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Larry OG Marijuana Strain Pictures


Larry OG Marijuana Strain

Having a marijuana strain named after you is quite an honor. Can I request someone make the ‘Johnny OG’ strain!?

St. Andrews Green

larry og marijuana strain

larry og marijuana strain

G6 Medicine

larry og marijuana strain

larry og marijuana strain


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  • johhny1

    wow , Larry OG is my favorite!
    VERY hard to grow small producer.But one of the most “medicinal” buds I ever had!Big ups to “larry” wherever he may be!So my buddy kenny recently brought me a Larry cutting . To replace the larry I used to have that got bug attack, killed the whole crop!So the cup he brought (on his wheelchair) was raggedy but Ill make the best of it!I nursed it back, the dogs attacked it I saved 6 cuttings, they rooted and I flowered the mother and it goes to kenny but This smells so good. Unbelievable very rare find at the clubs , when it comes in its gone the next day!

  • DiazCRaggaman

    simply awesome :3