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How To Pass A Drug Test For Marijuana


Are you about to get tested for marijuana? How to pass a drug test for marijuana is an unfortunate reality for many Americans.

10 steps on how to pass a drug test for marijuana

Typically testing occurs for those applying for new jobs or those who work in industries where an existing employer has a random drug test policy.

Even with the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in states throughout the country private companies are drug testing more than ever and marijuana is still number one on the list, as a result you need to learn how to pass a drug test.

How to Pass a Drug Test for Marijuana:

What type of drug test am I getting?

First you need to figure out what type of drug test you will receive. The most common type of drug tests performed is a urinalysis which tests for the presence of marijuana in your urine. Urinalysis tests account for about 75% of drug tests; hair tests and blood tests make up for the other 24 % with about 1% of tests being saliva based.

Most employers use 3rd party drug testing labs to perform drug tests. As the test taker, you are provided an address and scheduled time to go to a drug test performed by a lab technician. In some cases, the test is performed at your place of employment by an on-site lab technician. Smaller employers buy test kits and self-administer the test. This post will tackle how to deal with the most common drug test: urinalysis, or a urine test.

How do I clean out my system of marijuana to pass a drug test?

First…What NOT to do:

Marijuana CAN NOT be cleaned out of your system using ANY OF THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: cranberry juice, goldenseal, niacin, bleach, vinegar, lot’s of water, surejell, ginger root tea, certa orcreatine pills.

These are mostly online myths and ineffective home remedies, most have never worked and have continued to spread online as false truths. None of the above mentioned methods pass modern day employment drug tests.

Here’s what you CAN DO to pass a drug test:  

1. Detox Naturally in 30 days

If you are in good health and in decent shape you can cleanse your body naturally in 4-6 weeks through proper diet and exercise. We have put together an easy diet and detox plan for you to follow below.

2. Detox in 3-6 Days with a safe natural detoxification product.

If you are like MOST people reading this article you probably have a test sooner than a month from now. There are solutions for cleansing your body rapidly by using detoxification products that drastically expedite your bodies’ natural cleansing process to clean the THC out of your system in about a week.

This works by flushing out your system with a daily regiment of herbal supplements combined with a healthy detox diet that permanently cleanses your blood and urine of any traces of toxins. Once you complete the program you can use a home drug test kit to know for sure you are clean.

Click to learn more

3. Detox in 24 Hours by using a Same Day Cleanser to temporarily flush your system of toxins.

Uh oh! If you need to be clean for a test coming up in the next few days or sooner you can use a temporary cleanser to flush your body of toxins temporarily. This works by targeting the bladder and urinary tract to flush and eliminate toxin metabolites from those organs giving you an estimated 6 hour window to give a sample when your urine is clean.

Eventually toxin metabolites in the rest of your system will gradually make their way back into the bladder as your body naturally detoxes itself and re-introduces THC metabolites with THC into your urine. Same Day cleansing works as long as you get the right product…if you get the wrong product you will fail. We have worked with our sponsor PassYourTest.com to provide information and answers to your drug testing questions and they provide a great same day detox product. You can order over the phone or online and have a Same Day cleanser immediately shipped to you with overnight shipping available.

Click to learn more

How to cleanse your body of Marijuana naturally and pass a drug test?

This process takes an estimated 30 Days depending on your toxin levels, metabolism an overall health.

1. Drink Lots of Water. While hydrating the body is certainly one of the key ways to detox marijuana from your system, it is not a magic solution. Drinking lots of water keeps the body well hydrated and healthy which is one of the most important things to do when you are trying to get your body to use resources to detox and is especially important when you cleanse for marijuana naturally.

2. Get Your Exercise. Because marijuana is fat soluble and can be stored in the fat cells of your body, the more body fat you have the longer it’s going to take to detox. The best way to exercise is to use a combination of both weight lifting and cardio type training like swimming or running which will burn fat and help speed up the metabolism.

3. Eat Your Leafy Greens. Green vegetables like kale, broccoli, spinach, and chard are super high in vitamins and minerals like iron. These vegetables contain essential nutrients needed for boosting the body metabolism.

4. Drink Lemon Juice. Lemons contain very high levels of Vitamin C, which are a very important electrolyte and also a great way to detox THC naturally. It is best if you get your own fresh lemons from the grocery store as store bought juice will not have the same potency as fresh squeezed lemons.

5. Pass on Junk Food and Red Meat. Junk foods, fast food and bacon cheeseburgers (yumm!) are unhealthy in general but when it comes to detoxing marijuana they certainly don’t help. These types of food are high in sodium which causes water retention, and high in sugar and fat which slows the metabolism. Instead focus on highly nutritious foods like lean meats, fruits and vegetables.

6. Tea Time.  There are several kinds of tea that are said to aid the body in detoxing for marijuana naturally. One of them is Dandelion tea because it helps the liver to eliminate toxins from the body. Green Tea is also a great way to give the body a boost because of the high levels of antioxidants and electrolytes it contains such as Vitamin-C. Any tea that contains a small amount of caffeine will boost your metabolism and burn excess fat.

8. Eat Lots of healthy Fiber. Many sources of healthy fiber can come in the form of grains, whole wheat that has not been enriched, and legumes which include peas, peanuts, lentils, soy, and beans. These provide healthy nutrients needed for healthy detoxing.

9. Abstain – Using marijuana during your cleanse will re-deposit THC into your body and make you dirty again. The natural cleansing process will effectively start from scratch after you re-introduce toxins into the body.

10. Test Yourself– Get a Home test kit at your local drug store or online to confirm you are clean.

Top Questions and Answers on How To Pass a Drug Test:

How long does marijuana stay in your system?

Studies suggest that marijuana can be naturally cleansed out of your body through natural detoxification, diet and exercise in about 30 days as long as you are in good health and decent shape. Remember, you have to abstain from using marijuana during this period completely.

In extreme cases, Marijuana can stay in your blood and urine for up to 16 weeks depending on your toxin levels and body fat. If you weigh over 200 pounds or have a high body fat percentage, it can take this long to be clean through natural cleansing, diet and exercise.

Marijuana can stay in your hair for 6-12 months but testing labs only test for the last 90 days worth of hair growth. Labs can’t test your head or body hair if your head hair is too short. These tests are getting more popular with higher paying jobs and bigger employers.




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  1. 5’9″. 185. Sprint two miles almost every day. Four to five hits of ok per day until I stopped four days ago. May test sometime this coming week. Will I be clean?

    Been organic detoxing with pills containing pectin and various leaf or root powders and extracts: orthosiphon, rooibos, dandelion, marian thistle, aloe, etc. Plan to drink water and pectin the day of if randomly selected.

    What do you think? Thanks. Peace.

  2. Purchased their products it’s fake everything about it even the other reviews it does not work it’s a waste of money good luck getting your refund after disappointment. Other sites will tell you to stay clear of them because they are frauds but I was desperate and went against my better judgment. Learn from my mistake.

  3. I’m 126 pounds, I’ve been clean for 4 weeks, I did a drug test today & failed! Wtf did I do wrong, what do i do?

  4. I have a drug test next week. I have been smoking heavily and im really nervous. I tried surjell but it will coke out diluted

  5. I’m 5’10” and 1r7 lbs and not a regular smoker. Last i smoked was in March. 5 days ago i ate some edibles (with apparently 1g of thc)Thinking I exercise regularly, when should I be clean?

  6. So I’m 147 lbs and 5’10”. I’m not a frequent smoker, and last time I smoked was back in March. 5 days ago I ate some chocolate with thc (apparently 8mg or so of thc). How long would I take to pass, considering I exercise daily?

  7. I have passed every drug test i have ever takin with sure jell. My older brother told me about it when i was 16 im now 34 mix a box of sure jell with 32 oz of water a hour before your test. Stop a pee one time before your test and your as good as gold. Dont drink any thing else and inly pee once begore. The sure jell turns in to a jelly substance and coats your blatter so you only pee clean liquids. And will not come back diluted.

  8. OK so I have a urine test tomorrow someone told me apple cider vinegar and water water water should I be OK tomorrow around 11

  9. If you use a fast cleanser, exactly how long before the levels start to return to before the clease? Also, does the fast cleanser work on all 4 catagories (Benz. Opoids, THC & Amphetamis)or just THC? I take prescribed amphetamines and I want that to show on MY test.

  10. Cindy:

    I’m sure you’ve broken a few laws in your time – speeding, snagging a little extra from the cafeteria, taken credit for somebody else’s efforts – why be so hostile just because other people enjoy a small escape from reality for a couple hours?

    Nobody’s “stealing someone else’s job” here, and all situations aren’t the same.

    My own problem with marijuana is the fact that my state doesn’t recognize medical marijuana, and I would the be perfect candidate.

    I’m 65 years old, I have a terminal disease, I’m on steroids, chemotherapy, and I’m prescribed morphine.

    But to stay on the morphine, I have to pass a urinalysis, and if I fail – I’m cut off. I would have a terrible existence without morphine.

    But I’ve discovered that a very small amount of marijuana, a bit of bud smaller than a green pea, increases my activity level tremendously. My wife is amazed at the improvement in function, if you know what I mean.

    That little amount, consumed only once a day, makes a world of difference to me. A half-ounce of good bud will easily last me three months, but even that small amount could get me in serious trouble with my doctor.

    So to answer your question, no, my very life doesn’t depend on it, but my “quality of life” does.

  11. There is a 2 day liquid cleanse at GNC that will totally cleanse your system. It has a fiber, fruit, vegetable, and herbal blend in it. It also contains vitamin b 12 for color. It comes in a blue box with 2 bottles and costs around 35$.

  12. I failed a test and used certo for two days straight until my test happened. I also drank liters of water and I still failed.

  13. Im here to tell you guys it domt aleays matter on being fat i smoked everyday multiple times a day and was smoking 80% plus thc dabs daily and on my last day smoking smoned a quarter of loud and a gram of dabs to empty the stock.. im 6’5 320 pounds and go a daily hour long walk and just passed my lab test at the 50ng level after 18 days and thats the first time i tested myself so could have been sooner

  14. As a daily but light user of high grade weed, I had myself tested. My quantitative GCMS number was 14. Lab says passing is 2 or less, or less than 2, but anyway, can anyone explain what the 14 means. 14 what? How does this 14 correlate with the 50 ng/ml measurement?

  15. Hello, I want to share my experience, now I’m part of the Sub club, I used clean pee, no temperature detection, everything went perfect

  16. It probably wasn’t the smartest decision to smoke during probation haha, but none the less try water and asprin and try to sweat out as much as possible. Green vegetables help a lot as well. You should be ok but don’t smoke until you’re out of probation bro

  17. A lot of places will make you retake test if completely clear, probation offices do for sure. If it’s going to a lab your screen if you have smoked, but in a cup immediate result test use warm water and organic dye just in case, it works.

  18. I havnt smoked in a week in a half and i skateboard everyday for hours and i am healthy and i have a drug test next week and ive been drinking twa,water and ive been staging healthy will i pass? I camt fail or i go to juvy, im in probation.

  19. People why care about yellow piss if your drinking the right amount of fluids your piss should always be clear if you don’t then it will be yellow…yellow piss is a sign you need to drink more fluids…pay attention in biology wtf they teachING you people?!?!

  20. i weight 260 female 5’9 tall
    certs with yellow gatrde works. passed a drug test for work.
    the vitamin pills do not help darken urine. try coffee or a coke soda that is dark to add color to ur urine. certs must be drunken 4 hours before drug test

  21. Why do people keep asking how to to pass after 10 comments that already tell you how? Fucking fucktards

  22. Mitchell Swan on

    Clearly written by stoners. Complete wasters of time, get your grammar right and it could be taken seriously.

  23. I’m a 17 year old female I weigh 86 pounds and I am 5’7. I know I am underweight my metabolism is way to fast but i’m still concerned about passing this drug test. On the website of the nursing home I applied for it says they could detect drug use from a year back. What I do know is that they do a urine test and I blood test. I smoked marijuana about 3 weeks ago but it wasn’t as much as I used to smoke before. Before that I had stopped smoking for about two weeks. I used to smoke about once or twice a week. Since the last time I smoked, I had been drinking tons of water.. My metabolism is pretty fast but i’m still worried that I won’t pass because of what the website says ”
    We test for drugs and alcohol at the time of the pre-employment physical. If you have used any drugs within the past 12 months, our test will detect it.” .. Will I pass? I’m not planning on using synthetic urine or using someone elses urine. Help?

  24. Guys you know there’s such thing as synthetic piss right…?
    Cost around 30 bucks and virtually fail proof. Do your research lazy stoners :b

  25. However this Cindy Harper bitch is you need to stfu. If your not going to
    Snyder the god damn question your 2 fucking since WAS NOT needed. Keep your nose on your damn face. Fuck stupid people.

  26. However this Cindy Harper bitch is you need to stfu. If your not going to
    Snyder the god damn question your 2 fucking since WAS NOT needed. Keep your nose on your damn face. Fuck stupid people.

  27. Steve Nash on these drug tests boy #pass on

    ATTENTION ALL SMOKERS IN NEED OF HELP!!!!!! I found out by snooping through my parents shit they were going to drug test me a week ago. I had been smoking casually 5-6 times a week for a month. Also, the week prior to me finding out I was being tested, I faced a blunt a day along with a fat fucking zig zag the night before. So, I was screwed. HOWEVER, the past week I have been eating basically nothing but salads and healthy snacks, running twice a day and drinking nothing but water and I FUCKING PASSED. It had been six days since I had stopped smoking. So, MY ADVICE is fuck detox products, fuck GNC and fuck faking it, INSTEAD naturally flush your body with a near vegan diet, run a lot (or basic calestenics, you just need to fucking sweat) and drink a shit ton of water. I hope this helps somebody out, I know I’m happy to not be attending military school next year. #stevenashwhenipass

  28. Steve Nash on these drug tests boy #pass on

    ATTENTION ALL SMOKERS IN NEED OF HELP!!!!!! I found out by snooping through my parents shit they were going to drug test me a week ago. I had been smoking casually 5-6 times a week for a month. Also, the week prior to me finding out I was being tested, I faced a blunt a day along with a fat fucking zig zag the night before. So, I was screwed. HOWEVER, the past week I have been eating basically nothing but salads and healthy snacks, running twice a day and drinking nothing but water and I FUCKING PASSED. It had been six days since I had stopped smoking. So, MY ADVICE is fuck detox products, fuck GNC and fuck faking it, INSTEAD naturally flush your body with a near vegan diet, run a lot (or basic calestenics, you just need to fucking sweat) and drink a shit ton of water. I hope this helps somebody out, I know I’m happy to not be attending military school next year.

  29. How about you all stop smoking weed. Does your life really depend on that shit? Stop taking other people’s jobs and cheating your way through a drug test.LOL

  30. I have a pre employment urine test Wednesday for a very good job. Haven’t smoked in 84 days. Worried I’m still positive. Smoked for years Since 16 I’m 33 now was heavy smoker in younger years past 5 years only smoked 2-3 bowls which I shared with my was wife wasn’t smoking whole bowls. Took a at home test on day 78 and said I was positive but idk if I can trust it. My down side is I don’t excercise, slow metabolism, and I 5’11 and weigh 370. I’m large, had a friend about same size and he passed a lab test after 66 days. So again idk for me. I know it attaches to fat cells which I have plenty of. Guess I’m just gonna piss in the cup and hope I’m under the cutoff. $28 a hour is on the line. Asking myself was smoking all them years really worth all the worrying and anxiety!

  31. I have noticed that you don’t even need to pee.. I have been getting hot water from sink and putting yellow dye in it. As long as not sent to lab the test will read negative. The tests never show up dilute its all bullshit. I’ve been doing this for years with my parents tests and work tests. Try it, and I promise you won’t fail.

  32. You said certo is a myth, you are wrong about that. I pass using certo on a weekly basis.

  33. Experienced With self-testing on

    So this article appears to be factual, and based on real information. However I would like to comment on the “30 days” for natural detox… I have gone through the “detox to pass THC test” routine a number of times, and I have /never/ experienced 30 days as a useful expectation.

    If I smoke strong weed once per month, like have none in my possession and a friend gets me high ONCE each month, then it takes me about 45 days MINIMUM to get clean enough to pass a urine based test.

    If I get high multiple times per day on low-grade schwag, it takes me 90 days MINIMUM to detox.

    If I smoke high grade weed intermittantly (like 1 week on, 3 weeks off) my expectation is that it will take more than 100 days to detox enough to pass a urine test.

    I say all of this after having tested myself repeatedly for the last 10 years, in advance of planning a job change. My routine is to buy enough test strips to test myself weekly as I prepare for a job change. I’ve been very lucky in that most of my jobs tell me to prepare for a drug test, but then they never actually give the test, they only ask me if I’m willing to take one during the interview process. The one time I was actually tested, I had been prepping for a long time by keeping consumption as close to zero as possible, and immediately before the test I had been lucky enough to have about 120 days clean.

    I have tested some of the detox products, and I have yet to see any of them work at all, so the jury is out on if they even work. When I read amazon reviews, the only products with good reviews only have a handful of reviews. I don’t trust amazon reviews with fewer than 200 reviews, many products launch with dozens of fake reviews, and Amazon is not good at detecting the fake reviews.

    Many products work by running so much urine through you that you reduce the metabolites available to enter the urine, the problem with those is they dilute your urine so much that the odds of being called in to retest are very high.

    The products that are most likely to work are to borrow some clean urine from a friend of the same sex, or to buy a urine replacement. The problem with these methods is first of all your sample has to be tested for temperature, so you better have it at body temperature, and second you better hope they don’t observe you producing the sample with a hidden camera (observing the sample being taken is a common requirement, but I don’t know if they are required to let you know they are observing you. I have no reason to think they are required to tell you about surveillance.

    Some people have other dilution methods, such as adding tap water to the sample, but that is likely to fail to pass the test of valid urine. The amount of dilution required is very high in most cases, unless you are close to being 100% clean already.

    is possible that my experience with test strips is to assume a positive test-strip test is the final verdict, but I know that isn’t really the case. The medical test requirements are very specific as to what concentration of THC metabolites you have, as you always have some because your brain uses it’s own version of a similar molecule as a neurotransmitter, so some similar compounds are probably always present, and there are probably many trace chemicals that can produce a false positive. So wghen a simple test turns up positive, the lab perform a second more expensive test to confirm the results AND to measure the actual concentration. You can be positive for THC, and still pass the test if your actual level is below the legal threshold. You can’t buy the more expensive test on Amazon, it takes a very expensive chromatography machine, so the only way to access that level of testing is to employ an actual lab.

    The detection thresholds are different than the pass/fail thresholds. So a home test may or may not accurately tell you if you will pass. So just because you pass or fail a home test does not grantee you will pass or fail when you go to a medical lab.

    My longer times to get clean *could* be because I depend only on a test strip test, it could be that I’m clean weeks before the test strip says I’m clean. But it could easily go the other way as well.

    Hair tests are a different story, as hair will prolong how long it takes to get clean by how long it takes you to grow your hair to the current length, added to how long after you smoke it is deposited in the hair. For someone with long hair, it could take years to get clean. So a hair test is a much bigger problem. The good news is hair tests are more expensive, so are used less frequently.

  34. This past Friday night I was told that I’d have a drug test at work on Monday. I got a home test and couldn’t pass. I got a tea Purdue and drank one pitcher with no vinegar or additives, took 2 echinacea, 2 niacin and 4 aspirin Saturday morning. I Passed the test Saturday afternoon. Only problem is that you have to take 4 aspirin every 4-5 hours and keep drinking water to pass. Eat peanut butter to return color to the urine.

  35. Lads AV got a Medical Friday and a haven’t smoked a spliff for 3 weeks is there anything I can buy to cleanse my body of weed, panicking it’s a good job a done a home test there and it’s coming up positive

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  40. i am a regular user since last 7 month everyday i use u 7 8 stick of weed, is it possible to remove in 30-40 days before having drug test???.. help me please..

  41. Susan Robben on

    I passed a drug test 2 weeks ago. Last night I took 1 light hit and found out I have a drug screen tomorrow at 9 AM. Will I pass a drug screen?

  42. Q carbo the bottle, (GNC or most head shops)I’ve been getting that for years and never got a positive on my test. Now, I drink a gallon of water the day before, no exageration. Also, I only had to take one after smoking pot once. I only smoked a bowl the day before. I have a high metabolism, and exercise. I’m sure that helps significantly. The best overall drug test beat, is drink AS MUCH WATER AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN. Carefull, you can die though. You will be pissing, shiting, and sweating that water out but it works! If anything, some labs won’t take diluted samples. They’ll require you to take another test, which should buy you some more time to detox! Also, drink a detox tea(Yogi brand, from Target works for me) every night before bed (except the night before the test

  43. Listen bro, I’ve been getting that for years and never got a positive on my test. Now, I drink a gallon of water the day before, no exageration. Also, I only had to take one after smoking pot once. I only smoked a bowl the day before. I have a high metabolism, and exercise. I’m sure that helps significantly. The best overall drug test beat, is drink AS MUCH WATER AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN. Carefull, you can die though. You will be pissing, shiting, and sweating that water out but it works! If anything, some labs won’t take diluted samples. They’ll require you to take another test, which should buy you some more time to detox! Also, drink a detox tea(Yogi brand, from Target works for me) every night before bed (except the night before the test), and take a multivitamin.

  44. Hey bro I need to take one today how much water did you drink like how many bottles of water would you say

  45. So I really wanted a job this summer that drug tested and didn’t smoke for 3 months in preparation. Then I ended up no getting the job so I smoked once about a week ago, once 4 days ago, and once 2 days ago. Yesterday I got a call saying a spot opened up and I could have the job of I wanted. Will drinking a ton of water be enough to be clean 4-6 days after my last toke?

  46. Spiritualhigh on

    Ok so i have to take a piss test in a few days mybe next week sometime. I am not a heavy user. What can i use ti clean my piss with looking suspicious?

  47. My friend passed with Certoclear, but he didn’t smoke for like 2 weeks. Last time I smoked was 2 days ago.I picked up a couple of packs and have a test tommorow. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

  48. Abovetheclouds on

    Well I’m dead …. Great ….I’m getting drug test in 2 hours and I smoke yesterday ….great

  49. I think I smoked either Saturday or Sunday and that was the first time in a long time, I only took a few pulls what should I do

  50. I’m not a heavy smoker 2-3 times a week at most of just one hit. I haven’t smoked for about 10 days and I’ll most likely need to test end of this week or next giving me anywhere between 13-17 days without smoking. Should I be worried?

    Still probably a good idea to do an at home detox?

