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Marijuana Is A Common, Effective Remedy To Ease Back Pain


pain and back spasms cannabisBack pain is the second most common reason for medical visits in America, with sixty five million Americans suffering from some type of back injury. Almost all of the people that I know that have gone in to a doctor’s office or ER for back pain have been prescribed some type of opiate painkiller, which has led to addictions that have ruined some of my friends and family’s lives.

I wish more and more people would try cannabis to see if they could get relief for their back pain from a much safer source. However, I know a lot of stubborn people that have been brainwashed into thinking that cannabis is more harmful than prescription drugs. Luckily the taboo surrounding medical marijuana shrinks everyday nationwide. As the scientific evidence mounts, more and more people will get on board.

A recent research project at the University of Colorado’s Spine Center looked at 200 patients suffering from degenerative disc problems and other back pains. Of the participants that consumed marijuana, 89% said “it greatly or moderately relieved their pain, and 81% said it worked as well as or better than narcotic painkillers.” Participants in the study that consumed marijuana used it “no more than one or two times a day”.

Do you suffer from back pain? Have you tried cannabis? If so, did it help? Would you recommend it to other sufferers? Is there a particular way you recommend consuming it? Help others benefit from your experience!


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  2. I have had chronic pack pain for 18 years, getting worse each year esp. since I have had my 4 kids. After seeing what prescription drugs did to my aunt I refuse to even go there. I have just been “dealing with it” everyday. When I moved to Arizona a few months back I decided to give med. Marijuana a try… It has been two months now and it does not seem to be working for me!! This is very frustrating, I have tried indica’s, sativa’s and hybrids. I have tried eating it, vaporizing and bong. It is very inconsistent. I will use the same amount and I either feel absolutely nothing, or the exact opposite, way way to loopy then pass out for hours and cannot function. I really really wan this to work like all the stories I keep hearing cause if I cannot get my pain under control I am sure I will be willing to go to Vicodin :( Any help/advice is appreciated!

  3. Hi I suffer back problems but when I smoked weed it helped realy we’ll but now I no longer smoke it I suffer realy bad I take tramadol but it don’t work any more but can’t get weed off doctor eather because thay haven’t made it legal in the uk :( so I really suffer and I think im getting addicted to tramadol but no one will help me even tho I told the dr so they keep prescribing tramadol to me

  4. any strain of indica should help. Sativas are more for the people who like the brain effects, indica is more for people who have medical problems because indicas affect the body, and are known to relieve pain—but just to be clear, both will affect the brain. If you’re not sure, you could try a hybrid, which is just a semi-fancy word for any level of mixing Indicas and Sativas. The only reason you might consider putting some sativa in, from a pain relief stand point, is to take your mind off the pain. In conclusion, I would recommend something like 70-90 percent Indica with the rest sativa; this should both quell the pain and distract you a little bit so you don’t think about it, but not so much that you can’t focus on other things.

  5. What is the name of the marijuana that helps back pain? I had three surgeries the last one fussing 5 lower discs and still have pain. MA just approved medicinal marijuana but I don’t know what to ask for. I don’t want to try different types to see what works. Any comment will be appreciated.

  6. This is coming from someone who has had back surgery, and lives with chronic back pain everyday, I’m employed in an industry that not only has random urine drug screen, but random hair tests as well. I can’t work with any drug at all, even Advil in my system, without a doctors permission, and so in turn just suffer quietly. I’ve been a closet pot smoker for over 30 years, and it is the only time I’m generally pain free, after smoking a bowl, or joint of premium Hydro. These occasions are few and far between, because of the harassment of drug screens. I’ll be able to retire in 10-12 years, and will smoke everyday, till I die.

  7. I have had a very positive experience with marijuana reliving my lower back pain. I’ve had back problems for 10+ years. I’ve gone to chiropractor after chiropractor to find relief from the pain. The only thing that they do is a quick adjustment & tell me I have to come back every day. That starts to get expensive (especially when my insurance only covers 10 visits a year). Not that I smoke it to cure my pain. I know it won’t cure it. But it has brought me relief from the pain every day. The chiropractors couldn’t even do that. Chronic back pain is annoying and it prevents me from being 100% anywhere I go. So, after work, smoke a little to relax from the back pain you’ve experienced all day, watch a good movie, do all the things you love without having that annoying feeling. Better than being addicted to pain pills.

  8. I doesn’t help my back pain directly, but it does help me focus much better during my morning stretchs and
    workout so I get a better back during the day. In the end, the pain is less because of my marijuana-enhanced morning workouts and, because of the mood enhancing, I deal much better with whatever pain is left.

