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How To Pass A Drug Test When You Smoke Marijuana


How To Pass A Drug Test When You Smoke Marijuana

As a person who has been using marijuana illegally for over half of his life, I have had to adopt tricks and techniques to get by in the “real world” to pass a lot of drug test. One of the most uncomfortable situations is passing a pre-employment drug screening.

Now, I’m not advocating dishonesty with your employer but a urinalysis unfairly punishes weed smokers while cokeheads and meth addicts get a free pass since those drugs only show up in a urinalysis within 72 hours of use while marijuana can stay in the system for 30 days or more. I don’t smoke before work (usually) and it never affects my ability to perform the functions of my job, but after a long day, nothing sounds better then a big, green bowl.

First off, if you can just stop smoking for thirty days, before a drug test, then do it. It’s the simple solution to this situation. However, sometimes you don’t have that much time to prepare so you have to improvise. I have had to take ten to fifteen of these tests over the years with a 100% success rate.

I just got a new job last week and had to give a urine sample for testing. There are too important elements when it comes to effectively passing: obtaining a clean sample and keeping it within temperature. We all have friends that don’t smoke and they are the best sources of clean urine. I’ve heard of people using the fake stuff you can order over the internet or buy at your local head-shops and passing but why pay for the fake stuff when you can get the real thing for free? I just have my buddy fill up a balloon or an unlubricated condom and seal it up. I then drive strait to the facility with the “container” of urine on my dash with the defrost on to help keep the temperature high.

This is where it can get tricky. Since you are just taking a pre-employment screening, they cannot search you, so I “hide” the “container” in my underwear and bring a small pair of nail clippers and hide the clippers in a pocket or my shoe. I then carefully walk in to the facility and register. When they call me to take the test, they usually ask you to remove all items for your pockets but I am sure to keep the nail clippers in my pocket. Once they close the door, I use the clippers to clip a hole in the “container” and fill up the cup. I then empty the remaining “sample” into the toilet and hide the empty “container” in my shoe.

This is where it can get tricky. Since you are just taking a pre-employment screening, they cannot search you, so I “hide” the “container” in my underwear and bring a small pair of nail clippers and hide the clippers in a pocket or my shoe. I then carefully walk in to the facility and register. When they call me to take the test, they usually ask you to remove all items for your pockets but I am sure to keep the nail clippers in my pocket. Once they close the door, I use the clippers to clip a hole in the “container” and fill up the cup. I then empty the remaining “sample” into the toilet and hide the empty “container” in my shoe.

I don’t like to have to do this and if there was an easier way I would use it. However this is the world we live in and until there is real change, I am forced to play this stupid game.

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    I had to take a drug test at my doctors and it was a total surprise. I had smoked 8 hours before, and luckily I had urinated a lot more than normal that day before the appointment and I used the restroom before going into the exam room. Before I took the test I chugged a redbull and a 16oz bottle of water. When I finally pissed in the cup I took the last part of my pee stream (the first part would be the dirtiest) and I DID NOT FILL THE CUP. I also put maybe 5 drops of warm water from the sink in my specimen as well.

    I thought I was convinced that I was going to lose my C2 prescription because I was convinced that I had failed the test. However, because of the steps I took I passed the drug test. They still detected Marijuana but it was below the detection limit.

    If you know when your test is, DRINK WATER, YELLOW GATORADE AND PEE LIKE CRAZY RIGHT UP UNTIL YOUR TEST. The chemical that is identified to detect Marijuana is fat soluble so go to McDonald’s and get a steak Mcgriddle and anything else fatty a day before and the day of the test in order to cover up or dilute any of the thc left in your fat.

    I was lucky that I got to be alone in the bathroom so I could dilute it more from the sink.

    Most tests have a detection limit and if it falls below that it will still be considered a pass, depending on how strict the employer is.

    If you have 8+ hours you can do things to help yourself pass.

    Also take some aspirin a few hours before, that has helped me in the past, and I would have taken some this last time but I had no idea I was going to be tested.

  2. How much bleach? And should i drink it? I’ve heard of people doing their finger in bleach then stirring the urine with that finger.

  3. I have a drug test tomorrow and earlier i smoked a blunt i been smokeing since saturday. Please help me

  4. All the detox liquids and apple cider vinegar it’s all b******* there’s only one sure way and it’s to use somebody else’s urine

  5. I did the water in the urine and it came back positive….I was told to drink Apple cider vinger mix with water. That’s what I am going to try. I have another drug test next month so I am going to drink 8 bottles of 12oz of water and a table spoon of apple cider vinger.

  6. Mitchell Campbell on

    Before even reading this I been doing this for years except I heat up water in a Tupperware container and put the condom in that with the lid sealed and when I get to the facility I put the condom in my underwear…

  7. ATTENTION ALL SMOKERS IN NEED OF HELP!!!!!! I found out by snooping through my parents shit they were going to drug test me a week ago. I had been smoking casually 5-6 times a week for a month. Also, the week prior to me finding out I was being tested, I faced a blunt a day along with a fat fucking zig zag the night before. So, I was screwed. HOWEVER, the past week I have been eating basically nothing but salads and healthy snacks, running twice a day and drinking nothing but water and I FUCKING PASSED. It had been six days since I had stopped smoking. So, MY ADVICE is fuck detox products, fuck GNC and fuck faking it, INSTEAD naturally flush your body with a near vegan diet, run a lot (or basic calestenics, you just need to fucking sweat) and drink a shit ton of water. I hope this helps somebody out, I know I’m happy to not be attending military school next year.

  8. For all you who are fraking out and need a quick fix for your situation, I found a new thing they’re selling called, “Fast THC Marijuana Detox Kit (Extra strong)”. I’m not trying to pimp this product, they aren’t paying me anything, I just found it searching ways to clean up fast, and the reviews for this were pretty good. One dude claimed he passed after burning 11 hours earlier. Google it, and read the reviews. Hope I helped a few people.

  9. Grab a Quix fit kit at your local headshop. I paid $20. It’s synthetic urine, but they test for that shit now, so i just dumped the synthetic urine, and had my kid pee in the bottle. It comes with a temperature strip on the bottle, along with a heating pad, and a rubber band to strap the heating pad around the bottle. I umpire baseball, so I wore a pair of spandex shorts under my jeans, that hold my umpire ball cup in place. I just warmed the bottle up with the heating pad. The temp strip tells you where the temperature is, and tucked in the the pocket in my spandex shorts where the ball cup would be, emptied my pockets, dumped the clean piss in there, and i started my job. Three things you need: 1. Bottle with a temp strip on it.
    2. Clean piss from a friend, relative, etc. to pee in the bottle.
    3. Something to stash the bottle in. You can wear two pairs of socks, and stuff the bottle in between, or use a jockstrap and stuff the bottle in your nuts.

  10. My friend used Certo and passed, but that was an at home drug test. If you’re getting tested at a hospital or something than my guess is just drink a little less than a gallon of water a day, run outside or on a treadmill while wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants even though it’s already hot outside.
    Basically just want to sweat as much as you can for the next week.

  11. I had very few hours to pass for benzo and pot and passed with flying colors thanks to Gatorade coffee vitamin b12 and creatine six star monohydrate and failed a home test yesterday today was bulletproof

  12. Well, I just failed a cheap $20 at home drug for my Dr after not smoking for 14days & pounding sooo much water I was peeing every 10-15mins & pee’d atleast 11times before going in & I hit the cup mid stream as I always have in the past & have passed several wayyy better Lab Drug tests! I was kinda shocked but it is very possible. Thankfully He gave me 1more month. So by the time I take my next test I will have 45days completely off pot which with my very high metabolism & low body fat I would think should be plenty of time but after today I am a bit nervous now! What ya’ll think!?

    I am 35, 5’8″ tall 150lbs and very active and now will have aprox. 40-45days clean whn I take my next test! How can I ensure I am clean naturally!?? My Meds are more important than a buzz. :/

  13. What I do is pound water. And I mean pound water the week before. (Or the day before. The key is to take airborne 4-5 hours before the test. Side note: eating bacon grease, olive oil, cheese and other lipids dilute the samples even more. But airborne gives it a yellow color so your pee isn’t clear and sketchy. Catch your pee mid-stream and that’s about all you can do. I’ve passed many drug tests.. But I’ve also failed some.. Usually because I found out the day before. Salty things and Gatorade help as well. Hope this helps at least one stoner who thinks they’re fucked.

  14. Try Stat and plenty of water for probation drug tests, my boyfriend smoked all 3 years on probation and never failed. It works I know for sure

  15. Hey ppl ok so I got called in for a job i did the interview now I’m supposed to do a UA on monday. What is the most effective way to do a clean UA

  16. The devil put opiates here on

    I fucking hate autocorrect! Sorry my post doesn’t make sense, my fault for not proofreading!

  17. The devil put opiates here on

    I have my piss test tomorrow afternoon & haven’t smoked in a little over a week. I don’t smoke a lot, nor often, but my metabolism isn’t high. I’m 5’9″, 170ish lbs & female. I’m sure flushing with water can help somewhat, but since the is fat soluble not water soluble, it’s not exactly the method I trust. Weed is the only thing that legitimately helps my fibromyalgia pain as opposed to the heroine derived pain pills I used to be on. Now I’m on a suboxone program (thus the piss test) & I’m scared I’m gonna fail. I’m trying to eat high fat foods to block the from coming out of my fat cells, but idk if that’ll do the trick. I don’t trust the cheap tchaikovsky tests from the dollar stores as they’re not fda regulated n made in Mexico (not counting the typo within the instructions). I guess I’m gonna take another poster’s advice & pray to my God n hope 4 the best!

  18. Hey fellow readers….Read A LOT about how to pass a drug test, and you can believe what you want to, but I passed and here’s my story.
    Smoked 3-4 bowls daily for at least 1 year. Quit a crappy job that didn’t test, and realized the job I wanted required it. 35 daily later, I passed. I drank 100oz. of water everyday, no kidding, everyday. I lost 21 pounds. I ate healthy, low carb high protein diet. Didn’t buy any head shop tricks, don’t waste you’re money. And by the way, I’m 50. So plain and simple, drink tons of water and clean up you’re diet, and give yourself enough time before the test. Best of luck….

  19. Fred Rozenich on

    I have to take a drug test tomorrow morning & I had a couple of hits on a joint at a family reunion 3 wks. Ago… Do I need to worry about passing, & what do I need to do? I have taken a Niacin pill hearing that will clean me out… Any suggestions would be appreciated, I’m starting to consume a lot of water !!! Please Advise…

  20. I have passed SEVERAL of the BEST Lab Tests out there, ( immunoassay & gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) with only 5-14days abstinence & just drinking a TON of water the day of the test and taking Vitamin B for color. So it is possible but you have to drink A LOT of water & hit the cup midstream, not at the begining or end of peeing. Having a high metabolism helps too!
    Now I have to pass a drug test my Dr. Buys from Walmart for $20, basically a home test in the Dr. Office, when I pee I will be on my 12th day clean from thc, for some reason I Am nervous. But If I can pass the best Lab Tests Science offers within the same time frame With just the water method I would think I should pass a $20 Walmart Test.
    But any advice/reassurance always helps.

  21. I have passed SEVERAL of the BEST Lab Tests out there, ( immunoassay & gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) with only 5-14days abstinence & just drinking a TON of water the day of the test and taking Vitamin B for color. So it is possible but you have to drink A LOT of water & hit the cup midstream, not at the begining or end of peeing. Having a high metabolism helps too!
    Now I have to pass a drug test my Dr. Buys from Walmart for $20, basically a home test in the Dr. Office, when I pee I will be on my 12th day clean from thc, for some reason I Am nervous. But If I can pass the best Lab Tests Science offers within the same time frame With just the water method I would think I should pass a $20 Walmart Test.
    But any advice/reassurance always helps.

  22. Donnie Pot Smoker on

    Literally everyone freaking out and hoping a stranger gives answers, depending on your frequency, how much body fat you have, the THC potency and how diluted your piss is will detrimental if you pass. For a basis I smoked blunts on blunts, took a test at home 9 days after smoking and passed. 5’10” 165lbs, 7% body fat. Drink a ton of water, detox is crap because THC is found in fat and pray to whatever God you want and hope for the best. Got a test tomorrow and smoked a bowl on friday, been pounding water and hoping I pass or have to retest because it’s diluted. The only way to know for sure is test yourself at home way before a time you actually have a test coming up. Then you’ll have your answers, kapeesh? ;)

  23. I have a ua. In morning smoked Friday just a little bit but I don’t know what to do to pass any answers

  24. I have a drug test this wednesday coming up & i just smoked last niight ..wat can i doo HEELP????!

  25. I smoked last saturday only two blunts & this week coming up I have to take urine & blood test too , how do I pass the urine test ? It’s been in my system for 9 days ..

  26. Hey I’m about 280 5’10 and have a physical I have to take 8/3 haven’t smoked in a day but I play football and run a lot and drink water should I be good?

  27. I am man with 5,8 92 kg. I am smoking weed for last 4 years daily. I am going for drug test on Monday. Please suggest. Drinking a lot of water before test can help or not

  28. Hlo yaar cocaine ko ik week ho gya leave kiye hue.kya vo drug test ch aaungi tell me

  29. I have smoked weed everyday since i was 14 now i am 26 i have probation with only two weeks to go to pee clean i havent smoked in 4 weeks ive smoked some fake, but ive tried everything from Niacin to Sure jell and nothing has worked. i am tired of failing i want it out of my system so i dont have to go to jail for 180 days. I really want to watch my kid grow inside of his mothers stomach and i dont wanna miss out on anything…I want to be there every step of the way. Please help me I am very desperate

  30. Maria July 17
    GIRL THANK YOU FOR LEAVING THAT COMMENT HOPEFULLY ITS TRUE last time I smoked was like 13 days ago and it was like maybe half a gram & I have a drug test today for my PROBATION lol

  31. I smoke like 3dayz out of the week jus got a job and have to take a drug test my brother suggested gelatine do u think this will work?

  32. Looking for a better solution to passing a drug test the dont involve a dry condom sos please help me I’ve tried a shot of vinegar. And a bottle of water it worked once before but scared i wont pass

  33. I need help asap, I have a lab piss test at 3, and I smoked a joint 28 ddays ago and I was sober for 3 months befor that, I am 6’8 210pounds and active for the most part

  34. I us to be a hard smoker I was applying for a job n I had to stop smoke for 30days n I passed I drank a lot of water n perged my self

  35. Hi I been smoking everyday for about 3-4 day out the week an today just found out that I would have to do random drug test can some one please help me

  36. So I had a surprise drug test I don’t smoke often maybe a few hits of a bowl her and there.
    I was drinking tons of water and prior to the test when I went in me pee was completely clear.
    I hadn’t smoked in 3 days
    I’m like 120-135 and 5’6
    What do you guys think?

  37. hi…
    so i smoke really on the weekends and have a drug test coming up. the last two days, i have been smoking a lot since it was the weekend and i have a drug test in a week and 3 days. i am a female, 5’4 and weigh 190. would water and exercise work or should i just get some clean urine?

  38. So I’m not a frequent smoker Maybe a few hits a day off a bowl and I had a surprise drug test hadn’t smoked for 3 days my we is approx. 120-135
    Ht 5’6 I literally drank water all day and prior to the test my pee was pretty much clear when I took the test what do you guys think , will it be clean?

  39. i’ve been smoking the whole month of june 2016 and took a pee test last july 11, i’ve been drinking lots of water and green tea 5 days prior to my pee test, am i gonna be okay? i’m 5’6 120 lbs

  40. Monday I have drug test. Daily smoker for about a year. Monday will be 31 days without smoking. 6’2 169 lb pretty lean been working out sweating green tea cranberry caps gallon of water for three days…. What do y’all think

  41. last smoked_June 28th on

    I last smoked June 28th. I’ve been smoking like twice a day everyday for a months. Prior I had to take a drug test for work and stopped drank lots of water and relied on the 30 days smoke free and plenty of water I waited to the last minute to go take the test which was about day 40 luckily I passed. But I’m freaking out now because I left the job on medical leave and been smoking from March up to June 28th. Just because I was able to pass the first time I naturally detox whose to say I will pass again. I’ve been buying home testing kits and first tested my self 10 days after June 28 came up positive. I tested myself again 5 days later and showed up negative. I wasn’t reassured with that result. I’m going to test myself again in another 5 days and see what the results say. I hope its a negative. Today makes 18 days with no smoking and drinking lots of water everyday since June 28. I want to be negative by July 29th which will make 30 days. Sucks when the pressure is on.

  42. MrSpacelyOnACloud on

    I smoke about 4 grams a week and have done so for many years. I have a pre employment drug test Monday (It’s friday today) so have 2.5 days. I stopped smoking today once I found out I had it on Monday. What’s my best option? Deleting my system with water and drinking one of those drinks like Vale? Or getting synthetic or clean urine?

  43. I took two hits of a blunt 3 weeks ago and havents smoked since january i got a ua tomorrow will i be clean?

  44. Tianna Buitrago-perez on

    Hi i havent smoked in the past 5 weeks im about 280lb i got for my drug test in the next 48hrs, ive been drinking a lot of water. Will i be able to past the drug test?

  45. PrincessFall16 on

    Hi guys im a girl lol 17 bout to be 18 in 2 months I weight 260 (I’m fluffy) I am 5’2 and I have a drug test coming up for probation in one week I stopped smoking a week ago but I smoke like 5 blunt. But I’m also not really a smoker like I really just do it when ever I started back in January cause I though my bf would like me more but we broke up anyways. that would be like 2 weeks but I really wanna smoke just enough to get high tonight. Bit I’m scared IMA fail bc y’all are talking like months and fake pee and stuff like I think they watch us pee. And I have to pass or I would have go run away or die or sum I couldn’t face life if my family found out. Please please help me I’m very scared. I drink a lot of sweet tea and water mosty TeA and aome coffee scarex please help me :'(.

  46. I’m 5’7 150 pounds I work out 4-5 times a week I have a fast Metabolism and I’ve been drinking 3-4 , 50liter glasses of water with lemon limes and cucumbers I’ve Ben actively running and I stopped smoking 6 days ago. My test should be in a week or so what’s the probability I’ll pass?

  47. If you pass an at home drug test, you’ll pass a real drug test depending on the MG they test for. Clearly ur extremely uneducated.

  48. Nevaeh Baeh on

    Ray I’m so happy you actively respond please help. So I’m 150 5’5 and stopped smoking for a good amount of time but after a month passed of me not hearing back from a job I started to occasionally smoke again. (My Bf smokes everyday sometimes I would smoke a blunt with him or just tap it a couple of times). I was doing this for about three weeks (i wouldn’t say every day but let’s say worse case it was everyday) and then BAM I received that email.

    Of course I immediately stopped smoking…after a week I went to my dr and requested a personal drug test, and passed. I also took at home drug tests and passed both of them. I took my real drug test It’s now been three weeks since my last blunt and two weeks since my test at the dr.

    The reasons why I’m worried is 1. The previous test I took were done mid day …this was done in the morning so it was my second urine of the day. I drank water after my first pee up until waiting in the lobby of the test. 2. The first week I was drinking a lot of water regularly and cranberry juice but these last two weeks not as much due to oral surgery. What are the chances of me still being able to pass. This is a real important job and now I have to wait because it’s the weekend and it takes two business days to process. I have anxiety and this is weighing heavy on me. It’s so frustrating.

    Please help

  49. Ok so I dont normally smoke, but i smoked for 2 days in a row with the last day being 13 days ago. I have a drug test in 6 days. I’m 6’6 255 lbs. I usually run around 1.5 miles every other day. Do you think ill pass?

  50. I am in the same boat you are. I took a at home drug test and passed. But I’m scared that doesn’t mean I’ll pass a real one.

  51. I’m about 5’5 135 pounds. Stopped smoking 10 days about and have a drug test that needs to be fine in 3 days. I took a at home drug test and it came out negative. Do you think I’ll pass a test being done at a hospital?

  52. let me know if you pass!! I have a drug test the same day and stopped the same day as you. I took a home test yesterday and it came out negative

  53. I wouldn’t bank on it Amanda no disrespect by any means but your boyfriend is a big guy even if most is muscle. Instead of detox drink I would try either a system blocker or adding niacin to your regimend but only for the duration of trying to pass his test.

  54. Yep or you can try the system
    Blocker your local headshop might have. It is a drink that you must drink 2 hours before your test it is not very good but seen it work before but Also have seen it not work and used correctly. so your better off getting synthetic urine.

  55. No worries. Honestly the 30 day thing only applies to people approximately 250 lbs. and up. Or if you have a very slow metabolism, which usually would apply to more obese people. Been blazing for a long time and have plenty friends who do the same. As jay smoker said if you can stop then by all means that’s your best technique. People like izzy camp who are thin and have less weight, with the help of lots and lots of water you can pass a text with only 5 days under your belt I promise no bullshit. When I say lots of water I mean at minimum, 1 gallon a day for those 5 days. You need to be flushing your body with water and urinating every 15-20 minutes. for people 140-150 lbs your adding an extra day so approximately 6-7 days. Make sure before you go in to take your test you have urinated at minimum 3 times. your urine needs to be nice and clear which is pretty much diluting it so the testing cut off points are not reached because of dilution interference. If this is all Mumbo jumbo to you and you don’t care get synthetic urine and follow the instructions as jay smoker said. Hope this helps

  56. JugheadsWoman on

    5 foot 2
    103 lbs
    been a regular (quarter a day) smoker
    Quit for about 3 weeks for moving
    Smoked the past 2 weeks then yesterday took 3 hits off of j with wax..
    Had interview amd got job but have to do test for hospital.. ?? Buy my own first then they double check..
    I have my marijuana card but where I moved it is not legal and to work in hospital no drugs in system.. how long should it take to get system cleared out.. I sit in car everyday in 90° weather sweating an sweating.. and will have job but they told me to come in when I know its outta my system.. so whats the fastest way to get it all out amd how do you know?

