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Jamaican Study Of Pregnant Mothers Shows That Marijuana Doesn’t Harm Newborns


Marijuana PregnantBy Janelle Stone

It’s almost too taboo to discuss: pregnant women smoking marijuana. It’s a dirty little secret for women, particularly during the harrowing first trimester, who turn to cannabis for relief from nausea and stress.

If you were to inquire about pot and pregnancy on the Web, Baby Center offers a strongly worded warning from Gerald Briggs, pharmacist clinical specialist.

Briggs says that pot affects the baby’s growth and development and–gasp!–may even cause childhood leukemia. But there are no facts or studies attributed to back up the claims.

More than 50 pages of comments were posted to the site about Briggs’ statements. Some proclaimed the virtues of smoking marijuana while pregnant, offering proof of healthy children and stories of functioning during pregnancy thanks to cannabis. Other comments viciously showed disdain for pregnant patients, resorting to name-calling.

jamaica marijuanaPregnant women in Jamaica use marijuana regularly to relieve nausea, as well as to relieve stress and depression, often in the form of a tea or tonic. In the late 1960s, grad student Melanie Dreher was chosen by her professors to perform an ethnographic study on marijuana use in Jamaica to observe and document its usage and its consequences among pregnant women.

Dreher studied 24 Jamaican infants exposed to marijuana prenatally and 20 infants that were not exposed. Her work evolved into the book Women and Cannabis: Medicine, Science and Sociology, part of which included her field studies.

Most North American studies have shown marijuana use can cause birth defects and developmental problems.

Those studies did not isolate marijuana use, however, lumping cannabis with more destructive substances ranging from alcohol and tobacco to meth and heroin.

In Jamaica, Dreher found a culture that policed its own ganja intake and considers its use spiritual. For the herb’s impact when used during pregnancy, she handed over reports utilizing the Brazelton Scale, the highly recognized neonatal behavioral assessment that evaluates behavior.

The profile identifies the baby’s strengths, adaptive responses and possible vulnerabilities. The researchers continued to evaluate the children from the study up to 5 years old. The results showed no negative impact on the children, on the contrary they seemed to excel.

Marijuana BrainPlenty of people did not like that answer, particularly her funders, the National Institute on Drug Abuse. They did not continue to flip the bill for the study and did not readily release its results.

“March of Dimes was supportive,” Dreher says. “But it was clear that NIDA was not interested in continuing to fund a study that didn’t produce negative results. I was told not to resubmit. We missed an opportunity to follow the study through adolescence and through adulthood.”

Now dean of nursing at Rush University with degrees in nursing, anthropology and philosophy, plus a Ph.D. in anthropology from Columbia University, Dreher did not have experience with marijuana before she shipped off for Jamaica.

The now-marijuana advocate says that Raphael Mechoulam, the first person to isolate THC, should win a Pulitzer. Still, she understands that medical professionals shy from doing anything that might damage any support of their professionalism, despite marijuana’s proven medicinal effects, particularly for pregnant women.


Dr. Melanie Dreher’s study isn’t the first time Jamaican ganja smoking was subjected to scientific study. One of the most exhausting studies is Ganja in Jamaica–A Medical Anthropological Study of Chronic Marijuana Use by Vera Rubin and Lambros Comitas, published in 1975. Unfortunately for the National Institute of Mental Health’s Center for Studies of Narcotic and Drug Abuse, the medical anthropological study concluded: “Despite its illegality, ganja use is pervasive, and duration and frequency are very high; it is smoked over a longer period in heavier quantities with greater THC potency than in the U.S. without deleterious social or psychological consequences [our emphasis].”

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  1. I know that there might not be a lot of people that are okay with pregnant women smoking marijuana and look down on it because they have their own beliefs.
    I smoked while I was pregnant with my first daughter until I was 8 months because of being scared that the Hospital would take her away or find me to be an unfit mother.
    My Daughter is now 4 years old ( she was born 2012 ) and I can say she’s a fully healthy, social butterfly :)

  2. Crystal Hawkins on

    NaturalNews) Woven into the fabric of the human body is an intricate system of proteins known as cannabinoid receptors that are specifically designed to process cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the primary active components of marijuana. And it turns out, based on the findings of several major scientific studies, that human breast milk naturally contains many of the same cannabinoids found in marijuana, which are actually extremely vital for proper human development.

