slope in any discussion. Everybody has their own opinion on what works best. Because my main concern is growing organic, healthy plants without the use of chemicals or toxins, the same would apply to the soil itself, because the soil and the fertilizer work as a team to grow whatever plant is used.

    I strongly feel that the soil itself should be as pure as the driven snow and just contain the basic micro nutrient elements that God gave it. My selection would be a good top soil mixed with peat moss. The 50-50 CANNABIS GRO would then fill in the blanks with organic nutrients the plant needs to grow best with: live bacteria (microbes) to stimulate root growth and added Nitrogen – Phosphorus – Potassium etc.

    For icing on this organic growing cake, I always use LIQUID GRO concentrate as a foilar spray dilution and pest deterrent.
    If I’m really serious about my growing I would send a sample of the proposed growing recipe to a lab for element ID. to see if it meets all growing criteria I need.

    I met this gardener last year who tried everything he would read about to grow the best plants even stuff like “Ironite” and bio-solids (human waste) and every synthetic known to man so that his prized soil became a toxic stew. I advised him to strip it all off . . . and start again from basics.
    Hope this helps,

  17. Scott Patterson on

    @joseph_caro:disqus – What soil do you recommend to use with your CANNABIS GROW 50-50? Thanks

  18. There are many kinds of compost tea some are made from organic material (grass clippings, red worm manure, etc.) some folks just throw about everything on a pile, water it, and hope something usable comes out the bottom. No matter how they do it, the results of their efforts is not a fertilizer but maybe a weak soil treatment at best. Great for growing flowers but certainly not healthy cannabis.

    You must remember that you should use a good granular or powder fertilizer in addition to any ‘tea’ or liquid fertilizer. Use the solid fertilizer in the soil and spray the ‘tea’ on the plant itself for best results and highest nutrients.

    Over the years, I have developed a patented process that extracts liquid fertilizer from totally organic mealworm frass. I also have a solid product called 50-50 Cannabis Gro which is mealworm frass powder (loaded with microbial bacteria) and patented time-release pellets, also from pure mealworm frass. My products are not blended with any other elements or chemicals, simply mealworm frass and contains full fertilizer NPK and 15 micro-nutrients. Even the liquid I make is much stronger than any ‘tea’ and in itself is called a dilute fertilizer by the testing labs. All these products are 100% pure and 100% organic.
    On a high note, they are not expensive either. I send growers a one pound bag of dry Quick Gro for Cannabis and a pint of Liquid Gro – which is a concentrate and is diluted with 4 parts of water. Both for $20. plus shipping. An extra feature of the liquid fertilizer is that if you mix it with 3 parts of water it is a pest and mold deterrent when sprayed on the plants.
    There is a lot more info on the web site including pages of lab reports and the facebook page link shows actual growing results.
    The web site is: http://www.rainbow-farms-fertilizer.com

  19. Tino Michael Spahic-Bogdanov on

    Hi could you tell me a little more about compost tea as I’m not a fan of using chemicals.


  20. Not to be commercial or anything . . . but Rainbow Farms Fertilizer has a cannabis package of granular 100% organic microbial fertilizer and a liquid concentrate (16 oz) for $20.00 plus shipping. I use both and in the pics shown here growth is amazing! best of all, there are no chemicals of any kind. Rainbow Farms Fertilizer is vegetarian approved as well. You can see their page at http://www.rainbow-farms-fertilizer.com

  21. I emailed you a break down of nutrients you should have in your fertilizer and soil for good growth, especially using tea. When you think you have it right send a sample to a soils lab for testing. Then you know for sure.

  22. Our mealworm frass is BOTH a microbial fertilizer and an organic fertilizer containing good NPK (4-3-2) in addition to 15 micro-nutrients, Many think that there is no organic bio-fertilizer . . .but recent lab tests clearly show that Rainbow Farms Fertilizer (Quick Gro & 50-50 Veggie Gro) maintains 14,380,128 ( over 14 MILLION) of bacteria per gram of tested fertilizer with no additives – and is still 100% ORGANIC!!!
    Want a healthy grow without chemicals or toxins? Use Rainbow Farms Fertilizer!

  23. Dam those look great bro… Well long story short I’m organic too which is y I thought I would ask you looks like u seem to no a bit… But long story short I was wondering if u new how to get like NPK ratios n how do u get like the percentages n breakdowns of the nutritional value so to speak essentially form the nutrients u r using I guess if that makes since bc long story short I’m trying to make some organic fertilizer basically a tea of some aort but I’m trying to figure the break down on things tho like how much macro n micronutrients are in my concoction u get what I’m trying to say?

