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If You Could Name A Marijuana Strain What Would You Name It?


jack the ripper marijuana strainCan Someone Please Make The Johnny Green Marijuana Strain?

It has always been my dream to have a seed breeder create the ‘Johnny Green’ marijuana strain. Virtually every other marijuana veteran I know has the same dream. I would imagine it all started when I first heard about Jack Herer and the strain that is attached to his name. I remember thinking, ‘that is when you know you are a marijuana legend – when you have a dank strain named after you and everyone loves it.’

Now don’t confuse my desire to have a seed breeder create a new strain with a desire to have someone simply re-name an old marijuana strain. I always wanted someone to cross Jack the Ripper with Train Wreck. Those have always been my favorite strains, and anyone who knows me in Oregon knows how long I have been puffing on those same genetics, and how much I love them.

People can re-name an old strain, but it’s not nearly as cool. I used to help a grower in the late 1990’s that was growing a super dank strain, but didn’t know the name of it. She let her son, my best friend, name it ‘the goo’ because the amount of resin on the nugs was so abundant. One time she harvested, and gave me an ounce to sell to my other best friend. When I showed it to him, he exclaimed, ‘The Leatherface! Where did you get this?’ That story always highlighted how I feel about the difference between actually creating a new strain, and simply re-naming an old strain.

If there are any seed breeders out there, if you create the Johnny Green strain, I assure you I will smoke as much of it as you can grow :) If given the chance, what would TWB readers name their strain? Would you create something new like ‘crooked foot’ or would you want it named after yourself? What would you want it to look like? Would you want it to be a certain cross of certain strains? Or would you be more concerned with how it looked? I have a friend who has always wanted a purple strain named after him. I look forward to your comments.

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    14:20 Time Served

  • Kryll

    Uncle Phil:/

  • Kevin Russell

    Blow Job Kush…..Because it blows you away…

  • Diégo Manuel Ombré

    call it “NUM 68” it come from a graph in france

  • the dude abides

    In the colorado mountains, in a magical land called south park, there is the legend of Donkařella. A high country farmer had one special tree this summer and a certain patch monkey called it Dogshit. It had the kind of smell that made you look under your shoes.
    Then it was coined Swamp Donkey because the cutting came from the lowland swamp gapers call Denver. The strain, finally named Donkarella.
    The legend continues…..