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  • Burlwood Barry

    There are treatment options available for willful ignorance such as that displayed by Kevin Sabet: a nice, deep, long puff of marijuana smoke.

    • Medical Marijuana prohibition is a crime against humanity and a violation of the religious precept – heal the sick.

      Pass it on.

    • hahaha for real

  • John Chase

    Public safety is actually improved by legalizing pot. At least that’s indicated by a recent study of the states that allow pot as medicine. The 16 states that enacted medical marijuana laws since 1990 saw traffic fatalities drop 8%-11% in the first year of legalization, along with significant decreases in beer consumption. See http://dmarkanderson.com/Medical_Marijuana_Accidents_and_Alcohol_10_16_12_v1.pdf

  • incogneatow

    This video was published on 02/01/13 and we still hear the same old tired rhetoric from our so called major news network…

    Is it difficult to read a few research papers and prepare for an interview? I think I heard a little bit of Nadelmann’s frustration with the questions the anchor was asking. But, it was interesting to hear Sabet’s move toward the center rather than an extreme pro drug war stance. Did Sabet indicate that the phrase “drug war” is an outdate way of referring to drug prohibition? Sounded like a conservative political spin to distance themselves from another failed American war they sponsored.

    I get the feeling that most conservative politicians will renounce the drug war and fight legalization efforts. They seem to be comfortable with the middle ground on this issue since they began to realize they lost the war. Sounds like Sabet favors some kind of prescription rehabilitation program controlled by the medical industry; an expected shift probably promoted by the AMA.

    Over 50% of Americans have moved in favor of drug reform it is about time that our mass media begins examine (investigate) the role local and federal governments and their use of the drug war to control the republic and limit personal liberty, while profiting from fines, asset forfeiture and incarceration.

    P.S. – Mr. Sabet, when we talk about regulating cannabis like alcohol we are referencing the methods and policies, we are not making a comparison of the drugs. Alcohol is a poison (liver damage, brain damage, overdose=death) that increases aggression and ill will towards others. Cannabis is a thousand year old herbal medicine that has many benefits for the human body, mind and spirit.

    • Johnny Bloomington

      This video is more than 7months old. Good watch but nothing new.

    • Here is how you beat the moralists:

      Medical Marijuana prohibition is a crime against humanity and a violation of the religious precept – heal the sick.

      Pass it on.

      • Sounds about right, but they dont respect religion, look at the muslim society being slaughtered.

  • THX1138

    New Law

    You are under arrest for the possession, cultivation and use of THC Delta 9, CBD and it’s various components.
    Why you ask. Because, even though, now it is no longer criminal offense regarding the above.
    “You are under arrest for Patient Infringement”
    Remember Al Capone,, not for bootlegging, but for income tax evasion. The IRS not the ATF

    There’s always a way.

    Smokem if you gottem


  • Kevin you have a right to your own opinion but not your own facts.

  • I would also add that the drug treatment programs he mentioned that are offered instead of jail time, are a sham. They are mostly taught on a Saturday by some one who really doesn’t want to be there and they give you a pass just for showing up. Most of the facts they tell you are wrong and everyone in the room knows it. It’s just another waste of tax money.

    • That is absolutely correct, but they are all making money off al these gimmicks. EXPOSE THEM ALL!

  • PNVP.Org and Facebook.com/MarihuanaNews have combined to disseminate the lies this scumbag has spewed along with his minions and Czar/master. Join, unite and spread the truth, lets expose them, meme them and make them resign in shame. Bastards have allowed the killing and sufferring of COUNTLESS Americans!!!!!!