  57. Kameran Thompson on

    I smoked about 6 days ago and get pissed tested tomorrow and I’m scared

  58. I have been smoking for quite a long time. And yep I just found out I have to pee test tomorrow, I wasn’t expecting to have to do it so soon. I haven’t smoked for 2 days now. Using clean pee is probably the only way I will pass, am I correct about this? Any comments or ideas would be appreciated. It will be the first time I have had to do this. I am kind of freeking

  59. I’ve been smoking every day about a half a gram for the last 9 months and I’m a week and 5 days sober. I’m 5’3ish and weigh about 112pds my test is in a week and 3 days which will leave me a total of 3 weeks and one day sober. What should I do to make sure I pass smuggling pee is all to risky and I’m Kindda freaking out. I’ve been exercising every day and peeing a lot. What are the odds of me passing. PLEASE HELP my life basically depends on it. Hopefully I remember to post results for anyone stressing for answers

  60. I smoked yesterday and I’m getting drugs tested Friday what can I do to pass ??

  61. I actually have the exact same timeline for drug testing the (7th to the 31st) and you should be fine. I have been a smoker for a while now and this has happened to me before. Drink plenty of water before you go and make sure it isn’t the first time you used the restroom that day. Good Luck, though you shouldn’t need it.

  62. My boyfriend smokes about a bowl a day and is approx 5’10” 280lbs. If he stops smoking for a week and drinks plenty of water daily then uses a detox drink the day of the urine test do you think he’ll pass?

  63. Where on the dash should the container be placed and what temp should the defrost be set to?

  64. Hey! Last time I smoked was on May 7th, and I wasn’t a frequent smoker, I had literally just started and was doing it just for fun, I am an athlete and workout every day and I have a drug test on the 31st to play the sport I play, and like I said I have worked out everyday since then and I have drank plenty of water, so do you think I will pass??

  65. Im a girl, im 31, 5’2″ 168 lbs been smoking for 18 yrs. Never had to workbefore, so never worried about it. And now that im gonna have to work, i need to pass this drug test in a 10days. Will something work for me?

  66. Hi, I have a drug test for a job next Friday (6/3) at 2pm. The last time I smoked was Tuesday (5/24). I am a frequent smoker and have smoked every single day for the past 6 months. I’ve been drinking a lot of water and excersizing. I am freaking out. I was wondering the likelihood of passing this test and some advice/tips. I really, really need this job. Please help!

  67. Thanks, been drinking about 2-3 gallons of water a day these past 3 days. Not use to it but can feel the difference in being hydrated.

  68. I think you will not pass the test. After your high, it’s a good idea to immediately begin to flush your system. Water and exercise are best bets, just have to stick to it. Water is your new best friend after getting high. Don’t chug, just drink throughout the day. Sweating is good too.

  69. Thank you I was thinking great timing because pot works way better than my PTSD meds. Just need to pass the test for the job interview ! Thanks , should I test myself first you think?

  70. Hydrate with water regular and sweat.

    Drink in- sweat out -pee clear-pass test

  71. Just drink water regularly. Same scenario with a buddy of mine. Your same weight. Had a little weed then surprise drug test shortly after. Key is drink water throughout the day. Don’t chug, just make a day of it.

  72. Cranberry juice is one way to do it. I would suggest getting some water in as well though.
    And 5 wks, yes

  73. How did your test go then? I’d say you were clean as long as you sweat a good bit at sauna.

  74. With your frame, weight etc, it should be easy for you to detox, and by detox I’m saying drink water and sweat. Easiest detox as long as you do it regularly.

  75. Sounds like you’re good to go. Clear stream is a great indicator. Drink and sweat.

  76. Champ Buddy on

    You are fine brother. I am 5 10 157 smoked HEAVY for 5 1/2 years with no days without smoke then BOOM got a fat job and had to take a drug test.. I only had 10 days to get clean.. long story short I went hard on natural detox (100% cran juice, workout, eat pure healthy foods) and now I have a job working at a potash mine at only 19 years of age. Just make sure not to workout the day before or of the test.

  77. I’ve smoke regularly in the past 4 months I stopped April 27 since then. I am 5’11 164. I have been working out and drinking plenty of water. Would I past my drug test this Friday?

  78. I have to see my pain management doctor in 9 days he told me last to stop smoking weed its been roughly 3 weeks I can’t use another person urine cause he is checking to see if I have my medication in my system any advice I’ve been smoking for 35 yrs this has never been an issue in the past I need my meds cause I am now disabled from a few injuries n surgeries but weed helps with pain and my anxiety any advise would greatly appreciated

  79. Okay, so it’s been about 10 days for me and I don’t smoke that often, just every 2 weeks I will for about 3-4 days and I’m not sure when I’m going in for my interview or when they will drug test me but it could be in the next few days or next week. I’m a 135 lb girl and 5’5. Please help lol

  80. It could interfere with your pH balance and make it seem suspicious. My advice is to drink plenty of water, take vitamin b-2 supplements, and exercise.

  81. Hey kyle, I’m a girl about 5’0 and like 105lbs and I’ve been smoking like at least 4blunts a day for the past like 3 years. May 16th was my first day clean and I haven’t smoked since then but my piss test is may 25th. I’ve been going to the sauna for the past 5 days about 45 minutes in there each day.. Do you think I’ll be clean for my test tomorrow?

  82. Ms.beautiful on

    I have drug test today and i smoked like a hour ago i want to get clean to pass it what can i do i got be there to take it at 5:30 pm

  83. I haven’t smoked in 5 weeks but I hardly drink water and I only drank cranberry juice once would I pass?

  84. I’m 28 years old, over weight at 265-270. Haven’t smoked in a couple months but had a hit off of a one hitter about a week and a half ago to help with knee and back pain. Been trying to drink a lot of water but soda is more my thing. Just had an interview today. Do you think I will be OK or should I just say screw it and have a friend pee for me? Also not 100% sure my friend would be available at the time, what is the longest pee would be OK for as long as I can get it back up to temperature?

    Another friend said tons of water and when I feel like I’m going to pop chug pickle juice pee, then fill up again on water and I should be fine with as little as I smoked

  85. hi I smoked on 4/20 and I failed a drug test last week, I’m 5’6 and 180 lbs just warning you guys, Arminians stays in your system for a LONG time :/

  86. I just ate a cookie and one brownie yesterday before a long flight. Just got a call for an interview I really want the job. I might have to drug test in 2 weeks. This is the first time having pot in my system for years. I am 5’7″ and weigh 135. I do workout so any tips?

  87. Hi im john and I am 6’2 and weigh about 176 lbs. I smoked on 4/20 and had about 3-4 hits of a blunt about 5 days ago. Do y’all think I will be alright if I get drug tested tomorrow and if not can you leave suggestions of what
    I need to do.

  88. Hey Kyle, Im 19 years old, 117lbs and I just took two hits of a small pipe 2 days ago, my drug test for my license is in 2 days? i don’t have a healthy life style, i sleep late like (2-3 am), i drink a lot of sting (pepsi product) my pee is rarely clear cos yeah, so always yellowish green to yellow, i dont eat at the right time, i have one meal after lunchtime and one meal after dinner, all heavy meals and i think my metabolism, cos i never get fat when i eat a big meal, so how fucked am I? and how naive am I?

  89. Hi I Hadn’t smoked in awhile but then for like a week and a half I smoked at work with a guy, now it’s been 6-7 days since I smoked and I’ve been drinking water and going to the bathroom probably 12-16 times a day. I really need this job offer, do you think I’ll pass?

  90. If you stop smoking now, exercise as much as you can, and flush your system between now and your drug test, 1-2 months should be enough time to pass. Try diuretics like pure cranberry juice and super b complex vitamins and avoid fatty foods to speed the clensing process up as much as possible. Good luck!

  91. I wouldnt make any guarantees, but you should be fine. The amount of time it takes your urine to be clean increases with the frequency you smoke, the amount you smoke, and your bodyfat percentage. An average weight daily smoker would want to wait 20 to 30 days usually to be safe. You are young, pretty thin/small, and only took one shotgun hit so as long as you keep flushing your system I think you can pass it. Try some cranberry juice too. Best of luck!

  92. Hey everybody, I smoke very very rarely and I have my first urine drug test coming up in two days. 5 days ago I took one shotgun hit. I am 19 years old, 118lbs. Do you think I will pass my test (test is 7 days after taking that 1 hit)? I am drinking a lot of water, my pee is completely clear and I ran a mile today, and i plan to work out tomorrow. Thanks

  93. Hector Farias on

    I was clean for about 5 1/2 months but before that I was an extremely heavy smoker. And I just started smoking again, it’s been about two weeks now. I’m expecting to take a drug test any where between 1-2 months from now. What can I do to get it all out of my system?

  94. Hello i need some advice on passing a pain management urine test. I stopped smoking on May 12. I have an appointment on June 1st. I need to take test at least 1 week before appointment. I am a middle aged woman 5’7″ and weigh 220 lbs i was an everyday smoker at least 4-5 bowls a day. If i fail it goes in medical file and i have medicare. I drink alot of water everyday and i take vitamins everyday. Thats my normal routine. I heard about Sure Jell and bought some along with THC drug tests. Do you think i will pass the test?

  95. I don’t smoke that much I smoked maybe 4 days ago and had to take a pre employment UA today.. My test had to be done by 10:08. I had this drink called 710 detox. I drank a gallon of water lastnight, got up around 6am and peed clear, went back to sleep got up peed maybe one more time went to sleep again..and woke up at 8:30. I took the 6 capsules, drank water with them, took the first drink, filled it back up with water, drank that.. Waited 15 minutes, drank the other drink, filled it back up and drank that. They say it takes an hour to work. I peed almost immediately and then went to go sit on my couch. I got up and peed twice and then around 9:45, I left to go take my test.. I did a midstream pee, and that was at about 10:15-10:20. The box says to pee atleast 3 or 4 times before test… My job will receive results in 48 to 72hours..Should I be fine?

  96. That’s like the old way to do it. Just drink a ton of water till ur diluted then use certoclear. I used it to get my gig. all good

  97. Nilson Edward Diaz on

    My friend is a regular smoker like everyday all day, she just started at a place I have been working at and they random us and she was picked so she deluted her system with cranberry pills, vitamin B , B12, her first test came back deluted and she had about a week to keep up with those pills till her next test which she passed, they do it twice with urine and then I heard if it’s too deluted again and that if the company wants they pay for blood testing after. Also people told me to take aspirin as well.

  98. What if your pre employment drug screening requires that they visually have to see you pee in the cup? Yay I know I am f*****!

  99. Francisco Monterrosa on

    I just got done taking a drug test that’s gonna be sent to a lab. Urine test. I smoke kinda regularly and been cutting down cuz im looking for a job. Last time I smoked was May 11th and it’s was two bowls with some friends so like 8 hits oe less. I workout kinda regularly and work in Construction so I sweat quite a bit when im at work. Before the test I drank a lot of water and drank Certos that a friend recommended to take b4 the test. I was instructed to give my 4th or 5th pee because it would be clear by then. I gave my third pee because it was already clear. The sample had a very light tint of pee. 99 percent clear. Do you guys think I will pass? I shitting balls right now.

  100. Jimmy Tocco on

    So i have been smoking between 1-3 times a week for the last year or so. When I smoke it is usually multiple times. I’m currently a week clean and i just have been informed I’ll have a test in the next week for a job I need. What would be my best option?

  101. ChillyReefa on

    I smoked 2 days ago, I have my drug test today but I’ve been drinking a lot of water and downing cranberry pills I’m down to 4 pills left out of the azo pack will I be good?

  102. Sorry but LMFAO at heyjoebear’s comments, too funny, in tears…great stuff !!!

  103. Hey I just found out that I have to take a drug test in 2 weeks and the last time I smoked was May 9th. I don’t smoke everyday I usually smoke 1-3 times a week and it’s usually just one blunt that me and 2 other friends share. I’m just really nervous cause this is my first time taking a drug test and I don’t wanna fail it. So any suggestions, any detoxing I should do?

  104. Also, buy a couple at home test and test yourself first void of the day to see where you stand.

  105. That’s tough. Had a buddy who is 6’1″ 160lbs barely any fat on his body. Was a regular smoker 3-5 bowls a day. Had two weeks before a pre employment UA.. He would sweat/some exersize and took cranberry pills and niacin pills.. He told me he would use his car as a sauna to sweat. Literally sit in his car for about a half hour with the heat cranked to the max with sweats and sweat shirt on.. Said it was rough.. But he sweat a lot from it. Three days before his UA he ate a lot of red meat to keep his creative levels up, the day of the test he drank a lot of water (a lot a lot a lot) and had a few b-complex vitamin pills to keep the color of his urine yellow. He ended up passing. We were both shocked. So it’s definitely possible IMO. Keep sweating/exercising, drinking water/tea/cranberry juice, and don’t smoke (obviously). Find a dilution method online similar to the one I just said. I don’t have too much detail about it because that’s all he really told me. But he said he passed so I think it’s worth a shot for you. Good luck to you. Hoping it all works out for you. I know how you’re feeling.

  106. That’s tough. Had a buddy who is 6’1″ 160lbs barely any fat on his body. Was a regular smoker 3-5 bowls a day. Had two weeks before a pre employment UA.. He would sweat/some exersize and took cranberry pills and niacin pills.. He told me he would use his car as a sauna to sweat. Literally sit in his car for about a half hour with the heat cranked to the max with sweats and sweat shirt on.. Said it was rough.. But he sweat a lot from it. Three days before his UA he ate a lot of red meat to keep his creative levels up, the day of the test he drank a lot of water (a lot a lot a lot) and had a few b-complex vitamin pills to keep the color of his urine yellow. He ended up passing. We were both shocked. So it’s definitely possible IMO. Keep sweating/exercising, drinking water/tea/cranberry juice, and don’t smoke (obviously). Find a dilution method online similar to the one I just said. I don’t have too much detail about it because that’s all he really told me. But he said he passed so I think it’s worth a shot for you. Good luck to you. Hoping it all works out for you. I know how you’re feeling.

  107. Hey I haven’t smoked since May 2nd I have a piss test around May 20th I’m a heavy smoker like 4 to 6 bowls a day and maybe a Dab or two I weigh about 175 lbs and have a physical labor job so I sweat a lot I also drink a lot of water will I be okay??

  108. Hey I haven’t smoke since May 2nd I was a heavy smoker make 3 to 6 bowls a day maybe a dab or two I have a piss test around May 20th I weigh 175 I drink lots of water and have a physical labor job so I sweat a lot will I be okay??

  109. So 32 days ago I took one hit from a one hitter and three weeks before that I split a (maybe half G) joint with two friends. And about 20 days before that I smoked for about a week straight. Got a UA this Thursday (may 12). I passed an at home test today with two bold lines.. Should I even be worried?

    6’0″ 235 lb. rode my bike for roughly 45 mins and sweat a lot for last two weeks.

  110. No way, 5-6 days is way to long to keep urine. I tried it before and it ends up separating into diff parts, liquids and some kind of white powder. If you cant get it fresh like a few hours b4 you need it, don’t use it. I read some where that you can freeze it and use it when you need it, but I’m not sure about that. The easiest way is to drink tons of water till ur diluted and then use a detox like certoclear or something. Its works for me.
    even using fake pee is to much of a hassle

  111. u better drink a gallon a day and if u can go to a local sauna it helps clear out toxins from ur body; running is also good.

  112. Orlando Alvarez on

    can one save clean urine in the fridge for let’s say 5-6 days then use that to pass marijuana urine text for pain management?

  113. Kevin James on

    Hey i haven’t smoked since April 20th I Drink A lot of water I Piss Every 25 Min It Seems Like I Have A Drug Screen On 9th of May I Was A Very Heavy Smoker 3 To 4 Blunts A Day I’ve Even Been Takin To Caps Of Vinegar ? a Day Do u Think I Could Pass I’m About 230 240 I’ve Been Running Sweating Im Just Not Sure What Do U Guys Think

  114. I smoked a joint with some friends Saturday night and worked out and drank a lot of water thought the week but had a drug test on Thursday? Am I most likely going to pass or fail?

  115. I got a drug test May 10th (probably) too. hahaha but I havent stoped smoking. Because I had to stop with rehab for a few months for probation. But no, i’m out of rehab and i’m still smoking. But idk if shes gonna drug test…. Hm, well I bought mega clean shit in rehab all the time. and it’s a hit or miss.. You gotta do extra stuff. Like exercise (not the day of or day before the test) take niacin or viatim b 12 too that will help a lot. If it’s a Lab test, you might be fucked boo. but it will be easy if its just a home test..

  116. If youre worried, drink some water and sweat. If youre overweight, drink more water and sweat more. 2 or 3 hits doesnt stay in your system very long.

  117. Hoover.Crip on

    I’m in the same situation mane. I stopped smokin last night & I have a urine test on the 16th of this month. Idk what the fuck to do. Its my first drug test. I smoke like 3-4 blunts maybe every other day basically.

  118. Kalininer08 on

    I stop smoking last thursday and drink water cranberry and etc.. bought the detox mega clean at 7.00am filled up with water drank 15 min later and went to pee like 2-3 times and 4th time took test like at 8:55 finish my physical test and just watting on results what do you guys think

  119. I just started smoking about a month/month and a half ago and I’m trying to get this new job.. how long should it take for it to be out of my urine? I only weigh 135 pounds and I only smoke about a bowl a day the days I’m off and when I work I only take a hit or 2 if any. Someone please help me I need this new job so I can get the hell out of the place I’m at now.

  120. Shes Beautiee Amerrose on

    I smoke daily about 3-4 blunts a day. Im taking a urine test on may 10th. I havent smoked since april 30th. If i drink lots of water everyday before the test will i pass it? What other ways do u suggest.

  121. i dont smoke weed often but monday may 3 i had 3 puffs of a joint, and i got a drug test coming up may 11 which is next week will i pass? what should i do any help is greatly appreciated

  122. Hey I’m really skeptical about these THC pills your talking about. How long before the test did you smoke? I’m starting a new job soon and trying to work out my options on how to approach it but could possibly have a drug test within the next week.

  123. The Friendly Stoner on

    My guess is you’ll be fine. If you are worried about I would do the following if you still have time: buy some creatine powder and vitamin B pills. Then drink tons of water the morning of while also taking vitamin B pills and a couple servings of the creatine powder. What this does is dilutes your pee so that the THC can’t be detected while at the same time keep your pee yellow (vitamin B) and the correct weight (creatine) so that they won’t know you diluted it.

  124. The Helpful Stoner on

    Buy some creatine powder and vitamin B pills. Then constantly drink tons of water daily while also taking vitamin B pills and a couple servings of the creatine powder a day. What this does is dilutes your pee so that the THC can’t be detected while at the same time keep your pee yellow (vitamin B) and the correct weight (creatine). It sounds like it is an in home test which means you probably won’t have to do the creatine (labs will reject a sample if it is way too diluted hence the need for the creatine to make sure it’s a normal weight) but I would still recommend the vitamin B. If it’s in home testing you’ll be fine if you drink a lot of water those things don’t test very well

  125. Megghan Lewis on

    Can’t do the fake/clean piss my PO doesn’t watch me but the other female PO watches like a hawk. Monday she moved to get a better look claiming my hand was blocking her view. Guess that is Marion County for you. I have failed two drug tests and now the A&D assesment social worker is getting involved and I HAVE TO PISS CLEAN June 6th. Or it’s good bye for 3yrs (and possibly lose my son)

  126. Hey i smoked 2 and a half joints 10 days ago and i got a pre employment test coming up tomorrow, will i be ok? Its a urine test. I havent smoked since and ive been working and eating and drinking well during.

  127. If it’s a urine test then no (unfortunately) with a saliva test it would still be close but you may with any luck pass it.

  128. Hannah- Rene Stout on

    im a pretty regular smoker and always have been (2-4 bowls a day) i smoked yesterday and have a test for a job on may 6th. will i pass it??

  129. Vanessa sanchez on

    So I have passed a hair follicle test wash your hair with vinegar or astringent to open the pores, t-sal dandruff shampoo, several times and finish off with tide it’s going to burn the shit out of your hair so finish off with a hot oil treatment or a hair mask. Worked like a charm…it was a court ordered test with a history of coke, acid, marijuana, and extacy. Good luck, you can do it!

  130. If you follow the steps exactly it does. I’m a contractor and every single job I have to do a pre access test which is a urine sample and the maximum ammount for us in canada is 15ng/ml. You basically just dilute the sample and draw clean water out of your kidneys/muscles. Thc is stored in your fat cells. You’re only clean for that day and only after you pee a few times

  131. I passed the urine test

    Everyday I drank 1/2 a gallon of water and 100% pure cranberry juice (no added juices) for a week and only ate 1 banana a day and 1-2 chicken breasts a day with a side of vegetable.

