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How To Make Your Own Vape Pen Juice


Greetings, fellow crew members of Spaceship Earth. It’s Aarr Kellz here, coming at you from Spaceship Earth Farms with another installment. It seems like the tipping point has finally arrived. Handheld vaporizers and vape pen have gone viral.  So I thought it would be a good idea to talk about how to make your own Vape Pen Juice.

Back in 2009, I would attract many onlookers upon busting out my trusty ol’ Ce4 Clearomizer. People wanted to know if it worked, and most of all, how it worked. “You put this juice in the chamber and click this button 5 times…”

Being a soap-maker by trade it is my natural mentality and modus operandi to immediately break down ingredients in any product I enjoy, and attempt to make it for myself. Such was the case with Vape Juice.

Below, you will find a recipe and process for making your own amazing, and safe, glycerine based tincture, that works wonderful as a Vape Juice in any of the juice based pens on the market. We are not talking wax or honey oil pens here, even though those are great as well. We are talking “juice” based vaporizer pens or e-cigs.

What is a Vape Pen or E-Cig?:

An electronic cigarette is made up of several pieces. Some models have more, some have less, and there seems to be lots of new ones coming out every week. But the basic components of a Vape Pen or E-Cig are: the cartridge, the atomizer, and the battery.

The cartridge is where you insert your tincture drop by drop. One end attaches to the atomizer, the other end to your lips. The atomizer is the heated element that turns your liquid hash tincture into vapor. The battery is the longer portion of the electronic cigarette. Some of these are manual, while some are automatic. Manual pens require some sort of ignition, like a button push, while automatic pens merely require the draw of your breath.


Vaporizer pens are a fairly new technology, and there is a lot of research and study that still needs to be done to determine the long term effects of using them. There are several types of pens available, however, there are some that are better made than others.

A lot of vaporizer pen’s components are manufactured overseas in countries like China. Don’t go thinking you need to avoid foreign parts, because it can’t be helped. What you need to be aware of, is certain vendors, who may be selling you a $5 pen for $80. It’s best to check the manufacturer to be sure of what you are buying.

Do your research. My suggestion would be to find a reputable brand, and use one of their licensed vendors. Buying from an unlicensed vendor can get you cheap knock-off vaporizer pens and e-cigs. Some of them may certainly be healthy and functional, but there are many copies that look almost exactly like their legitimate counterparts, only are manufactured with inferior (i.e. dangerous) metals and components. Components which can burn and emit smoke, rather than exclusively producing vapor from your Vape Juice.

What is Vape Pen Juice?

The Vape Juice that we will be making is, in fact, a vegetable glycerin based oral tincture and it will take a few weeks to make it correctly. Great tinctures take good, quality ingredients and time.

An oral tincture is a liquid that is usually alcohol or glycerin based and has been infused with herbs. They were originally intended to be taken sublingually, absorbed into the blood stream via an artery located under the tongue, using a dropper. Ingesting cannabis via oral tincture this way avoids the liver and first pass metabolism issue that some folks have when medicating with cannabis based edibles. Oral tinctures have been around for thousands of years. They are very safe and effective if made correctly.

Why make your own Vape Juice?

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are both used together and independently in many traditional e-cig liquids. I would not recommend ever using non food grade propylene glycol or glycerin. Why? Both propylene glycol and glycerine absorb chemicals from any container that they are stored in. So, in order for it to be labeled food grade, it has to have only been stored in only non-toxic food safe containers since its creation. Non-food grade propylene glycol and glycerin are intended for external use only, and should not be vaporized or taken internally.

For this Vape Juice recipe, I use only 100% USP-FOOD GRADE VEGETABLE GLYCERINE. In my experimenting, I find that it produces a superior amount of vapor compared to propylene glycol. Although, blends of propylene glycol and glycerine are appropriate for nicotine based e-cig liquids and juices.

How to Make Vape Pen Juice:

The following process can be used for any herb, including lavender, garlic, mint, milk thistle, tobacco, and more. You can even make different tinctures and blend them together to make your own custom-flavored juices based on your needs or ailments.

Taking tinctures orally and vaporizing them is an excellent way of effectively getting these herbs into your body. Different herbs, of course, will require different recipes, though the process is for the most part the same. For this recipe we will use the herb cannabis.

Step 1: If you haven’t yet, take a look at my article “How To Make Dry Ice Hash” and get yourself 3.5 grams of the pure blonde powder. Using a flower tincture is great, but I would really recommend a hash tincture for vape pens, as it’s generally much more concentrated and contains fewer plant waxes and chlorophyll. If you do decide to use flower instead of hash though, then I’d use seven grams of the highest quality bud you can find. Grind it up by hand, about to the consistency of how you would break it up to go into a joint. Avoid a grinder though, if you can, as I find more chlorophyll can be absorbed if the buds are ground up too fine.

Step 2: Next, you will want to get 2-4 ounces of the highest proof alcohol that you can. We’re talking 180 proof or higher. This is easier in some places than others I realize, so just get the safest, highest proof that you can. Make sure it’s drinkable alcohol though, not isopropyl or rubbing alcohol.

