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Man Gets Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison For A Half Ounce Of Marijuana


corey ladd marijuana louisiana prisonLouisiana is one of the worst places to get busted with marijuana in the country. Louisiana marijuana laws are so harsh that I can’t imagine being a marijuana consumer there. I live in Oregon where the marijuana laws are very liberal, so maybe Louisiana’s laws seem harsher to me than to other people, but I can’t imagine being sentenced to twenty years in prison for a marijuana offense.

But that is exactly what happened to Corey Ladd. Mr. Ladd was sentenced to twenty years in prison for possessing just 15 grams of marijuana. In Louisiana, if you have been convicted of marijuana possession three times you can get 20 years in prison. It feels weird even typing that out. 20 years in prison, for marijuana. I don’t care how many times you have been convicted for marijuana, or what amount of marijuana you were caught with, there is no reason you should be serving multiple decades in prison for a marijuana only offense. What a waste of tax dollars. What a waste of a jail bed that should be reserved for a deranged, violent person.

Someone really needs to take a hard look at Louisiana’s marijuana laws and see how much money is being wasted. Louisiana’s marijuana laws result in racially biased practices that have a detrimental effect on the State’s minority communities. According to Dissident Voice:

For example, Louisiana arrests about 13,000 people per year for marijuana, 60% of them African Americans. Over 84 percent were for possession only. While Louisiana’s population is 32 percent black, 60 percent of arrests for marijuana are African American making it the 9th most discriminatory state nationwide. In Tangipahoa Parish, blacks are 11.8 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana than whites and in St. Landry Parish the rate of black arrests for marijuana is 10.7 times as likely as whites, landing both parishes in the worst 15 in the country.

If you live in Louisiana, get active. The only way marijuana laws will change there is if you put the pressure on your legislators over and over again, because Louisiana is not an initiative state. Lobby for an initiative process and align with other causes that also would benefit from an initiative system. Then Louisiana will be ripe for an initiative that reform’s the State’s horrendous marijuana laws.


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  1. That Norwegian that shot and killed 77 people in Norway, mostly kids, is doing a 20 year stretch. Only in America, do we give people 590 year sentences for what ever, and 20 years in prison for simple possession. The largest problem with all these peers, and Judges, is they have never done 1 day in prison or jail, so they have nothing to compare it too. When the economy collapses fully, and they slide open those cells for the last time, and all 2.3 million of those disgusted, pissed off Inmates clear the prison perimeter, then there going to see what they created. They know who put em away.

  2. I didnt say it was cool. I said the government has no issues with those who are in it getting concealed weapons permits. Learn to read. Yes… Its okay to belong to an organization that prides itself on hate. Learn tact. I live in the pacific nw. we dont tolerate haters too well up here.

  3. The Constitution in NO PLACE gives the Govt. the POWER to even MAKE laws against Drug Policy. That’s a State’s Rights issue and is WHY the CSA isn’t LAW but a mandate. There IS a difference! How come it didn’t require a Constitutional Amendment to enact the CSA, which was enacted AFTER the 18th Amendment? Look up the 18th amendment and it’ll make sense! They KNOW they can’t do this, but they’ve insisted they have that power for so long, the American public gives them the “Assumed power” which is NOT Constitutional… They learned all this during the prohibition of Alcohol. “Any power NOT enumerated to the Federal Govt. SPECIFICALLY in the COTUS, is therefore deemed a “States Rights” issue.” They don’t have the RIGHT to institute Drug Policy. Read your Constitution and FIND in there ANYWHERE it gives them the POWER to do that? THEN get back to me

  4. You keep acting like Mr. Ladd had the exact same choices and options that you did. Or I did. I don’t understand why you can’t put yourself into the shoes of someone less fortunate. It’s not that I don’t understand your point. People who don’t learn from their mistakes can sometimes pay dearly for those mistakes. Or are you making another point that I’m just not tuning into? Is this all about personal responsibility, and what you see as Mr. Ladd’s lack of it?

  5. I guess it’s hard for me to judge someone without knowing the whole story, not just the headlines. Perhaps he is not as smart as you, which doesn’t make him a fool. I know that I’ve been a fool many times in my life. Just saying. Anyway, it appears he will pay for what have been deemed his “crimes” for a very long time. Even fools don’t deserve such a sentence.

  6. As a USAF veteran, I will criticize my country as see fit and defend the rights of others to do the same. As for what Russia and China does, that’s their racket and it’s not my business to tell them what to do. And just because bad things may go on in Russia and China doesn’t mean that I have to shut up about what goes on in the US. And you don’t get to tell me to leave, either!

  7. ThatKelly TaylorGuy on

    Who the fuck told you it was “cool” to be in the KKK, an alcoholic or on Oxycodone? #youvebeenliedto

  8. ThatKelly TaylorGuy on

    & to say he was wrong was BEING HELPFUL to anyone reading it so they don’t make the same mistake. I apologize to those around you who you refuse to help learn life’s lessons.

