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Do You Have A Marijuana Drug Testing Question?


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Questions About Drug Testing for Marijuana?

In case you missed it, adult marijuana use is now legal in four states and the District of Columbia…but that doesn’t mean that your employer will tolerate it.

Say what you will about the pros and cons of each initiative, but one of the glaring omissions in each of those laws is the lack of any sort of workplace protection for adults who are legally consuming cannabis on their own time. Needless to say, there are few people in this country who can be 100% open about their marijuana consumption, especially around their employer.

At The Weed Blog one of the most common emails we get from readers come from frantic cannabis consumers who have suddenly been confronted with the need to participate in a mandatory drug screening. These emails come from people who are seeking new employment as well as from people who have been at a job for a while. No matter what the situation, for otherwise law-abiding and hard working people, having to submit to a drug test can be humiliating and nerve wracking. So many questions abound from this dilemma. How long does THC stay in my system? Is there a detox I can use? How do saliva tests work? Will I pass?

For years we’ve been inundated with emails on this topic, and haven’t been able to respond to every email we’ve received. Now we are excited to announce that we are partnering up with Pass Your Test to answer all of your drug test related questions. We have set up a new email for those of you who need help with this complicated topic.

All of our drug testing articles are in their own section of the website, and you can send all of your marijuana drug testing questions to drugtest@theweedblog.com. We are also working on a live chat option, where you can get help regarding your impending drug test in real-time.

Until we as a movement are able to get some workplace protection in place as legalization matures, this will be an issue that continues to affect working Americans. Here at TWB, we want to help you find some answers you can trust.


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  1. I used synthetic urine for a drug test and want to know if I had to use a little amount of my own urine to get to the line. Do you think I passed?

  2. Connie Sebree on

    I have been clean from the over a year. I smoked one everyday this weekend which was three. Took your or give hits off each one. I have a urine test in 23 days will I pass if not should I start taking charge tabs.

  3. Conniesebree5@gmail.com on

    I have been clean from the over a year. Smoked one for three days start. I have 23 days before my urine test will I pass.

  4. I’m a disabled veteran and I smoke weed. But I also have a lot of perscription drugs for mental health and colitis. Will my perscription drugs help or hurt me pass a drug test?

  5. For those people who hasn’t smoked in 2 weeks or longer I think you’ll be good just keep fluids pumping through your body my story is I hadn’t smoked for atleast 2 weeks then I smoked a bong rip the very next day I gotta call about a job so of course I panicked knowing I just smoked and had a week to get my shit straight I took a drug test three days prior to smoking failed it then I took another that Sunday the day before the hire in and pass with flying colors I weight about 175-180 and I’m in decent shape to prepare I ate fruits and drank water and cranberry juice and probably not necessary but I suited up in sweats and a couple of hoodies and ran everyday but good luck hope I helped anyone worried

  6. I haven’t smoked in over month. Took 2 hits and had drug test 36 hours later. Will I pass? I rarely smoke

  7. I passed a thc test on Tuesday then another on Thursday and failed how can this be

  8. My buddy smoked on the 20th of July and he has a drug test on August 30th. He had a fast metabolism and works out every day. He smoked about 5-10 times that month. Do you think he will pass his drug test?

  9. i havent smoke in 2 weeks and im ready to apply at the jobs that does drops ..am i ready ?

  10. i have been clean for over a month from weed. i smoked just a little 2 days ago & that’s it. i have a urine test in 9 days, will i be ok. i’m 4’9” & weigh 92lbs.

  11. I did 10 months without somking i smoke 3 weeks before my drug test and never smoke do u think its out my sytem about now ?

  12. WARNING!! Dilution is nolonger a viable option. They have a new cup out that tests for Cretinan, Ph levels and Specific Gravity right in the drug screen cup

  13. I have not smoked in a month and 1 week if i had to take a trst at a lab do they go by if any thc is detectable at all or do they go by the level? Please someone answer

  14. If I’ve been clean 4 1 month and I hit a blut a couple times will I be clean in a week or 2???

  15. So I have a drug test in three weeks, I took a bong hit and I weigh 120lbs and I’m 6″. Should I be OK to pass?

  16. Jarrad Sipe on

    I passed my ten nanogram drug test 2 weeks ago after taking a bong rip. There was a week in between but I clean for 2 months before the hitt. I did a bigger bong rip last Wednesday and was baked lol. I have a test again tomorrow, think ill be good again?

  17. Depending on how high your metabolism is and how much fatty foods you eat you may pass if it was only one hit

  18. Evan Koegler on

    I have court ordered drug counseling for a weed charge and am being drug tested weekly. Will they be testing for just thc or other drugs as well?