    Cell membranes in the body are naturally equipped with these cannabinoid receptors which, when activated by cannabinoids and various other nutritive substances, protect cells against viruses, harmful bacteria, cancer, and other malignancies. And human breast milk is an abundant source of endocannabinoids, a specific type of neuromodulatory lipid that basically teaches a newborn child how to eat by stimulating the suckling process.

    If it were not for these cannabinoids in breast milk, newborn children would not know how to eat, nor would they necessarily have the desire to eat, which could result in severe malnourishment and even death. Believe it or not, the process is similar to how adult individuals who smoke pot get the “munchies,” as newborn children who are breastfed naturally receive doses of cannabinoids that trigger hunger and promote growth and development.

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036526_cannabinoids_breast_milk_THC.html#ixzz4Iw1LIdUr

  3. Thanks for sharing great information about marijuana pregnant Mom’s health care issue.i love this article nice information marijuana pregnant.The Laughing Grass is the leading cannabis-related news site for in-depth marijuana and pregnancy,marijuana and depression comprehensive cannabis strain and product education.

  4. I am so glad to hear the positive responses. I was a regular smoker of marijuana before I got pregnant, and into the first month. I quit when I found out, just to be on the safe side. My son was born two weeks early, but healthy. 8lbs, 2oz. After I had him, I went into major postpartum depression. I couldn’t even speak without crying. I spoke to my doctor, and of course he wanted to prescribe medication. I refused to put any kind of chemicals into my body, especially since I am breastfeeding, and suggested marijuana. My doctor approved it and I’ve gotten so much better. Not only did it help with my depression, but it also helped with the pain after delivery, the pain in my breasts, and it gave me motivation. I know what’s going into my body, and feel safe giving my son breast milk. And now after reading your research, my heart and mind are even more at ease.

  5. No, those are not the same children. The children in Dr. Dreher’s study would be close to 40 years old today, not 14. The study you reference is also an American study. Dr. Dreher’s study was performed in Jamaica. Furthermore, I feel it is worth mentioning that the study you reference specifically focuses on a low-income demographic. Other factors undeniably contribute to the children’s intellectual evaluation scores in combination with being prenatally exposed to marijuana. Those children’s parents probably do not have a high degree of education themselves and education may not be well promoted in the home. They also most likely lack a nutritional and complete diet during their pregnancy and while breastfeeding, which causes the children to miss vital nutrients while developing. Also, the study you reference makes no claim that it has ruled out the prenatal exposure of other drugs and alcohol which are typically prevalent in low-income households.

  6. Ryan Castleberry on

    Just because she’s smarter than you doesn’t mean she’s smart compared to the rest of her peers

  7. The problem with other studies is that there isn’t enough research and in many articles they even state that, so when they are saying it is bad they are basically saying it with nothing backing it up and the only thing being right is the smoking aspect of it. Btw when you have tons of moms on here saying they have smoked and it has actually helped them and the baby you gotta take a look at that as well. Whenever I read other articles saying it is bad there are people saying that its not bad right in the comments with actual links to studies that they try to cover up such as this one.

  8. No one is thinking smoking cannabis is best way for pregnant mom. We have oils,extracts, and edibles. Anyone telling mothers flowers are bad and illegal and prescriptions of pharmacology chemicals are good for you are stupid or towing someone elses line.

  9. Ryan Castleberry on

    Lol well if anyone is wondering why there are more and more stupid people in the world….

  10. Hi,

    I’m a guy and wonder if your hunsband did smoke too? I’m a regular smoker everyday so I wonder would MJ effect male semen too or not ?

  11. disqus_H9KOKa4zjg on

    My son is now 8… My wife smoked the whole pregnancy. The doctor said it was the most beautiful placenta she had ever seen. Now he is 8 and in school he is in the accelerated learning program and learning Spanish. He is one of the best behaved and one of the top students in his class. I thought children were dumb and easily fooled…well maybe I was…but my son is a genius and he never forgets anything it’s so god damn annoying.

  12. Mothers breastmilk is loaded with Cannabinoids…How could cannabis be harmful in anyway? Historically, it was prescribed in the Hospitals for Laboring Women. Cannabis was also prescribed as an Anti-emetic, anti nausea for Hyperemesis Graviduim, before 1937 and still to this day. Stop with the fear mongering.