  9. There but the grace of God go I. I am older than you, I bet, and I try not to look down on anyone. It is hard to do, but I gotta keep my side of the street clean, and that is more than I can manage. I don’t have time to look into others’ lives, nor do I want to.

  10. Jason Griffith on

    For body pain try edibles or tincture; high cbd, thc, or both. It effects your muscles more and generally lasts much longer. Also, inhaling smoke or vapor, esp high thc, can be a good instant or “break-through” pain relief.

  11. Debra Sedlecky on

    very true Painkills2, I get more relief from cannibus than anything, it helps with the depression( who wouldn’t be depressed after 30 years of constant pain with increasing pain on a yearly rate), not fun and not for sissys …. Made me feel great that Michigan opened that medical door… Making it easier for me to get the relief I need…

  12. yummyfunnybunny on

    please don’t hate me for smoking lots of pot!! haha thank you for your service kind sir. You seem like a very open minded individual.

  13. I am always glad to hear of pain patients getting some relief from, well, any treatment. I was wondering how your pain levels have changed (if they have) over the course of your treatments. (Of course, keeping pain levels stable is sometimes all you can do, instead of trying to actually relieve pain. And cannabis is good at promoting long-term stability in managing pain levels; prescription medication is not.)

  14. Debra Sedlecky on

    I’ve had chronic pain for over 30 years, after dealing withe several different kinds of painkillers,
    all that made me nauseous, messed up my stomach, causing drowsiness, sadness and depression, and after five back surgeries,27 years of back treatments in a pain clinic and the certain knowledge that it’s only gonna get worse.
    I have degenerative disc disease with 9 herniated disks. from 8 T, to the end of my tail bone. They’re final answer is a spinal cord stimulator. This was placed in July of this year with mixed results, one it’s helped, it blocks the pain being transmitted to my brain. The electrical impulses fool my brain In to thinking the pain is not as strong as it really gets. The downside being, it’s invasive, it can be hard to charge, I find sitting back is uncomfortable.
    You see there is this big battery pack that sticks out of my back but under the skin. I guess I can live with that. It doesn’t take care of everything but it helps.
    More than anything I depend on medical cannabis to get me through my day. It mellows me out, makes me less mean and ornery. And it helps the pain, the blessed relief of that little bit of green leaf! It alone has managed to get me through years of misery. When taken with a simple pain killer like Norco, 1 or 2 a day instead of 5 or 6. Allows me to relax enough
    For the painkiller to actually work, without making me nauseous, allowing me to eat something without losing it. And with OG Kush, it only takes a couple hits
    So all hail that little green bud, that helps where pharmaceuticals, and surgery doesn’t. Looking back I would have foregone the surgeries, and smoked a lot
    more marijuana…

  15. Perhaps you need a new doctor. I think you can do a search and find doctors who prescribe cannabis. (Or should I say “recommend” cannabis.) Please keep searching, Sharon.

  16. Nah, you’re not a hypocrite. Many people look down on those who drink to excess, or do anything that is not the description of moderation. Not everyone is as strong in mind and body as you appear to be and I don’t think that we should look down on them because of that.
    Thank you for your service. And congratulations on your approach and success with pain management. :)

  17. Im a US Veteran. All my life, ive been drug free and happy. I have always looked down on pot heads and druggies. But times have changed. Being an Infantryman for the Marine Corps for 8 yrs took a toll on my body. The VA kept trying to give me medication that would alter my mindstate and really damaged my inner organs, I even had thoughts of suicide while on the VA’s medication. Well, my gf let me have a hit of her pipe, it was a small hit and my back pain went away. So now I have my license and am growing 6 plants, and I smoke a little bit each time my back gives me problems. Just enough to kill the pain. I still look down on pot heads that use this for recreational use. But as for medical usage, this stuff really does the job. Now my gf calls me a hypocrite. lol.
    Sgt Muro, USMC, Iraq Veteran

  18. Sharon Weatherby on

    I have cronic back pain, i don`t get much pain relief from the pain pills give me, the pain gets so bad that there are days i can`t eat or sleep, no matter how many pills i take, but the “professionals “say that marijuana don`t help. I can smoke a bowl and relieve the pain, sleep, and get an appitite, so i wonder what can be so wrong with something that can help in 3 areas????

  19. I suffer with back pain that all started back when I was a teenager. I got bucked off a horse and I landed on a coen stalk in a field. Sinve then it has gotten worse as the years go by. It also don’t help that I have an extra vertebra in my middle back. Instead of having the normal 12 vertebra I have 13. I smoke marijuana and when I do, the chronic back pain that I endure everyday, makes me be able to do normal everyday activities. I would recommend it to all. I just smoke it.

