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Buying Marijuana Online? Should You Drive to a Legal State Instead, or is it Safe to Buy Marijuana on the Internet?


Have you thought about buying marijuana online?

If you frequent marijuana websites, then I’m sure you have noticed a growing trend of people trying to sell marijuana over the internet. The sales pitches are bold, stating that they stock this strain and that strain, and to e-mail them for details.

These types of comments are all over not only TWB’s comments sections, but also in every large marijuana website’s comments sections. Consider this a public service announcement – beware buying marijuana on the internet.

You should really beware buying anything on the internet from a not reputable source. And realize that there is an added element when you are buying marijuana online. Not only can you get ripped off, you can get arrested when the marijuana comes in the mail. Not only are scammers posting those types of comments, I’m assuming narcs are too. Why wouldn’t they?


Does this mean that people never buy marijuana online successfully? No. I’m sure that there are many people that have bought marijuana online and do it all the time. But for every person that does it successfully, there’s an untold amount of people that get hustled or arrested.

I know that it’s tough when you can’t find marijuana. I can understand that it’s tempting to try out one of the people online to see if they are legit or not. But remember, there are bad people out there on the internet that are scamming people using all kinds of stories. Using promises to provide marijuana is just one of the latest scams. These are the same people that are pretending to be princes from Nigeria, or a long lost relative from Europe.

Don’t give these people your money. If you see their comments, flag them via Disquis. If you see them on Facebook, report them there too. I try to report as many as I can, but I am just one man working part time, and there are only so many hours during the day. Help me out by reporting these scammers on this site and any other marijuana website you see them on!

If you need marijuana so bad, go to Colorado, buy marijuana legally, smoke to your hearts content, and never try to buy marijuana on the internet.


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  2. I tried once to buy from a website fortunately he used paypal gift payment and got my money back.
    Finally I discovered the deep web (Alpha Bay) I used a VPN (virtual private network) ant Tor browser and bought 40 dollars of bitcoin and bought a 1/4oz of kush bud. It came 3 days later in mail. I t was in a small Post
    box .inside was a Mylar pouch vacuum sealed and contained another vacuum sealers bag. The bud was perfect.

  3. Just curious how your personal orders are handled. I am originally from Colorado but recently moved to Minnesota. We are debating to fly out and drive back. But that’s a complete waste of time. Would like to learn more.

  4. Contact me for reasonable deals from dispensaries in CO 7193775212… Personal orders placed. Legit business partners needed.

  5. Yes it is safe to buy cannabis online.. However i would only used websites like alpha bay which you have can only access using the tor broswer. Also i would use a VPN and Bitcoins to make sure im anonymous

  6. richard dutton on

    Where in the Rochester. ny area can I buy weed for my wife who has first stages of dementia? She needs help so bad and I am at wits end trying to help her.

  7. Medical marijuana cards for 175 plus 10 postage handling then when it was supposed to arrive they want $165.00 more for diplomat stamp and insurance then again when it’s supposed to arrive now they 150 to not report you to police

  8. Anyone know any dealers in North Louisiana?

    Desperate need for my husband, anxiety/ADHD/bipolar issues. Weed is the only thing holding our family together. I’m ready to uproot us all and move to CO until the entire country starts making sense…

  9. Jesus alvidrez on

    I live in Oklahoma City, by 55th street, I moved here from Texas, I’m about to go to the army and I want to smoke one last time, I need weed but I don’t know anyone! Help me! 432-8897124

  10. chroniccities.us is a scam. Stole my money. Won’t answer e-mails anymore. No delivery.

  11. chroniccities.us is a scam. Took my $200. Won’t answer e-mails anymore. No delivery.

  12. Are you looking for Good Stuff? Overcome your lost of appetite, cure insomnia, pains, Cancer, Anxiety Disorders,Major Depression
    MANY MORE.. pronto text 424 26 178 85 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER!!!

  13. Im from San Antonio and I shipped bud from out the country and in but honestly you should go by Austin its every where

  14. Im in the tampa bay area and im looking for oz for a good price locally or online ant help?

  15. Joey Meatballs on

    So I attempted to use marijuanaonline007 for hash. They played me like a violin. Took my money and ran. Total scam. Should have known better

  16. Terrance Mallory on

    Im not interested in small amounts. I don’t even have anything now! would like to meet someone who can drive out to Colorado!

  17. Terrance Mallory on

    Its not what I need but what you need. ha ha
    Looking for a big buyer to visit me in Colorado!