  19. Jessica Benson on

    I used to smoke weed a lot for 3 months, i quit for 5 months and then I started smoking again (only a couple times) not as much as I used to. I haven’t smoked in 10 days, am I clean? Would i pass a urinalysis?

  20. do they make a THC test to determin if more than one person used the same strain?

  21. I am 5’5, 96 lbs. I smoke 16 days ago will I pass a drug test.. It’s a store bought one from cvs

  22. I was clean for 2 months. I took one bong hitt, thats it. Took a ten nanogram srug screen a week later. Think ill pass??

  23. I am a thin man weighing 214 lbs. and I smoke a little marijuana once in awhile I smoked 6 days before a urine drug test so 3 days before test I drank lots of water , 12 pack of beer , drank 4 detox teas, drank 3 homemade detox drinks made from Apple vinegar and drank a omni purified cleansing liquid 4 hrs before test. When I took test they said no line showed up so they had to send it out to a lab to get tested.my question is will they find anything?

  24. I am 6′ and weigh 160, i quit smoking 8 days ago and possibly have a test coming up in a week or 2. What are my chances, i also only smoke maybr a bowl a day every now and then maybe a joint.

  25. To John, your in better shape then most, stay doing what your doing and 2 days prior to your test stop working out and stop trying to flush. Instead be lazy and eat fatty food to cover up any thc fat cells and stop them from entering your blood system. Then the day of your test actually about four hours prior start drinking lots and lots of water like start with 2 16 oz bottles and continue doing so every half hour right up to your test. Get yourself some vitamin b pills and crush about 6 of them and mix with some Gatorade about hour and a half before your test to add some color to your pee. If you do the dilution trick correctly you will b fine. Also when you start drinking all this water you will pee like crazy, this is good. Try and pee least like 4 times during that 4 hours leading to your test. Even more is better. Helped me thru probation tests for 4 years least once a month. Good luck

  26. I may have a pee test next week after my final interview tomorrow. I have stop smoking since last Friday. I used to smoke everyday 1blunt maybe 2. only reggie nothing high grade. I have been drinking water taking niacin vinegar and watching what I eat. I also exercise 3 times since Friday. it will be like 10 or 11 days since I smoke. I’m wondering will I be clean If I continue this regiment.

  27. I have not smoked weed in years and I mean at least 10 years. I used to be a big pothead way back when. Last night however, I smoked a lot of weed while out partying with friends. I am currently searching for work and know that I am up for a few jobs but nothing set in stone or offered yet. I expect it to though within the next two weeks. I am really broke and am hoping that the fact this is the only time I’ve smoked in 10 years (good high grade stuff), if just flushing out my system with water will work. I flipped out this morning thinking OMG, what did I do….I NEED THIS JOB and I may have just messed it up….I feel so stupid but now I’m like uh who do I know I can have piss in a squeeze bottle for me (then just heat it up on your car heater right before going in). I’m so freaking out. I’m an older 52 and overweight, so not the greatest metabolism. Any thoughts?

  28. I quit smoking a few months back, I was a regular user for about 6 months prior, I’ve been around people who were smoking recently, and I have a test in a few days, how can I be certain to pass? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  29. I’m not a stoner I rarely smoke ive smoked maybe twice and I did an edible once and literally passed out and I told my parents and I had to go to the hospital and everything it was so scary I was high for about 4 days. My brother gave me a dab last Thursday and I was so so high and it’s Tuesday and I’m still high. I can function and do everyday things and drive it’s just the most annoying feeling. I’ve been drinking water none stop and it’s just not getting better. I weigh about 108, it’s getting to the point where I’m slightly worried. Any help would be amazing. Thank you

  30. I have been clean for about two years now but maybe two weeks ago decided to smoke a bowl with a friend of mine now of course I get a call for a job interview that requires a drug test. I have to take the test tomorrow, do you think I will pass? I am 5’8 190lbs

  31. I don’t smoke but take the pills now I have a drug test coming up how long will it take to pass the test.

  32. Kenneth Rumley on

    I smoked a gram a day for 3 months quit for 10 days i have probation test tomorrow i tested myself still showing positive scared help

  33. I’ve been cleaning up for two weeks… my test is in 4 days…will I pass if I smoke 1 bowl tonight???

  34. I smoked on Friday night and might have a test today I’ve taken 2 detox pills today and have been drinking a lot of water should I be good?
    I’m 6 ft weighing 265 lbs

  35. Ricardo Cervantes on

    ANYONE? I’m in a lost situation here! I been clean for 31 days and by the time i take my test it will be 35 days. I been drinking plenty water and detox teas, but i would like a little more advice! I am 165-70 pounds I’m 5″9-5″10 height, I have a real thin build and not a lot of fat at all..although I was a everyday user, approximately about a gram a day sometimes more sometimes less. I was wondering if I’m possibly clean? I took lots of home THC test and passed, but I amm on my way to a GREAT job and would like a bit more experienced advice… PLEASE HELP.

