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Marijuana Kills Brain Cancer Cells


Marijuana supporters have long known that marijuana has amazing medicinal properties. It seems like the rest of the world is just now catching up to reality. I saw a news segment on my local news describing how marijuana kills brain cancer cells, based off of a study that was conducted in Spain. The tip of the iceberg is just now being discovered by most of America, and as the truth about medical marijuana spreads, so will acceptance and reform spread with it. Below is the footage of the news segment I was referring to:


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  • harold. tuffree

    Very nice

  • not.patrick.kennedy

    Better up my dosage in case I have any of those pesky cancer cells hiding in my noggin.

  • Mark Edwards

    God gave us medicine, Man gives us poison.

    • Poison is in the dose. Pure water can kill you if you drink enough in a short enough time. And then there is hormesis.

  • bowles

    How can u test if it killed brain cells, you would have the first kill the subject to count the brain cells then bring them back to life and let Thom smoke then kill them again to get a final count, and what would be your control, it absolutely preposterous.

    • Thank God you’re not a doctor. You are, however, an idiot.

  • Derp

    No link to the study? Not even an abstract? Fuck off.

  • blah

    so does ketchup

  • A listing of the relevant abstracts and a link to the full NIH text. THC and Brain Cancer.

  • HarleyBud73

    In the late 70s the USA was in this study and when it began to show these results we dropped out. There is more money in criminalising pot that allowing it to be a medicine.