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  19. Claude Rains on

    I have a feeling we’re in the same town, in the same situation. Stillwater blues.

  20. Terrance Mallory on

    I am new to the community and a grower in Colorado. I am terrified to sell on the web. Is it safe to do so? Better pursue the legal route.

  21. Anyone in Houston know where to get good stuff? Just moved here, teacher, so not much opportunity to get stuff

  22. disqus_1XcUg6Co9s on


  23. Just moved to OKC myself recently. Same problem. Can’t find reliable dealers and its honestly not that great of quality. There has to be something we can do!

  24. In reading the comments you’ve made over the last couple of weeks, I’m sorry to see that you’ve been scammed. I find it hard to believe that you live in Sweden but find it necessary to attempt buying weed on the internet. However, after apparently being scammed, you are now asking for help from another stranger on the internet? Dude, learn your lesson and buy local.

  25. Hi all i I ordered on purchase orders buyweedonline site and when I sent 325 dolars again contacted me with these sites, and people told me to send the money later to secure the package what I did not do it because it stinks of fraud

  26. Hi all guys i hawe problem with this page buyweedonline i send 325 $ for order but this retards take My money and dont send me nothing

  27. Jeffrey Snyder on

    good luck…i live in nc and there is nothing but expensive crap weed…i refuse to buy it…i’m talking no thc weed…i am going to move to a legal state…in this whole year i smoked for 4 days in a row…it was really good but then none…i got lucky…i can qualify for med pot in every state that has it…i hate my state…again, good luck

  28. Medical Marijuana offers top quality medical marijuana, seeds and cannabis oil at affordable prices. For more info please hit me 419 405 7309

  29. I cant connect you online my brotha.. Its out here tho.. You got to go down to the village tho.. Them white boys got some sh+t

  30. Walk around the projects in Harlem, spot a boy, tell him your problem.. he’ll help after determining if you are the jakes or not

  31. Avoid at all cost: 609-380-3014; huge scammer with websites all over. Be careful, I lost $600.

  32. Paige of Asgard on

    I’m within on hour of OKC as well, and I live near a college campus and STILL can’t find any reliable dealer. I hope things works out for both of us.

  33. Sad to hear Lee. Big Pharma’s making billions on Opiates, which are so much worse and people just trying to care for themselves are paying heavy…sad.

  34. Anyone from SATX with good advice on finding a reliable dealer? I have to make regular trips to legal states now, so this would help me a lot.

  35. heriberto martinez on

    If someone hacked your internet connection and used it to buy cannabis seeds can you be charged with anything arrested or fined ?

  36. “Are you tired of getting burned with low quality marijuana and extracts? I have extra

    super clean organic marijuana, wax and shatter for donation,”Text me (520) 999-8644 .We have the highest quality buds delivery has to offer. This definitely is the best stuff around all night long! 24/7 text me and place your orders (520)-/999/-8644 #1 Marijuana delivery . we also have pain medications

  37. Jack Stoneshaft on

    Hey dude, actually verify if they are scammers before reporting, otherwise you’re just a gigantic piece of shit. I mean I’m not an idiot, if I”m going to try some online weed source I’m only going to put out for a gram, but if a gram comes in the mail, then thats one extra source I have that you don’t, and if not, I’d be surprised because even 20 dollars as a tester is something I am going to vet as much as possible.

  38. I’m about 35 miles east of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 55 years old, and last couple years can’t find a damn thing worth buying (oklahoma crap weed) been smoking since the age of 13, driving to Colorado won’t work, cops here see you coming back into the state and pull ya over, search you and your ride, then your off to prison for the next 10 years, been thinking of flying to Colorado but moneys a bit short right now, I’m from the Los Angeles area, moved here in 06, any body with any ideas or help would be much apprenticed, also, anyone driving through the state of Oklahoma, DON’T BRING WEED, no joke, they still put you in jail for it, and if ya got a med card, they will search you and your ride, its happened before, be careful, thanks, and lets make it legal in all 50 states

  39. I I have plenty of medical marijuana..its medicine..mass now has us providers..n dispensers..as a provider. So any one dock .pain.atheists.sleep apnea.earn problem…i can help or if ur just stressed always discrete n safe get ahold of me call,542 1384 that’s 508. Its the work phone but il pick up

  40. My wife and I both have failing health and live in NC. We moved here several years ago and have never been able to get a solid connection that eventually don’t take advantage of us. I have even tried the web and was ripped off there too. Where are old folk supposed to turn when the state they live in hasn’t woken up yet?