  24. Do the best I can, but my experience is organic fertilizer more than anything. Used organic liquid fertilizer ( from mealworm castings) on some test cannabis plants all the way to harvest. Had crystals as big as rock candy.

  25. You want to see the results of using Rainbow Farms Fertilizer?? here is a before and after photos of a seemingly dead flower plant. It grew so much I had to transplant it. Only 3 weeks. Last photo is what it looked like after 4 days.

  26. Nothing wrong with human urine as long as it goes in the toilet . . . a good fertilizer for growing MEDICAL weed should NOT have antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids in it at all . . . these elements are always found today in bone meal and blood meal in all commercial fertilizers. Bat guano by the way, was found to be the cause of EBOLA and several other deadly diseases. Really, the NPK is not that strong nor important for growing. LIVE MICROBES in fertilizer have low NPK but grow the best actually. Look it up in biofertilizer.

  27. If you dilute urine 20 to 1 you don’t have enough nutrients to grow a weed. I’m not a chemist, but know that human and animal urine will burn most growing elements (grass, plants, flowers, etc) and it sounds like the soil ph is way off to start with to even use it at all. Many are now using “biosolids” which is nothing more than human waste from sewerage treatment plants. Do you want to ingest or inhale plant smoke that came from every sewer and run-off that goes to treatment plants? The FDA considers “biosolids” organic fertilizer, by the way.

  28. bro i have a question for u can u please email me back i would greatly appreciate ur help if u could maybe lead me in the rt direction bc it looks like u no what ur talking bout n i would love to talk to you bout some stuff man please email me back @ DjLehms@yahoo.com i would really appreciate it man

  29. Thank UJay….. i often wonder y and how all these pot smokers can be so up tight about a comment on human urine

  30. Cody Cantrell on

    You are a moron urine WILL KILL YOUR PLANTS!!!! May God be with you for killing his precious plants!!

  31. Isak Andrè Wøien on

    Thanks to Robert for sharing his knowledge! Well done! Information needs to be free!

  32. Isak Andrè Wøien on

    Works great, but must be countered with acidic additions, to avoid unhealthy lowering of ph levels.

  33. Soils need more than cow manure (after properly drying of course) and compost . . .a LOT more. BOTH the elements that you mention are very low in just the needed nitrogen, not to mention other main NPK ingredients or the micro nutrients (Zinc, Copper, Iron, etc.) that replaces those used by growing plants.
    For absolutely best growth use pure ORGANIC (no blood or bone meal). I use mealworm castings and have developed a microbial ‘tea’ that plants love. Go see them yourself at rainbow-farms-fertilizer.com

  34. AMEN! Organic fertilizers really don’t depend on NPK anyway. microbes are what grows healthy (safe) plants. look up Rainbow Farms Fertilizer . . .pure mealworm castings that works!

  35. If a plant needs nutrients you must give some to them. I sprayed plants with ORGANIC foliar spray from Rainbow Farms Fertilizer three times a week . . . it is also a great pest and mold deterrent. If you use synthetic fertilizers (which you shouldn’t) then you must flush the plants . . . which is silly becuase the chemicals are already in the plant.

  36. Your heart is in the right place . . .but your knowledge of fertilizer needs some work. IF you are growing for medical consumption as actual ‘medicine’ please stay away from blood and bone meal and of course bat guano. Antibiotics, growth hormones and steroids proliferate in supposedly ‘organic’ fertilizers that claim these contents. Any time you see the word “blend” on a fertilizer bag be wary. Do you know that ‘biosolids’ are considered “organic” and is humnan waste from sewerage treatment plants!!
    Microbial tea/fertilizer is the best application for all plant growth. I get mine from mealworm castings (not actually a worm you know . . . but larva from the darkwing beatle.)

  37. You know . . . many growers saturate their soil with all kinds of fertilizer and chemical extracts and ending-up having a potporri of different chemical elements that will kill just about anything they try to grow. Best advice is to start fresh. More of anything is certainly not better.

  38. Commercial uric acid (pee) can help once in awhile . . . but it tells that the soil used is low in most all nutrients.