    I also had a THC pill I bought on passyourtest.com (you have 6 every morning and 6 every evening for 5 days) I forgot the product name but you can easily find it

  132. It’s like when a judge askes you how much could you pay a month you know theres leeway time and everything I may pay it in one wop $580 for stepping in my neighbor’s yard…ha ha TN

  133. I like this because I was a law dog when I was in SPSM and others 7 sessions, I have a semi masters in common law, and the identidy movement out west, where you drive a car if yopu can afford one. A license according to Blacksyone 1834-5-6 is official permission to break the standing law. This makes everything illegal you see; so the Harrison Act 114, putting goernment in care of the most beneficial drugs known to mankind to easing human suffering out of the hands of trained people (DR—NP—MD} should be a puzzle for any American

  134. Certo and over canning products for making home made jelly (certo is
    pectin; and I’ve never been certain what the chemial theory for fooling a
    drug test is; my thing is a new pain management doc in TN where I go
    tomorrow; I just couldn’t resist the free super-bomb homegrown so I’m a
    kite; i will smuggle in my (prejoint) own piss suspendeg by a reliable cord from
    my elastic top boxer briefs (light blue) so I can nestle it between my
    leg and the newly showered privates, perfect 98 point 6; they still
    don’t spy when you piuss outside of AW ENFORCEMENT SETTINGS, va ON’T
    CARE ABOUT WEED IN ca, co, mi, wa, dc, ny, detroit, BUT COUNTRY BOYS AND

  135. Morning of your test mix two scoops of creatine and drink about two litres of water. Half galleon for my American friends. And take two multi vitamins. Piss at least two times three would be better. Fourth and fifth will be clean water. Thc doesn’t dissolve in water so It will not be carried through your system. If you have a hemp shop go in there and ask for one of the drinks read the ingredients all it is is creatine and vitamins. It works and is cheaper than the drink which is like $60 or so

  136. I have smoked about once a week for the last 29 days. Prior to that daily and a llot I smoked loud 2 days ago (23rd) but other than that a joint or bowl of mids once a week for the last month. I drug test on the 28th. I’m 5’5″ 130 female. If I drink tons of water can I piss clean in 5 days? Should I get certo and where from? Is it in the jelllo area at grocery store?

  137. You can get your friends clean pee,but it needs to be fresh unless ur going to put in the fridge,use the bigger visne bottles, that way u can quickly squirt it in the test bottle.careful tho,I done it once the the friend has lied an he was dirty also lol

  138. Garth Hansen on

    Need advice been on probation over 3 years n they just extended me again really just to smoke a bowl 4 5 days a week anyone have advice my tests are random Monday through Friday between 5 n 8 am I’m 6’2 300lbs chunky fella any drinks vitamins to clean me up within a couple hours? E-mail gehansen89@gmail.com any advice is appreciated

  139. Everyday smoker is the toughest to get cleaned, you might could get away with smoking then waiting 4 or 5 clean days,but you’ll need to hydrate serious amount,but I would atleast wait 4 clean days between,so it would be puff,pass,pass,pass,pass,puff blaha

  140. Shave lol,jk.idk bra,hair is the toughest to get around,if you find a way let me know

  141. It matters how much time you have before taking it,if you have 4 or 5 days then drink as much water as you can and some prune juice would help too,some people have said to have luck with certo,a jello like drink you can buy at the store,they say drink it 5 hours before taking the test but I I’ve never used it. I’m kinda heavy and middle aged and a lot of water and 7 days and I always pass,I even pass d one once with only 3 days so don’t panic and try to go the rest room asap,gl brittj

  142. I smoked last 21 days ago. I shared a blunt with my friend for her birthday. I am not a frequent smoker and probably have smoked 2-3 times in the past two months. I have a pre employment drug test tomorrow. I took an at home drug test and it was negative, but it was very faint. I’m 5’5 170 pounds. Don’t workout. Female. Is there a chance that if the line is faint they will send it off for further testing? Also why did this strip turn purple and the rest were white? Any advice would be appreciated!

  143. I have a test on Friday, and I just found this out after celebrating my first bowl for 4/20, how do I pass? I have no friends that are clean either. :( Will one of those drinks help me?? Please help!! Need this job!!

  144. Yea I did actually. It was weird. I went in through a temp hiring agency. on 4/18 I went to turn in my application. They told me I would have 24 hours after that to report to a LabCorp and get tested. These F****ers tested me on the spot. If I was to have gone the synthetic route, I would have been screwed.

    All of this for smoking a little plant on my bachelor party. Give me a touchin’ break.

  145. I passed !!, I’m have been an everyday smoker for years, but stopped last week because I knew I was going to get tested. I knew that a week wasn’t enough time so I drank alot of water and exercised. To be sure I used these packets of Certoclear that a friend used to pass.

  146. Marijuana in the first has never properly.been illegal.everyone has heard of the Alamo. The long and short stories are the same so I will go with the short version. All states never did ratify the law. So if you know how ya can never be busted for having any amount.Please before ya bomb me . look up State national instead of u.s. citizen.The cops in my state do not even bother to stop me anymore. As far as drug test I have always declined them and 99 percent of the time got the job. Questions on how to beat the law in any state for Marijuana use. Ryoufin57@gmail.com

  147. Drink as much water as possible before the test. Drinking water will dilute any substances in your pee. They’ll prolly catch that and ask for a retest but itll buy you some time.

  148. I haven’t smoked in a 1-1/2 yr up until about 3 weeks ago and I’m going to have to take a hair follicle a few days and I don’t have the money for the shampoo, is there anything remedies or a cheaper way than buying the expensive shampoo?

  149. I’ve been smoking weed for a year now I got caught and now i have to take a drug test and they will have to search me how do I pass this test bc if I don’t I’m gonna have probation for a year with having to take mutiple drug tests a month somebody please help me what I can do?

  150. Took 2 hits out of a bowl march 29, april 1, and 2. first time smoking in a year. i have a drug test 4/19. Will i pass?

  151. Forgot to mention, the sub piss will be held in a plastic container with hot hands wrapped around it in my crotch. Still won’t work?

  152. Forgot to mention, the sub piss will be held in a small plastic container with hot hands wrapped around it in my crotch area, will it still not work?

  153. you could just drink a shit ton of water 1-3 days and the day you have the test eat some vitiamin B for colour. The vitamin B is for your piss to have coulour because diluted piss is clear…. if it is clear they might test it to see if you diluted it. ( google it as i did)

  154. yes hi im 16 years old and i smoke pot 3 to 4 times a week(sometimes more or couple a times a day) my mom found out so she is going to give me randome tests in 4 weeks. So i do not know when she is going give them to me. its been a week now and i took a couple of hits.i do not wish to stop smoking so i need some advice. I have a couple of ideas how to trick her,

    1. she will be standing there but i will ask her to turn around beause i cant pee if someone is looking if this works i can have my friends piss or my diluted and coloured piss in a bag or something and “pee” in the cup with that ( i dont know if this will work … need some help to improve this plan)

    2. because i dont know when she is going to give me the test i might just drik alot of water every day but i dont know if this work so i have a question…. can i smoke pot and drink a lot of water the next 3 days so my piss is diluted and reapet that over and over (so i will smoke pot 1 day then the next 2 days drink a lot of water if she gives me the test then smoke angain and do the same)

    any advice will help

  155. I have been smoking wax almost every day for over a year and I am at the point where I take two to four dabs a session regularly and I have to take a drug test to continue my ADHD prescription in a week. I don’t think I can simply bring someone else’s urine to a doctors office, are there any detoxes that could get rid of an extremely high concentration of THC?

  156. I’m wondering if you could surpass the temperature strip on the cup by pissing in the cup with your own urine, getting the right temperature then subbing in the clean sample. Please respond quick as I am going to take this drug test soon.

  157. Cathy Thornton on

    Dude heroine is some of the worst shit you can do to your self . weed is one thing . but heroine wtf . if i were your employer i could hang with the weed but heroin ugh. I seen some one having with drawals and was stiff could barely walk and was in so much pain she could hardly stand it.it looked like her body was shutting down. On top of that the methadone they give you to quit heroine is more addicting then the drug its self

  158. Tetras unicorn on

    Drink so much water so your urine is clear wait 20 mins before peeing for it to kick in (must do at time of test). Or buy Ural alkalinizers from pharmacy. Mix a sachet in cup of water a drink not the greatest taste in the world but its fine. Takes 2 days to work so be sure to do on the 10th. Or your can empty half a sachet in ur urine however I haven’t tested that one yet but heard it works.

  159. I usually take a hit or two everyday, but haven’t smoked in 3 days, i weigh 106lbs. my test is on the 6th. what do i do? I’ve been drinking water and green tea by the gallon and am constantly sweating, will i pass by just doing this?

  160. GypsyPirate0fLove on

    It was rescheduled … I attempted to stop smoking because of this … I seriously get so sick though. It’s really hard to go longer than a couple days

  161. Kimberly Goerner on

    I have to check in on the 12th of this month I took 6 hits yesterday this is the first time I have smoked in 5 months how can I pass my test?

  162. BabyIcee Marié on

    I have a drug test for probation in about 5 days, I haven’t smoked in at least 2weeks and have been drinking half a gallon of water a day and takin b12 vitamins. Do ya think il pass the test and is there any other tricks I can do to help me?

  163. I stand behind that certoclear stuff, everyone I know so far has been passing with it. 2 packets in a gallon of water before the test.

  164. I’m a female that is a very heavy smoker and have a observed test in 8 hours……HELP ANY SUGGESTIONS LOL!!!! Mary Jane that is

  165. I don’t think heroin lasts in your system for more than a week or so, but weed can stay in your system for 3 months. Best bet is to look for this stuff called certoclear, me and a couple of friends used it and passed UA for a job. I only smoke weed, but this other dude smokes weed and occasionally pops pills and it worked for him.

  166. 100% I know a couple other people that have used it and they all passed so far. I think the key is to use 2 packets in 1 gallon of water and just start drinking it an hour or 2 before the test. I pee’d like 3-4x before I got to the clinic and gave them a sample.

  167. U didn’t properly follow instructions it’s 2 packs and a gallon of water. That stuff works even tried it a couple in my home lab and i’m a heavy smoker

  168. Did that powered really work? I smoke like 2 times a day and stopping now. Have a test in about a week . Just wondering if I get that powder do you think il be good to go ?

  169. Mohamed Fazlan on

    Hi i was use heroin 10 time in my life and i was use marjuwana some of time last i was use heroin 3 day ago and marujuwana 5 day ago i have good job in my hand i want to go medical test from urine for drag profile test how long after i will pass in medacl test and how long after i will get negative results

  170. GypsyPirate0fLove on

    I have three days .. it just got sprung on me I smoke daily and grow and handle excessive amounts daily … I got pulled over and they found 8 grams and put me on probation. .. I will be searched I will be watched … I have considered attempting a vape juice bottle inside of me , however it’s risky for two reasons I could get caught or the other persons pee could fail me .. yes trust issues are real .. single mom of an 8 year old just trying to not go to jail for smoking weed and it sucks I’m kinda worried … any suggestions?

  171. This is actually how I’ve passed every drug test I have taking over the last ten years. I have gotten some great jobs by doing exactly what you said. Condom and nail clipper with clean urine from a frieND who does not use. I’m taking a hair, urine and blood test tomorrow. I can find a clean friend and use their urine.. so.. if I pass the urine test but it shows up in blood or hair. What would they think? I know it will be in my blood. I smoke marijuana constantly through out the day.ha probably that I just drank lots of water or something? Or will they think I’m trying to fool them since it’s in my blood but not urine?

  172. OK so I have never smoked a joint and never do any pot or anything ever. I’m currently taking prescribed methadone for severe neuropathy in my feet and legs from diabetes. Almost a week ago I was in a lot of pain so a friend gave me two small jolly rancher type candies that had pot in them. I ate both pieces that night. Like I said, it was late last Saturday night when I ate them, so not quite a week ago. My dr called and left a message for me to call back today. I just know they’re going to tell me to go up and get a pill count and urine test. I’m scared and freaking the hell out as I’m so worried that the pot will show up in my urine. Like I said I have never even held a joint in my hand let alone smoke one and have never ever in my life done any drugs what so ever, I smoke cigarettes and take meds as prescribed. Any answers or suggestions or comments or advice would be a great help. Please respond ASAP if you can. Thanks.

  173. If you smoked for a week straight you are a heavy smoker. It takes 3 weeks to clear one time use, 3 months to clear regular use, that’s you. You going to need to use a detox, or drink toons of water and cross your fingers. I just passed with that powder “mwhit1” mentioned in the bellow comment

  174. Shantel Roseboro on

    I smoked on the 6th of last week I have to take a test tomorrow I’m 5’4 and weight like 250 u am drinking alot of water and cranberry juice I have no money right now so buying anything is out of the question any home remedies please help me pass this test natural remedies only please

  175. I have a lab test tomorrow and haven’t smoked in 6 days. I didn’t smoke for 6 months but then smoked for a week straight because it was spring break. Since I am not a heavy smoker do you think I am clean already?

  176. I smoke everyday for about 3 years weigh 240 smoked liked 3-4 times a day how long until I pass a drug test please help learned my lesson never smoking again PLEASE HELP and I’m 5″9 stopped smoking January 3 failed a test 2 weeks ago

  177. just a day or 2 before. I smoke on the regular at least once a day. I had an interview then got called in for the pee test. My boy had ordered it online and had it on hand. Gave me the 2 packets I dumped it into a gallon of water and I drank it the morning of the test. It taste like fruit punch! but, Dude that stuff really works. If you get it and pass spread the word.

  178. when was the last time you had toked up before the test? im curious so i know when to stop and if its worth purchasing the certoclear

  179. Not entirely true, I have friends who keep it in the fridge or freezer until the day of their tests who have always passed

  180. I used CertoClear and passed, took the advice from the comment that the mods here deleted for some reason. I put 2 packets of certoclear in a gallon of water and drank it like an hour or 2 before the screening. Its on amazon or on CertoClear dot com. And if you guys (Mods Here) really were concerned about passing the drug screening, you wouldn’t delete good advice.

  181. You could sit in the same room with him every time he smokes and it still wouldn’t be detectable unless you smoked it yourself…. so, no excuse there if your test is positive

  182. Sounds like a very stressful situation, and you have obviously put a lot of thought into it. Your comment reminded me of what a friend of mine (with a government job that randomly tests) has used at times… Basically he just gets an IV bag, fills it with the urine to be substituted, tapes it to himself, and then runs the tubing down to the fly on his jeans.

    It looks perfectly normal. He simply unclips the line when he unzips his jeans, then reclips it when the cup is full…. no muss, no fuss. I don’t know if they even check the temperature since the bathroom door is open & they assume they’ve just watched a fresh sample being collected.

  183. Can I ask , I smoked maby 2 years ago but last vryday I only took one pull while my friend was smoking and I have medical tomorrow, do you think I will pass? ? Because I never smoke?

  184. Hot pregnant wife on

    Im sharing because the comments ive read here and elsewhere saved us. We are married, my husband was laid off in August 2015, we have a baby and I am due in 2 months. Our unemployment ran out this week

    My husband had to pass a dt yesterday. He was a daily smoker he slowed down 3 months ago to a couple times a week and then quit two weeks prior to getting the offer. We had 10 days. He tried a hardcore ALL FIBER diet, WITH SUPPLIMENTS. Ddetox tea and drinks, so much water and 5 times a day in our sauna. After five days he was still positive, even if he tested negative, we were concerned. So we had to replan for substitution. Though he kept the detox going. On the day of the test he still tested positive with a light control liine. No bueno.

    it was a basic ecup test, not dot.

    He substituted clean urine. I wouldn’t rely on detox.

    How we substituted. I got clean male pee the night before in a glass jar, though I’ve heard it’s illeagal to test hormones, I’m still pregnant and didn’t want to take a chance. Refrigerated overnight.

    I bought a 3oz lotion tube at walmart, handwarmers and a temperature strip online, rubberbands, and a baby bottle warmer for the car (kept the receipt and returned it.. said it broke). We brought two thermometers to confirm the temperature. He wore a pair of my spandex shorts to be sure it wouldn’t go anywhere.

    The baby bottle warmer got the temp up to 106, so be aware. It gets hot. The temp should ideally be between 94 and 100 but you can pass 90 to 100.

    It was an hour door to door.

    We had to sit let it cool down in the parking lot next door. Checked with both thermometers until it was a hundred. Rubber banded the hand warmer to the pee, wrapped it in papertowel, and sent I’m in.

    They handed him an ecup, he went in a private bathroom and (having practiced) was able to quietly open the lotion bottle and empty the cotents. Checked the temp strip, swirled it a bit to cool down, peed for real and handed the sample.

    The woman looked at it, nodded and he left.

    He passed. Has a brand new job.

    Originally he was going to use a Scrunchie to strap it on, but we didn’t think he would be observed.

    I recommend wearing a belt that makes a little noise and jiggle it if you need to cover up the sound of opening the top. If your eine observed, don’t close it, it makes a snap sound. Use the papertowel to prevent dripping.

    Having someone with you does a lot to keep you calm and help you measure temps. You can do it on your on though. We were sick with worry but it went very smoothly because we practiced alot and ironed out all the problems.

    Practice in the car with the warmer, heating up and cooling down. Practice opening and closing quietly. Practice walking around with it in your pants, that’s how we knew boxer briefs were not enough. We had a lot of trial and error. Just wanted to share a passed test in 2016.

  185. How much gets into your system if you can smell it but not actually use it. Have a neighbor in the next apt who tokes up a few times a week and the building reeks of it. I wouldn’t mind but I’m in between jobs and don’t like the idea of getting blacklisted as a pothead over a bum test.

  186. Wikkid Lette on

    My boyfriend has always used fruit pectin, a large amount of gatorade and water which has to be drank in a specific order within so many hours of the test. When I googled fruit pectin to pass a drug test I found several links. I honestly don’t know if it works for women as well. I just haven’t seen any posts on fruit pectin. I’m going to be trying it myself and then testing at home. We are both heavy smokers, me for the last 5 years, him for 10+.

  187. I failed a drug test on Jan. 25, after not smoking from Jan. 13 to that date. Daily user for years, plus quite a few light-ups on weekends, high-quality (no pun intended). I was using Sonne’s 7 detox for a couple of weeks, trying to clean up for the test, before a bacterial infection in my stomach caused me to stop it out of concern for my overall health.

    I spoke with the MRO. who ran the test, he told me my level was 39 over the 15 they look for, and this was after nearly 3 weeks of abstinence. After failing the initial test, I spoke with my new employer, who was understanding and agreed to give me until the end of March, and then try again. That will put me at about 11 weeks of no smoke, lots of green tea, cranberry juice, healthy food, lemon juice, coconut water, etc. From what I’ve read, 11 weeks is the amount of time required for THC to leave the system, but it’s cutting it close! Also, as of Feb. 26 I have been on 3,000 milligrams of antibiotics for the bacterial infection. I am very concerned about the outcome, and worried about the antibiotics. I have no idea if they will hinder the exit of THC from my body and I have another 9 days to go on them.

    Can anyone offer advice on anything else I can do, and whether or not the meds will affect the outcome in a bad way? I’m very anxious; keeping the job means whether I keep my home or not – it’s beyond crucial that I pass…. Thanks for any suggestions/advice you can give.

  188. I keep posting but it keeps disappearing – can someone please tell me if my post isn’t being approved (I’m following the rules), or if I’m doing something wrong?

  189. I failed a drug test on Jan. 25, after not smoking from Jan. 13 to that date. Daily user for years, plus quite a few light-ups on weekends, high-quality (no pun intended). I was using Sonne’s 7 detox for a couple of weeks, trying to clean up for the test, before a bacterial infection in my stomach caused me to stop it out of concern for my overall health. I spoke with the MRO. who ran the test, he told me my level was 39 over the 15 they look for, and this was after nearly 3 weeks of abstinence. After failing the initial test, I spoke with my new employer, who was understanding and agreed to give me until the end of March, and then try again. That will put me at about 11 weeks of no smoke, lots of green tea, cranberry juice, healthy food, lemon juice, coconut water, etc. From what I’ve read, 11 weeks is the amount of time required for THC to leave the system, but it’s cutting it close! Also, as of Feb. 26 I have been on 3,000 milligrams of antibiotics for the aforementioned bacterial infection. I am very concerned about the outcome, and worried about the antibiotics. I have no idea if they will hinder the exit of THC from my body and I have another 9 days to go on them. I’m considering buying a drugstore at-home test to see how that does or going to a lab and having a test run on myself before the “real” test at the end of this month. Can anyone offer advice on anything else I can do, and whether or not the meds will affect the outcome in a bad way? I’m very anxious and worried; keeping the job means whether I keep my home or not – it’s beyond crucial that I pass…. Thanks for any suggestions/advice you can give.

  190. So I stopped smoking like last Thursday. However I took a gravity bong hit on Saturday night. I took 2 days of the 7day cleansing pills from GMC day and night before Saturday . After I smoked on Saturday I took the leftover packets I had from the cleansing pills the PM ones for 2 days after. I’ve been drinking water & im like 5’1 barley weighing 115lbs… I went to a drug test yesterday. 2/26/2016… I’ve been drinking beers & peeing like crazy. I took 3 cranberry pills & 2 vitamin b complex pills day of the test… I peed barely enough & had to use everything I was able to give… do I have a chance of passing? Or should I kiss the job goodbye ?

  191. Peter Martinez on

    A lot of water n lasix water pills always seem to work for me. I’m also a very heavy smoker . I stop smoking completely a day before.

  192. he,y I smoke 4-5 times a week, last I smoked 3 grams on the 6th of February and have blood and urine test on the 2nd of march.I have done a lot of exercise in the time being.I am quite nervous and i have another six days to go any advice/help ?

  193. Depends how much you’ve smoked & what kind of detox drink & what type of drug test(pre-employment or court ordered). I smoked about 3grams of 21.04% thc Blue dream between February 7th- February 9th @10:00pm & drank some Total Stealth Detox drink then took a pre-employmemt u/a on February 18th @11:38am. I found out on February 22nd @3:00pm that i passed. I didn’t really work out but instead of catching the bus I would walk to my destination and i stopped smoking & drank alot of water, green tea & coffee throughout the day.

  194. This job isnt jimmy johns is it? Im in the same boat! One little forum post said that managers got tested once a month but he worked for corporate and the branch i just got hired to is franchise.. Which most of the research i have done for franchise locals do *not* test. However some companies require tests if any sort of injury occurs: which causes for that specific clause on the application/contract.