  36. BlondHairBluEyeJesus on

    I smoked one tiny hit of weed abot 7 weeks ago. First I smoked in like 2 years. Will that one hit show up in a hair test?

  37. I took 2 hits 13 days ago. I have not smoked in over ten years. I have not smoked since. Got a new job waiting for appointment. Will I pass I drink 96 ounces of water a day and lemon water.

  38. I’m not a serious stoner but I do smoke about 1 to 3 days a week with my boyfriend. I haven’t smoked in 10 days. I also started my diet a week ago, low carbs, only drinking water & green tea, exercise 30 minutes a day. I also took azo uti pills now my urine is faintly yellow. My drug test is tomorrow, what might the results be???

  39. I smoke 3 to 5 bowls a day (1 hitter) for about a year. I quit smoking in preparation for a drug test for a license renewal. ‘Im 5’5″ weigh 165 and not in that bad of shape. I have been taking a detox supplement daily , its full of antioxidants and helps your body be less acidic. After 8 days I passed a walgreens drug test for THC. Its now been 2 weeks, am i good to take the test or should i wait another week or so?

  40. ryan tompson on

    After 15 days you will pass a 50 ng the max it can stay in your system is 30 days but that is only for a person who is extremely over weight.

  41. ryan tompson on

    If i still have little black specs in spit from lunds does that mean i would not be able to pass a drug test just yet?

  42. The result of my test was “no medical restrictions” and “able to perform all duties”. What does this mean?

  43. Becca Danner on

    I took my forst drug test in court and passed it that was on the 16. I have my first meeting with my po on the 7th is she gonna retest me that quickly

  44. I was smoking a couple hits about 2 times per week. After that I went clean for 2 months. After the 2 months i smoked about 1 joint over the course of 6 days. A couple hits per day. I will be clean for about 24 days by the time I take a pre employment test. Since my last smoke I have been running daily, doing Bikram yoga daily, eating very healthy and drinking lots of water. I even lost 10 pounds since my last smoke. I also passed 4 home drug tests. Do you think I will be fine?

  45. Everyday smoker, quit Sunday, took CVS thc test yesterday at 6pm and passed (dilution, I think). Tested again this morning, first pee, and failed. I have court piss test in 7 days and I cannot fail that test!! Best strategy to clean out ALL THC before court test???

  46. It’s messed up with hair drug test, sorry to say that but it gets stuck to your hair loong after it’s been used

  47. People I could really use some help. ?

    I’ve been a toker for the past 2 years, (anyone who smokes weed knows that ,, don’t smoke at all” has no sense for those who have really smoked it with passion and felt the beauty of it, so don’t judge us ?) aprox 5gr a day and then came this job offer that includes a drug test. I’ve stopped smoking completely for about 10-15 days aaand then I smoked 3 days with my friends aagain but in those 3 days I smoked like 2-3 grams total, and now I’m clean for like 10 days drinking all sorts of herbal teas that are supposed to help detox (even if not I just can’t drink pure water that much so I guess this is also water but with at least some taste). I still have 15 days to go till the test. I’m 1. 65cm tall and have 52kg (idk the pounds and stuff you guys use sorry ?) it’s a dip-stick test… Is there a chance to pass cool?

  48. I think you’re good, weed doesn’t stay in your system for more than 2 weeks, especially since you haven’t smoked much

  49. I smoked weed about a month ago, I have been clean for a year before that. Now I have a hair and piss test coming up shortly what are the chances i come back with a failed drug screen

  50. Probation test came up positive. Probation Officer sending to the lab. She said as long as I had not smoked after the last test and THC levels were going down, everything would be groovy. She also said that if Insmoked at all after that firsy appt. they would know, because the test results from the lab would tell her exactly when I smoked, accurate up to 2 days. True?

  51. I am 166 5’5 and have a pre-employment lab test tomorrow
    I will be 16 days cleans as of tomorrow
    Before 16 days ago I smoke probably almost 3 weeks before that
    Will I pass my drug test
    2 days ago I took the at home marijuana drug test that comes in a green box that you buy at Walgreens
    And my result was very fainted
    I haven’t been drinking water normally with meals or whenever I’m thirsty so that way I can just piss whatever I have in my system instead of pissing straight water
    Do you think I’ll pass a lab test with a 50 ng or even lower then that?? I only smoke like once every other week so I’m not a heavy smoker btw

  52. I’m pretty sure I’m fine I just wanted somebody else’s opinion…. I quit smoking on January 3rd… Then exactly on feb 3rd I took only one bong hit… I haven’t chiefed since then… So in total since January 3rd I’ve only token one drag of kush… I have a pee test tomorrow do you guys think I’m ok???? Note it’s been 3 weeks since I took that one hit and almost 8 weeks since I officially quit smoking. I’m 5’4 and 115 Pounds

  53. Since one takes less hits with better weed, does one then have a better chance of passing a drug test (than one who uses cheaper weed and thus takes more hits)? Or does this not matter since the THC would be higher in kind bud?


