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Israeli Researchers To Study Anti-Tumor Effects Of CBD In Cancer Patients


Israel medical Marijuana prescriptionsBy Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

Israeli investigators intend to evaluate the potential anti-tumoral effects of the canabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) in select cancer patients.

Researchers at the Hassadah Medical Center in Jerusalem will conduct a Phase II clinical trial to assess the impact of CBD as single treatment in cancer patients who have failed to respond to conventional therapies. Participants in the trial will receive CBD therapy for a period of eight weeks.

Data documenting the potent anti-cancer activity of various cannabinoids – including THC, CBD, and CBG – both in culture and in animals dates back to the mid-1970s. To date, however, virtually no clinical trials exist reproducing these results in human subjects.

In August, pharmaceutical provider Insys Therapeutics announced that it had received orphan drug status for its proprietary formulation of CBD for the treatment of glioblastoma, a hard-to-treat, aggressive form of brain cancer.

Organic CBD remains classified under federal law as a schedule I controlled substance.

Further details of the forthcoming Israeli trial are available online from the clinicaltrials.gov website here. Patient recruitment has yet to begin for this study.

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  1. Coast to coast am has a nifty show, but I am just to sleepy to stay awake, I do believe in the idea of a universal
    oh i am not canna-medded, so i am going to bed
    indiana sucks how do you type the sound of a large suction sound

  2. they will have to answer to God one day
    why they allowed people around them to suffer without the life and bliss that cannabis can bring, and as to freedom for the cannabis community, they shun, and say no way

  3. i’ve been doing some research of my own, and have ocme to the conclusion

    that cannabis use is fun, enjoyable, and brings happiness and health to me life and is something for me, that i prefer to be usin’

    it seems the reason mist do not know about it is due

    to secrecy of the truth about the wonderful plant, if secrets are kept, how will the common folks find out the truth

    that cannabis use for some is integral to bliss on this planet and there is not a thing wrong

    hmm, maybe i will try some more

    think that this eve is in need of more happiness, no need to study why for

    happy Halloween

    i think it is nice to see

    that not all believe that celebrating holoween is to bring about images of fright and gore and spirits lacking in glee

    if folks had respect for those that they loved that have past away

    then why do they commonly think that the spirit world is full of moaning angry ghosts that have no happy say?


  4. but wikipedia shows that the coin has a violent story behind it
    you know, the aztecs had a bloody history
    so sensless

  5. imbibation for this day is just about to take place, the definition of SPITE according to google is a desire to hurt, annoy, or offend someone.
    I can not think of any other that deserves annoying, and offending, than the jokers on this page http://nipsysnews.com/legalizing-marijuana-in-indiana-as-of-janurary-1st,-2015/r/105616
    on my constitutional and bill of rights I stand solemn, and know that the benefits of the plant is far from any joke
    the spiteful jokers will feel a little annoyed one day
    when they find out that I was not kidding in any way
    that the jokers are the joke
    as they are afraid to live their life to the fullest with a life extending toke
    as for me, indiana is already legalized, and i write this out of spite
    for those out there that believe that lying to the public and passing spiteful hate laws that shuts down even ghettos due to those who are imprisoned and the like
    i hear of gerald celente and others speaking of the economical demise of this country
    knowing that those who spite against the cannabis community will themselves be negatively effected sounds pleasantly deserving i write bluntly
    perhaps it is deserving, for then, the ones with spite
    will lose their disrespect for their brothers and looking for a fight
    until that time
    I will settle on toking up a dime
    and no canna-med, makes it hard to think of any other rhyme
    so there
    but really, why would any one pass laws like are on the books here in indiana
    pure evil

  6. head-achy weed
    makes it hard to be happy indeed
    was it the seeds
    or maybe was it not flushed properly of its nutrients the way it should be
    if indiana was only more responsible
    selling those god damned pills that kill
    i refuse to go back to that life style
    havent used pills since before 92
    haven’t drank alcohol since the nineties too
    i’d rather wait for the good herb
    why does the media fill ones eyes with everything else but that subject?
    skin is what they show
    but that is just a waste of time
    the heart with in is what i would rather look at
    church in this city talks of abortion abortion abortion
    seems their talk of sex is more of an importance than cannabis, i think that is perverse

  7. at least in my mind any way, it appears like an accurate scenario concerning the ancients’ use of the entheogen known as cannabis