  195. I’ve only ever taken two pre-employment drug tests (done at a lab place) and both times they did not watch me pee. They did make me wash my hands before I went into the stall. I only had to leave my purse, coat and scarf outside the room and no one patted me down or anything.

  196. I PASSED! I’m a 45 year old female, weigh 140 pounds and am 5’1. I smoked daily for a very long time (over a decade or so) with rarely a day off but I usually only take 1-2 hits a day of high potent goods. I had 7 days to prepare for a drug test for a new job. Here’s what I did 1). Drank at least 80 oz of water a day; 2) drank Yogi detox tea about three a day along with green tea, coffee, cranberry juice and Gatorade; 3). Took AZA and Midol daily; 4) Took Women’s one a day and one vitamin B complex with electrolytes a day; 5) worked out by jumping rope to work up a sweat for about 45-60 minutes a day up to 2 days before day of test; 6) refrained from ALL carbs, fatty foods, junk food, soda, salt; only ate lean protein and green vegetables; 7) prayed to the herb Gods; 8) day of test went in mid afternoon after peeing about 10 times earlier that day, drank about 40 oz. of water took 5 aspirin 4.5 hours prior to test and gave a mid-stream sample. I passed home tests day before and day of test. It was a long 7 day detox/cleanse but it worked. Even though I don’t smoke large quantities daily, as I said I smoked daily for years….I hope this information can help someone!! Good luck!

  197. I’m 107 pounds and 5’1 I Bought a detox drink and want to know if I will pass a preemployment drug test at a lab. Been off of it for 6 days I also workout 5 days a week and drink a lot of water. Plz respond

  198. I need to pass a drug test in about two days bc some zip shot for caught smoking pot today so I have 2 days to get it out of my system or I’m fucking fired.

  199. Manuel Rodriguez on

    Hey i smoked last thurday and i dont useually im6-2 and weight 155 well it still be in my systeam

  200. If u dont use any detox stuff it will stay 30 days at least ….once I stopped for a month and half…still was positive in urine in lab testing

  201. Yea mine isnt as easy. Also i havent heard back yet. Today should be the decision day. Im a bit nervous

  202. I called the guy interviewing me a few minutes ago. He was cool about the situation and thanked me for my honesty. I told him that I don’t do anything illegal in my state, or in the states I would be working in if I got the job (OR & WA). I also told him I could refrain and pass an initial test but I need a month to study. He said he didn’t have an issue with it but it is the companies decision. He still wants to continue to process tomorrow with the interview and test (skills test).

  203. I have a hair follicle drug test coming up for a new job and I don’t smoke weed at all but about a month ago (could kick myself in the ass now) I tried a couple of edibles (cookies) got a body buzz and haven’t done it since.
    I see a lot about urine tests but very little about hair testing. Has anyone gone through the HireRight hair drug testing process and if so what did you do to make sure you passed? Thanks in advance!

  204. I have a hair follicle drug test coming up for a new job and I don’t smoke weed at all but about a month ago (could kick myself in the ass now) I tried a couple of edibles (cookies) got a body buzz and haven’t done it since.
    I see a lot about urine tests but very little about hair testing. Has anyone gone through the HireRight hair drug testing process and if so what did you do to make sure you passed?

  205. I will let you know as soon as i find out which should be today or tomorrow. From Saturday to Monday i drank about 15 booties of water, 4 cups of coffee and 2 20 oz red bulls so I’m hoping it flushed my system enough. Just because it’s a legal state doesn’t mean the employer has to hire a pot smoker which is stupid. I’d hire a pothead in a heartbeat.

  206. How did it end up? I am in a similar situation. Applied for a job that had nothing on the posting about a drug test then its on the application. I am torn on what to do.
    I am not sure if it’s just a pre-employment screening or on going. Nor do I know the type of test. I have the second interview in 2 days. I am tempted to talk about it with the manager since I live in a legal state.

  207. Nikolai Kalinovski on

    I think the best way to think of it is that you don’t want to depend on them. I’m subject to random tests, so I don’t smoke nearly as often as I used to, so they’ll work for me. For you they won’t since you smoke so often.

  208. I have a drug test monday. I stopped smoking on jan 12 and i took two in home tests today, the first one i took right when i woke up, i failed. I took the second one about an hr ago and there may have been a faint line. I decided that was a fail. In the past hour i drank 3 bottles of water and i will be drinking water every day until monday when i have coffee and water and red bull. Do you guys think i have a good chance of passing? Its for a job. I’m a vet with ptsd and use it for my nightmares. It sucks that i am having anxiety about whether or not ill pass.

  209. Hi I am a heavy smoker I guess…I smoke daily but only a bowl or two at night to help me sleep. I have a drug test coming up on the 16th of February and I am about 5′ and 180. I know in high school it was out of my system when I was a regular user in about 1 week, but I was also skinnier and it was before having kids. Any advice on how to pass? It is for the courts. Thanks

  210. _XxShaa.reese'xX♥ on

    Drink 10 fish oil pills. And drink ALOT of water and coconut water ( if accessible) and night before drink black coffee and morning of test pee first and drink more coffee. Lol i know it sounds weird but us here in the Caribbean have to often improvise!

  211. I’m 5’3 and 105 pounds , I’ve been smoking everyday for the last 5 years and need a drug test this week! Will detox drinks work?

  212. Hi I need to pass a urine drug test in 2 weeks, I am 5’4 140lbs and smoke everyday I thought I had more time and the surprised me with it being sooner, is there any cleanse or detox that can clean my system out quickly? Thank you!

  213. I smoke about half a joint sometimes a whole joint(.3grams aprox for a joint) I smoked my last joint on Friday night and have a drug test Tuesday at 2pm. I am 43 male 6ft1 and aprox 235 lbs. I have been drinking water like crazy and going pee aprox every hour. Should I be safe for pre employment drug screening??? I have purchased Strip Natural Cleanser but have not used yet as I am getting very mixed messages about its reliability. Please help me

  214. 40 and worried on

    Thank you for the reply Leeroy, I thought I’d follow up finally. I couldn’t risk not passing for employment and facing thousands of dollar in clawbacks for insurance coverage while I was out. QuickFixPlus, a microwave, and stuffing all of it under my junk with new tight fitting boxer briefs ,and I was good for the 5 hours from leaving the house until finally, nervously, taking the test.

    Sidenote I tested clean Nov.30th at the 20ng level, using my home tests.
    So about 60 days for me to be at that level. I’m 5’9″ 200# for reference.

  215. Hello friends.
    I am a light recreational smoker,

    I might have a screening at work next week on either mon/tue/wed .

    this December15/ January16 timeframe I smoked marijuana after a break for about 5 months. I usually buy 1 gram of weed on friday, and smoke it over the weekend and stop on sunday night. I smoked about 5 grams over 6 weeks with a break for few days in between.
    My last gram was last weekend, but i smoked a pinch over tuesday evening.

    I took two home test two days ago and most likely failed (although one had a very thin line).

    I looked up online resources and I have been doing the following:
    since last two days ago I drank as much as water I could, no food, and some creatine to flush out kidney.

    I workout regularly for an hour, (5.10 192lbs), since last two days I have been working out twice for 1.5 hrs session each (20 min of cardio, with 10 mins in the sauna, 3 sessions). I am drinking diet cranberry (ocean spray), and have been drinking a lot of water with soluble fiber. Detox green tea (yogi and green jasmin), and taking green tea extract pills. For food I am only eating lightly cooked broccoli and spinach to get more fiber in the system and taking two multi vitamins every night.

    Monday morning I intend to take another home test, get overnight urine out of my system and then drink water cranberry juice, creatine suppliment and two pills of multi vitamin, and go to work anticipating a test, if not selected, i will workout at night again, and then do the same in the morning.

    Any suggestions, advice, or recommendations to try and pass the test would be very helpful. thanks in advance


  216. Honesty “DrugTestDave” you’re running a business off fear. I don’t think any amount of shampoo will work. It’s time that needs to pass. But then again if you’re hell a desperate to try a fake shampoo. Hey go for it! I rather just fail then, both fail and be broke.

  217. Hello,
    I’ve smoke every two days and I have a drug test in 7 days. What are so products I can buy in order to get clean as fast as possible!

  218. Hello I smoked a joint about 3 days ago and totally forgot about my drug test which is tomorrow. Is there any way I could still pass?

  219. I did an at home test last night and failed it. :-( Im on day 6 of 10 on the detox as of today. So Im hoping by this weekend I’ll pass. Any other suggestions of what I can do?

  220. There are hair detox shampoos that will cleanse your hair of THC. If you want to cleanse your entire body hair, blood and urine of THC you have use a blood and urine cleanser first and then apply the hair shampoo so that your hair is not re-introduced to toxins by your blood. To learn more check out http://passyourtest.com/complete.html

  221. That is usually the case – you can always purchase a different kind of test to see if it shows negative as well. If you were a heavy smoker or have high body fat toxins can stay in your system as long as 16 weeks when naturally cleansing.

  222. Hi I have a question I drink to a lot of water and I walk a lot but I have given up smoking about 1month ago but have only had that one casual puff would I fail a drug test?? And how long dose it take to completely leave your system until your clean?

  223. The product definitely works and comes with a full guarantee. If you any have questions about the product itself, success rate or the phone support that comes their products just give PassYourTest.com a call 1-877-247-1354

  224. Cesar Arrascue on

    i havent smoked in one year i want to know if i smoke just little bit how long will it last in my system or is there anyway to pass a drug test

  225. Does this Super Clean P really work…? it’s pretty expensive I don’t just want to waste my money. anyone that has used it please let me know, I’m getting tested in 6 days

  226. Hi my name is Nathan I smoked one tiny dab two days ago and have to take a drug test tomorrow! I’m worried that since it was a dab it will take longer then normal weed! Because it’s so concentrated, I have passed before in three days but I’m freaking out right now!

  227. Hey all! Need some advice. Will probably need to take a urine test 10 days from now. I have abstained for 28 days today and took this. Wasn’t the first void, but was darker than what I usually pee during the day. Two pictures are attached showing a very faint line, which wasn’t showing a week ago. The directions say any line, regardless of intensity should be considered a negative at the 50ng mark. does anyone have any input about interpreting this test and how I should feel 10 days from now. Thank you!!!

  228. I’ve gone from smoking almost daily to twice in the last month, most recently about 1 1/2 weeks ago.. I know it typically takes 30 days to cleanse naturally but I’ve been trying to slowly cleanse with niacin daily and I’m in a bit of a pinch now. If I were to purchase a detox kit would anyone have any feedback as far as success? I’m 5″5 and 130 lbs…

  229. I find it stupid that us smokers are getting profiled when marijuana is a lot safe than any drug or alcohol, but its ok if you drink your drug…fucking hypocrites..

  230. Yes if you get the urine that day it will still work by night time but it has to be warm! I know people who have kept urine for months and it still worked.

  231. You could do that or you can purchase the Super Clean P product from http://www.passyourtest.com . This product clears your system out for up to 4 hours, giving you a period of time where you can pass a test. Take this product about an hour before the test as well. If this test is very important that you pass, then I would recommend buying this product.

  232. I think it it will take around a month before you get clear! But to speed up the process you can exercise and drink a ton of water!

  233. I am a 32 year old 6 foot female who weighs 194 pounds. I have been a daily smoker for 4 years. i lost my job this past saturday. I havent smoked since Ive been drinking a TON of water and bought a detox kit. Any suggestions to clear my system quickly? i need a new job badly

  234. how long is someone elses urine good for. If I get it in the Am will it still be good at 5pm if kept warm?

  235. Obviously this is your little business, this weedblog. I mean I actually like it, it’s just strange how you answer this and no actual questions. And no I checked there were no answers. You say life gets busy respectable answer. Who am I to get impatient, I had a lot of patients while I was doing10yrs of my life in prison. However since I’ve been home ,from my small understanding I thought E-mail was on everyones mobile device.

    That’s my real name so if you wanna look it up to see if I speak the truth….

  236. Does the”friend” you get the clean urine from have to be the same sex?? Please I need this for a very important job.

  237. So if I have a friend who will give me a clean sample, is that my best bet, in a balloon in my undies rather than trying to pass a test? I’m a long term daily smoker. Thanks

  238. guys help me . i smoke in jan 9 but my drug test is on jan 18 . i dont know what to do , please guys inform me how to negative on my drug test :(

  239. cool ..really wise.. but for me i just have to detox myself first before going into any drug test ,natural detoxification, diet and exercise in about 30 days as long as you are in good health and decent shape.Then i’ll buy a drug test kit to test myself like the Oral-view saliva drug test or Ora-check tester, they’re pretty accurate, just to be sure im clean, but have to check where to buy it as i am getting it from my previous company who has all the supplies for drug testing

  240. I have been smoking everyday for about half a yr n I just got let go from my recent job wht is the best method to get my system cleaned out I’ve seen things about body fat n wht not an how it clings to that I weigh about 120 n I am like 5’5 how long do u think it will be till I am clean?

  241. I would try some detox products if you could face jail time. But it probably wasn’t too smart to smoke a week before a probation drug test where if you fail you could face jail time. Best of luck

  242. Drink as much water as possibly and try to sweat out the THC by either exercising or going in a steam room/sauna! These methods have worked for me multiple times.

  243. To garuntee you pass your test I would recommend getting a product on http://www.passyourtest.com but there are other things you can do to pass such as drink a ton of water, exercise, and sauna/steam room! Sweating the THC out is the most effective way to get THC out of your system as soon as possible!

  244. Not to mention I’ve tried the certo method (1pack in a Gatorade and a gallon of water, piss 2-3 times and a few hours later you “should” be good) and still tested positive.

  245. I’m 6″2 250. I need to pass a drug test this thursaday (1/14). I called my probation office for my levels and they are at 161. Haven’t smoked in a week. What’s the best way to get clean. If not, I may have jail time. Please help.

  246. I’ve smoked about 3 times this month and just a few puffs each time I have a test on the 21st what. Can I do

  247. Okay I only smoke a few puffs thus Friday before I got a call for a drug test this Wednesday. Am I clear or what’s going to happen!?

  248. I smoke regularly and I have a drug test on Friday 1/15 this is because I injured my back at work Tuesday. Will they search be before I go to the bathroom? This is for a medical assistant job

  249. I don’t smoke normally. But I smoked on Friday and Saturday. Got a call on 1/7 at 5 that I have to drug test on 1/8 at 12! ? What can I do to be clean?

  250. Drink as much water and exercise as much as you can. For consistent smokers, THC will stay in your system for up to a month. Do not smoke again before your test and if you drink a ton of water and exercise to sweat the THC out then you should be good. Also steam rooms and saunas help sweat the THC out a ton!

  251. http://www.passyourtest.com has products for urine tests and hair tests. Typically, you have to have at least an inch of hair to be hair tested so if you don’t want to spend money on a product then I would shave your head for the test. As for the urine test its gonna be a close one. The Super Clean P product on the website above will flush your system out for up to 5 hours allowing you to pass a test within that time. If it is very important you pass these tests, then i would spend the money to pass.

  252. Thanks lol. I heard they sell this detox shampoo that you wash your hair with before testing and it covers all the thc toxins. But i dont know if its 100% so im still worried.

  253. Dude I’m sending all the good vibes for you to pass. Drink a lot of water and flush your system, take multi-vitamins so the day of the test your urine isn’t to watered down and is yellow. As hair test goes bro I have no idea. There is nothing you can do. I looked up a lot of random stuff but I don’t think its true, hopefully it doesn’t show up that fast in your hair.

  254. I had 3 weeks to stop. I drank a lot of water, cranberry juice, and took multi vitamins I normally take. Good luck! Also just stop smoking. I got lucky it wasn’t a hair test coming up or I would have been in a bad place. There is nothing you can do to pass a hair test but give it time.. and personally I don’t want to use the dumb was my hair with laundry detergent, and random shit.

  255. So I smoke fatefully everyday maybe 2 times a day high grade weed and I have to take a drug test for my po on the 26th anyway I can get clean in like a week help please I way probably 160 at most ????

  256. Im 6’0 180 pounds. I smoke maybe 2-3 bowl packs a week. Not much. I havent smoked in a week. And i got a piss and hair follicle test coming up in 2 days. I go to the gym and sweat a lot. What can I do to pass this test ?!?! Im freaking out

  257. I just graduated and smoked a lot during school. I enjoy it like all of you but unfourtunatly if you want a career not related to being a stoner you have to stop. I smoked heavy and I’m 240 so not skinny. All I did was stop smoking… spent a two weeks drinking a lot of water. I am talking a gallon a day, plus more. Just to clean out my system. I also drank 2 containers of cranberry juice a week the no sugar kind. It works… If you stick to it. It sucks pissing every 15 minutes but do you want to pass drug test. I didn’t buy any shitty fake products, I didn’t eat random shit, or pop pills. You read a lot of random shit don’t try it all. Its a scam for your money. If you want to even hurry up the process drink 2-3 cups of green tea, and buy a dollar store brand drug test and try it out. Good luck!

  258. I would think you would be fine,I know it took almost a month for me to be clean,don’t think it took the whole thirty days,specially if your small,I weighed 15 at the time but since iI stopped I weigh 143

  259. I’m 5’8 and just smoked the other day. I Aubrey a urine test in a week and need to pass it? How do I keep my friends clean pee good for a week so I can use it for my test

  260. I’m about to go take one …I’m using my friends pee, putting it in a empty acrylic paint container.. fairly small. Just gonna put it on top of my crotch n hope it works. I need this job, but been so stressed lately, HAD to smoke.

  261. I’ve got a pre employment test with quest diagnostics I can make the appointment on my time but it HAS TO BE BEFORE JANUARY 3rd. Preferably earlier so it doesn’t look too suspicious to my new employer. I have severe insomnia and social anxiety so if I’m not at work I’m at home smoking a bowl. I’m 6′ 135lbs skinny as a rail (even though the most exercise I get outside of work is leaving my bed and going to the couch) what would my best option to pass here be????

  262. Also I do believe that If you smoke a couple puffs each week it will stay in your system alot less time than if you smoke cronically every day. because I smoked alot, it stayed in my system for about 1 month and a half…

  263. THC is not water soluable… And it stores in your fat cells.. Exersise alot run, jog or bike… don’t eat too many fatty foods because the thc will stick to the fatty cells. Sure have your burger and fries and stuff like that. But Consume alot of vitamin C and citrus Acid… Orange juices, green pepper exc

  264. sure jell pectin, with water, plus b12 if you need yellow color. the420formulaDOTcom has the how to

  265. Hello I was a chronic smoker I smoked 4-5 joints a day I stopped smoking Dec 10th and I have a pee test on Tuesday the 22nd what can I do to make sure I pass? I am 5 foot and 97 pounds please help!

  266. I smoked some good stuff on September 12 and had a urine test on December 14. Prior to that I smoked and had a brownie in the middle of May. I’m 6’0 178 lbs. and have been a gym rat for the last 5 years. I should be ok?

  267. bad news for those packing extra weight, I was 280 lbs and moved to the UK, I didn’t smoke for all most 8 months but when I took a drug test for a medical research study I tested positive for THC, thc loves fat

  268. I smoked everyday since May up until yesterday and I have to take a test with my po tomorrow suggestions please I’ve been drinking water and taking cranberry pills since yesterday I have the detox pills to use tomorrow any other suggestions??

  269. Water is your best friend. Delute your pee w watet take vitamins potassium pills drink the water pee till your pee is clear drop. Its only temporary the longer you drink water the cleaner you get. Worked for probation for me. Eat first. Usually gallon water is good ive smoked since i was12. Worked for me. A complete vitamin.

  270. is it possible for me to pass my test which is tomorrow morning if i haven’t smoked since last week sunday? i heard that drinking orange gatorade will help so ive been doing that alot today and i just need to know otherwise i get sent to a secure detention

  271. Anybody heard about this hair detox called Macujo method? Is it really effective even on your armpit?

  272. Your chances are very slim. Some hair samples can go back 60 days, or more. But the average hair test goes back 30 days. If you are a guy I suggest you shave your head and pretty much everywhere else there is hair, because they will take wherever they can get it (literally) and just let your hair grow back a little bit and you might be fine, but no promises/ if you’re a girl, well then you have a very small chance of passing. Good luck!

  273. Some places test for suspicious niacin levels. I’d offer the same advice as I did above to Francisco… but I’m not a medical professional, just a “smart person” who has studied medicine for some years.

  274. Since your post was 5 days ago, I’m probably too late.. but as someone who has been roughly in your position, I wanted to offer a couple tips that may help. Pick up Certo or Ball brand liquid pectin (near canning supplies~ jars and maybe kitchen equipment). Drink a 32 oz cup of tea, juice or koolaid (to cover the taste of the pectin), with one package (foil pack, usually 2 in a box) of the liquid pectin stirred in- the night before. The morning of, an hour or more beforehand if possible, drink another 32 oz cup of something with pectin mixed in. Try to piss once about 20 min later. Be warned, you will pee a lot after drinking these. After that, your piss may be dilute, but it should be clean. If all else fails, I passed a piss test once by eating a few pickles the night before and then drinking all the pickle juice. Good luck bro.

  275. I smoked from Sept up to Dec. 4 almost everyday. And I just found out that I will have to do a hair test this coming Dec.14… I haven’t smoke since Dec.5. And started doing Macujo method and 7 day body cleansing program. I got 10days window to clean my self. What are my chances of passing a hair drug test? Please help!

  276. You dont want to exercise 48 hours before take a drug test . thc is stored in your fat cells so sweating before your test will just release thc in your blood stream

  277. young buck thug. on

    ive been smokin chronically for the past 6 years every day about 5-10 times a day, all high-grade marijuana.
    I used the detox “Ultimate Gold” and it worked. this is the 3rd time i done it. im on bond right now and have to take a drug test every time i appear in court. i quit 72 hours before my court date and it works like a charm everytime. And the great thing about it is it only costs 20-30 bucks depending on where you buy it from.