  9. ThatKelly TaylorGuy on

    Okay. follow me here & I will go slow because CLEARLY you are high right now…
    IF IT IS AGAINST THE LAW WHERE YOU LIVE YOU WILL VERY LIKELY GET TIME FOR POSSESSION! It’s all a big fucking game & if you don’t play by the rules OR aren’t as smart as those of us who circumvent them to do our bidding then guess what chicken-butt? YOU”RE GOING TO GET BUSTED! Any smoker (or dealer) worth his salt knows this shit. it’s a numbers game. It’s a money game & a game of odds. Most of the time we win. Sometimes, we get sentenced to 20 years for fucking up.
    Had this guy voted for pro-weed people his whole life, worked for his local NORML chapter, supported others in their fight to legalize he might not have this problem.
    YES, anti-pot laws are wrong. YES, no one should EVER go to jail, much less prison for pot or any naturally occurring anything, BUT until such a time that it IS legal you HAVE to play smart or get caught. This guy didn’t play smart.
    “Don’t debate me. It’s what I do.” ~ Bill Hicks, American Hero

  10. ThatKelly TaylorGuy on

    Yeah, we have the same restrictive internet where NO ONE can surf freely without going around the main servers (like China). We have SO MANY national anti-gay laws (much worse than Russia).
    If it sucks so much why are you guys living here?

  11. ThatKelly TaylorGuy on

    No. No he didn’t so maybe YOU should earn to read: HE GOT 20 YEARS FOR BEING BUSTED THREE TIMES! The last (aka THIRD) time he had 15 grams of weed.
    I can only explain it to you. I can’t understand it for you. SORRY guy named after the head Mormon.

  12. ThatKelly TaylorGuy on

    Well said. I wasn’t outraged, nary miffed. It’s like that story of the Oklahoma woman who was sentenced for “a dime bag”. NO!!! She was heavily sentenced a) for being in Oklahoma & b) because she dealt dime bags to the same cop at least 3 times & she had a CHILD get her change (which, follow me here, means a child was present in a home used for the illegal sales of drugs).
    I have MUCH sympathy for the woman & was glad they re-sentenced her but EVERY pot blog in America was saying she got busted for $10 worth of pot when she got busted for being a sloppy drug dealer & selling to people she didn’t truly know.

  13. ThatKelly TaylorGuy on

    You say that as if “agreeing with Obama” is unilaterally a bad thing. When did Obama come in to this conversation anyway. GREAT use of satitist though. I will give you that.
    I stand behind my comments as I sit behind my bong.

  14. Irony. Thats all I see. Dont try to be a medical marijuana patient and apply for a concealed weapons permit. Or a commercial truck driver…Oh, hell no. BUT, its perfectly alright to be a raging alcoholic, addicted to oxys or, a member of the K.K.K. Yep. Thats totally cool. Pedophilia? Oh, yeah… theyre good to go. You dont think cops get piss tests, do you? My brothers a 65 year old surgeon and has never had a piss test in his life. (wtf?) Im sure glad we have a government qualified to make our decisions for us. Arent you?The longer we lay here and do nothing the deeper their dicks go. I’m tired of getting screwed. I’m tired of these legislators having better insurance and pensions than I do. I spent 5 years in prison over weed in the 80s. I never once met a Senators kid in there. Iowa governor (at the time) Terry Brandstads kid committed vehicular homicide on two seperate occasions while drunk. We were waiting for him to show up. Yes, prisoners watch the news. We had cake and party hats just waiting for his arrival. Of course Daddy pulled strings and he walked.
    Never judge my kid by a criterea youre not willing to impose on your own. You want justice? You have to take it. Vote!
    Anamosa and Fort Madison Alumnus.

  15. Yes…. this is how deranged and violent people are made. Its very rare that we’re born with that much hatred. And they wonder why people hate the government? I used to love my government. Though, I still love my country. I served like most. That was 35 years ago. Not sure I could do it these days. I dont see a foreign cause out there noble enough to risk my life for. (or, that of my children!) The only war I see is the one our government is waging on us,

  16. puffpuffpass420 on

    When the cops found mine they looked at my med. card and gave me back my oz. of buds and we went separate ways.

  17. Exactly.

    We are far worse than China or Russia/USSR ever have been.

    And most of the population is too stupid, uneducated and misinformed to notice.

  18. I don’t know much about criminal courts, except that they suck. I was just hoping that Mr. Ladd could take an appeal to a higher court, a federal court. Or is state court his only option? What about an international court? (Perhaps I’m just grasping at straws.) And until cannabis is removed as a Schedule I drug, every sentence is Draconian and just a bunch of B.S. That’s just a given.

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