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNCzSfv4hX8

    and the lion will walk with the lamb, do you suppose the thought came about through experience of seeing such things as seen in the video?
    what ENTHEOGEN is the world not doing, that they could be, if they wanted, that would promote behavior contrary to warring on thy neighbor?
    how will the world find the truth? when the clergy are apparently gagged or something

  9. garlic parmesan pretzel crisps, mountain dew

    clinical trials were conducted, the results are in the bible, thought you folks knew

    longevity of a thousand years was not unheard of

    as they went about their day basked in enthogenical love

    as far as i can tell, we would still be doing the same today

    but we were betrayed

    if you type in google translate

    then copy and paste וּקְנֵה-בֹשֶׂם

    you will see, that it translates to And ּkְnֵh – Bֹsֶׂm, ad the vowels, kaneh-bosm, the m at the end means it is plural, so kaneh-bos singular = kanehbos = cannabis

    how can any person of the clergy have missed?
    it does not negate the good of the Bible
    it is there though, and Jesus was said to have used it to heal the sick etcetra, against the wishes of the kings who for some strange reason believed that it should only be used by those in the clergy, or kings, but why not spread the knowledge then? I suppose the same attitude was passed down all throughout the ages, with the idea that only kings and clergy could use it, all others were to be left out, i suppose it could be due to mean people, i mean, would anyone want a for instance a murderer to live for eternity murdering? of course not, so i believe that was the reason, that, and to protect those who didn’t and maybe still do not know how to control their own thoughts, due to not having faith, and or not practicing the virtues of the 10 commandments, 7 deadly sins stuff that can ruin a persons buzz, preventing them from experiencing bliss
    and the church folks i am sure
    do not want people being rude to those in the churches too, and it was set up the way it is to safe guard against that sort of thing, but so what about folks like my self, with a family that is non functioning, along with a government that is the same?
    as for any thoughts given to the necessity of guidance, people need to let God almighty do the guiding, and stop with the thinking that PEOPLE are the supreme guides, which we are not, cause other wise, we will have a police state world not worth living, as guides are a great help, but I believe that guides are only needed if one were to ask for help, not forced, well, that hmm, not properly written, perhaps tomorrow, after i imbibe, i can make more sense of the idea, freedom will not be had unless this is the thinking concerning cannabis i believe

  10. the israelis need to learn to read their own bible
    cannabis is in it, so i would like to know why the libel
    is it that people would prefer to be drunk
    beating and warring on people and acting like a punk?
    maybe people do not like to think?
    perhaps their dis-eased minds have nothing good to think about making them queezy at the thought of a brain whos thoughts does not stink?
    what is wrong with the idea of a world that gets along?
    what is the matter with immersing ones self in bliss with a nugget filled bong?
    a do it yourself portable quad coiled herbal vape
    i do not think for any one it is too late
    we simply can not listen to those who would rather act as though a life of slaughter
    is one that deserves honor
    and that is what happens in a world where love of cannabis is banned
    by thugs who would rather be slave masters, and violence is their only voice as they demand
    cannabis is in the bible
    do you suppose that people will ban the bible when they find that truth out, how can they libel?

  11. so they did leave cannabis out of the bible

    and we all suffer

    they call us names worthy of libel

    really, they speak of how though people should be put to death for all kinds of reasons though in that bible, so really, there must be a better way to be

    to where we could all live together on this globe in harmony

    possibly, the secrets, after you unlock them all lead one to realize

    that the cover up, possibly was due to those that could not understand the truth, so they spread the lies

    so they removed cannabis from the bible, and hebrew does not use vowels like we do, which further confuses those that do not know

    oh well, mountain dew poured over ice, and cannabis in my brain

    makes me feel at ease and quite sane

    the clergy would do the world a favor if it told the truth

    that וּקְנֵה-בֹשֶׂם does not mean anything other than “cannabis”

  12. the hebrew text made the letters below shift over, making it hard to read, why cant i paste hebrew letters in a text BOX?lihgp4

  13. וּקְנֵה-בֹשֶׂם in Hebrew means cannabis

    back then only priests were to use it, all others were were to be left a-miss

    to this day, וּקְנֵה-בֹשֶׂם is not in the bible, why?


    why is it that they left it out?


    shows that anyone who changes the bible will suffer, and haven’t we all suffered though unGodly hateful wars and the like
    we may have lost the ability to live hundreds of years old in good health too

  14. It doesn’t matter what they do the united state will deny any findings saying its not an accurate test. They do this because they don’t want to admit to anyone that they was wrong all these years forcing all of the countries to comply with our treaties. They will deny our own countries data they will deny other countries.

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