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Kryptonite OG Marijuana Strain Review


kryptonite og marijuana

Kryptonite OG

This is a bud with a complex and refreshingly pine-like aroma. Kryptonite OG also has a tantalizing and toasty smell.

The plump nodules on the tightly packed flowerette-looking buds, and its bracts, are fully packed with resin. The trichomes on the buds have a baked-on and molded appearance rather than the “dew drop” look one usually sees.

This strain packs a huge hit with an end-of-the-day-style stone that might put you to bed early. Kryptonite OG is a phenomenal 100 percent indica strain and its taste is unbelievable. Be ready to retire early to the couch/bed in very quick time with this heavyweight. Not for the novice, this one is a true smoker’s smoke–and it’s amazing.

You can find Kryptonite OG from our friends at The Springs in Santa Fe Springs. This strain can help with the following medical conditions: body aches and pains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, insomnia, nausea and anxiety.

-Courtesy of Culture Magazine


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