  41. I am the 63 year old guy from Iowa. I am going to grow I think, never done it but think that is my answer. I see you are on the DISQUS weed blog. I am looking for just small amounts right now. Do you think you can help?

  42. I am in central Iowa, 63 years old and don’t know how to locate weed. I know that nobody is going to tell me were, I or you could be anyone. Any suggestions on how I might find any. I honestly have several medical conditions that I won’t bother you all with. I just need ideas on how to go about finding some. My car could not make it to Colorado, so I am stuck looking elsewhere. Any help with ideas?

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  44. dave ingotts on

    i read some chat trails before thisone ,ahahhahahahha laughed for ages …dicussing illegal stuff over the NET! and mentioning TOR as if NSACIAMI6 etc don;t know about it…

  45. Wow, I’m in a similar situation. I have MS too and live in a state pot has not been legalized so I’ve been trying to find someone local or online but I’ve lost $100s in the process of trying to find someone legit. I think its so sad that in 2015 we’re still fighting the fight of legalization on something that isnt even a drug, it’s a beautiful plant put here by God to help us…one day, we just have to keep fighting this fight until we succeed. #staystrong

  46. Tanvir Hassan on

    This is an important moment in time and history that can empower the country to change its image and perception of cannabis and alternative medicine. Activism provides a great opportunity for each of us to put our own special gifts to work for the good of the entire community. Whatever it is that you like to do, and are good at doing, can be put to work to further the cause of providing safe access to medical cannabis for patients across California and the USA.


  47. Even harder to find any when you are senior like me. Don’t know any college or high school kids. Gets expensive flying to CO to get high. NH doesn’t have med cards yet

  48. way to go man!! agreed opiates are a slow death! they should legalize the mmj nationwide, there would be alot less junkies!!

  49. I need help! I’m on the screen all day just to look where I would get a weed, but can’t find…. so if you’re a smoker you can add me on Facebook only because I wanna order from that smoker!. Living in a Small town ‘village’ it’s kinda hard for me! lol peace!

  50. HAPPY MEALS 420 on

    You do realize that telling someone from Algeria to go to Swaziland for their weed is like telling someone from New York to go to Argentina? I mean, as much as I love smoking the herb, It’s not a cross-nine-countries-and-two-of-the-world’s-largest-deserts-just-to-smoke kind of love. Just nitpicking XD, stay happy

  51. Howard Northcutt II on

    You got that shit right brother. Fuck Colorado. It should be legal in all states. I’m tired of hearing about Colorado. If it’s legal in Colorado it should be legal in other states too.

  52. caring momma on

    are you able to get medical marijuana? live in PA my adult daughter (34) has cancer again and has chosen not to do treatment anymore, she uses it to sleep, but if the right kind, it might be possible to live a semi normal life as she still has time, pls get get to me either way

  53. caring momma on

    did you go if so what was the outcome? my 34 yr old daughter has cancer again, and has chosen not to do treatment this time, as much as i hate it, i respect her decision, i don’t see her living to be able to get in PA, so i’m just wondering, i’m about 1 1/2 west of state college (clearfield co)

  54. Go to Colorado my ass. Colorado is tooooo expensive and I am sick and tired of shmucks like you telling people to go there. I will smoke it wherever I want and the rest of America needs to legalize it and stop trying to use marijuana to make people leave other states. Faggots.

  55. Africa if your in Algeria you should take a trip to Swaziland Africe. Locals grow to keep food on table. When is the marley family, going to start selling there mmj. From b.c Canada.
    ask local rusta in Swaziland Africe an you get fast than an kid looking for a LOLLIPOP

  56. Bro no offense but you live in Algeria you should take a trip to Swaziland Africa. Hookup with one of the local Rasta an you be g ettting “Gold” its not hard its as easy as a american kid buy some sodaat the store. Its the only ccrop locals can survive off of… when is the MARLEY FAMILY going to start DISTRUBTUION on there maraijuna farm in b.c Canada

  57. You should not trust anyone on the internet to help you. Educate yourself and join a medical cannabis advocacy group in your state. Reach out to pediatricians in your state and others who might help you access quality medical cannabis. Anything you buy off the internet will probably not help your son.