  13. That isn’t the study that was mentioned in this article about Prenatal Marijuana Exposure and Neonatal Outcomes in Jamaica. This is the correct one. Dreher’s Jamaican Pregnancy Study. The actual abstract is linked at the top of the article. http://www.november.org/stayinfo/breaking06/DreherStudy.html According to the article, in 2005 Dr. Melanie Dreher returned to Jamaica and located 40 of her original subjects. They are now adults and many are parents. “They are doing quite well”.

  14. I smoked with all my pregnancies the 1st I smoked more than the last 2 being that I was constantly sick, lost a lot of weight from being sick, yet it did not harm my son. He is now 16 almost 17 very intelligent and very athletic. I did go into early labor, yet my ob found that he was so active early in my pregnancy that he had gotten tied up in the umbilical cord, it was wrapped around his neck twice. He was delivered via c-section a healthy 6lbs 12oz 19 1/2 inches long. Other than that I had no problems after the sickness went away. He is actually the more intelligent of my 3 boys which I did nothing different with him or my other 2. Actually my youngest was read too more than my oldest 2. I had health problems with my other pregnancies yet I barely smoked at all with them I had high blood pressure with my 2nd pregnancy and toxemia with my youngest. I believe that marijuana has no bad side effects being that the plant is a healing plant. It has cancer healing properties, a pain reliever , antisiezure, and much much more. All through time there has been someone downing natural medicines and I believe that is all the debate has been since it was dubbed illegal years ago.I would not do anything different and definitely would not take a man made chemical medication for nausea while pregnant. And some woman no matter what they may do or not do are subseptible to a child having health problems especially with all the chemicals in all our foods and the things around us now days!!!!

  15. Is so lovely to hear that most of the women commenting delivered beautiful healthy babies. But what about the women who delivered not so healthy babies after smoking MJ during their pregnancies. Since when is depriving an unborn child of O2 good? A friend of mine smoked her entire pregnancy and went into early labor. She swore up and down that her child would not be affected my MJ. The poor baby was diagnosed with cerebral palsy because of the early labor and lack of oxygen. Maybe if she didn’t smoke that wouldn’t have made a difference but imagine having to live the with the guilt of injuring your child because you cannot stop this disgusting habit. Think twice ladies, because your baby is counting on you.

  16. Michael Miller on

    It won’t affect your child one bit. I hope you used the herb, and not some pharmaceutical they prescribed. Mother’s milk has endogenous cannabinoids in it. All the fear mongering you’ve heard about this plant over the years is not true. None of it is.

  17. This is ridiculous. A study of only 44 mothers is not nearly large enough to produce any scientifically verifiable results. And, the women who used marijuana were mainly getting it through an herbal tea, not by smoking it. Smoking anything cuts off oxygen to a developing fetus and increases the chance of miscarriage and birth defects. If you can’t stop smoking for 9 months to avoid any unnecessary risk to your baby, you have a serious problem.

  18. Greetings, Ladies! I’m from Russia and the situation here is pretty sad, since even the medical aspect of marijuana is ignored and people are often misinformed and scared. I’m currently pregnant, before my pregnancy I used to smoke regularly about 2 joints per day, right now I try to avoid smoking but as weak as it may sound I have difficulties dealing with the stress and yet ofcourse I worry about my baby’s wellbeing. Could you please give me some advice pr maybe clear out what would be best – possibly recommend a certain strain, a recipe (I heard jamaican women make tea) or just share your experience! Thank you!

  19. I thought the same thing. I’m in ga I was so scared. But I was ok they didn’t take him I smoked all the way until the night before because I was so nervous. Anyways my child was born 7lbs 4oz and health nothings wrong he’s a month now and he is the sweetest baby he only cries when he’s hungry and he sleeps good through the night. Idk what y’all laws are but I was nervous for no reason.