  20. Hit them high Indica strains! Munch heavily…Sleep. lol You could add
    in a Melatonin, I came off Trazadone with Indica and 1 Melatonin for two
    weeks, dropped the Melatonin after that…. all good. Gym will make you
    sleep regular.

  21. Well, I haven’t got that sleep thing down yet, but there’s always tomorrow. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity!

  22. Well it is my opinion that with any medication, especially a cleansing type program as with juicing the fiber contained within (I get mine to a paste type consistency before freezing) “Scrubs” the lining of the intestinal track on it’s way through. This is true with any fibrous plant,herb,salad, grain. Combined with the fruit needed to make the shake palatable (I use fruit with specific anti-inflammatory agents) create a fast absorbing, GI cleaning solution. Meanwhile the THCA and CBDA are doing their dance with CB1 and CB2 and going to work on the cellular level. Drinking the proper amount of water and exercise program, eating healthy foods also aids in the process. You can’t really heal if your system is not working at it’s peak performance level (For your particular situation) I do think that the lowering of stress related to smoking and other psychoactive intake methods also aid in the body clearing itself up, sleep being the prime time for fixing issues as the body is not as active in any other way leaving time to regenerate. For optimum results, a life change is in order, that means all aspects of good health.

  23. So now we have the question… Does cannabis help because it so effectively lowers stress (and therefore allows your whole body to work more in balance), or is it something else within the CBDs that is responsible for the effect? (I’m curious, sure, but I guess I’m not that interested, or I would have tried to look it up.) (smiley face)

  24. You can get CBD legal now. It’s extracted from hemp, not cannabis. I have had 25 years of back pain. Prolapsed L4/L5. Used every pain killer out there. Cannabis helps tremendously, but I can’t function from the High. CBD kills the pain, but leaves my head clear and has none of the oxy/hydro side effects.

    Check on CDB on Amazon. I like the drops. Gum works too. 100% legal to use and travel with. CBD has changed my life!

  25. One of the problems with the treatment of chronic back pain is that nothing the medical community has thrown at the problem seems to be working. As a patient, there is only so much therapy you can afford. There is only so many surgeries you can have. If you look back to when the pain first began, and switch out all of the treatments the medical community served up with just… plain… cannabis… well, you would do so in a heartbeat. No question.

  26. I’ve been taking oxycodone for several years for my back pain. I wake up every morning with my pain level at a 7 or higher. First thing I do in the mornings is take 2 oxycodone, then take 4-6 of em during the day. About 3 weeks ago, I started weening myself off the oxycodone and smoking cannabis in the mornings with my coffee. I’m now completely off the oxycodone. I continue to smoke the cannabis, and although the pain isn’t totally gone, it’s now at a manageable level of pain that I can tollerate.

  27. I thought it was just my imagination that cannabis helped with this. Thanks for the confirmation :)

  28. Ah, Mr. Johnson. So nice to see you again. We met while commenting on another Weed Blog article. I hope you are enjoying your visit here and, if there is anything we can do to make you feel more comfortable, please just let us know. Cheers!

  29. In my opinion, there is a lot more to be learned about the use of CBD-only medicine, but all that I’ve read looks really promising.

  30. If you made a topical with a CBD-only strain, do you think it would still be a benefit? Any benefit (maybe for pain patients with lower pain levels than you)?

  31. I have 2 bad disks in my back along with add anxiety insomnia and depression they had me on all kinds of meds every since i was to young to understand side effects and shit and it fucked up my head once I found out I could manage ALL of these with weed without the negative side effects I quit the nasty meds and grew my own. Fuck who ever tries to stand in the way of legalizing cannabis.

  32. I pulled my back working last year and have had back spasms ever since i self medicate with marijuana rather then taking muscle relaxers and pain killers. I vape daily and exefcise to strengthen my back it has been a much healthier solution to my problem. I very rarely get back spasms any more i would recommend it to anyone.

  33. chronic chrons on

    Ah I have had IBS and I can attest that it helps with this. I do not get as much of an appettite boost with vaporization vs. smoking but it still helps alot & I have even tried Marinol before when the MD gave it to me bc I told them I never have any appetite. I did not like the way it made me feel & would rather have natural any day!!

  34. especially if you use a vaporizer vs. smoking the medication. If you have not tried one out yet I highly recommend that you do. ;-)

  35. oOo how do you make a salve out of it? That sounds awesome I am on board with you about the vaporization but I am not sure what to do with my leftovers. I need to look into that.