If you are unable procure a bottle of high proof grain alcohol then make sure that you at the very least get something that is 100 proof or 50% alcohol.  Preferably vodka, as anything else will affect the flavor. Thirdly, you will need 2-4 ounces of 100% USP-FOOD GRADE VEGETABLE GLYCERINE and 1 sterile canning jar with a lid.

Step 3: Place the hash or herbs into the canning jar and add alcohol until all of your herbs are covered at least by a ¼ inch and put the lid on and shake well. Sometimes the plant material absorbs the alcohol and expands like a sponge. It may be necessary to add more alcohol at this point. Now comes an exercise in patience.

Step 4: Put the jar in a dark place away from light and let it sit and soak for 10-14 days, checking on it and shaking up the contents very well at least once a day. After 10-14 days (I usually wait 13 days), strain the hash or plant material away from the alcohol using a cheesecloth. Place the filtered alcohol tincture in a new sterile jar and mix in 3 parts food grade glycerine. Put the lid on and shake well for at least 2 minutes.

Flavoring your Vape Pen Juice:

The best flavors you can use, have no artificial or added coloring besides the color that occurs naturally in the plant itself. I would avoid coloring and store bought flavorings, as a lot of them have not only harmful chemicals, but non-food grade propylene glycol in them as well. I have been told that some essential oils can be used, but I have not experimented with this yet myself.

At this point I find the best way to flavor my Vape Juice is to blend different tinctures together. For example:

  1. Mix 3 parts Tincture of Cannabis with 1 part Tincture of Wild Blackberry, OR
  2. 3 parts Tincture of Cannabis with 1 part Tincture of Chocolate Mint, OR
  3. 3 parts Tincture of Cannabis with 1 part Tincture of Garlic, OR 
  4. 3 parts Tincture of Cannabis with 1 part Tincture of Tobbaco (if you wanted “Spliff Juice”)…and so forth.

The possibilities are endless. If you do choose to use store bought flavoring or juice however, one should use those flavors with oil, at his or her own risk. Lipid pneumonia is one of the very real consequences of inhaling improperly cured, vaporized, oils. When done right, 3 – 5ml of this tincture taken under the tongue sublingually will work very well, but when vaped via an electronic cigarette or vape pen, I find it takes only about half that amount. Finally, you’ll want to take a syringe, or a pipette, and suck up a few ml of your freshly a made Vape Juice (tincture) and fill your pen according to the manufacturer specifications.

In conclusion, I would just like to reiterate that making your own oral tinctures and vaporizing them is a very effective way of getting the components that are in herbs, into your body. This can be a very good thing if you wish to heal yourself using the plants and herbs given to us by mother nature and take full advantage of the bountiful Farmacy here on Spaceship Earth. Experiment with different flavor combinations and stock your medicine cabinet with your very own hand made tinctures!

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About Author

Aarr Kellz is the founder of Spaceship Earth Farms. He loves Cannabis, free thinking and bringing important useful information to the masses.


  1. I made a great batch of VG Tincture in Magic Butter machine using 2 cups of VG and 1 ounce decarbed weed. I used the stronger tincture time and heat on machine. This stuff is good and strong when added to any food or drink. So I took a 1/2 cup of this VG tincture and added 1/4 of PG and tried in my vaporizer and it taste like shit and takes about 12 to 15 hits to catch a light buzz and I recently got some medical Marijuana ones that kick my ass in 3 pulls and great flavor. What am I doing wrong with my homemade juice? Thank you

  2. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as
    long as I provide credit and sources back to your website?
    My blog site is in the very same niche as yours and my visitors would
    truly benefit from some of the information you present here.
    Please let me know if this alright with you. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous a lot of “premium” vape juices already contain high proof alcohol. Its my understanding that it helps dilute the VG oil because its so thick some smaller coils take too long to absorb the vape liquid. (Causing dry hits)

  4. You can let the alcohol evaporate naturally instead of heating. It just takes days instead of hours. That’s what I’m doing today.

  5. Try joining the Facebook group “Cannabis for Fibromyalgia and pain.” We’re all figuring it out there. I started learning about two months ago and am easily confused too. I’m also finding the “Sage Advice – Cannabis Infusions and Extractions Group” group very helpful.

    You don’t have to heat (decarbolyxate) the mj. The purpose is to change THC-a to THC. That’s for feeling the high. THC-a transforms to THC in the liver anyway.

    I use mmj CBD for daytime and 50:50 for night time. I think they’re complementary and that the THC is improving the deep sleep part of the cycle, which is normally affected by pain for me. I know of high quality oils at a reasonable price *if you’re in Canada* and have posted the site at the above group.

  6. Cassandra Good on

    id like to make some juice, but other sites say we must heat the bud in oven first or no thc will release. anybody know what thats about?

  7. Karol Davis on

    It evaporates. How do u think they make shatter? The solvent evaporates if u do it right, and resist the temptation to rush things.