  20. Smoking weed helps with my nausea. I live in Washington state and I’m afraid the baby could get taken away because i smoke. Any thoughts

  21. Mine was smilling from the first day she was born and lifting her neck and now she is 9 month super smart alert 7 tooth already

  22. Hi i did the same i smoke entire 9 month and my baby its 9 month very alert smart and she already had 7 teeth everyone ask why she is so alert and smart forvher age

  23. I agree my baby is soo advanced. I always get compliments on how smart and attentive she is. I contribute that success to MJ! She’s a super healthy baby never gets sick :)

  24. I have a question, I currently had my baby and I didnt smoke during pregnacy, but after I had my baby my anxiety got worse, I am breastfeeding and just want some insight on whether its bad for my baby if I take a hit now and then to ease my anxiety.

  25. Last NIGHT KVAL June, 22, 2015, our (local Eugene CBS affiliate) , wanted you to beware that “unborn children are being harmed by Cannabis” without citing any studies. They also wanted you to know that “local doctors were concerned”…..what it really is? They want to STOP CANNABIS legally before it takes effect in July, or make it so “horrible” you will not use. Expect more to come on this.

  26. My son is 9 months old now and he is already walking and speaking. I have never met a more advance baby and tons of people say to me wow I can’t believe how advance he is. Well I smoked weed my whole pregnancy. It was the only thing that helped with my nausea because he made me so sick in my pregnancy. My doctor told me not to stop. She said if you would like to cut back that would be good but I didn’t. He was born 5 hours past his due date at a healthy 7 pound 6 ounces. From birth he was strong his neck was so strong and he rolled himself over within a month. He has since day one slept from 9-6:30 every night. He has always been independent. He has a good temper as well. But when he wants his baba he will definitely let you know. So many articles I read claimed I would have a retarded child. But honestly it seems like I might have the next Einstein! =) I love my son more than anything. And never once did I feel like he was in danger inside me while I winded down with a joint.

  27. This is exactly how my son has been since birth. And I smoked it too because it was the only thing that helped with my nausea.

  28. My son is 9 months and walking and trying to say sentences. I smoked it up until the last month of my pregnancy. So tell me why he isn’t a retard like so many people claimed he would be. I don’t know a baby more advanced then him..

  29. Mrs L – You are full of shit – good shit – I try to tell all preggers women that Cannabis will be a HUGE benefit for both Mom & new baby!
    Now – keep spreading the word and perhaps we can outgrow the Gummint!

    This is becoming A MISSION for more & more of us every day Peace Love Light Truth

  30. Except that the government (local, federal, and state) DOES “get money” from the items mentioned (cellphones, televisions, shirts) and other legal items in the form of taxes, permits, etc. I’m guessing you didn’t study business or economics at Harvard..

  31. If the world said the sky’s color is green we would accept that just like weed .. Just Because the goverment says it’s bad and illegal non smokers critizes it. if the goverment said weed is good and benefits you I can bet atleast 99.9% of the people would consume it just because society says it’s ok …. Everyone pops pills for pain and any other pill for any other issue .

  32. PITTSBURGH21 on


  33. Pantera Steve Chukra on

    there’s more then one way to get marijuana in ya .don’t want to smoke the weed then just vaporizes it lol

  34. My child is 10 years old. He has never made below a 98 on his report card. He has an extremely high IQ. He is in advanced gifted classed. He is way more intelligent than you. You, Groton ’74 Harvard ’79, are an idiot! Maybe you need to smoke some weed. I wish your mother would have used cannabis during her pregnancy. Then maybe we would have been spared your ridiculous statements.

  35. You sound ignorant. There are studies out there blantantly stating that marijuana can stop or even shrink tumor growth. When i was in high school my father developed very serious colon cancer that was very aggressive. After seeing him sick so much from his chemo i talked to him about using marijuana to help with his horrible nausea. He didnt want to smoke so he tried a vaporizer. Not only did his cancer stop spreading, its virtually gone and he is now 8 years into remission. Say what you want but marijuana saved my father from cancer. Find me one death caused by JUST marijuana and i will renounce my comments. Huh…funny that i smoke weed everyday have a 2 year old and a child on the way and i am sounding more educated than you. Did u ever think u are so against marijuana because they are more happy in their everyday life than you are?