  278. cocaine crazy... on

    ive heard ultimate gold works really well.
    im currently on bond and have to take a drug test every court appearance, so im hoping all the positive feed back ive gotten on it is true.

  279. My boyfriend went for a drug test today and brought in a clean sample with him. The sample he brought in was not enough to fill to the line so he used a little less than half of his dirty urine to fill to the line. He took some cleansing pills starting Monday and today he drank a bottle of something he bought at GNC. He took a home test an hour before the test and failed. What are his chances of passing?

  280. I am 16 years old, been smoking since I was 12. I’m not a bad kid, im in year 10 grades are well, play sports, love math. Recently an incident happened where my friend (teenage girl) was drunk and I baby sitter her until the police came an caught both of us under the influence. What a world right? The good get punished. Well as of them they’re urine testing me every tuesday. But the downside is I’ve always smoked every tuesday, thursday ,friday and saturday. And in just 4 days im going to have my first test and if im dirty ill get sent to the juvenile hall. Im not a bad kid at all butI really dont wanna end up there. Any suggestions? Anyone willing to send me detox or something. Im desperate to get clean. I know exercise, drinking fluids etc can help but not in my situation. I’ll love for some advice thats cheap or easy to follow, remember now im 15. Thanks for hearing me out, please reply w/ advice not insults on why I smoke so young. Im an independent young man and I can get my business handled, only god can judge me. Reply w/ advice

  281. I smoked weed two days ago only about three puffs and two weeks before that I am not a smoker I have a drug test tomorrow will I pass it

  282. passing the drug test meant that i would, and did, become a full-time employee. that job was paying $11 per hour, plus vacation pay, medical, dental, pension and 401k contribution. this was back in 1989, and was better than any gig i had had previous to that.
    my only regret was having to pay the piper for being a piper.

  283. 5’5.5″ 110 lean muscle, water junky, low carb eater, vitamin taker. Occasionally smoke. Thanksgiving weekend(4days) & before took half tokes from one hitter. UDS Dec 14 or after. Over 50 y/o fed job $71k job being offered. Will do flushing and rest couple of days before. How much niacin will I need for h/w ratio, preferably no aspirin, already on NSAIDs. Pectin ratio? Need real medical advice not stupid information, I’m already in the medical field. Thanks to all smart people!

  284. I have a drug test for pre employment today smoke weed everyday and I took the told detox stringer instant whole boby cleanser and drink a lot of water that morring b 12 did hear nothing sent last wed today is mon do you think I be good

  285. Stop going to a regular doctor. Pay for a Conceirge doc, they don’t have to report to the Feds for prescribing narcs & most could care less if you smoke as long as you are not a danger to self or others. Cost: 1500-2k/year but the benefits outweigh the cost. Plus you can toke!

  286. Try a Conceirge doctor, they are not required to report to the Feds. Pay more for better service. Most of these docs don’t care if you smoke

  287. I thought it was “The brightest crayon in the Crayola box” or “The sharpest tool in the shed.”. These ppl are makin stupid choices, but just say that and be done. Don’t be so rude. Keep Calm; Smoke One.

  288. K, so I took 2 hits of some high grade pot Monday night and tomorrow on the 30th of november, I might have to be piss tested. Since then I’ve been taking Niacin and drinking a lot of water, The night before last I drank a whole pint of vodka. What are my chances of passing and is there anything I can do?

  289. okay so I smoked about 6 days ago.. and I smoke regularly everyday. I have a drug test this coming week and I’m more than sure I’m dirty. I need helo!!!

  290. I’m a smoker of 25 years and I’ve used just about every detox product out there. Some do work when used correctly or as directed. I’ve had nothing but success with the 16 oz. instant flush grape drink from passdrugtestsfastdotcom which does not require a 48 hour pre-tox period where you have to refrain from using. If you don’t mind not smoking for 48 hours prior to use, then the 1 hour system cleanser drink will work also.

  291. here is how i once passed a drug test:
    i had been a part-time worker for a company, and knew that i had an upcoming drug test in about 90 days, or so. i was a regular smoker, but quit about 6 weeks before i would be tested.
    by the time i was to take my test, i figured that i would be clean, pass it, then get high and live happily ever after. well, i took my test on a monday, got no word back on my results, but figured i had to be in the clear, so i got stoned the following friday. well, can you guess what happened when i went to work on monday?? yep. they wanted me to retest (some crap about the lab not getting to my sample in time)!
    well, i managed to get out of that test on monday, claiming that i had plans after work. the next day, i totally blew off work (no call/no show). they called me that evening and asked what was up. i ended up telling them that i had hurt my groin helping a friend move. they tried to get me to take the piss test, but i told them that i could barely walk, and needed to see a doctor. the thing is, is i had already had a hernia, and was just waiting to get benefits from this company, which i would do by passing the test and becoming full-time. what i ended up doing was biting the bullet and scheduling the surgery and paying the full amount for the procedure out-of-pocket. it basically cost me $3,700 to get high that one time, but i was able to pass my test, as i asked the doctor to give me a note to miss a month of work.so, if there is ever anything you can do to postpone take a drug test, you might wanna do what you gotta do. it cost me a ton of cash, but i did what i had to.

  292. Go to GNC store and buy a bottle of no flush niacin. I bought a bottle for about 3 bucks or so. Just ask the employee for it, it’s a supplement after all. I had 5 days to pass a test and i’m a heavy smoker. I took 4 pills in the morning, 4 pills around 4pm, and 4 pills about an hour before bed up until the day before the test. In between drink as much water as your body will let you retain. Yes, when you take each dose, your skin will turn beet red, you will feel like you have the worst sunburn of your life, and you will feel really shitty. All of this last about 35 min each dose. Right before you leave for the test, fill up on room temp water. hold ur bladder until test time and ur golden. Just passed my second one last week.

  293. Dilution, aspirin, creatine and B2 is the answer. Here is what works for me. I got this from the internet so thank you whoever you are. Take 6 creatine – not creatinine – caplets(Six Star Creatine X3 is the brand, I get it from Walmart) every day starting 2 to 3 days prior to test. Then take four 325mg aspirin 9 hours and 50 minutes before your test appointment(odd time, I know, but it all works out, you’ll see)and then 5 and 1/2 hours later take four more 325mg aspirin plus drink two 8 ounce glasses of water. Then every 15 minutes after that drink another 8 ounce glass of water until you have drunk a total of six 8 ounce glasses of water(this includes the two 8 ounce glasses of water you drank with the 4 aspirin). Now you wait 30 minutes and only drink 4 ounces of water plus the 6 creatine caplets you are supposed to take today. Then every 30 minutes, drink another 4 ounces of water for a total of six 4 ounce glasses of water ( when you drink your fourth 4 ounce glass of water, take a B2, it turns your urine yellow). If you timed this right, your test appointment should be in the next 20 minutes. Make sure to pee 3 to 4 times before your test. For the test, you want to take the sample in the middle of your pee. So pee a bit into the toilet then pee into the cup, then finish peeing into the toilet.
    You can eat during your dilution but no exercise or low carb dieting. Exercising and cutting carbs can cause stored marijuana chemicals in your cells to dump into your urine. In fact, eat carbs but no need to overdue it.
    DO NOT drink more water than you are supposed to because drinking too much water within a certain period of time can cause some really bad problems even death. I’m not trying to scare you but everyone reacts differently. Just monitor yourself. If you start to feel out of whack, weird, ill, etc., STOP whatever you are doing and seek medical attention.
    Hope this helps. Good luck!

  294. bitchin’ just goes to show ya, eh? my recipe is usually lots of water, pissing like you said, and exercise that involves sweat and working your muscles to purge the thc that “hides out” in tissues. don’t want to see ANYONE got to jail for pot for sure.

  295. I just ordered the 420 Formula, but I need it tomorrow and there was no option for next day delivery. What else can I do? I am about 12 days since last smoked and did not pass my home test….. HELP!!!!

  296. I’ve been doin this for a yr. It depends on metabolism and how much u weigh. I weigh 150 pds. It takes my body about 24-27 days to get a clean result on a 50ng marijuana test.which is the standard. Exercise and drink plenty of fluids as much as poss., up to 48 hrs b4 urine test.stop exercising 48 hrs b4 test.hope this helps.I get tested every 56 days.I smoke for a month then quit for a month.passed every time.

  297. I have smoked high grade kush for approximately 3 years now. This is the first time I’ve ever quit because i need to pass a drug test. I have not smoked in 26 days im staying hydrated with plenty of water. I have taken 3 different drug test within the past few days. I tested positive on all 3. I need to speed this process up, I may have my drug test Monday (only giving me tomorrow to get it completely out of my system) any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I read where vinegar would help, hell it’s worth a shot, but also read
    where that was just a theory. Help!!!!!

  298. what are you the internet cops? I will post how I feel it is necessary to get a point across. oh, and poor boy were you insulted because I didn’t gift wrap my “advice”? what kind of idiot is so stupid that THEY KNOW they have testing coming up and yet still use. have you ever heard of self control? you can try to insult ME all you want, to zero effect. “i’m over thirty”. hahahahaha. like age has ANYTHING to do with having the sack to be able to NOT USE when it is in your own best interests not to. why don’t you go back down to your mommy’s basement and take another hit loser? there is ONE WAY to make sure you past a piss test and that is to not use for a significant amount of time b4 said test, or to take a chance of being caught and use someone’s else’s clean piss. end of story. all the other shit people post MIGHT help but there are no guarantees. period. end of story. actually the gist of this site with everyone whining about “just taking a couple hits” right b4 having to take a piss test THEY KNEW was coming up is pretty pathetic. my “superiority” is based on NOT being some weak assed whiny spicoli type even though I use. I have managed to stay employed at a nice wage for almost 30yrs at a company that will test if they feel like it and have never thought to test me because they don’t want to know. you stay in your loser status but do keep us all updated.

  299. I’m over thirty my friend and you are a dick i’m afraid, nothing to do with people being younger than you that’s just an excuse you use to try and enforce your ‘superiority’ if you have nothing constructive to say in a friendly manner then why don’t you just not bother responding instead of useing the internet to be an arogant ape because know one will listen to your idiocy in real life.

  300. Ok so i need to test on monday i havent smoked in 7 days. I bought a home test after reading this blog and did what alot of u have been saying to do. Well i tested positive still. So i just drank fruit pectin and gonna go buy another test will this work bc i need to keep my job.

  301. go get fruit pectin, check out the420formula dotcom, a website with guaranteed step by step directions to pass with pectin

  302. This is quite depressing. I will have a test coming up in about 4 weeks.. from these posts it sounds like I will fail even if I quit now. Hmmm.. there are so many opinions here I tend to wonder what if any of it is true.. no one comes back to report results of current testing.

  303. sorry, i have NEVER heard of not clearing in that time frame. are you seriously overweight? those are usually the people who have the biggest problems. but yeah dude, that weird. don’t understand why your doc cannot come up with some kind of answer to that. maybe you have some weird physiology or something. i know there are people who can fail alcohol test who don’t even drink because they have conditions that cause their body go internally produce alcohol from things they eat.
    good luck

  304. The reason you are failing is because you’re a chronic smoker so it will stay in your system a lot longer. You may have a chance if you stopped in October and your test is in January. But it could stay in your system up to a year. They sell drinks here in the UK that are meant to clear you if you drink 30 mins prior to screening. I haven’t tried them because they are around £30/$50 for a bottle! would also buy a few home marijuana drug tests and start testing a few weeks before your test and every week untill the screening, to get an idea of what you’re in for. Try explaining to your doctor that you may need more time due to being a long term user. A more extensive test may show it is old marijuana in your system and not recent, ask about that too. Of course the most reliable way to pass is borrowing a friends urine and keeping it at body temperature. I really hope you pass, its the most stupid ******* law…making a plant that grows in the ground that has amazing medicinal properties, illegal.

  305. The reason you are failing is because you’re a chronic smoker so it will stay in your system a lot longer. You may have a chance if you stopped in October and your test is in January. But it could stay in your system up to a year. They sell drinks here in the UK that are meant to clear you if you drink 30 mins prior to screening. I haven’t tried them because they are around £30/$50 for a bottle! would also buy a few home marijuana drug tests and start testing a few weeks before your test and every week untill the screening, to get an idea of what you’re in for. Try explaining to your doctor that you may need more time due to being a long term user. A more extensive test may show it is old marijuana in your system and not recent, ask about that too. Of course the most reliable way to pass is borrowing a friends urine and keeping it at body temperature. I really hope you pass, its the most stupid ******* law…making a plant that grows in the ground that has amazing medicinal properties, illegal.

  306. yeah, really not good to have an intelligent, reasonable, cannabis user on this site. better all your tweens, teens, and twenty something classic “spicoli stoners” posting back and forth. “yeah man, i just smoked a little, can i pass the drug test?”. what if i drink water? really irresponsible of me to post the truth. IF YOU USE SOON B4 TESTING and submit your own urine for a sample it is HIGHLY LIKELY you will fail said test. if you use someone else’s piss, you MIGHT get caught. yeah, shame on me. freaking idiot.

  307. Golden Seal, or Panathonic Acid. Both found in vitimun section.Didnt work for me, but it has for alot of my freinds.

  308. Ive been trying to pass a urine test for almost a year, and havent succeded yet. Doctor gave me three mounths notice. I waited untill I had six weeks left, then didnt burn at all, and flunked it. Doctor gave me another chance. I went eleven weeks, and flunked it.I should tell you, my doctor is ok with pot, but he perscribes norco for me, and now because of our pitiful government, he has to test me. He knows ive smoked for 40 years.I even took the cleansing stuff to detox, but that didnt work either.Ive got my last try in January. Anyone have any suggestions.

  309. Ok I quit smoking almost 40 days ago still showing positive for Mary Jane . I have till Monday to pass… I have no problem exercising and sweating this out ….been drinking beer , water cranberry juice and coffee. Anything that will make me pee !!!! But I can’t afford to lose this promotion or my job . What can I do at this point ? And go !!!

  310. please learn to speak and type in REAL english. I WAS trying to help and sorry if you are not intelligent enough to pick up on that . i would say from your short post that your main problem is lack of communication skills not the fact that you cannot get off the weed long enough to stay out of trouble though. as a regular user i can say with authority that it is users such as yourself who can barely put a sentence together and then advertise all over what you are all about that makes the rest of the world form these negative stereotypes about user. best you just shut your pie hole and let those of us with above avg intelligence carry the cannabis flag little boy.

  311. you can tell nobody wanna smoke with your negative ass thas why you trolling so much as if people want to hear that they are screwed .They know they scewd thats why they on this site dick for help not some fuckboy telling them they going to jail or that they stupid

  312. I have a drug test coming up on Monday was a regular smoker until October 12 when I failed a no notice random screening so I’m thinking I will be checked over pretty good and they possibly will observe the test on Monday. Haven’t smoked since oct 11 Took a test tonight (same test as used in the screening) still reading positive. Need some solid advice on how to pass this thing. 150 lbs 5’10 low body fat. plenty of exercise via work, have been taking vitamin B complex (only thing I could find with niacin), cranberry concentrate pills, and apple cider vinegar tablets religiously, out of ideas!
    Help please!

  313. Actually… It takes about 4 to 5 days for “new” weed to be released into your blood system. If this was only once, you really have NOTHING to worry about. It’s continuous smoking that makes it tricky. More than once and you are storing the stuff in your fat cells which take a while to be released and flushed from your body. That being said, you should take 1500 mg of niacin (not super B complex or anything like that). This constitutes one dose. Take three or four starting with 24 hours before the test. You want to drink as much water as you can stomach, maybe 2 gallons within this period (more or less, not necessary to make yourself vomit!!). You will want to eat a burger or something with creatine in it the night before the test (12-16 hours prior to test time). This creatine will keep the fat in your cells so that it and the THC in it does not get released into your blood stream. This being said, do not exercise for the life of you. OK. Now, you’ll want to have peed at least three to four times before the test (take one 1500 mg dose of niacin before the test and pee 2 or 3 times). This would be the optimal time for showing up negative on the screening. The THC will be in your fat cells if you smoked more than once and you can fail hours later. However, if you pee twice or three times after the final dose of niacin, you will be able to pass and have a yellow color to it! -Blessed be, wish me luck, too. I’m a biopsych major whose had to pass many of my own this way. ;)

  314. Pretty avid smoker here. I had an alcohol problem really bad ( sober almost 9 months ) but decided to pick up smoking pot again. Either way, when I can afford it I grab an eighth and it lasts normally anywhere between 10-14 days. It really helps with my anxiety etc. etc. Plus I just like being stoned. Anyways, I had to take a urinalysis test for work today. I am freaking because I love my job and don’t want to lose it. I drank loads and loads of water and popped 2 500 mg Niacin about 2 hours before my test. I peed probably almost 10 times. Having a test show up diluted isn’t a big deal and they will just send me again which is fine. More time to flush my system. But do you think in the little bit of time I took action that anything positive could happen? Positive meaning I won’t pee dirty?

  315. Bro! I just passed a drug test this afternoon! I smoke EVERY DAY! All i did was chug like 2/3 of a gallon of water. I actually bought a jug on the way to the drug screening. Pounded it down as fast and as much as i could. I peed when i got there. And then took the test like 25-30 mins later. And it was done at lab corps so you know it’s legit. Now I am awaiting the call for my second interview for a $45,000 a yr career! You can do it man!

  316. Hey guys i’ve been a really heavy smoker for the past 6 years, atleast 3-4 blunts a day. No stopping. I’m in a drug diversion program because i caught a charge, i failed a drug test last tuesday & i now have too get clean or find a very potent detox drink or a solid method that WORKS for a person like me.
    Please help me out with a solid method.

  317. look little boy, what i said is true. you ingested cannabis into your system. does not really matter how long you had gone b4. you have NO WAY of knowing if you will now pass a drug screening. you should do anything you can to put it off. play sick or something. next time you know you have a drug test coming up show some sack and just don’t do it. “cuz my friend asked me to try it out” is lame and shows you are not very mature or responsible. don’t like my answer? too bad.

  318. Yo man why you so hostile? I don’t smoke like that. I need a real answer not some passive aggressive wanna be troll responding to my message. I smoked 4 days ago and my test is tomorrow yes. I took a couple hits from a g pen/vaporizer cuz my friend asked me to try it out. That’s it. Can anyone answer my question plz

  319. dont worry about this dick head tyler…..if you can get your hands on on a over the counter vitamin called niacin take that before you go to sleep and drink water …ALOT OF IT!!!

  320. why is your dad drug testing you? are you a minor and living in his house? follow his rules or get a job, move out and then do what you want.

  321. It doesn’t matter so much the “the last time b4”. why do all you people mention that? you last smoked 4 days ago. tomorrow makes 5 days. you have a good chance of failing. end of story.
    call in sick for the test and try to reschedule as far out as possible. that is your best chance. and then ……. DON’T SMOKE SHIT until you pass and get what you are after. if you cannot do that, you have a problem. do I think they should cannabis test? no. I just deal with reality, not fantasy.

  322. you smoke 4-6 joints A DAY of good shit? you MIGHT have a problem. no as a regular cannabis user I can tell you that YOU DO HAVE A PROBLEM..

  323. yep, you’re screwed. why at the END do you mention you took “3 or 4 hits”? THAT is what screwed you. you were off for THREE MONTHS. you were clean. I use cannabis, but people like you who screw themselves ….. hard to feel sorry for you when you KNEW what was coming.

  324. Just wondering if you would know. But I smoked Half a blunt Wednesday and one hit from a gravity bong Friday. But I got a drug test tomorrow and iv drank hella water and peeing a lot do you thinki should be okay? Or should I be trippen. Cause this is in court if I fail I’m facing a year and a half

  325. I took a couple hits of weed from a g pen/vaporizer on Friday night. (4days ago.) I have a drug test tomorrow for a new job. I hadn’t smoked before that for almost 3 months. What should I do?

  326. Im testing next week ive been drinking pickle juice and lots of water what else do u suggest ive been smoking alot since my dad died i august im190 lbs

  327. Ok so I desperately need help on this one. I smoked a few hits last night and I’ve been smoking a half gram joint every night before for about a week. this is after I had quit for about 3 -4 months. I have court tomorrow and I just found out that I’ll have to take a drug test. I have no way to get fruit pectin my only hope is lots and lots of water. I have vitamins and aspirin but what are the odds that I’ll pass? what’s going to happen if I dont? I’m not going to court for anything drug-related but I have a possession charge from over a year ago and my lawyer said they might test me.

  328. I smoked yesterday and I have a drug test today but I can’t find anybody with pee , I need help

  329. I smoked for the first time ever 6 days ago. I took 2-3 puffs and that was it. I have a test tomorrow at 2 pm. What are my chances of passing this test? Do I still have it in my system?

  330. pretty good, and you can always make damn sure by adding fruit pectin to your system with plenty of water when you go to test. the420formula .com has the step by step directions and how it works

  331. I’m around 105 lbs and 5’3. I smoke once a day everyday. I have to pass a test on the 18th and I haven’t smoked since the 8th. What are my chances of passing?

  332. You will fail almost guaranteed. To make sure, go to your pharmacy and buy a home test, it’s the same type of test they’ll give you on the lab. Good luck.

  333. if you havent smoked for a month, smoked just a little, and then have a test a week after, the THC is most likely going to be already out of your system. that’s what happened to me; i hadnt smoked for over a month, smoked a little, then only three days after i was randomly tested. and i passed! your test is a full week away, so thats plently of time. my only advice is DONT SMOKE! hahah

  334. Hello i have a question i just started back up about a week to be exact and i have a pre employement testt in the morning. I been drinking cranbery juice and gatorades and also vitamins will i past?