  54. I took a random drug test for dot on 2/2/16 I’m still working and didn’t hear anything did I pass?

  55. I took a urine for an exit evaluation of a program.I was in then the next morning I took one hit of weed and they hit me with a random test a few hours later I’m 6ft4in 180lbs is there any chance I passed?

  56. I’ve been smoking about an 8th everyday for years. I was recently put on house arrest and needed to quit?. Testing positive on my initial test was a given. I was told that my thc levels needed to be lower on my next test. My question is,would my thc level lower in a urine test if I only took a couple puffs a day rather than a whole 8th?

  57. PersonWho NeedAJOB on

    So I have been clean for 28 days now. Was a regular/heavy smoker before that. But had taken a few breaks on and off all month of December. (the break were about a week each time)

    The last time I smoked was new years even night. I have been going to the gym about 3-4 times a week also while at the gym would sit in the sauna for a good 30-45 each time (in 15 min intervals). I have been drinking a ton of water but eating normally. I am about 5’3 150lbs.

    I need to take a pre-screening drug test for a new job at quest labs. The first one I took(Tuesday) came back inconclusive, I am assuming because I drank to much water. I need to go back and re-test ASAP. Do you think I will pass or should I find friend to help out?

  58. Ok. Thank you! I’m so stupid to risk my career. It’s been a week but 5 working days and I haven’t heard anything if I failed wouldn’t I get a call by now.

  59. bob thortonsung on

    Does anyone know what a faint control line means?? Drug test this week please let me know! I’ve been clean for over a month but there were a few nights I drank and may have taken a hit.

  60. I’ve been waiting to apply for jobs that require testing, I was smoking about quarter about every two weeks, I’m 5’11 210 pounds. I slowly cut down over a few months to where my last day of smoking often was the 29th of Dec, an smoked a few hits off a bowl on the 12th I was wondering if I’d be in the clear for piss tests?

  61. bob thortonsung on

    You are correct, it is very unlikely that 4 azo standard pills did anything to help. I took the azo (cranberry) pills for two weeks prior to a test and they did nothing. If you are a daily smoker (depending on the amount, generally a few bowls a day) it will take your body at least a week, most likely two, to show a decrease at all, unless you have the metabolism/physique as of a triathlon runner.To pass a standard urine marijuana drug screen you have to have less then 50 ng/ml. (nanograms per milliliter) in your system. I am a daily smoker and and it took me 3 weeks+ to completely flush my system to below 20 ng/ml. For future refrence if you ever think you might not pass a drug test, always resort to quick fix or some other type of synthetic urine, some brands are better than others and they’ve allowed me to pass multiple drug screens every time. Also, test yourself with a cheap testing kit ($2- $5) at your local headshop or some drugstores to see if you would fail. Hope this helps

  62. I had a drug test (urine) on January 7th. 3 days prior the test I took 4 azo standard pills. My boyfriend swears that he has passed every drug test by doing that. I am 5’2 and weigh 160. I am a daily smoker, I quit smoking 4 days prior the test. I will have the results on February 2nd and I am very worried that I failed. I might add that I work out twice a week and I eat healthy (no sugar, no soda, I eat lots of protein) and take pills to speed up my metabolism. Is it at all possible that I passed my drug test? My boyfriend is telling me not to worry about it but it was for probation and I have an anxiety disorder so the closer Tuesday comes the more worried I get. This month I haven’t smoked at all hoping they give me a second chance since its just weed and I’ve been doing everything I’m supposed to be doing.

  63. Charlene you have a good chance of being fine. However it could go either way however you do have options. If you do fail demand a re-test and say that it MUST be an error.

  64. Have a piss and hair follicle test sometime this week or early next week. I was a daily user for a while up until 10/12/15.. Sincw that date i have been 100% clean.. I have done several Macujo treatments as well as bleached my hair 3 times.. I should be ok right? Hair is an inch to an inch and 3/8 at the moment

  65. Ok so I smoked about 3 weeks ago don’t do much smokeing of weed. , I took a 11point and failed for thc , then week later took 3 thc test so far passed all 3 at different days and times will I pass pre screen pee test at hospital in cup just to work on property our company will be working there!!

  66. Very scared. Never smoked before. I’m 46, 145 pounds. Tried it new years eve and again New Years day. I got pulled for a random DOT urine test 18/19 days later. I just may have ruined my whole career which means everything to me. We smoked a lot I feel. I had a 30 min. Warning and drank so much water I could barely make it. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  67. If i smoked occasionally for two months and stopped for the last five weeks. What are my chances of passing a test within the next two weeks

  68. Ok he’s taking the test. He’s on mail in probation and this is the only test he’s taken so far in like 9 months. What’s gonna happen if he fails? (His charge was a public intox. That was November of 2014).

