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Low Temp Dabs Vs. High Temp Dabs


low temp dab hit carb capBy Aarr Kellz, Spaceship Earth Farms

To dab or not to dab is no longer the question. The question, is at which temperature should we dab? Well I was recently introduced to the joys of low temp dabbing.

So what is low temp dabbing?

Low temp dabbing is when you take a dab at a lower temperature and cover the heating source with a carb cap while inhaling. This results in the process of convection, and much like a dutch oven, the heat gets trapped and causes concentrate that would normally not have enough heat to vape, to completely vaporize efficiently, leading to more powerful, flavorful dabs.

How do you take a low temp dab?

If you are running a domeless rig then you need a carb cap. A carb cap is either a dome (quartz, glass, titanium, ceramic, etc…) with a little hole, or holes, that allow a small amount of air to enter while the heat becomes trapped. If you have a dome or nail setup, then all you need is something to cover the hole on your dome. A finger can work in a pinch as long as it is not
too close to the nail to burn you. Also a glass flower bowl might work as a carb cap if you are running a domeless setup.

The best way for quartz and titanium low temp dabs, that I have found, is to heat your nail to just the point of red hot. Then, allow 5-10 seconds for it to cool. Place the dab on the nail, and give it a quick stir with the dab tool. Then quickly cap the nail and trap the heat in as you inhale. If done correctly you will find that the concentrate on the nail continues to sizzle and fill the chamber with a nice milky vapor once capped and will continue to do so until all of your concentrate has been vaporized. Make sure you use a small amount of concentrate, and work your way up to see how much is right for you. Everybody’s environment, quality of oil, type of nail and personal preference will be a factor here. Some people like to wait as long as 25 to 35 seconds after a nail is red hot before they take a dab. Experiment.

Why should we take lower temp dabs?

FLAVOR! Also, less concentrate is disintegrated at the beginning of the dab, and many low temp dab advocates have reported saving big bucks chilling out. Some dabbers even report different psychoactive properties in the high from lower temp dabs. Longer, more intense highs have also been reported.

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  1. Ronnie raygun on

    I started low temp dabbing because I had a shitty torch but then I tried it hot intense dunk and got super fuckin baked loved it. But hey what do I know I kush getting high

  2. why does it gotta be stupid though? why not offer us some of your own high temperature info, this is a blog you know a conversation if you will. No one is trying to “fool” you../ peace. =)

  3. This was called Low temp dabs vs High temp dabs and all you talked about was low temp.

  4. Its better to use butane. Propane is a hotter gas and can actually get titanium nails too hot to the point where it can emit a dangerous fume. Its safer to use butane

  5. just go to Home Depot and get the one pound propane tanks and a propane nozzle only 20 bucks and it won’t waste your money

  6. The smaller butane lighters DO get hot enough to heat the nail, but they required a lot more refilling than the larger torches.

  7. Will something like a small butane jet lighter (zippo blu, ronson) work if I held it for long enough? Probably not going to dab much, but I’ve been looking at some pretty lighters and if they worked for dabbing that’d just be another reason for me to buy one.

  8. legalizepotusa on

    I was introduced to low temp dabs by some friends from so-cal. Their method was lil bit different though. They heated the my domeless nail to cherry red then counted off 30 seconds before droppin the dab on the nail. Much smoother and lot less coughing. I have dabbed that way ever since.

  9. Now you can dump the torch. E nail is much safer. We don’t need any stoners burning up their cribs.

  10. I guess the numbers are different for each machine. I just got a Quartz glass bowl that sits in the titanium one. The directions said to set temp 100 degrees higher then usual to achieve same results. You just have to experiment a lot!
    Tough job!

  11. LarryFisherman on

    Im dabbing with a torch but does anybody know how red the nail needs to be. I guess my question is.. when is it ready?

  12. I’m doing e-nail dabs at 640f it’s a good temp for my wax. I started at 750, and dropped it down. Tastes better, and you must use less because it takes longer to vaporize.

  13. this is stupid. you didn’t give any information about high temp dabs. this isn’t a legitimate comparison.

  14. Thinking about getting one of those infrared guns and a stop watch and making a chart of heating time vs temp. I use a standard bernzomatic propane torch which is my favorite way to heat… one $3 cylinder will last you a few months and it doesn’t look out of place in the shop. When I figure out the right temp, I’ll sing a song that takes that amount of time. Ha! Maybe I’ll record a whole album that compliments my favorite strain.

  15. Explain to me if I’m wrong, but I do believe you mean to say “conduction” rather than convection because the wax is being placed directly on a hot nail.

  16. Thanks for posting Johnny. I’ve found slow convection with glass dome and nail at a lower temperature to be very effective. However, I have noticed more of a funky reclaim smell afterward. Any thoughts?

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