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Is Texas Looking To Legalize Marijuana?


Will Texas Join Other States That Are Trying To Introduce Marijuana Legalization Legislation?

It seems like almost every time we post something about legalization on Facebook, people from Texas say that they wish it was happening in their state. I can’t blame you guys, Texas marijuana laws are harsh! To make matters worse, Texas is not an initiative state, which makes marijuana reform even harder to do. The only route is through the legislature, which is very conservative and has killed previous attempts at marijuana reform. But I watched an encouraging news segment that suggests the Marijuana Policy Project is active in the state, and reform might be coming sooner than later…


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  • hashvoteinTX0420

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  • Wes

    Hey dumb a$$. Study ur laws before u talk ex cons can vote I did last presidential run idiot.

  • reefer

    it is genetics, not sex of the plant which determines “hemp”vs.”drug cannabis” a female hemp plant wont get ya high, but ive had males that produce growing shoots that’ll get ya higher than the north star on Christmas eve.

  • diprvan68

    Uh….no you won’t. As an ex con you lost that right. I’m guessing you are a troll trying to make a point about what type of people marijuana will attract. Do us a favor and go away!

  • johnathon

    Air Force SrA Retired, Iraqi 6 months, Alaska 1 day Car of Accident, (Arm Foot (Right)) Speech) 100% legal marijuana

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  • kavon

    That makes logical Sense.i totally agree with your comment.

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  • Michael Basinger

    Having lived in Dallas, Texas I can tell you that the strip joints & liquor stores were out of the county and on the way home to those that would vote down any form of pot. I bet if Adam & Eve wore a Marijuana leaf instead of a fig leaf, they’d view it as God’s plant.

  • Clancy Young

    Although I agree with your statements about pot being legal in the US what is the point of bashing Christians while making a perfectly sound analogy.I’m a Christian and believe legalizing pot would be beneficial to our country on many levels.When you throw in hatred towards a religion or any other specific organization or group you only alienate those that may be your ally….. The enemy of my enemy is my friend:) think b4 you speak….

  • Russ

    And How do you think put that plant here. Now how is an IDIOT!

  • Andrey Martynyuk

    Texas will be one of the last if not the last state to legalize it medically.

  • Karen Roberts

    you know, michelle, as long as the feds are leaving if up to each state, texas will never legalize it . I had one friend who was dying from a brain tumor, Then and only then did they give him the drug marinol( medicinal maryjane).I have to get it like every one else in TX. The illegal way. It sucks. The govt. here as you know, wants their piece of the pie as far as fining and jailing people, that is their pot of gold. They catch people coming out of the large cities, mostly the Houston area and El paso, close to the border, thinking they are solving the war on Marijuana. What a crock. I have been without now for about 6 weeks and I have been in chronic pain, depressed, angry, a raving insomniac and teetering on having a seizure, so , I really have to watch my step . When I go to Wa. I want to see for myself how they are setting it up. I know they are putting in the final touches regarding zoning, you know, not selling it near schools or parks. things like that. It will also be legal to grow your own up there. I Have an aunt who lives in CO. but she isn’t a smoker. We are just out of luck to live in the south under the power of the good “ol” Texas boys” and their power punches. I hate it here, I watch the local news and now the national news and see what are representatives do, like Cruz did yesterday, and they are making the entire state of texas look like the red neck state from Hell. It is ludicrous. I am embarrassed to say I was born here. My friends took off and moved to Hawaii a long time ago to get away from the repression they felt from living in Austin because they are gay. That is a shame. I don’t know what if anything will be done to help people like us who have seizures and could so get on with our life it we could indulge legally. I don’t think I have ever punched anyone out when I was high, but I have gotten pretty mean when I drink, so I don’t drink anymore. It is a shame but I will never shut up about it.,,, and I will get out of this state hopefully sooner than later.. Have to keep you posted on what I see and here when I get back form up there.. Do you live in or around one of the big cities in Texas? we will have to keep in touch. Only we can help ourselves, because these backward people running our state govt. are a watercooler joke at best. Hang in there, girl………..

  • Michele Arlt

    Hi how are you ? my name is Michele I think it would also be a good Idea , who knows if they would do it here , but yeah I saw that also with that 2 year old girl right away she stoped having so many siezures a day and went to having only a few and even got her speach back right away , as long as you use it the right way there is nothing wrong with doing that , and it can help in many ways as well I also have Epilepsy , I have had it since I was 7 months old , I had a reaction to a DPT Vaccince and no Medication has ever helped ,me instead just made things worse , they have put me on every medication there is for Epilepsy , and none have done me any good we wanted to try that but texas does not do that yet , only Colorado ,and a few other states and then you even have to live there to be able to do it , so hopefully they will accept to do that , they do so many other stuppid things and worse why cant they also do good , but using it in the right way , “

  • es632

    if you think that a person who smokes alittle weed cant be a true believer in God and know that Jesus Christ is lord than you are an idiot who knows nothing and has not the love of the truth.You are lost just like the puppets who criminalize a plant.legalize it already and you Christian bashers get over yourself.

  • chris turner

    legalize pot ,then i wont have so much trouble finding pot or having to deal with with a skitzo dealer!!! chrystal meth too! I am an ex-con i can and will vote yes on this.

  • Tx Smoker

    Onr can only hope.. the sooner the better.

  • knotweed

    Austin will get it legalized if any city in Texas can. They are progressive and educated and usually get what they set out to. They are not just a bunch of students but respectable, wealthy baby boomers. They will explain their wants and if you did not understand, they will explain it louder next time. I expect that marijuana will appear on the ballot next time.

  • knotweed

    Tobacco companies are buying up land in California and other places as we speak for the growing of Mary J. They hedge their dollars and will take any side if the money is there.

  • knotweed

    It has noting to do with Christianity other than using it as a shield Congress uses to justify their actions. If NORML and The MMP would simply pay the reelection funds $1,000,000 to each member of the Republican Party, we would be done with this issue. Currently, they get donations from the Mary J organizations to legalize it and donations from the Pharmacy and Liquor lobbyists (who have the most to lose). The middle is a good place to be.

  • Truth


  • knotweed

    Budgets have been reduced for cop cars, vests ammo so they are making it up on busting people for the simplest things. Get Perry out of office and we will see a change. He went into office as a regular guy but will end up a millionaire due to special interests (big pharma hates self medicators). He tried to make papillovirus vaccines mandatory for girls after he received a $5000 donation from Pharma. Best of luck on your bust, attorneys here are good at getting the charge reduced or dropped.

  • calidank

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