  69. i smoked 1 day prior to a drug test. i worked out alot yesterday , will the test come positive
    it was a mouth swab

  70. My brother needs to pass a drug test tomorrow morning. He weighs roughly 160lbs. He hasn’t smoked in 11 days but before he quit he smoked heavily. Is there anyway he can push water and pass or will be have to take something such as surgel, omni, etc? If anyone could help I’d appreciate it. His drug test is at 11 am so if you have an answer or suggestion please inform us asap. Thanks for your time.

  71. It depends on when the hair test is. THC stays in your hair follicles typically for around 3 months. So if the test is anytime after that you should be good. But if its before that, then I would recommend getting a detoxing shampoo. I would go to http://www.passyourtest.com and purchase the detox shampoo to guarantee you pass! Hope this helps.

  72. Yes, you will most likely pass. Since it had been a year before you smoked on Jan 1st, there will be a small amount of THC in your system but its most likely gone by now! But to be completely safe I would drink as much water as you can tonight!

  73. Yes theres a good chance you could pass but there is also a chance you could of failed. Drug testing kits from the store usually cost around 30$ maybe more so the few 1$ tests you took could have been pretty weak. But if you passed 3 of them then I’d say theres a good chance you passed!

  74. Most likely. But if he has a very fast metabolism, exercises and drinks a lot of water, and did not smoke very much before last thursday then there could be a small chance he can pass. Hope this helps.

  75. If I took a few hits about a month ago, didn’t inhale much and didn’t get high, and also took two hits on New Year’s similarly, will I pass a hair test?

  76. The last time I smoked was Jan the 2nd and I had a drug test yesterday jan 19. But I ran 5 miles and bought 4 $1 drug test and I took 3 of them and they came back negative (which means I passed) and I made my friend who smokes regularly take one and hers came back positive ( which means she failed) should I pass? I weigh 130

  77. If my son smoked a blunt of reg last Thursday, and has a drug test tomorrow will he come out dirty?

  78. I’m going to let you in my secret to passing a urine drug test anytime. The way this works is you buy 2 Arizona watermelon fruit juice cocktail drinks there only 99 cents each. They are anti oxidant so when you pee you will not pee out your dirty toxin urine it will actually be free of dirty toxins and will pass. The way to do this and pass is drink 1 and then done water and begin to drink the 2nd Arizona. Pee once and finish your second and drink more water. After that pee in the cup and you’ll pass your drug test. Guaranteed. Best results is before you pee in the cup release in the toilet for a few seconds and get what is called the halfways urine which is the middle of your cycle of urine which if the cleanest of all and aim in the cup and finish releasing the last urine in the toilet that the beginning and end end of your urine is usually a little more dirtier than the middle. Good luck. No way you will fail unless you don’t follow directions.

  79. If my son smoked weed at 7pm and was drug tested through a urine test at 9am will it show up a positive?

  80. I took the test this morning n i believe i weigh around 145 last time i checked ive been eating more than usual tho every since i stopd smoking so idk

  81. Theres a good chance you could pass and theres a good chance you could fail. It depends on how much you weigh/ your metabolism. Niacin pills don’t work very well. I tried using them and i failed a test in the past. a quick way to sweat out THC is by going in a sauna or steam room and sweating as much as possible. But to be 100% sure you pas, go to http://www.passyourtest.com and purchase the Super Clean P product. This will flush your system of marijuana for up to 5 hours, giving you a small period of time to pass your test. Goodluck!

  82. 2 weeks ago i took 4 hits out of a blunt. Prior to that i stopd smoking for 3 weeks n i have a drug test tomorrow. Am i good ? I have niacin pills as well

  83. Isaac Mcconachie on

    I am trying to convince my friend that I stopped smoking pot. But I haven’t. Is there any way to get a fake drug test or something.

  84. I quit smoking about 2 months ago.
    I bought 20 thc home testing kit (urine) and I did testing everyday
    get two lines every time when I take the test, but the T line has
    lower color
    density than the C line.
    I’ve been taking home test about 3 weeks now and it always showed 2 lines.
    you guys think that I will pass the MEPS drug test without any
    Please help me with this.
    Thank you!

  85. so i smokes nearly 2 weeks ago and it was not every day but today i took a 1 home drug test and it came out neg. i took 2 and both was neg would this mean my system is clean or what help please!!!

  86. Michael Fantasia on

    I took a ua 2 weeks ago and haven’t smoked for 8 days but took one puff the night before last. I took a ua today will my nanogram level be lower than my last test. I have a very high metabolism.