  51. I just applied for my summer job online as a lifeguard, but yesterday I ate a rather large piece of my brother’s pot brownie and the night before I took a hit off of some random guys blunt in a parking lot near my neighborhood. Before all of this, I haven’t smoked weed since April 13th on prom night. Keep in mind all of this was very potent stuff and I felt high on all of these occasions. I need to pass a drug test whenever I get the job. I should be hearing back from them very soon to schedule an interview and all of that stuff. I just know I’ll have to take a drug test very soon and need to know what I need to do in order to pass. I am a female,130 pounds, and 5’5”. My metabolism kind of sucks so I’ve been drinking detox tea and my boyfriend said to also drink lots of water and go for a run everyday. Is this true?? Should I do anything else?? Will I pass in about a week if I do this?? Any info is greatly appreciated!!

  52. I smoked for my second time about 3 weeks ago and I haven’t smoked since then I’ve stayed away. I drank a gallon of water before I got drug tested today and my urine was clear? Do you think I came out clean?

  53. JuKia Henderson on

    Where can I purchase the suregel , is that the actual name on the package

  54. Sure gel works! 4 quarts of water and 1 pack of sure gel, got 3 negative results in a row after 3rd piss!

  55. Have a hair test TOMMROW ! haven’t smoked since March 30th! I wanna get the detox shampoo but haven’t had time ! I’m drinking detox tea if that helps anything ??? Cuud I do anything Im dieing for this job.

  56. I just began smoking in September of 2015, I’m not a heavy smoker, i started off smoking about less than a blunt on weekends sometimes weekdays, around 2-3 days a week would be my heaviest. I’m 5’3-5’4 175 female I’m a little overweight and not that active. The last time I smoked was May 3rd, I had around 4-5 hits with 7 people. I did not feel that high, normally haven’t been recently. Since I’ve heard about my upcoming pre-employment drug test I’ve been drinking water and today i started with green tea. I’ve drank about 50+ oz of green tea. my urine is normal color, it shows I’m well dehydrated, its not clear. I’m planning to go on Friday May 27 for my drug test. i’ve been drinking about 3 water bottles a day. Do you think I will pass? Ive done so much research I know it does depend. But if someone has been around my situation and could provide their experience that would be great. I have really bad anxiety and this is killing me. Also this job is a summer intern and my mom works there, I’ve accepted the job so if the test comes out positive, what could I tell my mom why I did not get the job. I do not want to disappoint her. I normally just social smoke.

  57. I’m curious how long it takes to pass a blood test? I’m stuck using synthetic urine but it’s a test that does urine and blood. Probably around 3 weeks.

  58. I smoke heavily everyday, and it’s dro. Smoked last night also and took a piss test for a job thinking it was a mouth swab. All I did was have a few jack and cokes last night, but I passed. Used mid stream piss of course but yea. Thought I’d share

  59. Get the home detox kit, drink a lot of water a few hours before to dilute your pee.

  60. I have a potential drug u/a and blood test next week or the following week. The last time i smoked was May the 11th and a week before that. I had a few tokes last night. I weigh approx 156 lbs female. I would consider myself a casual smoker
    Should i purchase niacin or cranberry pills . I have already purchased activated charcoal.
    I have atleast a week to do this so any advice on how to pass would really help me.thanks

  61. Got a long weekend off and planning on smoking Thursday night, was wondering how to be clean by Tuesday, just incase we get a random test. Never smoked before, only was planning on taking a couple hits. I work out everyday, I’m 5’6, 157. Thanks for the help.

  62. Desiree H Murray on

    I’m only smoke on weekends now have been for almost a month and I’ve been drinking water I have a drug test tomorrow had a few hits Sunday I’m 5’9 120 been drinking lots of water since yesterday will I pass it

  63. Mark Rangel on

    As far as what I know try to not to give them the first batch of urine when you wake. Try going several times before you make your way to the testing lab.

  64. I smoked on May 1st. Just about 10-15 puffs. I already regret it and won’t do it ever again. The problem is I got drug tested on May 20th. I didn’t know they’ll test me as in my country it doesn’t happen. My samples are being sent abroad. I found out just a few minutes before the test. Drank as much water as I could. I had kept a 19 day gap. I also took 5-6 puffs on April 13th. Will I be safe. I’m 5’7” and weight 135 pounds. Am I Safe?

  65. Robert Trevino on

    I smoked this past saturday and took 4 light hits and had not smoked in over 7 months. Im 5″11. 200 pds and with a decent metabolism. Im a truck driver and just my luck on Thursday i get a call from my employer needing me to provide them with a zip code of my location so they can find me a place to dropp. I had just finished getting my trailer loaded, i panicked and went to a head shop bought me a detoxifier xpulsion drink and also a home test mary jane kit. I took the drink followed directions and drank plenty of water but prior to finding out about exam i always drink alot of water. Before i went in to dropp i self tested myself with the homekit and passed it with 2 dark lines. Im not to sure if same results will be for lab test. Stupidest mistake i ever did. I might lose my job. If anyone else went through similiar process plz give me info. Do you think ill pass?

  66. i will be taking a test within 5-7 days. im a 6’0ft 160lbs male also a heavy smoker, i smoke about 6-7 bowls per day. whats the best way to detox myself. im thinking of buying the same day cleanse products but if im going to spend 50$ on it, i need to know it works. anyone have experince with any same day detox meds, or that can recommend me a good way to detox in about 2-3 days

  67. Pre employment drug screen in 4 days, already clean 4 days, female 105 lbs , any suggestions ?? Cannot fail!! Usually smoke everyday a little good stuff!

  68. you’re probably going to fail. I took twenty days off and smoked less than you and just failed a test from CVS that claims to be 99% accurate. I have my actual test in a few hours.

  69. I smoked a blunt a day for a month straight, then I went to jail after I had court for a week, then some lightly for 4 days, It’s been 9 days since I’ve smoked just a couple of joints in those 4 days, I have my first probation drug test in exactly a week. I’m 108 lbs, 5’1 and SUPER nervous. Will I pass? or my level will at least be down? Pleaseeeeee help.

  70. I smoked for the first time 3 days ago and have a drug test today. Will i pass? I’m 5’9 slim ( 151 pounds). Pee was really clear

  71. Is it true that marijuana will show up on a test from secondhand smoke? I’ve heard both yes and no. Curious if anyone out there has some decent evidence to back up one side or the other. Thanks!

  72. Luke Allison on

    I have a drug test coming up is Thursday for a new job I’m trying to get. I haven’t smoked since April 30th. Last time I did smoke it was with 3 friends and we shared about 3 grams totally at least. I’m really nervous about it cause I really need this job. Am I okay or am screwed? Could anyone give me advice about what I could do? Thank you in advance!

  73. John Foytek on

    try certo/fruit pectin for a 24 hour detox, make sure to use b supplements

  74. Darryl Reed on

    Hi I smoked 4 weeks ago and been drinking hell of water and cranberry juice and even when to the extent of buying this 40$ detox drink from gmc. Last time I smoked was 420 and I’ve been working out everyday running and lifting weights. I got a drug test for my job this weekend and I was wondering will the weed still be in my system?

  75. Okey so like everyone else I been looking online for detoxing methods and this just may be my case but I smoked regularly average let’s say 5 blunts a day mostly loud unless I wanna save some money now ive been going back and forth about joining the military so I started just smoking on weekends for about maybe 2 months I did that so that was good because I have a drug test coming up for a CPS case so I was pretty much almost halfway there literally this morning I woke up around 4 a.m. homeless sleeping that well wonder why but I just got a gallon of water sliced up some cucumbers last a little vinegar and there and then I was like oh I have apple cider vinegar through some of that and there has been down and that maybe had like not even 10 o’clock yet and I went to the store got some B12 took two of those this afternoon and I just pissed like a hour ago and I’m clean I dont how long it going to actually stay clean i been pissing all freakin day and lucky for me I don’t have to take either drug test until I go in myself..but I’m small 5’2 maybe 110 I’m a exotic dancer so I pretty much work out nightly I’m very active with my 2 year old during the day n I guess fast metabolism is good for once seeing as I can’t gain weight for shit …but yeah the water thing does work just depends on the stoner

  76. Hey y’all. Just to give you some hope, a year ago I passed a lab drug test after just over 48 hours of intense detoxification. I didn’t smoke TOO much on the last time that I smoked before the test, but I also smoked pretty regularly (not daily but multiple times a week). I’m male, 5’11” and overweight (220 lbs) and I did NOT use any “detox” special product. I DID drink an exorbitant amount of water, about 2 containers of cranberry juice, ran/jogged my ass to Jesus and back, took Midol and aspirin, and took vitamin B complex until my head itched like a mothertrucker. But I passed. I passed that test like a sunuvabitch.

    Confidence is key.

  77. Patty Kirner on

    Well Stephen I didn’t have to take a drug test yay! Now i have a hell of a headache from sterssing the hell out! Now by the next visit with my PO I should be golden!!! Best of luck to you Stephen tomorrow keep me posted!

  78. Certo. It works. Google the process. Believe me I beat probation lab tests for 9 years using certo. And it’s only 3$ at kroger or HEB

  79. I am a regular smoker of weed , like 4 times a week over the last few months , don’t smoke much every time due to cost $$$ , just few hits , I/8 last me 2 weeks smoked in a small pipe . How much it will last detectable with regular urine test ? . I have a test in exactly 2 weeks and last time I smoked was last sunday . I’m 5’10” and weight 185 lbs , I’m kind of skinny but have a small belly . Thanks for the response , I’m freak out to loose my job .

  80. Hello! The last day I smoked was on May 10th and in the week prior I had maybe smoked twice(?). Before this I was smoking maybe every other day. If I’m drinking water like crazy and it’s been a week since the last time I smoked, how soon do you think I’ll be clean?

  81. Well just took a UA. I smoke about once a month. Due to other circumstances. On 4/20 I took my first dab without knowing until later (or I wouldn’t have hit the bong) and I few days later shared 1 bowl with 2 friends. I’m still a light weight when it comes to smoking. Will I pass? I knew nothing about the test, just went for a interview. 5’5 160 lbs, I drink pop a lot, had lots of water when we went fishing though. Im not sure if always being dehydrated will help my case or hurt it. Really wanting this job, but dont know what failing will do? Will I be arrested?

  82. Sorry to hear about your PTSD, Patty. The problem with America (and now many other countries, too) the drug companies are falling over themselves to create more and more effective ways of tracing drugs in our systems as it’s an easier method to make money. Whilst, I understand the problems police might have with intoxicated drivers causing accidents, etc, I do think that this screening process has tipped way too far the other way on the infringement of one’s own civil liberties and don’t understand why it’s a necessity in the workplace. So long as you’re capable of doing your job, which there are plenty of other constraints in place to check without the need of drug testing, then it’s unnecessary. Not wanting to generate a response from other self-righteous commentators here, truth be told, if you have lots of money, you can buy your way out of this screening process, or trouble, regardless of whether you’re a chronic pothead. Anyway, as you say, it is what it is; we shall find out soon enough.

  83. Patty Kirner on

    Sounds good I smoke cigarettes as well and during this anxious period I’ve been chain smoking… however I have a normal bmi have exercised since my last toke quite frequently from hiking to biking to swimming but haven’t done any exercise within the past 5 days as I know pot stores in fat cells and can be released more as you exercise….. we’ve done all we can do at this point… now it’s the agonizing waiting game but hell we’be made attempts and havent smoked since so that’s one positive way to think of it… it is what it is now for me… I’m hoping I won’t get tested like I said but never know… it’s a shame I have to stop as I smoked which was little at night maybe once a weekor every other week to help calm my anxieties of my PTSD. America needs to wake the hell up and realize this is one of the safest remedies for many ailments over prescription med . I also have epilepsy… so this lil plant can benefit me so much! But it surely isn’t helping me now..

  84. Thank you, Patty. I will do. I’ve also been drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice first thing in the morning every day as this acts as a detox. I think the extra days beyond the normal 4-7 are more to do with if you haven’t tried to speed up the detox yourself and allowed it to exit naturally. You and me have been doing extra flushing, so to speak, so we’re at least doing something to speed it up. I also smoke normal cigarettes a lot and I’m told this can slow down the process… but I’m not a monk, so I refuse to give those up. Good to talk to you, and I will post my results whatever the outcome.

  85. Patty Kirner on

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading on this as well. Per what I know I’ve consumed this past month and now it being 12 days everything suggests I’m in the clear and now I know Ive done everything I could up to this point. There’s nothing more I can do about it now. I can say 48hrs of all the fluids and added laxatives I have to be pretty flushed out. I have to watch my fluid intake today.. drinking some tea now and maybe a cup of coffee or 2 but I’m not drinking anything after noon today so I have some color to my urine… the anxiety over this is dreadful… thanks again! Best of luck to you as well!! Yes keep me advised at least about your outcome as well.

  86. It’s a pleasure, Patty. For the record, I’m the same as you as in that I’ve smoked 10 days ago before my test is due. (tomorrow in fact) I even spoke with a doctor and he suggested 4-7 days to be on the safe side. So, I’ve read a lot and researched it and feel I’ll pass. But with anything that’s not in your control, there’s always added worry. All the best, Patty.

  87. Patty Kirner on

    Thank you so much… I’m not 100% that I will get tested this afternoon however there is a 50/50 chance I will so if end up NOT being tested I will inform everyone that I wasn’t tested either way I will post the outcome… I’ve been told several times I should pass but I’m always leary it’s still in my system did a 48hr cleanse of tea water coffee laxatives and cranberry juice… just to try and rid ANY of residual I possibky can..today is 12 days since I smoked last so fingers crossed and prayering! Thank you again! Stephen F..

  88. Hiya Patty. I’m glad I could help ease your anxiety over this test. From what you describe you should be in the clear. I hope all goes well for you. Also, I just put the bit about feedback as a sidenote, as I’ve noticed 99% of posters here never come back after asking their question. As soon as I have my results I will contribute, too. But rest assured, as a medical professional wrote: “For occasional marijuana use (or single event usage), at the 50 ng/mL cutoff level, it would be unusual for the detection of cannabinoids in urine to extend beyond 3-4 days following the smoking episode.”

    PS. It’s considered for best results not to use the first stream of urine, but midway stream. Also, drink plenty of water but not to the extent that your urine is colourless.

  89. katie dellegar on

    hi please offer insight… so i have a drug test wednesday morning. Last time i smoked was on wednesday, may 11th when i shared a blunt with a friend. before that, the last time i smoked was over a month ago. I’ve been drinking water and taking detox pills, will i pass the drug test? should i be worried?

  90. I haven’t smoked in about 3 weeks I drink a lot of cranberry juice and water on a daily basis should I still be worried?

  91. Hey there, the last time I smoked was Saturday, during the day, around 4PM. I have a drug test tommorow, and all day today i’ve been drinking water. Heck my pee is not even yellow anymore. What are some things to do to assure that I can pass tomorrow?

  92. I have a quick question, I’m starting a new job tommorow and I’m not sure if they are testing but worried they might. I shared a blunt with a friend on Saturday night and took a couple hits on Sunday morning, I’ve been drinking water with a tblsp of vinegar (which I just saw doesn’t work), should I be worried? I’m not a heavy smoker last time i smoked prior to the weekend was a week ago, any advise?

  93. Patty Kirner on

    You’re so kind yes I’m being very honest never been a daily user/chronic user just basically once a week for like 4wks prior to May 5th… my friends told me I will be ok as I’m not daily chronic user…still worrisome a lil…never been in trouble with the law this was brought on by my ex attacking me it’s complete bs….. so I will not being smoking for some time… I have random drug test set up but tomorrow is my first official visit with the probation officer and I just have this feeling he’ll make me test I was honest with them from the start that I’m an occasional smoker to help combat my PTSD. thank you again for your kind words!

  94. @ Patty Kirner Honey rest assured that your gonna be just fine and will pass your drug test so stop worrying because that was 11days ago and if your not a heavy smoker and if your honest in what you just wrote then you have nothing to worry about if you only just took a few hits and that’s all you did then it will only stay in your system for 24 to 48 hrs how do I know because I did the same thing once before and was up worrying all night over it went in to work took the a pee test and pasted it with no problems don’t worry you’ll do fine! Hope that helps you.

  95. Patty Kirner on

    Thank you for this insight I used like 4 times before the 5th of May not all at once I’m talking there was a week or 11 days in between each smoke session and it was sharing a Jay not all consumed for me. I will definitely follow up on my results I noticed that… I was beginning to assume no one passed.. I’ve been drinking water tea and cranberry juice for the past 24hrs consistently I’m obviously going to slow down on this process tomorrow as I was told that if my urine is diluted it Wil be an automatic fail… so trying to cleanse today pray tomorrow..thank you for your input!

  96. Hiya. For the casual, infrequent marijuana user, the drug clearance is thought to be considerably quicker than among chronic users. Researchers suggest that cannabinoids are unlikely to remain detectable at a 50 ng/ml threshold after 4 days. At a more stringent 20 ng/ml detection threshold, an average one-time user should be able to clear most of the metabolites within 7 days.
    This doesn’t mean that the drug is “fully” cleared from the system, but it is cleared to the extent that a person wouldn’t fail a drug test. It all depends on how much and when you last smoked before May 5th…. 4 or 5 times use a month can take between 11 and 20 days to clean out the system, though if it’s below this then you should be clear as the maximum tends to be 7 days for a one-time user. Let us know your results. Don’t be like a lot of the other posters here that only think about themselves.

  97. Patty Kirner on

    Hi inhave a question actually losing my mind over I have a drug test tomorrow afternoon first probation visit I consider myself an occassional smoker very lil once a week or every other week last time I smoked was May 5th will I pass my test… friends say yes as long as today I continue to cleanse my system… I’m really worried…never again will I smoke till all this shit is over with. Any any info would be appreciated. .THANKS!

  98. Two days ago is a very narrow window, IMHO. Depending on how much you consumed, the grade, it’s probably too hard to predict the outcome. Some do flush it out in a few days, while others take longer. I hope all goes well and you pass. What would be good is if you post your results, whether it was a pass or a fail. Something I intend to do to help others, such as yourself in the future. If you could postpone your test by telling them you’re sick, family problem, etc, I think you’d stand a better chance of passing with a few more days grace from your last hit. Main thing to do is drink lots of water, tea, lemon juice and deficate as it’s reported 80% of the toxins are expelled this way. Good luck, Ashaley.

  99. I smoked two days ago two days in a row and have a drug test tomorrow . I’m panicking . I don’t smoke daily it’s every once in a blue . I’m 4’11 & about 115 lbs .

  100. What’s a gummy? Is that a gummybear laced with cannabis? I think it all depends on your usage before and dosage. Heavy users will find that pot can be detected in their system for weeks, while lighter users will have it run through in a week. Anyway, THC metabolites are often present in excess of 50 hours post-oral ingestion. As a result, it likely takes the body longer to clear orally ingested marijuana than inhaled (smoked) marijuana.

  101. Claire Reyes on

    I smoke almost daily. Female 5’6″ 140lbs. I last smoked on monday the 9th. I have an interview the 16th and I don’t know when I will be tested. I have been drinking alot of water and taking cranberry pills, b complex, and DHA the past couple of days. Should I purchase a detox pack like certo clear? If so, where can I purchase it?

  102. Hi Jon, you sound like you’re in exactly the same situation as me. You’re about the same height and weight, too. I’m not quite sure what constitutes a bowl, like how many joints you can get out of that, but it appears its mostly down to the lapsed time inbetween the last hit and urine test. I spoke with a doctor and he said maybe 8 days max for a pass. Again, until we take the test we won’t know, but from everything I’ve read, we should pass. I’ve included a table of Amount of Days Detectable for a urine test in my own comment above yours. Hope that helps.

  103. Hey guys. I smoked (shared) two joints with 3 people 7 days ago and I have a urine test this Wednesday, meaning it will be 11 days inbetween me taking my last hit and the drug test. I’m a little overweight so there is an element of trepidation before I go. I haven’t smoked in a long time before that date, so I’m hoping I won’t face any problems on the day. I’ve included a chart below that has the average lengths of time from smoking. I believe I fall in the Used One Time: 1-7 Days category.

  104. Jon Fountain on

    Hey so I have a test on 5/26 I had been clean since 4/22 had a drunken bowl with a friend last night should I be worried about that or should that clear in 10 days. I am on the bigger side 6’1- 240.

  105. I used to smoke about half a gram atleast 4 days a week for a few months, I quit 16 days ago. I have a test in 9 days. So I will be clean for 25 days. I am 180 lbs, 5′ 5″ female. So far, my home tests say I am still positive. I can’t use fake urine. Help. Fast Please!

  106. I’m 5’4 and weigh 95lbs at the most and I found out Friday I have a “random” drug test on Monday. I’m freaking out. I smoked Friday morning and I’ve been cutting back, about a bowl a day and two bowls at the most. And I’ve been taking detox with lots of water since this morning and I haven’t smoked since but I was wondering if it would be clear without anymore detox because the pills are making me cramp really bad and I am really getting anxious about this test. Am I going to be alright?

  107. You’re good, those two hits probably flushed out of your system within a few days. There’s nothing to worry about. If you want to be extra safe, take a no-flush niacin (the flush is just a rash – not actually flushing your system) twice a day for a little while. It’s just a B vitamin so you can take it as long as you want. Maybe a week or two?

  108. ReelDeepCaca on

    Hi – quick Q? Been clean since my previous job tested without warning- since unempl for the past 2 mos I’ve been toking on a pinch or two daily (literally a pinch – less than the flat side of a pencil eraser) – just had an interview this morning and I guess were are moving to the next phase of the process. Starting to exercise later this evening and doing fiber tabs, water and trying the certo to start a flush – guessing I may be tested in a week or two – doing the cheap method until my benefit check arrives – and also investing in the testing kit. additional suggestions appreiated

  109. My wife has to take a blood test for an hospital job in three weeks and smokes every day whats the best thing for her to take

  110. TrulyaNatrualWoman on

    Hey Kim I have an drug test tomorrow but want to smoke now … What if I were to take like 9 niacin and drink q lot of water would I pass???

  111. Niacin will actually work. Three times a day. Breakfast lunch and supper. Drink plenty of water while you’re taking it. It will feel like you’re on fire but that is the medicine taking it out of your system. If your skin doesn’t turn red and you don’t start burning you’re not taking the right dose. Its suppose to do that to you. But you only take it for three days.

  112. Niacin actually does work. You have to take the 500 mg three times a day for three days. I got hired on a Monday, had smoked that Sunday, and had a drug test Thursday. I started the pills Monday afternoon. Thursday I passed my drug test with flying colors.

  113. I have an interview this Friday for a job and I just stopped smoking two days ago. I’ve been smoking very little but frequently for the past few months. I am in pretty good shape, i eat healthy and I exercise everyday. I drink lots of water and pee 20 plus times a day. I take vitamins & supplements as well. I’m 5’10, 150lbs & between 20-23% body fat.
    I’m not positive I have a drug test on Friday but I’m assuming it will be soon. Any suggestions?

  114. I smoked on the 26th , my drug test is May 26th … What should I take to cleanse my system

  115. I smoked on April 29th , my drug test , is May 26th .. What should I take to cleanse my system ?

  116. Advice wanted please. I’m 54 yrs old, 5’2″, 180 lbs., my company just announced they are instituting testing starting in 30 days. I’ve had 2 hits from a 1 hitter pipe in the last month, and nothing for 7 months before that, what should I do before the test to help ensure it doesn’t show up on my test?

