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Is It Safe To Ship Marijuana Through The Mail?


usps mail marijuana fed exThere have been countless people on the internet that have at one time or another asked someone to ship them marijuana. Even though it does bring a person down to be trapped in a state that doesn’t allow for the dankest of dank, sending marijuana through the mail has never been and will never be a good idea. The act is risky, with severe consequences, and the chances of getting caught are higher than ever, as the post office is constantly looking for suspicious packages that may contain some of Colorado or Washington’s coveted bud.

A perfect example of why delivering weed through the mail is bad is the former post office employee from Maryland who was recently sentenced to jail time for delivering packages containing marijuana to the people on her delivery route. The 27 year old was given a year in prison in federal court for delivering the goods.

Devona Charley of Washington took a plea agreement, saying that she provided 29 year old Dominique Jones and others with marijuana along her usual route. According to the US Attorney’s Office, people were shipping the packages to certain addresses that they knew Charley was delivering to. She would drop off the packages at a predetermined location along her route. The report started that Charley knew the marijuana was in the packages and that she received $350 every time one was delivered.

The person that she was delivering to, Dominique Jones of Oxon Hill, plead guilty to his role in the delivery of the cannabis packages. He was sentenced to more than four years in prison for the charges. This remains a perfect example of why you shouldn’t ship bud through the mail. No matter how sneaky you think that you’re being, the chances of getting caught sending weed are very high.

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  10. Errol McCullough on

    there is a pot shop in co that says they will ship pot to ga what do you guys think about this?

  11. If you don’t want to post then message me the answer. I’m researching for a friend who I don’t want to get in trouble.


    of course if someone giving out they phone number and email you that should be first red flag


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  15. Does anyone have experience with packages being seized? And if so, what happened to the sender? What if there was no return address but the sender bought postage with credit card? Please help… anyone with experience?

  16. Why? I it’s legal where I live. Just call the plug and they deliver. Or I can go to the store 5 min away. ?

  17. can you mail marijuana within colorado? Im in a part of colorado thats to far from a dispensary.. can i have my friend who is in colorado mail to me (in colorado)

  18. “No matter how sneaky you think that you’re being, ,,,, “. WHAT?
    Sneaky? EVERY post like this is followed by comments openly discussing connecting. How, on ANY level, is that ‘sneaky’? Haha

  19. Hey everyone just looking for advice so no one gets in trouble I’m from Co and for work I’m staying out in WI 3 months I have a vape pen and I was wondering what are the best methods to have my sister send me hash oil cartridges through the mail plz help

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    I want to know is it legal to ship out weed in california to another person who lives in california

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  26. High and dry in south Carolina. Anyone willing to let me sample? If I like it I’ll be a loyal regular

  27. Bruce Bersch on

    I’ve developed a “Pirate Drone” that seeks out pot delivery drones and captures them mid flight so my pot is always free LOL!

  28. Bruce Bersch on

    I’ve developed a “Pirate Drone” that seeks out pot delivery drones and captures them mid flight so my pot is always free LOL!

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  30. Do you use a different alias too? And if i use my choice through UPS do they need to see my ID to pickup the package?

  31. So you say to put it in a coffee bag, but how do you reseal it? Or do you just use vaccume seal bags for everything?

  32. It was a joke–about the reeking, anyway. Obviously, we realized that any customer might be an off-duty cop or a conservative parent of a stoner child; either would know the smell but not approve. As for the implied chastising over my professional competence, we’ll just have to differ on that issue, only I’ll keep it lowercase.


    I’m a mf stoner and actually work at a retail UPS location. I can tell yall for a fact that UPS does not regularly screen packages because it is a 3rd party postal company. USPS is a federal company so of course they are going to screen their sh*t. Here’s a method that I regularly use:
    -Take your bud and put it in a package of coffee beans. (Triple bag it and make sure there is no smell coming from the package)

    -Try and keep it the weight under 2 lbs if possible.
    -Ship it standard UPS ground (a lot of people think next day air is the best option, but think about how strict airlines are… If you ship it using an air option then there is a chance that it will get screened)
    -DO NOT put fragile stickers, special delivery stickers, etc. as you do not want anyone at one of the warehouses to have to physically separate it from the other packages
    If you are going to have it shipped to any location that the feds would be able to link to your name (a house, business location, etc.) DO NOT SHIP IT TO THAT LOCATION!!! Instead use UPS MyChoice (Google it for more details). MyChoice will let you have your package held for pick up at a local UPS retail location, so if for some reason it does get screened then it cant get traced to you.

    Here’s to shipping drugs all over the US my n*ggas…

  34. If they can smell that DOES NOT mean they don’t care ….. I smoke myself but at work is not the time …..

    In my business I act like a professional when working and pros DON’T SMOKE ON the JOB …..

    But once I get home and weekends, that is my time!

  35. Yeah, I thought about that. But UPS ships plenty of bikes, and I don’t think they’re going to start searching them all. I’m also recalling the words of a fellow employee after the boss told us he didn’t care if we burned, just if we reeked. “If I can smell it, so can the customers,” he said.
    “Yeah, but if they know what it smells like, they don’t care,” came the response.
    I think that logic applies to anyone reading the comments on the Weed Blog.

  36. What do you think “the most interesting guy in the world” is receiving from the hawk!!!

  37. I’ve often used United Pot Service to keep me mellow on vacation. Granted, I use pretty elaborate cover. I usually like to bring a mountain bike when I travel, and airlines aren’t friendly toward bikes or weed, so I hand both over to UPS. The tightly wrapped herb goes into the handlebars, which are sealed with bar plugs. I’m pretty sure no one is looking in there. I also think UPS is a better bet than USPS, since they’re not a semi-governmental agency. UPS doesn’t want to slow things down with random searches, so they’re not catching anyone unless there’s a tip-off. Since no one but me knows there’s anything but a bike in the box, I feel pretty confident.

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