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Make THC Active During The Marijuana Drying Process


drying marijuana

The drying process is very important to get your marijuana to have a good taste. It has to be done with care. If you don’t do it right, all the previous efforts can be wasted by mold. During the drying stage you should try to keep the plant alive as long as possible. Like this all the chlorophyll can be turned into glucose, which means more flavor and higher yield.

Directly after harvesting the plant is still full of chlorophyll and not ready yet, it tastes bitter. The active elements have to be transformed into THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

The THC is already present in the plant, but not yet active. This only takes a few days. If the drying process has not been done right, your marijuana will taste bitter, the effects won’t be strong and will spoil quickly. Make the plant turn the chlorophyll into sugar by tricking it. Download my free marijuana grow bible for more tips about growing marijuana plants.

1. To stop the photosynthesis and stop the plant to transpire because of heat and lightning, put the marijuana plants in a dark area.

2. The plant ‘thinks’ it’s still alive if the juices still circulate. So make sure you hang them upside down.

3. The plant will use its chlorophyll as a last energy resource because the roots can’t absorb any water and the leaves get no light. All this energy goes to the flowers so the marijuana plant can reproduce.

4. To get a good flavor, dry the plant very slowly so the plant will use all its chlorophyll and converts it into sugar. No fans or heaters.

5. Keep the temperature between 17°C to 18°C, and the humidity between 60 to 70%, so the plant won´t dry too quickly.

Always treat your plant with the best care possible. The sticky resin will attach to anything so don´t touch the flowers and hang it upside down.

After a few days, the marijuana plant will change and the leaves will be bent around the flowers. Some people remove the large leaves before they hang the plant to dry, because it is easier than when the plants are dry but it has some disadvantages as well

-The plant dries faster if the large leaves are removed because the plant has little mass and less chlorophyll. If the leaves are removed, the total mass of the plants is reduced, so that it dries more quickly.

-Any moisture will evaporate through the leaves which reduces the risk of mold on the flowers, so leave them on.

– The leaves also form a sort of protection for the flowers because the bent around them.

After two weeks the leaves are dry but the flowers and the stem should still be flexible and sticky. The resin falls of easily so handle the plants with care. When the flowers turn to powder when crushed and the stems are brittle, the marijuana is too dry. Just check on your weed every few days. If the flower is sticky and the stem inside it cracks when bended, the marijuana plant is ready. It should have a fruity, mild flavor.

If the final product tastes bitter, then the marijuana was dried too quickly and did not have the time to perform all the necessary transformations. The drying room should be well-aired to prevent mold, but the room may not be ventilated, because otherwise the flowers will dry too quickly. A cupboard or storage unit is suitable for this. No cellars (too damp) or attics (too changeable).

A dehumidifier can be used, but this drying method is too fast. But sometimes, if the dry room is too moist, a dehumidifier can be a perfect solution. Also if the drying process has to be accelerated its better than using a heater. Check your plants on mold every day. If there is any mold, use a dehumidifier or a heater to speed up the drying process. Make sure the plants are not touching each other and cut large flowers into smaller pieces and put them on a sieve and let it dry.

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  1. That bud was most likely “Bud washed” resulting in a super sticky smooth tasting cannabis

  2. I’m a medical cannabis user and with my last delivery they delivered my cannabis and it wasn’t completely dry and I thought to myself that it couldn’t be smoked that way, but someone told me that’s not true. I’m still new to the process but I know that I wouldn’t be able to put it in my grinder to use it so I don’t know what to do. Do I need to return this, because it isn’t right the way they sold it to me? Someone help me out please. Thank You

  3. Toutes les mots ,les théories maisrien ne remplaceras l’expèrience pratique ,des années parceque moi j’ai pas encore trouvé l’idéal surtout pour garder l’humidité quelques semaines Après maitrise croissance,floraison,séchage et ….conservation

  4. I have to choose btwn two spots for my drying. One is 22 – 24 C at 65% humidity, the other at 12 – 18 C at 70 – 75 percent humidity. Which would you recommend? My drying “room” is a cardboard box, so it’s mobile.

  5. It would be nice if the Farenhiet was also noted. And specifics on humidity levels were largely sidestepped. The more scientific among us do use meters… Thanks for your comment Tony Aroma!

  6. Actually, the process is set in motion during the drying process, from what I’ve read in Cervantes’ book and a few others. None the less, drying and curing properly are both really important to the quality of the finished product.

  7. ordered there before was a good transaction but im pretty sure everyone here knows that already. Gotto love that strain !!

  8. Drying doesn’t turn TCHA into THC. Heating does (i.e., smoking, cooking). True, time also turns TCHA into THC, but only very slowly.

  9. This article is so full of contradictions, make up your mind and then give advice, please.

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