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Lavender Marijuana Strain Pictures


Lavender Marijuana Strain

I have never smoked the lavender strain. Have any readers out there smoked it before? It looks amazing.

I.O.N. Cannabis CLUB

lavender marijuana strain

lavender marijuana strain

Organics Herbal Nutrition Center

lavender marijuana strain

lavender marijuana strain

EarthSource Collective Association

lavender marijuana strain

lavender marijuana strain

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  • tommy B

    Yeah those first two pics look similar. I remember that stuff smelling really unique.. doesn’t smell like purple as much as you’d think

  • aka Th Floridabadger

    Eagerly awaiting a scratch n sniff screen!!!!

  • Humboldt Roots

    all time favorite. buds im used to look just like the top one

  • Garmaryanne45

    Love them all …

  • Johnny

    how can you tell its Lavender if they don’t look the same? I thought Lavender was just purple.

  • Fordfoot

    Yes have it very good strain