  87. If I test my urine sample with one of those home test sticks before handle it over, will that affect or alterate my urine sample or not? I guess I just wanna have the option to have peace of mind… lol

  88. whats up yall. I have not smoked in exactly 15 days I weigh 139, & im waiting for a phone call to take me pee test anyday. been drinking water constantly and running to. will I be good??

  89. I haven’t smoked in a year then I smoked about a bowl a day for 6 days will I pass a drug test in a week?

  90. I don’t smoke at all but I did 24 hours ago and I’m waiting for a call for drug testing for a job. I know that was real stupid of me….. But I was not thinking at that time it was that one time will it still be in my system with in a month

  91. Pointless Marijuana Drug Test on

    I WILL REMAIN JOBLESS (like a bunch of others) UNTIL THEY STOP THE BULLSHIT TESTS FOR MARIJUANA. Oh you drink alcohol, thats perfectly fine you are hired! V.S. They see you smoke marijuana, nope no job for you, you are clearly a bad person. IT JUST DEFIES LOGIC WHEN ALCOHOL IS LIKE 50x WORSE. (You can’t die from smoking a great joint but can die from drinking too much alcohol!)

  92. If a friend has a B license and is required to do a mto physical, do they look for drugs in the blood test? My friend has had her job driving for over 15 years for this company and only now has to do a pee test with the physical

  93. I just wanted to say im on a program which requires drug testing every other month. I usually smoke one month detox the next. But thid time i smoked the FULL TWO MONTHS!! i stopped smokinh wed. (5 days ago) and been flushing. I usually just use water andcranberry juice. I also buy two $1 THC tests frok dollar tree. I usethese every time and they are always accurate for me. I tested myself this morning and i PASSED!!! now my actual drug test is in 3 days, so i will continue flushing, and the night before and morninh of i will take 3 prenatal vitamins to add color to my urine. Im not pregnant but the prenatals abs work for color. I do this everytime. Just wanted everyone to know as i smokef daily for 2 months, i did in fact pass by drinkinh lots of fluids. It CAN BE DONE!!

  94. Hey guys. I just got into nursing school and I have to take a drug test this Friday. I haven’t smoked in 11 weeks and I’m an infrequent user… In high school (2 years ago) I may have smoked a couple times a month (if that). Am I stressing for no reason? Should I get a detox?

  95. Hey, my friend is taking a drug test for a job and still has thc in her system, would I get in trouble for giving her my drug free urine?

  96. Stop smoking for a week had ah uti so I drunk plenty water I just smoked last night and before I went to work that evening I was called for ah random so I didn’t have time to prepare all I cud do was drank 6 to 7 cups of water before I took it ..is there a chance I passed

  97. I’ve been drinking lots of water and my drug test is Friday last time I smoked was the 5 of last month and I so fuckin Stressed out about pissin dirty n goin to to jail I DOMT KNOW WHAT TO DOOOO!!!!!

  98. If you tell human resources that you will fail the marijuana drug test and they make you get tested anyway they continued to let me work for the whole week before they got the results and then they got the results the same day as me and continued to let me work another week then fired me saying I was putting other employees at risk. Is it legal they let me work for two weeks after knowing I failed the test, then fired me? Doesn’t seem right to me!!!

  99. I have to take a drug test today I just found out and I smoked this morning Wat can I do to clean my system without buying expensive stuff that don’t work.

  100. I’m a 50 year old female who smokes pot on a daily basis I only weigh 93 pounds I have a drug test in 4 days how can I pass it?

  101. I have been completely clean since January but late July thru early Aug I smoked 2.5 g have been clean since I have a folical test Thursday think I’ll pass

  102. I have a drug test in two hours that i didn’t know about until now, and Im currently high. I’ve been smoking pretty heavy for the last two weeks. I have to pass this drug test to keep my job.. Help..

  103. Northerndancer711 on

    Hello everyone. I do not have a drug test coming but I may have one in the future in Canada. I am 5’7″ currently weighing about 110 lbs. I smoke about 2 to 3 hitters a day before bedtime to help me sleep and drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. What is the best way to beat a drug test. The only clean sample that I can obtain currently would be from my son. Can they tell if it is male of female? Any suggestion? Thank you in advance.

  104. I smoked 6 days ago once and I didn’t smoke the month before that I weight 102 and I have a high metabolism and I have a drug test will I pass?

  105. As I understand it, what reads in your hair would read throughout from root to tip. Length has less to do with your solution than does the existence of your hair. Your level of use will definitely affect the reading as well. If you REALLY only smoked those 3 bowls in the last substantial length of time (and I mean months to a year), then a regimen to clear the toxins from your_system_ would work as easily as if you were a heavy user. I’m not sure if it will clear it from hair; as hair is simply a continuously building up of matter hanging around advertising what you’ve been up to chemically. However, and again, if you’re being honest about your use, you take the test and it’ll only show as a minute amount if at all after 2 months. Don’t do anything else until then, obviously.