  8. Karol Davis on

    I used to soak toothpicks, in cinnamon oil I bought from the pharmacist (ca. 1969-1972), for days and take them to Jr. High ( middle school in AZ now) to share with my friends. We sucked on them until we squeezed every bit of oil off the toothpicks. Tasted very much like the candies “Red Hots” or Atomic Fire Balls,”, but REALLY HOT! I heard u can’t buy cinnamon oil like that anymore because kids were making cinnamon toothpicks! My point is, I have purchased peppermint oil and other oils over the years from the drug store and the pharmacist said they were safe for consumption. Couldn’t they be used to flavor vape juice?

  9. My mother uses it for pain. I use cannabis for recreational and cultural purposes :) Psychonaut <3

  10. Hello sister,you’re right,for pain the best is THC,but it will make you high,but don’t worry,cannabis isn’t an hallucinogenic herb,maybe your boddy will be best after try this. Have a good day.

  11. Cassandra Good on

    I’m pretty overwhelmed regarding weed. I’ve been taking medical cbd oil without results and think I need thc to reduce my pain. I have fibromyalgia. if I make this vape oil will I also be getting the cbd chemicals as well?

  12. How long is the DeCarlo process? 175 degrees for 20 minutes. I tried decarbing on my Webber grill and it all burnt. I still used it by grinding it up and adding the powder to the tincture with about an additional 2/1 ratio of distilled water. It tastes and smells smokey / burnt. Any help?

  13. You can use a Magical Butter maker and have your vape oil in 4 hours verses 13 days.

  14. David Manevich on

    Are the LorAnn vape flavorings OK to mix with this tincture? I’ve used them with VG CBD oil I made in crock pot with popcorn buds from bottom of plant and trim after decarboxylation

  15. Has anyone ever tried doing a tea / cannabis tincture? Since tea has such great flavours I was thinking of just mixing some Davids tea with my cannabis and doing the tincture that way to get a favored cannabis extract. Has anyone tried this?

  16. Tincture Express on

    This is exactly right. If you can’t source Everclear locally there is a company called Culinary Solvent. They ship 190 proof grain alcohol via FedEx right to your door and totally have blog post doing this exact method.

  17. I have used so many types I have lost count. Generally they fall into the “carry with” and “must plug it in” catagories.

    Understand that a “Vaporizer” is really a device that generates an aerosol. The extract in a vaporizer is generally heated, but the purpose of the heat is not to “boil” the mixture, but rather to make it much hotter than ambient temperature. Cool air is then drawn rapidly across the heated extract which releases little bitty parts through evaporation (not distillation) and by the time it all hits the lungs it is an aerosol. There is no combustion in a properly used vaporizer, so there is no smoke in the aerosol.

    The vapor can only form AT the surface of any given extract/product, so any buildup cannot be “cooked” off per se because if it is not exposed to the incoming cooler air at the surface, the little tiny bits cannot evaporate away. Clean up can be real icky, therefor. Extract will crackle and smoke when it touches a heating element but the taste is undesirable and there is no effect I can tell.

    For those times I gotta light something and put it in my mouth, I use a Briar wood pipe with a horn bone mouthpiece meant for fine tobacco. The briar wood pipes are a real treat to puff out of. I put a dab into the bottom and unlike a vaporizer, I use the Bic to “cook” the extract in the briar wood bowl. It’s pretty intense and I can’t inhale deeply like the Vapir, but it absolutely satisfies. It is spendy to use extract this way though.

    I personally have a sock drawer full of portable vape pens that mostly still work but I don’t use anymore. They are good for a few grams but get so fiddly and messy afterwards that I give up on them. I modified the Vapir 1 product to accept extract. The metal carrying puck meant for ground herb is still used but I made a screen arrangement out of aluminum can metal that holds the extract in the puck. I use the unit upside down and all the “drips” therefor just drip into the long plastic tube that feeds the Vapir bag. The bag catches the very dense cloud of extract “aerosol” and the resulting lungful is medicinal grade medication. Whole body relaxation like I cannot achieve otherwise (I replaced 180 mg/day morphine, 40 mg/day hydrocodone with it).

    The choice is preference, but I tried a “dabbing rig” and within one day knew that something toxic was impacting my lungs harshly. Plus the mess was unsightly and the torch to heat the thing up was a hazard. Once I figured out to turn the Vapir 1 upside down, I cleaned up the dab rig for a final time and it still sits in my cabinets. I hold the Vapir upside down because otherwise any dripping from the extract melting would fall down into the heating element and fan motor. As it is the drippings (very little) drip down into the tube that feeds the bag. I recycled some just yesterday. Fruity, pleasant, and very intense. win win.

    Save the Earth – recycle ;)

  18. Cathi Robinson on

    Forgive me if you answered this already, I’m wondering what kind of equipment I need to vape this? There are so many different parts required, I’m overwhelmed.

  19. Mariska St Anne on

    You dont have to evaporate it, but if you want non-alcohol tinture you could just put it in a pot on low heat and cook thealcohol out, then scrape the oil, add that to a jar placed in water at 175° until the oil liquifies then add the VG.
    As for how much vg-cannabis tinture is all personal choice. Whatever vapes right for you.