  36. Well the reason we are willing to accept this study and not other studies is because this is the only study that isolated pot from other substances. She is the only Doctor that separated pot from drugs like coke, heroin, and alcohol. even other studies say they haven’t separated the subjects from other drugs. In fact most of the negative effects they claim to be from pot are also for alcohol which most of the subjects were also partaking in. This Jamaican study is the only study that had two groups. Pot smokers and non smokers. Im a pot head and i don’t just blindly believe any article i look at the facts and have done my own research and in doing so i have come to similar conclusions. that when the subject only partakes in marijuana use there is little to no effect on the child. however i wouldn’t suggest smoking in the third trimester i would go with edibles because the smoke inhalation can be bad.

  37. I cant accept that all non smokers do exactly what you claim with every other test that has the opposite respons.. and you take up to commenting when it happens to be possitive… calling the kettle black ey!

  38. Groton '74, Harvard '79 on

    I can’t stand how all the potheads just accept the study. If it had the opposite results, they would be up in arms about it.

  39. Groton '74, Harvard '79 on

    Why would your baby starve without weed? Also, booze and tobacco can cause birth defects; how you “feel” doesn’t matter, the science does.

  40. Groton '74, Harvard '79 on

    People here need to learn basic spelling and science. Weed can cause cancer and is not a cure-all. If you want to go, go; Uganda isn’t that far away.

  41. Groton '74, Harvard '79 on

    First off, learn to spell. Second, cell phones, TV, shirts are all legal and the government can’t make money from that.

  42. i forgot to mention a baby isn’t suppose to smile until 6 weeks, my daughter did at 3 days. my apologies

  43. my daughter recently just turned one and I must admit I smoked all the time when I was pregnant. I had a hard pregnancy lots of heart break lol but pot helped me not have anxiety and calm me, also helped me eat. it was as natural to me as taking prenatal vitamins. and my daughter gosssshhh she is as advanced as a 18 month old. that’s 6 months ahead! FROM DAY ONE SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT they say the average baby doesn’t smile til weeks she did a full blown smile. as a newborn she was very alert and strong. and now her vocab as a 1 year old is insane. there are 12 words shes says on a day to day basis. phrases like “I did it” or “dogdog go” she is just something else. very social too and always well behave unless sleepy. and i still smoke, it helps with keeping me relaxed after a long day of work, errands, baby girl, cleaning, etc. it helps unwine me at the end of the night and as moms you ALL KNOW HOW STRESSFUL IT CAN BE ESPECIALLY BEING A SINGLE MOM and i would rather smoke a joint then pop a antidepressant any day

  44. Notice how it’s posted by a clinic? I’m not saying the results are tampered or anything, but the samples they chose could be completely biased. Like she says in the article too, “Most North American studies have shown marijuana use can cause birth defects and developmental problems. Those studies did not isolate marijuana use, however, lumping cannabis with more destructive substances ranging from alcohol and tobacco to meth and heroin”. The samples were from low-income families, which means that the parents may have been struggling with bills, and other expenses, and may not have had the time to nurture their children as much as they should have, who knows? There are so many factors that are not included in medical studies, almost like they’re hoping that people won’t question it. In a culture where only marijuana is indulged, you start to see actual results.

  45. The terpenes in the plant itself provide anti inflammatory effects, plus the cannabinoids provide those effects as well. A Good deep toke with make you cough up any phlegm you may have in your sinus or lungs, clearing them out. Just blow your nose after a good long cough and you will breath better.

  46. I actually worked with an infant that had been exposed to cannabis in utero. At the time I didn’t know but he was so well adjusted. His mother told me he slept through the night the first night and I was floored. It wasn’t till I read this that I put two and two together that it was his mother’s use of the substance. He was extremely social, easy going, and hardly cried. He would let you know if he needed anything. Hard to explain but it would take him about 1 to 2 minutes for him to work up to a full cry. Cannabis needs to be made legal. It is so ridiculous that it’s illegal. It just down right ludicrous to me.