  106. So I am going to have a hair follicle test in 2 months and not knowing that till today I smoked 3 bowls this weekend on vacation for the first time ever my hair grows quickly if I can grow 2 new inches of hair before the test I should pass right because they only take 1.5 inches ???? Help!

  107. I have a drug test in a week and few days. My boyfriend and I smoked at least once daily for the past year maybe a little less…we haven’t smoked for week, so by the time I will have to drug test it will have been about 3 weeks. Will simply drinking water and exercising work for me or what should I do?

  108. I have a Urine analysis test for a real good paying job soon. I wanted to make sure I was clean so I bought one of those marijuana dip stick tests from Walgreens for $17.00…With that being said, I am a moderate smoker and smoke 2-3 times per week. I am 6’0″ and weigh 232 pounds. I have been clean for 11 days now and just took the test (It came back negative!). I drank 2 gallons of water every day for 3 days straight and pissed my brains out. I am now prepared to take my lab test, but am wondering if the lab test is more accurate than the dip stick test from Walgreens. I assume the lab test is just one of those 5-panel tests, but I want to assure that I pass…

  109. Hello johnny i took a drug test yesterday lab i havent touched in 26 days do you think i would be clean 180 lds 6 foot tall just smoked on some days

  110. I took two hits of high quality smoke (what a wonderful high… Heaven) that was August 11. August 24th I need to take a drug screen. Typically I wouldn’t panic. But I just found out I will be watched closely so no synthetic or friends piss can be used. That is how I’ve passed these random test in the past. What can I do now to pass. I have four days till the test. It will be a total of 13 days between smoking and test. Should I worry? What can I do to assure passing.

  111. laura wilson on

    What would make you test positive for weed when you haven’t smoked it at all… i take requip, provigil, and wellbutron would any of these pop a positive… im very confused.. if anyone knows any info on this please let me know thanks

  112. i was surprise with a drug test so the only thing i could do is i pee a little in cup and thin i put hot water in it do you think i pass are did i fail i have been quit for many years but i started smoking but only a week out of a month i smoke Marijuana 2 days before i was handed a cup please please tell me what you all think……

  113. You guys I just took a drug test using the substitution method I know the per was clean and the right temp but
    I forgot to put toilet paper in the toilet afterwards. I can always say I didn’t know I could wipe cuz I haven’t tested much before but do you think it will be a problem if she accepted my sample and it was he right temp?

  114. Don’t get you folks, if the job is important cut the smoking for a while…
    The smoke will be there waiting if you take the job seriously..

  115. I took a pre employment test today on a Tuesday I do not smoke but took one small hit the Friday before just to see what it was like and I’m afraid I may fail it’s only been 4 days

  116. Grimothy Ples Reese on

    I am going to clean out my system starting this weekend. I am an average-to-heavy smoker, 6’4″ 145 pounds with little to no body fat. I have purchased a detox drink, I plan to drink that, load up on vinegar, cranberry juice, coffee and tons of water, while abstaining from MJ for at least the next 20 or more days and then perhaps take another detox drink towards the end of the excursion for safe measure. What are my chances of of passing a drug test if I do all of the above, the test itself will be In at the least 20 days and at most in the next 30. Are there any additional routes I can take? any suggestions will help. 

  117. Do you get a.negitive result before a.positive??…took a hair test ar sonora.quest. 940am monday.still no.word?!?!…should i lose hope??

  118. Don't worry about it on

    if I just took a drug tests at home right now and it came up negative, but I also had to take one at the clinic a couple hours ago, do you think my urine a couple hours ago was negative also? I haven’t smoked in probably 5 days to a week

  119. Im 17 years old and 140 lbs. , I smoked not even a whole bowl (shared) this past Tuesday. It was only my second time smoking and I didn’t feel extremely high- I felt fine just a little giggly. I need to take a test in the next 24- tomorrow to be exact! Help anyone :/?

  120. We make our employees piss in a cup and if they don’t have some THC in their urine, they’re fired!
    This is serious business though. This form of discrimination also effects those who are in need of an emergency organ transplant, if they test positive for cannabis, they can be denied one. And not to mention doctors can withhold prescription meds if their patient tells them they are on cannabis.

  121. I came from North Carolina to Washington state where the culture is very different. Marijuana is said to be legal and is sold in the store but it isn’t legal for intensive purposes. The reality is that you can make it a part of your lifestyle if you choose but prepare to be discriminated against. This is pretty absurd considering that it was legalized through a voting process and the federal government collects taxes from distributors.

