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Marijuana Product Review – Marijuana Leaf Key


The ‘Sweet Leaf Key’ By TheGoodWorth.Com

My favorite part about co-running The Weed Blog is seeing awesome inventions and products. We don’t get to many events, but when we do, that’s the first thing I look for. Luckily, a reader sent in a link to the following product, which I HAVE to get my hands on. I think the picture below speaks for itself:

marijuana leaf key sweet

I have shown this pic to dispensary/collective owners, garden owners, etc. and they all want one for the locks at their locations. I even know one guy that has a fantastic tree fort (I live in Oregon) that has locking doors, and I’m pretty sure he’s going to place an order. If you would like to purchase a marijuana leaf key, go to TheGoodWorth.Com and purchase their ‘sweet leaf key‘ today!


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  • SycoNot

    Now there’s no question on anybody’s mind which key opens the door to my marijuana garden.

  • A must have!

  • Hghflyrjd1

    These are so perfect for a grow op.

  • clownshoes

    whats next a grateful dead lighter?