  39. It is never a good idea to put uric acid (piss) on any plants, unless you want to see them gone. Everyone that has a lawn and a dog (or cat) personally that animal urine kills grass in a matter of hours!
    I suggest that home-growers find an organic product that, when all is said and done, is healthy to inhale or injest. I am personally working on a mealworm castings fertilizer (NPK 4-3-2 dry with 15 micronutrients) and have developed a microbial liquid fertilizer and time-release pellets that grow weed that is pest and mold resistent . . . and used as a foliar spray is a growth supercharger., It takes much more than high NPK elements to grow good weed filled with crystals. Problem is, microbes don’t live very long, but the remaining nutrients in this liquid fertilizer concentrate (100% pure 100% organic) with an NPK of 1.01 -.27 – 32 works after flowering . . . and you don’t have to flush your plants! You can find this product at: rainbow-farms-fertilizer.com. pints, quarts and gallons . . . and much cheaper than bat guano tea.

  40. This Article is like most I have seen from the Weed Blog, Their heart is in the right place but this is awful advice.
    DO NOT PUT ANIMAL SHIT OR PISS ON YOUR PLANTS! God Awful. I have advice for the Weed Blog. Get a new gardener writer. Compost Tea is what they are trying to teach you about but they have no clue. To grow healthy plants and create medicine, get a good soil (Black Gold, or Fox Farm, or Royal Gold) Do not over fertilize. Use 1. Primo Aminos for Veg, 2. Age Old Bloom for Early Bloom, and 3. Fox Farm Big Bloom for Late Bloom. Half strength. If you want to keep it natural look ask me and I’ll tell you about soil amendments and compost teas for ultra organic healthy rhizosphere.

  41. Mary Kinnick-Perron on

    What about crushed egg shells in water? It makes my house plants thrive, but will it work on marijuana? Thoughts?

  42. I was told that during flowering, using sunflower seeds as a phosphorus rich source of fertilizer can make your buds thrive.. Any thoughts?


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  44. I lost 30 seed’s because one of my cat’s used it as a litter box. Don’t do it. I had to put sharp stakes in there to keep that cat out. After that I have a tree farm & organic blueberry farm . So Cow Shit, sand and compost equal parts. Or like my great uncle did go fishing gut the fish put the head & guts near the plant and hope no dog or cat can get to it. Kabob sticks work to keep them at bay. Now I have 30 plants, from 3 plants that were started with my veggie’s.I am not an expert with weed . Oklahoma with my ancestor SAVAGES,what we used, was what we had. I tried all that germinating B.S. from you-tube everything died…OUT $ 1,000.00 for that.

  45. I urinate in my pots weekly, mother earth needs our help. Such as when there were out housed, everything grew better then. My poor little plant has grown 3 inches in 3 days after , I pee in the pot, just don’t let it hit the plant then about a half gallon of water . They are growing like weeds… triple in size. So do what you do. I love my girls and take very good care of them

  46. I promise you we don’t have the time or motivation to censor comments. I doubt Johnny even knows how to delete a comment:)

  47. A couple things:

    1) We do not censor comments unless they are horribly offensive.
    2) Johnny or I did not remove your comment. It was flagged continuously by other readers. It only takes getting “flagged” once to have a comment held for moderation. It’s you guess why people flagged it so often.
    3) This is all free advice. If it’s not for you, I’m sorry but please try not to be rude to someone who is just trying to help.
    4) Please keep it civil. We are not children. We are just two dudes who love weed. This is just a part time venture so we count on people like Robert to help with content. Try not to ruin that relationship for us.


  48. Not to jump into the middle of this, but I’ve read elsewhere (I believe Whole Earth Catalogue) that human urine makes a good fertilizer if diluted 20 to 1 with water. I’ve never actually used it. Dog and cat poop is another matter; it contains much nastier stuff and I suspect too much protein.

  49. Humboldt Billy on

    I agree Rob, I spoke out yesterday against Mr. Bergman poor advice concerning the use of Miracle grow as a good fertilizer for cannabis. I stated I had lost any respect I had for advice growing cannabis. This angered the children at weed blog and my post was deleted, even though it contained useful information to help people, not miss lead them. Why did Johnny or Jay delete my post? it really pissed me off. Maybe they should change the website to Really Bad Advice for you. Because they sometimes provide really bad information, then censor people that really know what they are talking about. Its seems they do not know anything about growing cannabis themselves to delete information that would help its readers.

  50. Just so long as u don’t purchase seeds from Robert Bergman’s website as I unfortunately did. Spent over $100 for what must have been old seeds which did not germinate!

  51. Humboldt Billy on

    I agree Rob, I spoke out yesterday against Mr. Bergman poor advice concerning the use of Miracle grow as a good fertilizer for cannabis. I stated I had lost any respect I had for advice growing cannabis. This angered the opinion nazi’s at weed blog and my post was deleted, even though it contained useful information to help people, not miss lead them. Why did Johnny or Jay delete my post? it really pissed me off. Maybe they should change the website to Really Bad Advice for Cannbis.com. Because they sometimes provide really bad information, then censor people that really know what they are talking about. Its seems they do not know shit about growing cannabis themselves to delete information that would help its readers.