  36. I’ve had three fusions on my spine. The last one a double fusion with a Laminectomy and Discectomy, but the pain persisted, so in the end, they put me on 180mg of Opiates twice a day. To start with I was on 180mg only once a day, and I managed to get off the opiates, then I had another collapse and it went up. The pain eased somewhat though at times was severe and required some pain relief, so I thought, I’ll come off these Opiates and just have an occasional tab when needed. Like hell, I was hooked and certainly not myself. I was lethargic irritable, sad and depressed most of the time and not my usual happy self. One day I spoke to a mate who had managed to extract himself from his addiction to prescribed Opiates and he had done so using Marihuana. It was then that I asked him if he could get me some to get off the Opiates. He did and within a month, I was off the Opiates and on my way back to being myself, having only a smoke of Marihuana every night. It works, well it did for me. I then made the decision that despite it being illegal, my quality of life was, of more importance, as how can I give anything back to society if I cannot function throughout the day. Now I can go days without any self medication and only have a puff when needed. I cannot understand why it is illegal when it can help people so much, maybe the Pharmaceutical Companies are paying off our Governments to keep their products in use rather than use natural remedies. Please those in power, consider repealing the Laws.

  37. I have Degenerative disc disease cervical C1-8. With one natural fusion, one sergical fusion in c6-7 and 2 years after that surgery I have a large ruptured disc in c5-6. My neck back and arm sometimes keeps in bed with little to no use in my right arm due to nerve pain. I use edibles as a pain reliever and also smoke when needed and occasionally use different concentrates when it gets real bad.
    I have a low tolerance for pharmaceuticals. Which cause many side affects. Marijuana has allowed me to treat the pain when needed with little to no side affects.

  38. I broke my back in a motorcycle accident 13 years ago and didn’t know the severity of my injuries. Strangely, I went from the occasional toke to become a regular consumer, as my body searched for natural relief. 6 years later I discovered my fractures after further damage in a sporting accident. Without Cannabis, I would have taken my own life a long time ago, it really is my saviour.

    Wish it were legal in Australia, certainly make life easier and less stressful (dodging the law with diagnosed medical conditions is ridiculous).


  39. Yes I use GrapeGod for Pain, but I have to watch my strains because I have problems with Anxiety. What else works with these two problems ??

  40. I use marijuana for pain relief, I have prolapsed discs in my spine, I also have severe arthritis and epilepsy, I dread to think where I would be pain wise without it, but I have to break the law to self medicate, which is a disgrace. I should not be criminalised for using a herb. It has none of the vile side effects that strong opiates do, in fact we all know that the only reason it is not legal is because the relevant Governments are spineless.

  41. I use medical marijuana for back pain. I’ve had four surgeries on L4-5 and now have damaged nerves. I use many medications and a Central Stimulation Unit on my spinal cord. I also use medical marijuana, have since 12/09. I find it helps the stim unit to block the pain signals traveling up the spine, and is also extremely effective at relieving foot and leg neuropathy pain. I tend to use medical marijuana like a prescription drug, three times a day at 2:00 PM, 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM. It has allowed me to cut my opioid dosage by a third. I vaporize at relatively low temps, using the guide on weedist.com. I save the vaped material and make a salve which works great topically. I’ve been told I should sell it, but it takes me forever to vape enough material to make it.

  42. No, but things seem to be much more regular now. I have had problems with regularity my whole life (I’m 44) but since juicing, that seems to be over.

  43. Does this article suggest smoking or using topical cannabis oils that don’t nessesarily get one high?

  44. It is a shame the medical community doesn’t believe us. Only double blind evidence is acceptable. All the time and money wasted on fetus and placental research. GOD gave us all we need to live a great life! Glory be to GOD!

  45. I am a 22 year old female with severe degenerative arthritis along with two protruding discs in my lower back. I’ve had 2 back surgeries and the no one would ever know just how much pain I’m in every single day if it wasn’t for marijuana. I refuse to take opiates or any other pain relieving medication, because they always make me feel like I’m not in control of my own body and leaves me extremely groggy, but with marijuana I don’t get those adverse affects.

  46. I have had spinal fusion of my L3 and L4, suffered from a crushed disk and had bone on bone that was crushung my ciatiac nerve. It had me un able to walk or get any kind if comfort. The pain was 24-7. Was on diloted and oxy wich after about 1 month of percribed use it was not working. Let me make a long story short.Marijuana saved my life. It is that simple. The withdrawal from the prescriptions was horrible 3-4 days of thinking I was going to die. Weed made kicking a whole lot easier. Now I am healthy and absolutely love marijuana and all of its benefits. So thank you is all I got to say.

  47. I suffered a back injury, this was my initial reason for using Medical Cannabis. My results were impressive, I would say that cannabis is every bit as effective at back pain reduction as any over the counter med or narco. I use a warming hemp rub in combination with juicing raw cannabis in a all anti-inflammatory fruit(s) shake and of course smoking, works great to relax my spasms. And who knew, it is prob going to keep me from getting cancer too. I crap a lot better.

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