  117. You can get certo from Wal-Mart and its not a flush. Its a preservative that coats your stomach and bladder so the thc doesn’t ride along with your piss. Then it dissipates after4 hours. Only good if you know the exact time for the piss test

  118. I have the QCarbo 20. Am I supposed to drink it the day of? Or a couple days before? Then drink lots of water?

  119. greyhound39 on

    I’m a 6’7 220lb male. Smoke 3-5 bowls via bong every day the past 2 months, occasionally edibles and dabs. I have a urine drug test in a week. Any suggestions? I tried QCarbo 32 and 3 days of water/ cranberry flushing before my last drug test and passed, but was not smoking nearly as much

  120. Hi Im male weight 154 lbs I started last year but I wasn’t that heavy when I started but within these pass month I have been smoking alot and had pot brownies do you think I can pass my drug test within 3 weeks? Please reply fast I am desperate need of an answer

  121. I take hydrocodone for a back injury but lately they have been getting really wierd and yrat you like a criminal or junkie. Been using medical Marijuana edibles daily for about a month cuz they really help. I cant drive and work on it though so i take the hydrocodone til evening. My dr just called and said i have mandatory appt 5/31/16 for urine test. Been taking 20-30 mg daily (2-3 gummy bears)and have 28 days til test. Im male 49 and weight 195, semi active. Should i start taking something now for whole month and if so what should I take. Thank you in advance.

  122. If you use certoclear 2packs in a gallon of water, it doesn’t matter whats or how much is in your system. It flushs you out and you should test clear for a couple of hours

  123. Dungleberry Fin on

    It works though. Lol don’t hate what you clearly don’t know about. That’s only my suggestion if you want to keep smoking up until the test. I wouldn’t recommend it because I didn’t use it. I used this Rescue Detox capsules and went by an entire diet and that worked (coming from a pothead who smoked and dabbed everyday for about 2 years, heavily smoking and dabbing too btw). Jose you’re unnecessarily a dick, please f*ck off mate.

  124. Don’t listen to Dungleberry, Detox drinks are a waste of time and money. They say they help you pass, and when you do, it’s only a result of dilution, not of some miracle formula/ingredients they might have.

  125. Snooping101 on

    That’s what 2nd one is for; to buy you time incase if this. Most places drug test before noon. So figure between 8-12 and the drinks cover you for 5 hours drink first one at midnight next at 7.(you must piss 3 times after drinking. You will KNOW those 3 piss; very long piss) Eat toast in the morning to give your piss color.

  126. Jennifer Hartley Sigrist on

    I am a 50 year old female at 145 lbs. Been a pot head all my life ~ Have a interview in 11days just found out ~ Should I try a 24 hour detox, or try to locate some urine for the test?

  127. Thanks man, mine is just pre-employment too but it’s for an amazing job that I could really use right now. The opportunity was given to me by a family member so it’d be embarrassing to tell them I didn’t get the job because I failed a drug test due to weed. Well I picked up 2 detox drinks, and I’ve been drinking about 5 liters of water a day for the past few days. I’m doing lemon juice and cranberry juice as well. Like you say I’ll drink one 12 hours before the test (not sure how nessesary this one is) and use the next one about an hour and a half before like it says on the box. Hopefully this works. The only scary part is my employer didn’t tell me what time I had to go to get the test. He just wanted me on site by 8am and said that I’d have to drive to take it at some point during the day. I’m not sure if I should drink it before work or drink it when he tells me it’s time to drive to the facility to take the test. It’ll be tough because I’m going to be sharing an office trailer with him.

  128. lavieestbelle on

    Hi I’m 5’3 and 135lb female and might have to take a DOT drug test. From December to March I smoked 0 times. From March 10-April 10 smoked probably once every three days. Usually shared a joint. Not sure of the quality of the weed because it was in Central America. What are the chances of me passing 4 weeks after?

  129. I’ve also read that drinking a gallon of Aloe Vera can be extremely helpful. So just keep that in mind.

  130. I recommend you workout as much as you can. Try doing at least an hour of aerobic exercise, along with 15 minutes in the Sauna. From all the information I’ve gathered recently, the best way to detox yourself is to drink at least a gallon of water a day, take fruit pectin, take creatine supplements at least a week before your exam, a B-complex pill, fish oil, lots of fiber, vitamin C, and tums on the day of the exam to bring up your S/G. Try changing your diet and eat lean. Stick to chicken/fish and lots of vegetables/fruits.
    Best of luck!

  131. Hey guys, just wondering what my chance for passing my upcoming drug test is.

    I’m a 21 year old male, 177lbs, 5″11, with a very fast metabolism. I try to workout at least once a week at the gym doing 1 hour cardio + 1 hour lifting + 15 mins at the sauna. I also move around a lot daily as my classes in my university are pretty far apart.

    Four weeks ago, my gf and I stopped by Colorado on our way to Vegas to pick up some edibles. I ended up eating over 200mg worth of edibles over the course of a week. The time before then was about three months prior, also an edible. The company I’m applying for has accepted me into their electrical engineering internship program but I have to pass the background/drug test first before I can be considered an employee. They receive contracts from the department of defense so I’m worried that their cutoff for thc is a lot lower then the standard 50 ng/ml. They haven’t told me much but mentioned something about doing split specimen for accuracy. I have until Tuesday and I’ve been doing everything in the book, going to the gym consistently, drinking a gallon or two of water a day, multivitamins, b-complex, fiber, fish oil, creatine supplement and some liver/kidney cleansing crap my parents said would help, eating only eggs and a vegetable/fruit smoothie for breakfast and chicken/fish for lunch/dinner.

    I’ve also taken over five exams all first voids of the day, with two of them being FirstCheck, one being AtHome 5 drug panel, and two 20 ng/ml tests I bought on Amazon from Ütest, with all of them showing up as negative. I’m just not quite sure the sensitivity of the Ütest is actually 20 ng/ml. On the day of the test I’m planning on waking up 6 hours prior to my test and drink about 3-4 glasses of water, 16oz of the fruit/vegetable smoothie, and eat some salmon with eggs, also making sure I give my 4th to 5th piss of the day and of course only use midstream.

    Also, I know for sure I’ll test positive for amphetamines as I take a 20mg ER capsule of adderall daily (prescribed). When this does happen, will they gc/ms the THC as well?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and replying! I really do appreciate it

  132. So , I have a test in 9 days. Pretty heavy user, a couple of times a day , for the past 20 years. I’m 5’8″ 148 lbs…. Pretty fit, active. My question, should I follow with a artificial intelligence or should I try a natural way, ( Water, niacin, lemon juice etc.)

  133. Worked for me 3 times for pre employment drug screens. Just took one and passed it. You must be serious though. Drink water all weekend and get you a detox drink at local corner store. Don’t blow money any drink works it’s all about flushing your system. If you start to feel drunk stop drinking water for a little. You can die from too much water; organs will drown. Don’t be too active. Your fat will let go of the toxins in your stored fat. That why you work out first then flush body with water.

  134. Dungleberry Fin on

    if you have the time to do this and now exactly when the test will be, buy a detox drink, one of the temporary kinds that gives you a 6 hour window of testing clean. how it works is you drink the entire drink in about 15 minutes or less i suppose then fill it back up with water and drink that as well. you should pee a lot probably at least 3-5 times or more and about an hour after you have drank the entire bottle, you should then have a 6 hour window to take the test and come up clean. maybe do this 2 hours prior therefore you are sure it has worked.

  135. Dungleberry Fin on

    depending on the test you could just get one of those 6 hour window drinks. basically you drink it in about 15 minutes time, fill it back up with water and drink that as well. following that, you will pee about 3-5 times and once an hour has passed you should have a solid 6 hour window for you to pass the test.

  136. working girl on

    So I’m a middle aged woman that’s been smoking with my husband about 8-10 grams a week of “OG” strain for the last few years. I haven’t smoked in about 2 weeks now, but my job says I have to get tested by the end of next month. I’m just over 5’4″ and around 200 lbs. I’ve been trying to guzzle water without having to run to thr bathroom every 5 min. at work. Do you have any recommendations to help get me clean without it being too diluted?

  137. Hello, I´m really freaking out. I smoke weed on saturday and today they let me know that tomorrow I have to take a test. I have no time to buy anything, its been 6 day since I smoked, I don´t smoke at all, it was not my first time but it´s been like 4 years since the last time I smoked. I´ve been reading all over the internet, most pages say that after 3-4 days I´m fine, other pages say 17 days, 1month, 3 months…the also recomend drink lots of water, drink green tea, drink coffee….. do you guys thing I´m going to test positive? Today I´ve had loads of water a very heavy green tea, coffee, should I risk it and use my own urine, o should I ask a frined? btw all my close friends smoked…

  138. How many times has this worked for you? I have a test on Monday and last smoked on Tuesday night

  139. I usually have about 10-15 days notice before my drug tests. I drink lots of water, eat healthy and take a detox supplement. I never fail but that could be due to my metabolism and other factors. Im 6ft 170 and smoke weed and wax daily. I would recommend taking some sort of detox capsules for a week if you have the time. I get mine at CVS, GNC or online. They are usually cheaper online. Just do a Google search detox pills for weed. I forget the brand I usually use but I think they are number 1 or 2 in google search. Hope this helps you all. Hopefully someday we can end all this drug testing crap…

  140. disqus_jzog08cSc5 on

    PS – every diluting method you read may or may not work, it really depends on a lot of factors so get tests and test yourself before you go but I recommend a back up plan. Some places will fail you if its too dilute, mine I knew was going to a lab, thus the 48 hour turnaround time so make sure if you sub, its real from someone clean, or use powedered. When using powdered, make sure it has all the correct chemicals especially uric acid, some products don’t and if it goes to a lab, bam, you will fail.

  141. disqus_jzog08cSc5 on

    Heres my story, its from April 2016. Been smoking marijuana for 20 years, basically since highschool and everyday. I recently found myself looking for another job due to being let go from my previous position and of course, with it came a UA (piss test). I researched and researched and realized that there was no way I was ever going to pass this test naturally in the time frame I had – first test scheduled 2 days after my last smoke. I cancelled the night before stating car trouble and they rescheduled for the next friday. Still doubting that was enough time I did everything I researched from hitting a sauna, using Niacin (makes you sweat more), eating healthy foods, drinking tons of water and even used a detox 4 day product which had me on the crapper many times while I was using it. The day of the test I home tested myself and the line seemed to be there, so faint that I really had to guess if I was seeing things or not and I wasn’t convinced so I drank a ton of water, used a smoke shop detox drink, and even used the certa method before I went. I decided to take the chance of going for it because I knew I couldn’t reschedule again. I go to the clinic and it turned out it was an unsupervised test, and I peed in the cup and crossed my fingers. I got a call the following monday from HR and was told I needed to retest, asking what the problem was the person told me they didn’t tell them and could I go today? I said I’m not available today but can go first thing the next morning. They set it back up and in the meantime I had ordered a powdered urine that actually I had earlier but since I didn’t know the atmosphere of the test I decided not to use it. My only guess is that my original test was too dilute and was given a second chance. I wasn’t going to blow it this time so I started working on my strategy to use the kit. I’ve been an athlete my whole life so I had some compression shorts to wear, knowing nothing was going to fall out of them. I practiced the night before, the kit comes with a vile, powdered urine, a toe heater, and a temperature strip. I bought 2 of them just to be safe and what I did was filled the first one with hot tap water, it was over the 100 degrees which I knew it would be and I stuffed it in my shorts which test day would be under my jeans and let it sit to see how long it took for my body heat to bring it down to the right temps – between 91 – 100 degrees. My tests showed me it took about 15 minutes. I then tried again, this time to see how long it would stay within the right temperatures and found that the limit would be about 45 minutes, maybe just a few minutes longer. Ok, now I’m set, I had a plan and time to put it into action. Morning of the test I get dressed and grab my kit and head to the testing place. There was a fast food restaurant nearby and would be where I filled the vile with warm water and mix the urine and go. Of course, the water wasn’t hot enough, but I had left myself 15 minutes so I sat in my car and cranked up my heat and got the temp up over 100, I know because it wasn’t registering on the temp strip. Again, I’m set to go, stuff it in my pants, walk into the lab and sign in. This time they took me in about 20 minutes or so and this time I swear they asked for more of a sample, like half the cup! I went into the bathroom, took it out of my pants, poured it into the cup and I was well short, but just above the minimal line and I said, “F it, I’ve come this far I can’t go back now” I walked out of the bathroom, handed it to the lady and just told her I was sorry, this is all I have….she looked at it and said, its enough, she even had a smidge left to dump out. While I was there, I was dressed in business casual clothes, clean cut, and was super friendly to anyone I had to deal with ( I think this was a big help) she sealed it, I initialed it and crossed my fingers. 48 hours later I get an email from the employer asking me to come in for orientation – I passed!!! Man was I anxious for that 48 hours, an $80,000 job was on the line. Anyways, I just wanted to share my story as I was reading everything I could up to that point and I think the moral is, sub it if at all possible. Most places are not going to watch you as long as its not for court or something like that. Practice your method, get tight undergarments, look good, and be friendly and all should be well. By the way, do NOT use your own pee if you are short what they ask, make sure its more than the minimal amount though. The kit I bought ensured it was about 5 ml more than what they typically ask for and from my research I read they cannot disqualify you for not giving the REQUESTED amount. I’m 5’9″ tall, 178 lbs, been an athlete my entire life but probably have a little more fat than I really thought, I couldn’t chance it and since I knew if I got caught it was only a job opportunity and wouldn’t go to jail, the benefit far outweighed the consequence so that is why I chose to sub. I also abstained during the duration which was about 2 weeks total and will stay this way until I’m sure they don’t pop a random on me. Hardest part about this was getting used to dreaming again! I hope this helps someone out there and thank you to all the information I researched which helped me!!! Good luck!

  142. OK I need some advice!! I am a college student who goes to the gym and plays basketball almost every day for 2 to 3 hours but I also smoke once a day for the last 3 months and I sometimes smoke 3 time or more on the weekend. SO if I hit the sauna, work out and drink a gallon of water for a month should I be good! I am 6’1 at 170. I have maybe 4 to 6 percent body fat and a high metabolism rate! I think I can pass but I smoke on average of 3 g a day

  143. I sorry to say this but your fucked! your a heavy user so it could takes at least a month or even more all I can say is to drink gallons of water and lemon, cranberry juice, workout all day every day! and I still don’t think you could pass

  144. I quit smoking in January and then over spring break I smoked pretty consistently for a week. Today I have a test, but It has been a month since spring break. I exercise 3-5 times a week, drink around a gallon of water, 5’6″ 145 pounds. I have been taking niacin for a month now and it turns out it was in my workout powder too. All the at home tests I have taken have been negative but I am still scared I won’t pass.

  145. I just saw a new doctor. He said I needed to pass a drug test before giving me narcotic pain med’s. Here is my problem. I use CBD. He said since the medical group is federally funded I need to pass the test. Now I thought CBD was legal. I get it through the mail which is federal. I don’t understand! Am I miss informed? Is there anything I can do to help me pass the test other than using someone else’s urine? I don’t have a problem not using it because it doesn’t seem to do me much good. The doctor has given me 30 before the test. FyI. I live in Oregon where pot is legal, No rx. required.

  146. I do this. NO SMOKING FOR 72 hours. First 24 sweat out all the toxins. If you reek it’s working. Next 48 eat vegan and drink lots of water. Try to poop asap when you feel the urge. Poop holds toxins and when not pooped out will send toxins to blood stream. Buy a local detox drink; get two. Drink one 12 hours before test then the other 2 hours before make sure to pee 3-4 times before test. You will pass. Works like a charm. THINGS TO KNOW: give the mid stream piss not the first drops or last. DONT fill it pass the line. Once you fill it pass the line it must be sent out to be tested again. Most places don’t Ike paying to do so; so they won’t if you don’t fill it all the way up.

  147. What about the azo pills helps? The bentonite powder is a detox, what does the phenzapyridine in the AZO pill do?

  148. Don’t bring up some bs in the Navy I assist many excuse. So somehow the PA’s that work in your local area’s ER don’t “assist many” people? Stop pretending to be someone you’re not to get credibility on an Internet forum. Especially when you belittle every other PA by insinuating they don’t help a lot of people.

  149. In the Navy it’s plural because you assist many… Up to you what you believe or don’t believe. I’m not losing any sleep over your lack of diction. That is the use of the English language…

  150. I can’t hold anything you say as credible because you called yourself a physician’s assistant. It’s physician assistant. Anyone worth their shit as a PA would not make that mistake.

  151. Michael Erskine on

    Your info is false, lots of water, green tea, and niacin does in fact work. Thc is not water soluble, therefore by drinking lots of it and peeing multiple times before you take the test you can dilute it enough to pass. Also green tea is an awesome antioxidant and does help. Niacin speeds up the bodies metablosim to assist your body in detoxification and fat burning.

  152. Friendly frank on

    Get bentonite powder from a health food store it should cost about $5 get the powder and put it in a normal sized water bottle shake it well so that it dosnt harden up . Drink2 of these before your test along with plenty of water throughout the day also take 1-2 azos ( UTI) pills that can be purchased basically anywhere . Trust me I smoked 2 hours prior to my drug test did this drank plenty of water took a few azos and powder then passed without a problem.

  153. Friendly frank on

    Get Get bentonite powder from a health food store it should cost about $5 get the powder and put it in a normal sized water bottle shake it well so that it dosnt harden up . Drink2 of these before your test along with plenty of water throughout the day also take 1-2 azos ( UTI) pills that can be purchased basically anywhere . Trust me I smoked 2 hours prior to my drug test did this drank plenty of water took a few azos and powder then passed without a problem.

  154. I have to take a drug test on Friday. I’m about 5’3 and 145 pounds. I didn’t know about it until this morning. So of course I smoked this morning. I won’t smoke for the next few days, but it’s Friday afternoon. I don’t want to hold anyone else’s pee on me. Smoke maybe 3-5 joints a day for the last 4 years. I need help lol

  155. I have to take a drug test on Friday. I’m about 5’3 and 145 pounds. I didn’t know about it until this morning. So of course I smoked this morning. I won’t smoke for the next few days, but it’s Friday afternoon. I don’t want to hold anyone else’s pee on me. Help

  156. Home tests are bad quality, if you drink about 2,5l of water before the test you should be clean

  157. I applied for a job at a local Best Buy, and immediately got a call to come in for my first interview. So as soon as i put in my app, i stopped smoking. Yesterday, I had my final interview and they offered me the job and said the paperwork would be in the mail by monday (thats when they do the backgroud check and schedule drug test). If all goes normal, id say id have to pee in a cup sometime mid, late next week, which will give me 2 weeks off the grass. Im about 5’10, 250lbs, and untill the month prior, i never smoked. But I went pretty strong for about 2 weeks leading up to putting in this application (smoking once or twice a day). Now from my research, best buy tests that your levels are below a certain percentage, not that you are perfectly clean. So what do you guys think? Ive been pounding water and powerade, also exercising a bit. Do you think ill be in good enough of a spot? Or should i look more into those daily cleanse things everyone speaks highly about. Let me know what you guys think.

    Also want to state that i would of preped better, I had no idea that they would be interested in me this fast, so i feel kind of rushed, but some of my buddies that i live with that also work at best buy say that i should be fine, as these stores mostly check for harder drugs (which i will have none of in my system).

    Thanks for any info you can give me.

  158. I can not guarantee totally clean permanent. Depends if you abstain from smoking. So the answer is it depends on what you do from that point on.

  159. For anyone who has read this, since Ive gotten no replies, Ive been figuring out other options on my own. Ordered the Nutra Cleanse permanent cleanser and it will get here today. The first cleanser I used hasn’t seemed to work for me to pass a test, however, if you are wanting to just quit smoking, these detoxes definitely help you feel better, physically and mentally. They won’t necessarily clean you to the point of passing a urine test, but your body will feel better.

  160. I have to take care of a warrant for possession i want to take care of in a week. I smoked two one hitters a few days ago but i only weigh 100 lbs and 5’1. If i drink nothing but tea and water. Ealk and jog daily will i have a chance to pass by next week? Not a heavy smoker at all anymore only bad flow is i smoke hookah [tobacco]. Any advice? Really need to be clean and get this taken care of. Im getting married next month.

  161. I keep a packet of certoclear on me, its help me out before. If he hasn’t smoked in a few months, but smoked a few days ago. There is a good chance he can still fail. Pots in your system 3 weeks to 3 months

  162. My brother doesn’t smoke regularly. Last one was a few months back as he told me. Now, He smoked maybe 2/3 of a joint 3 days ago with us and they have an upcoming drug test sometime within the next few days. Will he be in the clear?

  163. Really, this is what I need to hear I just went got some but I need to make sure temp is 94 to 96 degrees not sure how I can do this with heating pads and hope temp gauge actually works this job is essential career move and big bucks so need to be sure and didn’t wanna chance my own piss.. Hope they are not watching or pat me down I need for certain to have proper temp and hope this fake shit works any advice for smuggling in too?

  164. Not sure I got that I heard of certo before but can’t find it got 2 to 3 days to test but am unsure been smoker for 28 yrs never had to test but this job is so essential just found out. Last smoker 9 days ago kush

  165. My son had a test today. He poured synthetic urine into the cup, then peed in the toilet. The technician went in and scooped out his pee/toilet water and made him sign both cups. I have never heard of them doing this before. Has anyone else?

  166. How did you do the synthetic urine get in in, get it to proper temp? And deliver it were you being watched? Also I need more info on precision temp strategy and how u got it in? The big test in less then 3 days smoked kush 9 days ago and am inactive and a big heavy so bought a bottle if urine luck hope it works flawless and temp gauge works will cost me bug time if not

  167. SnoochyBoochy on

    No you will not. Because I’m a prior service Marine and am going through the same thing. Only this time I’m joining the Army. And also the concentration cut off for the military is 15ng/ml which is a very small amount compared to the civilian sector

  168. Is this just for a 24 hour temporary thing or is this one that does a permanent cleanse in 9 days?

  169. i have a drug test in 3 days am a heavy weed smoker and heavy meth smoker i am checking myself in to sober living but i have to test clean to be excepted if i blow it then ill end up doing 3 to 5 years in prison i get what i have comming but if ther is any way i can pass it can anyone please let me know

  170. Im 19 and plan on joining the military i have to take the practice asvad tomorrow but i already informed my recruiter that i smoked i just lied about the dates i informed him that the last time i smoked was 2 months ago when it was little over a week. If i dont smoke and excercise daily will i pass meps?

  171. so im 17 and get randomly drug tested by my parents. It could be a week to week waiting period or it could be months in between each test. What should i do after i smoke each time just in case?