  58. I live with chronic pain (broken back 15 years ago) and got so sick of pain pills, I hate them. Doctors first butchered me up then turned me into a junkie. After over a decade of opiates, I spent the last month detoxing using cannabis. For me it’s a miracle drug. But, like some here, I live in a state still in the dark ages. I’ve lived on the same beautiful farm for over 23 years and really hate to move but I am NOT going to keep up the pill thing. I was always open and honest with my kids about using cannabis. My 19 year old son asked me last year “would you be upset to know I smoke weed?”. My reply was “only if you smoke mine”. We absolutely despise alcohol. It ruined my ex, killed a very good friend, and imo is evil. My son has been key in getting me off the opiates. So yes, these kids are smart. Most of them anyway. My son is very cautious. Uses Bitcoin, ships to student housing in a large college town, and has yet to get ripped off. The benefit? Instead of just buying weed, I am able to pick what works best for me. Life is so good now to be free of the doctors (still have my bad days) and off the REAL DOPE.

  59. Alex Thompson on

    Medical marijuana . Not just today, but every day, give thanks for Herb is no doubt the back bone of a people, alcohol is the killer of these people.
    Recommended for relief and treatment of particular diseases. Add me now
    Some of these conditions include:
    1. Treatment for symptoms of AIDS (Berry White, Afghan Haze,Blueberry Kush)
    2. Cancer , Glaucoma , PTSD , Depression and Chron’s disease (Sour Diesel, Gils Scout Cookies, Grand Daddy Purple )
    3. Neuropathy (diseases affecting the nerves or nerve cells) Ex. epilepsy(Ace Of Spades, Snow Cap Strain)
    4. Nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy (Durban Poison, White Widow)
    5. Anxiety , Pain caused by structural or psycho-physiological disorders. (Amnesia Haze, OG Kush)
    6. Muscular spasticity and limb pain (multiple sclerosis or spinal cord
    injury) (Og Darth Vader, Cotton Candy, Purple Train Wreck)
    7. Symptoms of movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s
    disease, Tourette’s syndrome (Mango Kush, Lemon Drop, Lavender Kush)
    8. Appetite stimulant for diseases of malnutrition (cachexia or starvation) (LA Confidential, Northern Lights, Mr. Nice Guy)
    9. Nausea and vomiting (general) (Alaskan Thunderfuck, Gas Og, Skywalker OG, Red Stem Afghani)
    10. Migraine headaches. (Sweet Tooth, Super Silver Haze, Super Skunk, Purple Urkle)
    11. Bipolar (Strawberry cough, lambsbread, grape ape, Hawaiia skunk)

  60. I just received an “invite” by someone claiming to sell (the list was long); powders (name was Keta Powders on Facebook), I would only say that when someone lists “heroin”, “ketamine”, ….in the mail, over the internet, my exact reaction is: “uh no”….he wanted to sell me Pop naturals, no I don’t buy cannabis out of state through the mail from Texas…the answer frankly is no.

  61. What is a great discreet site I need to find sum for my child hes very very sick he has als ik it’s not a cure but I just don’t want him to keep suffering if anybody could help me i don’t live in the the legalized states Plz help my son any thing at all idc what it is

  62. I tried a purchases from Cannibits Online and Marijuana online007 and both were scammers. Stay away from these 2.

  63. “I am on Vacation and after a long search for good stuff, I finally found a Reliable Dealer:Call/Text:(720) 295-3602 who supplied me with Quality Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Oil for my Cancer,Pains & Depression.

  64. have you ever thought about asking a high schooler? or a college kid? every teen/young-adult knows how to get their hands on weed.

  65. Totally. If one of my mom’s friends had ever asked me to hook her up when I was in my teens I’d have done it with pride. Nothing young dudes like better than showing off their drug-acquisition skillz. Do the right thing and pitch him or her a nug though. ;)

  66. Sorry to say I got scammed. I was in desperate need for pain (I have MS) but live in a state that does not allow pot. So I went online (I could not find anyone around me that I trusted to buy some). I got ripped off big time. So, should you ever get mail from Anthony Kush, Kimberly Kay, or Ham Clark on Facebook using the code word of Green Crack. I received email telling me the email account had been hacked and to use Kimberly Kay, they wanted diplomatic seal and insurance (both were refundable) and when I finally figured out I had been ripped off they tried to impersonate the FBI, Interpol and an executive at Western Union and a “shipping service” to badger me into sending more. The FBI email said they had deposited my money but didn’t have any to pay the transaction fees, so I needed to send them more for that.
    It was a lesson hard learned, having MS I spend most of my time in a wheelchair, but on good days I am able to take care of my autistic son. I am on a very limited income and was totally desperate-I only hope karma does them a deed worthy of mine. Cameroon is a crappy place to deal with, now I am still trying to find someone local or a reliable internet supplier.