  335. I haven’t smoked in a little over a month and last night I took a couple hits off of a backwood. I’ll have a test soon I’m not sure, probably about a week. Will I be ok? Any tips on how to be sure i pass?

  336. Probation courts are tough. If they want they can search or watch you. I would get clean and be honest.

  337. I’ve kept mine for up to a couple weeks. Just make sure you keep it in the fridge. The bacteria will develope more if left warm.

  338. Best idea I’ve heard and used. .its the only sure way to pass. I’ve used heat warmers in the day time As well but be prepared to explain having a temp if the temp is off. I have never failed using this method.

  339. I have been on a drug diversion program for the past 3 months and on Oct 8 i tested at 86ng/ml and I took another drug test on Nov 5 and my levels dropped to 34ng/ml and the cutoff was 34 so I got kicked out :( yea he i know. I haven’t smoked in 3 months but Friday I took maybe 3 or 4 hits off a blunt. I go back to court on the 24th and I have a lawyer. I just want to know if I’m screwed. I wanted them to drug test me but I’m not so sure now.

  340. Storing a urine sample until you hand it in

    If you can’t hand your urine sample in within an hour, you should keep it in the fridge at around 4C (39F) for no longer than 24 hours. Put the container of urine in a sealed plastic bag first. If the urine sample isn’t kept in a fridge, the bacteria in it can multiply. If this happens, it could affect the test results.

  341. Leeroy Jenkins on

    I’ve used this stuff called Qcarbo. Got it from the vitamin shop. I usually just get the smaller one. Should be about $20-$30. Myself a d several of my friends have used it and passed every time. I’d say about 7 total times. Follow the directions to the letter. Aspirin will help cover it up and wont show up as a cover up. You’ve been peeing a lot so your urine won’t be the color they are looking for. Take a few vitamin B12’s and that will help get your pee back to a tint of yellow. 100% success rate. Me and my buddies are/were regular smokers. 3.5 grams every three or four days. More if we had company and others were throwing in. Good luck!

  342. I smoke about 2 grams of kush everyday. Im also in a class once a week for probation that does ramdoms.. help!!??

  343. I checked out the website but it’s a little vague. Is this a detox? How long does it need to be used for until it becomes effective? Does it remove the metabolites from the body or only mask them? What’s the difference between the step pdf guide and the kit? Does the kit include everything needed to “detox” and must one refrain from smoking while using the kit? So many questions… Thanks.

  344. 40 and worried on

    Hey folks, I need some help. I go back to work 11/9 after being off on disability for a devastating car crash. I just found out they are going to test me and I won’t pass. I never tried pot til back in June. Imagine that 40yo and trying cannabis for the first time. 1 big hit and I was knocked out. Then nothing until the beginning of October my percocets ran out and I took about a hit a day for 5 days, not even big hits just enough to be slightly altered and forget the pain. Total early October consumption was probably 1/3 of a gram. I thought my doctor would allow me some more time off, but he refused. I bought some tests off of Amazon, both the standard 50ng and the stricter 20ng tests. My company uses the stricter test for whatever fucked up reason. I tested myself 11/2 and the 50ng standard and I failed. It shocked the hell out of me I thought it would clear my system drinking at least half a gallon of water a day and exercising for at least 30min a day. I just tested myself again and I still fail the test at 50ng. I’m still not fully recuperated from my accident, I don’t need to be jobless as well. Soooo how can I pass? Thoughts, appreciated!

  345. guys i just got a job recently and ive got a good relationship with my manager and he said that they do random drug tests on site and he told me to be careful. He doesnt know i smoke but i told him ive been amsterdam before, think he gets the idea lol but i still smoke but not as regular. maybe one a week now for the past 3 weeks. before that i was smoking everyday. how can i know im safe for the drug test if they ever test me randomly knowing i still smoke????

  346. I’m 6,0 210 pounds and Im trying to wrestle it starts on the 16th I’ve stopped a week ago but started 2weeks ago I’ve been drinking water

  347. Hey guys I last smoked on oct 2, which is about 5 weeks ago but i smoked for 2 years 3 to 4 times a day. I’m 5’6 about 155lb. I will have to take a drug test on 11-10 will I pass?

  348. i do have one thing you could try. you are going to need jello and water make a mix of 2 litres. 4 hours prior to the test you drink one litre , and eat something fatty so your urine won’t be too clear and arouse suspicion. then 2 hours before drink the remaining litre and you should pass. I’ve tried this it worked for me but thats just me. give it a go

  349. i do have one thing you could try. you are going to need jello and water make a mix of 2 litres. 4 hours prior to the test you drink one litre , and eat something fatty so your urine won’t be too clear and arouse suspicion. then 2 hours before drink the remaining litre and you should pass. I’ve tried this it worked for me but thats just me

  350. i do have one thing you could try. you are going to need jello and water make a mix of 2 litres. 4 hours prior to the test you drink one litre , and eat something fatty so your urine won’t be too clear and arouse suspicion. then 2 hours before drink the remaining litre and you should pass. I’ve tried this it worked for me but thats just me.

  351. Ugh alright thanks man, just wasn’t wanting to have to try something that extreme just to pass, truly appreciate the response though.. Good metabolism height 5ft 11′ and weight of 155. Been drinking bunches probably even a unhealthy amount of water and taking vinegar shots, will take another 3 test at home before the real deal so hopefully it will work out but know to prep for the worse now. Thanks man it’s cool to get advice from somebody

  352. I would not use your own urine. Edibles tend to be very potent. The method the author posted is probably your best bet. I don’t know about your body composition or your metabolism. You can also get friends urine in a 5 hour energy bottle and tape it to your genitalia. A lot of my college football friends had to do this for playoff drug testing.

    Good luck bud!

  353. I smoke everyday (mostly just once at night) and I have a test I need to take anywhere from today to about a week from today. do you have any suggestions? I know there are the 3-6 day detox’s and the 1 day detox, but will that work for someone who smokes this often? Any advice? I really need to land this job. Thanks.

  354. I think so. Buy a drug test to be safe and test yourself. They have them relatively cheap at walmart or you can rush ship them from amazon. Also you can google Marijuana Drug Test Calculator or “how long does THC stay in your system” to get more info

  355. well it had only been four and a half days since you consumed so it’s not abnormal for you to fail. Infrequent smokers have THC in their system for 3-5 days after smoking. There’s still a good chance you will pass just by continuing to abstain until the test. HOWEVER, if I were you I would drink certo the day of your test (google certo and marijuana test). Certo is fruit pectin (used to make jams and jellies) that binds to fat. Basically, if you drink it a few hours before your test it will bind to your fat- which already has the THC bound to it- and send it out your colon instead of urine. It only gives you clean urine for a few hours. DEFINITELY google this, there’s tons of forums where people talk about it and explain the best method. I would also go to the sauna if possible- sweat it out. I heard working out the day of and/or before your test might actually make your THC levels seem higher because your body is breaking down the fat. I don’t think this happens just from sweating a sauna.

  356. Drinking a lot of water isnt a permanent fix. It wont make all of the THC metabolites exit through your pee, it just makes it so that you’re peeing water instead of urine, and your urine is what contains the THC metabolites. So drinking lots of water (aka diluting) is only effective the day of your test (though most places test to make sure it isn’t too diluted via checking color and creatine levels). I’ve also heard that baking soda isn’t completely reliable. Online I found this: “With this method, mix three to five tablespoons with a large glass of water and drink two to three hours before taking your test. Baking soda is incredibly inexpensive and works to mask the pH imbalances in urine that are caused by THC output. However, very unusual pH levels can be grounds for an additional test. Baking soda can cause very unpleasant side effects and isn’t reliably effective.”
    I really think certo is your best bet. Do ample googling to be sure. also just FYI Creatine takes like 48 hours to metabolize or whatever, so taking it the day of your test to make your urine seem legitimately clean (as opposed to just watered down) wont work, you gotta do it a few days in advance.

  357. So I have a test the 9th and was clean for 17days but on Halloween I ate a cookie not intentionally, and took a store bought test this morning and failed now I’m freaking out, any advice? I’m drinking as much water as I can physically consume but I’m still worried

  358. I have a test the 13th and I smoked yesterday. I usually exercise and drink a shit ton of water with sure jel and pass I was just wandering if there was certain foods I can eat to help boost the process.

  359. I have a question i have a pre employment drug test coming up next monday on the 9th and was thinking if i would be clean to take this drug test i stop smoking weed about the last week of july so i been clean for about 3 months now but was smoking since February 28 so smoked for about 5 months you guys think ill be in the clear for this drug test

  360. I’ve been clean for about 8 months and recently started smoking about a week ago I don’t smoke alot either,and tomorrow I have a pre-employment drug test you think I’ll pass or should I try something.?

  361. There is a good chance you will pass. take a multivitamis in the morning to give your urine some colour. otherwise you could fail for what is called diluted sample. let us know how you make out.

  362. Shaun Permanand on

    Hey I stopped smoking for about a week and a half then 2 days ago I decided to take a couple hits off the blunt. Then yesterday, I took a couple puffs off a tiny spliff. But for this whole entire week Ive been drinking 2-3 bottles of water a day and staying active (I walk around regularly) and tomorrow is my blood and urine test. I bought a 1.89 L bottle of cranberry juice today and I drank it out. Will I pass tomorrow morning? I will continue to guzzle down bottles of water but Is there anything else I should do? I know that working out will also help flush thc out but is it any help if I only have a day left?

  363. Now was this a drug test for work? Or for the courts? I’m taking one for the courts. I have no clue if they are any different as far as detection times go.

  364. I last smoked October 14th, I usually smoke about once a week. For about 9 months. Also smoked wax once about 4 months ago. I weigh about 125 and have a pretty decent metabolism but don’t really eat that great. I’m fairly active. Do you think I’ll pass?

  365. This might sound ridiculous.. But I smoked on september 30th. I have a great job offer and I’m sure I will pass my test tomorrow.. But I am still nervous. I smoke maybe twice a month. Is there any way I wouldn’t pass? It’s been 5 weeks today. Help please!!

  366. Hello, I don’t know when the soonest you’ll be able to reply but I have a job ready for me at nursing home, tomorrow and I’m not a smoker. Some people suggested that I just be honest with the tester, or I drink water as you said in which does not help. Or the fruit Pectin or whatever. I hit a bowl maybe one good time and then another but got nothing. I did get high from that and it’s only been ten days going on eleven i have to fill out papers tomorrow and they said they’ll make appointment for me soon before the tenth of this month to take a physical and test what should i do??? please help as soon as possible…….

  367. Yes it it. True I smoked the day before and passed. If you don’t trust it up to the test use listerine

  368. So I have a oral fluid test coming up. I constantly read online that marijuana is only detectable for up to 72 hours? Is this true?

  369. What if my piss already is almost clear from drinking 2 gallons of water today ? && what if I have been putting baking soda in my water ? Would that work?

  370. one of my mama friends got me hooked to a herb called “thyme” dat u could get at ya local store and u boil it up in hot water and stir it up til it look like tea and drink it den drink alot of water with it and i passed when i was working at the hilton in 2011 but i kind of iffy on it now…. need this job badly

  371. use fruit pectin, get it at walmart, grocery story, its like $3, drink with water for 4 hours before the test.

  372. i work for a temp agency and we did a mouth swab and i passed dat cuz i happened to use Listerine and ate some chewing gum which i usually dont do…. jus did it dat day and didnt know we was havin a swab test,,,, i passed it and now im at a good job that pays good and i been there a good month and a half and i will be gettin hired anyday now… they said between 30 to 90 days but it might be earlier because i am a good worker… i stopped smoking bout a month ago ago bout september 15th because i got the word that they a drug test me…. i usually smoked everyday after work because i get off late but on weekends i smoke lik 3 joints a day of that loud kush…. im hearing it a take longer to get that kush out ya system but i don know… the day i stopped smoking, i got a detox drink and i drink water all the time, powerade, gaterade etc…. will it stil be in my system after 30 days…. please reply someone…. real important

  373. google Certo (which is fruit pectin) and drug tests. It seems to be the most reliable way to cheat a test by temporarily not allowing THC metabolites to exit through your urine. Or get other people’s urine. But AZO (a UTI symptom treatment pill) will make your urine very colorful, so you may be able to just dilute the crap out of your urine but not look suspicious to the tester. If your urine looks like water they may make you take it again, and also I’ve heard if your creatine levels are off (due to too much dilution) that is a red flag to them as well. There are creatine supplements though that can counteract this.

  374. Buy you some over the counter urinary tract infection pills take 2-4 a day till then and you will be fine:)

  375. So I stopped smoking like a month and a half ago and im not a regular smoker just like a couple hits a couple days a week if so. Then this week I smoked wednesday night and then I got notified I have a test on monday, I been drinking a lot of water to dilute and also a lot of cranberry juice plus a detox drink from gnc, and also I workout and play tennis everyday and spend a shit ton of time in the sauna . you guys think I can pass?

  376. Water.
    I’ve passed 3 days after smoking by drinking roughly 1.5 gallons of water a day. The test I took said I had been exposed but not positive – so pass.
    This works constantly even while going through roughly 2 oz a month. 3 days off seems to be the most important part.

  377. Okay so I smoked about 21 days ago and I have a drug test at Walmart on Tuesday, do you think I’ll pass? I drink a lot of fluids and usually piss 8-9 times a day, do you think I’ll be able to pass the piss test or will I fail?

  378. Okay so I smoked about 21 days ago and I have a drug test at Walmart on Tuesday, do you think I’ll pass? I drink a lot of fluids and usually piss 8-9 times a day, do you think I’ll be able to pass the piss test or will I fail?

  379. hello every body i have received recently an employement offer from south korea and i am worried about the drug test.. i am 5.6” and 60 kg
    i daily consume 1 cigrette of hash but after knowing about the druug test i have stoped smoking and for cleaning my thc i am drinking alot of water and also walk for 6km everyday i have around 20 to 30 dys to clean this mess .. i have been smoking for around 1 year regularly…. will i pass the test????????????? plz someone reply to my post

  380. I’m beyond scared y’all on Monday I have a drug test & I smoked the 23, what should I do ?!

  381. i have 20 days without smoking n have a drug test someday next week i be drinking plenty of water for the past days and cranberry juice would i be good ? ( comment please )

  382. I have only smoked weed twice in the past month the last time was two nights ago and I have a drug test today I hardly smoked as it was like one hit off of a vapor thing am I screwed?

  383. Hello, I have a friend that smokes weed several hours a day for years….it is always schwag, and rarely the new chronic…..does he have a better chance of detox and passing a UA because he uses the old school less potent pot? thanks,

  384. I have a weekly u a so I quit smoking every day but what I do is take a few puffs after my u a and it comes up negative on the paper test every week..also I took a few puffs like 3 days before and came up negative.

  385. I should also mention that ive been taking B Complex vitamins and that may be why im testing positive. Though im sure, in a lab, they would be able to single that out.. Any comments?

  386. I do think that u should be fine, Also. But by now your test has passed.. Id be curious to know how you did

  387. Im a 45 yr old male, 140lbs and 5’10”. I have been smoking weed for the last 30 yrs a few times daily, some days quite a few times. and always the good stuff. Ive been clean for 25 days now. I failed a home kit (reditest THC panel dip) 8 days ago and failed the same test tonight. Ive been taking cranberry pills double dose daily for 2 weeks atleast and drinking cranberry juice and green tea in vast amounts. I start a new job right away and am stressing out over the urine test. Ive been able to push the test off for another 5-7 days now, but im starting to worry that isn’t going to be enough. Any help would be appreciated

  388. I took like 4 hits of weed saturday and I have a drug test this Friday. I’ve been drinking a gallon of cucumber and lemon water plus exercising, for personal benefit. I’m not a regular smoker. Do you think I’ll pass the piss test?

  389. I smoked weed a week ago today I’m not that much of a heavy smoker maybe a 20 bag here and there i exercise quite regular but I had a piss test today I drank loads of water and my piss was very clear do you think I will pass

  390. I quit smoking in June. I have not smoked and have passed quiet a few puss tests. In a moment of weakness I took one tiny baby hit off a pipe about a week or so ago. I have a piss test today. I kinda want to pass. There’s a strip kit that I usually use but I don’t think I would have time to use it before my test. Think I’d pass anyways?

  391. Alright so I smoke every day. I just found out that I’m gonna have to do a drug test sometime after my second interview tomorrow. So from here till the drug test I think I’ve got about 3 or 4 days. I started drinking a bunch of water today and what not. Do you think I could pass or should I just go for the whole using someone else’s urine method?

  392. Just use male (human) urine. The only thing they might detect different is female urine.

  393. I’m about to smoke a bong pack, haven’t smoked since August. Have a drug test in a week and 2 days, will I be good?

  394. Payingitforward on

    Check out the certo method. Worked for me after a 4 day break. I personally think the water consumption part helped the most. Plenty of info about why this apparently works. Again worked for me after stopping Friday and test was Tuesday. The only thing I did different was less vitamin to Color the urine.

  395. I only smoked two blunts over the weekend and have a drug test Friday what can I do to pass the test I have pills but I’m afraid it might not work fast enough and I don’t have anyone’s pee to use can anyone help me?

  396. Bleach will not work ..Niacin will burn your kidneys. Cranberry juice does not work with THC. The easiest way to pass ,and cheapest, is to drink that blue tea. Go to paloazultea dott comm and get like 2 bags for ten bucks and you’ll be clean for 5 days..makes you pee though lol

  397. Kristina Danielle. on

    I smoked yesterday I have a drug text in 2 weeks . I can’t fail this or I will be in jail

  398. Hay I’m. Have a drug test 2 day. Now I don’t smoke like that. But I really need this job. I had smoked yesterday but I ain’t know I had a test 2 do but soon as I found out I stopped and started drinking water tea.will that help and if I drank that surejull a Lil before will that help plZ let me know

  399. how soon? If you have about 3-5 days you need to jog or ride a bike to sweat alot, drink a diuretic such as cranberry juice, eat lots of grains and fresh fruit and leafy greens, and about 4 hours before the test take 2-3 aspirin and if you can, by a cheap test kid and test yourself first.

  400. Can you use dog urine? Someone’s. I don’t know how you could keep the substitute warm while Consealing it. Opiate users will have serious withdrawals without popping pills in 72 hours. I’m surprised Marijuana takes 30 days to clear up.

  401. Breanna Johnson on

    I just smoked yesterday and I have to pass a drug test what do I do besides using someone else’s pee??

  402. Jamie Lee Peterson on

    I have a Walmart piss test next week I smoke once or twice daily now and smoked heavily up till last week. I’ve heard of many methods but never tried any. What will help clear my system a little till the test and mask any lingering thc the day of the test? Multiple solutions are more then welcome

  403. @John Smith, if you worked at a drug lab for two years, you would know that urine does not contain THC. I smell your bullshit from miles away.

  404. I needa take a drug on the 20th. Imma heavy lot head and have found it very difficult to quit for 30 days. I smoke last night Nd I refuse to smoke for the rest of the time being for the test. I van not afford to fail this test. I’ma skinny dude Nd don’t have much fat let alone skin whatsoever. So I figured I can sweat Nd drink water Nd I’ll be clean bt idk to be exact. What can I do?

  405. Just a helpful tip, to anyone who thinks that drinking water will help you pass a drug test you’re wrong. Drinking water doesn’t “flush” out your system and make it clean. All it does it dilute your pee so you will have “less” THC in your system but the THC will still remain. Also, when you hear people say take vitamin D or B or whatever it is to make your pee yellow, DON’T DO THAT! Those vitamins do nothing for you as there is something else that companies test for which is creat. Creat is something that our bodies produce naturally and if you are drinking a ton of water your creat levels will be so low that you may have to be retested (happens often). If you drink too much water your creat levels will be too low and adding vitamins to make your pee yellow won’t help your creat levels so people please quit sharing wrong information as you will likely get people in trouble with your advice about water and adding vitamins to your pee to make it yellow. Although I do not have a true solution, I wanted to share this information with all you stoners who don’t believe smoking weed should be illegal (including me). So why should you listen to me? I have worked at a drug testing lab for 2 years and I have a lot of information on this subject and wish you people will read this and take my post to heart if you are serious about passing a test for THC. There is one good piece of information that I can share about passing a drug test for THC but don’t take my word for it as it may not work every time. I have overheard some information recently about vitamin C and how adding it to your pee right after you pee into the cup will help break down the THC metabolites which is actually what you are being tested for is the metabolites of THC. I honestly can’t say that it works every time as I have only seen one instance where a drug test was passed but the pee had a mineral substance in it and it could’ve been a different substance than Vitamin C. If you are really curious about how to pass a drug test, conduct a study where you buy a few home test kits from the store and try adding different substances to your pee that might break down the THC metabolites. I know they are expensive but if you are desperate and have nothing else to try, try doing your own test before the drug test you must take. Also, I know that home test kits don’t tell you your levels of creat or even the levels of the drug you are positive for, but if someone can figure out what to add to pee to make it break down the THC metabolites, you wouldn’t have to worry about your creat levels or the temperature of your pee which would make passing every drug test for THC a breeze. One last piece of information I will leave will you all is don’t believe the myth that stopping for 30 days will take out all the THC from your system. It depends specifically on the person and how much they smoke. If you are an everyday user and you are smoking dank weed that people grow nowadays it will take more around 40 days to become completely clean. I smoked everyday for about 4 years before I stopped and tested myself after 30 days, then 35 days, then 40 days, then 45 days, and I still even had a little THC in my system after 40 days. People, the weed nowadays is so strong that it is staying in your system for longer so please help yourself by stopping for longer than the typical 30 days. Thanks to all who read and enjoyed

  406. I just was smoking when I heard I had a drug test the next day I don’t know what is the best way

  407. Joseph Swineberger on

    As far as I’m concerned there’s only product worth using to pass a drug test. Quick fix. For me it worked all three times I used it. I’ll never use one of those detox drinks ever again. I bought mine online and it came in like three days. I found 1stopyellowshop.com to be the most reliable. Hope this helps y’all

  408. By far the easiest way to pass a drug test is to: drink water all day! As you should. Not in heavy amounts about a water bottle and a half every hour! “Your pee won’t be yellow” here’s the trick! Take multi vitamins or drink an energy drink with b and d vitamins so your pee is yellow! Tada it’s clean pee from your body all natural.