    Last DONT ADD ACTUAL CHOCOLATE MILK!! It wont vape, and it will spoil. By flavoring he means extracts and real/artificals flavors, you do not add actual Chocolate Mint or Tobacco. You can go to a bakery store for casual flavors, or a store that sells extracts, flavorings and essential oils. Or the easier option is you can go to any vape store (theyre as common as Starbucks) and buy any flavor they have, you want chocolate milk so you will probably ask for chocolate and cream unless they have a chocolate milk flavor though mocha is more common. If you just want to vape THC be sure to tell them you want NO nicotine, they do that regularly
    Then just mix 50/50 your cannabis tinture and the regular no nic vape store tinture (which is just premade vg and flavoring) to your tank or another bottle for later. Thats what I do, but instead of 50/50 i put 25/75, 1/4th mojito, wine or mint vape juice (tinture) with 3/4 cannabis tinture. Vapes great, and the effects are impressive.

  20. hello from the west cost of Canada looking for the info on making shatter vapor pens every step and Recipe Messer details Thanks

  21. I have been an Oregon MMJ patient for several years. I believe I have used every delivery method available. I am able to obtain Supercritical Fluid Extraction extract from a legal dispensary. However, every method I have used to ingest/inhale had the negative side effects often of acute bronchial distress (“if you don’t get the hack, you don’t get the high”), and also considerable clean up effort, post dosage, to remove the unused/unwanted material left over.

    In other words, even with a good quality vaporizer, at 65%-80% THC nominal lab tested extract left me with nearly 20% minimum that I was inhaling just to get the target medicine. I theorized the waxes in the product were the problem. I remove them, and I have neither choking (respiratory distress), nor the clean up hazard/mess. I will outline how I do it. I have only done this with extracts and old waste products and it works safely on this stuff:

    1) I get rubbing alcohol from the medicine cabinet. It is labelled isopropyl alcohol 70%, and purified water 30%. I put my extract, from one to eight grams or so in a small one ounce glass jar. I pour the iso until the jar is nearly full. The extract dissolves quickly, although I do use a metal paper clip wire to stir it. It goes quicker.

    2) Once dissolved in the rubbing alcohol it appears as an amber liquor, though visually there is a trace of an emulsion (it seems turbulent).

    3) I take regular table salt, not iodized, and add about a tablespoon or so to the mix. I put the sample under the light because it is very cool to watch what happens next. (Google “salting alcohol” to get an explanation of what I am doing by adding salt to rubbing alcohol).

    4) After about 15 minutes, the separation of the water from the mixture is complete. I use a medicine droppper to pull off the top layer, which is now darker amber, and put it into my second clean little jar. I throw away the waste (which is clear and mostly salt water) in jar #1. I dump the tea out of two tea bags and use the bags. I transfer the liquid between two clean jars, once through each bag. Bag one after wringing has noticable white wax left behind and light traces of dark stain. Bag two just light traces of dark stain. I believe from visual cues and experience that all of the wax in the extract is now removed.

    5) I get rid of the alcohol in two steps. The first step seperates the wax from the thc/terpenes, and uses evaporation. Room temperature is just fine. I place the little jar in front of a fan so that the fan ripples the surface. Within moments, the white slimy wax stuff “congeals” on the exposed glass. It takes less than an hour for the small sample to evaporate off most of the now nearly pure iso.

    6) The wax and the thc/terpenes precipitate out of the mix visually as the level drops in the jar. The wax is pure white, and does not mix readily with the amber components making it easy to pull out nearly 100% with an eye dropper.

    7) I use oven paper with the edges turned up and pour the now dewaxed sample onto the paper. I preheat the oven with a pan in it to 250 F. I place the paper on the pan. After about 10-15 min or so, the fast uneven bubbling subsides and the small bubbles visually look like a fizzy cola that has setttled down a bit. I remove at that point.

    8) The mix is full of bubbles. These are carbon dioxide from the decarboxylation at 250 F. THC has a MUCH higher boiling point as do the terpenes and waxes. Water and alcohol both have a much lower boiling point than 250 F. Anecdotal evidence suggests that when decarboxylating extract that the carbon bubbles will begin tapering off (like calming soda pop) when the process is complete.

    9) I place spead out mixture in the freezer. Ten minutes and it looks like tiny peanut brittle full of air. At room temp or skin temp the substance is extremely sticky. Touching it is a bad idea because it is worse that a booger from hell to get off. Using alcohol just spreads it around and makes my hands sticky. The best removal is with SOS scrubbing pads at the kitchen sink. It removes this stuff from skin like a charm.

    I use tweezers stored in the freezer to pick off the pieces of hard extract from the paper. I store it in a small plastic puck.

    My last batch weighed 8.1 grams before process and tested at 75% nominal. It was visually very dark compared to other extracts. Post wax removal I weighed in at 6.4 grams. I believe this is consistent with removing the unwanted materials. The effects upon vaping are profound and for me have replaced several prescription meds in my medication regime with MUCH better effectiveness.