  47. And I bet they didn’t make you promise not to drink….its so hypocritical when alcohol can have negative effects where as marijuana does not

  48. Lol not at all weed grows mold on it wich crytalizes it if u look at weed under a microsope that whitish yellowish overlay of the green weed are lil mushrooms not acid man acid cums from a poisonous frog and shrooms cum from cow shit get it together b4 u post sum dumb ass shit like that u just posted zac get it together ok buddy lol

  49. Lol not at all weed grows mold on it wich crytalizes it if u look at weed under a microsope that whitish yellowish overlay of the green weed are lil mushrooms not acid man acid cums from a poisonous frog and shrooms cum from cow shit get it together b4 u post sum dumb ass shit like that u just posted zac get it together ok buddy lol

  50. no the main reason it is illegal is because they are trying to find a way to tax it and they know if they did the black market would loose total control

  51. THC is fat soluble, so add a tablespoon or two of melted butter with some ganja and pour over the hot water and let it steep for at least an hour. I let mine steep for two hours and it was pretty powerful. Also, I have a nine month old son who already speaks in full sentences and is exceeding developmentally in many other areas as well. Knows all of his colors, letters, and numbers and has absolutely no health problems. Physical abilities are above average as well. I used ganja most of my pregnancy and have been breastfeeding since he was born (he’s never had formula.) I’m sorry, but screw all of you who don’t know the facts. Humans and ganja were made for each other.

  52. I personally smoked with my 2nd pregnancy and had a Very healthy non complicated pregnancy and a healthy 8lb baby boy born 2weeks early who was very calm…’the perfect baby’ I did not smoke with my 3rd and I had a horrible pregnancy that ended in a ton of complications although my baby was healthy @38wks5days 7lbs she was very colicky and never really a ‘happy’ baby.I think marijuana has many possitive effects including medical Issues such as pain and morning sickness possibly even postpartum depression and the list goes on! To many people look down on this bc its labeled a ‘drug’ and is ‘addictive’ but compared to real ManMade addictive DRUGS Marijuana gets my vote everytime time! Ive never seen anyone put themselves in rehab over marijuana or go to a methedone clinic to come off it.

  53. i can honestly say weed free up your mind opens it and lets u easily go in to deep thought about an interesting subject..weed is illegal because the gov’t cant make money from it and its the #1 demand in retail…im a california resident wid my weed license and the only thing im mad about is not smokin pot sooner then 16

  54. happyhappening on

    i’d like to see how the children in the pregnant mother’s study in Jamaica are doing today. Anyone?

  55. I got to this site via an article on pregnancy and marijuana. I smoked while pregnant because it helped with the terrible nausua I had…. I had tonswitch toothpastes it was that bad. My son suffered no ill effects…. I’d love to read more about Dr. Melanie Dreher’s study… can someone direct me?

  56. I heard it from people, can’t really find anything online. But they said drink it as a tea, and from my research thc doesn’t come out into tea. I dont really know much about this stuff never did any types of drugs, but I am into alternative medicine.

  57. Interesting. Can you come up with a citation? You’re talking raw cannabis or heated? I’d like to hear more on this subject.

  58. The only reason Marijuana is Illegal is because of the high profits of our good o’l Health Care System. If weeds was more widely excepted and not illegal it would put a huge damper on the health care systems “income” as marijuana takes care of so many health issues that they prescribe pills for. OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM IS THE #1 income in America and a HUGE portion of that comes from PRESCRIPTIONS!! Its all about the $ not about the true facts. I feel bad for the people that judge which out really knowing the facts. Should a baby be taken away for Marijuana use, ha absolutely not. And for anyone to say there is not enough medical research done on weed to know is just a joke, they have found traces of weed going back to the first sign of human life. It has always been used for Medicinal purposes. The state having your child over something so petty just makes me sick. Makes me really not like living in America, things here are just getting bad.

  59. Question, is THC what helps for asthma, or is it something else in weed? And is there a specific name for premature weed plant? Because I heard making tea out of baby weed cures asthma after two months.

  60. sorry to tell you but the child i smoked with while pregnant is two years advanced for his age! and the child i did not smoke with is right on track. so the part where it says weed may even help in the excel i TOTALLY believe that! so you can say what you want but nothing is added to weed like cigarettes! WEED IS A NATURAL SUBSTANCE!

  61. Haha! Finally. It’s funny to me because a couple years ago my friends and I who smoked marijuana during pregnancy said the same thing. Our kids are a lot smarter/developmentally ahead than the kids of those who “judged” us for doing it… I feel most birth defects are genetic. I’m pregnant with my second child with severe nausea. Thank God for weed otherwise my baby would probably starve. I do plan on quitting once my nausea goes away which seems to be diminishing slowly but surely in mo. 4.