  409. Use fruit pectin, will remove thc metabolites
    the420formula . com/pass-your-drug-test/how-to-pass-a-urine-drug-test-for-weed-in-48-hours/

  410. In a week you are good, fruit pectin and water is all you need. Stop smoking of course.


  411. 30 days youre golden, but you can take some fruit pectin if you aren’t 100% sure.


  412. Niacin will burn your insides,bleach will kill you, Certo gelatin will clog up your kidneys. Cranberry juice only works with blood based toxins like coke or meth ( the cranberry juice is so highly acidic that it breaks down the coke and meth faster than usual) but it wont work for THC or thc byproducts.. out of all the cheap ways to pass a dt i would suggest either drinking gelatin (sure gel) or tea from the palo-azul herb… just beware of finding the palo off of amazon or ebay because you have to drink it and you want to make sure its quality.. i would do as suggested below and get it straight from the paloazultea (dotcomm) website for like 5 or 6 bucks a bag…. so thats my advice..either the tea or the gelatin but just be careful if you choose the gelatin.

  413. chico Rodriguez on

    Us mexicans been using palo-azul to pass our pee test for like a hundred years now and the white people are just now catching on lol jk…great now the price is gonna go up.

  414. I was clean for more than a month & had to take a urine test this past Thursday. I have to take another test tomorrow (Thursday) since they said it was diluted . But I smoked less than a half gram joint Saturday night . I ran more than 3 miles , drank cranberry juice and took a couple cranberry pills . I’m about 5’10 , 125lb . Is there anything I can do to make sure I pass ??

  415. I have to urine test for my doctor tomorrow. Was a heavy smoker, but haven’t smoked for 30 days. Help?

  416. I have a drug test in a week I smoked this morning what can I do I have to pass or I got to jail.

  417. is there a way to take out the thc but leave the opiods unmasked?i was told i need to take a urine test at my next pain med appt.can i mask the thc but not my daily meds? thanks

  418. Banana Grandma on

    im gonna post this again since i think it go erased.. there is a plant that everyone is using down south called palo-azul. You make it into a tea and drink it the day before your test and it works every time for every mexican that i know lol It has a negative charge that pulls toxins out of your fat , works in like 4 hours and lasts for almost a week. Some latino markets have it… just make sure you get quality stuff.. the best place online would be paloazultea (ddotcomm) .. they have a huge website that explains how it works..its only 6 bucks too!

  419. Taco Cabana man on

    all of us down south make a tea from the palo-azul plant and drink a gallon the day before the test , it works good…takes only a few hours to kick in and youll be clean for 4 days or so… You might b able to find it in a spanish grocery store.. its cheap..just make sure you get quality stuff.. the best place online would be paloazultea (ddot comm) .. they been around for a while now and have a cult following down south! do not drink bleach, cranberry juice wont work for weed…

  420. I haven’t really exercised but I am active at my job. I’m on my feet a lot so I don’t know. Still freaking out about it lol. It’s at 11:30 and I woke up at 9 to start drinking water

  421. Hello guys, soon I will have drug test for crusie ship, and i used to smoke 3 – 4 time a week but I stopped in 6 august than I smoked in 20sept a small joint will low thc and mi one it was 12oct a big joint, I am 160pound 72inch please help me where I will be clean

  422. Most likely, if you’ve exercised and depleted your system, you’re good.
    Typically, smokers that aren’t as consistent have it in their system for 14 days. However, if you smoke every day as if you’re the epitome of 2000 Snoop Dogg, you might be fucked.

  423. I have a drug test on Tuesday, and I smoked last Wednesday. Any tips on depletion? I know Niacin is just a bullshit myth.

  424. Thomas Cadwell on

    I have a drug test on the tuesday Oct.13th. the last time i smoked was thursday oct.8th. i’m a pretty heavy smoker, i am 6’0 and weigh 195. i have been drinking water and cranberry juice as well as taking raspberry ketones to increase my metabolism. i have 2 detox drink i will also be using. what do you guys think of my situation?

  425. I have a drug test tomorrow for a job I’ve been wanting. I haven’t smoked in about 20 days but when I did smoke it was good stuff. I didn’t get high. I smoked out of a can. I’m about 5’3 and weigh 135. I’ve been drinking a shit ton of water lately. Anybody have any tips for me or am I most likely gonna pass? I’ve taken at home drug tests and passed but they were only a dollar at the dollar tree. Someone help!

  426. I have a drug test tomorrow. I haven’t smoked in about 21 days but what I did smoke was good stuff. I didn’t get hight, I just took one hit out of a can. I’m about 5’3 and weigh 135. Anybody have any tips for me or am I good?

  427. Justin Boot Boy on

    ive been on probation too for a while , ive been on that tea that everyone was talking about. its cheap and works real fast , like within 4 hours..

  428. Go to the closest Vitamin store and get a detox drink. (It’s around $20) Do the detox about an hour or 2 before you take the test.

  429. I would say as long as you stay clean you should be fine. Drink a lot of water an hour before the trst should dilute the sample enough.

  430. Look I’ve been smoking along time ….this works for me …..1..unlubed condom maybe two just in case. 2. Must plan to make this work…. 3. Get clean urine (make sure it clean urine). OK now what I did is I wore sweat pants and then jeans (sweats under jeans)..I pored urine into condom . Get clean urine right before you go to test. Tie it to the strings of your sweat pants and let it hang where it’s the warmest. Wearing a thermal can help keep your temp up (body temp) .last thing you’ll need is a toothpick.. poke a hole at the tip drian condom into test container .now at this point you might get urine on yourself or finger I should say (eehhh) but let’s face it it’s a sacrifice you must make just wash your hands….. it’s worked 3x for me ….have confidence….. blood work has to be done by doc
    Doctors are expensive and employers are not guna wait that long unless your going for a high top job (secret service type shit)they won’t go blood…anyway weed sticks to fatty cells and our body releases it through our urine…they get better results from urine test. Good luck! Viva marijuana!

  431. Ok I need advice, I’m not exactly sure when my test is but I know for sure I have at least until November 17. My brother told me the employer is probably going to do hair urine and blood, I used to smoke regularly but stopped for a while like almost a year, I hit a joint a few times on October 6. I don’t know how any tests other than the urine test works, I’m 5’9 and 156. What can I do to help my chances?

  432. Okay I’ve been on probation since September the 2nd. And three weeks ago I took two hits of Purple Rain, & haven’t smoked since. Been drinking water and a couple sodas here and there. I’ve got five days to clean my system. Any suggestions on how to pass it. Plus last piss test I took. Had a fainted line on top. Needing help..

  433. I’m 5’1″ and 120 lbs (a girl). I smoked a lot more over the summer than I do now but recently I’ve been smoking like a blunt a day for the past like 4 or 5 days. The last time I smoked was yesterday and my drug test is tomorrow. I’ve been drinking water and cranberry juice ever since I found out. Any chance I’ll pass?

  434. You’ll pass. Marijuana stays in your system for two weeks (if you don’t smoke as much) or thirty days if you smoke often.

  435. TranceBreaker on

    I failed a UA after 5 weeks of not smoking. Body size, fat content, metabolism, diet all affect this. If you are going to stop smoking and only have a 5 week window, you should eat salads, flush out your system, avoid eating fats as much as possible, AND try to flush your system beforehand. I almost lost my job making this mistake

  436. I don’t smoke everyday but I haven’t smoked since September 19, I go for a drug screen tomorrow, will I pass?

  437. So i stopped smoking 2 days ago an i have a drug test friday for probation but i drink alot of water an exercise to sweat alot im 5’11” 230 is there a possibility of me passing the drug test with no detox ?

  438. Hey guys really need some advice

    I am a regular smoker, smoke everyday but usually just a 1 hitter and an occasional bowl when I’m
    At buddy’s house. I am 130 lbs with no an strech of fat on me. I’ve been able to pass before on7-10 days notice, by just flushing out my system with water and sweating.

    Although, this job I got an offer is too risky to just try and flush it out. So, like you, I plan to use a sober friend’s piss.

    Now my question is if I go to the SAME drug testing place that I did it for last time( 6-8 months) will that need the same kind of piss? Will they be able to detect my piss from my buddy’s piss?

    Any advice will be eternally grateful.

    Thx have a good day Dudes.

  439. take Niacin…500mg or more a day if you can. get the non flushing kind. i smoke daily and i stopped smoking 3 days before my test and passed. ( i also was working out and sat in the sauna once).

  440. Anaiav Acissej on

    Hi… I need ur help!! How does the cleansing mouthwash work?? Does it work if u smoke everyday??

  441. Reggie thomas on

    Please i need help. So ive been on probation since april 1st, i didnt smoke april, june, or july on august 14 i started smoking again. I thought i was off probation on sept 1st when actually it was October 1. I have random drug testing but wasn’t tested until i paid my court fine friday oct the 2nd. I will be tested tomorrow on the 5th. I been drinking water since then. The last time i smoked was Thursday evening. How can i pass this test and pass with out fake piss because i will be monitored. Help me please!

  442. I smoked 2-4 days in a row.. I’m 5’8 like 230lbs I used to smoke everyday but I haven’t in for months til those 2-4 days I’ve been drinking water and exercising and avoiding fatty foods it’ll be a little over 48 hours think ill pass its for treatment

  443. Derek Manyrath on

    Im 6″1 and weigh about 160, ive been smoking everynight, and sometimes in the day, for the past 2 months. How long would it take for me to clean out my system for a urine drug test?

  444. I’ve been getting everything I need from passdrugtestsfastdotcom for all my drug tests. For my urine drug tests I use the instant flush and for my saliva tests I use the saliva cleansing mouthwash. My situation is one where I can’t afford to fail so I like to stick with what I know works. I’ve passed both types of test with no problem and I’m a heavy bud smoker. I haven’t had to take a hair test yet so I can’t speak on the shampoo.

  445. So I have a question I’ll pose here if anybody has any better suggestions. After a several month hiatus from smoking, I got a large bag of some VERY good stuff. Spent a month in a “wake and bake” haze, stayed flying for a month straight, so I know my system was saturated. Got popped for a random(stupid me, I know!!) and lost my job. So it’s a week later and I have a UA for a new job in 2-3 days. It has been a week today since I haven’t smoked. My plan is to take some detoxer’s for the next two days, drink some of this Palo Azul tea I keep hearing about the night before, and the morning of drink a quality detox/masking drink. I am physically fit(gym every day) and pretty lean. Any chance of passing this without getting a friend to piss for me and risk getting caught smuggling piss in??

  446. If I’m 5,9 and 140 pounds and smoke twice a day how long will it take me to pass a drug test

  447. So…if you are able and willing, is there anything you can recommend besides abstinence? My brother is going for a new job opportunity that his company just presented him with out of the blue, and he has to take a urine test in 6 days, and he smoked two hits last night. Anything he can do?

  448. I have to take one today and just lost a lived one n decided to make a Terri me decidion , now I have until a certain time to take this test nnow I will fail it, so what do I do?

  449. My friend tried a drug that is naturally made according to him, his first try happened last dec. and last try was july, is he already clean by now and will be able to pass the d.test?

  450. Do they test the urine to see if it’s male or female in an out patient treatment for DUII? I haven’t smoked in 18 days, and stopped drinking 5 days ago. I plan on staying clean the entire time, but I just did an at home THC test and it’s still positive :( I have my first UA Saturday and would like to enter treatment clean. Could you please give me some insight? I don’t want to do anything that will derail my diversion. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to right my wrong. Thank you!

  451. But what’s your story ? How much do you weigh & what height ? How many days did you have to cleanse yourself by using this special tea ? Thank you for the information you have provided but it’s meaningless without the finished story.

  452. Why has nobody mentioned drinking palo azul tea to pass your pee test?? its cheap as hell and actually good for you (as opposed to drinking bleach?? ) Niacin will burn your kidneys…sure-gel will clog your kidneys…Bleach will kill you….Cranberry juice will only work with blood based toxins like coke and meth (because the pH of cranberry is so highly acidic that it breaks down the meth and coke faster) but THC is stored in your fat. You can get palo azul at any Mexican grocery store if you live near the border and if you don’t just get it online. Palo Azul Tea dot com sells the exotic palo azul for just like 5 or 6 bucks a bag .. they also explain how it works.
    It saved my ass for 3 years !

  453. Several times per week, usually just on weekends. I’m not fully regular, but enough. Hadn’t in a week, did three days in a row, but yesterday got a job offer that would require me to take urinalysis within the next week or so. Not sure I can come up with clean pee, friends that don’t would likely not provide and I’m too scared to bring in fake/other pee. Do cleaners work? What can I do with my diet? How sensitive are the tests? I’m a pudgy 240lbs, skinny I’d be around ~200lbs. What do I do, friends?

  454. guy who's about to bitch slap on

    Uh oh do you have a drug test coming up? Dude, yes you can totally fail a drug test like that! You’re probably high right now even though you can’t feel it. Do you feel dumber than normal, like really really stupid? Well that’s actually just because you’re just dumb…the correct answer is no, you can’t get high or fail a test from smelling it. :)

  455. Yes, absolutely. I consistently pass drug tests after 7 days of abstinence following casual, infrequent use.

  456. Elizabeth tellez on

    I used to smoke everyday a couple weeks before this summer constantly everyday if not every other day and I stopped smoking for a weeks and I smoked again a week later and it’s been 3 weeks since I smoked I’m 140 lbs and I exercise regularly and I’m getting tested today but my friend who smoked my last time with me came out positive in a test she took a couple days ago what are my chances and what should I do? Btw I regularly smoked 2-4 bowls no more during this time

  457. I have not smoked in over 5 years. My neighbors smoke weed all day every day. I get a whiff of it everyday and night. Though im not in direct contact sometimes it feels like i might have caught a contact just passing through. Could i pass a drug test if i had to next week?

  458. Longtime daily smoker was still testing “dirty” 6 weeks after last use. Used Dr Greens Field Kit and passed a standard pre-corporate job drug test. The one thing you have to monitor is the temp. Your sample must read between 100 – 90 degrees when you hand it over. Strap up and apply heating pad 1 hour before test, if you let it go for two hours it will be too hot, 30 minutes too cold. Don’t stick heating pad to bladder, just put it in the pocket with bladder so you can adjust if necc. I suggest buy two kits, practice getting temp right with one and use other day of. Don’t bother trying to get clean if you’ve been using a lot, just get a synthetic and make sure your temp is right. If you only smoke every now and then, just quit for 30 days.

  459. Smoked about two months ago, a few hits nothing really. Before that it was like 4-5 months clear. Im 5’11 160 lbs and an athlete. Drug test on monday, will I pass? opinions? thanks guy

  460. I’ve used both the instant flush and 1 hour system cleanser drinks from passdrugtestsfastdotcom and passed everytime I’ve used the products. The 1 hour system cleanser is for when you have the normal 48 hour pretox window before the test and the instant flush is formulated for when you don’t have the 48 hour pretox window. They will both work depending on your situation.

  461. the edge walker on

    I am a habitual smoker for 6 years and have been drug tested many many times because of two arrests and overbearing parents. I have passed every test, even ones within 12 hours of smoking. I have been tested by state governments, rehab institutions, and home test kits. The simplest and best way to pass a test is simply drink a ton of water,every day of your life and you will be prepared for any test. I drink around 100 oz of water a day and my piss is clear every time, this dilutes the metabolites in your urine to acceptable levels. Some people worry about clear piss and if it will raise issues. This only gave me a problem twice. The first time was when the test was being administered by a state for probation, the pee was really clear and the technician said something, I simply took niacin (b12) the next time the day of my next test and the urine was darker. The second time was when the test was being administered by a lab working for a outpatient rehab center. They tested the specific gravity of the sample and having too much water threw it off, I told the center that I was an athlete (which is true) and that I drink a lot of water normally. I passed over two dozen tests (from the same lab) using this same technique and only 8 of them had an off specific gravity so they just let it slide. Therefore drinking a lot of water won’t always throw off the specific gravity of the urine.


    So basically a tried and true method that I’ve utilized which has kept me out of jail, kept my criminal record clean (expunged/expelled), kept me in good graces with my parents, and has gotten me several jobs is simply the dilution technique. Drink LOTS of water, 80+ oz a day and take b12 if your worried about the urine color. The more water the better, do this every day of your life and you will be ready for anything.
    I simply have a 24 oz water bottle that i carry with me mostly everywhere, I drink an entire one around breakfast, one around lunch, one around dinner, and generally one as i’m winding down and in bed. When I go to restaurants, I drink the entire glass of water they give you (typically a 12-14 oz) like 3 times over dinner. Here is my 2 cents, Good luck

  462. Malachi The Messenger on

    Bruh I’m like a once a week weed smoker ( But it’s grade A) ….And It just so happened the day after I smoked and after a wake n bake I got called in for a job interview and was told to take a piss test within 24 hours so I was like “fuckkkkk!” So I decided to go to GNC and the guy reccomended ( not directly tho lol) that I buy and drink one of those carbo drinks that are supposed to clean your system out because it was a popular choice among customers ….So I decided to take his word for it…So I drank it when I got home ; however when I read online I saw people said you should drink it a few hours before the test…So once again I said “fuckkkkk!” …Lol but I refused to give up because I needed this job bad. I spent the rest of the day drinking water constantly and then drink caffeinated tea all night to stay up ( it was a bonus that it helped me stay up too ) I continued this until an hour b4 da test ; then I took a vitamin B12 because I read online that it helps get your piss back yellow ; then I headed out for the test. I got there and pissed; and guess what lol? My piss still looked clear enough to drink! So again I said to myself “fuckkkkk” However I did manage to use the midstream of my piss only; I did this because I read online that you shouldn’t use the first bit of piss that comes out or the last bit because that’s where the highest concentration of THC is located; so I figured maybe I still had a chance… Still tho I was worried my clear piss would tip the inspector off…I was told by the test administrator that my employer would call me if I passed; and if I didn’t hear back from them I didn’t pass… So then I waited; and soon enough 2 weeks went by and I was certain I had lost a decent paying job ( emphasis on decent lol) because of my love and slight addiction to marijuana ( something in which I never let impair my judgment and use simply for stress relief in my downtime) and it just felt so unfair..Because I just thought to myself “if people who make 5 times my pay can drink in their spare time; why can’t I smoke?”…Anyways soon enough 3 more days went by and I got a call…And guess who it was? My sought out job!!! All I could say and outloud this time was “FUCK YESSSSS!!!!” lol. Another victory for stoners over the system lol!!! BEST 50 BUCKS I EVER SPENT WORTH EVEY PENNY; I COMPLETLY RECOMMEND IT!!! And I start tomorrow!!! Wish me luck guys!!! ;) And I hope this helps!!!

  463. I had same situation at VA…. They wanted to see Oxy…but no no on the weed. I just didn’t smoke weed for 6+ years. Now..I’m on Suboxone, they don’t care about the weed so much…but can’t do opiates. Go figure….but that’s the VA

  464. As a drug and alcohol technician i can tell you that half of the information provided on this page is false. All street drugs are fair game in a pre employment screening. The only true way of passing a drug test is to not do drugs at all. Fake urine is easy to catch because it has no smell and is a clear yellow. Diluting the specimen will get picked up at the lab and adding things to your urine gets picked up by the lab. Most methods of “cheating” the test are easy to catch these days. DO NOT trust info that someone like this provides to you.

  465. lol us Mexicans been using Palo Azul to pass the pee test for a hundred years and you white people just now catching on lolol

  466. negative charged alkaloids DO have the ability to draw out toxins you moron.. just like an ionizer uses a negative charge to pull toxins out of the air.. Palo Azul Tea ( if its real palo – palo Azul tea dot com would be the only place id get it from but that’s just me) bonds on to the THC byproducts causing it to go undetected by any urine test. I doubt Palo Azul Tea dot com would have 10,000 members if it didn’t work dude… not to mention they had the biggest tent at cannabis cup in Denver this year! The Palo Azul Tea girls were hot as hell!!

  467. you guys need to scroll down and read the posts about Palo Azul… its worked for me 3 out of 3 times and im 6ft2 300lbs. just get 2 or 3 bags ( from Palo Azul Tea dot com) (don’t get the fake palo off of ebay )..boil it into a gallon and youll be golden within 4 hours..it had me clean for 5 days!

  468. if you smoked just one hit of a blunt after stopping for about 6 months how long does it take to clear your system?

  469. It really just depends. Ive had the look at my junk while i pissed and ive been sent into a room alone

  470. Do they actually follow you in the restroom and watch you giving a urine sample in medical clinics?

  471. Hows it going?
    So I can consider my self a HEAVY smoker, I can prob say I smoke weed everyday for the passed 2 years, but I ususally hit 2 or 3 good size bowls a day. I was considering to buy the Detox drink, but the last time I chanced that, I failed. so I bought some fake piss from the local shop, but my question is, I heard now a days that the person in the clinic that is giving you the test also follows you in the inside the restroom with his back turned while your doing your thing. I just want to know how accurate is that info?!?!

  472. So I smoke a few hits from a water bong every sunday for the past month or so. And very rarely before that.

    The last time was like 8 days ago and I just took a urine test. I passed the cheapo one from the dollar store but what are my chances of passing the one I just did? I’m like 5’3 130 and have drank quite a bit of coffee, tea and water. I also walk around campus a lot.

