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Marijuana Balloon Art – Stoner With Bong


Marijuana Balloon Art Is Relatively New In The Stoner World

I will admit, the headline is a little bit of an understatement. Not only is marijuana balloon art relatively new in the stoner world, this might be the only picture out there! What can I say, I’m a nerd. Rather than make a dog or sword, I wanted a balloon animal that was a little more marijuana friendly. Are there any other stoner balloon artists out there? Or am I such a nerd that I am solo on this? The internet is a weird cruel place, so let the comments begin ha ha.


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  • john

    fucking awsome

  • Would like to talk to you about booking a for a fest. E-mail me contact info at Myhemprevolution@gmail.com

  • Haha

  • I totally thought the same thing…. haha

  • miggy420

    P.s…I know its a bong but it almost looks like he’s holding a big schlong

  • miggy420

    Fucking awesome, I’am envious of how your mind works.