    This product, when I use an air Vapir Digital One is extremely potent. THC is described as a clear liquid at room temp and extremely sticky. This fits the bill, but the terpenes add color. When the extract on the paper melts at room temp in a small plastic puck, the bubbles go away and the liquid is clear like colored glass. Out of the refigerator it is hard like rock candy. I can vape this product by wiping it onto a screen and drawing 400 F air over the screen in the Vapir. I use about the size of a rice grain for nearly 4 deep inhalations that exhale from me in visible vapor. The last inhalation begins to irritate my lungs. The Vapir does not “boil” the THC from the screen, it is evaporating it off and the faster I inhale, the faster it evaporates. So I have found the best method is to warm it to 400 F, turn off the heat. Inhale deeply and sharply.

    And when I exhale that first cloud of Limonene tasting cool light tasty vapor…. Life seems a bit better. but hold on, because in about 3 m inutes it really kicks in…I know. :)

    The residue is almost zero. I can vape many times. Cleanup is done by taking the small screen and putting it on some soapstone, then I melt off the residue using a handheld butane torch. It wont burn off, but the torch melts it and it drops off onto the stone. There is usually a small “flash off” of when the flame hits the screen so something is left behind that burns but very little.

    I personally use my dabbing rig, without the nail in it, to act like a cold trap. The plastic tube from the Vapir fits onto the fitting well, so I inhale through my dabbing gear which evaporates the water in it when I inhale. It is extremely cool and there is zero residue left on the dabbing rig.

    Final note: It was my misconception that a phase change (boiling) had to occur in order for water vapor to be released. I was wrong and my method proves it. Evaporation and boiling are the two ways that liquid becomes vapor. Boiling is a phase change, evaporation is not. Evaporation can and does occur in a liquid at any temperature. You can Google these topics and see what I saw.

    May Life not life on you too often.

  22. Finally read this whole thread and its contents…I had been asking about this very subject for some time now…no answers…And I wanna learn about the medicinal properties as it pertains to Cancer with the above reference of oil for that…my BF has Breast Cancer in remission long story short…we actually separated he was gonna go off and die on me, now he made it through we reunited, yeah should write a book…anyhoo, I am gonna try this for both recreational and medicinal uses bc after all, its ALWAYS been medicinal for many centuries…which is precisely why it SHOULD BE legalized!!!! Great info y’all…
    PS…To be clear, I can use say Almond extract for cooking recipes to mix with the THC Tincture…

  23. I just knew there was a way…since there was a will…lol I am a noob…where would one get the glycerine and also the flavoring oils if not store bought…I has just delved into diffusing essential oils but for vaping I would think they’d have to be safe to ingest and I am not sure how to know for sure…I have a nice almond oil (carrier oil) for application of the essential oils that must be mixed with a carrier oil to put directly on the skin, instead of diffused…please clarify how to get the glycerin and flavoring…It seems Gage that yours doesn’t use glycerine tho…thank you… other than that it seems pretty straight forward…I may even have some ever clear left from my Peach moonshine I made…Thanks…

  24. Instead of adding Flowers to VG and attempting hot extraction. (Seems like a pain anyways)

    I am using a max extraction method. Firstly using a grinder and grinding up my beautiful Flowers and placing in a mason jar, then covering all the Grinded Flowers with Everclear. After, replace the lid and swirl your jar on and off about 10_15mins. After, strain using about 4 coffee filters and a funnel into a clean fresh jar. Examine your strained green colored Everclear if there’s no trace of Flowers particles you are ready for your Pyrex glass dish.

    Now carefully pour your contents into the dish and place on low heat until all the Alcohol has evaporated. Once NO alcohol is left you will see oil on the bottom of your dish. Remove from heat! It’s very sticky. A rounded Xacto blade should prove helpful so get to scraping. Once you have scraped your concentrates you’re ready to start step 2.

    Get a thick glass with a wide opening and place your concentrates inside. Now get a pot of water heated 175℉ seems to be the magic temp. Place the glass your concentrates are in, in the heated water.

    Once your concentrates are warmed and look more like liquid you are ready to add drops of VG and stir until it’s the consistency you want for vaping. Keep in mind once it cools your liquid may thicken.

    Also you can always add more VG but you cannot take away once you’ve added ;)

    Safety first and vape on ✌?

    I am doing a max

  25. Yes. Propylene glycol is used to make anti-freeze LESS toxic. As I stated though, at the moment, nothing has been found making it harmful….YET. I have actually switched to all vegetable glycerin in my liquids. Just to be safer.
    Curtis below is half right. Propylene replaced Ethylene.

  26. Vaping and exercising may seem like a contradiction, but the switch from a traditional cigarette to an electronic cigarette will often make it easier to complete more exercises. E-cigs use nicotine liquid instead of the various ingredients that are included in a traditional cigarette alongside the nicotine.

  27. It would be really helpful I I could have my questions answered, I am planning on making my own thc juice and I chose to use this method because it doesn’t involve me using an over or stove the only problems I can think of are, do I have to somehow evaporate the alcohol before adding the glycerine? Also do I add 3 parts glycerine compared to 1 part cannabis tincture, I did not understand that part if the article and finally. I planning in using chocolate milk as flavouring but would I have to do anything to the chocolate milk or just put it in as is? Would it spoil or anything

  28. Nathan Verlander on

    some people (like my wife) are allergic to PG, so that can be an issue. when she uses mixed e-liquids instead of all vg she gets really itchy and breaks out in hives. We found this out when we got a cheap disposable on a car trip with the kids. nothing a benadryl couldnt fix though.