  67. If somebody wanted to find a steady supplier but they lived in a state where it is still illegal medically and for recreation what state is best to go to to find a connect….cali, colorado, or washington…and you think you could find one around a dispenseary or what?

  68. Man. Bs you can buy anywhere just be careful men
    Fucks the VIPs and VIPs pigis cops

  69. If you really gotta go thru this much trouble for buds, you should just either quit smoking, grow your own or move to a state that supports usage in a medicinal and/or recreational capacity……No way in hell would I send you some damn money with no idea if I’m getting ripped off or not….. I love weed……hell, I love Capt. Crunch too……….but I don’t see General Mills doing personal deliveries either!

  70. Robert C Scotton on

    I won’t buy or sell weed off anyone on here but if anyone near state collage wants to go half on a joint. If your a cop and honestly wanna meet me for a possession citation for a joint just meet me in Philly on 4-20 and you can stand beside the other 100 cops I light up beside

  71. Robert C Scotton on

    yu can grow your own but it’s risky and takes forever wo the proper equiptment and expensive. It would be cheaper to just fly to colorodo. Def understand the fear of the city.

  72. Robert C Scotton on

    Way. I see most popular is Instagram, @onlinepharmacy is one I know isn’t legit. They’re really convincing because they have multiple pics and videos of drugs. They’ll ask you to western union your money so that it requires no ID and they say they have a 100% satisfaction rating and will give you they delivery conformation number once they money it received. They have an IG,KIK, phone number and emails. Not having my medicine isn’t an option but when you get desperate and live in PA you fall for dumb shit. I want my James Franco drug dealer.

  73. How long you been a police officer. Not a bad thing, just quit trying to trick people, bad enough as is.

  74. What if I have:
    An irrational fear of bugs?
    A skin allergy that flares when working with chemicals?
    A nosy landlord? Or worse, a landlord who’s a kleptomaniac?
    (Any) Roommates?
    The opposite of a green thumb?
    No room to grow?

  75. I wish I could help you, really. I don’t think it would be illegal for me to pass on information, right? But, I don’t run in those kinds of circles, sorry. (In other words, I’m not “hip.”)

    I hate to say this, because I can’t take my own advice, but perhaps you could grow your own?

  76. i live in algeria it is in africa lol
    we have Hash it is really good but i wanna try some maijuana but i couldn’t
    so if there is any trusted website sell it tell me please

  77. i live in algeria it is in the north of africa lol
    we have Hash it is really good but i wanna try some maijuana but i couldn’t
    so if there is any trusted website sell it tell me please

  78. I’m in nj and I’ve heard it’s cheaper buying online…. any hook ups or people who know of anyone around me? It would be appreciated

  79. Okay, I like the dollar bill with the strain name written on it, that’s clever. But as a purchaser, I need to see the size of the dried and cured bud next to an object for size comparison. Since most buds are not smaller than a coin, then a grower need not worry about his buds losing out in this kind of comparison. Doesn’t have to be a coin, though, just an object that 100% of people recognize.

    Regarding your perception of my opinion around these parts, you must have me confused with someone else. I’m a newbie, just trying to learn the ins and outs of the marijuana industry. Sorry — the soon-to-be-legal marijuana industry.

    Just so you know, I paid an awful lot of money to move across the huge state of Texas for the privilege of being a card-carrying medical cannabis patient in another state. While I don’t expect every cannabis lover to follow the law, something ya’ll should always keep in mind are those of us who are spending outrageous amounts for their marijuana through legal dispensaries. In other words, try to have a little empathy — I mean, I know that whatever you’re selling is a lot cheaper (and probably better) than what I am currently paying a fortune for. Sure, life’s not fair, but do I have to have the ads displaying this in my face all the time, especially on The Weed Blog?

    I know the Silk Road closed down, but there has to be another place for ya’ll to advertise and find customers. I mean, if you’re prepared to take all the risks. But, I don’t think it’s fair to prey on those who don’t understand all the risks. Perhaps you could create an ad that includes my concerns?

  80. Nice picture. I see green with dark, golden hairs, and trichomes plainly visible. And I like that you don’t have a gmail account. But, Joey Blowey? C’mon…

    What have we got here? Indica? (And, try taking a picture that includes a coin for size comparison.)

