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Indiana Church Plans Marijuana Smoking Worship Service


indiana medical marijuanaIndiana was the center of controversy when a cake company refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding. In response to that incident, Indiana passed a law that allows people to do just about whatever they want, discrimination included, so long as it’s in the name of a religion. It didn’t take long for someone to use the new law to create a church dedicated to marijuana. The church plans on holding a marijuana smoking service on July 1 when the ‘religious freedom’ law takes effect. Per US News:

Indiana’s First Church of Cannabis plans to host its inaugural worship service July 1, the same day the state’s controversial religious freedom law takes effect. If all goes according to plan, the service will offer a bold test of the law’s ban on government burdens on the exercise of religion.

Adherents of the recently established church worship cannabis, which is illegal to grow, use or possess under state law.

The first service, church founder Bill Levin says, will open with “Amazing Grace” played on harmonica by a popular young musician and move to a quick sermon and short member testimonies about positive things that happened in the past week.

And then, as anticipation mounts in what’s likely to be a packed house, Levin will issue a call to worship and the sanctuary will fill with smoke.

The church still has to find a place to hold service, but the church’s founder feels confident that he will be able to find a place. The church already has money to work with, thanks to a crowd funding effort that has raised over $10,000. It is unclear what, if anything, local law enforcement will do if the service actually takes place. On a federal level, there is no protections for religious based marijuana consumption, and many legal minds are saying that this will not occur without some arrests. However, the church presents a very compelling situation, which I don’t think will be so easy to brush aside. If the church holds a service, and if there are arrests, I think that the church would win at trial in Indiana. But of course, only time will tell.


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