  52. once again we see horrible advise coming from Robert Bergman. I find myself wondering if he is a cop trying to kill everyone’s plants. Human Urine? Really? I would download this grow bible for comic relief but not for growing my most precious crop. Mr bergman should take some horticulture classes before he spouts the tripe he does on his buddies blog. Johnny I would have skipped this entry if it had the proper name on the byline unless u also have a book entitled “the grow bible” i must assume that everybody else has gotten sick of bergmans b.s. too and you need to trick people into losing 5 min of their lives they will never get back reading crap from bergman.

  53. The Grim Reefer on

    It mentions that organic fertilizers are superior to chemical ones. Miracle grow is for rookies, It is really bad for gardening and cannabis. Use organics to build your soil, I use pro mix as a base and add worm castings, alaska humus, bone meal, blood meal, bird and bat guano’s and powered kelp and greensand. With great soil all you have to do is augment with AACT, a nitrogen 1 for veg and a phosphorus dominate 1 for flowering. There are many great recipes for fungal and bacterial teas on many of the cannabis blogs. Just search AACT. Also check out the work of Dr. Elaine Ingham. One of the things people don’t understand about Organics is the amount of nutrients cannabis can uptake. The salts in Synthetic fertilizers (Such as potassium Sulfide and Sodium Nitrate, both common ingredient for synthesizing hydro nutes…….) cause such harm to the soil and plants in larger doses that its almost inhumane some of the things i see people putting into their reservoirs is just sad….

    Organics don’t have any salts, any harmful acids or bases, any Harmful ingredients and most of all… Organics don’t have to degrade the planet to grow plants (such a stupid thing…). Organics is sustainable which puts it FAR above any other methods. I increased yield from 6oz a plant to 24oz per plant using AACT. This was using the black box method and switching from 50 gallon smart pots to plants grown in the ground the the greenhouse. Peace and happy harvest to all

  54. Goodbye Weed Blog on

    Johnny Green is a marijuana activist from Oregon. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in censorship

  55. The grim reefer on

    Be careful of expressing your opinion, your post might get deleted by the opinion police, I saw a good comment earlier today that was a good post and now its gone.

  56. Were not gonna take it on

    Weed blog has turned into censorship nazi’s, if you have an opinion different than the one in the featured story and try to express it, your post will be deleted. However they drag ass in removing all the bogus ad’s for drugs being offered here. Sad indeed ! My post was removed just for giving my opinion. I am sure this one will be removed also.Freedom of speech my ASS!

  57. I would begin by figuring out why you lost your plants. It could be from any of a number of things or a combination: nutrition, bad seeds, light, pests, etc. If you don’t figure it out then, common sense, you’re likely to lose more. For what it’s worth, I’m growing my first year with two crops of three plants each and have been lucky to have had no major problems. What exactly happened to your plants? Maybe I can make some suggestions.

    As for the strain issue, I take it that by “regular” seed you mean seed from weed you bought. In that case, the only sure way to tell is by tracing it back to the source, tough job. Another option is to match the features of your plants to what you’ve learned about various strains, challenging.

    I would make one suggestion and that is to sacrifice your budget and order from seed online. That way you know what strains you’re getting and the seed should be a high quality. I spent about ninety bucks and have no regrets. Good luck!

  58. Humboldt Star on

    Start with a feeding of fish emulsion and liquid kelp, add some cal mag once a week until your plants are about a foot tall. Do not overwater. Amend your soil based on a recipe mix like subcool’s you can find it on cannabis forums. Good Luck

  59. Humboldt Billy on

    I have really lost any respect I had for your opinions or growing knowledge concerning feeding cannabis. Miracle grow is horrible for vegetables and cannabis. Organic fertilizers and compost tea which build up the microbes in the soil are the way to go. Worm castings, alaska humus, bird and bat guano’s, feather meal, bone meal, blood meal, kelp, greensand, the list goes on and on. I agree with your mention of compost, it would take a huge amount to grow cannabis. It is best used in brewing AACT. Anyone wanting to learn about the soil food web should check out the work of Dr. Elaine Ingham. Whatever you do DO NOT!!! use miracle grow or chemical fertilizers

  60. Do not compost dog or cat feces because it is a bad idea to have the crap that dog and cat food manufacturers put in their food in the soil.

  61. Could’ve mentioned about how overfeeding, or feeding during late flowering can RUIN a plants quality and character.

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