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  1. Alcohol can fuel cars ,planes,boats,congress,police, etc.

    Most prohibitionist are alcoholics ,judges,cops ,swat teams, prosecutors etc

    These folk love the cocktails.

    I know first hand the destruction alcohol can reek on families, while the government rubber stamps Alcohol and reaps the billions in taxes while hypocritically attacking cannabis suppliers.

    Alcohol kill brain cells , cannabis is a heals brain cells.

    wet brain can be clearly seen in most cities across America especially in the senate.

    I hope this comment gets across to the wetbrains who think they are going to undermind states cannabis initiatives .
    The genie will never go back in the bottle!

  2. Perfect, I feel it sad that alcohol can be purchased by anybody once they are of age and causes more deaths than many things, and cannabis has not killed a single person and is used to treat many illness’s. Proud patient, and it helps me more than any other medicine out there.

  3. Cannabis is an herb, saying otherwise is absurd! Near this time 2011, we had TWO police officers, one being a traffic investigator, die while drinkin’ & drivin’ after Xmas parties! Cops are the biggest armed gang of thugs loose on the streets!

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