  172. Okay! Help! I am female, 5’3 and 160lbs. Kinda chubby, not a good exerciser, and I’ve been a heavy daily smoker for 4 years. I possibly have a drug test next week. I have purchased the Detoxify brand5 Day Detox Ever Clean Herbal Cleanse along with the Detoxify constant cleanse capsules. I’m basically wondering if anyone has used this product and successfully passed a drug test? Its so important that I pass this, so I’m willing to take any quick advice. I haven’t gotten the job yet, but there is a very good chance I will be getting the call next week.

  173. Okay. My credentials are I’m a former Physcians Assistant. Let’s clear the air. I’m 6’1″ 185 lbs. My body fat percentage is 7 percent. I smoked an ounce a week when I was a smoker. Mid grade usually or better. In 9 days I was able to pass a 50ng cut off dipstick test. Here’s hard medical facts of how the body works to rid toxins. THC-cooh is stored in fat cells. If you are eating to healthy, dieting you will Fail your test. Why ? Your body needs energy to function. If your not taking in enough calories your body will break down fat cells for fuel ergo releasing the THC-cooh into your bloodstream and therefore filtered out through the kidneys and into your urine. A big no-no. Here is what to do. Purchase from natures secret their 7 day detox 2 part system. Purchase AZO cranberry pills. Purchase a good water soluable multivitamin. Purchase 27 32oz bottles of gatorade drinks. Take detox kit azo pills and multivitamins as instructed. Eat no sweets processed foods for days 1-4. Drink 3 bottles of gatorade each day of cycle. Days 5-9 eat like your trying to pack on as much weight as possible. Make sure to eat at least one serving of red meat day 5-9 to boost creatine levels. Eat sweets candy donuts junk food. Binge on junk food days 5-9. How this works is for 4 days you flush. For 5 days you make Damn sure your body is breaking down “0” fat cells for energy. No fat cells broken down equals no THC-cooh in your bloodstream and urine, or at least less than 50ng. It’s just that scientifically simple. Test passed. Your welcome.

  174. What are the best (or have worked) detox product for passing a urine test on short notice (2 days max)? Also I live in NJ and I tried ordering one but the order was canceled due to state restrictions? THANKS

  175. I’m 6’3″ 185 and smoked just about everyday over the past 4 years, I hadn’t smoked for the past 3 weeks and ran/sauna’d a couple days each week but got drunk two nights ago and smoked 1 bowl with a buddy. I won’t have a first round interview at least for another week and a half, so my question is

    How much does that 1 bowl screw me over? Do I just say screw it keep smoking and try one of those week long-ish detox methods?

    Or did those 3 weeks of detoxing help in the sense that the one bowl won’t set me back that far?

    I will have at least a week or 2 heads up before I’d have a final interview/drug test and would be a urine test

  176. Hope Estrella on

    Ok so I have to take a test in two days I haven’t smoked in a few days, but I smoke about 4 bowls a day, so I’m a heavy smoker I’m flipping out I need this job I’m about 160lbs 5’5″ -5’6″. What do I do?!

  177. okay so, here’s a tough one…… I think i already know the answer to this but it is worth a try. I am 6’4 215 and I have been taking dabs every day for about a year and a half. I have a drug test to get a refill on my ADHD medicine on Friday, which is 5 days from now. I don’t think there is any possible way a detox could cleanse me, but if so, let me know please

  178. Michael Wright on

    Im smoking now and going to pee tomorrow for another job offer and ive passed atleast10 with the detox drinks, dont get it at a head shop, rip off! This works, just if your 200lbs drink alot of water after the drink , like a gallon so thats why you need the 2 hours to pass through to where it shows nothing but urine, drink a sprite after also and take 6 b12 pills a day for those two days so the pee is not just water and you fail on that reason and the sprite helps by digesting your bowls a little faster!! Good luck with your new job!!!

  179. Thanks man. I think im just going to abstain until my test. Or should i keep smoking until the two days before?

  180. Michael Wright on

    Drink 2 bottles of detox drink, found mostly in the indian store owners, it works with in a hour and clean for 5 hours, so drink 2 hours before the test and dont eat that morning even though it says to eat normally, but you need to pee atleast 3 to 5xs also pee in the cup mid stream!! Good luck, btw dont smoke for atleast 2 days prior to your test!! But keep smoking and keep 2 bottles in your lunch box or car at the job in Gatorade bottles in case of a random??

  181. Hey guys, i have a test coming uo in a minthto three week….possibly depending on how well i do on an interview. I am 5’10 and 240. I have been smoking on the weekends pretty heavily for about six months. Do i have any chance in passing or should i just decline the job offer if i get it. Btw i would have stopped sooner but i didn’t know i would get a call back. I applied to the position literally half a year ago.

  182. MarthaMyDear on

    I’m 50 and so agree! Pass them after a week of abstaining. Just drink plenty of fluids, empty your bladder frequently, test yourself at home prior to test. Fine!

  183. MarthaMyDear on

    Yes! You’ll be just fine. Relax, just don’t smoke again until after you get your results. Some people will smoke right after doing test, something happens with specimen, and it needs to be recollected. I pass these tests after 2 weeks abstaining. Good luck and enjoy keeping your job! :)))

  184. MarthaMyDear on

    You’ll be fine! Seriously. I pass them regularly 2 weeks abstaining. Don’t overdue the exercise. In breaking down fat cells too quickly you’re just releasing more THC. I think maintaining your current weight would be more effective than losing weight! I also worked as a urine drug screen technician. Collected up to 100 specimens a day from patients for Lab Corp. Good luck!

  185. RebeccaColorado on

    I think you can relax. If you really have abstained for 6 weeks, and you still have 2 left, that’s pretty good! With your hard work you might already be clean.
    Hey stop spending $$ on those tests! Buy one a couple days before but you’re wasting $ on them because no matter what they say your actions won’t change, right?
    You’re gonna be OK. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing and you’ll pass.

  186. Paul C Campbell on

    I was asking Valarmor to share his exact method. My 1st test for the court is in 2 months. I am planning on using the Stinger brand of detox as I hear it works very well for 2 friends who sometimes have to test at a very short notice for a parole officer. They follow the instructions exactly and have not failed a single test out of approximately 16. They are daily tokers, at least a joint per day. I’m just at this site trying to research what others are doing to pass tests without synthetic urine. When I use a Stinger and a home test during the next few weeks, I’ll post the result here for you. Good luck Dawn.

  187. Plz give me the steps. Haven’t smoked for 2 weeks and have to piss for PO On Mon. I just want one hit to chillax. Been smoking for 30 years and made to quit…help

  188. Hey I’m 5’9″ 165 I haven’t smoked in 6 weeks and have had mixed results with dollar store drug tests… I have been doing an hour of cardio in a sweat suit for two weeks..I am hoping to apply to a medical position but won’t until I can be sure I’m in the clear.. When my results come back as negative for thc the urine is very dilute and barely even yellow tinged but if it is even kind of concentrated I fail or only get a barely even visible second line… I’m going to purchase a test from wal greens tomorrow for hopefully a clearer answer….but you seem to give good advice on this blog and was wondering if you could help me too?

  189. Hello, I am applying to a nursing job soon, 5 9 170 lbs smoked 2-3 bowls a day for two years… 6 weeks clean and getting inconsistent results from at home tests… I really really need a job I though 6 weeks would be more than enough time.. Any suggestions or helpful hints?

  190. PLEASE HELP: I need to pass a urine test in the next 2 weeks, I’ve abstained for 6 weeks but before that I smoked like 3-4 bowls a day for like 2 years …5’9″ 165 lbs I’ve been doing an hour of cardio work in sweat clothes for two weeks I have bought dollar store thc tests and passed two and failed two which is really confusing me. I am going to go buy one from wal greens tomorrow but I was just wondering if I do pass that one should I be fine for a lab corps test? And if I’m not how can I get clean?! I need to get this job badly and can’t figure out why I am still not comming up clean I’ve tried flushing and cranberry juice and sweating nothing seems to be working. So again please please help??

  191. Paul C Campbell on

    I’d love to hear about your method. I’ve been a daily toker for a full 40 years. Missed out on some great jobs due to weed and that’s okay. My choice was to keep toking and find a different job. This time is different. I have to pass drug tests while an officer of the court watches me pee. My freedom is at stake, not just a job. The war on drugs has created another victim. I’m a grandfather of 8 and have never harmed anyone. I’m just trying to avoid the harm that has been directed at me by archaic laws created by crooked politicians. Please respond to :

  192. Smoked consistently for the past two years, quit last week for the week, smoked again last night. Have a drug test Friday and been drinking a lot of water and will use qcarbo32 what’s my chances? weigh 160 and 5’9 have a fast metabolism

  193. Goodness Gracious on

    Hi, I am going to head out and get a home test soon, but though I would ask anyhow. Not a heavy smoker, 5-10, 195lbs. Smoked once in the past 10 days and none at all for 6 mos prior to this. Wasn’t even a half a bowl when I did 10 days ago. Test is in next few days. Thoughts? I did a detox drink or two from GNC and have been drinking a few quarts of water a day (at least).

  194. Grant Mackenzie on

    Hi there I have a drug screen in 27 days stopped smoking hash resin yesterday 2 April . I weigh 10 stone highly 5.3 little guy lol not much fat, go to the gym lift weights eat healthy smoothies veggies fruit high protein diet . Do think i will be clean . Am in a panic can’t lose my job HELP !!!!! Please

  195. I did! Now keep plenty of home urine tests and detox drinks on hand just to be safe

  196. I passed so it was all good! I now keep plenty of home urine tests around and detox drinks. Staying prepared!

  197. Neil Armstrong on

    I passed my pre employement medical urinalisys and urine drug test in just only 8 days a week before my test i smoke 4 consecutive days i smoke sunday then stop on monday i take my urinalisys and urine drugtest after a week it was also on monday so almost 8 days i use the dilution method drink a lot of water take creatine and multi vitamins and 4pcs 80mg aspirine and gatorade and coconut water and i also have a very fast metabolism and i also workout a lot i train like athlete before i stop my workout i ride bike my for about 80miles and stop exercising 3 days before my test that was saturday and sunday and i take my test monday afternoon so i already pee alot while im home even when im going to the lab

  198. I’ve taken 3 mouth swabs and over 9 urine tests and I have passed the urine tests with sur gel every time. So, if that’s a myth, it’s not for me.

  199. Dacota Thompson on

    So I tock two hits last night I have a ua the 7th of next mouth what would be the best way to get it out of my system I am 179 pounds an I am in Good shape can I sweet it out can any help me out

  200. Nikolai Kalinovski on

    No, God can help you when you’re in jail. He’s not going to help keep you out. That’s on you.

  201. So I’m about 5’1 and weigh like … 90 pounds .. Well I don’t smoke often , I smoked for the first time last night in like a week ,Well I have a doctors appointment in a week and need to make sure it’s out of my System , how can I do this at home without anyone noticing ?

  202. Surejell definitely works but I think what Theyre trying to say is that it is not a permanent fix

  203. inquiringminds on

    I am 5’2″, 120lbs, and have smoked approximately 2 bowls a day (sometimes more) for the last 8 years. I need to be clean in 6 weeks. Is that doable?? I’m going to diet and exercise and drink a lot of water.
    Does anyone have any good detox suggestions?

  204. inquiringminds on

    I was clean for 21 days before taking a home test and the line was very faint. I took a drug test shortly after and they said the results were “inconclusive” for THC and they had to send it off for further testing. I ended up gettin the job sooo I guess it was fine?

  205. Okay. Here is the straight story. I smoked every day over the past year. I’m 5’8″ and I’m over weight by at least 30 pounds. I’m over 55 and my metabolism ain’t fast. I eat a lot of red meat and little veggies and I do eat some sugar but not a lot. The last time I smoked was the 15th of this month and it is now the 27th. That’s twelve days. I just took an at home test for marijuana and it came up NEGATIVE. PEOPLE. There is tons of misinformation on the net. Articles that claim to give good info but lacking in details like what constitutes heavy use or what a fast metabolism is or what is considered over weight. Even some of the people who post on sites such as this seem to be misleading you. I’ve been tested several times over the past 35 plus years and I always seem to be able to be clear in 10 days. These sites always make references to “studies”. WHAT studies? You want to know the truth? Just abstain from smoking and test yourself at home and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS OF THE TEST KIT! I read one post of a guy who tested with a kit and he saw a line on the tester and said that indicated a positive test. The line indicates a negative test. Not positive. I didn’t do anything special other than abstaining from using, so, the bottom line is this. Don’t believe everything you read on the net. A good deal of it just isn’t true. Do your own research and don’t rely on a site that makes ambiguous references to “studies”.

  206. Valarmorghulis on

    First off, surejell is not a myth. I passed drug tests every month on my year and a half probo using this method. Like the post says, it doesn’t clear out your system; however it does mask your system for a solid 3-4 hours. There defentley is a technique to perfecting it. Let me know if you want the steps. Its the most cost effective way to pass a drug test when your p.o. watches you take a piss.

  207. Hi I’m needing to pass a drug test for weed to be hired at a nursing home for my CNS’s what is the best thing you’d recommend to clean my system I’m a heavy smoker so I need the best lol thanks in advance

  208. Hello i have same problem, but i have time, and try clean my body, you can find more information in internet and clean body quick, i recommend try running and also drink more water and milk :)

  209. Just wanted to share our experience with a product called THC Detox from thcdetox.biz. Not only did it not work, but I can’t get anybody to reply to questions. Phone # doesn’t even let you leave a message, they just try to sell you a caribbean cruise..LOL
    If you’re looking to purchase a cleaning kit, stay away from thcdetox.biz, they are not a reputable company that stands behind their products.

  210. Hello I am 5’3, and i weigh around 115 pounds. I don’t have much fat at all, a lot of muscle actually. The last time I smoked was 2 days ago and I’m getting my drug test either tomorrow, and if not then hopefully in about a week. I’ve drank like 5 liters of water in total so far (2 yesterday and 3 today) and I’m still going. Do you think some kind of detox can do the trick? Please help and give me suggestions.

  211. RebeccaColorado on

    Oh yeah, 2 bowls a day isn’t overwhelmingly high and 37 days abstaining with some exercise gives you a real good chance! Did you pass?

  212. RebeccaColorado on

    Did you pass? I’m betting you did if you just smoked that once, abstained and did “stuff” tho detox. Hope you passed:)

  213. Damn bro. Best of luck with that probation shit. Don’t want you headed back to jail smh.

  214. I’m 5’7 114. I have a drug test 3/23. I’ve been clean for 3 weeks on Saturday, I used to smoke everyday heavily for 4 months. I was wondering if I could be clean now and what I could do if I’m not???

  215. Momofboyswhosmoke on

    I do not smoke but my sons do wax and smoke it through a bong thing will I pass a drug test both iron and hair by being around them and in a house were they smoke it?

  216. Bob Krokfors on

    Hi, I have to pass my test next wednesday, does anyone have any opinion on should I use the Super Clean P from passyourtest.com or the Certoclear? I have smoked everyday for a very long time

  217. I had to pass my employment drug test about 6 months ago, and I passed even though I smoked weed like a week before i found out. Here’s what I did to pass: (1) drink plenty of water and (2) take the Dr Max Powers 15 Days Cleanse (I only took it for 6 days) and I passed the Labcorp drug tests. All clean!

  218. spiderpig2007 on

    On the day of test – drink a gallon of water before going to the lab, this will dilute any traces of metabolites you might have lingering to below the needed threshold. Vitamin B will help color your pee yellow, so it does not look too watery, so you might want to consider that as well.

    Source: A friend has smoked on the evening before a surprise test. With a 1 hour notice – he chugged approximately a gallon of water from his work water cooler. He peed 6 times before finally peeing in the cup. He passed.

    Good luck!

  219. I’m 5’10”, 150 pounds, and I abstained for 30 days from marijuana for a drug test. I took it, and passed. I smoked yesterday (3/9) and the lab lost my results so my employer asked me to take another this Tuesday (3/15) Do you think I’ll pass? If not, do you have anymore advice for this short period of time in order to help me pass?

  220. I took a couple home tests and both had a faint line showing negative ( the insert with the test said even if it’s faint line it means negative ) but I know labs go on more detail so I wasn’t sure that I could rely on the home test

  221. Hot pregnant wife on

    Well that sucks. You’re not going to get away with using urine from a non pregnant woman, it would totally flag you if they do test hormones level, which they do even if you confirmed pregnancy because it can indicate your miscarrying. Know any clean pregnant women? You don’t want CPS assigned to you if you can avoid it. Don’t try to fast detox because that old be dangerous. Can you wait a couple weeks to go in?

  222. here where I live they automatically drug test on first visit bc there are a lot of women on heroin and very harsh drugs, which I am not only been a weed smoker. I have a paper from hospital stating I’m pregnant, that’s how I got medicaid. They automatically test at this particular office and another young lady I know informed me of that, and shsaid they do inform you they’re going to druf test.

  223. Hot pregnant wife on

    It’s a coin toss dude, esp with lab. Take an at home test to put your mins at ease. Good luck.

  224. Hot pregnant wife on

    They can’t legally test for metabolite without your permission and the only reason you would ever be asked is if child protective services has a case open against you and suspects drug use. They literally take your cup of pee, dip a sugar stick in, and throw it out. You are perfectly safe to use your own urine. But if you use synthetic urine, it will come back not pregnant. I doubt that will raise any flags, but they may want to test you unnecessarily for the lack of hormones. I know it’s hard not to, but you have nothing to worry about. Promise. I’m on my third. Just quit smoking and start thinking mommy thoughts

  225. I smoked 2 bowls a day for 5 days straight. Last smoked exactly 37 days ago. Had to take urine test today that will get sent to lab. I’m 5’11 155 lbs exercise 2-3 days a week. Do you think I passed?

  226. I’m a 20 year old male, 6’0, 150 pounds. I haven’t been keeping close track, but I think I last smoked about a week and a half to 2 weeks ago. Before I stopped, I had smoked every night for probably 7-8 days. The weed was very low quality, just rags I guess you could call it. I stopped because I need to start working part time while I’m in school. I don’t exercise often, and I do drink quite a lot of water, however my diet is poor. I want to apply at my local Amazon warehouse soon. I’ve been a smoker for just about 2 years, and my parents don’t have a clue. Is it possible that I’m in the clear?

  227. Hot pregnant wife on

    They don’t test for that. I was in your situation. They just test sugars

  228. I’m 40,6 feet,190 pounds…I have Thc in my system and my drug test is in 3 days for a good job…I’m freaking out. I’ve been flushing out for about 5 days with water,Gatorade and Cranberry juice…I’ve failed two home test in the past 3 days (my urine was clear)… Any suggestions?

  229. Alright so I’ll be 100% honest. I am no expert. I have been using marijuana for about 2 years now. I mostly would smoke heavily, like an eighth of great kush or a g of wax every 2 days.
    Before you read any more just realize it all depends on your weight and how much you exercise regularly.

    I am 18, I weigh 130 lbs, I am 5,5 and I have a 6.7% body fat. I drink water regularly, workout atleasy once a day with a break every 2 weeks. I passed a drug test on a Friday when I dabbed on the Monday before. I found that just drinking at least 1.5 gallons of water a day and exercising with plenty of cardio and core work if you have 5-10 days before the test. Or 2.5 gallons of water a day if you have less than 5. But the game changer in this was Pre Workout. Yes. Taking pre workout may not be the best but taking the right one will boost your metabolism while you workout. I suggest one with creatine as well. Most pre workouts have plenty of B vitamins and other supplements that will help the thc pass quicker by speeding up your bodies water consumption. You will piss a lot more especially of you drink a lot of water daily. Also take 2 doses of the pre workout 2 hours before test. This will help because B vitamins help the color of your piss to look normal and not diluted and creatine can help mask low creatinine levels in more advanced piss tests. I take mostly advanced ones not just dipstick. Drink plenty of water that day and don’t exercise within 2 days of the test. Hope it helps. I’ve passed 4 tests in less than a week since then . Good luck !

  230. OK I am 5’7, no more than 130lbs. I just found out I am pregnant, literally yesterday. My first appointment is 3/17, and I do not want to have to admit to smoking herb, nor do I want it on my record. I have not smoked since I found out, but I was a heavy smoker of high grade almost everyday at least once a day if not more. I have no problem quitting for the well being of unborn, I just don’t want to go into the doctor dirty. I am reluctant of synthetic urine as it doesn’t have the HCG hormone which indicates pregnancy, and I am scared detox supplements may harm my child. Any suggestions, anyone? Keep in mind I have discontinued use and am only concerned about this first visit.

  231. Hot pregnant wife on

    Im sharing because the comments ive read here and elsewhere saved us. We are married, my husband was laid off in August 2015, we have a baby and I am due in 2 months. Our unemployment ran out this week

    My husband had to pass a dt yesterday. He was a daily smoker he slowed down 3 months ago to a couple times a week and then quit two weeks prior to getting the offer. We had 10 days. He tried a hardcore ALL FIBER diet, WITH SUPPLIMENTS. Ddetox tea and drinks, so much water and 5 times a day in our sauna. After five days he was still positive, even if he tested negative, we were concerned. So we had to replan for substitution. Though he kept the detox going. On the day of the test he still tested positive with a light control liine. No bueno.

    it was a basic ecup test, not dot.

    He substituted clean urine. I wouldn’t rely on detox.

    How we substituted. I got clean male pee the night before in a glass jar, though I’ve heard it’s illeagal to test hormones, I’m still pregnant and didn’t want to take a chance. Refrigerated overnight.

    I bought a 3oz lotion tube at walmart, handwarmers and a temperature strip online, rubberbands, and a baby bottle warmer for the car (kept the receipt and returned it.. said it broke). We brought two thermometers to confirm the temperature. He wore a pair of my spandex shorts to be sure it wouldn’t go anywhere.

    The baby bottle warmer got the temp up to 106, so be aware. It gets hot. The temp should ideally be between 94 and 100 but you can pass 90 to 100.

    It was an hour door to door.

    We had to sit let it cool down in the parking lot next door. Checked with both thermometers until it was a hundred. Rubber banded the hand warmer to the pee, wrapped it in papertowel, and sent I’m in.

    They handed him an ecup, he went in a private bathroom and (having practiced) was able to quietly open the lotion bottle and empty the cotents. Checked the temp strip, swirled it a bit to cool down, peed for real and handed the sample.

    The woman looked at it, nodded and he left.

    He passed. Has a brand new job.

    Originally he was going to use a Scrunchie to strap it on, but we didn’t think he would be observed.

    I recommend wearing a belt that makes a little noise and jiggle it if you need to cover up the sound of opening the top. If your eine observed, don’t close it, it makes a snap sound. Use the papertowel to prevent dripping.

    Having someone with you does a lot to keep you calm and help you measure temps. You can do it on your on though. We were sick with worry but it went very smoothly because we practiced alot and ironed out all the problems.