  473. Use urine from sum1 who’s on da same pain medication as you but doesn’t smoke. pain mangment Dr can drug test u any time and if what they prescribed isn’t in it system they’ll think it selling ur meds or will know your using sum1 else’s urine. I’m going thru da same so I can relate. Good luck

  474. I’ve lived with chronic pain for twenty years and I’m on pain meds. I like to smoke weed, and I know that you’ll fail a test with weed. So what is my best option? I don’t care about the pain meds. I just need to hide the weed. And I don’t live near a Mexican drugstore. The pain meds need to show up in the urinalysis, but not the weed. Is there anything that can hide just the weed?

  475. So I don’t really smoke anymore its been over four years sense I was a Daily smoker But just recently In the past few weeks I’ve taken a couple hits my last time was Saturday night and I took three hits and three weeks before that I had about the same my question is about how long do I need to keep be worried about a random at work??

  476. Uh oh Broski. Sounds like a false negative. I would take another one just in case. I am not the pro though.

  477. Really curious! I don’t smoke anymore, its been some odd months. But am around people that do smoke, I usually try to leave the room, but some times its in the car, (like yesterday) will I be able to pass a piss test?

  478. Over the last 6 months I’ve probably smoked 2 hits every other week. The last I smoked was 8 days ago. I took a detox drink today (wed) because I scheduled my test for today. Unfortunately something happened at the clinic where I have to go back Friday. Should I take another detox or will I be fine?

  479. I recently landed 2 jobs, and the best way to beat the piss test and the saliva test is to have options for whom you want to work for. I applied to companies that does not required a drug test, and you can find that out through glassdoor and employment application agreement. I got offered 4 different jobs interview and after thorough research, I decided to focus on the ones that are less likely to drug test and concentrate my effort on the them. You have options, believe that. And you’ll have opportunities for growth so long as you gain skills and experiences, but don’t risk being caught trying to pass a drug test or failing it; rather believe that you have the liberty to seek your happiness(in my case, marijuana) and pursue a good life by balancing work with personal life. Don’t let $ sign fool you when searching for a job, you’ll receive bountiful of it when you’re happy with who you are and what you do.

  480. Drinking Gelatin will clog your kidneys.. and lead to toxic shock syndrome..DO NOT DRINK GELATIN!!!! DO NOT DRINK BLEACH!! all this WILL KILL YOU!! be smart and healthy about your methods to detox.

  481. Found out last week that my job wants a drug test, I researched every search engine and blog and drinking palo azul tea seems to be the safest way to pass the test… I was going to try drinking gelatin until I read that drinking gelatin will shut down your kidneys!! so I went to Palo Azul Tea dot com (since they have the best standing) and purchased 4 bags for like 5$ a piece ( how do they stay in biz only charging 5$??) anyhow I boiled the tea for 2 hours and drank it 2 days before my test…I was terrified when they read the results but I PASSED!! WOO WOO . I should also add that im 6ft1 250 lbs. This little 5$ bag of tea is saving peoples jobs and keeping them out of jail so I couldn’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t like it! Someone on here made like a 2 page “hate post” on Palo Azul Tea but it was so obviously an attempt by one of the major detox corporations to stop people from knowing about Palo Azul , because now the big dogs aren’t making so much money, now they cant rape us stoners by charging us $100 for detox.

  482. Just passed a super important drug test that I was really worried about. I didn’t try palo soul or whatever but I did try certol sure jell with like a Gatorade and I failed 2 home drug tests and decided to use fake urine instead and what I used worked 4 times this week. It’s called monkey wiz and you can get it at any planet k or you can order it online. It’s $40 but it has my full trust. You wear it on your waste and the directions are super easy. Those other methods were difficult for me to use successfully so I figured I’d share my experience just in case you ran out of options to pass. Saved my ass and all my buddies.

  483. Gregory Pruden on

    as a child of the 60s 70s i soon picked up the weed thing it was all top[ shelf willie nelson lol but after the buzz there was a healing effect as i worked in a sawmill carrying timbers now my back is gone and i have osteo arthritis no docs will prescribe medical thc

  484. why would you use fake pee? putting someone else’s pee on you or even synthetic pee is BEGGING for disaster!! the new drug tests will pick up on synthetic urine now…especially for high profile jobs and probation. Drinking a tea with a negative charged alkaloid will work for passing a drug test with any drug! (a negative charge pulls toxins just like an air ionizer uses a negative charge to pull toxins out of the air) its just very hard to find… Palo Azul Tea popped up two years ago and they have been a life saver for a lot of people , especially on here..go back and read all the testimony.. Palo Azul is the only negative charged alkaloid tea available to us here.. I couldn’t find it at my local Mexican grocery store so I did what someone at work told me and went to Palo Azul Tea dot com and got 2 bags for like 10$…. $10!!!!!???? that’s a no brainer ya’ll.. I made the tea and it was more than just a temporary detox… I was clean for 5 days!! got a bunch of test strips..5 days I was clean!

  485. This blog keeps deleting the posts about Palo Azul Tea because magnum detox or one of those $100 detox companies owns this blog and they dont want people to be aware that Palo Azul Tea even exists because palo azul only costs like 6 $ a bag. Palo Azul Tea has worked for me 3 out of 3 times and im 6ft 2 – 250 lbs. Just be sure you dont get the Palo off of eba or amazon because those buttholes are selling fake Palo Azul. The only place to get the real deal is Palo Azul Tea dot com…one bag works .. get 2 or three bags if its do or die… i have a homeboy who makes a gallon of Tea out of 10 bags and he tripps balls ( so he claims) he said it was a good trip.. if i can detox and get high off of some tea for just 5 bucks SIGN ME UP!!

  486. go to Palo Azul tea dot com and ge like 2 or 3 bags of palo… boil it into a tea and drink it a day before your test and you will pass for sure.. works for me and all my beaner friends

  487. there is a plant my friend told me about called Palo Azul, means blue stick, grows in the jungle.. if you drink it in a tea it will clean you out of THC and you will piss clean..you can get palo Azul at any Mexican spice market or go to Palo Azul Tea dot com.

  488. Stephany Wendell on

    So what if you don’t have a car to use the defrost can you put it close to your body to keep it body temperature…..I’m not so sure a balloon or condom would work in this situation…..it would probably bust open…..i think my best option is to use a small container and just hide it in my pants…..what do you think

  489. Palo Azul tea will work but you have to make it right. boil it for 2 hours… then drink.. and don’t get the nasty palo off of ebay or amazon.. its bunk.. palo Azul tea dot com has some specials going right now and they have been in the game for a long time so I would ride with them.

  490. hey my schools randomly drug testing me, do you guys think i should just stop smoking (i havent smoked for 3 days) or should i carry the fake piss around that i bought?

  491. I need help I smoke pot heavy & I need to pass a test in 10 days what is the quickest healthiest way…I have heard vinegar is good

  492. I smoke weed everyday and my work just notified me that I have a random piss test in a week I am 6ft and 175lbs what is my best avenue to pass the test

  493. Dolmio Rebbina on

    I tried this and it worked! Only problem is they discovered I am 6 months pregnant!!! Any other day I would have been happy, but I am a 46year old man.

  494. Elyssa Channell on

    I did EXACTLY what you guys said and passed!! :) got 3 bags of palo Azul and made the tea and drank it like 8 hours before my UA , was very nervus but Passed!

  495. Jeremy Pivons on

    that synthetic shit is risky business man, especially for probation or a job! I would use the gelatin or go to palo Azul tea dot com and get 2 or 3 bags and boil that shit till the water turns blue.. drink it 1 or 2 days before your drug test.. everyone down south does this and we all pass every time.. they have it at Mexican grocery stores too!

  496. If you absolutely HAVE TO PASS a drug test either drink gelatin or go to palo Azul tea dot com and get 2 bags of palo..boil it till the water turns blue (palo Azul means blue stick) and drink it and you will pass your piss test … one gallon of tea makes you clean for five days.

  497. jossip on Deck on

    Vinegar will Pickle your insides dude.. Niacin will burn your insides…Sure-gel (gelatin) will clog up your kidneys. drinking tea from the Palo Azul plant is very effective.. every search engine talks about it. Palo Azul can be found at any Mexican market .. or you can go to palo Azul tea dot com.. that’s where my coworkers go to get their palo. its only 5 or 6 $ and you can reuse the palo Azul.. make it into a tea and drink it 2 days before your test and you will pass with flying colors.. drinking a lot of water seems to help too.

  498. Bulldog Nights on

    I used 5 bags … but I heard you just need a couple bags.. and you can re-use the tea! (they don’t tell you that on the palo Azul tea website)

  499. Duke of Wellington on

    Drinking Palo Azul does work to pass a drug test. I went to palo azul tea dot com (as instructed by my gf) got 3 bags and boiled it into a gallon and drank it the day before the test and I was clean..this method has worked for me the last 3 out of 3 times !! I should add that im 250 pounds 6ft 3

  500. CaliforniaOranges on

    no problem amela, I know that one bag of palo Azul will work… just get it from a reputable place..(palo Azul tea dot com has the exotic palo) Thru 5 days of home drug testing I realize I can get 10 bags of palo and make a few gallons and drink half a gallon a day and I will always pass my random drug tests no matter when I get tested !! ;) and now I can smoke every day all day! smoke on!!

  501. Hi i have a question for anyone that can help me out. Ok so i used a synthetic urine to sub in my urine test but it didnt fill it to the amount they needed. So i put a little of my urine (semi diluted and caught it midstream) to fill it to the line. I guess what im asking is will it affect the integrity of the fake pee and maybe show that theres a drug present? Any help is needed thanks

  502. Hi i have a question for anyone that can help me out. Ok so i used a synthetic urine to sub in my urine test but it didnt fill it to the amount they needed. So i put a little of my urine (semi diluted and caught it midstream) to fill it to the line. I guess what im asking is will it affect the integrity of the fake pee and maybe show that theres a drug present? Any help is needed thanks

  503. Ruby Hillburn on

    Will it work if I’m on pain meds and the doctor wants to test me for street drugs isn’t my pain meds suppose to show up and what if he saids why don’t I see your pain meds in these results I need another way to hide the Marijuana but not my pain meds

  504. Ruby Hillburn on

    Will it work if I’m on pain meds and the doctor wants to test me for street drugs isn’t my pain meds suppose to show up and what if he saids why don’t I see your pain meds in these results I need another way to hide the Marijuana but not my pain meds

  505. go to palo Azul tea (dot com) and get like 2 or 3 bags…its very healthy so my grandma uses like 10 bags for her kidneys. make a gallon of the tea and drink over a 24 hour period before your test and you will be gravy

  506. I’ve tried just about any detox product there is on the market and has had success with one brand sold at passdrugtestsfastdotcom in particular. You can’t go wrong with the instant flush for passing urine, saliva and blood drug tests in a short amount of time. If you use online coupon code “24HRDSCNT” during checkout you’ll receive a 10% discount off your order.

  507. What is a “dosage” of aspirin? Two tablets? Gotta be careful with that stuff … too much can damage your hearing, among other problems.

  508. how many bags of Palo will I need to pass? I ordered 4 bags from palo Azul tea dot com for like 20$.. I weigh 175 lbs … im thinking just use half

  509. Wallace Parker on

    ok this all sound good and some do work if you don’t smoke 2 our 3 days before you take the test free !! the slat our you sure it works ? the rubber with clean piss work on the heater there ways out there to keep it warm I had guys tell me they put in there coffee I think I wont drink the coffee lmao !!! MY ? is how do pass that Random one I had them just show up out in the field you pee there out they take you some where !!! So you got news on how you can pass that Random one !!!!!! I know just stay clean then you smoke a little bit

  510. all the big $100 detox corporations are hating on Palo Azul Tea because they are selling bags of palo for just a few bucks ..

  511. CaliGreenSanDiego on

    Palo Azul been working for a thousand years.. sure gel and palo azul are the best ways…both are cheap and work 99 % of the time. Sure-gel is just gelatin that clogs up your insides, so the dirty pee cant get thru but the gelatin will clog up your kidneys. Palo Azul would be your most healthy way to pass a drug test.. either go to the Mexican grocery store if you live near mexico or go to Palo Azul Tea dot com and get 2 or 3 bags… (they are only 5 or 6$ a bag) boil it all into a gallon and drink it and you will be clean for good.

  512. “Hey I took another drug that they test for in order to get another drug out of me. Will I pass?”

  513. Pure BS.
    This post is likely just a bandwagon marketing tactic that utilizes anecdotal evidence, indefinite pricing, and an appeal to familiarity to increase their site traffic from their pot smoker demographic.
    The charge of a fat cell is considered variable at best, and there is little or no evidence to show that any alkaloid will both bond with thc and remove it from a cell.
    Notice that instead of citing real evidence, DonnieGreen cites the website, which isn’t a reliable source. He also compares this debunked charged alkaloid detoxification to air ionization, which is a logical fallacy.
    This is a product marketing post. They use small units of sale on their website to give the illusion of scarcity, and draw your attention to information that is appealing rather than leading you to convincing or substantial evidence. Even their own website acknowledges their product’s sketchiness with a disclaimer:

    “Palo Azul Tea is in no way a cure or treatment of any illness or disease or a medical remedy of any kind. If you are pregnant please consult your Dr. before consuming Palo Azul Tea.” – paloazultea dot com

    When I actually looked at the website, I wasn’t surprised to see a site that looks like it was built by a high school Web Design student. From Comic Sans text to unrelated images as well as promises of FREE! merchandise, I immediately guessed it was plagued with viruses and misleading information. I was right.

    “After further research and a long meeting with a Medical Doctor we have come to the conclusion that this is because the alkaloids within Palo Azul Tea bond on to fats and carbs making it harder for them STICK to your body resulting in a FASTER discharge of fats and Fat based toxins.”

    What research did you do? How long ago? Who is this “medical doctor” you met with? Did you even talk to him about your product in the meeting? Did he help you in any way to come to these conclusions, and if so, what evidence is there that your conclusions are accurate? Who “around the world” is praising your product? If your teams “go to such great measures to provide your customers with the Highest Quality and Most Effective Palo Azul wood chips in the World,” then why don’t you also tell us what great measures you went to to verify the effectiveness of your product? Is there no end to the misuse of capitalized letters?

    Since none of these questions have been answered, we must assume that the integrity of the claims made on this website has been compromised.
    Later “Dr.Green,” I have better things to do than waste my money on your crap.

  514. Ha! I did exactly that in 1989 when I had to drug test for a new job out of college. However, I used a golf tee instead of fingernail clippers. And I was lucky to have my straight buddy with me who pissed in a ziplock bag for me in the parking lot before I went in…I used my belt to secure the zip lock bag for easy access…

  515. Another way to pass is to use a tablespoon of salt. just mix it in your urine (make sure it disolves ALL the way) and you’re good to go. I’ve done it so I know it works for me! I’ve also tried bringing in a friends cean urine…and the container wasn’t closed all the way. You can emagine how this ended. disgusting! lol. Good luck ya’ll.

  516. You can also quit for 2 to 3 days take a few decitrim or metabolite something that raises your metabolism and eats fat cells drink plenty of water and stay active to sweat and stay away from fast food and other fatty foods thc hangs on to fat cells and if you burnthem off w/o replacing them most likely you’ll be good and pass most any test that looks for thc

  517. Just wanted to add a success story. I got my buddy to fill a small Gatorade bottle the night before the test and left it in my truck over night. The next day I couldn’t find any hand warmers in my city and running out of time. I didn’t have another idea so I put the bottle on my radiator on the way to the test (3 min) away. Took out the bottle and double rapped it in a sock 20 minutes of waiting till I pissed. I looked at the thermal strip saw it register at 100 (within the law 90-100). It worked perfectly. I smiled on the way out because I beat the system with my radiator. Pot heads are an inventive bread. ?

  518. We’re do you get jazz detox at because I have a very important job interview coming up tomorrow and I want to make sure I’m clean I haven’t smoked since August 2nd tho but I just took a at home drug test and it still came up positive if you could text me I would greatly appreciate it 267-227-8470

  519. Watch it…..I took a massive dose of Asprin to pass a drug test for a Christmas Job….and now I have hissing in my ears all the time.

  520. I’m On Probation I Smoked Yesterday I Get Piss Tested What Should I Do Will The Vinegar Help

  521. I dont usually smoke weed. My husband does. But, about a week ago i had some wine and choose to take a few hits. I get tested tuesday, in 1 1/2 days. If i drink cranberry juice tomorrow and water snd tuesday a few hours before drink white vinegar, i will pass?. How much vinegar? And could too much, give a inconclusive result?

  522. amsterdam lover on

    as a light daily smoker I have found that Jazz detox works very well however you MUST follow directions. I smoked heavily one weekend and was called in the next work day and had no problem passing after just one hour or so
    after drinking and urinating a few times.

  523. I have a drug test comming up (urine ) in 10 days time
    I last smoked a spliff with a friend just 1 around 3 days ago
    In the past month I have had no more than
    4 grams and have shared most of that with friends
    ans had no more because the day after I got a call about this job
    I have started with cranberry juice and upped my water intake by 50% and started taking green tea supliments and amphetamine to help burn some fat
    Will I pass

  524. Don’t bother with all of this, just detox a few hours before with white vinegar and you will pass. As long as you just smoke I promise you that you will pass the piss test.

  525. i’d like to know the brand and cost of which instant clean you used..also where you purchased it.

  526. I stopped for 2 days and I mean 2 days brought some magnum detox pill and some champ detox drink and also drank alot of water I even threw up and still passed my piss test they even put it through a machine after they dipped it 5panel test ………

  527. I have to pass a drug test on the 20th. At that time it will have been 2 wks since my last hit. I only smoke a couple of hits a night of medical grade pot. I just took a at home urine test last night and failed. I am going to try everything I can to pass this test. Drinking the Palo tea, taking the concoction of one reply ( cranberry pills, Vit. B 12, niacin and lots of H20.;eating lots of fatty foods before; exercising alot, taking aspirin; taking cream of tartar; plus using a puritin x5 cleanse. 2 questions: will taking all this hurt me? and plus by doing this I am assuming it will remove all toxins including my prescribed narcotic drugs? I need for my prescribed drugs, vicodin and morphine to show up but not the pot. Any recomendations for my problem?

  528. Toni-Shawn Warne on

    i stopped smoking for 21 days, getting tested for new job tomorrow. I’m 5’2 1/2 about 140lbs, I sweat like crazy every day and have been drinking nothing but water and black tea since I stopped. I am now drinking Cran-lemonade today because I took a home kit bought at Walgreens and got a “preliminary reading” which the booklet says it needs to be sent to a lab for further testing. I’m freaking out, should I be ok by continuing to drink fluids or do more? Regular smoker, everyday use, but 99.9% of the time would take smoke from hubby to conserve, does that make any difference?

  529. I am about to take a drug test in about an hour and i smoked yesterday. This method is uncomfortable but it has worked for my last 4.

    The night before i take a take a drug test I start flushing with water. Drink untill your piss is clear. Then keep drinking.

    2-2 1/2 hours before your test take a dosage of aspirin. It was explained to me that piss tests dont test for THC but for the biproduct that the body makes after digesting THC. The aspirin should hide the metabolites for about 2 or 3 hours starting about 2 hours after taken.

    After you take your aspirin drink an energy drink. I recommend a standard sized RockStar. You may not like the taste but all of the B vitamins and other crap that your body doesn’t absorb will bring the color back to your piss.

    You will be pissing every 15 minutes intil you take the aspirin and drink the can of chemicals. Then it will slow down to every 30 min. Once you see that your piss is getting its color back from the drink head out and take your test.

  530. Callum Delaney on

    I smoke weed daily and have a drugs test in about 5-6 days. Is there anything I can do to pass other than carrying a Johnny filled with someone else’s piss in it and tying it to my sack?

  531. Update: I tried the tea that many on here had suggested. It did not work so don’t waste ur time or money. I drank it and still failed a at home drug test. I went to and got the instant clean and followed the directions before the drug test and PASSED. It is 49 dollars but it worked. I have been smoking daily for the last 10 years and am 5’6 and weigh about 220. Thanks to everyone on here for the help and I hope this works for the rest of you………

  532. Hi everyone!!! Regular,fit female and stopes smoking 12 days ago. On the day of test drank a lot of water till it was clear, peed about 8 times. Took a rockstar, black tea and gedorate. Peed once to see the color, was yellowish. Added more tea and took a test. Have interview in 2 days. Will let u know… What r ur thought,

  533. the best thing to do is drink a ton of water. the more you smoke the longer it stays in your system so you shouldn’t get too worried

  534. I very rarely smoke and if I do its a hit or two once a month – not a big smoker but do enjoy it to relax occasionally.. anyway I have to be tested for PM dr. and because I don’t smoke a lot and very rarely how long do I have to wait before I schedule a dr apt just in case they test? 54 yr old 150 lbs and would that tea benefit me better due to my small amount I smoke?

  535. I smoked for the first time in 4 years, 5 days ago. I’m 5’2 and 120lbs. And I have to drug test tomorrow for a job!!!! Is there anything I can do to pass the test tomorrow!?!? I really need this job. help!!!

  536. So I have a drug test in 2 days and I stopped smoking like a week and a half ago. Before that, I cut down a lot only smoking at night like twice a week. I’m 5’6” and 140lbs. I have taken like 5 at home drug tests and I can’t pass. I’ve been detoxing, drinking a lot of water, etc. I really need this job and it sucks that I’m going to get punished for smoking. I was an every day smoker. Please help! My boyfriend is the only person I know here (just moved) and he’s a heavy smoker so I can’t get clean pee. :(

  537. I can but a home drug test at the dollar tree for $1.06… That should tell u if u will pass or not. N take some niacin(flush free) till day if your test! U should b great by then!

  538. I’d bet on you passing. I highly HIGHLY doubt you’re going to fail the test. Keep drinking water though.

  539. Garyan George on