  29. Want let’s discuss business lol. How much is each cartrage and I’ve seen them around like 35 bucks or something like that

  30. First off never use vodka. You want 190 proof ever clear or some other spirit that’s 95% alcohol or more. Which is why you’re having to use Hash or a lot of flower for potency. First decarboxylate your flowers to turn all the thca into active thc, then store in a mason jar with the ever clear sitting an inch above the ground bud in The dark for at least 48 hours (the longer the better and more potent), then you want to strain all the liquid into another mason jar leaving as much solid material out as possible, store the jar with the tincture in the freezer for 48 hours to separate remaining solid material, strain again into another jar, then you want to let the jar and content warm to room temp on its own, then you want to make a water bath out of a pot on the stove with the mason jar inside and just halfway up the jar fill the pot with water and bring to just below a boil until the alcohol has all evaporated, this should leave you with a nice dark oil (should be around a gram for every 3.5 of flowers you use), you then want to add 1 mL of 100% pure pg for every gram of oil you have and heat in the stove in the same way as before for just about 5 minutes to blend the oil and pg well, then just transfer to an amber or opaque dropper bottle to protect from light and there yah go! Super potent cannabis vape juice. You’re welcome.

  31. This seems like a good recipe, and i am planning to do virtually the same steps, but it would seem a good idea to let all/most of the alcohol evaporate out after adding glycerine. You definitely don’t want your end result to have much or any alcohol, if for no other reason than, its flammable.

  32. Curtis Crampton on

    Anti-Freeze is ETHYLENE glycol, NOT propylene glycol. they are 2 completely different compounds.

  33. Teresa Douthit on

    BHO is almost impossible to get where I am…Can it be left out and if so what is the result? Curious if recipe changes as well without the BHO. Question…can you taste the booze?? I do not drink and that flavor would be a huge turn off!!

  34. Teresa Douthit on

    Vaping does not cause pneumonia…That is a hyped up myth. Thats like saying winter causes runny noses. I have been Vaping for a long time and have never been sick. I am just trying to figure out how to Vape THC…

  35. With a lot of extracts the ejuice doesn’t mix well. I tried EJmix (burnt plastic taste) and then went to find vapeur extract… There product flavorless was able to mix with my extract and i didn’t have a problem with vaping it. It was really smooth. Vapeurextract.com

  36. OTC vape juice is just prop glycol and veg glycerin mixed at a 50/50 ratio with the added flavor and water. You can get both USP Propylene Glycol and USP vegetable glycerin on Amazon for about $12 per bottle. And they’re very big bottles.

  37. Unless you have the misfortune of living in a city or county that prohibits pot shops and have to drive at least 60 miles (round trip) to the nearest pot shop.

  38. You don’t have to let it sit in there for days… the alcohol will strip all good stuff in about 5-10 minutes. You can strain out the leafy stuff and then let that alcohol evaporate… you will be left with about 95% pure hash oil. This is the same process used to make the Rick Simpson oil used to treat cancer.

  39. Krystal Benware on

    can i have a recipe; like 1 oz pg to 1 oz tincture? it says 2-4 oz to 2-4 oz then says add 3 parts pg to tincture. just need some clarification.

  40. Oregon as well which has the best legislation so far with the cheapest and most (8 OZ for personal use).

  41. The vg/pg liquid has to be heated to a higher temperature to be vaporized then cannabis, therefore no decarbing is needed and neither is any debate…

  42. If he planning on vaping it in the e-cig then it doesn’t need to be decarbed because it will be done in the process of heating it to vaporize. There is some debate on whether or not the e-cig reaches the temps needed to do so though.

  43. isn’t it related to pneumonia in users of (non-cannabis) ecigs? or am i confusing it with something else?

  44. Rick Barnes on

    I’ve noticed you don’t decarboxylate the cannabis which pretty much voids every other use but medicinal. In other words, you don’t get “high”. Is there a method for that as well?

  45. Bob Scheett on

    Doesn’t the alcohol need to be burned off and when would you do this? Before adding the VG? Why add PG and what ratio?

  46. Did anyone ever reply to you? I was thinking of getting that machine for the same purpose. Would you recommend it? How did it vape?

  47. its no real harm at all, especially if compared to combusted burnt herb (smoke), but i feel its worth noting that i am informed that glycerine can cause more physical health risk. lung tissue seems to be better tolerated to propylyne glycol. this is just a factoid i have seen writtien many times due to the fact i surf n research alot of this… kinda luv reading bout little subtypes of science learning n experimenting over scienc interest and desire to learn more about so yano i could be wrong but its 1 of those statements found when approached from all angles of science

  48. No, the store bought flavoring for cooking.. like vanilla extract or other flavor enhancments.

  49. No! Vegetable Glycerin is glycerin made from organic plant material it is not oil and is completely water soluble. Please DO NOT use vegetable oil as it is not safe and not to mention will taste awful and waste your precious herb.

