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Marijuana Legend Robert Platshorn Files For An Injunction Against The Feds

Robert Platshorn Silver Tour

image via: blacktunadiaries.com

The United States Parole Commission Has Been Harassing Robert Platshorn For Weeks On End

Robert Platshorn’s attorney’s have filed a motion for an injunction against the Federal Parole Commission over the harassment he has been experiencing. Robert Platshorn has the title of ‘longest prison-serving marijuana offender’ in America’s history. Robert Platshorn served his time, and when he was released, started fighting to bring medical marijuana to Florida (The Silver Tour). That was recently derailed when Mr. Platshorn was told by the U.S. Parole Commission that he is under travel restrictions. They also told Mr. Platshorn that he couldn’t associate with fellow Silver Tour Director Irvin Rosenfeld. Mr. Rosenfeld is a federally recognized medical marijuana patient.

Robert Platshorn placed the following message on his Facebook page yesterday:

“Today..my attorney Micheal Minardi and Norm Kent from NORML, filed a motion for an injunction against the Federal Parole Commission to prevent them from interfering with my life, my travel, my freedom of association and my work to end cannabis prohibition. I’ve drawn a line in the sand and will stand my ground.”

Robert Platshorn’s rights have clearly been violated. To read more about Mr. Platshorn’s problems with the feds, click this link. Below is video footage of Robert Platshorn, and more information about his background:

About Robert Platshorn

Robert Platshorn, author of Black Tuna Diaries and America’s longest (30 yrs) imprisoned nonviolent marijuana offender. Raised on South St. in downtown Philadelphia, acting ambitions earned him a supporting role in a successful off Broadway play while still in high school. The same skill led to Robert becoming one of America’s most famous pitchmen. The late Billy Mays called him “A legend in the pitch business”. Seen for years on TV, at fairs, and shows selling Vita Mix, frozen food knives, and gadgets. Robert studied communications at University of Miami.

At twenty-four he moved to London to found Dynamic Reading Institutes. Starting with a rented classroom, within three years there were fourteen schools in three countries and his teachers giving classes at Oxford, Cambridge, London University and the House of Lords. On his return to the U.S he started the Ice Cream Factory. Using a unique pushcart he invented, he became the second largest distributor of Breyers ice cream.

He moved back to Miami in 1975 to attend Law School. Miami in the 70’s was the center of the Colombian pot trade. Robert turned his business acumen to the mission of smuggling Colombian pot. Attorney general Griffin Bell named Robert’s organization the Black Tuna Gang and alleged they were responsible for most of the marijuana crossing the Florida coast. In 1979, a year after quiting the smuggling business, he was indicted, convicted and sentenced to 64 years in federal prison. He was released in late 2008 after serving almost 30 years in eleven different prisons.

Robert lives in Florida with his wife Lynne. He works for Medical Marijuana, collecting signatures for a Florida ballot initiative sponsored by PUFMM and NORML. He has appeared at Universities, Concerts, benefits, Expos and in the media to promote the cause, tell his story, and sign copies of his autobiography, Black Tuna Diaries (www.blacktunadiaries.com). His story was featured in three different editions of High Times, The New York Times, The Wall St Journal, Time, and most other national media outlets. His writing has been seen in The New York Times, High Times and various publications.

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  • Jimmy Twocents.

    the only time that commission even remotely tries to come out of the shadows is when someone finally says “screw this i’m going outside”. How many parole violators are out there jumping bail and otherwise being MORE dangerous than before?

  • Jimmy Twocents.

    the only time that commission even remotely tries to come out of the shadows is when someone finally says “screw this i’m going outside”. How many parole violators are out there jumping bail and otherwise being MORE dangerous than before?

  • Matthew Cunningham

    until the puppet masters are exposed and their power and money objective are opened we will continue on the wrong side of history

  • Any funds raised over the $5,000 goal will go directly to purchasing TV time to air “Should Grandma Smoke Pot?”

  • Robert,

    I posted this on my blog and to a DW list I belong to. About 16 hours ago. I see you are now oversubscribed.

    Glad I could give you a little kick. Best wishes.

  • This is absolutely fcking ludicrous! really? really? you are going to tell a human being who he can hang out with? are you fcking serious?! He can’t travel?

    The parole commission? Who the fuck are you idiots?
    Where do any of these depts, agencies, come from? and we all just go,
    oh yeah that is the fda, that is the fed reserve, etc. they can do this
    and that. they have power invested in them, etc. WHAT???!!!!

    I am sovereign, this man is sovereign, you are sovereign. He did his ridiculous time for a ridiculous reason and now he is ‘free’. FCK OFF! this is insanity.
    my head just exploded.

  • Matthew Cunningham

    The evils that the DEA is doing ,has done and will do to keep this fraud alive is so un American I am sickened

  • Jetdoc

    Robert we OWE you my friend. I’m sorry that this Govt. has done to you what they have. 64 yrs. for a “Non-violent Offense”? We have GOT to wake up!!

  • Go Bobby go!

  • A Hero in the fight against tyranny!

  • kevin_hunt

    Marijuana prohibition will only succeed if the gov is allowed to completely invalidate the bill of rights. Here we have a perfect example of a man’s 1st amendment rights being taken away because the DOJ doesn’t want to admit that marijuana is less dangerous than any drug available. Even the DEA has identified prescription drugs as their #1 concern.

  • Robert Platshorn

    Thanks for all support and offers of help. The best help you can provide is to back my Kickstarter project. It is the fast road to end cannabis prohibition.