    Practice in the car with the warmer, heating up and cooling down. Practice opening and closing quietly. Practice walking around with it in your pants, that’s how we knew boxer briefs were not enough. We had a lot of trial and error. Just wanted to share a passed test in 2016. Good luck. Pee clean. Xoxo

  232. so i rarely smoke. i smoked a little over a month ago, and before that it had been months. i smoked thursday and friday but only like 4 bowls total. i have an interview on wednesday and im not sure if theyre gonna test me, but if they do and i fail then im fucked. i have no money for a detox kit or fake piss. im 5′ 4″ 175lbs. any suggestions? think ill be good?

  233. Passed quest lab pre emploment EMIT test. Everyday smoker, only a few hits at a time, high quality stuff though. Passed after 19 days of no smoking. Was passing home tests after day four, and took about 15 walgreens and dollar store test before going in. After 4 days, I never failed a home test. Very athletic build, 5’9 165lbs, and active. I ran 6-8 miles a few days, swam, hit sauna and was totally nervous about this test. I think with a 50ng cutoff I would have been fine after a week, maybe sooner.

  234. PissedOff WhiteGuy on

    Did they test you? I was going to reply and say I didn’t think they’d do it then and there but I’m too late.

  235. PissedOff WhiteGuy on

    If I were you I’d get in good with the people doing the choosing. Bribe them/ whatever it takes to have them give you an advance warning or best case scenario never call your name in the first place. If absolutely everybody has to do it at some point I’d clean up and try and get it over with as soon as possible then you won’t have to worry about it for at least a few months. Other option is to have synthetic clean urine and a hand warmer on you all the time but I can’t imagine anyone doing that. You might have to suck it up and quit for the most part. If you’ve got a good job don’t risk it over pot unless you’ve got other employers litterally fighting over you or something. Jobs are scarce for a lot of people these days. You can always take up heavy drinking.

  236. Preston Wenger on

    I’m in the same boat. I stopped on the 1st. Have a test on the 8th. Been chugging DISTILLED water (no metals or chemicals), Cranberry Juice, and staying away from all toxins. IE: cigarettes and alcohol. They’ll make it harder on your body to expel the toxins seeing as your adding more toxins that you’re body will have to handle also. Stay away from red meat and carbs, eat tons of fiber, get a good sweat each day, and go to a GNC and talk to them about what else you can do. They’re your best bet. The random guy at some smoke shop don’t know shit. As soon as you do all that…pray…I know I am…good luck and if you’re like me STRESSING out just remember it ain’t worth risking anymore.

  237. Preston Wenger on

    Get a synthetic urine pack and keep it near your desk in a warm spot. As soon as you hear anything about a random strap it to the inside of your thigh. When they call you in it’ll be body temp. If they watch you pee like probation or parole NEVER try to lie to your officer. Most the time they’ll pat you down and look right at your junk while you urinate. It’s better to be honest with them cuz they’re going to catch you in the lie anyway.

  238. Preston Wenger on

    Quest Labs are some of the hardest tests I’ve ever had to pass. Only thing that worked for me was synthetic urine.

  239. I like the gargling suggestion the best but definitely want to practice this one beforehand to be sure I get the right amount and the temperature comes out perfect

  240. disqus_qTECqWI3zP on

    I have to pass a drug test 3/11. It is for probation. I last smoked today 3/5. I am an everyday spliff smoker (probably 1 gram a day). I weigh 120 and am 5’5. Should I invest or just drink plenty of water, green tea, etc. (I naturally pee a lot)

  241. Daniel Awesome on

    Man, it is a good thought but that would be a lot more difficult than you’d think. I’d do a practice run or two before I’d count on that working. For example if it comes out 100 (only 2 degrees higher) you would appear to have a fever. 96 (2 degrees lower) you would be also appear to be very ill. So, if you can pull it off I suppose it might work, but I wouldn’t want to rest on that until I’d tested and perfected it.

  242. I could use one of those hand warmer packets too, so as long as I keep the temperature around 98″ it would work?

  243. Daniel Awesome on

    I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! It stands to reason this would work with a clean urine sample too. Just gargle so it’s the right temp first then spit it in the cup.

  244. Daniel Awesome on

    No this will not work. The sample is temperature controlled. If your sample is not 98 degrees or very near to it you will fail. The temp mark can be scene as a small ribbon on the side of the sample cup. I know this because I tried what you suggest and failed a test. The doctor said… “Wow, you must be dead because your body is only 60 degrees on the inside.”

  245. Let me start by saying, I’m not claiming my experiences are universal. I have passed 3 urinalysis drug tests (50ng/ml); I have never spent more than 23 days clean leading up to the test and have passed in as little as 18 days. Prior to quitting (thc), I was an (almost) everyday smoker, although I must admit not a heavy smoker (about a bowl a day).
    I maintain a healthy active lifestyle. I eat healthy for the most part, stay active and ALWAYS stay hydrated.
    I wanted to put this information out here to quell the concerns of people like me who believe you can fail test up to 90 days. I simply do not buy it.
    So if you are looking for a job and are concerned about the potential of drug tests just cease smoking, live a healthy lifestyle, and stay hydrated. You will be fine.

  246. Got a drug test coming up this week. Bout three days. I smoke for the first time in a while today, will I have time to detox? I’m 5″10 and 140

  247. i almost lost a job offer due to a bad accident DMV recrod but thanks to this amazing guy who helped me clear my record and i was able to get a clean and i got the job too i decide to let his work out because i was so surprised about his work. he also work on some other stuffs, he is not a into hacking he follows due process and makes sure your job gets done. spiralhulkspy@gmail.com is amazing, check him out

  248. is a half gallon of liquids 4 hours before Quest labs EMIT test too much. Took b 12 and two multivitamins the morning of the test. hope Im not too dilute!

  249. I just found out the company I just started working for does random drug testing. I dodged the bullet this time around because my name wasn’t selected, but I’m wondering if diluting my urine sample with water will allow me to pass? They have us use the bathroom with no one watching and I would have to always carry a small amount of water on my person but would this work? What else could I do? I’m in a small corp office desk job its so bogus they even do this.

  250. I am 6’4 about 225 and smoke a few times a week. (Last time I bought was Feb 3 and it was an eighth and i’m just now about to be out) I have an interview for an internship next Friday on March 4. Im not positive they’ll drug test that day but I have a pretty good idea that they will. What are the chances of me passing and what can I do to pass? Do cleanses work?

  251. I’m 5’3 female 175 lbs I was an everyday smoker until the first of December and quit until Dec 24 I did smoke a little and then again on Feb 6 a little then also. I have a test at 6 in the morning. I have taken two at home tests and both have come back positive. I’ve been drinking water like crazy. What can I do to make sure I pass this test in the morning?

  252. Complete bull about the niacin and sure gel not working. My friend used Botha and has gotten two jobs with these methods. Also drink only water can clear your system out. I was an occasional smoker and had to test within 10 days and after abstaining from marijuana and drinking at least a gallon of water a day I passed my test! Everyone is different. Don’t say what won’t work because for others that may not be the case!

  253. xavier padilla on

    Im 5,1 male 125 pounds and have Ben smoking for a full month everyday, how long will it take to get it out of my system?

  254. Concerned healthcare on

    Might be an ignorant question. I am male 32, work in nursing. A friend offered to let me use HER urine. Should I be too concerned about them finding out its a females? Or is it just a 7-9 panel and that’s all they would test for is basically drugs?

  255. Ok thank you!! Just have to make sure I read about 100 comments just to make sure ! I’ll keep u updated because I smoked high grade so I know that’s a little stronger but I drunk some yogi detox tea it’s pretty good

  256. Im 5’7 and weigh about 125 pounds I used to smoke about 3 times a week then I stopped for two weeks and smoked again on the 12 so its been 9 days since ive smoked and I know people that smoke for their first time get clean in 3-5 days. I just want to know if i will be okay for my test in a week. Ive also taken cheap at home tests and I tested negative but ive heard about people that have tested negative for at home tests and failed their employers test.

  257. Doesn’t anyone read others comments? You’ll be OK , use no flush niacin, makes urine very yellow. Drink water till you feel you may drown. Going frequently before then during the test your bladder should have pretty much h2o,and niacin color. Pass for me! All I said worked for me. I weigh 230pds.

  258. I’m a slim girl who’s about 120 lbs and 5’2 I smoked on my birthday 2/2 then I smoked again for Super Bowl Sunday then stopped for two whole weeks since then I’ve been drinking lots of water and eating bread lol and other junk I have a drug urine test in two days can I pass?? Can I pass?? What should I do?? Buy a same day detox? I need answers plzzzz and thank you

  259. Wow your story sounds a lot like mine…I just had to take a test to get a job and I passed. I’m very similar in height/weight to you and it sounds like similar smoking usage. I did all the things you’re doing detox teas, CB pills, lean eating, but also took B Complex with electrolytes and jumped rope daily to sweat but stopped exercising 2 day prior to test. I’ve read taking 4 aspirin 4-5 hours before test can sway things in your favor and should drink 40 oz of water until the time you take test. I took a few home tests to ensure I would pass and sounds like you have time to do that. Good luck!

  260. Get some home tests and see. Drink lots of water and other drinks (green tea, detox tea, cranberry juice)…good luck, you can do it! Don’t waste hot shower water–flush you own body via exercise and drinking lots of water.

  261. I don’t think you’re going to fail, especially if you’re seeing faint lines on home tests. Up the water intake and take AZO (Cranberry pills…more potent) as you want to go to bathroom often and also take B vitamins.

  262. My guess is your okay now. I’ve read it only takes 3-5 days for a recreational user and you’re less than that given only smoking once. Drink lots of water.

  263. I’m a slim girl about 120 lbs and 5,2 I havent smoke for two weeks exactly but I take occasional puffs here and there but it’s been two full weeks since I smoked I have a drug test 2 days from now I have a home test kit can I pass?? Can I pass?? Should I buy a sane day detox?? Need answers fastttt plzzzz and thank you!

  264. I am a girl who is 5’8 and weight 128 lbs I don’t work out much but I have a naturally fast metabolism I smoked for the first time Monday (today is Friday) two joints that was shared between 4 people including me I’m wondering if I can pass because it’s my first time or do I still have to wait the 30 days?

  265. I’m 6’0 about 210lbs. I smoked about a 8th a week for about the past 5 years and haven’t smoke since January 20th. I got offered a job and go in for orientation on the 26th of February (I’m not sure if that will be my test day). I haven’t really been working out although I do drink alot of water and will continue to do so along with cranberry juice and green tea. I’ve done about 4 home test so far but the lines are so faint it’s barely visible. Should I not worry since it I will have been clean for almost 40 days ?

  266. I am 5’9 and 275 pounds. I am a heavy smoker i been sober for 3 weeks I have not smoked in 20 days as of today. What are my chances of passing? I been sweating a lot I turn on the showers hot water and sit there? Ill pass in 30 days or not?

  267. Love the line ‘ nearly stroked ‘ … TFF! Exactly how I’m feeling. I’ll take your advice… Niacin it will be. Thanks for Leveling out the anxiety!

  268. I’ve stopped smoking 2 to 3 weeks ago I have a drug test coming within a week do I have a chance?also if I use a detox drink is a store bought one OK?

  269. BeautifulFlower20 on

    Water & vinegar DOES work just drink two shots of vinegar every 2 hours & drink lots of water throughout the day. It worked for me ?

  270. I’ve been smoking every night for about the last 2 years solid. I’m about 6’1″ and 175. I just purchased the Never Fail system. Will this still work with my extensive smoking history?

  271. Drink water like a fish loves water. I’ve never used anything other than no flush niacin to keep my urine yellow. Felt like hell just before the test as well. But having drank a gallon in 24 hours before I still had a problem going. Drank more then mid stream into a cup it tested fine. Nearly stroked but the anxiety was for nothing. Just calm down and drink that water and niacin and pass with flying colors. Good luck!

  272. Nikolai Kalinovski on

    You idiot, it’s called probation. You go to jail when you have a positive test. Listen, God can help you when you’re in jail, but he sure as hell isn’t going to keep you out. God can help me if they lock me up again, but he’s not going to be the one to make that drug test negative.

  273. So I am 5’2″ and roughly 140 lbs. I wouldn’t say I am a heavy smoker any more, but definitely use daily. I use mainly at night after work to help unwind from a long day. I recently quit smoking for about a month because I got really sick and decided laying off smoking would help with my sinus infection. Before that, I had been smoking regularly for a long time. I started smoking again about two weeks ago when I finally started feeling better. I found out last week that I need a background check that includes a drug test in order to teach in a juvenile detention center. I am a sex educator and even though the organization I work for never did an initial drug test to get hired, I have to do one for this background check. I have quit smoking again and started detoxing. I am drinking a minimum of 4 Nalgene water bottles a day with lemon (roughly 128 oz or a gallon of water), taking cranberry pills, and using some natural detox remedies found in natural health food stores. I am also drinking detox tea, at least twice a day. I exercise daily with my dog, but nothing super intense like a gym workout. I’m also a vegetarian, and tend to think I eat fairly well. My boss wants me to get my background test done ASAP, but I’m nervous about passing the test because when I go to fill out the background check paperwork, I have to go take my drug test immediately after. I’m hoping to put if off for two more weeks to give me some more time. How likely is it I will pass the test considering the break I just took and the detoxing I am doing now? My boss doesn’t know I am a recreational user, and though I can’t lose my job if I don’t pass, I would hate to not be able to teach. When I was in highschool, I managed to detox myself in one week from incredibly heavy use, using similar methods.

  274. I am 5’9 and 165 pounds. I wouldn’t say I am a heavy smoker but would smoke at least a bowl or two a day and had two day breaks in between. I have not smoked in 12 days as of today and I am going to a temp agency here this coming week to look for work. What are my chances of passing? I exercise here and there and I am pretty fit either way.

  275. I’m 185 good shape was a heavey user quit 26 days then smoked 5 js go a drug test in tn days would I b able to pass

  276. I only smoke occasionally and the last 2 weeks ive smoked 3 times… got 7 days until the drug test

  277. Okay so I’m 5’3 ish and I weigh about 206. I’ve been a heave smoker for about 3 years now and I have a drug test before the 26 of this month. I stopped smoking yesterday. What can I do to assure I pass this? This drug screen will get me off of unsupervised probation.

  278. So I took my urine test today I’ve been 9 weeks 3 days clean I’m feeling nervous because they are sending it out. I’ve passed 7 at home test are my chances good?

  279. My home test came up with a very faint line (took aspirin 4 hours before test)! I also have been given an additional three days before test (I think it was a paperwork error) so I’ve been keep with same eating, H20, vitamin B, AZO pills, detox tea regime….hoping the extra 3 days works in my favor! Test is Friday afternoon now.

  280. I might would try the same day cleanse just too be sure. Works for like 6 hours. I’m kind of in the same situation but with a lack of money this go around. I used the product from the website they promote here and passed. Kinda nervous about it this time around with no form of mask or detox. Good luck!

  281. I rarely smoke, 1 or 2 hits a night- maybe 3-4 times a week. I am 6′ 245 lbs… found out I have to test in the next 48 hours. I feel like I should be fine… that’s me being optimistic (haha). Any suggestions?

  282. Taking a test in one week. Been smoking on and off for months. I drink only water and sometimes some tea. I’ve always had great luck with my drug screens by just taking cranberry pills, working out, and catching the sample mid stream. I tried ultimate gold once and it worked but I don’t have the funds to buy anything this go around. I’m 5’11” and 170 pounds. In good shape. Also a drummer so I sweat a lot daily, whether that helps or not. Should I be good this time around? I just have this weird feeling.

  283. So tomorrow I take my drug test I’m a little worried because I think it might be a GCMS type of test instead of the dip stick. If I’m passing for the at home test must mean I’m under the cut off of 50 ng/ml but what about the GCMS because that’s a cut off of 15 ng/ml? I’m 9 weeks 3 days clean

  284. I’m 5’2 and 115 lbs. I last smoked two days ago. I smoked for the first time about a month ago and since then have smoked about three times a week. How long will it take me to pass a urine test?

  285. I’m 6ft and 320. I smoked 3 weeks ago. It was only 2 hits and I never smoked before that am I clean?

  286. I am 5’7 125 M.. I smoked last night and tonite.. Friday is my birthday so chances are I will smoke then too once I start drinking.. I have a drug test on 3/7. How can I make sure I’m clean between 2/15 and 3/7?

  287. Need help fast on

    I am 5’3 235 F smoked a couple nights ago and have a drug test later on tonight or tomorrow morning. Only smoked 1 blunt amongst 2 other friends

  288. a gram 11 days ago 18 days b4 that a gram, test in 3 days chances are what ???? 6′ 200lbs i was off for the month of dec. im going to get a home test kit today

  289. The best way to know for sure is take a home drug test. Lot’s of cranberry juice, water and a strict diet with no fatty or fried foods all help speed up the bodies natural detoxification process.

  290. Based on your weight THC could stay in your system for as long 16 weeks even with a healthy diet and exercise that includes no fried or fatty foods. Only with an extreme detoxification program could you cleanse your body entirely unless you are ok waiting 4 months or more to cleanse naturally. Go checkout the extreme kit at http://www.passyourtest.com – Good luck!

  291. disqus_3X4R6zpfWK on

    I am 6’4″ 330 lbs, out of shape. I’m 2 weeks clean, but before that smoked once or twice every week or 2 for the last 3 months. Before that I was clean for about 6 months. The last time I smoked I did dabs for the first time that my friend said were 90% thc. When would I be clean to pass a urine test if I drink a lot of water, and work out 2-3 times a week?

  292. Thanks for the response. I did buy a product called Vale locally….do you have any thoughts on that product. I wasn’t sure if I ordered online it would arrive in time and wanted to be prepared just in case. Also should I take the aspirin even if I take a same day detox product? THANK YOU!!!

  293. I am 180 5’9 a little out of shape, I have been clean for 14 days, But before that i would smoke once a week in the month of January, 5 times max in January… but before that I was 3-4 months clean. I have a drug test in the next 2 days, will i be clean? Also, does drinking cranberry juice do anything?

  294. 30 days is an average cleansing timeframe based on the information provided. It could take as long as 6 weeks from your last exposure.

  295. It could go either way based on the information you have given. The problem is the daily exposure for a long period of time. This creates a much longer natural cleansing timeframe. The best way to know for sure is to go get a home test kit from your local drug store and test yourself ASAP. You still have time for a same day solution to be overnighted from http://www.passyourtest.com

  296. I am 5’1 weigh about 140. I smoked almost daily for a very long time, but usually only one or two hits. I found out on Friday for a new job I need to take a urine test by Tuesday. Since I found out on Friday I have drank at least 60 oz. of water a day, plus detox tea, green tea, coffee and cranberry juice and taken AZO and B-Complex vitamins. I also have exercised enough to sweat each day. I am very nervous. I did this regime about 15 years ago and it worked for a test (had about the same amount of time to cleanse and I think I took 4 aspirin 4 hours prior to test). Since Friday I have refrained from fatty foods, eaten only green veggies and lean meats. What are my chances??

  297. I am 5 11 180lb first test looked to be positive drank 3. 16 oz bottles of water tested again in one hour then got a faint negative.i have used these before with same result It sounds like the Walgreen home test kits only have very faint negative . I haven’t smoked in 33 days also I tested water from my faucet just plain water and got a faint negative again

  298. Im 6’1″ 170lbs, ive been smoking daily for 13 years approx 3 spliffs per day. Stopped smoking 12 days ago. Have been drinkin 2 litres of water daily since and this morning ive passed a home drug test with a 50 ng/ml limit. Took the test mid stream, hope this helps someone out there.

  299. I’ve stopped smoking for 27 days, done a 3-day ToxinRid detox… thing (don’t know if I followed the instructions down to the T), and have been pounding the water and exercising with a sauna. I’m 5’4″ and about 108 lbs, but I’m not made of muscle, that’s for sure. I’m not sure when I have my drug test, but I’m almost positive it will be next week. On Monday it will officially be 30 days of not smoking. I’ve been using at-home drug tests and I’m technically passing, but the line is extremely faint, almost invisible… but there. Is it likely that I will pass a drug test?

  300. passed !! – – I am 5’2 145lbs. – Smoke regularly , high potency about 2-5 x per week. Found out that I had a drug test coming up with only 5 days to prepare. Here’s what I did – – –

    With my initial panic, I drank crazy amounts of water the first day. I can’t say how much , but basically I drank another bottle of water each time I ran out — totaling about 8 16 oz bottles. The next day , I drank more water and drank one of those READY CLEAN detox drinks .. about 64 ounces of water total – – the following day , I drank about 64 oz of water and took a b12 supplement – energy drink.
    I forgot to mention that I drank 1 cup of coffee each morning – – ; I continued this until the day of the test.

    On the day of the test I had a sandwich for breakfast , 6in chicken from subway – 24 oz of water in the morning , THEN i got an email from the employer stating that I only had 24 hrs to submit the drug test.

    So at this point i drank QCarbo 32 oz along with about 32 ounces of water. Also , I drank another b12 energy supplement drink , its only 1-4 oz.

    Then I peed 2x while waiting an hour – then went to take the test – took me about 30 min to get there and get in the lab…. I collected the sample midstream ,

    It had a greenish tint to it , but yellow enough not to raise any red flags

    Shortly thereafter I got notification that i passed?!

    So … i would call this the dilution method .. as I was packed with fluids when going to take the test – –

    Hope this helps someone – , as I was scouring through these boards in fear before taking the test .. and it was difficult to find testimonials …

  301. I am 6′, 180 lbs, and run 3 to 4 nights a week. smoked a couple grams or less a week throughout 2015. Stopped on 1/3/2016 for three weeks, took a couple hits over a weekend them stopped again for a week. Probably take a few bh over super bowl weekend. At that rate will it take me 4 weeks to get clean? No test scheduled but might sometime this year.

  302. It is possible but with that much exposure it is more likely that you won’t. Your plan is good detox the best you can, take a home test kit and go from there.

  303. I’m about 124 pounds anfor 5,7. Im been a stoner for about 5 – 7 years I can’t remember exactly but every one on here probably knows what I’m talking about, but anyways I usually smoke a 8th a week sometimes i can stretch it for longer. but I only take less then 6 small bowl hits a day sometimes even less. I have a drug test in a week or less. I’m in great shape even though I don’t really exercise, a few push ups and sit ups and leg lifts, at home stuff. I have a pretty fast metabolism with out weed and a even faster one when I’m high. Would I possibly pass if I drink a gallon of lemon water a day, because we are supposed to drink a gallon of water a day as humans. But if I eat healthy and stay away from junk. Then test my self is it possible I would not need a detox kit.