    Okay, I’m gonna give you kudos for some nice looking buds, but next time, Mr. Blowey, we’re gonna be adversaries — no hawking your wares on this website! (Unless you’re legal…)

  81. The article states, BEWARE of buying marijuana on the net. Did most of trying to sell weed in the comments not read any of the article? wow. “Huh yeah, since we are on the weed blog it’s cool. Everyone is cool here, no narcs.”

  82. I agree i am a 43 year old professional woman with severe back pain i have no clue where to even start to find some weed my only option would be to go to downtown cincinnati which would get me shot i have no idea where to go anyone know anyone?

  83. Looked at the chats and I agree..never buy …where do I get it?? Just a guy here that wants a little smoke..It helps me with the pain …and believe it or not helps my balance…I’m a real guy and mean no trouble. Can someone give me a break? My # is 678-641-3025 cell…

  84. I just want one little joint to smoke and chill…Hell I’m 50 years old ..bfd..I live in Tampa fl. Why is it so hard just to get a damn joint?

  85. Avoid internet scam buying MJ online with tamyolisa65@gmail.com contact numbers 848-467-5055 and 815-200-9731. They are frauds and extortionists. I got burned thru their moneygram hoax. They text you only with those numbers and try to trap you into sending money then extort you for more under the guise of the DEA and Customs office in your area. Their ring leader is headquartered in New Brunswick, N.J. I was duped in Palm Springs, CA. Stay away.

  86. lol that is your phone number and email, I can tell because it matches your username. ANd you also sell ketamine and other dope on youtube.

    I think I know what these people are doing. There is a huge demand for weed and there are tons of people online right now looking for dope. Some people just give them a phone number, promise them drugs, take their money via greendot or prepaid card, then do not deliver the drugs. I bet you could make a good amount of $ doing it. But the cops will arrest you for it, I know a guy who served a long jail sentence for selling fake drugs. Cops will arrest /charge you even for scamming drug users – cops love shit like that

  87. I ordered seeds groom Sensible Seeds and the package was opened and the seeds removed and destroyed NY the post office.

  88. With all those websites that are on the internet and you can’t find seeds? Really?

    Smells really fishy to me cop!

  89. Thank you Johnny for giving us the go ahead to flag all these scammers and narcs. I’ve been wanting to do that for months now. Another good tip too from wowFAD about Googling the phone number. I use that a lot and find scammers from craigslist as well.

  90. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO….just in case you missed it NO !!! I know we are a nation that applauds stupidity but do not buy weed online and expect to get away with it. You might get lucky but you also might win the lottery on your first try and become somebodies bitch for a few years. Police are allowed by law to lie for any reason and at any time, entrapment happens every day so ignore Shirtpants BS about cops not being allowed to do it. I would love to have a delivery option but until your state and the feds pull their collective heads out of each others asses don’t do it.

  91. First off police couldn’t advertise and then send it to your house , it’s called entrapment…secondly if you have to wonder if someone can do it , yes it can be done , but even on sites where it is moderated and somewhat regulated people still get ripped off and do not get the items they spent their money on. I have friends that still do it , and on random occasions he has lost his money too…but he still utilizes the option from time to time , because who wouldn’t like to have the option to have it delivered to your door without you having the risk of transportation of whatever your particular vice is. Even if the po po wanted to bust you followed the package full of the contraband to your house as long as you don’t sign for it , or open the package you have what is called in the legal world as “plausible deniability” put that in your pipes and smoke it…

  92. If you’re on the fence about perhaps sending money to a nameless, faceless internet identity that claims to have access to what you need, GOOGLE THE PHONE NUMBER. Not to find out who that person is, but to find out what else that person is claiming to provide. Once you find out how many other scams that number is being used for, your fencepost will dislodge, I assure you.

    The person who is probably not actually named “jason” also uses his/her phone number claiming to have access and the ability/authority to sell wild animal cubs — like lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!).

    The safe assumption is that they’re all scammers or cops. Think about it. If you send your money to someone and they don’t send you anything back, who do you tell? What recourse do you have? None.

  93. stellarvoyager on

    Here’s a rule I hope everyone follows. Never buy from someone who “advertises” by posting a comment in the comments section.

  94. “Not only are scammers posting those types of comments, I’m assuming narcs are too. Why wouldn’t they?”
    Indeed. As the war rages on, there will be many attempts to PROOVE there is interstate cannabis commerce going on. Don’t feed the monsters.

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