  50. Sorry if this was already posted. Wasn’t to make a “small” batch just to fill an aspire k1 tank. Would I still need that much green?

  51. unless you live in washington state like me or colorado.. and now alaska : ) I can go down the street to my recreational shop and buy wax perfectly legal :’) legalize it!

  52. I did just that in fact; I made a slow tincture with only the plant matter and VG and the results are amazing. It was the 3 week method I used which enabled me to blend the THC and other oil based properties of the plant (for flavor) with the water soluble vegetable glycerin: for three weeks I raised and lowered the temp in a rocking water bath between room temp and 130 Fahrenheit, four times daily. During this process you add a tincture of 100% ethanol and hash or bud (see process for winterizing); when finished ethanol should boil off with the 130 degree heat. It’s easier than it sounds, hope this helps.

  53. (I’m a cellular biologist/chemist) I’m curious why you can’t just add the herb extract directly to the glycerol/glycerine, and have that extra step in between soaking the plant mater in ethanol for so long. Ethanol will cause the cells to lyse (imagine a balloon exploding, the balloon being cells) and give the contents to the surrounding solution, but glycerol should have a similar effect giving it’s physical structure/properties. Couldn’t you just soak the extract in glycerol for two weeks instead?
    My concern being inhaling ethanol as it is cytotoxic (it literally kills cells by melting them).

    Great instructions! Thanks

  54. The reason I am looking into this is the fact that plant matter combustion isn’t good for lungs, does smoking this way eliminate that harsh factor of smoking?

  55. So did you add in the second gram of the BHO? Did it make it any stronger for you?

  56. So if I mix the homemade mixture with the store bought juice I’ll get ill? I didn’t understand that very well..

  57. What is Majic? Do you know the ingredients? You might want to check out what goes in ur lungs.

  58. Actually you could just cook off the alcohol. VG does not boil til like 300 i believe. Use a digital scale.

  59. If we do this process to make THC vap juice its not technically illegal marijuana anymore is it ???

  60. Dethmetaldan on

    that is called “breathing” the juice not steeping. And 8 hours is enough to get the alcohol off after it is made. Too long and u will lose flavor. Too short still have alcohol.
    “steeping” is just leaving in a dark room temp area with it air tight.

  61. LeRoy Angel Chavez on

    45ml VG
    25ml WISKEY
    10gm SUPER DIESEL (fully cured died flower, COLORADOS FINEST!)
    1gm 90 micron bubble hash (same SUPER DIESEL)

    Ground herb, Decarboxalated @ 200f for 30 minutes. Herb and VG into Mason jar and double boil with lid tight for 2 hours, stiring /shaking every 10 minutes.

    After straining VG off I added the warmed wiskey (140°f) to the mash. Shaking vigorously for 5 minutes strian and combine with VG.

    In a small SS shot cup (2.5 Oz) over a double boiler bring oil up to 180° adding the gram of hash. Hold at 180° until the alcohol boils off. I’m figuring this should also helps to get a full decarb on the hash and bring the trichomes to molten and ad in emulsification.
    Ok, so “why wiskey?” or “were is the PG?”.
    1. I totally hate the flavor of PG!
    2. In my research I have found that the PG is really used as the dilutint to thin the VG. This is found most true in ECIG use with nicotine ( yuck) especially in a wick type system.
    3. The alcohol boils off at 172° so as it starts to boil it tells you it is time to add the hash. As 90% wiskey is 45% water by volume and VG is water soluable it leave the final oil perfect viscosity for an ECIG/VAPORIZER.

    For the techy I’m using the standard 1300mah battery, 1.8 ohm at 3.6 voltz. In a protank 2.

    Final product is a deep golden brown, NOT a burned brown but very deep golden.

    Final quantity: 32ml bottle and 3ml vaporizer tank.
    This is NOT a very strong hit * for me * maybe because I am a very heavy smoker but this doesn’t get my high. I’m ready to add another gram of BHO this time from the same SUPER DIESEL flower to the 32ml bottle.

    Ok this is my experience any comment or suggestions welcomed. Thanks Angel.

  62. So i made my first batch mixed 6g and got 10 ml of concentrate and mixed as prescribed and been stupid stoned all day on .5 ml of juice

  63. I think you would need to melt the wax to a liquid then mix it with the VG. I would image that would be your best bet.

  64. Alcohol is very frequently used when making vape juices. The alcohol in the vape juice adds “throat hit”. To rid the vape juice of alcohol there is a step in the juice making called steeping. Steeping is leaving the juice uncapped in a dark environment allowing alcohol to evaporate. For regular juices the steeping process takes approximately 24 hours. For this recipe I would let the juice steep for about 48 hours. I am currently trying the recipe so ill do some trial and error and report back. :D

  65. VG tinctures are not good in vape pens, no matter what your recipe. Don’t do it. Use a purpose made product like Puff Majic or EJmix. Both are better options than VG.

