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  • johnnygreen

    We look forward to attending :)

  • Carasm1010

    I need help to SIGN UP, I have tried at least 5 times and it won’t let me, any HELP out there???? I want to support this Club.  Thank You!

  • Oh hey, by the way, here’s a link to that B’Real video also from the High Times Cannabis Cup :) I hope you guys enjoy! :) http://youtu.be/ca87Ac6P_eI
    -Cheryl Shuman

  • eating_sunshine


  • Thank you so much “TheWolfmobile” :) God bless ya for the kind words! xoox, Cheryl Shuman

  • TheWolfmobile

    Another crusader for a cause worth fighting for. Keep up the great work Cheryl!

  • Hey Johnny and crew:) Thank you so much for the great and kind article. I wanted to invite you guys to join my personal social network. I’m having a mansion party for my birthday :) Hope to see you there.