  122. I was in the hospital recently and was on iv for 4 days. Ive been drinking lots of water and my urine has been clear. today I took b12 and niacin. I will be tested tomorrow. Do you think I will pass?

  123. I’m a self employed home health care aid I didn’t get drug tested before I got the Jonb been working for a little over a year and have never had to take a drug test I go in on the 17th for a review meeting do you think they will drug test me ??

  124. My partner had a drugs coming up,he stopped smoking it 2 months and 2 weeks ago.He has been smoking it for ten years,but not like really bad like first thing in the morning.He has worked out extra hard,been doing cleanses to flush it out of his system. do you think he will pass?

  125. SexyDemoness on

    I have to pass a federal probation uds that is completely random. The 2 methods that always works for me are:
    * Drinking a gallon of water and taking some creatine & a B vitamin. The water flushes you out, the B vitamin keeps ur pee yellow even when ur pissing pure water, & the creatine is a control used in the uds to verify biological urine & not the fake stuff.
    * If ur able to get ur hands on a urinary catheter & some clean urine, u can use the catheter to inject the clean piss into ur own bladder. Kinda gross, I know, but very effective.

    Good luck!

  126. needthisjob on

    Hey, I just got a job and I am 18. I’m a girl, 5 feet and 85 pounds with a very high metabolism.. I smoked today and I smoke weed at least 3 or 4 days out of the week. I have to take a drug test sometime… How long will it take for the thc to be out of my system if I drink a bunch of water and sweat everyday??

  127. HI all. I took a
    pre-employment drug test yesterday, and I’m a bit worried. I am slim
    with very little body fat, and have a very fast metabolism. However I
    smoked pot 11 days in April (some days I smoked several times). Since
    April 21 (two weeks ago) I only smoked twice… once on April 21 and
    once on April 28 (one week ago). On April 29 I did a self drug test and
    tested positive. Since April 29 I have been drinking a lot of water.
    On the day of my drug test (which was yesterday, 6 days after I last
    smoked), I slammed one of those cleanse drinks and followed it with
    water, following the directions exactly. I did another self test before
    I went to my drug test. I did get two lines indicating a negative, but
    the second line was very faint, but definitely there. So I’m
    wondering, is there a chance I’m in danger of failing my drug test? I
    won’t know until a few days from now and I’m going crazy!

  128. Lindsey Thomas on

    I tried a different strategy recently. I have used detox products to help me get other jobs but this time, i didn’t feel like playing. While working in a temporary capacity for a company that requires a pre-employment test, I was offered a managerial spot. I declined three times and because they had a hard time filling the position, I figured it wouldn’t matter if I told them I would probably test positive for marijuana.. For better or worse, they hired me and didn’t make me do the test. The only downside is wondering if they are paying me less than I’m worth.

  129. With only 5 days to stop use and fake out the pigs, my brother recommended cranberry juice, as much exercise as possible, and hot baths as often and as hot as I could stand. Either it worked or I just got lucky. I think it worked. If you’re desperate, give it a try. It won’t interfere with anyone else you’re doing, it will complement it.
    This is an important public service JG + TWB have created, I join in thanking them..

  130. Speaking of drug testing, check out this story from CBS:


    It defends continuing employee testing for marijuana after legalization.

    CBS News Legal Analyst, Rikki Klieman, gave advice to companies. The main thing she emphasized was “Keep drug testing – or you’ll be in trouble.” – Not explaining what that trouble might be.

    They directly addressed consumption by employees on their own time, at home. Klieman said, “Oxycotin, alcohol and even morphine will leave the body in a short time, but marijuana’s active ingredient, THC will stay in your system for months.”

    It appears the corporate position is now – ‘You smoke marijuana and you’re under the influence/impaired for months, so that justifies urine tests which can detect it.’

    That’s an amazingly bogus position.

  131. Jordan Shorette on

    This is a huge issue and more pressure should be placed on employers in legal states. Its like saying I don’t hire people that use Tylenol only ibuprohen quit foolish really

  132. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Infinitely important subject, Johnny Green and TWB. Much gratitude to you for these consistent analyses. From my own experience, passing the dreaded urine tests is directly related to each individual’s body weight. One must fully halt all consumption as well. The more pounds one has, the longer THC can be detected. I happen to be a “lanky yankee” at 170 pounds. I can pass a test within 1 week simply by leaving the flowers alone in a jar and guzzling cranberry juice for several days. As for the overall spread of workplace drug tests being imposed across our land, we MUST start some form of peaceful resistance. It’s totally pathetic if we condone denying people employment because they failed drug tests–and then complain about such folks when they can’t find jobs. This is all part of the state-corporate tyranny in America that I always rant about in these posts. Abolish it, shall we?

  133. OC_medicalgrower on

    Thank you for mentioning the elephant in the room that few others talk about.

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