  66. This is a great example of an uneducated reporter writing an uneducated article, and then the information in said article incorrectly interpreted. If you read the article the author knows very little about vaping. Furthermore, it is glycerol that they state can produce formaldehyde not PG. The glycerol is glycerin as in VG, and is commonly used in nicotine e-liquids. This is actually known info that is being reported on like it is some NEW big news. Not the case. Also, the temps required to produce that as a byproduct are so high they aren’t really an issue. You would notice the horrible taste long before you got to that point. Any regular vaper knows too high of temps taste like total s***.

  67. Propylene glycol was just shown to become formaldehyde when heated above a certain temperature. Formaldehyde is carcinogenic.

  68. If your worried about the alcohol, once you have mixed the final product. You can heat it up with the lid of while stirring until you get a little simmer. And then allow to cool down. This should evaporate a considerable amount of the alcohol without loosing too much potency as it should fuse 30% better with the vg anyway as the vg oil won’t evaporate but the alcohol will start too. It won’t be removed entirely but then the only safe way to do this is to leave the product with the lid of for a very long time lol

  69. I made a glycerin only tincture with my magic butter machine. Is it ok to use this in a vape pen? What are the differences in oil or juice pens? Just trying to figure this out! K

  70. I made a glycerin tincture with 1 ox keif and 4 cups of veg. Glycerin, I forgot to decarboxylate the kief. Can I vape this mixture? As it is, there is little medicinal effect. Any suggestions on how to save this ?

  71. The easiest way and best way to make marijuana e-liquid is with BHO and Puff Majic. I just can’t wait a month like you are talking about. Wasn’t born with that kind of patience. It literally takes me less than 10 minutes to make killer juice with the Majic

  72. Dude your diluting it 3:1 with VG that makes it only about 24% abv (assuming you used pure ethanol 95%). This is pretty low to ignite with the use of a heating element and open flame maybe but that would even be hard. I am assuming you missed the second to last sentence about diluting the ethanol before vaping. Ingesting ethanol by inhaling it does bypass the liver but would require a decent amount of smoking for this to be an issue. You may beable to get a small ethanol buzz from it though :)

  73. Work in progress. on

    The trick is patience. I took an empty 12ml ejuice bottle filled 1/3 of it with weed(grinded/broken up) with a few drops of alcohol(grey goose). I use about 7mls of no-nicotine e-juice and 2mls of e-juice with nicotine. I let it soak for literally a month. I used my space heater to warm the ejuice but only enough to motivate the mixing/bonding of thc to the nicotine compounds and ejuice. I would shake it up once warmed(everyday) I I then would add little bit of weed about the size of your pinky nail in amount, every so often(once a week) and leave it be again. I converted the top of the e-juice bottle with a cut up tea bag so I need never to strain. Its amazing at keeping extra out and I get to keep my weed and its way less messy. Seriously the high gets intense. I’m treating it like wine, I’m working on a 3,6, 12 month soak currently.

    P.S keep an extra e-juice(flavored) on standby. My atomizer holds 1.3 mls. I put .5 mls of regular flavored e juice as base. .3 mls of thc juice and .2 mls of nicotine ejuice. Seriously clean big vaps and nic/thc brings a high that you have to experience to understand.

  74. Do not follow this dangerous recipie! Running alcohol through a heating element is a terrible idea in any way shape or form. The whole point of using glycerin is to avoid the effects of igesting alcohol.

    You’re ignorance has become a danger.

  75. You don’t get a headrush, but you will get high. You have to really concentrate pot pretty thick for a good buzz. It would be much better with hash, like tha man said.

  76. No, vape juice needs it’s own cartridge. Wax/oil/dry are on their own side. If you look at the differences in how they are built, you can see why, given the liquid differences in viscosity (thickness).

  77. What if I’m using flower and don’t wanna use 7 grams but a fewer amount like 3 or 4 do I use less or ?

  78. Thanks, I see. I do have a pen with an oil cartridge. Can I use the vape juice described in this article in that?

  79. This isn’t oil, its vape juice. To get pure oil you need to get rid of the alcohol. E juice and oil are 2 diff things and you do not want to burn oil in an e juice pen. Get a pen with a oil cartridge.

  80. Everything I’ve found about making the oil with Everclear involves some kind of cooking to get rid of the alcohol. If simply diluting with vegetable glycerine does the trick, then why do people bother with a long, involved, and potentially dangerous process? Please explain.

  81. Can this be done using RSO (or FECO)? I can get that easier than flower, and it’s way cheaper when I considered how much flower makes the oil. But I’ve had trouble getting the RSO to fully dissolve even in alcohol (rum 151 or everclear 151, highest in my state), and I really couldn’t get it to dissolve in glycerin. Thoughts?

  82. Scott Ellenwood on

    Vaporizing alcohol? wouldn’t the alcohol in the mixture reach flashpoint and either burn or react? Natural glycerin tincture has usually meant just the medicine and the glycerin, so I’d like to know how this works with alcohol.

    Thanks much.

  83. Good write up .
    I use vapes for oils and RSO
    Anyone getting into vaping should be prepared to get dirty
    Pens need maintenance
    Mods are more expensive but every part can be replaced fairly cheep
    Take off the label on penss for 80$
    Made in Taiwan
    You can get the same pen for 20$
    The cheap pens are disposable if they don’t burn your house down the chargers melt and can burn

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