  304. So I’m finally passing at home tests but with a very faint line does that have any effect on how much I’m passing or is it just the test? Also how many should I take before I’m in the clear? Almost 9 weeks since quitting

  305. That is correct. THC is fat soluble which means it stores in your fat cells. Without a strong detoxification product that performs an extreme body flush THC could remain in your systems for months. You will most likely need to cleanse for 10 days (double the normal timeframe) to ensure you are clean. Go do some research on http://www.passyourtest.com and give them a call, you will probably need a custom solution. Each of their kits come with home testing kits so you can verify you are clean. Good Luck

  306. If anyone has any advice, I’m open to it. I’m about 5’8″ and 377 lbs (yes I know, I’m obese), and I only tried smoking about a year ago, and since then have only smoked sometimes. Between November and the beginning of January, I probably have only smoked about 10 times and only a couple of hits at a time. I haven’t smoked anything at all since before January 7th when I lost my job (unrelated to drug tests, got laid off). They wouldn’t tell me what it was for, but this job I interviewed for last Friday and had a drug test for the same day tested positive. They wouldn’t say for what, but I am assuming for THC. That’s the only thing I can think of that it would be. I would assume that my usage would indicated that I should be testing clean by now, but I’m also now assuming that because of my weight I could still be carrying it in my system. I have two more interviews next week which I know will lead to drug tests. Any advice?

  307. I have a drug test sometime tomorrow around 6 and I smoked a little bit yesterday and I barely smoke and I’m 140 pounds is there any hope? ??

  308. You should be ok based on your information above. The best way to know is pick up a home drug test kit.

  309. I have a question. I’m 5’3″ 104 pounds. The last time I smoked was 9 days ago. I have a drug test next week which would be 15 days from the last time I smoked. I didn’t smoke a lot often, it was about just a joint and 1 bong hit (the joint was shared with others). Do you think I would be capable of passing the drug test as long as I continue to drink water and cranberry juice, along with exercising and using a sauna? I’m pretty skinny so I don’t have much fat on my body. Thanks

  310. Hi. I am not a heavy user of weed but I smoke more than just occasionally. But it’s been about a week and a half and I’ve been drinking lots of fluids but I have also been sick so I’ve been taking cold medicine. What are my odds of passing a drug test today here in about an hour?

  311. You are the type of user detox drinks might work well for. Although the downside to those drinks are that they’re expensive (nothing more than sugar water with metabolites) and it might come out as negative dilute which means you’ll have to repeat it.

    You basically need to stop smoking for three weeks and buy THC strips off Amazon to test yourself until you’re clean.

  312. You should be fine. If you’re an occasional smoker you should be clear in two or three days. The people that take 30+ days are those who get high every day for prolonged periods.

  313. The presence of a negative line means it’s negative. It has nothing to do with how faint or bold it is.

  314. I had three hits of swag Jan 30th – UA on Feb 17th and 29th. I have not smoked since August of last year before this one time. I’m 5’7 about 150/160ish do you think I would be able to pass since it is cutting it so close?

  315. What is loud? You smoked three blunts, all yourself? There’s no formula for how long you have to wait, you don’t plug in your age, height, etc and arrive at an exact number. Buy some home test kits and test yourself. Also, exercise and read the article. Also, why don’t you just go to a new doctor, a urine test at every appointment is bizarre.

  316. What you are doing will not be enough in such a short time, you need to buy a product designed to help you. You can find them at GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, etc

  317. I am a light recreational smoker,

    I might have a screening at work next week on either mon/tue/wed .

    this December15/ January16 timeframe I smoked marijuana after a break for about 5 months. I usually buy 1 gram of weed on friday, and smoke it over the weekend and stop on sunday night. I smoked about 5 grams over 6 weeks with a break for few days in between.

    My last gram was last weekend, but i smoked a pinch over tuesday evening.

    I took two home test two days ago and most likely failed (although one had a very thin line).

    I looked up online resources and I have been doing the following:

    since last two days ago I drank as much as water I could, no food, and some creatine to flush out kidney.

    I workout regularly for an hour, (5.10 192lbs), since last two days I have been working out twice for 1.5 hrs session each (20 min of cardio, with 10 mins in the sauna, 3 sessions). I am drinking diet cranberry (ocean spray), and have been drinking a lot of water with soluble fiber. Detox green tea (yogi and green jasmin), and taking green tea extract pills. For food I am only eating lightly cooked broccoli and spinach to get more fiber in the system and taking two multi vitamins every night.

    Monday morning I intend to take another home test, get overnight urine out of my system and then drink water cranberry juice, creatine suppliment and two pills of multi vitamin, and go to work anticipating a test, if not selected, i will workout at night again, and then do the same in the morning.

    Any suggestions, advice, or recommendations to try and pass the test would be very helpful. thanks in advance

  318. Hey all, I am getting an observed urine test in nine days, I took 8 hits out of a bong about 45 days prior to this and 1 hit on New Years, I’m, 5’10 and 225. Not too fat, just burly. I’ve been testing myself with the at-home, Walgreens, marijuana test kits and am getting a good control line but a very faint test line. What could you suggest to help me ensure passing this test, it’s a tough job, but it’s a good one so I’d keep it if I can.

  319. So after all I have done I’ve passed two at home test now. How many more do you think I should take before I’m in the clear? ?

  320. Joshua Ntukidem on

    In the last 45 days I have smoke like 6 different times some only couple of hits and once a whole joint, last time I smoke a lil roach like only 4 hits was on January 26 and I have a urinal drug test coming up on February 1st, I’m 5″10, 165 lbs, exercise regularly and going to the gym tomorrow to used the sauna, drinks about one to two gallons of water plus home made blended granberries juice, water and vinegar plus green tea what’s the chance of passing my test on February 1st. And what else do i need to do. Thank you for the info.

  321. I smoke last Saturday and took a drug test to day. I haven’t smoked in two months and before that I smoked 3 times a weeking I’m 6ft and weigh 145lbs I also have a fast metabolism should I be good?

  322. IM 5’1 AND 165 POUNDS

  323. Joshua Ntukidem on

    In the 45 days I have smoke like 6 different times some only couple of hits and once a whole joint, last time I smoke a lil roach like only 4 hits was on January 26 and I a urinal drug test coming up on February 1st, I’m 5″10, 165 lbs, exercise regularly and going to the gym tomorrow to used the sauna, drinks about one to two gallons of water plus home made blended granberries juice, water and vinegar plus green team what’s the chance of passing my test on February 1st. Thank you for the info.

  324. I’m a 5’10 205 guy who has smoked within the last week, its been a few days but i have a test coming up within the next 15 hours, I need something that will absolutely enable me to pass a test at least for the day.. Please Help

  325. So I used to smoke this semester often, but not heavily. Since about October, I would smoke every 4-8 hours, but only taking one hit using a one hitter. My maximum consumption at it’s peak was a gram a week. Beginning in the middle of December, as my daughter was close to being born I slowed down my consumption. It started once every day, then became once every few days, then twice a week, until the beginning of January when it became once a week or so. I also in the beginning of January started rolling spliffs (half tobacco/half weed) because I hated tobacco to start cutting down further consuption. I have not smoked since January 20th, when I smoked a half a fatty spliff. I’m skinny, with a fast metabolism, I don’t drink or do any other drugs, I don’t work out ever, nor do I drink a lot of water. I mostly eat fast food and takeout. I have a pee test on Monday. Do you think I’ll pass the test or should I reschedule?

  326. So I used to smoke this semester often, but not heavily. Since about October, I would smoke every 4-8 hours, but only taking one hit using a one hitter. My maximum consumption at it’s peak was a gram a week. Beginning in the middle of December, as my daughter was close to being born I slowed down my consumption. It started once every day, then became once every few days, then twice a week, until the beginning of January when it became once a week or so. I also in the beginning of January started rolling spliffs (half tobacco/half weed) because I hated tobacco to start cutting down further consuption. I have not smoked since January 20th, when I smoked a half a fatty spliff. I’m skinny, with a fast metabolism, I don’t drink or do any other drugs, I don’t work out ever, nor do I drink a lot of water. I mostly eat fast food and takeout. I have a drug test on Monday. Do you think I’ll pass or should I reschedule?

  327. Hello, I am a 34 year old female, I’m 4’11” and I have to take a UA for pre-employment/clinicals. I just took a test on Tuesday of this week, I haven’t smoked since Dec. 17th. I was a daily smoker not smoking anymore then a couple joints a day. Some of it really good, the rest not. I failed my test cuz I was still above the cutoff levels. It was 80ng and the cutoff was 50ng. I ordered toxin rid to get completely clean but I just don’t understand why I still failed cuz it has been over 30 days. I have been exercising everyday, sweating in the sauna as well, I don’t eat fatty foods and I’ve been drinking a lot of water. I don’t know what else I can do and I’m needing to get clean quick. Any other advice?? Please and thanks….

  328. I’m a 17 year old female, 5’2″ and 114 lbs, I smoked three blunts of loud 4 days ago, I don’t exercise daily at all besides walking up stairs… if I drink a lot of water how long until I’ll be clean? I need to schedule a doctors appointment and they test urine every time I go so I don’t want to be positive for thc

  329. I have smoked once every couple of days for the past year or so. I have not smoked for approximately 10 days and took a home test that tested negative. I was glad for that but have to provide a drug test for a new job coming up in the next week or so. I am in great shape, work out a lot and take saunas/steams almost everyday. Am I ok or should I do anything further?

  330. I smoked like 6 bowls and have a urine test on Monday I am 5’5 and weigh 150-160 what should I do to pass my drug test

  331. Hi I’m new to this drug test thing. I am 6’6″ 260. I have been a habitual smoker. For 5 years I stopped smoking 4 days ago I have a test in 3 weeks. I have been drinking a ton of water and looking up products to help along the way. When you talk about teas that can help any suggestions to what types? When you talk about flushing products has anybody used any they recommend?

  332. Would you consider running for an hour real working out? Thanks, just to be safe i might buy one of the passyourtest things. I thought they were more expensive but $50 bucks to guarantee me passing for a great job seems worth it. I’ll still do the cranberry juice, water and diet thing but im probably gonna buy the 45 min chewable from them

  333. So I stopted smoking December 28th and took 1 hit on January 4th and had to take a drug test today. I’ve been working out hard the past 3 weeks and going in the sauna after every work out. I’ve drank a little more than a gallon of water each day and have been taking niacin for over a month… I weigh about 135-140 pounds and am 5’5.. I’ve taken 3 at home drug tests and each had a passing line but was extremely faint. Am I okay to pass my test? I had to take it this morning.

  334. That is regularly enough to still have THC in your system. Consider a cleansing product to flush your system as mentioned in article above.

  335. Make sure to read the directions! Usually same day products need to be taken the day of your test to ensure you body is flushed and there is a window that is directed.

  336. This is close.. if you flush heavily with lots of water, cranberry juice, 1 hour per day of real working out and stay clean with your eating like the diet in the article above you should be ok. The best way to know is go get a home test kit and see if you are clean.

  337. You are most likely still not clean based on those dates. Read some of the other posts and recommendations. Based on your height and weight you probably have a small amount of lingering THC in your body that could be flushed with a detoxification product. Good luck!

  338. I smoked like 2 blunts this week they weren’t big or nothing, but I have a drug test Friday would I be able to pass it or should I just reschedule for later. I weight 145 and I’m 6’0ft I don’t smoke regularly probably 1 blunt every week or week and a half.

  339. Hi! I have a drug test coming up tomorrow, I purchased herbal clean yesterday and plan on drinking and taking the tablets today. I’ve been smoking for years now and smoke almost every day morning and night. I’m about 5’4 and weigh about 105. Do you think this product will work and I’ll be clear by tomorrow? It’s around 10 am over here and I’m considering drinking this detox for breakfast. Do you think I should wait and do it later tonight, go to sleep and then take my test? Only thing is I’m not sure if that’s safe to go to sleep right after. I’m not sure what to do. Also is it safe to eat right after my cleanse? Thanks for you time. :)

  340. I don’t have the money for that so I’m a little nervous because they said not to chew gum prior to the test so idk if it’ll be a swab test or something

  341. I have passed many drug tests in search of thc. As far as how healthy this is I am so very unclear, but it’s worked for me for the past 20 years. I have also failed the testing, to the point a physician contacted me to see if he could keep my urinalysis for further testing such as levels and what not. The later failed samples were not at all an attempt to pass using methods meant for masking or hiding thc in my system. All that passed were achieved using this homemade method taught to me by an old man in 1993, and it has been my failsafe since. Here’s the deal. As soon as you get word start drinking water and tons of it. While I have passed in two hours or under obviously the more time that you have, the better. It always helps to have a fellow smoker to let you know that the haters are coming. For those that have time (five hours plus) stope eating and it’s right on to lemon juice, pickle juice, etc.; anything that is safely consumable with some kind of color, I’ll get to the color part shortly. Start pissing, all of it, as much as possible. Stop by the grocery store or market and pick up some certo. Not fruit fresh or any other substitute but CERTO! It’s less that three bucks and found with the canning supplies. CERTO is a clear syrup like jelly that is used in preserves and canning, fucking not good tasting either. Roughly two hours before testing its time to get to therough part. In the box of Certo are two foil packages, chase that with as much orange Gatorade as possible. The color part? Ten or so years ago I was told to hang out for thirty minutes with nothing to drink. Why? The testing agency told me that my piss was too clear, wtf? I got lucky and for or five small drops of orange food coloring will assist. Forty five minutes to one hour before your test mix the other pack of CERTO with another large Gatorade and ingest its entire contents. You should almost feel bloated and maybe a little sick but that’s good. This is when you might consider hot liquid with if at all possible a few drops of orange food coloring. Take your last piss about fifteen minutes before your junk gets the state down, a complete piss. Game time, start to urinate while peeing elsewhere that the cup. Once your full stream and a quarter way done top off the cup to at least the minimum leaving a guessed quarter of piss in you bladder spending that elsewhere. Questions???

  342. I quit smoking on Jan. 3rd but slipped last week (thursday) and took one hit. I have been a daily smoker for the past 8 years and its really hard to just quit cold turkey. i took an at home test and failed last week prior to slipping. my test is this Friday and Im freaking out. I drink tons of water, redbull, and green tea and in 5’3 135 lbs.. What can i do?

  343. I think the date i last smoked was january 16th, about 4-6 hits from about 1/2 to 3/4 of a blunt. Last time before that was approximately dec. 24, last before that approximately 11/27. Before that early september. So not very often. i am 5’11, about 125 lbs. i would say that i have a fast metabolism, eat fairly healthy however lately been eating some junk foods. my test is on february 2nd. Advice other than Lots of fresh lemons squeezed into water for the rest of this week?

  344. They didn’t even test me for weed today at my probation. It was a lab test so I had to sign a paper for what they were testing for, just coke and opiates. Woo hoo! Damn I’m lucky

  345. Your height and weight are working against you even if you are in good health.. You will be cutting it close. Over the next 2 days increase cranberry juice and water intake considerably along with exercise and very lean eating NO fatty foods at all and very little carbs. Also if you are concerned you can pick up a home test kit at a local store. Good luck!

  346. You should be fine! You can always go to a local drug store and get a home test kit to verify. Based on your weight and activity level you should be clean :)

  347. Hi, I smoked on December 26th and January 7th. I smoked two joints between 6 people the first time and the second time split two small bowls between three people. At most 7 hits total. I hadn’t smoked before these two times for about 6 months. I have a drug test in 2-3 days. I am 6’1″ and weigh a lit bit less than 190 lbs. I generally eat fairly healthy with a lot of veggies (broccoli, spinach, carrots, etc.) and whole wheat grains (brown rice, whole wheat pasta and bread).

  348. This is a very interesting case..Based on your height and weight you should be very close to clean! I spoke to our friends at PassYourTest.com and they want to help you out! They just ask that you post your positive results back to the community! If you are interested in this please give them a call 1-877-247-1354

  349. You should be good :) Again, best way to make sure is go get a home test kit before your test. Good luck!

  350. Based on your weight you fall into the category of the post above this one.. I would consider using a same day flush to cleanse your body of remaining toxins for your test. To learn more go here: http://passyourtest.com/sameday.html

    If you want to attempt going natural then we recommend heavy cranberry juice, water, no fatty foods, 2 hours of exercise each day until your test.. Good luck :)

  351. It could take up to 16 weeks from your last use if you started exercising regularly again. Based on your weight and body fat % it is likely that there are small amounts of THC in your system. As you may know, THC is fat soluble and stored in your fat cells. Although natural detoxification can flush your body over time; individuals with either higher weight or body fat % tend to store THC longer in their body. I have referred many people in your category to http://www.passyourtest.com to check out the products available to them. Remember you can always go pick up a home testing kit to verify you are clean.

  352. Your weight is working for you however being a longtime smoker is working against you. You could pick up a home test kit to verify, if you come up dirty try and push the test until tomorrow you can have a same day flush overnighted to you from http://www.passyourtest.com

  353. Somewhere last year I smoked once, only took a hit and last week I smoked and took couple of hits. I am 4’11 about 130 pounds that same day last week I went to the gym, I’ve been going to the gym drinking water but haven’t been eating right and I have a drug test this Friday coming up and I am freaking out because it’ll be my first legit job help please

  354. hey im a heavy smoker an been smoking a long time! just found out i have drug test TODAY. i took 1000mg niacin yesterday an 3 bottles green tea an some water!! this morning i took 500mg niacin an have drank more water with vinager an green tea ! im a very thin girl only weighs about 110 pounds…DO U THINK I COULD PASS URINE SAMPLE

  355. Hello. I smoked about a month ago around January 1st and before that I had smoked around December 14th . I split half a blunt with a friend each time and I have a urine test coming up in a couple of days and I’ve been drinking lots of water. When should my system be clean?

  356. Hi, I smoked a joint once a week August-November then had 3 hits December 7. Last night I was around people smoking for 3 hours but I didn’t take a hit. I weigh about 300 with 25-30% body fat. I was active 5 days a week in the August-November period but have stopped with winter. When do you think my body will be cleansed?

  357. I smoked on Jan 10 two joints with a couple friends which is about 17 days ago. And today I took the at home drug test and failed. I’m 6’0 250 lbs and have to take a test in two days. Anything you recommend me to do in the next two days that can help drastically?

  358. I quit smoking 2 weeks ago and was a heavy smoker over the last year. I’ve been taking a flush pull over the last week and drinking lots of water daily but just failed the home drug test. I have a drug test for my new employer later this week, what do I need to do?

  359. This is common for those who were heavy smokers and have stubborn body fat like that of post pregnancy. Natural detoxification products that speed up your bodies natural detoxification process can help flush out the remaining toxins in your blood and urine in 3-6 days.

    To learn more research permanent detox and go check out http://passyourtest.com/permanent.html

  360. When was the last time you were exposed after that? Usually if you are exposed once or twice you can naturally cleanse in 10-14 days with heavy fluids, diet and exercise.

  361. I smoke on January 1 and hit a joint one time on the 3rd I have to take a test tomorrow at 2 should I be clean I weigh about 123 and I’m about 5 “8

  362. I’ve been clean for about 7 1/2 weeks now not one slip up. I’ve been excessively drinking water, sweating, drinking green tea, taking zinc, niacin, and B12 as well as eating veggies. I was a pretty heavy smoker about 3-4 times a day for well over a year. I had a baby last year (don’t worry I didn’t smoke once while pregnant) haven’t shed the all the weight yet so I’m not a skinny twig but I’m 5’5 and about 156. I can’t seem to pass a at home test I’ve taken 3 so far one from Walmart and two from the dollar store. I have an important drug test coming up here in the next couple weeks. Any advice on what else I can do help rid my system of thc? Thank you

  363. I smoked on Christmas Eve (maybe 4 or 5 hits) then again this past Saturday night… I went to the pharmacy today and got an at home test…took it and it came back invalid. I called the company and the guy said too much urine in the collection cup… Should only be to the min fill line or just over. Oops! I will try to test again on Thursday morning. Hoping I pass it!

  364. I’m 5′ 8 and 170lbs. Moderately active (I’m a house keeper) and I’m drinking water and cranberry juice constantly!

  365. That depends on your weight. If you are in good shape and flush actively including no fatty foods, tons of liquids and exercise you should be fine. Best way to find out is a home drug test that you can pick up at a local drug store or online.

  366. I rarely smoke but took 2 hits off a vape on Saturday night. I just found out I need to have a drug test by Thursday. I’ve been drinking water and trying to sweat it out! Do you think I will be ok?

  367. I’m 170 pounds 6’0 I stopped smoking around two months ago but last week I took about five hits. if I test in a month will I be fine?

  368. These tests are not entirely accurate but are almost NEVER wrong if they say you are clean. Meaning if they fail they tend to say you are dirty when you are clean NOT the other way around.

  369. Permanent detox is the best way to make sure you are clean also consider picking up a home drug test kit to see your status.

  370. Alright. So I have to take a drug test tomorrow. When I found out the news I didn’t smoke for two weeks but last weekend I smoked less then a dub.(split a personal J and two small bowls). My consumption of water has been above average this past month and I have been drinking a bottle of water ever ten minutes for the past hour. I’m 5’9 about 160 you think I’m gonna pass???

  371. I am 6’1″, 150lb, generally high metabolism. I usually am very active but haven’t been doing anything the past 6 months when I started taking night classes. I was a daily (light to med) evening smoker until a couple weeks ago. I stopped on the 9th or 10th, then smoked again on the 15th. I’ve been running for 30-45 minutes every other day for a week. I eat fairly healthy (no fast food, mostly: chicken, turkey, ham, fish, green veggies, milk/cereal).
    I’ve been testing positive since my home tests arrived last Wednesday. I have pre-employment test coming up, not sure when. What can I more can I do?

  372. Concerned/Stressed on

    I am 6’1″ and weigh about 170. I have been smoking for probably about a year and for the past 6 months I have been smoking multiple times a day every day. I have a drug test in about two weeks, and have been clean for about a week. I have a high metabolism but haven’t been working out and haven’t been drinking water. Starting today I am going to start drinking 4-5 water bottles a day and cranberry juice and running at least a mile everyday. I sweat a ton. If I do all of this, will I pass my test? I am thinking about getting a permanent detox from a local store also.

  373. You got my same body specs but I’m 6,4 and I have high netabolism my body takes 3weeks to detox on its own with out exercise use or diets but if you put those and practice plus buying a detox drink for the day if the test will guarantee your victory!!

  374. At this point you got time to clean your self just stop smoking and exercise as much as you can wait till then buy a flush drink use it as instructed drink lots of fluids you should be fine

  375. I’m 5’5″ and about 125 pounds. I smoked a total amount of about 1 1/2 small joints this past Tuesday and Wednesday nights. This is the first time I’ve smoked since November. I have drug test coming up on Monday and I wanted to know how I can naturally get this out of my system fast and without buying those detoxifier things. I need to pass this test so any help will be gladly accepted.

  376. Dinesh Agarwal on

    Also, I took one of the OTC tests from Walgreen’s (the $20 one where you pee in a cup and dip a stick like a pregnancy test) and it was negative. Can I depend on these tests?

  377. I am a 5’2″ 95lb woman I smoke nightly before bed. I have the potential to have a pre-employment test in four days. My hubby has used synthetic urine before and passed I dont want to use an apparatis to do this as I would be extremely anxious.. What do you suggest?