  62. Good interview with Dreher and it’s a scandal that follow-up studies weren’t permitted.

    Often missed is the fact that Dreher’s study found marijuana smoking mothers bore developmentally SUPERIOR babies.

    The study tested 24 Jamaican newborns exposed to marijuana prenatally and 20 nonexposed babies from socioeconomically matched mothers. At one month, the children of marijuana-using mothers scored markedly higher on autonomic stability, reflexes, and general irritability. Babies born to the heaviest smokers, those who smoked every day, at least 21 joints weekly, scored significantly higher in 10 of the 14 characteristics measured, including quality of alertness, robustness, regulatory capacity, and orientation.

    No ill effects from marijuana were found. Nineteen of the 24 Jamaican mothers reported that cannabis increased their appetites throughout the prenatal period and/or relieved the nausea of pregnancy. Fifteen reported using it to relieve fatigue and provide rest during pregnancy.

  63. Marijuana has been scientifically shown to have health benefits; there is even a study showing cannibis SMOKE, no less, SHRINKING tumors in rats and mice…
    Listen everyone…that includes YOU IGNORANT SOB’s in US government…marijuana is illegal because of 3 reasons, NONE valid…fear, politics and the nasty tentacle-like grip of the religious Right wing jerk wads…probably afraid that marijuana would usurp the faith people currently have in THOSE (organized religions) gods…
    ‘Nuff said.

  64. Sadly most of you are alluding the truth from being found by filling these pages with your ignorant, uneducated biased OPINIONS!!_ Marijuana is weather you like it or not EXTREMELY BENEFICIAL FOR HUMANS P.E.R.I.O.D. shut the f@#$% and do some research instead of re spewing out the same old nonsense, spoon fed propaganda.

  65. Chrisyopher Reyes on

    I just wanted to explain how your wrong benny. Cigarettes have over 4,000 chemicals in them unlike marijuana which has about 600. And weed is also known as to be the best drug for ashma better then any ashma medicine you can find anywhere and I’m guessing your wondering why? Its because when you smoke weed it opens up you airways unlike cigarettes that it gets them congested because of all the harsh chemicals. If you want to know some real facts look up Sol Lightman from UMASS.(and also all the studies and research that has been done and never continued was funded by who else but the tabacco companies who also funded presidential campigns and drug free america)

  66. Chrisyopher Reyes on

    I just wanted to explain how your wrong. Cigarettes have over 4,000 chemicals in them unlike marijuana which has about 600. And weed is also known as to be the best drug for ashma better then any ashma medicine you can find anywhere and I’m guessing your wondering why? Its because when you smoke weed it opens up you airways unlike cigarettes that it gets them congested because of all the harsh chemicals. If you want to know some real facts look up Sol Lightman from UMASS.(and also all the studies and research that has been done and never continued was funded by who else but the tabacco companies who also funded presidential campigns and drug free america)

  67. THC-Acid is what is in the plant. What gives it the psychoactive effects is the decarboxylation, done through burning, of the THC-Acid. This removes the acid (O=C-OH) and gives us the more popular cannabinoid THC. Although I don’t thats what Benny meant. I love and profess the benefits of marijuana. But I wouldn’t want to risk the future of my child by smoking it when my girl and I are trying. She also smokes and wouldn’t do it before and while she’s pregnant. As you should quite any substance when trying to create a child. This is just common sense.

  68. Benny doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
    THC a by-product of ACID??
    Not even close.
    Of course Marijuana doesn’t affect pregnancy or fetal development.

  69. Benny is hilarious. So going swimming is harmful to the baby as well? Since when does smoking marijuana deprive anyone of oxygen? If you’ve never smoked you wouldn’t know that the majority of what you’re breathing in is oxygen, putting flame on weed does not create a vacuum and remove the air. And I WISH thc was acid XD

    Fucking moron, this guy could be voting!

    End constitutional debauchery, end prohibition!

  70. It does not Show Harmful side affects to birth, because there has been no Heavy study. The fact that you can smoke weed. and its ok when pregnant but not cigaretts is not? is just retarded. You are rejecting the baby of oxygen when you smoke weed. drinking it on the other hand probly does not affect the baby as badly. the fact is. Weed is a THC by product of ACID. idiots.

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