  378. Dinesh Agarwal on

    Hi, I am 5′ 11” and about 195 pounds. I had been taking 2-3 hits off of a vape pen for a couple of months and quit on 12/31/2015. During that time and every day since I quit, I was running 30 minutes a day, sweating bunches etc. I have also been drinking loads of green tea and water since and have been fairly careful with not eating junk.

    Will I be clean by February 5th? I have read the site and know about time windows etc. but was wondering if ONLY hitting a vape pen alters that time frame in either direction. Thanks!

  379. I’m 5’6″ and weigh 200… Not very physically active until a week ago… I haven’t smoked in almost 2 weeks, but smoked heavily (7-10 times per week) until then… I took the permanent body cleanse from passyourtest.com and followed the diet and instructions religiously… Still popped positive… What do I do?! I have less than a week till a drug test for a job!!!

  380. Sounds like a plan but if you read the detox diet in the above article you will get some guidance on what at least to try and eat. Good luck!

  381. Thank you for your response, I admit to feeling a bit silly for being so anxious about such a small amount, I really just do not partake, and take the testing for employment very seriously…I would not have put myself at risk so close to being tested…your answer offers some reassurance, and I plan to take a test at home, to gauge things. Again, thank you for your response!!!

  382. I urinate numerous times a day to all the water I drink and defecate frequently due to the amount of green vegetables I consume. Thank you for the advice benjamin.

  383. No not exercising at all, I eat lots of fried, unhealthy foods. I have been drinking plenty of water but not been drinking cranberry juice although I have been consuming a lot of tea and I eat lost of green beans and broccoli. What diet would be considered “eating light?”
    I will start drinking cranberry juice tomorrow. I had planned on picking up a drug test after my 28th or 29th day to see where I am at. Thank you for the reply and the well wishes.

  384. I think you will be good if you keep drinking water and going to the bathroom as much as possible. Try to deficate as much as possible. I have a similar body type.

  385. Since your life is on the line here. Be like a nazi about what you eat. Raw vegetables, green tea, cranberry supplements, running at least a mile everyday, visit a sauna if you can. Drink water constantly. It’s not fun but anything is better than sitting in a cell. I’m on probation right now too and I got clean in only 2.5 weeks doing this after daily smoking.

  386. I would continue to cut down on smoking completely until you take your test. You could cleanse naturally and be clean in up to a month, but I wouldn’t risk it especially since this test is for probation. I would exercise and drink as much water as possible! Sweating the THC out of your body is one of the quickest ways to detox. Steam rooms/saunas are also really good ways to detox your body of Marijuana. Good luck! Hope this helps

  387. ventrell collins on

    I am 5’1O 254 PDS I smoke daily I have a drug test Feb 18 (probation) what can I do to pass I know I shouldnt smoke and I ben clean only 24hrs!! Please help!!! Serious answers only

  388. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that, although if you did lose all that weight you would definitely flush most of the toxins out of your system you can’t flush it out of all of your fat cells or control which cells thc remains. Based on what you have described a safe detoxification product that flushes the toxins from your bodies blood and urine will be needed to be fully cleansed. When you are done with your program you can use a home testing kit to verify you are clean of unwanted toxins. Please visit http://passyourtest.com/permanent.html to learn more.

  389. Sandy flush your body with cranberry juice and water and eat clean for the next 24 hours. If you want peace of mind get to a drug store and purchase a home testing kit to see if you are clean. If not there are solutions in the article above.

  390. If you drink lots of fluids and cut down on fatty foods that thc metabolites stick you should be able to cleanse naturally in about 30 days. When you are done, we suggest you purchase a home testing kit to ensure your body is clear of toxins.

  391. Chances are, since you didn’t smoke in two years, the small amount of the frosting you ate, will not show up on your drug test next week. Less than a 1/2 tsp of the frosting most likely did not even effect you and will most likely stay in your system for about 3 days, if that. You will be fine!

  392. Since you smoked about an ounce over the span of the last two months, and gained 25 pounds in the process, the THC is going to be in your system for your test in 12 days. However, there are things you can do leading up to the day of the test that could allow you to pass. First off, stop eating greasy foods and try your best to lose the weight you put on! I would work out as much as possible and try to sweat out the THC in your body. Steam rooms/ saunas also are good ways to sweat out THC in your body. So exercise and drink as much water as you possible can and you have a chance of passing. But if you would rather take the lazy way out, then I would recommend going to http://www.passyourtest.com and purchasing a detox product to guarantee you pass and to get that job. Goodluck!

  393. I believe you will still have the THC in your system by next week, since you have been eating edibles all week. If this drug test is for probation, then I would recommend buying a detox product to guarantee that you pass. There are a few different products on http://www.passyourtest.com and if I was in your situation, I would definitely spend the money to ensure you pass. Goodluck!

  394. wesdawg313 you are in that grey area of the cleansing line that could go either way. Are you exercising, eating light and drinking lots of water and cranberry juice? Remember you can pick up a home testing kit at your local drug store that can verify if you are clean or not for about $10 or order online. Good luck!

  395. samsem it depends on how long you have until your test and what type of test it is. If it is a urine test like over 75% of tests given and based on your toxin levels as listed above you should be able to cleanse naturally through diet and exercise in about 30 days. If your test is sooner than that you should consider using a safe detoxification product to speed up the bodies natural cleansing process to flush all toxins out of your blood and urine in about 6 days. The site we recommend is http://www.passyourtest.com each detox program comes easy instructions, diet menu and 2 home testing kits to verify you are clean before your test. Hope this helps!

  396. I have been smoking about everyday for the last 3 years. I am 5’8” and 180 lbs . I am not in shape though and never workout. I could have a drug test coming up for a Job. what should i do?

  397. After reading this forum I have officially become nervous. I was a HEAVY (every day several times a day) smoker for 15 years but have not smoked since the end of 2015. I am currently 21 days smoke free. I am 6’1 165 lbs with high metabolism but don’t eat very healthy and don’t exercise. I have been drinking more water than usual but probably not as much as I need too. I will probably have to test in the next two weeks. I thought 30 days would be enough but now I am not sure. How long do you think it will take for me to get clean?

  398. I’m a 5’5″ male weighing in at around 135 lbs, have a pretty excellent metabolism, and I’ve started exercising again though my diet is junk, I smoked about everyday for the past few months up until yesterday and am looking at a government job. I’m not scheduled for a test any time soon, but I want to get serious about detoxing and want to get it done ASAP but don’t want to spend $100 on detox pills. How soon can I be ready to test and are there any cheaper pills available?

  399. I smoked on 1 of january and 5 days ago. I am going to have urine drug test for marijuana in 2 days. I am fitnes instructor so i am working hard but it just was 5 days ago so i am scared. I really dont want to lose my job.., help me and tell me what to do please :(

  400. my roommate made a cake with some chocolate drizzle that contained marijuana…I didn’t know this and had a tiny, less than 1/2 tsp taste of the frosting, I am concerned about a drug test for a new job next week, I probably have about 1 week, I am slender-ish, with moderate/normal metabolism, and have not smoked in over two years..any advice to pass the test?

  401. I’m currently between jobs and had a lot of time on my hands. I smoked about an oz. that had high THC levels over the last 2 months. the last time I smoked was a couple of days ago and I just found out I have a drug test for my new job in 12 days. The thing is, I ate A LOT while smoking (mostly greasy fast foods) and gained about 25 pounds. How much do you think this weight gain will effect my ability to rid the THC? Do I essentially have to lose the 25 pounds in 12 days? Thanks in advance.

  402. Krissy Anderson on

    I’m all for recreational, but if you are NCAA, why do you smoke and risk when you have fans counting on you. Your salary should be taken away.

  403. You should take and fail the drug test cause we already have enough drug addicts working for the government

  404. I am 6’3″ 160lb male with an excellent metabolism. I took a monster hit last Friday and one small hit Saturday Jan 16. I got hit w/ random drug screen this Wednesday. I smoke once in a blue moon (up to 4times per year). Previous hits were spring of 2015. I will be looking at the pass your test site. what do you think?

  405. I’m a 17 year old female and I’m 5’0 and I weigh like 160 my first time was about 2 days and I had to take a drug test today for a job and it was really last notice so the past two days I’ve been drinking tons of water should I still be worried?

  406. Since you were clean for about 3 months, I believe the one joint you smoked on December 26th will be out of your system by now! I would drink as much water as possible and if you can, try and sweat the THC out by either exercising or going in a steam room or a sauna!

  407. Before you smoked a week ago. How often did you smoke? If you were a consistent smoker, then theres a good chance the THC will still be in your system. But if you would rarely smoke, and since you work out and play soccer, I believe you will pass! Drink a ton of water and you will be clean for a test in 2 weeks.

  408. Since you don’t weigh too much, and have a fast metabolism, about 18 days could be enough time to pass, but since you don’t work out to sweat the THC out you could easily fail. I would go in the steam room or sauna every day until your test, if you can, and drink as much water as you possibly can! But also since this is for a government job, which seems very important, I think it will be worth it to spend money on a detox product. I would go to http://www.passyourtest.com and purchase one, it will be worth getting this job.

  409. You might be cutting it close. But since you work out at least 5 days a week and drink a lot of fluids then you can very much easily pass! Also try to use a sauna or a steam room to try and sweat out the THC! Goodluck

  410. Since you were a heavy smoker, the THC is going to stay in your system for a long period of time, up to a month or maybe a little longer. Exercise and drink as much water as you possibly can and you might have a good chance at passing. Also, if you can, try to sweat out the THC in a sauna or steam room.

  411. Saliva tests can only detect THC for about 2 days before you take the test. Just don’t smoke a couple days before your test and you will pass!

  412. Since you’re an NCAA athlete and most likely were clean for a long period of time, and work out a lot, then you should be okay if you have a urine test coming up within the next couple weeks. However, if failing this test could result in you getting kicked off the team, or if the test is in a couple days, then you could go to http://www.passyourtest.com and purchase one of the detox products. Goodluck.

  413. Are you positive that the drug test is a urine test? Or a saliva swab test?? It will be pretty hard to pass a urine test soon since you were a heavy smoker and would smoke wax here and there. But since you say you work out an hour per day then you could pass if you drink a ton of water and work out everyday leading up to the test. On the other hand, if it is a saliva swab test, which for some of the past jobs I had would use, these can only detect THC for around 48 hours prior to the test. So if thats the case you will be completely fine! But if you want to 100% guarantee that you pass, you could go to http://www.passyourtest.com and check out some of the detox products! Goodluck.

  414. You should exercise and drink as much water as possible! There is probably just a little bit of THC in your system but I believe in 2 weeks it will be out! THC usually takes around a month to get out of your system so by another 2 weeks you should be fine!

  415. Yes! Marijuana stays in your system for around 3 weeks to a month, depending on how much you smoke. In your case, it will be around 46 days since you smoked and since you say you have a fast metabolism then you will pass no problem!!!

  416. Yes you will be clean! Since there was no THC in your system for around 4 months, the small amount you did smoke will definitely be out of your system by now! But just incase I would try to exercise and drink as much water as you can!

  417. Yes you will pass since you were not a consistent smoker before New Years day. Also since you work out 5 times a week and sit in the sauna after then I believe you will pass no problem!! Goodluck.

  418. There are a couple things that you could do to possibly pass your test such as drinking a ton of water, Exercising as much as possible, and try to sweat out the THC by going in a sauna or steam room. But if you want to 100% guarantee that you pass, I would go to http://www.passyourtest.com and purchase the Clean P product and this will clear out your system for up to 4 hours, giving you a long period of time to pass your test. But after about 4 hours the THC will show back up in your system so you need to take the product about an hour before your test. Goodluck!

  419. I know saliva tests are cheaper. And if you haven’t smoked within 2 days of a saliva test, you’ll pass

  420. I am a 59 yr old male…6’2″ 230lbs. Hadn’t smoked for 6 yrs. Started a joint a day in April. Stopped first of Sept. Nothing till Dec 26th when I smoked one so-so joint. Will have a test for a job in a week or less. What are my chances?

  421. Okay so I’m trying out for the soccer varsity soccer team at my school and the last time I smoked was exactly 1 week ago. I think I only took about 4 hits and I’m having a drug test in about 2 weeks. I’m 5’8, I weigh about 125 pounds and I work out as in lifting at least 5 times a week. And I have soccer practice at least 3 times a week too so I do weight lifting and cardio. I don’t take then detox pills or tea or any of that. Do you think I’ll be good and pass the drug test or do you have any suggestions? Help please..

  422. I am in the same boat as you. Weigh 115 and have a killer metabolism. What detox cleanse pills are you using and also what detox tea are you using. I need to get me some. Thanks for the help!

  423. I have been smoking about everyday for the last 10 years. I weigh 115 pounds and have a killer metabolism. I am not in shape though and never workout…I couldnt run a mile if you paid me $100 to do so. I could potentially have a drug test coming up for a Government Job that I really want. I quit smoking on December 23rd and have been clean for 24 days today but did smoke two hits of a joint on December 28th so i guess I could say Ive only been clean for 18 days. My test would most likely be in a week or two giving me a total of 25-30 days clean. Am I Clean? If there a natural detox you can recommend for me. WHAT SHOULD I DO!?

  424. Around August i quit smoking but in new years i did it but not as much i drink plenty of water and on the weekends i play basketball and i have a fast metabolism i really appreciate you say drug test dave

  425. Female BMI 20% smoked the 19th, 24th and 26th of Dec (literally one hit each time) I have a urinalysis on Mon the 18th…. I should be good, right?

  426. I don’t smoke too my much, I would maybe hit a bowl once or twice a day up until about the day after Christmas. However, this past weekend I gave in and hit a bowl a few times. I got a test on the 27th, I drink tons of fluids and I work out consistently, at least 5 days a week for an hour a more each day. I’m 6’3″, 203 lbs. Think I can cleanse it. God I hope so!

  427. ok so im a heavy smoker 5,6 190lb last time i smoked was 28th of dec
    havint touched it ever since…ive been drinking to shots of vinigar,
    nacin i do the baking soda once every 3 days, i exercise lightly i took a
    home test monday and faild.i got mabie about an other 5-6 day before i test …what am i missing? or is thier anything u
    can recomend ?…

  428. ok so im a heavy smoker 5,6 190lb last time i smoked was 28th of dec havint touched it ever since…ive been drinking to shots of vinegar, niacin i do the baking soda once every 3 days, i exercise lightly i took a home test Monday and failed.i got mabie about an other 5-6 day before i test …what am i missing? or is their anything u can recommend

  429. I have a test tomorrow the last time I smoked was about 2 days ago but I only took about two puffs of a joint I have drankn so much water that my pee is clear will I pass

  430. Since most drug test is a urine test , does it mean saliva drug test isn’t accurate? i’ve been doing it, using the acudrug or ora-check saliva drug test at home before the actual testing at work seems to be accurate cause it gave me reliable results so far, of course i do detox too before the testing day :)

  431. I’m an NCAA athlete. While home for break I probably smoked 6 times quitting 2.5 weeks before I head back to school. I don’t know if I’ll be tested but it’s possible. I have 13% body fat and have a pretty fast metabolism and don’t eat like shit. I e drank a ton of water and haven’t put any other toxins in my body. Should I be good to pass a urinalysis test?

  432. I recently stopped smoking the start of January, but then i gave in about a week ago. I would smoke quite heavily for a long time, even dabbed a here and there. I always drink green tea and work out for about a least an hour a day, All the jobs that i have been applying for drug test, I have yet received a time or date on when but I have no idea when I’ll be clean. Is there any way to speed up the process or do I even have a chance? Or am I better off using fake urine or a friends.. And if so what’s the best stuff or way?

  433. I’m being tested in two weeks. I stopped smoking about a month ago. Due to a medical condition, the reason I was smoking heavily to begin with, I was unable to exercise at all this last month. I just bought a home test and it came up as positive for marijuana. I’m freaking out because I can lose my career over this. I am a male, weigh 146 pounds, and am 5’7″. What should I do??? Should I get into exercising now that I’ve healed up??

  434. I believe you will. Just drink lots and lots of water, and keep your routine. You’ll be fine

  435. I think you will. You barely had any to begin with. One hit won’t last 12 hours in your system.

  436. Lol…. here’s what I’ve done that’s worked a few times. Annoying but it works. 4 cranberry pills, 2 fish oil pills, 2 garlic pills and a shot of Apple cider vinegar, with 8-12 ounces of water. All that. 3 times a day. Last time I did it, I cleaned my system out in 5 days, lol I only had 5 days too. Off of some pretty strong stuff. The burps are disgusting with this mixture, haha but it works. For my own peace of mind, I also sparingly eat. Like, salad only lol. But up to you. Hope this helps. I learned it from my mom, she’s all into herbal this and vitamins that.

  437. I haven’t smoked in 32 days, I’m a girl i weigh 120 pounds with 14% body fat. I have been taking daily cleanse detox pills, I’ve been drinking detox tea, and I am now doing a juice cleanse from GNC. My test is in 2 weeks. I have a fast metabolism and I eat healthy. Do you think I will pass? Is there anything more I should do to ensure I pass?

  438. Hello…I’ve stopped smoking in August 2015 since then I hit it once on Christmas an Once on New year’s eve… do u think I’m clean…I do drink a lot of green tea

  439. I’m joining the Air Force. I have my physical and ASFAB test on the 21 and 22. I haven’t smoked since New Year’s Day. Before that I smoked every weekend (usually one day on the weekend) I work out 5 times a week, sit in a sauna 15 minutes after my work out period. I weigh 160 at 6.3 (height). I also eat semi healthy, no fast/oily food. I also today started drinking detox tea. Will I pass?

  440. I’m joining the Marines. They pushed up my date. I haven’t smoked for a week so far. I was a frequent user. My test is a week from today. What can I do? I’m 6 feet tall, weigh 155 pounds. Always been very active. I just took a home test and it was positive.

  441. When is the test? If you were a consistent smoker before you smoked on new years then you will most likely need to buy a detox product to guarantee you pass. But if you didn’t smoke that much before new years and you have a very fast metabolism then theres a chance you will pass! Drink a ton of water and try your best to sweat the THC out of your body

  442. Ok i smoked on new years and havent sense and i only took about four hits and now i got a test coming up do you think i can pass it i just now got a job that i really like and i dont want to mess things up.

  443. Yes I believe you will pass! Will only a little THC in your system it will be out in no time! Especially if you’re drinking water! It wouldn’t hurt to buy a test kit and test yourself a couple days before just to be sure!

  444. I would recommend drinking as much water and exercising as much as possible! Sweat the THC out! Steam rooms and saunas are also a really helpful way to sweat out THC for upcoming tests! This has worked for me multiple times in the past!

  445. Nikolai Kalinovski on

    It’s not a job. My job doesn’t give a shit about weed. It’s called being on probation. God will help you through your time when you’re in jail, but it’s your responsibility to keep yourself out.

  446. I have to take a drug test before I can apply for getting married. I smoke regularly everyday. My last smoke was last night. If i have a test next two weeks? What’s the best choice in order to get clean? Mind you, I’m from SEA.

  447. Ps. I enjoyed life for years,daily. Bush years in office stopped home building as they Yada yada. A new job required me to come clean but I didn’t. I just left saying my house being for sale is needing me to be there. I went to Walgreens and immediately tested clean. Just had smoked a few days before after hadn’t used in a few weeks. Believe that, not making it up. But I never did more than just catch a buzz. Never a pothead. There is a difference. Let me know when it’s over and all. Ok

  448. Don’t starve yourself now. Just consume no fat. It will keep your metabolism up,and be as inactive as possible. The flush is the key with no flush niacin that keeps your urine yellow. I’ve been scared to death myself. It was all for a good reason so I cleaned up afterwards. At least I’ve been there and still have my income at the same job.

  449. Thought you would pass the test. But apparently your going to jail when you fail the test? Never heard of that job. Maybe you shouldn’t work there. I’m only trying to help someone that has faith. Maybe your prayers can’t be answered. Woe you of little faith. God can move Mountains.

  450. Okay I haven’t smoked since the 31st of October and I took 2 hits from a bowl on the 28th of December it was some high grade but anyway got a test Monday the 11th and I’m 6’0 185 will I pass, it’s a piss test need answers!!

  451. Read my reply here?
    Your thinking I should be good. I bought four home tests. A 20, a 50, one to test multiple toxins, and another 50

  452. Praying helps now.God says who can be against you when I’m for you.Who put it here for us in the first place. Such awful people in charge that will perish in the end. They think their perfect. I have no pity on em.You I do.Flushing with water and no flush niacin works for me ,God willing each time.

  453. Calm down and get a test kit. I believe 100 percent you’ll pass today and get that job.Let your metabolism do it’s thing.Take some no flush niacin till then.Then be careful about oding on water, it will help with the flush the 24 hours before the exam.Ive did it for longer and more and 1 week later was fine. Weigh over 230,6′.

  454. hoping to get some answers here. I’m 5’3″, about 150 lbs. I smoked daily for a while, but quit on dec. 22. Did not use at all between then and New Year’s Eve, but had a few hits on New Years and 2 hits the day after. No use after that, except a small brownie on January 5. I felt no effects and do not believe it was very potent at all. I’ve been taking 1500 my of niacin every day since January 4 and have been drinking a ton of water and green tea. My test should be about 2 weeks from now. Do you think I’ll pass? It’s for my dream job, so I’ll do anything to pass. Suggestions appreciated

  455. Ok so I started smoking September 2015, I would smoke everyday, about a blunt or two per day. Now I’m trying to get this job but I found out they drug test through hair, and I have heard that it one of the toughest test to beat. My interview is coming up on the 14th and as of TODAY I am not smoking. Also I know the hiring will begin around March so in between today and March, I might be sent for the drug test. I was thinking of shaving my whole body and then braiding my hair and get a weave (fake hair) in. I mean I’m really worried that I will not pass this test so I need help, PLEASE!

  456. Need answers Ohio on

    I smoked here and there last year, about 3 or 4 hits every couple of days, and then a week or two in between. Last time I smoked was New Years Eve. I have a urine or saliva test this Tues, which would be 12 days from the last time I smoked. I am 5′ 0 and 176lbs. How can I pass?

  457. Nikolai Kalinovski on

    OK so has anyone reading this actually used the detox product being marketed? Like does anybody have personal experience with one of these things working? I took a detox beverage for the 5 hour mask in case I had a drug test on a certain day. I bought a home test and it came back negative, but I’m worried if it was the real thing it would get flagged because it makes my piss turn green. However, the place only uses strip tests and doesn’t send the results to a lab. Any advice?

  458. I smoked from December 28th to the afternoon of January 3rd. I have s test coming up and I’ve been putting it off. I didn’t smoke for a year up to this point, and it was shitty Jamaican weed that I recently smoked. I’m 5’9 and about 215.

    Would a drink be the easiest way to do to the test, cause i have to do it tomorrow or early next week I think.

    I’ve been drinking a bit of water but I’m gonna start drinking more and starve myself the day of the test and the half day before.

    Any thoughts?

  459. When was the last time you smoked? To ensure you pass go to http://www.passyourtest.com and purchase the Super Clean P product which can be shipped over night. Since this test will effect your job, it will be worth it to spend the money. This product will flush you’re system out for up to 5 hours so you can pass a test within that time frame.

  460. No. THC doesn’t not get out of your system in a week. The safest way to pass your test tomorrow is to go to http://www.passyourtest.com and purchase the Super Clean P product, which can be shipped overnight. This product will flush your system out of THC temporarily for up to 5 hours. Take this around 2 hours before your test and you should be good to go. If it is really important to you to pass this test, i believe this is your best option.

  461. I believe you should be fine! Since you have a fast metabolism and you haven’t smoked that much, the THC won’t be too hard to get out of you’re system. Also, MOST job application drug tests are saliva swab tests which can only detect THC within the last couple days. But since you run around 3 miles a week, you should be fine if its a urine test, and if it is a saliva test then you will 100% pass!

  462. Before the 31st, were you a consistent smoker?? If so, then it could be hard to pass in such a short time. I would recommend going to http://www.passyourtest.com and purchasing the Super Clean P product. Take this product about two hours before your test and this will flush you’re system out TEMPORARILY, in order to pass your test. But this product only will last for around 5 hours.

  463. It honestly depends on when your test is. Was this brownie the only time THC could have entered your system or do you smoke occasionally? If you had a clean system, a little bite of a pot brownie will not stay in your system for very long. Keep drinking water and exercising to make sure you pass!

  464. You will be cutting it close. How much did you smoke on the 26th or 27th of December? If you’re a consistent smoker it can take up to around 30+ days to get the THC out of you’re system. On the other hand, if you just smoked a joint or a little bit of Marijuana, and you run and sweat a lot while playing basketball then you should be aright. If you can accord it, buy a drug test and test yourself!

  465. Does “ural” work? I will conduct my Urine test in 2 more days.. Im scared like a shit cause it will affect my job.. Anyone have suggestion cause some of product for detox were not sell in Malaysia.. Anyone could help

  466. Kingofthecity412 on

    Contrary to what this post says, drinking lots of water (and I mean ALOT) will get you through a drug test for mary j. I’ve used this “technique” a bunch of times while deployed in Afghanistan. Now I don’t mean so much water that you die of…I’m drawing a blank on the specific name but basically it’s where you “drown” your body and your body reacts some kind of way and yadda yadda ya. It’s ok you won’t drink that much water anyway. But anyway we stole the term “shocking your system” which is commonly used in weight loss. When you drink enough water til the point where you have to piss badly every 5-10 mins then you’re there. What happens is that your body can’t hold that much water and there’s really only 2 ways it can get it out fast. By sweating, which is slow as fuck, and by pissing. Now keep in mind theres a time frame of idk yet but as long as your pissing every 5-10 mins (and not from beer guys) you definitely be ok. It’s worked for me and gov’t testing is alot more thorough than these average joe testing kits. Keep in mind that i’m no doctor so if you kill yourself drinking too much water it ain’t my fault (disclaimer). In the meantime kickback relax, and smoke that blunt, joint, bowl etc.

  467. Did’t know I had to go on the 8th was suppose to go on the 25th and called for me to come in early for pill count been going for years and first time they have done this!

  468. I have drug test to take Friday for pain clinic. Hadn’t smoked in 6 mo. I smoked Christmas Eve just 1 and New Years Eve smoked 2 will I pass on Jan 8

  469. Hey I’m about 5’8 and roughly 139 pounds. I started smoking around Halloween of 2015 and since then I’ve only smoked on the weekends up until New Years when I last smoked and I’ve also skipped like two weekends so I’ve smoked about eight to nine times in my whole life. I’ve just recently acquired an application for a job and I just found out today that it requires me to take a drug test. My interview is next Wednesday and prior to getting hired I’ll need to take the test. So in about two-three weeks I’ll have to take a test and the last time I smoked is on New Years. I haven’t really been drinking water but I run three miles almost every week but I’ll start drinking water a lot until the test. Do you think I’ll be good??

  470. I have a test coming up next Friday the last time I smoke was on the 31st I’m 5’1 n 170 pounds wats a fast way I can do to get a clean test

  471. I’m about 5’7 and 157 pounds and I took a bit of my friends weed brownie not a giant bite but a small amount and I have a random drug test but this week I started softball conditioning and I’ve been drinking lots of water . would I still pass

  472. I have a drug test coming up on the 10th. The last time I smoked was the 26th or 27th of December. I play basketball. And I do a lot of running and sweating. Do I have any chance of passing?
    And I’m about 5’11 and weigh about 175-180

  473. How much had you been smoking before you stopped? Since you’ve been exercising for 2 hours a day, drinking a lot of water, and have already lost 10 pounds I believe you will pass! THC is stored in fat and if you have lost 10 pounds already, you most likely already have the THC out of your system. Keep exercising and drinking water just to be 100% sure!

  474. Yes i believe you will pass if you exercise and drink as much water as you say you do. A fast metabolism will definitely improve your chances of getting the THC out of your system. Keep exercising and drinking as much as you can and you should definitely pass!

  475. Yes. Since you were 45 days sober, a little bit of Marijuana will only stay in your system for about 2-3 weeks depending on your metabolism. Just drink water and try to exercise however much you can to sweat out the THC, to guarantee you pass!

  476. The 26 or 28 of January?? If so, since you exercise and play basketball everyday then you will pass your test with flying colors as long as you don’t smoke anymore in between that time.

  477. I would recommend going to http://www.passyourtest.com and getting the Super Clean P product. The marijuana will definitely still be in your system after 3 constant days of smoking. The Super Clean P product will clear your system out in 90 minutes and last up to 5 hours, to pass a test upcoming that day, but the THC will show up again once the product wears off. This is most likely your easiest and fastest way to pass your test.

  478. I’m about 118, 5’4″. I used to be an avid smoker for years,didn’t smoke for about 5 months, then I started smoking kind of regulary but not as heavy as I used to (which don’t think it matters honestly) for about a month or two, I stopped 2 weeks ago completely and have taken multiple hot showers/baths a day for a week now, and have had Iv’s put in me and nutrients put in there as well (3 different times), have drank a lot of pedialyte/ gatorade bc I’ve been sick throwing up without being able to eat for about a week now…if I were to take a urine test in a day or 2, will I come out clean ??

  479. Im 5 foot exact and 120 lbs and smoke for the first time in over 9 months the 31st ill most likely test monday the 4th and can maybe convince then to not make me test for a week or so can i get clean? I have a high metabolism i also had a baby about 2 months ago

  480. Yes you can. I am not a doctor or specialist, but I smoke regularly and I have tested clean in as little as 18 days. I’m a gym rat and I usually enjoy a good toke when I’m done. Bust your ass from now until you take the test, all the while drinking plenty of water. Test yourself 20 days from now. Tell of your results.

  481. Forgot to add I haven’t smoked any in the weeks prior. I’ve been 100% clean and I just smoked.

  482. Just smoked a tiny amount of weed (under 0.5 grams) took about 5 or 6 hits. I have a drug test Jan. 6th. I’m 5’8 130lbs fast metabolism. What do you think?

  483. I would recommend going to http://www.passyourtest.com and getting the Super Clean P product. This product will clear out your system in 90 minutes and will keep it clean for up to 5 hours. But once the product wears off then the THC will show back up in your system. If passing the test is really important to you then i would definitely recommend buying this product. Since you used to smoke on the regular and have been smoking a little bit recently, the THC is going to be a little difficult to get out. Cranberry pills make you pee a lot but won’t make you pee enough to get the THC out of your system in time

  484. Actually, what I’m about to say is probably really bad advice. But the night before my last test I probably smoked more than I ever did in my life. I spent the night out with friends and pot head family members.

    It wasn’t until at least 2am, when I got home and checked my messages that I knew I had to take a drug test the next day. I drank at least a gallon of water that night. Woke up around 8am, drank more water, drank the detox and gave my urine sample around 10am. Not the ideal situation, but I passed.
    Sorry bout the late response.

  485. I passed a drug test a few weeks ago, i’ve been smoking the past 3 days, they want me to take another test! how can i pass in the next 3 days or less??

  486. Try to chug the surejell stuff before you take the test. My buddy did it, having smoked every day until a couple days before his test for job interview with FedEx. Apparently, he chugged the stuff down, so much that he had to pee like 6 times before he even took the test. But then he took it, passed, and got the job. It seems to be a “temporary” fix, and if you’re in dire need of a solution that may help you out. Good luck!

  487. I have a test.coming up on the 26th or the 28 I exercise everyday I drink a lot of water I play basketball I smoked my last time yesterday do you think I can pass my urine test I’m 180

  488. I stopped smoking Nov 18 failed a test for probation on Dec 9 smoked a joint and still dirty Dec 25 I go back Jan 12 I wonder if I will be clean I have done nothing since

  489. I was 45 days sober then smoked on December 5th. I have a drug test on January 8th. Will I be clean by then?

  490. I used to smoke everyday 1 to 3 times or every other day 4 to 5 times I stopped for two weeks but I’ve been smoking like a couple times in the past week but I stopped yesterday I’ve been drinking water and have cranberry pills I’ve also been taking I believe I have a test coming up on the 7th or January or the 8th the latest I believe is the 12th do you think I’ll be able to pass ? I

  491. Hi I smoked about a week and a half ago I’m 5’9 156 lb I don’t smoke as much as I use to I have a urinalysis test on Jan 8th I have a high metabolism and I play football with my friends everyday and do speed latter drills I drink about a gallon or more of water a day do you think I will pass my drug test

  492. Last time I smoked was a week ago, I’ve been doing exercise, 2 hours per day, drinking a lot of water, eating healthy, I even lost 10 pounds, I still have two more weeks to go for a urine test on Jan 6. I bought Diurex cuz I read it also helps to get clean, i started taking them yesterday. I weight now 180lbs and 5’6. Now, I bought a detox tea, will drink Vitamin C and fiber. Do you think I would pass if I keep working out and so? I really want this job :( I don’t know what else to do!!! Please answer, thanks!!

  493. Ok so I smoked skme high grade kush last night and I smoke every once in a while but I have a test in a couple of days probably on or after Christmas I’m 5’11 and weigh 160 lbs. will I pass?

  494. For the past year I have smoked every day . about a month ago I stop smoking but I have smoke a couple times. I have a drug test in January for YODA. Do you think I will pass if I drink a lot of water and exercise?

  495. I am a heavy smoker. I am a 5’8 and 127 pounds pretty skinny. I cut smoking three days ago I drank plenty of water, started to exercise and I am having a urinalysis next week, Do you think I might pass ? please answer me ASAP

  496. I’m pretty damn skinny and a heavy smoker..about 5’11 125lb skinny..I like to say I’m pretty active day to day and I drink my good share of water (seriously all I drink). I know that alone won’t solve my problem but I have a drug test middle of next week…starting to detox will begin today but I’m afraid I won’t be clean by next week

  497. im a heavy smoker and smoke the bro, i stopped bout 3 weeks ago but home test kits from wal mart still show dirty is there any way to speed it p or possibly flush out now i have a test in 4 hrs

  498. I smoked one hit on Saturday and five hits the Saturday before…I have a drug test Wedsnday…will I pass I don’t smoke every day..

  499. I’ve only ever smoked about 6 or 7 times the past 3 years but I hit a dab about a month ago then smoked over thanksgiving.. I’ll probably have to take a test within the next 2 or 3 weeks.. I work out a few times a week and weigh about 130 and I’m 5’6. What are my odds of passing the urine test?

  500. I smoked Friday I have a urine test in the next 2 days it was only my third time smoking will I pass my drug text if not what do I have to do in order to pass

  501. With just water, definitely not. Sorry….you gonna need to use a same day detox if you want to be clean by tomorrow.

  502. I smoked Friday, I have to take a drug test tomorrow I drink a gallon of water everyday night and day. Will I pass?

  503. If you only smoke once in a while it will only take about 3 days to clear out of your system.

  504. you can get the same effect at lower cost with fruit pectin, the particular fiber is key in binding the THC metabolites so they don’t come out in your urine you you submit to the test. the420formulaDOTCOm goes into detail on how it all works

  505. probably good, take some fruit pectin to be 100% sure, the420formulaDOTCOM explains how it works

  506. I smoke like once every other week and last night I smoked. I have to take a drug test on January 3rd. (2 weeks). Will I be okay?

  507. Just this past wednesday, I smoked; i did 3 small hits out of a bowl but the high lasted about an hour and a half at most. I rarely ever smoke and I have been drinking so much water since about two days ago. My drug test is wednesday (the day before christmas eve). Should I be good? I’m about 130 lbs and I am 5’6. I am going to continue to drink as much water as I can up until wednesday.
    **My test and the wednesday I smoked are a week apart. I have the option to go that thursday on christmas eve also
    (a gallon of water a day to be exact plus other liquids)

  508. im about 6 flat and 175 I work out every 2 to 3 days I have a hair follicle test for the plant next month I haven’t smoked since October im so scared anything I can do please somebody lol

  509. I have a blood test i have to take.. i was a heavy smoker for 3 years a bout 15 a day in the last months i have cut down to about 3 or 4 conew at night maybe less how can i pass a blood drug test

  510. I’m 197lbs and I’m a heavy user and i have a Hair Follicle Drug Test on January 12th and i last smoked on the 15th of this month what do i do

  511. I smoked quite heavily then quit smoking for 45 days, I then shared a joint on December 5. Will my I be able to pass a test on January 8th

  512. You’ll be fine Karen!! it takes 5 times smoking for it to appear in your system, anything less than that is like it even even happened!

    good luck!

  513. What I do is refrain from smoking for at least 12 hours and before the test gargle with peroxide.

  514. I have to pass a saliva drug test in the morning. I haven’t smoked in like a week and a half, what do I do!?

  515. Also, I kno that people say detox pills & drinks do not work, but this product definitely worked and I know many other ppl who have used this with success !

  516. So I just had a melt down the other day because I got called for a job interview and drug test literally the day after I smoked. I am a heavy smoker … About 1 bowl a night to help me sleep and wind down. It’s my substitution for alcohol. Some ppl have a drink before bed, I smoke. I am about 140 lbs 5’4 & female. I am very physically active at my job & I go to the gym about 4 times a week. But obviously, thc would still show up on a test. I never plan on quitting & I hope everyday that it becomes legal soon. However, for other users & myself, drug testing is an issue. I wanted to post what I used to help me pass the urine test. Pictured below. I took 3 pills & a detox drink. The day off, u take each pill followed by a 20 oz glass of water. Wait 15 mins between each pill. Then I drank the entire detox drink. U refill the bottle back up with water 2 more times after u finish the drink. I then took 3 B12 pills so that my urine wasn’t totally diluted. U have to do this 2 hours before you are tested & there is only a 5 hour window of it working once u take everything. I am so thankful that this worked for me & I hope this is helpful to others !

  517. Samantha Rae Bouwma on

    okay i smoke like two hits off a bowl every day but i haven’t smoked since last friday i weigh about 130lbs will i need a detox or will i be able to pass my drug test this monday?

  518. I have not smoked pot in years and I do mean years thanksgiving I took to good hits off a joint skunk weed I have to pass a piss test by the 18th suppose to have my pain meds but no thc so what do I do please help

  519. What about the meds thats suppose to be there if someone pissed for you they don’t take what you do

  520. I weigh about 125 5’5″ I’m in fair shape but do not work out much….. what would you recommend I do, buy a detox kit or try it naturally? ?

  521. Ok, I am a heavy weed smoker, probably anywhere from 2-4 blunts a day and also take dabs. I haven’t smoked in 12 hours and have to go take a UA tomorrow sometime before 5. I have the megaXXX detox drink, and have been avidly drinking water all day I weigh 115lbs will I pass this test? And if anyone else has any suggestions please lemme know!!

  522. Naturally Poppin on

    I have a question. I stopped smoking weed for 3 months and took a few pulls of a blunt on Thanksgiving. Now I’m trying to join the military, any tips to pass?

  523. Everyone its chill af to pass this get a clean friend to piss in a cup and hide it in your underwear and dump that shit in… its what i do

  524. have your friend piss in a cup that doesnt smoke and hide the sample in your underwear and when you’re excused to piss pour that shit in the sample container or whatever they give you

  525. thc metabolites are tricky. Maybe your liver sucks. Either way, if it’s just a urine test to pass, use fruit pectin. the420formulaDOTcom has the how to

  526. I have smoked for over 30 years. My problem is now I am on opiant medicine. Which they test my urine once every 45 days. Of course I came dirty the first time so they are giving me till February 1st. Myla since I am on an opiate medication because of my injury I have to be tested every time I go in to the pain clinic. So now my test is February 1st I weigh 227 pounds. Like I said I have been smoking for 30 years. 90% of the time pretty damn good weed to. So when I take my next test it has to show that I’m still taking my Opiant medicines and the other medications that I normally take but can’t show any THC so now how do I clear myself by February 1st. Any help would really be appreciated preferably no guessing actual honest-to-goodness passing thanks in Advance

  527. ive been clean almost 2 months but last night i hit 2 gb’s and i may have a test in the next few days. How long should this stay in my system i workout everyday at school and sweat alot i also drink a shit ton of water should i pass my test?

  528. I don’t really smoke I probably smoke like once a week maybe even less and that’s cause I only take one hit no more then that for the past month I have a drug test coming up in a couple of days last time I smoked was last night but it was only one hit off the bong I weight 105lbs and I’m 4’11 does it come out of system quickly cause I’m very small ? If not what are some tips since I don’t smoke very much probably only a handful of times in the past month

  529. I’m a 127 pound 5’4 female. I’ve been anticipating a test for a while so I quit for 6 weeks. Last week I smoked a hitter Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The whole week I didn’t and just last night on Saturday I took a few hits. I’m an abid water drinker and I’ve been going to the gym and sauna a few times a week. How long would you estimate that I could get clean?

  530. Proven 4 hour formula to pass a URINE test, just drink water and add fruit pectin (+vitamin b12 for color) all the steps can be found at the420formulaDOTcom but it’s pretty simple, 4 hours before the test, water and pectin

  531. I havent smoke about 2-3 weeks ago and I smoke one blunt yesterday with my friendsand i have a drug test this coming week Im 5,1 Weight 115 when does this tokes off my system im scared not to pass the drug test.

  532. If it was one time, the half life I believe maxes out at 4-5 days then doubles (to about 45 days with no attempt to expedite metabolism) as usage occurs, so you should’ve been completely clean by the time you posted this. No worries!

  533. Work out/flush system. Don’t work out on the day of the test, and just try to get as much of it out of your system as you can. You’re still about 1-2 weeks away from complete safety

  534. If you smoke the same day as the test you are fucked, no matter what you do, no matter what any post tells you, unless you’re using instant temporary detox (and even then it’s a hit or miss depending on reliable product)

  535. You need to go exercise like a mad man and drink plenty of water, but DO NOT exercise the day of the test. You should be able to pass if you get a hardcore workout in tonight

  536. Depending on your body/metabolism, you should be fine as long as you drink plenty of water and exercise a bit. It should be about out of your system depending on how you staggered the times smoking

  537. I haven’t smoked in over a year and last week(thanksgiving day) I smoked 3 blunts with my brother in laws. I have a drug test sometime next week and worried I might not pass. I am 5’8″ 180lbs. Should it be out of system quick since it’s been a year before I smoked last week?

  538. Im 6’2″ weigh about 260. I’ve been clean for over 40 days and figured I was good to go. I took two Walgreens test tonight and failed them both…test in 3 days help!!!

  539. On the 30th of November, i smoked just enough to get a little high, I mean i prob took like 4-5 hits, and im taking a drug test Wednesday to Friday not for sure on the day, but before that I probably smoked 3 times before that in the month of November and before that I was off for about a year, and I have been drinking a shit ton of water for the past few days, should I be able to pass this drug test if i keep drinking water about 3 bottles of water an hour of when im awake?

  540. I weight 150 and use to smoke 3 to 5 blunts a day. I stopped smoking 3 weeks ago and have to do a drug test this week for a job. What do i do lol i need to pass this test.

  541. if its just 3 bong hits just drink hella water and it’ll be gone in three days. If they your off probation then why would they call you back in? DId you just get off a few days ago? You might just be paranoid because i could definitely see me feeling that way.

  542. I have a drug test tomorrow and i accidentally exercised because i rode my bike to the store to get a drug test. Its 5.2 miles there and back. How long does it take for THC to be released into my urine. I also have an instant detox drink im going to drink and ive been drinking hella water all day especially at school, a 20fl oz water bottle every hour minimum and sometimes 3 20fl oz water bottles every hour and a half. I want to take the first check drug test at home right now but im not sure if i should wait till tomorrow morning. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW LONG IT TAKES THC TO LEAVE YOUR FAT AND INTO YOUR URINE? Plzzzz i need advice.

  543. get the female whizzinator, synthetic piss isnt reliable, labs normally pick up on it because it doesnt have creatinine and specific gravity therefore they come up invalid. But if you can find someone’s urine you can put it in the whizzinator and it will keep it body temperature and it looks real. This is only for lab tests. Synthetic piss can be used for dip stick urine test that are instant. But this will allow you to continue to blaze and worry free. It’ll cost you about $120 or so but it’ll be there as long as you need it to be. Hope this helps. I actually failed an instant drug test not lab using a detox and it was like $79.99 guaranteed or DOUBLE your money back. Then they didnt even live up to their word and I followed instructions verbatim. It told me to stop smoking for at least 48-72 hours and I actually stopped for over a 100 hours and still failed.

  544. Hey, okay so I just took 3 hits out of a bong last night. I’ve been clean for the past 4 months. how long do you guys think it’ll take to get out of my system? Because i just got off probation but i have a feeling they want to do one last drug test.

  545. Today I am using my boyfriends urine and he went inside of a glove for me around 6:45 am. I have to be at orientation at 8 and I’m assuming they’ll drug test today since I was asked yesterday if I’d be able to pass a screen when being interviewed. Will update later on results as I’ve not done it this way before.

  546. You could have someone else pee for you. I’ve done that 3 times or more now and it’s worked every single time. I’ve also used the Ultra Kleen synthetic urine and it has worked for me. Usually what I do is have the person pee in a travel size shampoo/body wash bottle and then immediately stick it between my thighs with tight underwear on. I once had to keep it there for about 3.5 hours and it still came out at 94 degrees or a little more. The only thing is finding someone that is willing to forge a drug test for you and someone that is clean. But it does work!

  547. Well I had my interview this morning, an all I did was drink hella water and walk in with high hopes. I passed with flying colors an got the job. Musta been a miracle haha

  548. Drink a bottle of Gatorade with some certo in it shake really good and then drink two waters also take b12 two hours before test and pee twice as well before u go